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Tina left Llanview. Jessica named her baby Chloe. Brody and Jessica were both admitted to St. Anne's. Vanessa bid Cristian a fond farewell after learning she was about to be deported. Charlie heard about Viki's childhood abuse at the hands of her father. Shane and Rex celebrated Thanksgiving with the Buchanans. John vowed to make Todd pay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 24, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, November 24, 2008

One For My Baby, and One S'more the Road

Gigi visited Brody at the VA Hospital and informed him that Rex wanted to help him avoid prison time. Brody insisted on taking responsibility for shooting Rex, and was determined to accept his fate. While Brody continued to blame himself for losing control on that fateful night, Gigi reminded Brody that he had suffered a mental breakdown; she believed it would be unfair for him to be sent to prison. After pleading with Brody to reconsider, Gigi handed him the check that he had given her for Shane's education. After advising Brody to use the check to cover his legal expenses, Gigi begged him to allow her and Rex to help him for Shane's sake. Gigi stated that she wanted Shane to have happy memories of Brody.

At the police station, Rex asked Bo to help him keep Brody from going to prison. As Bo listened intently, Rex maintained that Brody was in need of help and not punishment.

Down the hall, Blair asked Nora if the news about John resigning was true. Upon learning that John had actually resigned, Blair was surprised by John's decision to quit. Stating that she supported John's decision to resign after the treatment he received from the department, Nora reminded Blair of the opposition that John received from the mayor in his quest to rescue Marty. Nora related that Todd had influenced the mayor and judge's decisions to prevent John from carrying out his police duties and saving Marty. Citing that the system had failed Marty, Nora understood John's anger against the mayor and the department. Cringing, Nora stated that what Todd had done to Marty and Cole was unforgivable. Shaking her head in disgust, Blair agreed. When Blair indirectly asked if John had visited Marty at the Buchanan Mansion, Nora informed her that she had no idea of John's whereabouts.

Upon entering Bo's office, Nora joined in on the discussion between Bo and Rex. After Rex pleaded his case and asked for leniency for Brody, Nora advised him that she had to prosecute Brody because he was facing several other charges. Bo urged Nora to consider offering Brody a plea and allowing Rex to testify on his behalf. Although Nora agreed that a statement from Rex would lighten Brody's sentence, she maintained that he would never be exonerated and would still be sent to prison. Bo reminded Nora of the terrible injustice that Marty had endured and insisted that they come up with a solution to help Brody.

After pulling a few strings, Nora negotiated a deal that would prevent Brody from going to prison. Nora informed Rex and Bo that if Brody voluntarily committed himself into St. Ann's as a mental patient, he would be a free man after the institution deemed that he was in good mental health. Rex made arrangements to accompany Nora to the VA hospital to present Brody with the deal. With a look of approval, Bo told Rex that he was proud of Rex's decision to help Brody. Rex credited Bo with helping him do the right thing.

As Gigi and Rex looked on, Nora explained the proposition to Brody and offered him the paperwork necessary to commit himself into St. Ann's. Brody insisted that he was guilty, and was adamant about serving time for his crime. After Nora informed Brody that he would be sent to prison for a long time if he refused the deal, Brody accepted the paperwork and thanked Nora and Rex for their help. Afterward, Brody signed the papers and agreed to commit himself into St. Ann's. As Brody walked toward his room, Gigi handed him a letter from Shane. Alone in his room, Brody opened Shane's letter. The letter contained a picture that depicted Brody as a superhero.

At the Buchanan Mansion, John paid Marty a visit. John listened as Marty told him how Todd had manipulated her into fearing John. John was surprised when Marty revealed that she had dreamt about him often while she was living with Todd. Marty related that she had begun to look forward to her dreams of John and never once feared him in her dreams. As she remembered Todd's lies, Marty blamed herself for being manipulated by him. Marty expressed her inability to be a real mother to Cole and her regret that her only memories consisted of her time with Todd. John did his best to convince Marty that she was an innocent victim and that Todd was solely responsible for the terrible injustice that she had suffered. After remembering that she had confessed her love to Todd and then slept with him, Marty cried and said that she was disgusted with herself. John reached out to comfort her, but Marty pulled away. John vowed to make Todd pay for hurting her.

