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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 17, 2008 on GL
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Standing in their kitchen, Marina told Mallet that Dinah's gift had come from Mount Arrow Casino. "And where do you want to take me? Mount Arrow Casino," she sarcastically quipped. Mallet swore that he had always wanted to take Marina there, but he also wanted to ask Dinah questions about the kidnapping. When Marina didn't believe him, he wondered if he had to marry her to prove that Dinah was a nonissue. They looked at each other in astonishment.

Down at the courthouse, Marina told Mallet that getting married was crazy. Mallet said they were an impulsive couple who had moved in together on a whim, and they could get married on a whim. Marina was wary about getting married without her family, and she said he didn't have to marry her to prove anything about Dinah. Smiling, Mallet felt that it wasn't enough just to be Marina's roommate. He gave her several reasons why he wanted to marry her, and then he asked her why she would want to marry him. Marina replied that she wanted to marry her very own, personal hero, and she confidently added that she was in love with him. Mallet gave her a final chance to back out, but she said she was sure. Unfortunately for them, they found a note on a judge's door saying that he was out for the day.

At Company, Mallet was frustrated that they couldn't find a judge to marry them. Upon noting that the casino had a twenty-four hour chapel, the couple decided to get married there. An anxiety-filled Marina thought of several things they needed to do for the wedding before they got set off on the trip. Mallet assured her that they could do most of the things at the casino. Marina nervously replied that she was ready to take off.

Remy sought Christina out at the gym. She thought he wanted to hire her as a personal trainer, but Remy wanted to talk about the MCAT. He felt bad for scoring higher than she had, and he encouraged her not to give up. Christina arrogantly retorted that she had to work hard for everything in her life, unlike some other people. Mel entered the gym as Christina called Remy a privileged, "Golden Child," who was untouched by life's troubles. Remy retorted that he'd scored better on the MCAT than she had because he knew how to handle the pressure.

After Remy stormed out, Mel stated that Remy spoke very highly of Christina. She reassured Christina that many doctors had taken the MCAT more than once. Christina said she'd signed up to take the test again. Mel let Christina know that Remy had experienced many hardships in the previous couple years, including losing Tammy, Ava, and his son. She advised Christina to investigate before she accused Remy of being "untouched" by life.

Outside Company, Remy met up with the guy he'd told Christina that he didn't know the other day. Still fuming from his encounter with Christina, Remy seemed in no mood to conduct whatever business he had with the stranger, so the stranger said he would meet up with Remy at another time. Sometime later, Christina approached Remy to apologize for her behavior earlier. She thought that perhaps she needed a trainer to teach her how to handle pressure. Just then, Marina and Mallet exited Company. When they saw Remy, they talked him into driving to the casino with them to witness their wedding. Remy coaxed Christina into tagging along.

Later, in a wood-paneled room at the casino, the foursome swigged a lot of champagne as Remy and Christina prepared the couple for their wedding. In the bathroom, Marina told Christina that there were four champagne bottles and Marina thought she'd need them all. Mallet donned a suit and Marina wore a white, spaghetti strap dress. After Remy and Christina agreed to meet them at the chapel, Mallet and Marina took one more gulp of champagne, and nervously assured each other that they were going through with the wedding.

Sometime later, Mallet and Marina solemnly returned to their room. Marina apologized to him for being unable to marry him in a tacky chapel with blinking lights. Mallet replied that he understood she wanted a real wedding in a real church. Cupping his face in her hands, Marina said she didn't need a wedding, just Mallet. She didn't want him to marry her just to prove Dinah wasn't a part of their lives. She said she could live with it if Dinah continued to pop up.

Mallet reminded her of the time he'd said he loved her during the standoff with a gunman. Marina had assumed Mallet had said that to distract the gunman, and Mallet had never corrected her. He confessed that he really did love her. She replied that she loved him, too, and they kissed. Marina decided they should go home, saying they could get married at any time. When they did, they would do it for the right reasons. Mallet said he'd left Remy and Christina a note to enjoy the room.

Later, a drunken Remy and Christina stumbled into the room after winning at blackjack. Remy looked around, wondering if they had missed the wedding. Giggling, Christina spilled casino chips on the bed. Remy decided that they would go back and double their money. Grabbing a bottle of champagne, the two hurried back to the casino.

