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Monday, November 24, 2008

Alison and Casey talked about his failure to tell his parents that he had been expelled from the university. At Alison's insistence, Casey promised he would inform his folks if she would come with him to Thanksgiving dinner at his house. He begged, and Alison reluctantly agreed.

Tom brought Daniel home from boarding school for the holiday, and Margo was delighted to see him. Tom said he was assuming that Casey would have contacted a tutor so that he could keep up with his college classes during his suspension. Emily called Daniel and invited her son to lunch at Al's, but Daniel had just eaten lunch. The boy asked Emily to come over, but Margo was concerned that Casey might show up while Emily was there. Tom persuaded her to agree to the visit from Emily.

Josie awoke after her night with Dusty and found him already dressed. She told him she had been afraid that she would disappoint him, but he assured her she had not. Josie confessed she was falling in love with Dusty, and he, in turn, told her he did not expect her to be Jennifer. Josie suggested the two of them start fresh and do things together that Dusty had not done with his wife, and he agreed that they should give it a shot. They left the hotel, and Josie suggested they celebrate an anti-Thanksgiving with unusual food. They ran into a street artist, and Josie grabbed his tablet and pencil and whipped out a very good likeness of Dusty. She mentioned that she was taught how to sketch by a good art teacher, and Dusty encouraged her to go down that road in her memory.

Emily and Paul sat on a bench in Old Town, and Emily told him it was in both of their best interests to expose Josie as a fraud. Meg walked up, and Emily covered their conversation by telling Meg that she had been discussing getting rid of the Jennifer imposter. Emily pretended to be aggravated with Paul for not cooperating with her. Emily went away, and Paul promptly told Meg that Emily had been lying. He explained how he had offered Josie one million dollars to leave town to see how the girl would react. Paul hoped Meg would not turn her back on him for good, but Meg said she was not expecting Paul to be perfect, and it was a good thing that she heard about the bribe from him. They kissed, and Meg continued her errands. She walked on and spied Josie and Dusty kissing. Josie went to get a surprise gift for Dusty, and Meg approached Dusty. She told him she was worried about him, but Dusty assured her that he was fine. Meg revealed that her unborn baby was a girl and let Dusty feel the baby's kicking. Josie returned, and Paul came to claim Meg.

Emily came to Margo and Tom's house and was amazed to see how much Daniel had grown. She gave him a video game he had been wanting, and he disappeared upstairs to play it. Casey and Alison appeared, and Casey told his mother he had invited her for dinner. Danny came downstairs and was glad to see his brother, and then he asked if Emily could stay, as well. Margo relented and said yes. Casey tried to inject the subject of college into the conversation, but Margo kept pushing him for tutoring, easing off work so he could take more classes, and other academic concerns until Casey blurted out that he was no longer enrolled at all; he had been expelled. Everyone peppered him with questions, and Daniel particularly wanted to know what Casey had done. Emily took Daniel upstairs while Casey insisted that Alison stay, and she explained how Casey had stuffed the ballot box for the school election to help his friend, Luke. Casey and Tom went outside for some fresh air, while Margo lit into Alison for not talking Casey out of such foolishness. Alison talked with Margo who ended up softening and asking her to help set the table. Tom yelled at Casey outside and then came inside and scolded Emily for her influence over his son.

Outside, Emily found Casey pacing, and she said she still cared for him and missed him. She hinted she might have made a mistake in letting him go, and then she kissed him as Alison opened the door and saw them. Alison told them they were acting inappropriately, and Casey asked Emily to leave, just as Margo yelled to everyone to come to dinner. Margo found Tom moving the table settings to a smaller table since several of their guests were falling by the wayside. Kim was delayed working at the Food Bank, and Emily said she would eat with her mother, so it was just the five of them. Margo, Tom, Casey, Daniel, and Alison sat down and said grace. Margo said special thanks for having their family around as Emily peeked through the window.

Paul and Meg went to Fairwinds, where Paul voiced his concern about Josie. Meg went to rest, and Paul called someone on his cell phone and asked to meet. When that person failed to return his call, Paul got furious, grabbed his coat, and left.

Dusty and Josie went back to the hotel, and Josie asked him to leave for a while so she could prepare their anti-Thanksgiving fare. Dusty went down to the lounge and took out a picture of Jennifer. He talked to her, saying that it was time for him to move on.

