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Murphy found an amnesiac Katherine and assumed that she was Marge. Katherine's will was read. Jack convinced Ashley to give him her Jabot proxy. Victor was arrested for Walter's murder. Victor vowed to crush Adam.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 17, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, November 17, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Jana dealt with a burst water pipe, which hindered business. When Lauren and Michael stopped by to pick them up for "Kay's" funeral, Kevin explained that he and Jana could not attend the service. Jana said she had phoned Jill to explain the situation. Michael mentioned that mourners planned to share a meal at the Genoa City Athletic Club after the service.

Adam met Heather at the coffeehouse. Heather mentioned that Frank Ellis, arrested for check kiting, would likely admit damning evidence against his cohorts in order to cut a deal with the prosecutor. Adam looked worried. Adam questioned Heather about Frank's so-called confessions. Heather said that criminals who faced long sentences often claimed that they "had the goods on bigger fish." Heather admitted that such confessions were often bogus, but Ellis' lawyer was convinced that his client "had something really big." While Heather went to check on their coffee order, Adam called and left a message for Jack to call back as soon as possible because they had a problem.

Kevin apologized to Heather when she asked about her coffee order. Kevin admitted that he was sorry he was missing Kay's funeral because he had been her go-to guy whenever she encountered problems with her computer. Adam joined Heather at the bar. Kevin asked Heather about Kay's wills and assets. Heather explained that Kay most likely had everything spelled out in a well-drafted document. Kevin joked that rich folks buried money or stashed cash away in mattresses. Heather said that if assets surfaced after probate, descendents could claim the money. Heather added that if a deceased person left cash that the family did not know existed, then whoever found it could keep it.

After Adam and Heather left to have breakfast at the club, Kevin opened the coffee shop's safe and took out Kay's purse loaded with cash. Kevin replaced the bag of cash in the safe before Jana returned. Jana thanked inconvenienced customers for their patience. Jana worried about repairs bills when Kevin admitted that the water leak required a plumber. Kevin assured Jana that he would get the money to pay a plumber somewhere. After a plumber arrived, he turned off the water and began working on what he determined would be costly repairs. After Jana closed the shop, she said she wished to pay respects to Kay's family. Kevin sent Jana ahead, so he could close the cash register. After Jana left, Kevin retrieved the bag of cash from the safe and placed a thick wad of bills into his pants pocket.

At the club, Heather was surprised when Adam ordered champagne for breakfast. Adam said he wanted his "baby" to have the best of everything. Heather smiled giddily. Adam proposed a toast to their "bright future due to his recent windfall." Heather advised Adam to hold onto the money he had received as an advance for his book because the Newman family would most likely challenge the diary in court.

At the chapel, Kay's friends and family waited for the funeral service to begin. Nikki nearly collapsed when Victor marched in and sat down beside Ashley in the front row. Nick attempted to cross the aisle to talk to his father, but Victor advised Nick to wait. Jack muttered to Sharon that he hoped he was only "seeing things." Brad arrived and sat behind Jack. Brad whispered, "Well, this should be interesting." Jack scowled bitterly.

Nina returned to Genoa City for what she thought was Kay's funeral. Nina sat next to Gina and Danny. After Gina asked Nina why she wasn't sitting with the Chancellor family, Nina explained that Jill had never forgiven her for marrying Phillip. Amber leaned on Daniel's shoulder. Amber whispered that Phyllis had suggested that she and Amber call a truce and end their feud. Amber changed the subject when she noticed that Victor had returned to Genoa City.

Brock Reynolds, Kay's son, opened the funeral service by reading a Bible verse about everlasting life. Jill sobbed when Brock said that he had come to celebrate the life of a most extraordinary woman. Amber cried softly as Brock recalled how his mother offered friendship, love, comfort, and advice to the many people who called her a friend. Victoria quickly directed her gaze toward her father as Brock continued to describe his mother's selfless acts of philanthropy.

Brock said that after his mother fought her personal demons, she fed the hungry and helped build an inner-city recreational facility. Brock added that his mother believed in President John Kennedy's principle that "for those to whom much is given, much is required." Brock choked up when he said that he would miss his mother terribly.

Dina sat next to Traci. Dina asked why Colleen wasn't there. Traci explained that Colleen was ill. After Dina said she had wished to see Colleen, Traci whispered that Dina could see her anytime, if she really wished to. Before Dina could respond, Jack asked Traci if Ashley had mentioned that Victor was coming. Traci assured Jack that she had no idea that Ashley and Victor were together. Jack continued to fume about Victor's presence. Ashley whispered to Victor that people were staring, but Victor said, "Let them." Paul worried that the police might arrest Victor. Nikki maintained that the police wouldn't arrest a man at a funeral, but Phyllis recalled that she had been arrested at her wedding.