As Jeffrey bought flowers for Reva at the local store, Reva strained in pain at Cross Creek. Josh knocked on her door to return a necklace that she'd left at the Beacon, but Reva was too weak to answer. Josh let himself in and caught Reva as she stumbled. Reva crushed Josh's idea that bringing the necklace to her instead of mailing it might have been fate. He expressed concern for her, but Reva stubbornly minimized her episode. Josh insisted that he hadn't seen her pass out when she had been pregnant before, and he called Rick. Reva objected when Rick wanted to send an ambulance, so Josh decided to drive her to the hospital. Reva insisted that Jeffrey not learn about what had happened, because he would move her back into the Beacon.

As Reva got ready in the bedroom, Josh called Jeffrey and learned that he had just arrived back in town. Josh asked him to meet them at Cedars. At the hospital, Rick checked Reva out and determined that the baby's heartbeat was normal. Reva showed her sonogram to Josh and said she was having a boy. Jeffrey showed up, expressing concern for his wife. Reva chalked her spell up to low blood sugar. Jeffrey said that Josh had called him, and Reva replied that she liked it better when the men were fighting each other. As Jeffrey and Reva cooed over their newest sonogram, Josh silently backed out of the room.

Rick returned to the room and said that a combination of factors had contributed to Reva's episode: low blood count, hormones, and the cessation of the cancer medications. He would know more after other tests came in. Rick wanted to keep Reva overnight, but he knew she wouldn't stay. Rick left to prepare her release papers. Jeffrey followed him into the hall and pressured him about Reva's condition. When Rick said Reva needed to see her oncologist, Jeffrey looked worried. Jeffrey attempted to talk to Reva about what Rick had said, but Reva defensively told Jeffrey that as long as the baby was okay, nothing else mattered. Jeffrey watched her stride out of the hospital room. He glanced at the sonogram and sighed.

Outside Company later, Josh received a call from Marah, saying that Shayne had agreed to meet her in Paris. From there, they had intended to fly to Springfield together for the holiday; however, Shayne had sent her a text message telling her that he was not coming. After talking to Marah, Josh struggled with phone operators in Afghanistan until someone finally agreed to bring Shayne to the phone.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remy awakened in the casino hotel room with a gruesome hangover. He straggled into the bathroom to find Christina fully dressed and curled up in the bathtub. Baffled as to what had happened the night before, Christina was appalled that she'd been drunk. When they saw a bra hanging from the rafters, Christina claimed she would have remembered if they had slept together.

A hotel attendant arrived at their door with balloons and more champagne. He said the gifts came with the bridal package, which also included a wedding photo. Remy opened a folder to reveal a picture of Christina and him, striking animated poses with champagne in their hands. The attendant, who had witnessed their marriage, congratulated them. Remy denied that they'd gotten married, but the attendant said that they'd been a much happier couple the previous night. Remy told Christina that they had more than hangovers to worry about.

Remy and Christina traveled to the Springfield courthouse, where they argued about whose fault it was that they had woken up married. Christina blamed Remy for causing her to drink, but Remy retorted that plenty of people had drinks without winding up married. Mel happened along in time to hear the argument and laughed because she thought she'd just overheard that they were married. Christina and Remy argued over how to explain the situation to Mel. During the argument, they managed to ask Mel to work on an annulment. Upon leaving for work, Christina vowed not to hang out with Remy anymore, and she said she didn't want to hear from him unless it was about the annulment.

Mel joked that being married to Christina wasn't the worst thing for Remy and admitted that she liked Christina. When Mel said they could be made for each other, Remy exclaimed that he would find himself another sister if Mel didn't make the annulment happen immediately. He also threatened to kill her if she told their parents about the incident.

Remy sought Christina out at the gym to tell her that they needed to provide a legal reason for the annulment. Christina thought that Remy's sloppiness was reason enough. She said she'd seen what a garbage dump the hotel room had been that morning, and she didn't plan on cleaning up after him for the rest of her life. Remy chuckled, saying that Mel had thought they argued like a married couple. Christina caught herself smiling, and then she looked serious as she said she was going to the sauna to sweat out her hangover. Remy joked, "Sorry, honey. I hate it when we go to bed angry."

