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Monday, November 17, 2008

Nick said he was not going to worry about Ridge and Brooke anymore, because they would do what they would do, and he could not control the situation. Katie pointed out that Nick had seemed quite concerned about Brooke. Nick said he had been, but only because Katie mentioned that Brooke seemed out of whack. Nick said maybe Ridge and Brooke would patch things up and maybe they wouldn't, but Nick refused to get caught up in their drama.

Nick asked Katie why she was so invested in Ridge and Brooke's relationship. Katie said because she had always believed Ridge and Brooke's love was so strong it would withstand any trial. Nick repeated what he said earlier, and noted if Ridge forced Brooke to choose between her children and Ridge, Ridge would lose.

Katie and Nick played Nerf Basketball and she distracted him with a kiss. Katie said she loved Nick and asked for a promise that nothing ever had to change. Nick assured her nothing ever had to change.

Thorne informed Eric that Ridge and Brooke were fighting. Eric was puzzled and wondered what they could have fought about. Thorne said he didn't know, and that he had asked Stephanie and she didn't know the cause, either. Eric said after Brooke had given such a glowing speech about Ridge, Eric could not imagine what Ridge could be angry about. Eric said Ridge must have been pleased with Brooke's speech. Thorne supposed they might have argued about Rick again.

Thorne spoke to a group of models, who planned to try out for their spring line. He thought he saw Owen in the crowd, but it was a case of mistaken identity. Eric arrived and picked up an old photo of Ridge and Eric in a victory pose. Eric admitted to Thorne that he might have caused Brooke and Ridge's fight by deciding to promote Rick over Ridge. Thorne didn't disagree with him. Thorne said Rick did a good job at Forrester International, but that experience had not prepared him to run Forrester Creations. Eric said he wished Ridge had agreed to a co-presidency. Thorne rolled his eyes and said Eric knew that would never happen. Eric said he wished his kids would cut one another some slack and stop being so competitive with each other. Eric said Rick had gotten the short end of the stick for too long and he felt he had to give Rick the job.

Thorne mentioned that Rick had been a very divisive person in their family, and he suspected Rick could cause a tremendous amount of trouble. Thorne cautioned Eric that Rick had an agenda and suggested that Eric should keep a close eye on him.

Rick told Stephanie that it was her chance to get on board with his plan. Rick took credit for Brooke and Ridge being at odds. Stephanie said she thought she knew Rick, but it was clear that she didn't. Rick said it didn't suit Stephanie to claim the moral high ground. Stephanie said Rick didn't know her as well as he thought he did. Rick said Stephanie didn't know him, either. Rick said Stephanie assumed he had spent all his time at Forrester International partying in Paris, but instead he had worked hard to get where he was. Stephanie countered by saying Rick got where he was, the new president of Forrester Creations, by lying and manipulating his father into believing he was paralyzed.

Stephanie added that the worst part was that Rick was a Forrester and he had done these awful things to his own family. Stephanie said people should not treat their brothers and sisters the way Rick had treated Ridge. Rick said she should stop right there. He reminded her that Ridge was the bastard son of Stephanie and Massimo Marone, and was not his brother.

Stephanie said that was a really stupid thing for Rick to have said if he wanted her partnership. Rick said he learned that if enemies had a common goal, they could work together in spite of their differences. Stephanie told Rick he was off-base, the two of them did not have a common goal. Stephanie said her main concern was Ridge's happiness. Stephanie said she did not want Brooke and Ridge apart so badly that she would participate in Rick's revenge plot. Stephanie reminded Rick that he might not get the outcome he hoped for, and things could turn out differently than he imagined.

Rick said if Brooke ever discovered that he doctored the podcast, she would never forgive Rick. He said it would drive her closer to Ridge and surely Stephanie didn't want that. Stephanie said she thought Ridge and Brooke would have broken up on their own without any interference from anyone. Stephanie said Rick was a smart and accomplished guy, and he should stop wasting his energy trying to ruin Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

Stephanie pointed out that Rick was very needy when it came to his parents. Rick said he had not gotten the attention he needed as a child, and it had all been Ridge's fault. Rick said Ridge was Eric's golden boy. He added the Ridge also got all of his mother's attention. Rick said he would finally get the attention and respect he richly deserved. Stephanie told him it was time for him to grow up and act like an adult.

