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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 17, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Brad and Katie interrupted Margo at work at the police station. She was talking to the commissioner on the phone when they burst into her office, and the minute she hung up, Brad blurted out that he had found Spencer's body - and she was walking around in it! He explained how he had spied a woman crossing a street in Chicago, and then lost her, but he swore it was Spencer. He showed her a picture of the location on his phone, so Margo confiscated it and threatened to throw them both out. While Margo was doing other work, Katie worried about the mystery person who had emailed her online and what favors he would ask of her. Brad was not at all concerned about that, however. Margo returned and reminded him he was still the primary suspect in a homicide, but she agreed to start at the beginning of his story and hear him out. Her first question concerned why Brad and Katie were in Chicago, and Brad explained they had been fired from WOAK and were interviewing for a new job. Margo stated that the medical examiner was very accurate in distinguishing a dead body from a live one, and she also harped on the fact that Katie never actually saw the "dead" woman; that honor went just to Brad. Brad began to doubt that Katie even believed him, and vowed to find the missing woman and bring her back.

Dani Andropoulos visited Henry at Metro, and even though it was morning, she ordered a glass of wine. When Henry went to fetch a special vintage, Dani began searching behind the bar. Henry surprised her and said if she was looking for Spencer's dead body, she was out of luck. Henry pulled her out, but Dani denied she was looking for anything. Finally she admitted she was hoping to find a name or a contact number that would lead her to the body. Henry told her to leave the bar, but Dani was frantic that unless she could find Spencer's body, her career in law enforcement was over.

Paul went to Emily's office just as she was returning from her aborted business conference in New York. She said she had a plan to get rid of Josie Driver, and she needed his help. Paul refused, but Emily told him it was a foolproof scheme that would get the woman they both disliked out of town. Paul was to meet with Josie in a public place and offer her one million dollars to leave town. Emily would arrange for Dusty to see Josie's reaction, and if she took the money, then it was just money she was after. Paul was to qualify the offer by saying the girl's resemblance to his sister was too disturbing to his mother. One of Emily's sources called to report that Josie was in Dusty's hotel room at that moment, so Emily asked Paul if he was in or out. He refused at first, but his desire for revenge against Dusty was too great, and he reconsidered.

Josie came to Dusty's room while he was working out. She asked to use his computer so she could search her name on the Internet and perhaps get some clues as to her identity. She said she had tried before but had gotten discouraged. Dusty told her she needn't go to the trouble; he had already tried it and come up with nothing. The girl had no history whatsoever. Josie was not surprised that Dusty had run a background check on her, and she promised to wait for him until Dusty took a shower. She asked to read his report on her, but Dusty explained there was no written copy because his friend, Emily, had checked her out for him. Josie was disheartened that everyone in Oakdale who knew and loved Jennifer was suspicious of her. Dusty said that Emily was prejudiced because she was not over her previous relationship with Dusty. Josie asked which of them had broken off the affair, and Dusty explained that he just was not in love with Emily. After Dusty's shower, he and Josie continued to talk about his late wife, and he reassured her that they would not stop trying to figure out who Josie was. They both considered hypnosis, but Josie was hesitant. Emily called Dusty to supposedly consult about the conference he thought she had attended, so Josie left. Dusty agreed to meet Emily in the Lakeview Lounge.

After Brad left Margo's office, Margo asked Katie to stay for a moment. She could not believe Brad had actually seen a corpse walking, and she asked Katie to tell him to give up the smokescreen and bring back the missing evidence. She also urged her sister to tell her everything she knew about the case, but as Katie claimed neither she nor Brad had stolen the evidence, Margo picked up on Katie's nervousness. As Katie left, Dani came in and questioned Margo about the case, but Margo kept mum.

Brad went to Metro and pleaded with Henry for help in finding Spencer. He explained how he had seen the woman walking in Chicago, but Henry was skeptical. Brad knew Henry had some nefarious contacts in the Windy City, and it began to make sense to Henry that with a suitcase full of money, Spencer could easily buy a new identity there. He offered to make some calls, so Brad waited. Henry returned in a few moments, and the two of them spent some time trying to determine why Spencer had set Brad up so deliberately. Henry suggested it might have to do with breaking up Brad and Katie, and Brad appeared startled, and he bolted out.

As Josie left Dusty's room, Paul intercepted her and asked to have a word with her. The two of them went into the lounge in the hotel, and Paul made his pitch. He accused her of perpetuating a scam to get Dusty's money, and offered her a million dollars to pack up and leave town. Josie slapped him across the face just as Dusty and Emily walked in and witnessed everything. Dusty stepped up and asked what had been said. Paul got huffy and claimed to be protecting his mother. Josie suddenly looked at Paul and Emily and accused them of conspiring together. Dusty wanted the details of Paul's offer and particularly why Josie had suggested that Paul and Emily were working together.

