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Monday, November 24, 2008

Beth text-messaged Coop to meet her in Beacon room 319 for Cobb salad. Coop replied that he couldn't wait to make the delivery; however, when he received a Company delivery bag from Buzz, it contained someone else's order. Once Coop left to deliver that one, Beth called with a disguised voice to place her order. Upon returning from his delivery, Coop anxiously searched for the Beacon order, but Lynn said someone else had already taken it for delivery.

Meanwhile, Beth donned a black negligee and spread her studies out on the hotel room bed. When she heard a knock at the door, she whipped it open and screeched to see Buzz, not Coop, holding her delivery. Buzz embarrassingly turned his eyes down and stumbled back from the door. Beth dragged him into her room, even though he insisted that he didn't see anything and he didn't want to know anything. Beth put on a robe and pleaded with Buzz to listen. Buzz stared at the floor and inched toward the door, persisting that it was none of his business.

Beth sat on the bed, crying, and Buzz empathetically sat beside her. Beth felt she couldn't hold her secret in and she unloaded it on Buzz. She told him that even though she didn't love Alan like she'd loved Phillip, their relationship had worked. Buzz wondered what had happened, and Beth replied that Alan had made her feel small about going to law school. They also had drifted apart when Alan was having his visions. She'd sought solace in another man, but she wasn't in love with that other man. She was confused because Alan was back to himself. Buzz said he had to return to his Thanksgiving preparations, but his best advice to Beth was to never let Alan know about her affair. He also thought she ought to use hotel room service because they were "used to this sort of thing." Once outside Beth's room, Buzz sighed incredulously and walked away. Coop, who had been hiding in a corner, watched his father leave.

Later, Coop lounged on Beth's hotel bed wondering why she had to confide in his father. Beth said she'd just needed someone to talk to, but she hadn't revealed whom she was sleeping with. As Beth packed her stuff, Coop asked what she and Buzz had discussed. Beth wouldn't elaborate, and Coop guessed it had been Alan. Beth felt conflicted because Alan had returned to himself. Coop didn't think Alan returning to his old self was a good thing, and he said Alan's ruthlessness wasn't Beth's style. "Maybe it is," Beth replied. Coop asked if she were trying to end their affair. Even though they both were getting something out of the situation, Beth said that it was time to face reality. Coop said he understood if Beth needed to find out if there was anything left between Alan and her, but he gave her the hotel key, asking her to keep it just in case.

Frank raided the refrigerator at Marina's house. When he saw her flipping a poker chip, Marina said that she and Mallet had gone to Mount Arrow Casino. Marina started to tell him about the failed elopement, but Mallet rushed into the kitchen to stop her. Mallet asked Frank about the holidays, and Frank enlisted Mallet's help with Buzz's holiday open house at Company. Mallet hurried Frank out of the house, and Marina accused Mallet of being ashamed to make the elopement attempt public knowledge. Mallet wasn't ashamed, saying that he would be happily married if Marina hadn't backed out. Marina retorted that she wouldn't take the blame just because he was a "wuss" about publicly admitting his love for her.

At Company later, Mallet helped Frank slice vegetables. Buzz entered in the mood to drink. Refusing to drink alone, Buzz forced the men to raise their glasses to true love. After the three men were tanked on Ouzo, Frank accused Mallet of trying to get Marina's "milk for free." Mallet retorted that he wasn't getting anything for free, since he would be paying on a mortgage until Frank was in a walker. A drunken Buzz said it wasn't about convenience or "hooking up at the Beacon to scratch an itch!" As Frank and Mallet tried to figure out where the Beacon entered into the equation, Buzz said it was all about true love. Mallet decided to show them something about true love. Marina stood at the entrance as an inebriated Mallet climbed up on the countertop and proclaimed to everyone that he was so in love with Marina that they'd almost eloped. Marina endearingly smiled, but upon hearing an alarm, she suddenly yelled, "Fire!"

Sometime later, Buzz, Mallet, and Frank filed out of the kitchen, all three sopping wet. They assured Marina that they'd put the fire out. Mallet was proud of himself for his proclamation. Marina said she thought Mallet was too embarrassed to admit what they'd done. Mallet said he'd just been scared of Frank and Buzz. Marina mentioned that Frank carried a gun and Buzz kept hot oil on the stove. "Are you telling me you were going to buy the cow, then? Oh, Mallet!" Frank exclaimed. He kissed Mallet's cheek and hugged him. When Marina and Mallet did get married, Mallet said, Frank would be his best man and Buzz his maid of honor. Suddenly Mallet's face soured, and he hurried to the bathroom.

