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Monday, November 24, 2008

John had the man who broke into Marlena's apartment at gunpoint while the man used Marlena as a shield. Marlena begged him not to shoot, and then she elbowed the shooter and stopped John from shooting him. The shooter ran out the door. John was angry at Marlena for allowing the shooter to escape. She explained that the man in her apartment was after Sami and, thanks for John, he had more incentive to go after her.

Daniel tried to warn Kate not to overdo it after the chemotherapy shrunk her tumor. He advised her to rest, but Kate was planning to leave the country immediately and said she would rest when she got back. She told Daniel to back off, but instead, he kissed her. Kate said she wasn't going to waste what was left of her life worrying - she wanted to embrace life, beginning with being with Daniel.

At the Brady Pub, Maggie told Hope, Chelsea, and Bo that Nick's parents were distraught over the news that Nick killed Trent. Bo and Hope told Chelsea that Nick's chances of getting a light sentence weren't good. Bo advised Chelsea against going to see Nick in jail. Hope said that Nick needed psychiatric help, but Chelsea didn't believe Nick was crazy. Bo said that Nick was obsessed with Chelsea once before.

Chelsea felt guilty for breaking Nick's heart, and Bo suggested Chelsea help rejoice in Kate's recovery at the celebration Kate's family had planned for her.

John and Marlena informed Bo and Hope about the shooter's attempt to get to Sami by trying to attack her mother, Marlena. Bo theorized that it was possible that the assailant who attacked Marlena wasn't the same as the man who shot the mayor. Bo told Marlena not to move anything, because forensics would be there soon to check for evidence. He told John that the police didn't need his help in finding the mayor's shooter.

Marlena told John he couldn't be around her grandkids unless his behavior changed, and she said one of the babies could have wandered in the room when John's gun went off. John felt Marlena was ungrateful for him going out of his way to help her. Marlena said he needed to help, but John was insistent. Marlena was adamant - either get some help or he was out of her life for good.

Hope told Bo that he needed to take better care of himself. She suggested they go eat a healthy lunch.

At the resort, Nicole started experiencing abdominal pains, and she tried to reach the front desk for help, but no one answered. She tried to find her cell phone so she could call Chloe, because she didn't remember the number, but she found Brady's number, so she ended up calling him instead.

Brady ran into Chloe and Lucas at the pub, and Lucas was all too eager to tell him that he bought a house for her and Lucas' daughter, Allie. Chloe was telling Brady about Kate's cancer diagnosis and how she and Lucas were expecting to celebrate Kate's recovery when Brady got a call from Nicole. Nicole told him that E.J. was out of town on business and something was wrong with the baby.

After Brady left to help Nicole, Chloe accused Lucas of being jealous, but she reassured him that he had no reason to be jealous. Lucas, Chelsea, and Chloe welcomed Kate home from the hospital. Kate wished that Allie were there so she could hug her, but Lucas had left her at home, because she had a cold and it could jeopardize Kate's recovery. Lucas spoke to Kate privately about taking it easy after her chemotherapy.

Daniel told Chelsea he was sorry to hear about what happened to Nick, and Chelsea thought it was ironic that she broke Nick's heart to be with Daniel and then Daniel did the same thing to her. Daniel said he thought they were past that, but she said evidently not.

Later, outside the pub, Chloe reassured Daniel that Chelsea was just being a drama queen. Chloe should know, she said, since she was one herself. Daniel said he thought she was just a drama queen on stage, but Chloe said he obviously didn't know her that well-but they would get to know each other, since they were practically family.

Kate asked Chelsea if she was able to see Nick after he was arrested, and Chelsea told her that Bo didn't think it was the right time to visit him. Chelsea apologized for treating Kate badly, because she respected Kate and thought she was a really great person. Kate said she felt the same way about Chelsea, and she didn't want Chelsea to continue being angry and blaming people, because life was too short.

At the resort, Brady suggested that he take Nicole to the hospital, but she wanted to sit there and calm down. Brady refused to wait - he wanted to get her medical attention immediately. He tried to get her to leave, and then he noticed she was bleeding. She was frantic, so he picked her up and carried her out to the car.

