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Yolanda reported Ana as a missing child, so the police took Ana away from Tyra. Katherine worked at Marge's job at the diner. The Newman family discovered that Jack had been involved in the publishing of Victor's diary. Nikki and Paul made love.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

At Restless Style's headquarters, Phyllis continued snooping into Jack's financial and travel records. Before Phyllis left for a meeting, Nick and Nikki arrived. Phyllis complimented Nikki's necklace, which Nikki said she inherited from Kay. Nikki was in a rush to roll up her sleeves and get to work, but Nick begged her to rest. When Nick extended an offer for her to move into the tack house with his family, Nikki refused. After Nikki left the room, Nick phoned Paul and told him that he was worried about his mother.

From the Abbott mansion, Jack phoned Ashley and set up a lunch date. Jack suggested that he would bring Sharon, so they could announce and celebrate their acquisition of Jabot. After Ashley mentioned that she was on her way to see Victor, Jack warned her not to allow herself to become "sucked into an emotional black hole again." Sharon fielded a call from the FBI for Jack. When Jack confessed that the FBI had attempted to question him the day of Kay's funeral, Sharon was miffed that Jack had kept such an important matter a secret. Jack insisted that he had only introduced Adam to a publisher but had no other involvement with Victor's diary. Sharon rushed out before Jack could convince her to meet him and Ashley for lunch.

Sharon sought refuge at Crimson Lights. Phyllis approached Sharon and told her that she looked "shaky." Sharon asked if Nick was working at Newman or the magazine. Phyllis told Sharon that Nick was at the magazine. Fishing for the reason Sharon wanted to see Nick, Phyllis asked if Noah was okay. Sharon answered only, "Family business," before she left. After Sharon walked out, Phyllis called and canceled her meeting. Phyllis was livid when she arrived at the Abbott mansion to confront Jack. Phyllis told Jack that Sharon was with Nick, looking for comfort. Phyllis fervently demanded that Jack put Sharon on a leash to keep her away from Nick. Jack noticed that Phyllis was obviously disturbed about something, and he asked, "What has you quaking in your boots?"

After Jack posed his question, Phyllis relived a flashback of the sunlit afternoon in Paris when she happened upon Nick kissing Sharon. Phyllis advised Jack to keep Sharon away from Phyllis' family. Phyllis added that Sharon was slipping away from Jack. Jack relived a flashback of the day he saw Nick hugging Sharon in the Abbott mansion's sitting room. Jack looked directly into Phyllis' eyes and announced, "You're wrong." Phyllis responded, "Am I?" Jack was incensed and showed Phyllis the door, but she confronted him about Mexico. Jack acted dumb, but Phyllis grilled him about lying to his wife about where he had been.

Phyllis produced Jack's travel itineraries and hotel receipts, and reminded Jack that he had brazenly used his Restless Style press credentials. Jack maintained his denial of wrongdoing, but Phyllis asked Jack what Sharon would think about his credit-card receipts that showed he spent the night in a sleazy hotel room with a hooker. Phyllis plaintively pleaded with Jack to gain control of his life, because every time he turned his back on Sharon, she ran to Nick. Jack warned Phyllis not to stick her nose in his life or marriage again, because if she did, he would declare war, and Phyllis would lose. After Phyllis left Jack's, she went to see Brad. Brad looked stunned when Phyllis announced that she wanted to discuss Jack and Sharon's marriage.

Sharon showed up at the magazine headquarters to see Nick, who mentioned that the offices were empty because the staff had part of the day off. Before Sharon explained the reason for her visit, Nick mentioned their time in Paris. Sharon seemed a bit surprised when Nick added that he could not stop thinking about their kiss. Sharon admitted that her relationship with Jack wasn't going well, and she asked Nick about his relationship with Phyllis. Nick said he had a great marriage with Phyllis, and he apologized for what had happened in Paris. Sharon suggested that they were reliving the past when their emotions had taken over. Nick agreed, and he thanked Sharon for not allowing the situation to get out of hand. Nick and Sharon agreed to put the matter behind them and remain friends. Before Sharon left, she admitted that Jack had introduced Adam to the man who published the diary that Victor had supposedly penned.