Grady sat on his stoop, flipping the key he'd given Daisy into the air. Cyrus caught it and sat down to tell Grady that Frank had surveillance footage of the van theft, which might implicate Grady. Grady felt that he had nothing to worry about because he had Alan to rely on. Cyrus asserted that Alan could turn on Grady as he'd done before. Grady took the key back, saying that he didn't care what Cyrus thought. Grady left for Daisy's house, where he left himself in. After glancing at Daisy's photo, he tucked the key beneath a book bag, and left.

As Frank and Alan left the police station together, Alan complained about the length of time it took to receive the surveillance footage from the crime lab. When Alan again dismissed the notion that Bill was the kidnapper, Frank became suspicious that Alan would be on Bill's side. Alan replied that he was on Lizzie's side.

Posing as Steve Logan, the forensic agent, Cyrus infiltrated the police station and stole the video evidence in the kidnapping case before Frank had been informed that it had arrived. Cyrus traveled to the Spaulding mansion and showed Alan the DVD, saying that they both knew what was on it. He loaded it into Alan's laptop, and they saw a man in a jacket, headed toward the kidnapping van. Cyrus theorized that Alan and Grady had bought a jacket similar to the one worn in the video and they had planted it in Bill's room in order to frame him. Grady appeared on the overlook and said that Cyrus was being too nosy.

Alan took the brothers to the patio, where Grady wondered whose side Cyrus was on. Cyrus claimed to be on Grady's side, which was why he'd taken the video. Alan suggested that Cyrus return it before the police discovered that it was missing. Cyrus worried that returning the DVD would set in motion their plan to frame an innocent man. Alan stated that even if Bill ever woke up, people like him didn't serve time for crimes. Cyrus complained that Grady had the most to lose because Grady had done most of the dirty work while Alan had kept his hands clean. Alan tapped the DVD with his finger and said the ball was in Cyrus' court.

After Cyrus left, Alan made it clear to Grady that their arrangement was a business deal that would terminate once Bill was properly framed. Grady quipped that Alan just used everyone and then tossed them aside. "No, not everyone," Alan retorted, "but you, I do." Alan appeared to have hit a nerve when he stated that Daisy was the only person who thought Grady was worth anything. Grady asked Alan what his family thought of him, and Alan was confident that his family loved him. "Sure they do, Mate. That's why you're working so hard to keep Lizzie in line," Grady seethed before hopping over the brick wall to make his exit.

Meanwhile, Cyrus reentered the police station to return the DVD. He then met Grady at their house to say that it was done. Cyrus warned Grady that he didn't want to regret saving Grady's butt. Grady claimed he would make a better life for himself and Daisy.

Vanessa and Billy visited Bill at the hospital, where Lizzie explained the ridiculous notion that Bill was the lead suspect in the kidnapping. Frank arrived and asked Vanessa and Billy to join him at Company for questioning about the kidnapping. When they sat down, Frank presented Bill's motive to kidnap Lizzie, but Billy and Vanessa wouldn't buy it. Frank wondered about Bill's demeanor after the kidnapping. When Frank seemed to be probing to substantiate Bill's guilt, Vanessa and Billy abruptly left the interview.

Back at the hospital, Lizzie advised Frank to stop wasting his time investigating Bill. She claimed that the kidnapper didn't even have the same build as Bill. Frank replied that Bill could have hired someone to do the grunt work. Lizzie proclaimed that anyone who doubted Bill didn't know Bill at all. Frank said he would call her when the footage came in from the lab.

After Frank left, Lizzie overheard Vanessa and Billy talking about the case. Vanessa seemed sold on Bill's innocence. Billy upset both Lizzie and Vanessa by entertaining the idea that Bill might have committed the crime. Billy recalled that Bill had used Lizzie's diary to screw her over in the past. Billy stated that Bill had been on the verge of getting everything he'd wanted, including Lizzie. He then conjectured that the fear of winning might have caused Bill to do something stupid to screw it up. Vanessa didn't think Billy made any sense, and Billy replied that Bill wouldn't be the first Lewis man to self-destruct.