A nurse examined Nicole at the hospital, and checked her baby's heartbeat. Brady wanted to call E.J. and tell him about the baby, but Nicole didn't want to worry him until E.J.'s plane landed, because she was hoping everything would be fine with the baby. Then she started having abdominal pains again, and the heart monitor started beeping. The nurse ran to get the doctor.

The doctor diagnosed Nicole with having preterm labor. He said that Nicole's blood pressure was elevated and the bleeding was caused by a deteriorating placenta. He gave her magnesium sulfate to lower her blood pressure and stop the contractions. She wondered what would happen if the medication didn't work and she gave birth to the baby.

The doctor said the baby wasn't developed enough to survive on its own at that time. Nicole wondered what would happen if the doctor had to choose between her and her baby, but he said it wouldn't come down to that. The doctor left the room, and Nicole started panicking, but Brady was able to calm her down.

Nicole told him how Chloe was planning to throw her a baby shower, and he showed Brady the locket she planned to put the baby's first picture in. While she was talking, she got woozy and passed out. The doctor and nurse rushed in to tend to her.

On the plane, E.J. wondered whether Stefano hired him to help his company get away with illegal dealings. Stefano admitted that he wanted E.J. to help him skirt the law. E.J. told Stefano that Nicole loved him unconditionally, as long as he was loyal to her and he was a good father. Stefano said that was the reason why he asked E.J. to join his business - to take care of assets that his kids would one day inherit. E.J. said as long as he wasn't expected to do anything illegal, he could continue to protect the legal interests of the business.

Stefano admitted he was disappointed that E.J.'s relationship with Sami didn't work out, and he wondered if Nicole could make E.J. happy. E.J. told Stefano that Sami was his past and Nicole was his future. Stefano offered E.J. alcohol, but he said he wasn't drinking as long as Nicole was pregnant. Stefano resisted the temptation to ask him again whether he cared about Nicole. Instead, he thanked E.J. for a new beginning.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At the police station, Chelsea visited a bleary-eyed and handcuffed Nick. Chelsea tried to be supportive and tell Nick that he was not himself, but Nick countered that he must be a horrible person since he had killed two people. When Nick argued that he could not be loved, Chelsea countered that she had loved him. Staring blankly into Chelsea's eyes, Nick responded that women only liked him until they got to know him. Chelsea suggested that Nick cared too much, but Nick answered, "I do wrong things." Nick then shared his fear that Melanie would never want to talk to him, and he admitted that he was not afraid of prison since he deserved to go there. As Chelsea continued to argue that the situation was not all Nick's fault, Nick defended Melanie and worried about her well-being.

Maggie stopped by to visit Nick, and she could barely hold back her tears. Nick begged her to look after Melanie and give her a place to stay. After Maggie left, Chelsea returned to tell Nick that she was not allowed to get him aspirin for his headache. Still feeling guilty, Nick declared that the headache was just another symptom of the pain he felt for hurting Melanie. Finally showing some emotion, a tearful Nick turned to Chelsea and told her that he saw in Melanie's face what he was that night-that he was an animal. When Chelsea promised to visit again, Nick advised her to take care of Kate, because she was not a lost cause. Chelsea tried to protest against Nick's request for her not to come back, but he silenced her by announcing that he couldn't stand to tell her goodbye because they had taken away his belt from him.

At the hotel, Melanie received a call from the front desk informing her that she had an hour to vacate the premises. Desperate, Melanie opened her computer and perused help wanted ads online. When Melanie found a listing for a position at Titan, she set off for an interview.

At Marlena's apartment, she offered John the choice between going to psychiatric therapy or losing her from his life. Marlena explained that she feared she was enabling John's behavior and that he needed to see a disinterested third party. John resisted vehemently, but Marlena continued to push the idea and stress that the doctor she had in mind specialized in abnormal brain patterns. "Either way it's over now," Marlena said. Before John could respond, there was a knock at the door. John opened it to find a very nervous Maggie, begging Marlena for advice. "I'll just go into the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee, and clean my gun. Take all the time you need," John quipped as he headed to the kitchen.