Liz Foster, with her white mane neatly twirled into a compact bun, arrived late. Jill embraced Liz, as Liz explained that her flight was late. Liz sat beside Jill and greeted grandson Billy. Liz told Billy she was happy to hear that he had moved back home where he belonged. Jill seemed comforted by Liz's presence.

Gloria and Jeffrey walked in late, as well. Gloria expressed regret because she hadn't told Jill about Kay's drinking problem, but Jeffrey regretted that he hadn't swindled Kay out of her Jabot stock before she died. Michael and Lauren joined Gloria and Jeffrey in the back row. Neil turned around and told Michael that Victor was sitting beside Ashley. Neil motioned toward the front of the chapel with his head. Michael and Lauren rose slightly, so they could see Victor for themselves. Michael looked stunned. Lauren shushed Jeffrey when he whispered, "Who says there's no good theater in this town?"

After Brock led the mourners in the a recitation of the "Lord's Prayer," he said that his mother's absence would leave a hole in everyone's heart. Brock added that he knew that the Duchess, his pet name for his mother, was somewhere laughing because those gathered had made such a fuss over her. Brock invited Liz to speak. Liz said she lived in London presently, but besides Brock, she had probably known Kay longer than anyone else had. Liz said, "Kay was rich because her life was full of love, and that was why she had friends from various walks of life." Liz recalled that she had kept house for Kay, but that Kay had never treated her like a second-class citizen. Esther acknowledged the truth of Liz's comments by nodding her head.

Billy and Cane also spoke about their beloved grandmother's love and devotion. Cane said that part of Kay would always be with him. Amber cried when she said she felt as if she and Kay were kindred souls. Phyllis lowered her head when Amber expressed her desire to be just like Kay some day. Esther sobbed as she recalled how her boss comforted her even when she made mistakes. Jill admitted that she was a lucky woman to have had two mothers, since she had not known that Kay was her mother since because Liz had raised her. Jill said that she and her mother didn't always see eye-to-eye, but they loved each other. Jill expressed regret for judging her mother too harshly. Jill wiped her cheeks before she read a poem titled 'Death is Nothing at All."

Nikki silently thanked God for answering her prayers and bringing Victor home safely. Nikki added that her heart was breaking to see Victor with Ashley. Ashley prayed that Victor would have the strength to bear his losses. Sharon wished silently that she could ask Kay what to do about Jack because she could not stand his lies any longer. Gloria prayed that John would watch over Kay in heaven. Neil prayed for Drucilla to watch over Kay. Danny prayed for his dad to look out for Kay. Esther and Lauren silently acknowledged their deep senses of loss. Traci wondered to herself if Ashley knew what she was getting into with Victor. Jeffrey took note of the rich-looking blonde woman seated next to Jack. Jack prayed for himself and asked God why Ashley had dragged Victor back to town. Victor acknowledged that vengeance belonged to God, but he admitted that could not wait that long.

Each mourner placed long-stemmed, crimson roses atop Marge's casket, which they believed held Kay's remains. Ana and Devon sang a soulful version of "Amazing Grace." Nikki cried and leaned her head against the top of the casket. Paul supported Nikki and led her out of the chapel. Nick hurried out to catch up with Victor. When Michael asked Nick what had happened to Victor, Nick explained that Victor had a car waiting for him and had already left.

Near the river's edge, against a rock outcrop, Murphy, who wore waders, sat his pole and tackle down when he discovered Kay, who was partially submerged in the rushing water, and comatose. Murphy called out, "Marge, Marge." Murphy rolled Kay's limp body over and cradled her in his arms. Murphy cursed his cell phone because he couldn't get service in the remote area. Murphy pleaded with "Marge" to awaken. When Kay woke up, Murphy asked her what had happened. Kay asked Murphy who he was, but Murphy didn't answer because he thought "Marge" was confused from her injuries and exposure to the elements.

Murphy wrapped Kay in his jacket and told her that he should take her to a hospital. Kay refused medical treatment. Murphy took Kay to his trailer. When Kay asked why she was there, Murphy told "Marge" that she was home. Kay, still shivering, didn't recognize the place and said, "We're not home. Where are we?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jack desperately tried to reach Ashley on her cell phone. Traci said that Ashley's cell phone was turned off. Jack said that he hoped Victor had enough sense to leave his sister alone and get out of Genoa City for good.

Victoria told Nikki that her plan to have Ashley find Victor hadn't worked out. Phyllis said that the plan must have worked if Victor had returned. Nikki said that the day was about Katherine, and Victor and Ashley were probably aboard a plane leaving Genoa City already. Nikki realized that if Victor had returned to the ranch, he'd be furious to find out she'd been staying there. Victoria said that she and J.T. would check for her. Nick and Phyllis realized that Nikki was hanging on by a thread.