Paul continued his harangue of Josie, accusing her of despoiling the memory of his sister. Josie retaliated by shouting that they were horrible people for keeping a mother from her child. The others were stunned by this reference to Paul and Emily's scheme of keeping Jennifer from her son after his birth. Dusty demanded to know how Josie had learned of that event, and Josie said she did not know; it just came out. Josie ran out, and Paul said Dusty must have been feeding her information. Dusty realized that Emily had set up the whole scenario, but Emily defended herself.

Henry went to the diner where Dani was having a late lunch. He confirmed with her that she had seen Spencer's body before it disappeared, and Dani answered that she was with the medical examiner while he was writing his report. Dani wanted to know why he was asking, so Henry explained what Brad had told him about spotting the woman on the street in Chicago.

Brad returned home to Katie and told her what Henry had done for them. Katie said she had been looking at job possibilities in other markets. They told each other how much they loved being married, and Brad vowed to find Spencer before she disappeared forever. Katie agreed to help him, so Brad got a tablet and they began recalling everything they knew about the girl. Henry called to tell them his contacts had spotted the thug who had brought Spencer's music box to the Lakeview, and they were checking him out. That man was supposedly Spencer's brother, and Katie also remembered that the music box had been a legacy from a grandmother. As they wracked their brains to remember more, Katie's computer dinged, and she jumped up to retrieve the message. She freaked out when she read the message from her mystery correspondent, which asked her to get Brad to "back off." It further warned that as long as the body was missing, Brad was off the hook, but if he kept asking questions, the body might reappear.

Dusty knocked on Josie's door, but she did not answer. He went to the cemetery where Jennifer was buried and found Josie standing by his wife's grave. Josie said she wanted to understand why she had been led down this path. Dusty asked how Josie had known Emily and Paul were in league, but Josie could not give him an answer. She said it was simply a feeling of hatred for her from them. Josie confessed that she had stayed in Oakdale not so much for Jennifer as for Dusty.

Paul was furious that he had allowed Emily to talk him into her scheme to get rid of Josie. He was fearful Meg would be livid. Emily could not figure out how Josie had known what they had done to Jennifer after Johnny's birth. Paul said he was washing his hands of the whole business.

Spencer spoke on her phone and told whoever had called her that Brad had seen her only for a moment and not to worry. Her caller told Spencer it had better never happen again, or she could end up as a real dead body. The caller was Dani Andropoulos.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alison visited Casey, but he was disappointed that she was not dressed for skateboarding. She urged him to be more productive and find a job, so that he would not have to mooch off his parents for the rest of his life. Alison went online to a local list of available jobs and found several possibilities, all of which Casey nixed because they did not inspire him "to reach new heights." Casey was also discouraged because of his prison record, so Alison made alternate suggestions. She was shocked to learn that Casey had not yet told his parents that he had been expelled from Oakdale University. She asked him what he would like to do on a daily basis, but Casey could think of nothing. She suggested he visualize himself doing something that really excited him, so Casey closed his eyes and thought. Suddenly he lunged and tried to kiss her, but Alison swore at him and pushed him away.

Brian went looking for Luke at the farm and found him just waking up at mid-afternoon. He scolded Luke for not picking up his messages since he had been calling the boy to tell him about Lucinda's impending surgery. He suggested Luke stay off the booze, but Luke tried to blame his smelling like a brewery on some clumsy buddies. Brian was wise to that and told Luke that his grandmother had told him that liquor could kill Luke. He said he hoped the boy was smarter than that, and reminded Luke that his brand new kidney had given him a fresh start on life. Was Luke willing to throw all that away in a bottle of booze? Luke told Brian to lay off the lecture, but he calmed down when Brian promised not to tell Lucinda about Luke's drinking binge. Luke was still fuming when Brian left.

Lucinda dropped in at Lily's and told her that it was time for her surgery, and Lily insisted on accompanying her to the hospital. Lily was under the impression that her mother was having a lumpectomy, but Lucinda told her it was a full mastectomy. All her doctors felt that gave her the best chance of recovery, so she had opted for it, as did Brian. Lily was upset that Lucinda had confided in Brian before talking with her, but her mother claimed it was easier to discuss options with someone who was not fearful of her condition. Lily admitted she was frightened for her mother, and they hugged.

Carly waited outside Sage's school to pick up the girl, but Sage never appeared. Carly was upset and approached one of her daughter's teachers who told her that Sage had left a while earlier with her father. Carly left a scathing message on Jack's phone, threatening both him and Janet.

Liberty came to the diner to tell her mother that a lawyer had called to say she might have to testify at the custody hearing for Sage. Janet said she was afraid that might happen, but she told her daughter not to worry; Jack had a plan to make the situation between Carly and him go away. Liberty questioned whether Jack could make Sage tell the truth about Janet, and then Carly marched in demanding to know where Jack and her daughter were. She and Janet traded insults, and Janet asked Carly to leave and stop talking trash about Liberty. The girl spoke up and accused Carly of trying to ruin her mother's life, so Janet sent Liberty back to school. Janet assured Carly the truth would come out, and asked where Carly would be then.