Lizzie woke up to see the newspaper headline stating that the grand jury would convene in the kidnapping case. During a call with the lawyer she'd hired, she learned that they'd successfully suppressed the jacket evidence. As Lizzie went to the hospital to tell Bill of her success, Doris sat in her office steaming about the suppression. Alan tossed Bill and Lizzie's picture into the trashcan in the parlor and hurried out of the house.

After Lizzie discovered that Bill was undergoing testing all day at the hospital, she returned home and ran into Alan outside. Lizzie bubbled with excitement about the jacket suppression, saying that without the coat, the surveillance tape meant nothing. Alan worried that the suppression would make it seem like there was something to hide. Lizzie didn't think the grand jury would ever hear about that jacket thanks to the suppression. Alan said Lizzie had done all she could do, but Lizzie also wanted to testify before the grand jury. She figured that Doris wouldn't allow it. Alan received an update on his PDA that said Doris had called a press conference. Lizzie decided that it might be her chance to persuade Doris to let her testify.

At the press conference in Doris' office, Doris told a couple of reporters that the grand jury would convene less than an hour from then. When Lizzie and Alan entered, Lizzie said she just had one question for Doris. Lizzie wondered why Doris was trying to railroad her partner. She asked why Doris wouldn't call her to the stand, and she wondered whether Doris feared that her testimony would expose the trial as a farce. "Oh, that was three questions, wasn't it? I'm sorry," Lizzie said with a giggle.

Doris dismissed the press and said Lizzie wouldn't win any favors by railroading her. Doris accused Lizzie of trying to destroy evidence, but Alan reminded Doris that the jacket had been ruled out as evidence. Doris affirmed that she would get an indictment without it. Lizzie said the trial was just a trophy for Doris' resume. She implored Doris to consider what she would do if it were Ashlee in the situation. Doris said she would protect Ashlee just as she was protecting Lizzie. She declined to allow Lizzie to testify.

After they left Doris' office, Alan told Lizzie that she'd done her best. Lizzie started crying, and Alan said he hated to see her cry. Alan encouraged her to be happy that she'd won at least one battle with the evidence. Lizzie sobbed that she still had to sleep in Bill's bed alone and endure the fear that he might never share it with her again. Later, Lizzie went home, curled on her bed with Bill's money clip, and cried. Meanwhile, Alan returned to Doris' office. Doris' gaze narrowed on him as he closed the door.

Later, Alan found Lizzie in her room to tell her that Doris was going to call her to testify. Lizzie asked him not to joke about things like that. Alan guessed that Doris had reconsidered after realizing that disallowing Lizzie to testify could be grounds for an appeal. Hugging Alan, Lizzie didn't care why Doris had changed her mind. She beamed with joy, ready to make the grand jury see that Bill was innocent.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At Company, Mel and Remy presented Christina with her copy of the annulment papers. Remy said he'd mailed the originals the previous day to meet the deadline. Though Remy and Christina claimed to be ecstatic about the annulment, they appeared entranced as they stared at each other. Mel snapped them out of it when she prompted Remy to give Christina the MCAT study guides he'd picked up for her. Remy spilled coffee on the table when he set the books down, and Mel saved Remy's envelope from the spill. In the envelope were the official annulment papers that Remy claimed to have mailed. Remy guessed that the envelope must have been stuck to bottom of the books. Since the actual due date of the papers was that day, the newlyweds set out to hand-deliver them.

At the clerk's office, they learned that Mr. Perkins, the only person who could sign their papers, had left early for the day. As Christina sobbed and blamed Remy for the problem, Remy said he couldn't stand to see his wife cry. He suggested that they hunt Perkins down for his signature.

Remy and Christina tracked Perkins down at Towers. Christina warned Remy to keep his temper with the clerk. After they told Perkins about their situation, Perkins said that they had better get used to marriage, because he wouldn't finish eating by the time his office closed. Remy pleaded that he would do anything to get Perkins to authorize the annulment. Perkins said Remy could let him finish his dinner. Christina lashed out that Perkins was a public servant who used what little power he had to humiliate them. She hoped that Perkins choked on his food.

As the couple boarded the elevator, Remy wondered what had happened to keeping their tempers under control. Christina said she'd lost it while watching a good man like him grovel to Perkins. Glad that Christina saw him as a good man, Remy insinuated that she knew what the unsigned papers meant. Christina smiled, saying she would be proud to divorce Remy.