Nikki sat down with Paul and broke down in tears. Paul said that he was thrown that Nikki had gone to Ashley for help. Nikki said she knew Ashley was the only person who could bring Victor back, but it killed her to know she had been right. Paul suggested that they get Nikki a room at the hotel so she could rest.

Victor returned home to the ranch with Ashley. Victor told Ashley that she had brought him back to the world of the living. They hugged each other. Victor was surprised to find Stella there. Stella said that she had returned because Nikki had been living at the ranch. Victor was surprised by the news. Stella said that she would leave if he wanted. Victor said that wouldn't be necessary, she could bring all the workers back to the ranch. Stella thanked him. Victor asked if Stella could do him a favor and pack Mrs. Newman's things.

Brad went to Heather's office to tell her that Victor was back in town. Heather said that wherever Victor was, he couldn't have gotten very far. When Heather went to the funeral and ran into Paul, she was upset to hear that Paul had known Victor was back but hadn't said a word to her.

When Victoria and J.T. arrived at the ranch to pick up Nikki's things, Victoria was surprised to see Victor there. She ran into his arms and hugged him. Victoria said that there were so many things she wanted to tell him, but first she needed to know if he was okay. Victor said that he was okay, and apologized for not being there. Victoria said she was also sorry. She said that she'd understand if Victor never wanted to talk to her again. Victor said not to worry about that anymore. J.T. told Victor that he needed to start taking care of things; the police would be after him. When Michael arrived, Victor apologized for firing Michael, and said that Michael again had his work cut out for him. Victor told Michael that he was being falsely accused and that he had returned to Genoa City to prove his accusers wrong. Victor said that he had never written in a diary. Victor was surprised to hear that it had been Adam who'd admitted to finding the diary. Michael told Victor that they would get the diary and prove it to be a phony. Michael said that Victoria and Nick had been diligent about trying to prove that Victor's diary was fake. There was a knock at the door and Victor went to answer it. Victor told Heather that he'd been expecting her.

Adam was frantic when he went to Jack to tell him that Victor had returned to Genoa City. Jack said that it wasn't a big deal. Adam couldn't believe that Jack wasn't concerned. Jack told Adam to lower his voice. Adam was too late; Sharon went up to Jack and wondered what Adam was yelling about. Jack said that Adam was upset that Victor had returned. When Jack saw Gloria and Jeffrey, he told them their little plan was over. He said that he never should have trusted them in the first place.

When Phyllis saw Brad at the funeral, she wondered what Brad was so smug about. Brad said she should talk to Heather Stevens. Phyllis realized that Brad had given Victor up to the cops.

Esther said that Katherine's funeral hadn't seemed like a funeral at all; it seemed like a remembrance of her life. Jill thanked everyone for coming. Brock said that the Duchess had always lived life to its fullest. Billy wondered why Brock always called Katherine the Duchess. Brock said that was how Katherine had always carried herself. Jill said Brock had called her that ever since she could remember.

Dina said goodbye to Jack and Traci. She told Traci to give her love to her granddaughter. Lauren went up to Traci and showed her a picture of Fen. Traci said that their conversation was probably the nicest they'd ever had. Lauren said that she kept thinking about all the things she wanted to say to Katherine that she would never be able to say. Lauren then realized that she'd always regretted the way she'd treated Traci. Lauren said that when she saw her, she didn't want to pass up the opportunity to apologize to her.

Cane and Esther asked Neil to tell Devon and Ana that they did a beautiful job singing at the funeral. Neil said he would. Neil told Lily that hopefully the next time everyone got together it would be a wedding. Lily was shocked to hear that Neil and Karen were engaged. Lily was thrilled. Lily went up to Cane and told him that his speech about Katherine was really nice. Lily said that time did heal things. Chloe and Billy stood by and watched them.

Cane introduced himself to Nina. He told her that he would be interested in meeting Phillip sometime. Nina said that Phillip was stationed in the Army, but she was sure he'd be thrilled to meet Cane someday. Esther told Nina that she was worried how Jill would treat her since Katherine was gone.

Esther, Cane, Chloe, and Jill heard that Katherine's wish was that her will be read immediately. Jill asked what changes Katherine had made to her estate plan. They were informed that they would hear everything the next morning.

Kevin and Jana apologized to Amber for missing Katherine's funeral. Jana said that a pipe had busted at the coffeehouse and their basement was underwater. Amber was still skeptical that something had happened between Kevin and Katherine. Amber told Daniel that she believed the real reason Kevin wasn't at the funeral was because he felt guilty about something.