Jack and Sage walked to get some ice cream, and Jack noticed a message from Carly, but chose not to listen to it. Jack explained to his daughter why he had been off the police force recently, because he had done something illegal and then lied about it. He explained how he had eventually told the truth and felt better for it. Sage asked a few questions but finally concluded that telling the truth ruined everything. Sage asked to go home, but Jack pursued her comment about the truth's ruining things. The girl cited as an example when Carly told Jack she was not really dying of a brain tumor, and then her parents did not get remarried.

Jack queried her specifically about the slapping incident with Janet, but Sage admitted nothing. He also brought up the impending custody hearing and reinforced that Sage must tell the judge exactly what Janet did. Sage was disappointed that her father did not believe her story. Jack told her if she lied in court, it would only make things worse. Sage told him she "got it," and then went off on how Janet had horned in on Sage's special day with her father. Jack saw Janet approaching and intercepted her. Janet told him Carly was looking for him and Sage, and was breathing fire. They decided Janet would take Sage and Jack in her car, drop Sage home, and return Jack to his car. Sage flatly refused to go with Janet, as Carly arrived.

Carly sent Sage to her car and started in on Jack. He reminded her that their daughter had lied before, and Carly threatened kidnapping charges if Jack ever took the girl without telling her again. Carly stalked away, as Jack told Janet he had to stop the runaway train.

Lucinda checked into the hospital with Lily, and Holden arrived shortly. Brian also came in and kissed her warmly and presented her with the gift of tango lessons after her recovery. A nurse came for Lucinda, and, after Lucinda's farewells to her family and Brian's reminder to her that she was a force of nature that nothing could stop, the nurse wheeled her patient to surgery. Brian startled Lily by telling her how much he loved her mother. Noah arrived at the hospital with flowers for Lucinda just as Luke also walked in. Noah told him he had heard about the surgery from Holden and wanted to do something for Luke's grandmother. Luke took Noah's visit as a move toward reconciliation for the two of them, but Noah made it clear he was there only for Lucinda. Brian approached the boys, and Noah handed him the flowers and asked him to deliver them to Lucinda. Noah left, and Brian apologized to Luke for their earlier discussion, but Luke said he had deserved the lecture. Luke invited him to take a walk with him, but Brian declined to leave the hospital until he knew Lucinda was safely out of surgery.

Casey told Alison he had been kidding around when he tried to kiss her, but the girl was upset. He said he was attracted to her, but Alison said he needed to keep that under control. Casey admitted he had misunderstood her definition of "friends," and suggested they clear their heads by going to Yo's to shoot pool.

Carly took Sage home and sent the girl upstairs to rest. Jack rang the bell and apologized for taking the girl from school without Carly's knowledge. He also asked Carly to think long and hard before the hearing the next day and ask herself if she truly believed Janet would have struck their child. He pleaded with her not to drag Sage into court and make her choose between her parents. Carly responded with an argument and blamed Janet for all their troubles. Jack said the blame lay with him and Carly for not letting go of each other for so long, and for giving Sage false hope. He begged for her help and asked to speak with the girl again. Carly went upstairs to check on Sage, but when she returned she said Sage was too stressed to speak to her father. Jack told her he wanted to make sure that Sage understood that the two of them would never be a couple again, and he suddenly realized that he had just named Carly's greatest fear. He figured out that their controversy had more to do with Carly than with Janet. He told her if she forced his hand in court, he would reveal all Carly's past indiscretions, and he promised her a real fight.

Lucinda's doctor told the family that the surgery went well and there were no complications. Brian offered to let Holden and Lily go home and reassure their children that their grandmother was all right, and he would stay with the patient until she awoke. Brian sat by Lucinda's bed, stroking her hair, and she awakened. He teased her about the tango lessons, and she wondered why he was still there. She asked if he had no life to go home to, and then mentioned that she had no time to waste. She mused that it might already be too late, but suddenly she looked up at Brian and asked him to marry her. He accused her of being under the influence of drugs, but when she persisted, Brian agreed to marry her.

Holden was looking for Luke, although he and Lily knew he had showed up at the hospital at one point. Holden felt the best thing would be to give Luke some space to work through all the rough patches he was experiencing. Lily took a call from Brian, who promised to keep her updated on Lucinda's condition.