Lizzie approached Bill's parents and pleaded with them to believe in Bill. Alan walked up to tell Lizzie that Frank was ready for her to view the kidnapping tape. Before leaving, Lizzie told Billy and Vanessa that if Alan could give Bill the benefit of the doubt, so could they.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At the police station, Alan and Lizzie viewed the van theft footage. Unfortunately, the video didn't show the abductor's face, but Lizzie identified the jacket worn by the perpetrator as the same jacket she'd seen in the rare moments that the kidnapper had removed her blindfold. Pondering the video, Lizzie became visibly shaken. She begged Frank to stop the investigation, saying that Bill couldn't have abducted her. Taking Lizzie aside, Alan said he admired her loyalty to Bill, but he implored her to admit if she had seen anything that incriminated Bill on the video. Lizzie insisted that the video didn't mean anything. Upon leaving, she warned Frank that he would wind up looking like a fool if he kept pursuing Bill.

After Lizzie left, Alan reasserted to Frank that accusing Bill was wrongheaded. He invited Frank to follow him back home to search the mansion all over again. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Lizzie went through Bill's drawers. Frustrated, she ceased her search and reassured herself of Bill's innocence. Upon leaving the room, she noted something beneath the bed. Lizzie pulled out a black winter jacket. She shook off her apprehension, telling herself that anyone could own a jacket like that one. Even so, Lizzie still hustled down the patio steps with the jacket and accelerants in hand. She hastily sprayed lighter fluid on the jacket, but before she could ignite it, Alan and Frank approached. Frank ordered her to stop.

As Frank wrenched the jacket from Lizzie, Alan immediately defended that Lizzie wasn't thinking clearly. Frank said he didn't want to hurt Lizzie, but he felt that the jacket provided enough evidence to convene a grand jury. Alan held Lizzie back as she tried to chase after Frank.

Reva knitted a blanket at Cross Creek in order to avoid visiting her oncologists for a cancer screening. She told Jeffrey that the sonogram had proved that the baby was fine, and that was enough for her. Jeffrey put away her knitting supplies and told her that the "not knowing" was worse than finding the answers. He coaxed her into admitting that she was scared, but she said she didn't fear knowing. She feared what would happen once she did know. Jeffrey said that having the baby had been their choice, but it was a choice that they'd made while Reva had been in remission. Reva felt that they'd had given up other options once they'd agreed to have the baby; however, she worried that Jeffrey might be changing his mind. Jeffrey wondered what the point to having a baby was if Reva wouldn't be there to help him raise it. He urged her to have the tests so that they could do everything possible to keep her healthy enough to raise their baby.

At the hospital, Reva told her new doctor that he wasn't in a position to tell her what to do. When Jeffrey said that Dr. Alcott would tell them what their options were, Reva asserted that a choice between the baby's life and her own life was ultimately hers alone to make. She bid the doctor permission to run all the tests he wanted, but she didn't need to see them. She'd made her choice: her baby's life came first.

Jeffrey watched from the hallway's viewing window as Reva underwent the tests. Afterward, the couple comforted each other. The doctor gave them a pager that would signal them when the tests results were ready. Reva asked the doctor if he had children. He said he did, but while working, he was a doctor, not a parent. He said that regardless of his patient's priorities, his priority was his patient's life. Jeffrey said that he felt the same way.

Buzz was surprised when Blake and Lillian barreled into Company with armloads of baby gifts for Reva. They drafted Matt and Buzz into helping them assemble the mountain of baby gadgets that they had picked up after checking Reva's wish list. Buzz was supposed to test the baby monitor, but he used it to lure Lillian to the back with him by sensually uttering into it that something was burning in the kitchen. Later, Blake saw a woman using a child locator device, and she said they needed one of those, too. When Buzz spotted Jeffrey and Reva outside, the four hurriedly relocated their goodies to Mallet and Marina's house.

Jeffrey and Reva sat at the bar at Company and shared a treat as they awaited the test results. Reva confessed that she'd moved out of the Beacon because Josh had been living next door. As they talked more, Reva told him that she would beat the cancer again. Jeffrey didn't think she should pick a fight until she knew there was a bully. Reva chuckled that no one would bully their baby. Jeffrey said Reva was very brave and that she lived for challenges. "That's right. I live. And so does our baby," Reva replied. Just then, the pager went off. The joy drained from both their faces as they realized that it was time to hear the cancer test results.