Rick said Stephanie could not tell anyone what he had done. Rick reminded Stephanie that Eric's heart was weak and if he discovered that Rick played him, it could cause him to have another heart attack. Stephanie said Rick was a con artist and if she could strangle him and get away with it, she would. Stephanie reluctantly agreed that Eric should not find out about Rick's evils deeds. Rick said he knew it made Stephanie's skin crawl, but she had to agree to a partnership with him. Rick said they were the only two people who could break up Brooke and Ridge for good. Rick said his plan had succeeded where Stephanie had failed. He had single-handedly broken up Ridge and Brooke. Rick said Ridge would wallow in self-pity and never forgive Brooke. Rick also predicted that Brooke would finally stop talking about Ridge being her destiny.

Ridge saw Brooke riding her horse and called out her name. Brooke turned around and rode back in Ridge's direction. Ridge hiked down the canyon onto the beach until they were eye to eye. Ridge helped Brooke down from her horse and they shared a warm embrace. Brooke pointed out that they both went to the same spot and proved they were right together. Brooke said they stood on sacred ground, in the place where their love was born and had never been stronger. Brooke said sure, they had a fight, but the fact that they found one another there meant something.

Ridge said it meant they were destined to be together and he could not imagine a time when he would not love Brooke. He picked her up and whirled her around in the sand as they shared a passionate kiss. The reunited couple walked along the beach hand in hand. Ridge sat down in the sand and Brooke joined him. Ridge said Brooke was a vision and she was everything beautiful in the world to him. Brooke said she could not even think about her world without Ridge in it. They agreed they would never part and lay down in the sand in an all-consuming embrace.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While Stephanie was at home, Brooke paid her an unexpected visit. Stephanie bluntly commented to Brooke that she knew of her breakup with Ridge. Brooke ignored Stephanie's remarks and asked to speak with Donna or Eric. When Brooke realized that Donna and Eric were at Forrester Creations together and Stephanie was alone, she sarcastically called her the "stay-at-home wife".

Brooke and Stephanie's conversation shifted back to Ridge. Brooke taunted Stephanie that she knew that Stephanie wanted Ridge to be with Taylor, not Brooke. Brooke boldly announced that she, not Taylor, would be with Ridge. Brooke continued to treat Stephanie cruelly and taunted her that she should have moved out of the house and allowed Eric and Donna to live in peace.

At Eric's office, Donna showed him faxes from all over the world that the company had received. They discussed their relationship. Eric commented that he had concluded that the most important thing in a relationship was trust. The conversation stopped when someone knocked at the door. Donna went to the door and found Owen there. Eric invited Owen into the office. He admitted to Donna that he had invited Owen to the office so the three of them could talk. Owen adamantly told Eric that Donna did not betray him. Eric acknowledged what Owen said and tried to place him at ease. He acknowledged how Owen had saved Donna at Big Bear and how he saved Eric's life when he was on the ventilator. In a move that was unexpected to Donna, Eric offered Owen a position at Forrester Creations. Owen commented to Eric that he felt honored. He cordially accepted the unexpected job offer. Eric arranged for Owen to view his new office. When Owen left the office, Donna thanked Eric for believing in her and in their relationship.

Meanwhile back at the Forrester home, Stephanie rattled on to Brooke that Eric was connected to her and their children. She bragged that their connection was real and existed. She boasted that it was something that Donna did not have and didn't understand.

Stephanie finished her insults of Donna and added that Donna had slept with Owen. Brooke defended Donna and responded to the insults by informing her that what little happened between Owen and Donna would never occur again, because Donna was devoted to Eric.

Later, in his new office, Owen told Donna that he had never left L.A. because of his love for her. He became adamant that he wanted to be part of Donna's life. Donna responded to Owens's plea by telling him that she wanted him in her life, but only as a friend. Donna reminded him that Eric was the love of her life. She explained that she could sense that Eric was close to making a decision between her and Stephanie. Donna predicted that Eric would choose her and make her dreams come true.