At Yo's, Casey and Alison saw Luke drinking, despite his being underage. They approached him, and Luke offered them drinks. Luke was obviously drunk, and suddenly threw a hard punch at Casey. The bartender threw them all out, and when Casey tried to prevent Luke from driving, Luke called him a bigger screwup than he was. He also called Alison a "porn queen," and shouted that his life sucked and he didn't need two losers trying to fix it. Luke took off on foot, so Casey called Noah at work and told him Luke was in deep trouble.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Noah left a message for Luke on his cell phone, saying he'd heard from Casey and Alison that Luke had been drinking. A still-drunk Luke stumbled by and asked Noah if he really cared or just felt guilty for dumping him. Noah told Luke he didn't feel guilty, because what had happened to Luke wasn't his fault. Luke accused Noah of being just like his father, Colonel Mayer. Noah became angry but told Luke he would drive him home so he wouldn't have an accident.

Noah took Luke back to the farm and asked if he wanted him to call someone, like Holden. Luke said no. Noah said he was leaving, but Luke grabbed Noah and asked him to stay. Luke said he just wanted it to be like it had been between them. Noah said it couldn't be, and that all he could do was keep Luke from driving and hurting anyone else. He took Luke's keys and walked out.

Holden and Lily couldn't reach Luke to tell him how Lucinda's surgery had gone, but Holden told Lily not to worry about Luke. Holden said Luke needed to get through the fallout from his campus election rigging, and subsequent expulsion from college, on his own.

Lucinda woke up at the hospital and remembered that she had asked Brian to marry her; Brian assured her he wouldn't hold her to it since she'd been under the influence of painkillers. Lucinda asked whether Brian had been serious when he'd accepted her proposal. Lucinda said she realized she needed to live fully, and she was tired of living alone. Brian said he was, too. He told Lucinda he had been in awe of her from the moment they met, and he thought they could have a wonderful life together.

Lily and Holden walked into the room, and Lucinda announced that she and Brian were engaged. Lily was shocked and asked if it was really the right time for Lucinda to make a major decision like that. Lucinda said if she and Brian could be happy together, they should go for it, and Brian agreed. Lucinda said she didn't want to wait, and she asked Brian if they could get married that night. Brian said he would check with Lucinda's doctor, and if the doctor gave the all clear, they would get married. Lily thought the idea was insane, but that didn't faze Lucinda or Brian.

Brian left the room to make some phone calls to arrange for the wedding. Lily followed him and told him she felt he was taking advantage of Lucinda when she was in a vulnerable position. Brian said the marriage was Lucinda's idea and that he loved Lucinda and would take care of her and make her life as good as it could possibly be.

Brian left, and Holden joined Lily in the hallway. Lily told him she needed to talk to her mother, and she went back into Lucinda's room. Lily told Lucinda she was not going to let her marry Brian. Lily asked how well Lucinda knew Brian and wondered whether his motives were pure. Lucinda said Brian wasn't after her money.

Lucinda told Lily she had seen the Grim Reaper and felt that she was "walking through the valley of the shadow of death." Lucinda told Lily she didn't want to live alone or die alone. Lily told her mother how much she loved her. She suggested Lucinda move in with her and Holden and the kids. Lucinda thanked her but said, "I don't want to be an adjunct; I want to be a principal." Lucinda told Lily she would rather "bring down the curtain dancing the tango" with her partner than lying in a hospital bed with Lily crying over her. Lily said she understood, and she knew what to get her mother for a wedding present: dancing shoes.

A judge whom Lucinda knew arrived to perform the wedding ceremony. First, Brian gave Lucinda a prenuptial agreement to sign, saying he'd downloaded it from the Internet. The judge assured Lucinda it was legally binding and that it said Brian would not get any of Lucinda's money as a result of the marriage. Lucinda signed it, and the judge proceeded with the ceremony.

Brian told Lucinda how much she had changed his life and how grateful he was to have met her. Lucinda was unprepared to speak, but she said she thanked whomever it was who had brought Brian to her to make her days happier. After that, the judge read the vows, and Lucinda and Brian both said, "I do," and were pronounced husband and wife.

Liberty went to see Carly to ask her not to ruin Janet's life by taking Jack to court. Carly told Liberty she wasn't trying to ruin Janet's life, but rather to protect her children. Liberty told Carly she knew there was no way her mom had hit Sage or would ever hit Carly's children. Carly said it would take more than Liberty's word for her to believe that, because Carly had seen the mark on Sage's face, and there was no other explanation for how it had gotten there.

Liberty told Carly that her mom had had a hard life and had made mistakes, because she was only human, just like Carly. But Liberty said Janet would throw herself under a train before she would hurt one of Jack's kids, because that would be something Jack could never forgive. Liberty didn't know why Carly couldn't see that. Carly told Liberty she understood why Liberty was standing up for her mother, but it wouldn't change Carly's mind.