After Sharon returned home from her visit with Nick, Jack said he had to meet with the FBI. Sharon wanted to know what had delayed Jack's meeting, and he abruptly changed the subject. Jack pompously announced that he would be running Jabot. Sharon said the only way Jack could take control of Jabot was through scheming to gain stock, which could lead to a lawsuit. Jack smiled and coolly said, "It's handled. Things are finally looking up for us." Sharon was angry, and remarked that Jack was the only person who could say such a thing just before a meeting with the FBI. After Jack left, Sharon picked up her wedding photo and acted as if she were about to smash it against the edge of a table. Sharon grimaced, said, "It's not worth it," and then set the photo back onto the table.

Nikki arrived at Paul's house after he summoned her. Nikki was agitated and asked Paul why everyone seemed to think that she was falling apart. Paul told Nikki that it was normal to feel stressed after everything she had endured. Nikki spilled her guts and told Paul she felt guilty because she had not reached out to help Kay, and she could not stop agonizing about the mistakes she had made with Victor. Nikki admitted that she could not sleep at night. Nikki added that she would have to accept that Victor might never wish to see her or be with her.

Paul wrapped his arms around Nikki and comforted her. Paul served Nikki a cup of tea, and she apologized for having been testy. Nikki told Paul that she seemed to have lost her way since she was no longer Mrs. Victor Newman. Nikki said she used to discuss the matter with Kay, and she seemed saddened and grieved to think of her dearest friend. Paul advised Nikki to talk to people who loved her. Ashley phoned and told Nikki that Victor wanted to see her. Ashley's phone call puzzled Paul, and he cautioned Nikki to be careful when she approached Victor.

Nikki told Paul that she believed Victor's return to Genoa City was a sign that he was ready to let her back into his life. Nikki added that perhaps Kay's death had prompted Victor to realize that life was too short for resentment. Paul was not convinced, but Nikki explained that she and Victor would always share a connection through their children and grandchildren, so they might as well be civil. Paul volunteered to accompany Nikki when she visited Victor, but Nikki assured Paul that she would be all right. Nikki accepted Paul's offer to let her move in with him for a while, and he promised to have a key made for her.

Adam surprised Heather at her office and gave her a three-stone diamond necklace. Heather told Adam that Victor denied that he had written the diary, and blamed its existence on Adam. Heather kissed Adam to thank him for the gift. Heather's boss, Dennis, barged in, and demanded to speak to Heather alone. Adam stepped out. Through the window of Heather's office door, Adam watched as Dennis animatedly discussed a case with Heather. After Dennis left, Adam returned to Heather's office.

Heather explained to Adam that Michael would soon receive a copy of the diary and have it analyzed. Adam insisted that his publisher had fully vetted the diary, and it would hold up under scrutiny. Heather announced that the FBI would investigate everyone connected to the diary. Heather demanded that Adam explain why he had transferred most of his two-million-dollar advance into a Swiss bank account. Adam asked if Heather wanted to know about the transfer as his fiancée or as the assistant district attorney. Heather answered that as a court officer, she needed to know, and that as his fiancée, she needed to know if she could trust him.

Heather asked Adam if he was hiding the money because he thought he might have to return it, and if he was truly convinced that the journal would hold up in court. Adam said that he opened the Swiss account because Victor had sworn revenge. Adam added that Victor had operatives everywhere, and Adam feared that his money might disappear. Heather seemed torn when Adam said he wanted them to move to Europe and put the ocean between themselves and Victor. Heather explained that she would not quit her job and move away on a whim.

From the visitation room at the jail, Michael told Victor that the Mexican authorities wanted to extradite him. Victor demanded that Michael prevent the extradition. Michael explained that the FBI wanted to question Victor about Walter Palin's ties to the mob. Victor insisted that the FBI knew more about Palin's ties to the mob than he did. Michael warned Victor not to mention that particular fact to the FBI because if he did, agents would certainly put him on the next plane to Mexico.

Victor assured Michael that he did not kill Palin. Victor said that he and Palin went out on a boat, which capsized. Victor explained that he made it to shore, but Palin did not. Michael worried that there were no eyewitnesses, which made the diary a key piece of evidence. Victor maintained that someone had forged the diary, and experts would prove it. Michael said that the judge had granted a request to have the document examined, so he expected to receive the diary soon. Victor demanded to have Adam Wilson prosecuted "to the full extent of the law."