Recalling the picture of her and John that Todd and Ramsey had used to calm her nerves, Marty told John that she had no idea of what Todd had done with the photo. Instantly, John pulled a picture from his wallet. To Marty's surprise, the picture revealed her and John during happier times. Marty apologized for feeling sorry for herself and not thanking John for his help. As she thanked him, Marty caressed John's face. John responded by placing his hand on top of hers.

At La Boulaie, Cole dropped by to visit Starr. Cole related to Starr that he had tried to jog his mother's memory, but failed. When he blamed himself for placing unnecessary pressure on his mother to remember her past, Starr tried to console him. With great sadness, Cole told Starr that he didn't feel like Marty was his mother. After reminding Cole that he was fortunate to have his mother back in his life, Starr revealed that Todd had planned to run off with Marty and baby Hope. Although outraged by Todd's scheme, Cole sensed Starr's guilt and assured her that she didn't need to apologize for her father. Cole noticed the locket that contained a lock of Hope's hair. When Starr opened the locket, Cole looked sad as he realized that Hope had the same hair color as his mother. As they comforted one another, Starr and Cole promised to never forget baby Hope.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Blair returned home and told Dorian that she believed that John was with Marty. When Blair declared that she had decided to give up on her relationship with John, Dorian begged her to reconsider. Dorian suggested that Blair continue to build a relationship with John, and reminded her that Marty had no memory of John-- only of her short time with Todd. Blair was certain that John had the ability to make Marty forget about Todd because he had helped her do the same.

Later, Marty sat alone and looked through a photo album. She focused her attention on the picture that John had given her.

Alone, a sadden Blair stared out the window and thought about John reuniting with Marty. Seconds later, she opened the door and found John standing there. Without saying a word, the two embraced.

At Antonio's loft, Talia and Antonio made s'mores and shared a special night with Jamie. Later, after Jamie had gone to sleep, Antonio romanced Talia.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've Been to Mendorra but I've Never Been to Me

Sarah woke up and walked into the living room to find Layla busy preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. Sarah was not in a celebratory mood because she was upset about Cris's living arrangements with Vanessa. Sarah suspected that her rival had an agenda when it came to Cris. Layla was sympathetic and tried to be supportive. When Sarah announced that Cris had invited Vanessa and Lola to join them for Thanksgiving dinner, Layla promised to keep Cris busy in the kitchen. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Tina. After Sarah introduced her mother to her roommate, Layla excused herself. Tina told Sarah that she had decided to leave town. Sarah was upset and demanded to know what had prompted the sudden move. Tina was evasive. All she would say was that Sarah that she would learn the truth soon enough and be grateful that Tina had left. Sarah's anger turned to heartbreak when her mother gave her one of David Vickers' puppies. Tina also confided that the good that Sarah saw in Tina was a result of Sarah's influence on her mother's life. Sarah wanted to know where Tina intended to go, but Tina didn't know. She only knew that she had to go on her journey without Cord or Cain.

After Tina left, Layla returned to the living room and offered her friend a shoulder to cry on. Layla suggested that Sarah pick up some puppy food for their new houseguest and, while she was out, visit Cris. Layla thought Cris would be able to help Sarah deal with the disappointment of her mother's departure better than she could.