Parker came home and asked what Liberty was doing there. Carly said Liberty was just leaving. Liberty told Carly "thanks for nothing," and she left. Parker followed her. Sage came downstairs and told Carly she was scared about what would happen the next day in court. Carly started making hot cocoa for Sage and told her that all she had to do in court was tell the truth. Sage asked if she would have to swear on a Bible, like on television shows. Carly said that was a possibility, and she asked if that would be a problem. Sage said no, but then she told her mom she didn't feel like having her cocoa, and she went upstairs.

Outside, Parker asked Liberty what she and Carly had been discussing. Liberty told him, but she said she hadn't been successful in getting Carly to back off. Parker said he knew Sage had to be lying about what happened, and he would try to do what he could to help. He hugged Liberty and went back inside.

Carly called Lily's house and was told Lily was at Memorial Hospital. Parker walked into the kitchen, and Carly asked him to stay with Sage for a few minutes. He agreed, and Carly left to go to the hospital.

When Carly got to the hospital, she ran into Lily outside Lucinda's room. Lily filled Carly in on Lucinda's medical situation and the fact that Lucinda had just married Brian Wheatley. Carly was surprised by the news and told Lily that she would talk to her some other time. Lily said listening to someone else's problems might be good for her, and she asked Carly if she wanted to go get a drink. Carly agreed, and they went to the Lakeview.

Carly explained to Lily about the situation with Janet and Sage, and she asked Lily if Lily thought Carly was doing the right thing by going to court. Lily did not, and she asked whether Carly was taking advantage of Sage's problems with Janet to try to keep Janet from marrying Jack. Carly said Janet and Jack had both accused her of doing just that. Carly said she wanted to believe Sage, but Lily pointed out that wanting to believe Sage and really believing her were not the same thing.

Carly drove Lily home and thanked her for letting her talk. Lily told Carly that if Carly wasn't okay with Jack and Janet getting married, Sage never would be either, and that Carly had to set an example. Holden came home, and Carly said she had to leave. Holden asked Lily how things had gone with Carly; Lily said it was okay, although still kind of weird. Holden said their kids were asleep, so they would have to tell them about Lucinda in the morning. Lily told Holden she could see how happy Lucinda had become as soon as she had married Brian, and she hoped Lucinda would stay that happy for a long time.

Parker went to see Liberty at her home and told her that he had talked to Sage. He wasn't sure if he'd gotten through to Sage, but he told Liberty he would keep trying, because he didn't want to see either Liberty or her mom get hurt the next day. Liberty thanked him. Parker kissed her on the cheek and left.

At home, Carly asked Sage if she was ready for bed. Carly brushed Sage's hair and told her she was going to be a beautiful woman when she grew up, but Carly said inner beauty was harder to achieve than outer beauty. Sage asked what Carly meant, and Carly said inner beauty took being honest and being fair, even to people you didn't like. Carly then reassured Sage that even though Carly and Jack weren't together, they would always be there for Sage. Sage told Carly not to worry about her, saying all she wanted was for her mom and dad to be happy.

Brian left the hospital to go pick up some of Lucinda's things. On his way, he saw Luke, who was still drunk. Brian made him get into the car, and he took Luke back to the farm. He told Luke to go upstairs and clean up and brush his teeth, because he wanted to sober him up before anyone in Luke's family saw him like that.

When Luke came back downstairs, he thanked Brian for not yelling at him, even though he deserved it. He became emotional and told Brian he had screwed up everything that mattered to him: his parents, school, and his relationship with Noah. Brian sat down by Luke and told him he was a good person, and everything would be all right. Luke asked how Brian could know that, and Brian said he just did. Brian lifted Luke's head so he could see him, and he kissed Luke on the forehead. He then kissed Luke on the mouth. Luke broke away and asked, "What the hell was that?" and then ran upstairs.

Janet went to the police station to see Jack. She told him that no matter what happened at the hearing, she would lose. Janet told Jack she appreciated how he had stood by her, but she gave him back her engagement ring and told him she wanted to let him off the hook.

Jack wouldn't take the ring. He told Janet they would get through this, and he wanted to marry her no matter what. Janet said if Jack lost Sage, that would be something he would never get over, and he eventually would blame Janet for it. Jack assured her he wouldn't, but Janet thought otherwise.

Janet told Jack she didn't feel good about marrying him with Sage so set against her. Jack said Sage would come around. Janet said she wanted to postpone the wedding. Jack said he wouldn't let Sage dictate when they got married. Janet said Sage wasn't dictating anything; it was Janet's decision. She wanted everyone to be happy when they got married, including all of Jack's kids. An officer interrupted to ask Jack a question, and when Jack turned back to talk to Janet, she had gone, leaving behind her engagement ring.

Jack went to the diner to see Janet. He told her that if they called off their engagement, it would be like rewarding Sage for lying, and he wasn't going to let Sage blackmail them. Jack said he loved his daughter, but he and Janet had to be the ones who controlled the situation. Jack reminded Janet that Sage had a history of lying to try to break them up, and he thought the judge would realize that Sage could be lying again. Janet began to feel that maybe Jack was right, and things would work out after all.