Back in the hotel room, Josie was setting out the food when Paul appeared at the door. He shouted at her for not answering his call, and she checked her phone and apologized for having it turned off. He reminded her that she worked for him and announced it was time to step up their plan. Josie balked, however, and said she could not do it any more.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the Snyder farm kitchen, Emma talked to her daughter, Iva, on the phone while Janet added more pepper to the giblets, much to Emma's distaste. The two cooks clashed over space and recipes, and Emma was fearful they would not both survive. Emma counseled Janet not to push Sage for acceptance, but to be patient with the girl.

Jack arrived at Carly's to pick up Sage for Thanksgiving dinner. The boys were picking apples for the food project with Liberty in the Snyder orchard and would join them later. Carly was feeling that Jack was still irritated with her, but she gave him a cornucopia filled with fruit for Emma's Thanksgiving table. Jack proposed that the two of them sit down after the holiday and work out their schedules. Carly suggested Jack not take Sage to Emma's, because she felt it was exposure to Janet too soon after the aborted custody hearing. Sage came in, and Carly spoke to her privately. The girl wished her mother could come with her, but Carly said she couldn't. Jack wished Carly a happy Thanksgiving and left with Sage.

Luke was splitting wood at the farm as Holden and young Ethan arrived. Lily had taken the girls to the hospital to see Lucinda, and both girls were excited that Brian was their new step-grandfather. Holden noticed that Luke was less than enthusiastic about the new member of their family and asked if Luke had a problem with Brian. Luke gave no answer. Holden reminded Luke to ease up on Brian, and then left to run an errand. After his father left, Luke dipped into the cooler and got a beer. Meg arrived and said Paul would be along shortly.

Josie told Paul that she could no longer play her role with Dusty, and Paul threatened her. She asked why Paul was so set on hurting Dusty, and he said her job was to keep Dusty away from Meg. He was furious that he had seen Dusty with his hand on Meg's abdomen, feeling the baby kick. Josie claimed she had done everything Paul had asked of her, including taking Dusty out of town to Tampa. Paul asked why they had come back so soon, and Josie said Dusty realized she was not the reincarnation of his beloved Jennifer. Paul reminded her that he was paying her not to be Jennifer but to convince Dusty she had a connection to his dead wife. Josie blurted out that she was falling in love with Dusty, and Paul had a good laugh. He asked if Dusty reciprocated her feelings, and when Josie could not answer, he ordered her to get back to work. Paul offered to tell Dusty about the setup, but Josie stopped him. Paul then wrote out exactly what Josie's next move was to be.

At Java, Dusty picked up some moon pies from Noah and said he was having dinner with a friend. As Dusty left, Holden came in and asked Noah to join the Snyders for Thanksgiving. He said Luke was in a pretty bad place, and asked the boy to think about coming to the farm.

Jack and Sage came to the farm, and Janet complimented Sage on her dress. Sage was sullen and unfriendly, not only with Janet, but she refused to participate in the festivities. Jack handed over a sack filled with beers to Luke to put in the outside cooler, but Luke first poured a beer into his coffee mug. Meg came out and questioned her nephew about Noah's whereabouts, but Luke was mum. Lucinda and Brian, and Lily and her girls arrived, bearing flowers for their hostess. Luke kissed his grandmother and gave an insincere greeting to Brian before he walked outside again. Emma took a call from her son, Seth, wishing her a happy holiday. Luke refilled his mug with beer outside and looked up to find Noah standing there.

Dusty knocked on Josie's door, and she welcomed him to their countercultural anti-Thanksgiving party. He gave her the moon pies, which they preferred over a more traditional pumpkin one. They spread the food on the floor and enjoyed their spread. Josie reached into the cooler for another beer for Dusty, but she jerked her hand out with a pained expression on her face. She complained that her hand was burning up, and then she startled Dusty by telling him that Johnny was cold. She repeated that his boy was shivering and scared. She could not explain where the feelings were coming from, however. Dusty got a cell phone call from his private investigator giving him a lead on Lucy and Johnny in a small village in Norway. Josie mentioned her premonition that Johnny was cold, and Dusty began kissing her.

Noah told Luke that Holden had invited him for dinner, and Luke continued to take swigs of beer from his mug. Faith came outside and was delighted to find Noah, and she dragged him inside. Emma asked Brian to open a jar of preserves that no one had the strength to open, and Brian successfully opened it. Luke entered and told Brian loudly that he must feel like a real man. Lucinda chastised Luke and asked him to be nicer to her new husband. Sage was acting strangely and refused to participate with the other girls in their games. Lily commented that the girl only wanted to be with her mother on the holiday, and Janet grabbed her coat and called out that she would be back shortly. Holden talked to his daughter, Abigail, on the phone, while Meg went to fetch the elderberry wine from the outside cooler. Paul suddenly appeared beside her, carrying a single red rose to symbolize his love.