Ashley arrived to visit Victor, and he greeted her with a hug. Victor told Ashley he would be out of jail as soon as his experts examined the so-called diary. Ashley congratulated Victor for having made amends with Victoria. Victor said that Nick had stopped by, as well. Victor said to Ashley, "Thanks to you, I'll start over again once this miserable period of my life is over." Ashley insisted that Nikki also deserved Victor's gratitude. Victor averted Ashley gaze, and he uttered a throaty, "Hmm." Ashley begged Victor to hear her out after he asked her not to mention Nikki's name again.

Victor told Ashley not to play peacemaker. Ashley explained that she never would have found Victor if Nikki had not asked her to do so. Victor said he blamed Nikki for the death of his wife and unborn child. Ashley insisted that Victor could not punish Nikki more than she had already punished herself. Victor was hesitant to discuss the matter, but Ashley pleaded with Victor to release his anger for Nikki, so Nikki could move on with her life. Victor had no response when Ashley told him that he would not be able to move on if he continued to carry so much anger for Nikki. After Ashley convinced Victor to see Nikki, he and Ashley shared a kiss.

Michael arrived with the infamous diary. Victor, Ashley, and Michael donned gloves as they examined the document. Victor immediately recognized the journal, and he said, "I bought this in Mexico." Victor admitted that he had written "Tony Amato" and the directions for taking his medication, but that the rest was forged. Ashley flipped through the pages and noted that the handwriting looked the same. Michael noticed that the same pen wrote the diary entries. Michael added that Adam had claimed he found the journal at the ranch. Victor maintained that while he was in Mexico, he lived in a shack down from the village, and the only visitors were a little girl who brought him food, and Nikki. Victor said he left behind everything he had with him in Mexico.

Michael refused to believe that Nikki would collaborate with Adam, and Ashley agreed. Victor was angry that Nikki had followed him to Mexico, because Adam could have followed her. Michael said that Adam claimed he found the diary in the trash, but Victor thought that Adam was "too stupid to have conceived of the forgery," so Victor theorized that someone aided Adam. Victor ordered Michael to find the person behind the scheme. After Michael left, Victor advised Ashley to return to London. Ashley announced that she planned to return to pick up Abby, so she and Abby could move back to Genoa City. Ashley promised Victor that she planned to be by his side until the truth came out. Victor embraced Ashley. A guard escorted Nikki in to see Victor, and she nervously studied Victor's face.

After Michael left Victor, he visited Nick. Michael told Nick that someone had written Victor's confession in a notebook that Victor had purchased and scribbled in. Nick told Michael that Jack had helped Adam publish the diary.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brad was surprised that Phyllis wanted to discuss Sharon. Phyllis told Brad that she knew that Sharon and Jack's marriage was over. Phyllis said that she could arrange for him to be there when Sharon dumped Jack. Phyllis called Nick and told him she was stuck in traffic and would be there soon. Brad wondered if Phyllis always lied so easily to her husband. Phyllis said that talking about her husband wasn't the reason she was there. Brad said that he wasn't interested in Phyllis' plan. Phyllis said when he changed his mind, he should call her.

Sharon thought about Jack's continuous lies to her. When she saw Brad at the Athletic Club, she told him that she needed a friend. Brad said he would be there whenever she needed him. When Sharon returned home, she told Jack that she had decided to give their marriage one more chance. Jack wondered if she still loved him. Sharon said that of course she loved him; it wasn't about that. She wondered if Jack realized what her life had been like having him lie to her all of the time. Sharon said that if she was going to stay in the relationship, she needed him to be completely honest with her. Jack said that the Jabot deal was his last secret.

Brad decided to call Phyllis about Sharon. Phyllis said that when she called Brad, he needed to go to Sharon. Brad said that when she called, he'd be there, for Sharon's sake.

Nick asked Adam if Jack was his liaison in the diary publication. Adam said that Victor was a thug and was perfectly capable of murder. Nick said that he knew Victor a lot better than Adam did. Adam said he found the diary. Nick told him that he knew Jack was involved. Nick suggested that Adam turn Jack in, and maybe he would get a lighter sentence. Adam said that Nick should get used to seeing Victor in jail.

Nick told Phyllis that he'd been trying to get in to see Victor to tell him that he knew Jack was involved in the diary.