Jack told Janet he needed her to wear her engagement ring at court the next day, as a sign of their promise that they would be together for the rest of their lives. He put the ring back on Janet's finger, and they embraced.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holden came home covered with mud from a playful mare, and Lily teased him as they realized neither of them had spoken to Luke since Lucinda had awakened from her surgery and sprung the news on them that she was marrying Brian. Holden suggested Lily call Luke and offer to take him with them to the hospital, while Holden got cleaned up. Luke did not answer, so his mother left a message asking him to visit the hospital and hear his grandmother's big news. Jack arrived and reluctantly told Lily and a fresh-scrubbed Holden that Carly was going for full custody of Sage, and he asked for Holden's help. Lily left the cousins to talk and called Lucinda to tell her they were running late. Jack needed a character witness, and Holden offered to go to the hearing if things got to that point. Jack left, and Holden explained what was happening, and that he might have to leave the hospital early to testify on Jack's behalf. Lily said he should really talk to Carly instead. She felt if there was a chance they could help Jack, they had to give it a try. Holden protested, but Lily said they were giving their marriage a good try, but were still acting too polite and cautious with each other. Lily wanted the real Holden and Lily back. She said she trusted him, so Holden reluctantly agreed to speak to Carly.

Luke awoke from his drunken stupor and flashed back on the evening before when Brian had kissed him. He checked his phone and got Lily's message, urging him to come to the hospital. He left to see his grandmother and hear her news.

Carly and Sage stopped for breakfast out, but Sage was so nervous about testifying at the hearing that she asked her mother to get the food to go. Sage went outside to wait for Carly, and Janet approached. Janet told the girl it was never too late to call off the hearing, and reminded her that the two of them were the only ones who knew she had never hit Sage. Janet put in a plea for being "one big happy family," until Carly walked up and squelched that statement. Carly sent Sage back inside and accused Janet of stalking them. Janet protested she was only trying to stop the situation before they got to court, but Carly was determined to protect her daughter at all costs.

Brian greeted his new bride in her hospital bed and produced ersatz champagne and an elegant breakfast. Lily came in, but told them to begin their celebration and not to wait for Holden. Lucinda suggested Lily give Holden a call, but Lily declined. The "champagne" turned out to be sparkling cider, in deference to Lucinda's condition, but Brian's toast to his new wife was authentic and sincere. Luke walked in at the exact moment Brian lifted his champagne flute to toast his "beautiful bride." Lily greeted her son as Lucinda broke the news that she and Brian had gotten married the day before. They all urged Luke to have the non-alcoholic cider, so Brian went to find another glass. Luke followed him and verbally attacked the man, claiming Brian was trying to rip off his grandmother. Luke mentioned the kiss, but Brian soft-pedaled it, telling Luke not to read too much into it. He stressed keeping Lucinda happy, and glossed over any hidden meaning about the moment he had shared with Luke.

Holden drove to Carly's and quickly stated it was not his idea to be there. Carly fumed at Jack until Holden explained it had been Lily's idea for him to talk to her. Holden griped about Lily's attitude, so Carly suggested he begin wearing his wedding ring again. Holden's defense was that Lily was not wearing hers yet, but Carly's point was that one of them had to make the first move. Holden expressed his concern for possibly testifying for Jack in the court hearing, because he feared Tom Hughes would question him about his affair with Carly. He asked Carly to walk away from all the controversy and not risk dragging up all her misdeeds in court. He tried to reason with her, but Carly was adamant. She claimed not to have started the turmoil, but Holden pointed out she could finish it. Carly was upset with Holden and felt very alone. Finally she hollered at him to get out.

Tom met with Jack at the police station and reminded him that Carly had some strikes against her, namely several arrests, her abandonment of the children when she ran off with Simon, and her affair with Holden. Janet joined them, looking sedate and demure. Tom complimented her on her courtroom appearance, and she told the men that she and Carly had traded barbs over Sage that day. She apologized, but Tom said their side just had to hit harder. He told them they had to be prepared to accept all of Jack and Carly's children if the judge decided Carly was an unfit parent. Jack was sure that would work, but Janet was reluctant to take all of the children away from Carly. Jack blamed himself for "never staying gone" from Carly. He did not blame Sage for her mixed feelings. Suddenly, he had a brainstorm: he and Janet needed to get married right away. Janet blasted him for making their marriage more about stopping Carly than wanting to be with her. Jack was eager to get on with their lives, so Janet agreed to a fast wedding. Holden called and said his talk with Carly did not go well, but that he would still come to court to help Jack.