Maggie informed Marlena about Nick's request to allow Melanie to stay with her. Though Maggie admitted she did not want to blame the victim, she said she just did not like Melanie. Smiling at Maggie, Marlena counseled her to agree to Nick's request, but to tell Melanie that it was only on a temporary basis until she could find her own place. Thrilled to have an answer, Maggie rushed out to find Melanie.

Marlena called John back in and, after a couple minutes of giving her a hard time, John agreed to submit to therapy. John's only conditions were that he would not do the session in a hospital and that he would only agree to the first visit. Marlena cautioned John against using the session as a stall tactic and warned him that if he quit after the first session, she would cut him out of her life.

At the Brady Pub, Philip read the newspaper article about his rescue of Melanie and lamented that he was a "hero who did everything wrong until the last possible moment." Melanie walked in to meet the Titan representative for an interview and was surprised to learn that person was Philip. Indulging Melanie's request for an interview, Philip looked over her resume and made a couple of jokes before announcing that he could not hire her because they did not get along.

Maggie marched into the pub and offered Melanie a place to stay. Melanie thanked Maggie and then Maggie cautioned that she could only stay on the condition that the arrangement would be temporary until she could find her own place. Annoyed by Maggie's tone, Melanie suggested that Maggie was blaming the victim. Arching her eyebrow, Maggie told her that she just created a second condition and that was to stay away from Nick. Melanie agreed and Maggie gave her the house keys.

As Maggie left the pub, she passed Chelsea, who was on her way in. Melanie and Chelsea argued about Nick, with Melanie taunting Chelsea about how she had made Nick crazy first. When Chelsea joked about Melanie's lack of compassion, an angry Melanie lashed out. "If you don't shut up I'm gonna make you!" Melanie shrieked as she grabbed Chelsea and threw her across a table.

On the plane, E.J. excitedly prepared for it to land. E.J. explained to the stewardess that his business trip had been cancelled and that he was going to see his family. After deboarding and heading home to the mansion, E.J. attempted to call Nicole when he learned she had not returned from the lodge. After calling the lodge and learning that Nicole had left a couple hours earlier with a young man, a confused and worried E.J. called Nicole's cell phone again.

At the clinic, Nicole showed Brady the locket she had bought for the baby's first picture. Right in the middle of explaining how excited she was to become a mom, Nicole passed out. The doctor and nurse rushed in and ordered Brady to leave the room while they stabilized Nicole. Nicole's blood pressure skyrocketed and the doctor hurriedly injected more medication in order to stop the contractions. As Nicole's blood pressure lowered, she became alert again and the doctor warned her to relax. Nicole was suspicious of more bad news and, as she attempted to question the doctor further, she had another contraction and cried out for E.J.

Out in the hallway, Brady tried to get E.J.'s phone number, since he could not find Nicole's phone. The doctor entered the hallway and informed Brady that Nicole was finally stable, but that the baby did not make it. The doctor then went on to explain that Nicole had been delirious and did not yet know about the fate of her baby. The doctor suggested that Nicole might prefer to hear the news from a friend rather than a stranger, and Brady agreed to break the news to her.

In the hospital room, a feverish Nicole dreamed of giving birth to a healthy baby girl. When Nicole woke up, she found Brady at her side. Groggy, Nicole asked Brady whether she had been dreaming and whether she had given birth. Noting Brady's silence, Nicole broke down in tears. "The baby didn't make it," Brady said. When Brady informed her that it was a girl, Nicole quietly responded, "I felt that." The nurse entered the room to check Nicole's vital signs, and then attempted to cheer up Nicole by informing her that there were no complications, so she could still have more children. Once the nurse had left, Nicole said, "Miracles don't happen twice." As Brady held Nicole and comforted her, she heard her cell phone ringing. Nicole pulled her phone from her purse and noted that it was E.J. calling.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rafe brought Hilda into the safe house to watch Sami while he went to spy on E.J. After Rafe left, Hilda took some cold medicine and fell fast asleep. Sami managed to escape the loft and check out the nearby convent. Once there, she knelt at the altar and became emotional. Sister Theresa approached Sami and asked her name; Sami lied and told Theresa her name was Colleen. After a friendly greeting, Sami was intrigued to hear about the convent's past as an orphanage. Sister Theresa invited her to come back soon, and Sami agreed.