Carly was very surprised to find Janet on her doorstep, and Janet invited her to join the family at the farm for Sage's sake. Carly told Janet what she was most thankful for was not having to be around her for the holiday. She then ordered Janet to get the hell off her porch.

Emma reminded Holden to bring in the traditional Hubbard squash and then took a call from her daughter, Ellie, in New York City. Everyone was stunned to see Janet walk in with Carly in tow. Jack told Janet that his boys and Liberty were still involved in the food drive and would then go to Tom and Margo's for dinner. Holden began cutting the gigantic squash, and each man had a go at it. Luke taunted Brian by telling him it took a real man to cut the squash. Everyone sat at Emma's table and their hostess spoke of the trials the family had endured during the year. She cried tears of joy when Meg announced that she and Paul were having a baby girl who would be named Eliza. Jack had an announcement, as well, and let Janet tell everyone their wedding date would be New Year's Eve. Everyone joined hands as Emma said grace, and Jack proposed a toast to his aunt for her hospitality.

After dinner, as they were clearing the table, Lily mentioned to Carly that she had noticed Carly's face when Janet mentioned the date of the wedding. Carly reminded Lily that New Year's Eve was when Jack had delivered Parker, and she supposed it would no longer be their special day.

Sage went to Janet, who was sitting with Jack outside on the porch, and thanked her for inviting Carly to dinner. She also apologized again for her recent behavior. Carly, looking sad, watched through the window. Jack and Janet dropped Carly and Sage off at home when the party broke up.

Luke thanked Noah for coming, but added a sarcastic statement. Noah wanted to know why Luke continued to slam Brian, but Luke said Noah didn't really want to know. Brian came outside to say goodbye, so Noah left. Brian mentioned he could smell booze on Luke's breath and was surprised Noah had not noticed. Luke said Brian had better not tell on him because Brian had a lot more to lose than Luke did.

Back home at Fairwinds, Meg and Paul cuddled on the couch until Meg went upstairs to draw a bubble bath. She invited Paul to join her, and he agreed. He delayed to take a call in which Paul asked if Dusty had taken the bait.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brad and Katie went to the Oakdale Police Station to support Henry, and Dani Andropoulos informed them that Henry already had a visitor, one who was sitting on his lap. They went into the interview room and found Vienna complaining loudly about prison conditions. She also blamed Katie and Brad for not working harder on getting Henry out of jail. They responded that they were working on finding Spencer, but Katie's mysterious cyber correspondent had warned them off. Dani told them they were too loud, so Vienna volunteered to have the Snyders leave. As they walked out, Vienna demanded that they "bring back the dead girl." They went to Java and discussed ignoring the warning in order to rescue Henry, and Katie hesitantly agreed to accompany her husband to Chicago to seek out Spencer.

Dusty contacted the Worldwide jet pilot and requested a flight to Oslo, Norway, but Emily interrupted him. He told her he had a new lead on Johnny, and Emily quickly offered to go with him, but Dusty said he needed her in Oakdale. She continued to encourage him to take someone along for moral support, and Dusty said he would ask Josie to accompany him. That disturbed Emily, and she reminded him how little he really knew about Josie. She also made fun of Josie's visions and "connections" and accused her of being able to control Dusty without even taking him to bed. When she saw Dusty's expression after she said that, she realized he had, indeed, slept with the girl. Dusty would not answer when Emily asked if he was in love with Josie.

Paul and Josie met in an alley outside Yo's, and she asked for the money he had promised her. Paul said she needed to finish the job first, and Josie commented that what Paul was doing to Dusty was cruel. Paul told her he wanted her to go with Dusty to Norway, and furthermore, it would be best if he never came back. Josie protested strongly, but Paul dangled money in front of her, finally offering to pay her half right away, and the rest when Dusty was more locked into her visions. Josie took the cash and walked away, and Dusty found her almost immediately. He asked her to come with him to Europe because he trusted her intuition. She almost refused, but Dusty was persuasive. He told her he did not want to go anywhere without her, and they hugged. They went back to the hotel, and Dusty said he wanted to be with her, and he especially wanted her with him when they found Johnny. Josie was surprised that Dusty was considering coming back to Oakdale with his son, but Dusty explained that the boy had other family members in town who would want to see him. The two made love, and afterwards Josie asked how soon they were leaving. Dusty said he had some calls to make, and Josie promised to meet him at the airport. They kissed again, and Dusty left.