Vanessa went downstairs, wearing nothing but a negligee, and found Cris making his temporary bed. She smiled brightly and wished Cris a happy Thanksgiving. After he returned the greeting, she asked him how he had slept. As Cris busied himself picking up the living room, he jokingly said that he'd had a nightmare about his mother. Vanessa began apologizing for taking over his bedroom, but Cris said that he was fine with it. Vanessa turned the topic to Sarah when she asked Cris how his girlfriend felt about his houseguests. Before Cris could answer her, Lola walked downstairs and wished them both a happy Thanksgiving. Cris smiled and invited Vanessa and Lola to join him at Sarah's for Thanksgiving dinner. They readily accepted. However, the plans changed when Langston invited Lola to spend Thanksgiving with her at LaBoulaie. Vanessa gave Lola permission to go and, before long, Lola had left the loft.

After Lola's departure, Nora stopped by to talk to Vanessa. She seemed a bit surprised to find Vanessa standing in Cris's living room wearing a nightie, but didn't comment on the woman's attire. Nora had news for Vanessa. She told her that the charges against Vanessa had been dropped so that the U.S. government could deport her to Colombia, where she would face other criminal charges. After Nora left, Vanessa began sobbing. She insisted that she couldn't return to Colombia. Cris tried to comfort Vanessa by telling her that he would find a way to help her. When that failed to ease Vanessa's concern, Cris reached for her and pulled her into his arms to offer her a hug. Sarah walked in moments later and stopped short when she saw Vanessa, scantily clad, in Cris's arms. Vanessa looked up and saw Sarah, but didn't step out of Cris's embrace.

Nora accompanied Brody to St. Anne's, where he was committed for psychiatric counseling. As Brody settled in, he received visitors. Wes, Rex, and Gigi wanted to spend time with Brody before access to him was restricted. Nora explained what Brody would face in the coming months and then excused herself. When Rex and Brody were left alone in the visitor's lounge, the two men talked about friendship. Brody admitted to Rex that he would be proud to serve alongside Rex. Rex was flattered, and surprised Brody with the news that Shane had accompanied them to St. Anne's. Brody was shocked when he turned around and saw Shane standing in the doorway with Gigi. Brody worried that he had put Shane through too much, but Rex and Gigi didn't agree. They felt that Shane needed the visit as much as Brody did.

Brody and Shane sat down to play a game of chess while Gigi and Rex stood nearby watching for a few minutes. Shane was eager to share the details of his Thanksgiving play with Brody. While the two laughed and talked about it, Brody relaxed. The moment was ruined when Brody leaned across the table to tousle Shane's hair. As he looked up, Brody saw an image of the boy whom he had killed. He was standing just behind Shane. Brody tensed up and sat back. Shane appeared to notice the change in Brody, but didn't realize the reason for it. While Shane repeatedly called out to Brody, Wes walked into the room. He picked up on the change in Brody immediately and distracted Shane by talking about Brody's act of heroics during the war. Wes then suggested that Shane find his mother. As soon as Shane was out of hearing range, Wes turned to his friend and talked to him about the flashback. Brody admitted that he needed help, but he was a concerned that he might be beyond help. Wes assured his friend that the therapy would work. Later, before everyone left, Shane called out to Brody and saluted him.

Viki, Clint, and Natalie visited Jessica in the hospital before she was discharged and transferred to St. Anne's. Jessica wanted to sign her own commitment papers, but she had been strapped to a chair and did not have use of her hands. Viki decided to loosen the restraints so that Jessica could sign the papers. Jessica was anxious that Tess might act up, but Viki assured her that her family could handle Tess. After Jessica signed the papers, she went into the bathroom and changed out of her hospital gown and into street clothes. When she rejoined her family, Viki advised Jessica to say goodbye to her daughters before she left for St. Anne.

Jessica had a touching reunion with her children. She cried and spoke from her heart, promising Bree that she would get better and return home soon. After she handed Bree over to a nurse, Jessica held her infant. As the family gathered together and gushed over whom the baby resembled, Jessica announced that she had chosen a name for her new daughter. Jessica decided to name her Chloe.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Tina walked to Jessica's room and stopped outside the window. She took in the touching family scene and turned away, clearly upset. After she left the hospital, Tina made her way to Victor Lord's crypt. Inside, David Vickers, Tina's pooch, was waiting. Tina turned to look at Victor's tomb. She told her father that she hoped he was cold where he was because he deserved it for the way he had hurt Viki. Tina went on to tell him that no one could hurt Viki more than he had. Tina swore that she would not end up like Victor, sad and lonely. Tina pointed to the heaven and vowed, "As God is my witness, I'm going to change." Tina gathered David Vickers and prepared to leave. Before she stepped out of the crypt, Tina reminisced about her brief time in Llanview with Sarah. She then said goodbye to the town, but promised to return.