Sharon told Lauren that Noah had been acting strange ever since he started hanging out with Michael's sister. Lauren wondered if Sharon was blaming Eden for Noah's troubles. Sharon said that she wasn't trying to make a big thing of it, but maybe it'd be a good idea if Eden and Noah didn't hang out anymore. Lauren said that considering Noah was the one arrested, she agreed that Eden and Noah shouldn't be friends. Sharon went to Nick and complained about what Lauren had said about Noah and Eden. Nick said it had been a difficult time for everyone, and once it was over, they could discuss Noah. They hugged each other. Phyllis saw them and looked concerned.

Eden told Noah that she was surprised by the way Noah's parents were acting about their friendship. Noah told Eden that he had a surprise for her. He gave her the stolen necklace that had belonged to her mom. Eden hugged Noah and thanked him. Noah said that if he was ever not grounded again, they should go to the movies sometime.

Katherine told Murphy that she didn't remember the place at all. Murphy said that she must have hit her head pretty bad. He went to make some coffee. When Murphy returned, he said that she must have really "tied one on this time." Katherine was surprised to hear she'd been drinking. He said that she had to stop drinking. Katherine said that she should go. She tried to get up, but was in too much pain. Murphy suggested that she take a shower and get into some new clothes. When Katherine got showered and changed, Murphy made her Marge's favorite dinner, pork and beans. Katherine couldn't have looked more out of place in Marge's old clothes. Katherine said that it felt like her brain was filled with cobwebs. Murphy said that she should get some sleep. Murphy tucked Katherine in on the couch and called her Marge. As Katherine started to fall asleep, she told herself that her name was Marge.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Traci told Brad that she was surprised to learn that he hadn't been named CEO of Jabot. Brad told her that Jill had promised him the job, but then decided to give it to her son.

While Phyllis eavesdropped, Traci asked about Brad's love life. He told Traci that there had been a "perfect woman," but that he had let her get away. Traci hoped that Brad might be able to rekindle that romance. Later, alone at the bar, Brad remembered the night when he told Sharon how much he loved her.

At the Abbott mansion, Noah and Eden cuddled on the couch. They began to kiss. Jack and Sharon were outside the front door when Jack received a call from Adam. Sharon stepped inside the house and saw Noah, who was sitting alone on the couch.

Adam told Jack that he was worried about Victor's return to Genoa City. Adam feared that the forger, Frank Ellis, might rat them out. Jack reminded Adam that there was no proof that any of them had forged the diary. He told Adam not to panic.

Sharon told Noah that he and Eden should put some distance between themselves, and that Noah should try to make some new friends. Jack came in just as Noah said that Sharon's advice "sucked." After Noah stormed off, Jack told Sharon that Noah had turned out to be a great kid. He reminded her that Noah had defended his friend and had taken responsibility for what had happened in Paris. He commended Sharon on her parenting skills.

Later, Jack noticed that Noah was sulking. Noah asked him to try to get Sharon to accept his budding relationship with Eden. Sharon overheard Jack and Noah's conversation. Noah told Jack that he had noticed tension between him and Sharon. Without going into detail, Jack said that he had let Sharon down and had lost her respect. Jack told Noah that he was a "terrific kid" for having defended Eden in Paris.

After Noah left, Jack turned on some music. When Sharon entered the room, she told Jack that she knew about his conversation with Noah. She told Jack what a great stepfather he was. Jack asked Sharon if she wanted to dance. She hugged him and they began dancing to the music.

Eden asked Lauren and Michael what would happen to her if Lowell were to be convicted. She feared that the Baldwins might kick her out. Michael reassured her that they were all family, and that they wouldn't force her to leave. Lauren noticed that Eden was wearing the necklace that she had supposedly lost in France. Eden told Lauren that Noah had found it in Paris. When Lauren asked Eden when Noah had returned it to her, Eden lied and said, "in French class."

At Restless Style, Phyllis answered the phone. A man said that he needed to speak to Jack. Phyllis told him that Jack no longer worked there. The man identified himself as Inspector Cisneros, a detective with the Mexican police. He said that Jack had interviewed him about Victor Newman, and that he had given Jack a post-mortem picture of Walter Palin. When Cisneros asked her who was handling the story about Victor, Phyllis lied and told him that she was. From what Cisneros told her, Phyllis correctly deduced that Jack was in Mexico at the same time that he said he was in Los Angeles with Ashley. Cisneros asked Phyllis not to mention his name in the article. Phyllis assured him that she wouldn't. After she hung up, Phyllis called someone, and asked that all of Jack's expense reports and vouchers be brought to her immediately.