Back in Eric's office, Thorne arrived there to talk to him about Donna. He had advice for his father: if Eric was so uncertain about Donna, then his uncertainty should have told him something was wrong. Eric disagreed with Thorne's advice. He responded that he was going to prove that any romance between Donna and Owen was over. Meanwhile, Eric sat at his desk and watched his computer screen. Eric had secretly placed a camera in Owens's office so he could see for himself if there was anything going on between Owen and Donna.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thorne, Felicia and Stephanie lamented how Rick had played Eric for a fool. They were stunned when Owen waltzed into the office. They asked what he was doing there, and Owen said he worked there. Felicia said she could not believe Donna hired him back and said that Donna had no shame. Thorne corrected her and said Eric was the one who had hired Owen. Stephanie asked why on earth Eric would do that. Owen said because he helped save Eric's life, and Eric was grateful. Stephanie supposed that meant that Eric had forgiven Donna.

Rick said Forrester needed to change. He stood up and Brooke, Marcus, and Katie noticed he was walking without his crutches. Rick said he couldn't have gotten better on his own, and that he couldn't run Forrester alone, either; he needed all of their help. Rick said he needed people on his side because a battle was at hand. Brooke asked Rick why he had to promote an "us vs. them" mentality. Katie reminded Rick they were all part of the same family and their clients wanted a united front.

Rick said they had always been part of the family, but the Logan half of the family had been hidden in shadows. Rick said it was the Logans' turn to shine, and they could not let anything divide them.

When Donna arrived, Rick sarcastically said it was nice of her to show up. Donna explained she had been working on a proposal with Owen. Rick said Donna should be careful not to mess up the situation with Owen and make Eric mad at her again. Rick said they needed to keep their advantage and stay in Eric's good graces.

Brooke said she was uncomfortable with Rick's point of view and left the room. Steffy arrived to deliver the mail and made it clear she was not happy Rick was in that office. Rick said he once thought Steffy was like her mom, but suddenly he saw more of Ridge in her. Steffy stomped off in a huff while Marcus looked on horrified that his girlfriend was treated so disrespectfully. Marcus asked Rick if he expected everyone to choose a side. Rick said he had gotten rid of Ridge, so there was only one side to choose.

Rick said not only was there only one side, he intended to ban all mentions of Ridge's name. Rick instructed Donna, Katie, and Marcus to go through the entire office and remove any mention of Ridge's name from doors, directories, business cards, parking spaces, etc. He wanted all traces of Ridge gone by the end of the day. Rick said it was a war and he had delivered a direct hit on Ridge Forrester. Rick said he would not let anyone stand it his way; it was his company now. Marcus wandered all over the complex and removed Ridge's name from every area. Steffy saw Marcus making the changes and ran off crying.

Katie said that Rick might be able to remove Ridge's name from the building, but he could not remove Ridge from Brooke's heart. Rick said Ridge was no good for Brooke.

Eric watched Owen's new office on the webcam and explained to Thorne that he needed to know if he could trust Donna. Thorne pointed out that Eric had never had to spy on Stephanie, because she was devoted to him. Thorne said Eric should stop spying on Donna and let her go. Thorne pressed for Eric to reunite with Stephanie. Thorne said with one word from Eric, their family could finally be restored.

Eric went home and asked Ridge to come back to work at Forrester. Ridge said if Eric wanted him back at Forrester, Eric knew what he had to do. Ridge later revised his statement and said perhaps Eric did not know what he had to do. Ridge said Eric didn't seem to know what to do about him, or Donna or Stephanie. Ridge wondered how Eric could give Donna a second chance, but not his own son.

Eric said he needed Ridge at Forrester. Eric said if the two of them could work side by side again, they could come up with a design that would rock the fashion world. Eric said Ridge should not think about job descriptions. Eric implored Ridge to just focus on the two of them, a father and son who could rise above any challenge.

Eric said all of his children had a place at Forrester Creations. Ridge said he was not Eric's real son, and supposed maybe that had played into Eric's decision to make Rick president. Eric said Ridge knew that Ridge's DNA never mattered to Eric. Ridge said perhaps it mattered more than Eric was willing to admit. Eric told Ridge that he had the love of his family and the respect of everyone in the fashion business.

Ridge said Rick was a selfish jerk who had manipulated everyone in the family. Ridge said he hoped Brooke would realize that Rick was the cause of the trouble between them. Ridge expressed that he was not sure if Eric would ever see Rick for who he really was. Ridge said he wouldn't be part of that, and he left.