Heather told Jack that they had some questions about his involvement in the publication of Victor's diary. Jack said he had nothing to hide. When Heather asked Jack what was in it for him, Jack said he was just trying to help Adam out. When Jack went home, Adam was waiting for him. Adam was frantic. Jack told Adam to stop feeling guilty. He said if they kept their heads, they would get through it just fine. He told Adam to go home to Heather. When Adam returned home, he talked to Heather about Jack's interview. Heather said that she knew that Jack was hiding something. Adam said that was the way Jack was; he was probably just distracted. Adam said that he knew Jack and Sharon's marriage was falling apart. Heather said that she kept forgetting that Adam and Jack were pals.

While Neil and Olivia played cards, Tyra got ready for her date with Gil. Neil told Tyra that her outfit was too skimpy. After Tyra and Gil left, Neil said that Tyra was too good for Gil. Olivia asked Neil if he loved Karen. She told him that she had something to say, but he wouldn't like it. Olivia didn't think Neil should marry Karen. Olivia said that Neil didn't have the chemistry with Karen that he did with Drucilla. Olivia felt that he could have that with Tyra. Neil was surprised that Olivia mentioned Tyra as a potential mate. Olivia told Neil that he was crazy if he hadn't noticed that Tyra liked him. When Karen came home, Neil told her that he had something special for her. He told her that he knew that she had already said yes, but he wanted to make it official. Neil presented Karen with a beautiful engagement ring.

On Tyra's date with Gil, Gil mentioned once again that Tyra seemed too young to be Ana's mom. Tyra asked Gil if he had family coming in for the holidays. Gil said that he was on his own. Tyra told Gil that he should come by Neil's. Gil didn't want to intrude, but Tyra begged him to join them. When Tyra and Gil returned to Neil's, Gil kissed Tyra at the door. Tyra had a faraway look in her eyes.

Ashley ran into Olivia at the Athletic Club. Ashley was shocked to hear that Nate was in medical school. Ashley asked Olivia if she'd like to get a drink. Olivia couldn't believe that Ashley was dating Victor again. Olivia was worried about Ashley, considering her checkered past with Victor. Ashley appreciated Olivia's concern, but said that being with Victor just felt right.

Nikki told Victor how glad she was that he asked to see her. Victor asked her if she was involved in the publication of the diary. Nikki said she had nothing to do with it. Victor wondered how the journal he had in Mexico ended up in Genoa City. He told Nikki that he never should have let her be a part of his life. Nikki said that she had been guilt-ridden over what had happened. She couldn't believe that Ashley would want to go down that road again. Victor asked Nikki if she was finished. Nikki said she was finished with Victor. Victor told her to get out; he never wanted to see her face again.

Nick went to see his father in jail to tell him that Jack hooked up Adam with the New York publisher. Nick said that he was betting that Jack was a lot more involved than he was letting on. Victor said he had a feeling that Adam wasn't the sole source behind the fake diary.

Nikki went to Paul and told him that she stood up for herself when Victor accused her of being involved in the diary scandal. Paul said that he was proud of her. Nikki said that she was proud of herself. Paul set up the couch and told Nikki that she could sleep in the bedroom. Nikki said that Paul was a good friend. Nikki told Paul she didn't know what she'd have done without him over the previous few months. Paul reminded Nikki of the first time they had met. As they reminisced, Paul looked into Nikki's eyes and they kissed. After they made love, Paul asked Nikki if she was having second thoughts. Nikki said no way. Paul said he felt like they were kids again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Murphy brought Katherine, who still thought that she was Marge, to the diner where Marge worked. The boss, Joe, yelled at Katherine, telling her that it was about time she showed up.

Pearl, another waitress at the diner, was happy to see "Marge" back. Katherine was mixing up orders, and, when Joe yelled at her, Katherine said that she was doing the best that she could. Pearl warned Katherine to "stop hitting the sauce," or Joe might fire her. Katherine insisted that she hadn't had a drop to drink.

When Joe yelled at Katherine again, she told him that she didn't like being treated that way. Joe asked Katherine if she thought she was the "Queen of England." Katherine said that if they were in England, they wouldn't be celebrating Thanksgiving.