Phyllis looked over all of the charges that Jack had made using the Restless Style credit card. She saw that Jack had charged a Mexican hotel room to the card. She was surprised to see that Jack had later rented a room at the sleazy Genoa City Arms Motel, and was shocked when she saw that Jack had paid for an escort service using the credit card. To herself, Phyllis said, "You lied. You lied to all of us."

At the Newman ranch, Heather had Victor arrested for Walter Palin's murder. An officer handcuffed Victor and read him his rights. Michael warned Heather not to question Victor unless he was present. As he was being escorted out, Victor told Ashley that she should return to England.

Nick ran into a gloating Adam at the Athletic Club. Nick told Adam that he was in for "a world of hurt." When Adam said that Victor was "a petty, dangerous thug who deserves to be behind bars," Nick punched Adam in the face.

At the ranch, Nick learned from Victoria and J.T. that Victor had already been arrested. Nick headed for the jail.

At the jail, Michael told Heather that Victor was willing to put up a large sum of cash for bail. Heather said that Victor was "the definition of a flight risk," and she was going to argue that Victor should be denied bail. Victor told Heather that she had wrongly accused him of Ji Min Kim's murder. He said that she was once again wrongfully accusing him in the Walter Palin case, and reminded her that she had lost her job because of her mishandling of the Ji Min Kim case.

Nick visited Victor at the jail. Nick told his father how well he looked. Victor apologized for having worried him and Victoria. He also said that he was touched that Nick and Victoria were fervently working to prove that his "so-called confession" was a sham.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki received a call from Victoria, who told her that Victor had been arrested. Paul joined Nikki. Nikki said that in all the years she had known Victor, he had never kept a diary. She found it odd that he would suddenly start one in order to confess to a murder. Nikki said that she found it "interesting" that Adam had found the diary, and asked Paul to investigate what was going on. Paul promised that he would do whatever he could.

As he was leaving, Paul ran into Heather. Heather wondered why Paul hadn't called her the moment he saw Victor. Paul said that he wasn't about to interrupt Katherine's funeral by calling the police to arrest Victor. Before she headed upstairs, Heather told Paul that she was going to see to it that Victor was convicted for Palin's murder.

Ashley showed up at the Athletic Club. Nikki asked her if she thought that Victor was up to fighting the charges. Ashley assured Nikki that Victor was drawing strength from being near his family. Ashley told Nikki that enlisting her aid to find Victor was a "genuine act of love." Nikki became upset when Ashley said that Victor still blamed her for Sabrina's death.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Michael overheard Adam trying to make a reservation to fly to England. When Michael asked Adam if he was leaving Genoa City, Adam said that he had to, as Victor had made it impossible for him to find employment there. He told Michael that Heather would join him in England as soon as she was done prosecuting Victor -- making sure that his father spent the rest of his life behind bars. Adam laughed when Michael told him that Victor wanted to see him. Michael summoned two burly men onto the patio. Michael told Adam that whether he liked it or not, he was going to see Victor. He threatened Adam, telling him that there were two ways Adam could accompany Michael to the jail -- but only one of them involved Adam walking under his own power.

A nervous Adam visited with Victor in the jail. Victor told Adam that Hope would be turning in her grave if she knew what kind of person Adam had become. Adam accused Victor of ruining his life by tossing him aside like trash. Adam haughtily said, "You're gonna spend your life in jail, Dad." Victor told his son never to call him "Dad" again. Before being led back to his cell, Victor said, "You are dead to me now. I'm gonna crush you like a cockroach. You will never know what is coming at you, but I will crush you." After Victor was escorted out, Adam looked terrified.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gloria was nervous in anticipation of the reading of Katherine's will. Jeffrey said it wasn't everyday you got mentioned in a billionaire's will. Gloria said that the last time she saw her, Katherine was chewing her out for trying to steal her stock. Gloria hoped that Katherine would at least give her something nice to honor John. When Jeffrey got up to go with Gloria, she was surprised he wanted to go. Jeffrey said he wouldn't miss it for the world. Even if Gloria only received a dirty ashtray, Jeffrey knew it was going to be a good show.

Jill was upset to see Nikki at the door to attend the reading of Katherine's will. Cane told Jill that Nikki was only a friend; Jill was Katherine's daughter.

Traci was happy that Ashley had decided to have breakfast with the family. Jack was furious with Ashley that she had started seeing Victor again. He gave her a hard stare and told Traci that he'd been pleading with Ashley not to ruin her life by getting sucked into a relationship with Victor. Ashley couldn't believe they kept having the same conversation over and over again. Ashley said the subject of Victor was closed. When Jack wouldn't let up, Ashley threatened to leave. Jack finally agreed to drop it for the moment. Jack proposed a toast to their father. Traci had a vision of John telling her how proud of her he was. Ashley asked Traci where she went. Traci said that she'd been thinking of John. She said that if their father were there, he'd be so proud of all of them.