As Rafe and Ashlee prepared for their prison interview via webcast, Daisy spotted Grady at the mansion. He told her that he was there handing in his resignation to Dinah. Daisy said she was visiting Lizzie. Grady replied that Lizzie wasn't home. Daisy mentioned that she'd seen the key that he had left at her house. Grady thanked her for taking him back, and they kissed. As Grady and Daisy ate out by the lake, Daisy noted that Grady was turning his life around. He said that if it weren't for Daisy, he wouldn't even bother with himself.

Daisy popped open her laptop in time for Grady and her to watch Ashlee's live video blog with Rafe. During the interview, Rafe said he'd been in his new prison for two weeks, but he was serving a two-year term for accidentally shooting DA Jeffrey O'Neill. A repentant Rafe explained that he'd briefly fled town, but he'd returned to discover that his girlfriend had hooked up with a known killer. Rafe accepted that he'd been jailed for wounding someone, but was upset that guy had walked free after a homicide. Rafe angrily claimed that the guy had also set Rafe up with aggravated kidnapping charges by lying that Rafe had held his girlfriend at gunpoint. Rafe felt that he could have received a suspended sentence for the shooting; however, the kidnapping charges had earned him a stiffer penalty. Ashlee stated that Rafe must have hated Grady Foley for causing him to serve hard time in a harsh prison. Rafe said he just wanted to a second chance.

Daisy appeared affected by Rafe's interview. Grady said Ashlee had done it because Ashlee hated him. Daisy dismissed his argument, saying that he and Ashlee always clashed. Daisy was more concerned about Rafe. Grady murmured that Rafe was fine in his new prison. Grady told her that he had asked some people that he knew at Rafe's prison to look out for Rafe. Shocked, Daisy wondered why he hadn't told her about it sooner. Grady said he hadn't done it to score points. He knew how rough prison could be, and even though he didn't like Rafe, he had helped him because he thought it was what Daisy wanted. As they packed up their meal, Grady said he was going to call his contacts in the prison to check on Rafe. Daisy said that she'd save Grady the job ads from the newspaper since he'd quit his job.

After Grady left, Ashlee approached. A defensive Daisy said she knew Ashlee's intentions for the interview with Rafe. Ashlee wondered if it had helped Daisy to walk away from Grady or if Daisy needed to have another dead cousin on her hands first. Daisy said she wanted to help Rafe, but not at Grady's expense. She added that Ashlee didn't even know what Grady had done for Rafe. Ashlee sarcastically retorted that she knew what Grady had done to him. Daisy shook her head, vowing that one day everyone would see how great Grady was. Daisy and Ashlee parted ways, and Ashlee got into her car. When she looked in her rearview mirror, Grady terrified her by sitting up in her backseat.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daisy visited Rafe at his new prison to ask him if trashing Grady had been Ashlee and Rafe's plan to make Daisy turn on Grady. Rafe denied it, but he wondered how changed Grady could have been if Grady had hacked into Dinah's computer. He dismissed the idea that Grady could have had any legitimate business with Dinah. Flustered, Daisy proclaimed that the new Grady had taken it upon himself to enlist the help of people that he knew within the prison to keep Rafe safe. She believed that Rafe had been unharmed thus far because of Grady, and she suggested Rafe think about that before trashing him. Certain that Grady hadn't done anything purely for Rafe's benefit, Rafe insisted that Grady end whatever scheme he had going.

Meanwhile, Ashlee tried to remain calm as Grady sat in her backseat and casually stated that he really appreciated her video blog. Ashlee exited the car and said Grady was acting like a psychopath. She wasn't afraid of him, but she thought he should fear her, because she was Daisy's best friend. Grady warned Ashlee that her plotting would wind up turning Daisy against her. He said he might not have changed, but he was definitely smarter than before.