When Lizzie arrived at the courthouse, Alan attempted to dissuade her from testifying. Lizzie asserted that she would win the jury over, but Alan reckoned that she would fall apart if Doris ensnared her in a trap before the jury. She admired Alan's concern for her, but she said Alan had taught her that she had to stand up for those she loved. Alan pleaded with her to rethink it, but Lizzie asked him to wish her luck. Lizzie went to testify, and Alan paid an officer to let him listen to Lizzie's testimony from a cracked door.

Lizzie kept her cool as Doris pointed out that Lizzie had never seen her kidnapper. Doris wondered how Bill had located Lizzie when the FBI couldn't. After Doris theorized that Bill's motive was garnering full control of the company, Lizzie tried to explain how her relationship with Bill worked. Lizzie wondered why Doris wouldn't believe her when she said she knew Bill hadn't done it. Doris said they analyzed evidence, not feelings. Lizzie claimed that the evidence was circumstantial and would lead to convicting an innocent man. Doris brought out the black coat, and an upset Lizzie said that the coat was inadmissible. Doris replied that the decision had been reversed. Shaking her head, Lizzie said anyone could have a jacket like it. Doris questioned why Lizzie had tried to burn the jacket.

When a dazed Lizzie wandered out of the hearing, she told Alan that Doris had twisted things around to make her look like a criminal. She said the jacket had magically reemerged as evidence. Alan didn't know how that had happened, but he wanted Lizzie to rest. Lizzie left Alan there, saying she had to visit Bill to explain that she'd just made things worse for him.

Alan berated Doris for being so tough on Lizzie. Doris replied that she had to be tough, but she couldn't have done any of it without Alan's help. She wondered how Alan had gotten the jacket reentered into evidence, but then decided that the less she knew about it, the better. Doris was ready to celebrate with champagne in her office, but Alan said he didn't revel in setting his granddaughter up to be broken. Doris told him to relax because he was getting what he wanted; Bill would go to jail and Alan would have Lizzie back. Alan left, but he peeped around a corner as a bailiff brought Doris an envelope with the jury's decision enclosed. With a devilish look on her face, Doris peeked inside the envelope.

At the hospital, Lizzie cried to Bill that she'd done the best she could. When she turned on the television, Doris was on WSPR announcing that she'd gotten an indictment against Bill Lewis for kidnapping, fraud, and assault. He faced an estimated twenty years in prison.

When Reva entered Cross Creek, Jeffrey expressed his worry for her since she'd been out all night. Reva had decided to spend the night at the Beacon so that she could think. Jeffrey thought talking out the solutions to their complicated situation was more important. Reva said it was simple; the baby was the most important thing. She tried to walk away, but Jeffrey said she wasn't running away again because they had to talk.

Out by the lake, a stubborn Reva insisted that nothing Jeffrey said would make a difference. When he wondered if she had a death wish, Reva said she wanted to live as much as anyone did. She held onto the hope that being in the early cancer stage could allow her to postpone her treatment until after the baby's delivery. Jeffrey thought she was being unrealistic, and he said that with her way of thinking, he could lose both her and the baby. He refused to lose her. Reva wanted him to feel that way about the baby, but she said he could never understand because he wasn't a mother. Jeffrey thought it was unfair to minimize his feelings just because he wasn't carrying the baby. Reva apologized, but she couldn't believe that he felt the same as she did if he could consider risking the baby's life.

Jeffrey told her that Lillian knew of other doctors who had treated pregnant cancer patients. Jeffrey dragged an uncertain Reva to Cedars, where she welled with tears when she saw Colin, the doctor who had battled cancer with her in the past. Reva hugged Colin tightly, saying that she'd hoped to never see him again. Reva said that the other doctor had advised an abortion. "The other doctor didn't realize we were going to do things your way," Colin replied. Reva said her main concern was carrying the baby to term. Colin couldn't completely confirm that the chemo wouldn't harm the baby, but he said both Reva and the baby would be his patients.

Colin advised them that he would work closely with an obstetrician on a chemo treatment that would be least likely harm the baby. Colin explained that the placenta was a powerful barrier against the radiation, but there were risks such as stillborn births and low birth weights. He said they could start the treatment right away with the goal of full remission. Reva asked him if he would undergo the treatment if he had a child. Jeffrey said the question was inappropriate, but Colin replied that he would do just what Jeffrey and Reva were doing, which was question everything regarding such a serious matter.