Traci poured some tea and talked to Ashley about Abby. Ashley said that Abby loved living in London. John's ghost appeared for Ashley and she talked to him about her fears of being with Victor. John told Ashley that she had a child; his advice for her was to do what was best for her and Abby. Ashley said that was exactly what Victor had told her to do. When John's ghost appeared for Jack, John mentioned that he couldn't help but notice someone was missing from the table at breakfast. Jack said that he and Sharon hadn't been doing too well lately. John's advice for Jack was when Jack was reaching out for things he wanted, he should step back and make sure he didn't lose the things he already had.

John's ghost also appeared to give Billy some advice. John asked Billy if he was prepared to hurt the people that loved him. Billy said that he thought he was, but now he wasn't so sure. Billy told his father that he felt that he didn't belong to the two families. He said that Jack treated him like a kid, and Jill treated him like an afterthought compared to Cane. Billy said he couldn't compete with a brother who'd been stolen away from his mother for all of his young life. Billy said that Katherine was the only person that had made him feel like he belonged, and she was gone. John asked Billy what it was that really mattered to him. Billy realized that he needed to figure that out. Billy walked in on Jack, Ashley, and Traci having breakfast. He said that he needed to grab a bite and leave; he had to get over to Katherine's for the reading of the will. Billy said that he was going to support his mother. Gloria and Jeffrey walked in and said they were headed over there, too. When Ashley finished breakfast and got ready to leave, Jack told her that whatever happened to her and the moustache, he would always be there for her.

Esther worried that once the will was read, Jill wouldn't let her live at Katherine's any longer. When Billy arrived at Katherine's, he said hello to Daniel and Danny Romalotti. Danny apologized to Gina, saying that he had a concert and was going to have to go home right after the reading. Cane approached Billy to say hello. Cane went to Jill and put his arm around her. Cane told Jill that everything was going to be all right. When Gloria and Jeffrey walked in, Jill couldn't believe Gloria was mentioned in the will. Then she remembered Katherine's promise to John.

As the will was read, Katherine left Brock one percent of her estate and trust, and named him Chairman of the Chancellor foundation. Katherine gave a percentage of her trust in cash to Gina and Danny. Esther received one tenth of one percent of Katherine's trust, so that Esther could live her life in financial freedom. Esther also received 50 percent ownership of the Chancellor estate. Billy and Jill gasped. Esther was in shock. Nikki went up to Esther and told her that she deserved it. They all took a break and Billy joked that Jill might be in the market for a new maid. Jill wanted to contest the will. When they returned from the break, Nikki learned that she would receive all of Katherine's jewelry, including a family heirloom given to her by her mother.

Cane, Billy, McKenzie, and Phillip received one quarter of one percent in trust. Katherine left one fifth of one percent to Amber, so that she and Daniel could pursue their artistic goals. She also gave Amber the sole rights to her memoirs. Jill was furious at this news. Then it was Jill's turn. Jill would receive the remainder of her estate, all but five percent of her Jabot stock. Katherine said that she was confident that Jill would honor her memory, and although they hadn't always gotten along, Katherine wouldn't have wanted to be on Jill's bad side. Gloria was left a special vase. Jill clapped and got up, but there was more. Katherine also left Gloria the remaining five percent of her Jabot stock. Gloria and Jeffrey happily rose. Gloria said that Katherine was very thoughtful. Gloria secretly told Jeffrey that it was takeover time. Jill asked Gloria what she did to Katherine to make her do that. Gloria said nothing; Katherine liked her. Billy wondered why Jill looked so glum. He said that if he had just received half an estate and Chancellor Industries, he'd be jumping for joy.

Jill told Amber that she would make Amber's life a living hell if she tried to publish one word of that smut in Katherine's memoirs. Amber said that she would make it her life's mission to publish them.

Nikki hoped that Jill wasn't upset that Katherine had left all her jewelry to her. Jill said it didn't matter, considering Nikki's life was a mess. Jill said she didn't suppose Nikki would be coming around much anymore. Esther said that Nikki could come visit her. Nikki gave Jill a hurt look and said goodbye. Before Nikki closed the door, she looked up at the mansion and said goodbye to her old friend.

Jill told Cane that she couldn't believe that Katherine had relinquished a controlling portion of her Jabot stock to Gloria. Jill said that it was extremely unlikely that anyone had purchased enough stock in Jabot to plan a takeover. Jill said that just in case, she would contact her broker and have him purchase all the stock he could get. Suddenly, Jill realized she didn't have to answer to anyone any longer. She realized that it was about time she stepped out of Katherine's shadow.