At Company, Ashlee sought advice from her mother about a "friend" who was dating a guy that Ashlee vehemently detested. Doris had other things on her mind, such as replacing Jeffrey, who she said was sucking up to the new president. Ashlee turned the subject back to convincing her friend that her boyfriend was bad for her. Doris said Ashlee couldn't convince her friend of anything. When Doris had married Alan, she'd thought she could change him. Doris said women sometimes just put blinders on when it came to love. Ashlee thought that meant she could remove her friend's blinders. Doris wished Daisy luck, and Ashlee denied that Daisy was the friend in question. Upon leaving, Doris replied, "Like I said, tell Daisy that I wish her luck, because she's gonna need it."

Grady gave Daisy a stuffed koala bear when they met up again. She said she'd visited Rafe, who wasn't interested in seeing the good in Grady. Grady didn't blame Rafe, since Rafe had been in love with Daisy first. Daisy replied that Grady had been her first love, not Rafe. As they spoke, Ashlee crept up beside a tree to listen in. Daisy repeated that everyone would eventually come around about Grady. Daisy offered to take him to visit Bill in the hospital with her, saying that it would help improve his relations with her family, but Grady didn't think that was a good way to score points with them. He walked her to her car.

Sometime later, Ashlee saw Grady struggling to carry a pumpkin. She hid near a wall, rubbing mud on her face. Ripping her coat sleeve, she snickered, "Let's see how you get out of this one." A seedy character came up from behind and replied, "Get out of what?" He then began wrestling Ashlee for her purse. Grady turned around and was appalled when he saw that a stranger was attacking Ashlee.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Alcott told Reva and Jeffrey that the test results indicated that Reva could possibly have Leukemia, which was unrelated to the former breast cancer. Testing her bone marrow would determine the validity of the tests. Alcott felt it could have been worse, because if the tests had indicated that Reva needed a biopsy, then her pregnancy would have forced them to perform the painful procedure without painkillers. When Alcott said that she would possibly have to undergo chemotherapy again, Reva asked how her baby could survive chemo when she had barely survived it herself. Alcott replied that her baby was not his patient-Reva was. He recommended that Reva put her own health first, which meant terminating her pregnancy. Reva told Alcott to go to hell and left the office.

Jeffrey found Reva sitting outside. She said her obstetrician had been out of the office when she had gone for a visit. Jeffrey told her that Dr. Alcott had more to say, but Reva refused to hear it, declaring that Dr. Alcott was fired after suggesting an abortion. She raged that she couldn't even eat tuna fish without worrying about harming the baby, but Alcott wanted to pump her with radiation. Upset, Reva said it was their baby, not Dr. Alcott's, and she took off again.

Jeffrey caught up to Reva and said they needed to talk. Reva thought that they had already discussed the matter, but Jeffrey said they'd talked about having the baby with Reva in the equation. Reva obstinately refused to listen, saying that the baby was the most important thing. Jeffrey's phone rang and Reva assumed that it was his new job. He decided that the call could wait, but Reva said to answer it because the job was important to him. In the meantime, she planned to take care of what was important to her. Reva walked off again.

As Reva pondered on the hospital steps, she saw Daisy, who was there to lend Lizzie support. Daisy planned to let Lizzie know that things would get better. Daisy recalled that Reva had given her that same advice the previous year when Daisy had felt that her life was falling apart. Hugging Reva, Daisy said that Reva had been right: things were better. Reva burst into tears. Daisy grew concerned, but Reva sobbed that she was just hormonal.

At Towers, Jeffrey returned the missed phone call and learned that he needed to return to Washington DC right away. He tried to call Reva, but he couldn't get her on the phone. Lillian approached to say that she had heard Alcott discussing their case. Alcott hadn't used their names, but Lillian knew they'd been discussing Reva. She said that she knew Alcott and she knew the kind of diagnosis he'd given; however, she felt that there were a lot of doctors in the field who would disagree with him. Though Lillian said that Jeffrey didn't hear it from her, she suggested that they get a second opinion.

Natalia brought Emma to the Beacon after a school event, and Olivia showed Natalia a flyer that Blake had created for Cassie's open house. Olivia knew how much Natalia loved the house and suggested that Natalia purchase it for Rafe and her. Natalia thought Olivia must have been joking, but Olivia insisted that Natalia could afford to make the meaningful investment. Seemingly afraid to lose the nest egg she'd earned from the sale of Gus's house, Natalia made excuses not to spend the money. Olivia translated Natalia's hesitation into mistrust of Olivia's financial advice, and she advised Natalia to put her faith in a bank teller instead. Natalia said she trusted Olivia as her boss and her friend, but Olivia couldn't make life decisions for her.