Lily asked her mother if she had slept with Brian yet, and Lucinda giggled and said they had not gotten there yet. Lucinda was looking forward to her newly reconstructed breast, and the two women had a good laugh. Meanwhile, in the hospital corridor, Luke told Brian he was going to tell his grandmother about the kiss, but Lily came out to see what was taking so long. Brian went back into Lucinda's room, while Luke protested the marriage to his mother. Lily explained that Brian had drawn up a pre-nuptial agreement without being asked, and Lily had even found the two of them in bed, cuddling. She said Luke had to accept that Brian loved Lucinda and was good for her. She ordered her son to tell his grandmother how happy he was for her, even if he had to pretend. Brian showed Lucinda the wedding rings he had bought them, so she returned his Princeton class ring. He slipped the new ring on her finger, and she returned the gesture with the other ring.

Carly called Sage to go to court, and the girl asked if she, Carly, and Jack could go to Al's after the hearing. Carly told her that no matter what Sage said in court, that Jack and Janet would still be getting married. She explained that Jack would probably not even want to be around Carly after the hearing, As Carly turned to open the door for them to leave, Sage stopped her. She said that Janet had told her if Carly won, that Sage might not be able to spend much time with Jack, and she really wanted to be able to see her daddy. She whimpered that she did not want to talk to the judge and finally admitted that Janet had never hit her. Sage thought she could keep Janet away from Jack so her parents could get back together. Carly was horrified at her daughter's actions and sent the girl to her room.

Carly appeared at the police station just as Jack and Janet were about to leave for court. She told them that Sage had admitted the truth, and she apologized to them both. She suggested Jack wait until the next day to contact the girl.

Lily found Holden at home, and she said she was sorry she had forced him to speak with Carly. Holden told her the good news that Carly had dropped the custody suit, so no hearing was necessary. Holden shared what Carly had said about not wearing their wedding rings, so he took the rings from his pocket and handed Lily's ring back to her as they declared their love for each other.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meg had a doctor's visit, and Paul went with her. Dr. Schiller told them everything seemed to be going well, but she wanted to do another sonogram because it was a high-risk pregnancy. Dr. Schiller performed a 3-D sonogram, and they were able to see that their baby was a girl. Paul took Meg back to the Snyder farm, where Meg asked if Paul wanted to name their daughter Jennifer. Paul told her that was sweet, but the baby was their future, not his past. Meg then suggested that she move back to Fairwinds with Paul. Paul was thrilled.

Meg wanted to move right away. Paul hugged her, and Emma came downstairs. Emma asked how the doctor's visit had gone, and Meg said everything was perfect. Emma hugged her, and Paul asked for a hug, too. Emma hugged him, somewhat reluctantly. Meg then showed Emma the sonogram picture, and Emma said it was probably time to get the crib down from the attic. Paul told her that wouldn't be necessary, because Meg was going to move back to Fairwinds. Meg told Emma that the baby was lucky enough to have a mother and a father, and needed them to be together. She went upstairs to pack.

Emma asked Paul if there was any reason she shouldn't think it was a bad idea for Meg to move back in with him. Paul told Emma things were going to be different this time, but Emma pointed out that Paul had already had several second chances. Emma said since Meg would do whatever she wanted to, regardless of what Emma thought about it, Emma would have to take the same leap of faith that Meg had taken. Meg came downstairs and asked Paul to go up and get her bags for her. While he was out of the room, she asked what her mother thought about Meg's plan to move back to Fairwinds. Emma said she thought Meg was making the right decision for her baby.

Paul came back downstairs, and Emma told him and Meg that she would see them at Thanksgiving. Paul was happy to have been included in the invitation and said he had heard a lot about the famous Hubbard squash. Paul said he would be happy to help Emma cut it up, but Emma said that was something he had to earn. Paul took Meg back to Fairwinds, and he told her he felt like he could finally be the man he had always wanted to be.

At home, Brad told Katie he wanted to find the mysterious person who might have set Brad up for Spencer's murder. Katie didn't want Brad to look for him or her, because the person had sent her an instant message on her computer telling her to back off or the evidence against Brad might reappear. Henry arrived and said he had managed to locate Spencer's brother and set up a meeting. Katie thanked Henry, but she told him they were no longer interested in pursuing it. Henry tried to get Brad to say whether he wanted to cancel the meeting, but Brad kept his mouth shut, knowing Katie would be upset if he spoke up. Henry left, and Katie asked Brad to drive her to WOAK to film some promotional spots for the station.

While Katie was getting ready, Brad called Henry and told him not to cancel the meeting. Brad went with Katie to WOAK, but when she started filming the promotional spots, Brad snuck out. Brad went to the diner to get the address for the meeting from Henry. Henry was afraid of what Katie would do if she found out he had given the information to Brad, but Brad convinced Henry to give it to him. Henry wanted to go, too, but Brad refused, saying it was his fight.