E.J. arrived at the DiMera mansion and learned about the attack on Marlena's life; he left to find Johnny. Unbeknownst to E.J., Rafe tracked him down and saw him talking to Hope in the park. While a disguised Rafe listened in, Hope asked E.J. point-blank if Stefano had anything to do with the mayor's killing. E.J. denied any knowledge, and Hope warned that the killer would try to come after people close to Sami. After E.J. left, Rafe heard Julie tell Hope that E.J. was an extremely loyal father who would do anything for his kids. Rafe came to realize why Sami needed to keep her baby away from the DiMeras.

Nicole had lost her baby and was devastated. E.J. called and she realized she had to talk to him face-to-face. Later, Brady took Nicole home. When E.J. arrived back at the mansion, Mary told him that Nicole was upstairs. E.J. and Johnny went to see Nicole and he asked if something was wrong. She says there was.

Chelsea and Melanie had a full-out brawl in the Brady pub. Melanie laid into Chelsea, and Philip finally broke it up. Chelsea ran to Max, who promised he'd always be there for her. Also, Stephanie showed up and got on Philip for not breaking up the fight sooner. Melanie, strapped for cash, met an older gentleman and stole his wallet. The man caught her and threw her against a wall.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air today.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

A man in an alleyway wrestled his wallet back from Melanie after she picked his pocket. The man threatened to teach her a lesson, but before he could act on his warning, Philip intervened and pulled the man off of Melanie. Philip ordered the man to leave and, after exchanging some heated words with Philip, he ran off. Just as Melanie began to thank Philip for his help, he jumped in and began to lecture her on the choices she was making with her life. Melanie demanded to be heard and again pleaded her case, noting that Nick killed Trent and that she did not. Philip suggested that the attitudes of people would change toward her if she would stop conning and stealing from people. Melanie turned the argument around on Philip and explained that Philip's problem was not with her but with himself. Amused, Philip urged her to explain her theory. Melanie happily obliged, saying that Philip was selfish and had no character because he had never suffered in his life. Melanie concluded that Philip need to grow up in the real world, then stormed off down the alleyway.

At Maggie's house, Melanie ran into Maggie in the kitchen. Melanie timidly asked if Maggie's offer for shelter was genuine, and Maggie explained that what she wanted and what she did for family were two different things. Managing a tired smile, Maggie assured Melanie that she meant what she said. When Melanie then began to complain about her day, Maggie held up her hand and said that Melanie could stay but that Maggie did not want to hear about any of her problems.

Melanie was counting up all the money she had left to her name when Maggie returned from the grocery store. As Melanie started to help Maggie unpack, Maggie remembered that she had a note for Melanie. Melanie opened the paper to find a message stating that Philip had called to offer her the job at Titan.

At the Brady pub, Daniel brought Kate by just as Lucas and Chloe were leaving with bags of food for Kate's surprise party. Kate was pleased to learn about the party and the foursome headed off to Victor's house.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady reunited with Victor. Victor said how proud he was of Brady's recovery, then his face grew solemn as he warned Brady that Lucas was dating Chloe. Brady assured Victor that he not only knew about the relationship, but that he had talked to Chloe and worked out their problems. When Brady then began to talk about how he had also settled things with Nicole, Victor lost his temper and yelled that Brady needed to steer clear of both Chloe and Nicole. Brady urged Victor to make up with Nicole, but, still bitter over Nicole's marriage to Trent, Victor said there was no need to make amends, since he was not a drug addict.

Chelsea arrived at the party and greeted Brady just as he was excusing himself to answer the front door. Looking glum, Chelsea told Victor that she stopped blaming herself for driving Nick crazy and now only blamed Melanie for driving Nick over the edge. Kate walked in behind Chelsea and the two awkwardly made small talk about Nick.