When Natalia dropped Olivia off at Towers to meet Decker later, she suggested that Olivia cancel the meeting and rest. "Oh, so you're trying to tell me how to live my life now?" Olivia retorted. Natalia replied that it was just a job, but Olivia countered it was a chance to do something greater. Olivia said chances were worthless if people didn't seize them. Once Decker arrived, he was pleased to have both ladies join him, but Olivia said the meeting would bore Natalia. Natalia left, and Decker wondered when Olivia would let him steal Natalia away from her. Olivia replied that she would if he could convince Natalia that it was a good idea.

Natalia ran into Frank at the elevator, and they sat down for drinks. She mentioned that Cassie's house was up for sale. Frank thought it was a great place. Natalia agreed, but she said that the mortgage would be expensive. Frank recalled worrying about making his mortgage and saving emergency money when he'd been married. Natalia empathized, figuring it might be wise to save the money for Rafe's attorney instead. Frank said, even in light of numerous repairs, he'd never regretted buying his house-until the day he'd gotten a divorce. Frank then noted that Olivia sat with the wealthy Lawrence Decker. Natalia commented that Olivia used to be poor. Frank stated that one couldn't tell that by looking at her. Natalia admiringly agreed.

Natalia went to Decker and Olivia's table, where they were wrapping up a meeting about hedge funds in Hong Kong. Decker hoped that Rafe was happy with his new facility. Natalia hadn't been aware that Decker knew about Rafe. Decker replied that Natalia was important to Olivia, and therefore, important to him. When Decker left, Natalia offered to take Olivia home. Olivia preferred to take a cab to give Natalia more time to count her money.

Natalia visited Rafe at the prison later, and she found him feeling hopeful. Rafe said things were better in the new facility. He informed her that they even had a GED program, so that he could possibility attend college upon release. Rafe hadn't even considered that college was within his reach until they'd moved to Springfield. He said he hadn't known that they were poor, either, but he'd learned that he had real choices in life. Natalia seemed hurt that she didn't teach him that he had choices, but he said it wasn't her fault. A determined Natalia said that people didn't stay poor all their lives. Instead, they figured out a way to get ahead.

Later, Decker approached Natalia while she was waiting tables at Company. He asked for the greasiest thing on the menu. On a whim, Natalia asked him to elaborate on the investment he had been talking to Olivia about. Decker thought that type of thing bored Natalia, but Natalia said it wouldn't bore her if it were as lucrative as Decker said it was.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Natalia asked Decker about the investment fund that she heard him discuss with Olivia earlier. Natalia told Decker that she received a large sum of money from the sale of her house but it still was not enough to give Rafe the best lawyer possible. When Natalia expressed interest in investing her $80,000, Decker told her that the minimum amount for that investment was one million dollars. However, he told her that he could waive the minimum and put up the rest of the money for her. Natalia asked why he was helping her, and Decker replied that he knew that Natalia's welfare was integral to Olivia's success. He then suggested that she consider his help as an early Christmas present.

Decker met with Olivia to discuss their schedule, and asked if she was interested in the investment that they had talked about. Olivia told him that she had to pass, since she did not want to risk Emma's future on another high-risk investment. Later, Olivia returned home where Natalia was babysitting Emma. Natalia mentioned that she was considering buying the farmhouse and told Olivia that she invested all of her money into Decker's business venture. Natalia stated that Decker told her that she could double, maybe even triple, her money. Suddenly, Olivia decided to go back out. She returned to Decker's and asked him for more information on the investment deal. Decker stated that it was your average high-yield/high-risk investment. Olivia made a comment about the possibility of the stock tanking. Decker stated that was why the stock market was a game for the big boys and girls. When Olivia returned home, Natalia asked her to show her how to check her investment on the computer. Olivia said that she would show her some other day.