As they left the office, Jeffrey said he liked Colin. Reva replied that she felt safe in Colin's hands. They ran into Josh in the hall, and Josh relayed that he had received a vague email saying that Shayne wouldn't be home for the holiday. Reva hadn't even known that Marah and Shayne had been planning to visit. Once home, Reva sulked because her children didn't want to see her for the holidays. She said she'd disappeared on them when they were children. Vowing to get it right with her new child, she decided against the chemo. Jeffrey grew upset when Reva said that doing the pregnancy the right way meant doing it her way. He retorted that he didn't count because he was the man. A stressed-out Reva decided to go upstairs, but when she asked Jeffrey to join her, he opted to remain downstairs.

At the convenience store, Blake claimed a bottle of juice that Matt had reached for. Clarissa said there was plenty left on the shelf, and Blake giggled that her comment had been a ploy to talk to a cute boy. After Matt and Blake discussed Maureen and Clarissa's school project for charity, Blake wondered what Matt was doing for Thanksgiving. He said he was cooking. Blake replied that she was cooking, too, but Clarissa announced that her mother never cooked. Matt invited them to join Maureen and him for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Since Buzz's kitchen had caught fire a couple days before, Marina and Mallet hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Marina slipped outside and complained to Mallet that it was too crowded inside. Mallet assumed that Marina was sulking because his first two professions of love had come when he'd been holding someone at gunpoint and when he'd been drunk. He offered to say it to her while unarmed and sober, but Marina told him that his other declarations counted. They returned inside to find Coop, Frank, and Daisy arguing about ruining the food. When Marina whipped out the turkey, Frank said it was too small. Marina barked that she had no idea how many people were coming. Coop and Frank thanked Daisy for not bringing Grady, and Daisy retorted that she could call him at any minute if they didn't stop harping about it. Looking at the turkey, they just hoped that Buzz didn't invite that many people to the feast.

Frank said he could have saved Marina a trip to the casino because Frank knew Marina would never marry without her family. Marina countered that she had a private life that had nothing to do with her family. Nothing seemed to go right for Marina, from a backed up toilet to burnt rolls and moldy cheese. Rick arrived empty-handed and said he didn't know he had to bring something. She fretted that hosting her first Thanksgiving with Mallet was a disaster.

Over at Cross Creek, Buzz interrupted a standoff between Reva and Jeffrey about the chemotherapy to invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. Buzz figured that their coming would alleviate their tension for the day. Reva and Jeffrey exchanged awkward looks, and Buzz said Lillian had hinted that something was amiss with the O'Neill family, but she hadn't said what. After Buzz left, Reva suggested that they forget that she was pregnant and had cancer for one day.

Alan called Lizzie at the hospital, and she hadn't even realized that it was Thanksgiving. She went home and encountered Billy in the parlor. She said Alan wanted everyone around the table for Thanksgiving, but she didn't even know where to send Sarah's birthday gift. Billy thought Lizzie should join him at Buzz's open house. A short time after they arrived at the open house, Lizzie felt alienated and said she couldn't stay. She wandered around Main Street and then slumped on the pavement near the boardinghouse steps.

Billy found her, and she claimed that the people at the party had been staring at her. She was sure they believed in Bill's guilt. When Billy disagreed, she said Billy thought Bill was guilty, too. Billy had known his son his whole life, but he wasn't blind to Bill's faults. He wanted nothing more than for Bill to wake up and prove his innocence. Lizzie thought Bill should be innocent until proven guilty, and she was tired of being the only person on Bill's side.

Lizzie returned to Bill's bedside and held his hand. As she rested her head on his chest, she suddenly heard, "Hi..." Lizzie glanced up to see Bill's heavy eyes fluttering open.

As Olivia worriedly monitored Natalia's plummeting fund on her laptop, Natalia arrived to pick up Emma and Olivia for the open house. Natalia was anxious to check her fund out online, but Olivia deterred her, saying that the market had closed for the holiday. Natalia suggested that they stop by the farmhouse on the way to dinner because she seemed to find something new to love about it each time she saw it. She beamed that she would have her down payment soon.

At the farmhouse later, Olivia waited downstairs when Josh stopped by to check on the house. Olivia explained Natalia's desire to buy the house, but Olivia doubted Natalia could afford it after the disastrous hedge fund she'd bought into. Josh urged Olivia to tell Natalia that the fund had failed. Olivia replied that Natalia had put all of her dreams into the home. Olivia didn't have the heart to dash them on Thanksgiving.

At the Cooper Thanksgiving, Olivia spoke to Jeffrey about Ava's new place. He said he'd sent Ava a survival kit, and Olivia chuckled, saying it was a condo, not a bomb shelter. She said that Ava planned to spend the holiday with a new friend of hers.