Brooke went to see Rick and suggested that it was time for him to move out. Brooke said she wanted Ridge to come back home. Rick slammed his hands on the desk and said Brooke was not going to do that to him. Brooke said she appreciated Rick's concern, but Ridge was her future. Brooke said she and Ridge would be married with or without Rick's approval. After Brooke left the office, Rick had a tantrum and knocked everything off his desk with his cane.

Brooke went to Ridge and said he should pack a bag and come home. Brooke explained that she had asked Rick to move out so that Ridge could move back in. Ridge asked when that would happen, and Brooke said right away, Brooke said she knew Ridge was upset about her speech - but Ridge said he didn't want to talk about it. Brooke said when the two of them ran into one another at Malibu; it proved that they belonged together. Brooke said nothing could keep them apart.

Ridge said that Brooke could believe it or not, but there was one thing he wanted more then the presidency of Forrester, and it was her. Brooke said she wanted Ridge right by her side, and that nothing could get in their way.

Rick muttered to himself about not letting Ridge back into his mother's life. Steffy walked in and said that Rick might be able to take her dad's name off the building, but Ridge was the real president of Forrester and he would be back. Rick apologized to Steffy and said he needed her on his team, too.

Rick got a sudden burst of inspiration when he saw Steffy. Rick said if Ridge hated it when Rick dated Phoebe, Ridge would really hate it when Rick got his hands on Steffy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

by Pam

Brooke surprised Ridge with "dinner on her" to celebrate him moving back in. Later in the evening, Brooke assured Ridge that Rick should not be a problem anymore. Much to Donna's dismay, Eric assigned her to work on Owen's surf line project. Eric hoped that Donna passed his test. Stephanie was floored when she noticed the changes Rick had made in the Forrester Creations building. Rick's new plan to get back at Ridge, which involved Marcus and Steffy, was put into motion.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rick stood in front of a mirror and practiced introductions. He could not decide if he wanted to be introduced as Eric Forrester, Jr., or Rick. Steffy walked in and caught him in the act. Rick asked if she thought "Rick" sounded like a kid's name. Steffy said Rick was a kid. Rick said Ridge was his age when he started at Forrester. Steffy said her father had had more class and didn't spend his first day on the job carving his initials into everything. Steffy said if Rick's plan was to drive a wedge between Ridge and Brooke by taking Ridge's job, Rick would fail. Steffy said Ridge and Brooke would reunite if they hadn't already. Rick looked annoyed by the thought.

Steffy said she appreciated what Rick did for Marcus. She said Rick was the first friend Marcus made when he came to town. Steffy added that she didn't have a problem with Rick. She only had a problem with Rick because Rick had a problem with her father, Ridge. Rick said he was glad to hear that. Rick said he knew someone who was very smart and very talented who belonged on the executive floor. Rick said he knew someone who should not be wasting time working in shipping and receiving: Steffy. Steffy said she was not ambitious. Rick said he thought Steffy was ambitious, and added that the two of them were a lot alike. Rick said Steffy thought her ambition was wasted on their family company because she wasn't a designer and didn't want to live on carrot sticks to become a model. Rick said the artists and models were driven by hard-headed business people like him and Steffy.

Steffy asked what if she was happy where she was. Rick said it would be his job to make her happy where he wanted her, and added that he did want her. A waiter entered and set down a try with two dinners. Steffy said she would leave, as she saw Rick was expecting someone. He said the dinner was for her; he wanted to woo her to accept a job in management. Rick said he overheard Ridge turn her down for dinner so he knew she didn't have plans. He pointed out that Ridge had ditched her for a better offer. Steffy said it was no big deal, it was just dinner. Rick asked her how many dinners and birthday parties and school events Ridge had missed over the years. He said Ridge and Brooke decided spending time together was more valuable than spending time with their kids. Rick added that he and Steffy had more in common than she realized. Steffy agreed to join Rick for dinner.

Steffy gave Rick her thoughts on some new marketing opportunities. She asked if he was listening to her. Rick said he wasn't listening, but he was paying attention. He started to make a move on Steffy, and she told him to get a grip, and reminded Rick that he was on the rebound from her Mom and had already dated her sister. Rick didn't listen and pulled Steffy into a kiss. Steffy slapped Rick hard and said he should never put his hands on her again. After she left, Rick said he liked a challenge. He grabbed a knife and stabbed it through a photo of Ridge, and announced he would never let Ridge have his mother again.