Mallet ran into Buzz and Daisy outside, where Buzz had just taped an ad stating that Company would be open to everyone for Thanksgiving dinner. Daisy made a comment that not everyone was invited-a veiled reference to Grady. Meanwhile, Grady ran off the man who tried to mug Ashlee. Nearby, Mallet, Buzz, and Daisy heard the commotion and rushed to the scene. Mallet assumed that Grady attacked Ashlee and began to arrest him. As Mallet read Grady his rights, Ashlee interrupted to say that Grady did not attack her; he saved her. Buzz brought a shaken Ashlee to Company and marveled at how Grady just showed up. When Buzz walked away, Daisy told Ashlee to tell her the truth and asked if she had originally planned to let Grady take the fall. Ashlee admitted that that was the plan. Ashlee argued that she just wanted to prove to Daisy how dangerous Grady was. When Ashlee pointed out that Grady never paid for killing Tammy, Daisy retorted that Ashlee did not know that. Daisy said that for all anyone knew, Grady could be living in his own personal hell that was worse than prison. Ashlee assured Daisy that she was her best friend and was trying to ensure that Daisy did not get hurt.

Outside, Mallet questioned Grady about the attack. Grady insisted that he was a changed man-smarter and more savvy. Mallet asked Grady if he was referring to himself or his brother. As Mallet was releasing Grady, Ashlee came out and thanked Grady for saving her. Later, Buzz thanked Grady for saving Ashlee and commented that he owed him. Daisy asked if Buzz really meant that, and revealed that she and Grady were back together. She said that Grady told her that he had changed, and she believed him. Daisy told Buzz that he could make good on his promise by allowing Grady and her to eat at the restaurant. Though clearly not happy, Buzz allowed it.

After hearing Lizzie speak to Bill's lawyer on the telephone about finding evidence to clear Bill, Alan told Lizzie how worried he was about her since she was devoting all of her energy to clearing Bill. Alan brought up Lizzie's attempt to destroy the evidence against Bill and asked if she believed deep down that he was guilty. Lizzie accused Alan of trying to put doubts into her head about Bill. Lizzie told Alan that he did not think Bill arranged the kidnapping; he wished that he did. Alan stated that if Bill were innocent, the evidence would prove it. Lizzie insisted that Bill was innocent and questioned how the police even thought to look in the mansion for evidence. She remembered that the police came with Alan and it occurred to her that Alan brought the police to the mansion. Lizzie accused Alan of trying to frame Bill by planting evidence.

When Lizzie left, Beth appeared and asked Alan if Lizzie was correct. Alan acted appalled at the notion and stated that he only wanted to protect Lizzie. When Beth commented that Alan hated Bill, Alan said that all he cared about was Lizzie's happiness. Beth said that he still had not answered her question. Alan told her to meet him in the bedroom later and he might. Alan seductively told Beth that she was drawn to his passion for his family. Beth told Alan to make things right with Lizzie and warned him that Lizzie got her vindictive streak from him. After their talk, Alan called his chauffer to take him to the police station. Beth overheard the call.

Lizzie saw Cyrus at Towers and asked for his help. She told him that she kept going over all the evidence against Bill but still had nothing that would prove that Bill was innocent. Lizzie told Cyrus that she needed something to prove that someone was framing Bill. Lizzie stated that she needed someone who thought like a criminal in order to figure out that person's next step and ultimately clear Bill. Cyrus was not sure what he could do, and commented that Bill would probably get off since he was a Lewis. Lizzie replied that she was a Spaulding, and members of her family had still gone to prison. Cyrus still seemed reluctant, so Lizzie got up to leave. Before she had a chance, Beth called to tell her that Alan went to the police station.

Beth and Lizzie arrived at the police station where Alan was giving a written statement. Ranting about Alan accusing Bill, Lizzie grabbed the paper from Alan and discovered that he was confessing to the kidnapping. Lizzie asked why he would say that, since she knew that it was not true. Alan said that he confessed to throw suspicion off Bill and give Lizzie some time to mount a defense. Touched, Lizzie apologized to Alan for doubting him. Later, Lizzie got a call from Bill's lawyer, who was having trouble mounting a defense. Lizzie told the lawyer to continue working on it, no matter the cost and whatever it took.

At Towers, Ashlee told her mother about her attack and Grady's rescue. Doris commented that she needed to do damage control, since it did not look good for the daughter of a "law and order" mayor to be the victim of an attack. Doris stated that she needed a good conviction. She decided that that would be Bill Lewis.

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