In the corner, Chloe tried to talk to Victor, but her rebuffed her and ordered her to leave the party. Annoyed by Victor's blunt manner, Chloe bristled at Victor's argument that Chloe was only at the party because Lucas and Kate wanted Chloe there. Nearby, Daniel watched Victor and Chloe talking, and then rushed over to Victor when Chloe marched off to the bar. Daniel sternly told Victor about Chloe, "If you knew how much she had helped [Kate], you would cut her some slack."

Kate noticed that Brady seemed preoccupied and asked him if he was thinking about the changes in John. Brady admitted that he was, but, listening to Brady's response, Kate seemed to realize that John was not the one on Brady's mind. Kate pushed Brady to talk about what was bothering him, but Brady changed the subject.

Philip arrived at the party and noted that Daniel was not there. Kate worriedly looked around until Victor explained that Daniel had a call from a patient and that he would be back shortly. Kate's face fell when she heard Victor's explanation, but she quickly recovered her smile when Victor complimented her on how good she was looking. Philip talked optimistically about Kate's chances, but Kate seemed more reserved. Philip apologized to Kate for second-guessing Daniel and offered to keep out of her relationship with Daniel if it made her happy.

Lucas took Chloe aside at the party and asked her to relax. When Chloe still seemed jittery and defensive, Lucas told her that he loved her and made her repeat the phrase, "I love you and it is the only thing that counts."

At the hospital, Daniel hurriedly rushed over to the nurses' station and read over the lab results. After confirming that the test results were accurate, a visibly shaken Daniel headed back to Victor's mansion. Once back at the party, a misty-eyed Daniel stared at Kate across the room. Kate caught sight of Daniel's pained expression and she immediately looked stricken herself. Philip attempted to offer a watch to Daniel as a gift, but, clearly upset, Daniel refused the gift, stating that he was not allowed to accept gifts since he was Kate's doctor. As Daniel walked away, Kate watched him leave with tears brimming in her eyes.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. crept into Nicole's bedroom with Johnny in his arms, trying to check on her. When E.J. asked Nicole if she was all right, a tearful Nicole cried out, "No, E.J. I'm not." E.J. stepped out for a few moments to sing a lullaby to Johnny in the next room, while Nicole listened and wept into her pillow. While Nicole cried, Brady called her to check on how she was doing. Hearing E.J. approaching the door, Nicole hung up the phone just as E.J. entered the room.

E.J. asked Nicole about the phone call, but Nicole said that the call did not matter. Nicole delayed talking about the baby, but when E.J. told her that he knew she left the lodge with a man, Nicole had no choice but to talk about what had happened. Nicole explained, "It is more important why I wasn't alone than who I was with."

Worried, E.J. asked if the baby was okay. Nicole started to talk slowly about what had happened, first explaining that she had understood why E.J. had to cancel the weekend at the lodge, and that when she started to leave the lodge, she was not angry. Nicole paused, then explained that she went out to the parking lot to drive home when she experienced a painful twinge in her stomach. Not looking E.J. in the eye, Nicole continued that she met a man in the parking lot who took her to a nearby clinic.

"Is our baby all right?" E.J. asked softly. "No," Nicole responded sadly. Nicole explained that she was treated for a small hemorrhage. Relieved, E.J. reached out to Nicole who pulled away yelling, "Please don't touch me!" Taken aback by Nicole's response, E.J. jumped away from her. Nicole looked E.J. in the eye and told him that she could not be touched or moved and that she needed to stay in bed. "I have to be careful for the next few hours," Nicole said. "The baby is fine," Nicole lied. Breathing a sigh of relief, E.J. promised to give Nicole the space she needed, then left the room quietly.

Alone in her bedroom, a resolute Nicole wiped away her tears and said, "Someday, somehow I will make this come true. I will give E.J. a baby." Downstairs, E.J. called the clinic and asked to speak to the doctor that treated Nicole. "I'm the child's father so I would like to know everything," E.J. barked into the phone.

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