With her family accompanying her, Jessica checked into St. Anne's.

Today's episode featured the song "I've Never Been To Me" by Charlene.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Flew Over the Turkey's Nest

In Blair's bedroom at La Boulaie, John and Blair played cards and talked. John explained why he had decided to leave the police force. He said that he became disillusioned with the law and he needed to leave on his own terms. John felt that too many people had put their own agenda ahead of the victims. Blair understood that John referred to Marty's situation and his frustration over the roadblocks that he had faced. Later, John told Blair that he had reached out to her because he had needed her. Blair was happy that he had called her and she shared some of what she had learned from life-hold on tight to what was important. She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and wished John a happy Thanksgiving before he left.

Sarah was stunned when she found a barely dressed Vanessa in Cris's arms. Vanessa didn't seem overly concerned about Sarah's obvious ire. Meanwhile, Cris appeared completely oblivious to Sarah's scorn. Instead, he innocently explained why Vanessa was troubled. Sarah failed to understand why Vanessa was upset about not facing attempted murder charges and having to return to her home country. Vanessa bristled and said that she was afraid that Ray would come after her and Lola. Sarah didn't see how that was possible since he was locked up in jail. When Sarah wondered if Vanessa had another reason for wanting to remain in Llanview, Vanessa made herself scarce and went to change.

It finally dawned on Cris that Sarah was annoyed and the reason was Vanessa. He unwisely accused Sarah of being jealous, which she immediately denied. She said she was angry, and accused Cris and Vanessa of living in an R-rated dream world. Sarah went on to tell Cris that since their return from Colombia, she had spent precious little time with Cris. Sarah resented that the reason was Vanessa. Cris explained that he was merely returning the favor and helping Vanessa out of a difficult situation. Sarah pointed out that Vanessa hadn't done anything heroic for Cris; she had just bribed a guard to help him escape.

Cris switched tactics and reminded Sarah that he had once helped her out when she had problems with Hunter. It was the wrong comparison to make. Sarah quickly reminded Cris that they had ended up involved because of the incident. She also told Cris that she might not be a half naked woman under siege from Immigration but she did have problems, too. Cris realized that Sarah was troubled about something other than Vanessa and tried to talk to her about it, but it was too late. Sarah told him about Tina's decision to leave town and then suggested he save his sympathy for his nightie-wearing houseguest. To drive home her point, Sarah stormed out of the apartment.

Rex accompanied Gigi and Shane back to their place. Shane was sullen and turned down Rex's offer to toss the football in the yard. After Shane went to his room, Charlie stopped by, looking for Viki. When he learned that neither Gigi nor Rex had seen Viki, he chatted for a few minutes, and left. Rex picked up on a secret that they were keeping, but Gigi refused to elaborate. She wanted to focus on Rex and Shane's relationship. Rex admitted that he felt as if he didn't measure up compared to Brody. Rex could see that Shane worshipped Brody and viewed him as a hero. Gigi grew annoyed and pointed out that Brody had plenty of faults. She also reminded Rex that Brody wasn't Shane's father. She was certain that in time, Rex and Shane would build a father/son relationship. To jump-start them, Gigi devised a plan. She invited Shane downstairs to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on television. Shane grumbled at the idea until Rex announced that he was headed to the Buchanans' for dinner, football on television, and games. Shane begged Gigi to let him go, but she reminded him that it was up to Rex to invite him. Shane turned to Rex and asked him if he could go with him. When Rex agreed to take him, Shane smiled. He quickly snatched up his football before he raced out the door. Rex followed closely behind his son with a broad smile on his face.