Natalia told Olivia that she wanted to have a party like that in her house the following year. Olivia thought that Natalia might want to wait on the house since the market was low. Natalia giggled, saying that Olivia was waffling on her advice about the purchase. Natalia was committed to taking the risk. A short time later, the new lawyer that Natalia had hired called for a meeting with Rafe and her that day. Natalia said that she could buy a better life for her and her son, all because of Olivia's advice. "The money's gone," Olivia unexpectedly spat out.

Confused, Natalia asked Olivia what she meant. Olivia murmured that the fund had collapsed overnight. Natalia assumed that meant she had to wait longer for her investment to mature, but Olivia repeated that it was gone. Olivia wondered if Decker had explained the high risk involved, and Natalia naively said, "Sort of." Olivia explained that high-risk funds promised huge returns, but they were usually a long shot on delivery. A sullen Natalia replied that she'd already spent that money in her head. After realizing that she could no longer afford Rafe's lawyer, Natalia left, wondering how she would explain it to Rafe.

At the prison, Rafe asked Natalia where the new lawyer was. Teary-eyed, Natalia said she had bet on a long shot and had lost their future. Natalia explained what had happened, and she said she'd never forgive herself for being greedy. Rafe knew that they would be okay. He said it had been a gamble, but moving to Springfield had also been a gamble. Springfield had given him his father, and he would never regret that. When time was up, an officer returned Rafe to his cell. A tearful Olivia approached a sobbing Natalia and hugged her. They left the prison arm in arm.

Back at the open house, Reva curtly told Rick that she was doing fine. She then talked to Jeffrey, who said he couldn't feel thankful while watching Reva take her life for granted. Reva asked what had happened to forgetting about their problems for the day. Jeffrey wondered what had happened to their vows, "through sickness and in health." He asked her if he had to sit by helplessly watching her get sicker and sicker. After Jeffrey walked off, Reva grabbed her coat and left the house.

Reva escaped to Towers, where she encountered Josh having a meal. Josh asked her if she had heard anything from their children. Reva hadn't, but she couldn't stop thinking about Marah, Shayne, Dylan, Jonathan, and Sarah. She pouted that none of her children wanted to spend the holiday with her. Josh said they were his children, too, but Reva corrected that not all of them were. She felt she had a second chance with the new baby. Josh told her that she'd had a hand in helping her children to turn out well. He felt that Reva needed to forgive herself for her past mistakes with them; otherwise, her guilt would eat her up just like the cancer. In his opinion, Reva put too much pressure on herself to be the perfect mother, but life was about trial and error. He implored her to be there for her child, and most importantly, to be herself.

Reva arrived back at the open house just as Buzz was welcoming everyone to partake in the meager offerings. She said she wasn't very hungry, but she wanted to propose the first toast. She raised a glass of water, looked at Jeffrey, and said, "To life." Reva lamented about those they had lost and gave thanks for those they had found. She said God had given her a baby, and she was thankful to have someone special to share it with. She said she had spent most of her life in love, but she had never "lived love." While it was risky, it was also wonderfully rewarding. She toasted to everyone there being able to look around the room, knowing that there was at least one other person that they could count on each day. She asked them to try to make each day Thanksgiving.

After Reva's toast, Frank and Coop promptly shoved up from the table, ready to order pizza or Chinese. Mallet whisked Marina to the overlook on their stairs to tell her that she was the one person that he could count on. Marina knew how he felt about her and said no one else needed to understand their love or relationship. She thought that if they could pull off Thanksgiving, then they could do anything. Mallet replied that they could even get married. They kissed and whispered that they wanted to marry each other.

Outside later, Reva told Jeffrey that she wanted to do the chemo because she wanted to live. She wanted to live for herself, for the baby, for him, and for all her other children. Jeffrey wondered what had changed. She said that she had changed. They kissed and she wished him a happy Thanksgiving. "It is now," Jeffrey said with relief as he held her.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light did not air today.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of you for continuing to check out the the site on a regular basis. You've helped to make this site the most successful soap opera web site on the 'net.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumes on Monday, December 1st where Wednesday, November 26th's episode concluded.

If you're in the mood for a little Thanksgiving leftovers, this is a good time to check out some of our archived content. We have daily recaps dating all the way back to 1996. Take a trip down memory lane or, if you're a newer viewers, find out what you've missed out on! Click here for more information about our Daily Recaps Archive.

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