Gloria and Jeffrey ran over to the Abbott estate to tell Jack what they received from Katherine. Gloria said that Katherine came through. Five percent of Katherine's Jabot stock belonged to Gloria. Gloria told Jack that the plan was back on. Jeffrey and Gloria went to the pool house to drink champagne. As Jeffrey went to get some ice, John's ghost told Gloria that karma wasn't exactly why Gloria received the stocks. Gloria said that Katherine did whatever she felt like doing.

John's ghost appeared for Jack once again. John was disappointed in Jack for wanting to take over Jabot. Jack said that he was doing it for the family, the Abbott family.

Katherine woke up at Murphy's house and was still confused about her identity. Murphy told her he would take care of her. Katherine asked him what his name was again. Murphy was upset to hear that "Marge" couldn't remember anything. Katherine started remembering Marge's words about Murphy. She pictured herself standing in Murphy's trailer. Murphy was reading the newspaper and read aloud that Victor had been arrested. Katherine wondered why the name sounded familiar. Murphy noticed Katherine's ring on her finger. He wondered where she had gotten a ring like that. He laughed and realized she probably got it out of a gumball machine. Murphy said that it was time for Marge to get ready for her work at the diner. Then he realized that it was her day off.

When Katherine tried to remember working at a diner, she had no recollection of it. Murphy said she must have really knocked her head. He said that he would take her to the doctor. Katherine became angry and said she would not be forced to go to the doctor. She said that everyone was trying to make her go. Murphy wondered who was trying to force her to go to hospital. Murphy tried to show Marge's apron with her name on it to Katherine. Katherine wondered what was wrong with her. She said she couldn't understand what was happening to her. She said that she didn't feel like she was at her home. Murphy said he'd do whatever he could to help her get her place at the boarding house again. As Katherine went back to bed, she was shocked to learn that she'd lived in a boarding house. She couldn't put her finger on it, but things just didn't seem right.

Friday, November 21, 2008

On his way to meet with the federal prosecutor about Lowell, Michael stopped by the Abbott pool house. He told Gloria that he was trying to get the charges against Lowell dismissed or reduced, and needed Gloria to sign a document recanting the testimony she gave against Lowell decades earlier. Gloria said that she wouldn't sign, as she had to protect her image.

Michael, Lowell, and the federal prosecutor met in the prosecutor's office. Michael explained that Lowell had been set up, and that Lowell's friend, Howie Sullivan, would testify to that. The prosecutor was not impressed when he saw that Lowell had been hiding from the law for four decades. The prosecutor looked over Tanya Simmons' damning testimony against Lowell. Michael explained that Tanya had been bribed by the prosecutor to give false testimony in exchange for government financial assistance. As Michael tried to interrupt, Lowell quickly said that "Tanya" was really his ex-girlfriend Gloria, and that Gloria would recant her testimony. Before he walked out of the office, the prosecutor said that he might consider reducing the charges if Gloria was ready to tell the truth.

With the prosecutor gone, an excited Lowell told Michael that all they needed to do was to get Gloria to recant her false testimony. Michael told his father that Gloria refused. Lowell still had faith in Gloria, saying that she would come through for him. Michael said that they needed to refocus and try to get the prosecutor to reduce the charges on the basis of Howie Sullivan's statement.

Lily, Devon, Roxanne, Tyra, Ana, Karen, and Neil gathered at Neil's apartment -- Neil had summoned them to make a surprise announcement. Everyone there, except for Tyra, was excited when Neil told them that he and Karen had gotten engaged.

Neil wondered what Lily was looking at on her cell phone. He was unhappy when he learned that Lily had arranged a date via an online chat room. Lily told him that she and her date were going to meet at a public place -- a used bookstore. Neil gave his approval after Devon and Roxanne agreed to keep an eye on Lily.

After Tyra and Ana left, Neil told Karen how much he loved her. Karen said that she was particularly happy that Lily and Devon had accepted the engagement. Referring to Drucilla, Neil said that he could no longer live in the past, and was looking forward to sharing the rest of his life with Karen.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Billy turned down the Ashbys' invitation to join them for dinner at the Chancellor mansion, saying that he had experienced enough sadness for one day. When Cane left to take a phone call, Billy told Chloe that she had "gotten the good guy." Billy left. When Cane returned, Chloe told him that she wanted to find a used bookstore and buy vintage storybooks for their baby. Before they left, Cane joked that he couldn't imagine Chloe reading "Little Red Riding Hood."

Lily, Roxanne, and Devon arrived at the used bookstore where Lily was supposed to meet her mysterious online date. Lily text messaged her date, instructing him to meet her in the literature section. Outside the store, Billy received Lily's message.