Brody had difficulty settling in at St. Anne's. Luckily, Jessica came to Brody's rescue and intervened on his behalf with a fellow patient. Brody thanked her, but Jessica didn't seem interested in his gratitude. She explained that he was in a mental institution and needed to keep that in mind when he dealt with the residents of St. Anne's. Brody seemed surprised that Jessica was a patient. Jessica bristled and told him that appearances were deceiving; she was as loony as they came. Jessica immediately regretted her harsh words, and apologized. She explained that she was touchy, then changed the subject and asked Brody why he was at the sanitarium. Brody told her about his PTSD and breakdown. When Jessica showed little reaction, he asked her why she had been admitted. Jessica told him all the ugly details of Tess's recent exploits. Brody was taken aback, clearly shocked.

As Brody walked away, Jessica followed him. She told him that she hadn't meant to scare him. Her intention had been to illustrate that the patients at St. Anne's had serious issues. Brody acknowledged that he was not the most damaged patient at the facility and the two began talking about their upcoming therapy sessions. Later, the patients sat down for a Thanksgiving dinner. Brody was asked to say grace. He stumbled briefly, but then spoke from his heart about his hopes for healing.

Viki went to Victor's mausoleum with a crowbar. She was furious and intent on destroying every inch of her father's crypt. The things she had done that had contributed to Jessica's mental illness tormented her. More than that, though, Viki was filled with rage over the abuse that Victor had inflicted on her and his other children. As Viki roared with anger and wept with sorrow, she began ripping the plaque from his tomb. As she yelled out what an evil bastard Victor had been, a noise alerted her that she was not alone. To Viki's horror, Charlie stood in the doorway. Rather than leave, he stepped into the mausoleum and tried to help Viki. Initially she rebuffed his efforts as she told him the ugly details of her life.

She told him that when she was seven years old, her father, Victor, had raped her for the first time. He continued to rape her through the years. Viki had been so traumatized by the molestation that her mind had split and she had created alter egos to deal with the abuse. One of those alter egos had taken a very young Jessica to a bar where one of the patrons had raped the child. The cycle continued, and Jessica eventually developed her own alter egos. Charlie was speechless and reached out for Viki. At first, she pulled away, however, Charlie was persistent and the second time he put his arms around Viki, she didn't resist him. As she calmed down, Viki explained that there had been a time that the monument to her father had represented how far they had all come. Unfortunately that was no longer true.

Charlie understood, and offered to tear down the crypt for Viki. Viki appreciated Charlie's willingness to help but she told him that taking down the building wouldn't change anything. Charlie disagreed. He said that, at the very least, it would change the landscape. Charlie went on to tell Viki that he did not see her as a victim. In his eyes, Viki was a survivor, like himself. Charlie said that they would have bad days, but it was what they did in the present that counted. Charlie then professed his love for Viki and assured her that his love was everlasting. The words were a balm to Viki's heart and she allowed Charlie to lead her out of the crypt.

Viki was confused when Charlie took her to Carlotta's diner. Her bewilderment turned to shock when they stepped inside the newly renovated diner. It was an exact replica of the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. Viki turned to Charlie and asked him, "What is this?" Charlie replied, "It's home." Viki covered her mouth and this time, the tears in her eyes sprang from joy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired a special "repeat" of the One Life to Live episode that aired September 22nd -- Todd and Marty kiss. For a complete recap of the episode, click here.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, One Life to Live did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumes on Monday, December 1st where Wednesday, November 26th's episode concluded.

If you're in the mood for a little Thanksgiving leftovers, this is a good time to check out some of our archived content. We have daily recaps dating all the way back to 1996. Take a trip down memory lane or, if you're a newer viewers, find out what you've missed out on! Click here for more information about our Daily Recaps Archive.

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