Katie finished filming a promotional spot about V8 and Feeding America. She asked where Brad was, and when she found out he had gone, she left, too, saying she'd return later to finish her work. Katie went straight to the diner and confronted Henry, who admitted he had given the address to Brad. Katie wanted to know the address, but Henry said he didn't have a copy of it.

Brad found the man he thought was Spencer's brother. Brad grabbed the guy and began asking him where Spencer was, but the man was completely confused until he realized what Brad was talking about. The man told Brad that he didn't know Spencer. He said he was an actor, and a man had hired him to pretend to be Spencer's brother and deliver a package to her. The man said he didn't know who the man who had hired him was, because he'd never seen him before or since.

Henry went to his room at the Lakeview and found Dani and a uniformed police officer there, searching his room. Dani told Henry he was under arrest, for obstruction of justice, because she had found some of the missing evidence in the murder investigation in his room. Dani held up a plastic bag containing Spencer's scarf. Henry said he had no idea how it had gotten there, but Dani placed him under arrest.

Katie returned to the station to finish filming her promotional spots. When she was done, Brad walked up. Katie told him she knew he had gone to the meeting, after all. Brad admitted it and told Katie what he had learned. Brad said he thought the instant messages had come from Spencer. Brad thought Spencer had pretended to be murdered, but that his arrest hadn't been part of Spencer's plan, so Spencer had somehow stolen the evidence against him. Katie wasn't sure if Brad was right or not, but she was still scared because of the IMs she had received.

Henry called Brad and told him he'd been arrested. Brad and Katie went to the police station, and when they arrived, they found out from Dani why Henry was there. Katie asked where Margo was, and Dani said Margo wasn't there. Brad asked if they could speak to Henry, and Dani agreed, provided a cop was with them the entire time. They went into the interrogation room, and Katie asked Henry if he had stolen the evidence. Henry said of course not, that it had been planted. Brad said Henry was being set up, and Henry wanted to know what Katie and Brad knew about the situation that they weren't saying.

Brad got Katie to tell Dani about the IMs she'd been getting in connection with Spencer's supposed murder and disappearance. Dani listened to their theory and then repeated it to them, saying, "You think this mystery messenger person stole the evidence from the evidence room, and then planted it in Henry's room, because you didn't do what he said." Brad said that was exactly what they thought. Dani told Katie she needed Katie's computer to find out who had been sending the instant messages, but Henry had to stay in jail until a judge could decide whether he should be released.

Katie and Brad went back home to get her computer, but when they looked at it, they saw another IM from the mystery person. This one read, "Don't let anyone see these messages, or Brad will be next." Katie told Brad that the message seemed to indicate that the person knew they had told the police they would turn over her computer. Brad asked if Katie thought the person was someone in the police department; Katie said either that, or it was someone who was watching them. Either way, she was scared. Brad said they had to help Henry, and Katie said they would figure something out.

Henry asked Dani where Brad and Katie were, and she told him they'd gone to get some evidence they had been withholding. He asked if their evidence would show that he hadn't taken the other evidence, but Dani said she didn't know yet. She told Henry he would have to stay in jail until they had figured everything out, and she told an officer to take Henry to a cell. After Henry and the officer left, she closed the door and called someone on her cell phone. She told the person, "He's going to lockup now. I can hold him as long as you want."

Dusty and Josie ate lunch at Al's Diner. They talked about the upcoming holidays, and Josie suggested they leave town for the holidays, since neither of them was particularly looking forward to them. Dusty asked if there was anywhere Josie had always wanted to go, and she said she didn't remember. She said she had a feeling she might have had a good time in Tampa once, and Dusty said he'd had a good time in Tampa once with Jennifer. Dusty convinced Josie that they should go to Tampa together, and he had the company jet take them there.

In Tampa, Dusty took Josie to the same hotel where Dusty and Jennifer had stayed. Josie didn't recognize it, but she did see a karaoke setup, and she dared Dusty to sing. He refused, and he bet Josie that she wouldn't perform, either. She said the bet had to be that Dusty would be her "cabana boy" all day the next day if she did sing, and he agreed. Josie took the stage and sang "You Made Me Love You." It was the same song Jennifer had sung when she had been at the hotel with Dusty.

When Josie had finished singing, she sat down to have a drink with Dusty. She saw the look on his face and asked if she had been that bad. He told her about having listened to Jennifer sing that very song when he was there with her. Josie said the coincidences were beginning to scare her. Dusty said it was scaring him, too.

Josie said she felt like she knew Jennifer, who she was, what she'd done, and whom she loved, and it was freaking her out. She thought it was probably going to make Dusty want to "run for the hills," but Dusty said the opposite was true. Josie said she was afraid that whatever was happening between her and Dusty was based on psychic mumbo jumbo, but Dusty said what he felt for her was real. They went upstairs to her room, and Josie reminded Dusty that she'd won their bet. She leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back tenderly, and they made their way to her bed.


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