Brooke and Ridge were in bed together after their Asian feast. Brooke said she thought she and Ridge had reached the end until Ridge showed up at the beach and took her hand. Brooke said Ridge's touch was her "safe place." Brooke said Ridge was her happily ever after. She said she didn't know what they were waiting for. Ridge asked if she meant she wanted to get married. Brooke said yes, and pointed out that the two of them didn't need anyone's blessing or permission.

Brooke said Rick was better, and Ridge would be moving back in, and everything would get back to normal. Brooke said she regretted how things happened. Brooke explained how Rick had asked Ridge to move out because Rick said he needed space, but pointed out that she had not broken off their engagement. Not this time, Ridge said. Brooke said that nobody saw the way she and Ridge were together or how happy they were behind closed doors. Brooke said they would have to wait until they were old and gray to get their families' approval before they walked down the aisle. Brooke suggested they should ignore their families, stop waiting, and move forward. Brooke said that she and Ridge knew what they have together even if no one else did.

Ridge asked why she wanted to get married at that moment. He reminded her that they were just getting past a huge fight and questioned Brooke's timing. Brooke explained that she didn't think things would have escalated so far if they had made a vow of for better or for worse. Brooke said the two of them always had people who told them how wrong they were for one another and the tragedy would be if they started to believe it. She said they needed to believe in each other and added that she did believe in Ridge. Ridge said those were wise words.

Brooke said she hated to admit this about her son Rick, but she knew Rick felt he had to best Ridge at something. Brooke believed that since Rick had become the president of Forrester, he would be satisfied and stop his attempts to break them up. Ridge said he agreed, and would give Brooke the most romantic wedding in the world. Brooke said this time it would last forever and nothing would stand in their way.

Donna expressed mixed feelings to Eric. She said she was happy for Marcus' opportunity to go to Paris, but that she would miss him while he was away. Donna noted that Rick had made a lot of bold decisions in a short amount of time. Eric said Rick had a mind of his own, and he thought that was a good thing. Donna said she used to know Eric's mind. She said she felt like she was forced to compete with Stephanie. Donna asked Eric what he needed to know about her that he didn't know already.

Eric said he needed Donna to be a bit more patient. Donna said she had already waited a very long time. Eric asked her if waiting was hard for her and she admitted that it was. Stephanie arrived and Donna said she had to go. Stephanie pulled out a pack of photographs. Donna watched longingly from the doorway as Eric and Stephanie laughed together over Halloween photos of their grandchildren.

Donna walked into Owen's office and asked what he was up to. Owen said he had overheard some models discussing a rare orchid that was very expensive and hard to find. Owen said he had spent the morning calling all over to try to find one for Donna. Owen said that even though Donna told him that there was nothing he could do to win her over, he couldn't stop himself from trying. Owen said Eric and his family wanted to punish Donna for the rest of her life because she kissed Owen, but yet Eric was the guy Donna wanted to be with.

Donna stopped Owen and reminded him that he promised not to push her. She reminded him that Eric had hired him back at Forrester. Owen said he didn't know why Eric hired him back. He mentioned that Thorne and Felicia did all they could to thwart his efforts. Owen said he could not believe Donna was willing to stay with Eric after he moved his ex-wife into the house. Donna said Eric didn't move Stephanie in; he just didn't kick her out. Owen said he didn't know what sort of man would do that to a woman. He said Donna had a choice and didn't have to put up with that sort of treatment. Owen said Donna had other choices, and that she was looking right at one in him.

Owen asked Donna if she ever thought about what she was missing by not being with him. She admitted that she did. Owen locked the door and approached Donna.

Thorne walked into Eric's office and found him watching Owen and Donna on his webcam. Thorne said Eric should stop spying and let Donna go. He asked if Eric just wanted to punish Donna. Thorne said Eric and Stephanie belonged together. Thorne said he should end Donna's agony and end it with her. Eric said Thorne should stop jumping to conclusions where Donna was concerned. Thorne said the fact that Eric was monitoring Donna on a hidden camera proved he would never be able to trust her. Thorne saw Owen lock the door and head towards Donna. Thorne said, "Do it Donna, you know you want to," while Eric watched in disgust.

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