Emily summoned Paul to her office and told him Dusty was on his way to Norway to look for Johnny. She also said Josie was going with him, and suggested Paul expose the girl at once if he had the proof she was a fraud. Paul told Emily he was sorry she was getting burned in the process of exposing Josie. Paul's phone rang, and it was Josie asking him to meet her in the alley once more.

Brad and Katie drove to Chicago and puzzled about how to begin looking for Spencer. They had a photo of her, so they walked the streets in the area where Brad had seen her previously and finally found a young man who recognized the picture and pointed out the building in which Spencer lived. They stood outside the building to make a plan, when suddenly Brad saw a woman approaching who both he and Katie were positive was their target. The couple followed the woman into the building and to apartment six. Brad tried the door, but it was locked, so he knocked twice loudly. Finally he kicked in the door, but no one was there. They began searching the apartment, and Katie identified another of Spencer's scarves that she remembered from a taping at WOAK. Brad immediately called the Oakdale police and got Dani. He said he had proof that Spencer was still alive, even though Dani told him that was impossible. Dani took the address, however, and agreed to come immediately.

In the interview room at the police station, Vienna complained that it had been 79 hours since she and Henry had last made love, and she asked Henry if his being handcuffed to the chair reminded him of one of their love games, "The Cop and the Cat Burglar." Henry was willing, so Vienna closed the blinds and they began their role-playing. Dani walked in and told them she was on her way to Chicago, so Vienna begged her to leave Henry in the interview room and not return him to his lonely cell. Dani said she was too soft-hearted, but she agreed.

Emily was drinking at Yo's, but she gave it up and walked out. She spotted Josie and Paul in the nearby alley, so she crept closer to hear their conversation. She saw Josie attempt to return a wad of cash to Paul, and overheard Paul telling the girl to finish the job he had brought her in to do. Emily continued to listen and heard Paul offer to share a cab to the airport with Josie, just as Josie's phone rang. It was Dusty, but Josie denied that. She did not listen to his message, which he sent from the Worldwide jet telling her he assumed she had changed her mind about going with him. When Josie did not answer, Dusty told the pilot to take off, and then he received a call. He was hopeful that the call was from Josie, but instead it was his private investigator informing him the lead about Johnny was bogus. The source had recently received a big infusion of cash from the United States, so Dusty spoke to his pilot again and disembarked the plane. He sent the airplane on to Norway, however.

Dani arrived at the apartment in Chicago, and Brad and Katie showed her the scarf. Dani was unwilling to accept their method of entry or their evidence, and she ordered them to go back home while she stayed to investigate further. Katie implored Dani to keep the evidence confidential because she feared her instant messenger would retaliate. Dani said she would not blow her career for them, so Katie and Brad left. Dani immediately called Spencer "a little fool," and phoned someone whom she told that Brad and Katie had seen Spencer and found her apartment. She explained Spencer had blown her cover and had to die.

Paul checked with the airport and learned that the Worldwide jet had taken off for Oslo, while Josie checked her messages and heard Dusty's last communication. Paul was concerned that Dusty would not keep on his quest without Josie's influence. He tried to give Josie the money again, but she turned him down and told him to use the money to buy flowers for Jennifer's grave. Josie ran off, and Emily came dashing around the corner screaming, "Liar!" at Paul. She told him she had seen and heard everything, and she had always thought Paul was behind the whole Josie episode. Paul warned her to keep quiet about what she knew, and Emily considered it a valid threat. Paul went to Fairwinds after buying a huge Christmas tree for Meg, and was disappointed that she was not home. He mused that he was looking forward to a "fabulous holiday this year."

Dusty went back to the Lakeview, and Emily was stunned to see him get into the elevator. She questioned why he wasn't on the jet headed to Norway, so she followed him to his room. She barged in and found Dusty sitting on the bed looking through one of Josie's sketchpads. Dusty began ranting that Josie was a fake and that he had to find her.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, As the World Turns did not air today.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of you for continuing to check out the the site on a regular basis. You've helped to make this site the most successful soap opera web site on the 'net.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, As The World Turns did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumes on Monday, December 1st where Wednesday, November 26th's episode concluded.

If you're in the mood for a little Thanksgiving leftovers, this is a good time to check out some of our archived content. We have daily recaps dating all the way back to 1996. Take a trip down memory lane or, if you're a newer viewers, find out what you've missed out on! Click here for more information about our Daily Recaps Archive.


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