When Billy entered the bookstore, Roxanne immediately recognized him as the "ringmaster" from the recent Halloween party. Roxanne grabbed Billy and brought him over to meet Devon. As Billy was saying hello to Devon, Cane and Chloe arrived at the store. Finding themselves alone, Billy and Chloe argued. Billy insisted that Chloe was stalking him. Chloe denied it. Billy threatened to tell Cane that he had been sexually involved with Chloe.

Billy turned the corner and was unhappy to see Lily talking with Cane. He watched as Lily asked Cane to leave, telling him that she was meeting someone. When Cane took off, Billy walked up to Lily, who asked him what he was doing there.

Cane accused Chloe of knowing that Billy would be at the bookstore, but Chloe denied it. Billy didn't tell Lily that he was her online date, instead telling her that her date had probably been scared off when he saw her with Cane. He added that no one would want to date a woman who was obviously in love with someone else. Lily whined that she didn't want to love Cane. Cane came down the literature aisle and witnessed Billy and Lily hugging.

At the pool house, Jeff reminded Gloria that, even though Katherine had left her five percent of Jabot's stock, they couldn't take over the company until Jack had all of his siblings' proxies. Gloria told Jeff not to worry about that.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack begged Ashley for her proxy. Ashley reminded Jack once again that she wouldn't give it to him unless she knew who Jack's "silent partner" was.

Later, the Bardwells stopped by the mansion to speak with Jack. Jack reminded them that, even though they owned a substantial portion of Jabot stock, Jack would be running his father's company. Ashley walked in on the conversation. When Gloria told Ashley that Katherine had left Gloria five percent of Jabot's stock, Ashley immediately realized that Gloria was Jack's silent partner. As soon as Gloria and Jeff left, Ashley said, "No way in hell."

Ashley chided Jack for getting involved in a Jabot takeover scheme with Gloria. She also reminded him that there was a court order forbidding Jack from having any management role at Jabot. Jack agreed with Ashley that Gloria was an unethical and immoral person, but said that, for the time being, his primary objective was getting back their father's company. Jack said that he couldn't stand the thought of Cane, that "Aussie bartender," having the CEO position that John once held.

Jack begged Ashley to give him her proxy. Seeing how much it meant to Jack, Ashley gave in and agreed. A thrilled Jack told Ashley that it was the best decision she had ever made. Ashley reminded Jack that Gloria was a "nightmare," and warned him that he couldn't be openly involved in Jabot management. Jack smiled at his sister, and said, "The Abbotts -- in control of Jabot again."

At Crimson Lights, Kevin remembered how he happened to gain possession of Katherine's bag of cash. Jana told Kevin that she had to run some errands, and wished she still had her scooter so that she could weave in and out of traffic.

Gloria stopped by to thank Kevin for his role in helping her obtain the Jabot stock. Kevin said that he regretted making a woman think she was losing her mind, but Gloria said that Katherine had already been losing her mind. Daniel and Amber watched as Jeff joined Gloria and Kevin. Jeff told Kevin that Gloria would take good care of both of her sons. Kevin asked if "taking care of them" included paying for an expensive gift that he wanted to buy Jana. Gloria said that would be okay. After Kevin left the table, Jeff reminded Gloria that she shouldn't underestimate him -- Jeff threatened to destroy her if she tried to "screw [him] over."

Amber told Daniel that she suspected that Kevin and Gloria might have murdered Katherine. Daniel told her that Katherine wasn't murdered -- it was the combination of alcohol and being behind the wheel of a car that had killed her.

When Jana returned, Amber told her that Gloria, Jeff, and Kevin all seemed to be gloating about something. Amber said that she found that odd, in light of Katherine's recent death. Jana told Amber that people expressed their grief in many ways.

Out on the patio, Daniel saw Kevin at his laptop computer, looking at an auto dealer's Internet site. Daniel jumped to the conclusion that Kevin was buying Jana a car, and wanted to know how Kevin had gotten hold of that kind of cash. Kevin said that he was putting it on a credit card. When Daniel reacted skeptically, Kevin told him that he was telling the truth. He told Daniel to ask Amber to "chill out," and to stop fantasizing that Kevin had a huge amount of cash stashed away.

Before Gloria left, she hugged Kevin and told him how grateful she was for what he had done. After Gloria left, Jana asked Kevin what Gloria was referring to. Kevin lied and said Gloria was grateful that he had spent a lot of time helping out whenever Katherine had computer problems.

As Amber surreptitiously looked on, Kevin showed someone a wad of cash. The man was about to take it, but Kevin said that he wanted to see the "merchandise" first. Amber ran to tell Daniel about the encounter, but, before she could get a word out, Kevin came in, wheeling a scooter. Kevin announced that, for their three-month anniversary, he had bought his beloved wife a scooter to replace the one she had to sell several years earlier.

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Y&R TWO SCOOPS: Paris or bust
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