At the end of her shift, Katherine told Murphy how much her feet were hurting her. Murphy noticed that Katherine had made quite a bit of tip money. Katherine took the money and put it in a collection jar for the homeless. She told Murphy that if she was going to be a waitress, then she was going to be the best waitress there ever had been.

At Paul's, Nikki and Paul woke up in bed together. Nikki said that she couldn't remember the last time that she had slept so well. Nikki asked Paul if he was going to spend Thanksgiving with Heather, but he told her that Heather was angry with him. Nikki apologized for having come between Paul and Heather. Nikki invited Paul to spend Thanksgiving with the Newman family. They agreed to keep their romantic fling a secret for the time being.

Victoria and Nick visited Victor at the jail. Victor told them that Nikki had visited him, and that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with her. Victor still blamed Nikki for bringing his notebook to Genoa City after she had found him in Mexico. Victor hoped that the diary would soon be proved a forgery, and that he would be able to spend Christmas with his family.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane and Chloe showed up for Thanksgiving dinner. When Esther offered to take their coats, Chloe reminded her that she no longer had to act like a servant.

Billy arrived at the mansion, entered the living room, and was unpleasantly surprised to see Jill hugging Cane. When Billy wished Jill a happy Thanksgiving, Jill told Billy and Cane that Katherine would have wanted the three of them to be together that day.

Jill told Billy that she had spent some time at Katherine's grave earlier that day. When Billy asked Jill why she didn't call him to join her, she said that she needed to spend some time there alone. Jill said that she had spent many years being driven crazy by Katherine, but would do anything to see Katherine alive.

Later, Cane thanked Billy for comforting Lily when she had seen Cane buying some books for the Ashbys' baby. Billy told Cane that he should stay away from Lily. Lily sent Billy a text message, asking him to visit her at Neil's. Billy told Cane about the message. Jill overheard, and was surprised to find out that Billy and Lily had become friends. Billy left to head over to Neil's.

After dinner, Esther started whining that Katherine's seat at the dinner table would be forever empty. When Jill asked Esther to be quiet, Esther started arguing with Jill. Esther told Jill that she had been friends with Katherine for over 25 years. Just when Jill was about to blow her top, Esther reminded Jill that she owned half of the Chancellor estate, and there was nothing that Jill could do to get rid of her.

Chloe told Cane, Jill, and Esther that she had been to the doctor, and that her baby was going to be a girl. Jill was thrilled when Chloe said that she and Cane were planning on naming the baby "Katherine." When Jill asked Esther to get some champagne, Esther reminded Jill that she was no longer a servant.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack, Sharon, and Noah prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. Noah reminded Sharon to put out the paper turkey that Cassie had made many years earlier. When Noah walked toward the dining room, Jack thanked Sharon for giving him a second chance. Sharon said that it would take a while before she could trust Jack again.

After a rather tense dinner, Jack suggested that he and Noah watch football. Sharon reminded Jack that she had to take Noah to the Athletic Club for the Newman Thanksgiving celebration.

Jack received a phone call, and pretended that it was from Traci. He walked away from Noah and Sharon, and told the person on the line that, "Everything is going pretty much as we planned." When Jack returned to the living room, he lied to Sharon and said that Traci had invited them to spend a weekend in New York before Christmas. As Noah and Sharon left, Noah said, "Great. The relatives are all together, but Grandpa is in jail." Jack had a guilty look on his face.

Heather and Adam dined at the Athletic Club. Adam was happy because the two of them could spend the day together without any mention of Victor's diary. Heather and Adam agreed that their families had been less than supportive of them. They vowed that it would be the first of a lifetime of Thanksgivings that they would spend together.

The Newman family -- Nikki, Nick, Phyllis, Summer, Victoria, J.T., and Reed -- plus invited guest, Paul, all took their places at a table at the Athletic Club. Just as Nikki said that she would never again shed a tear over Victor, Heather and Adam walked by the Newmans' table. Adam said that the only way the family would see Victor again was through prison bars. As Heather and Adam walked off, Nick told them it was only a matter of time before it was proved that Adam was involved in forging Victor's so-called diary.

In Heather's hotel suite, Adam presented Heather a box containing mistletoe. He told Heather he wanted to have a Christmas wedding. Heather, obviously agreeing, hugged and kissed Adam.

Noah and Sharon showed up at the Athletic Club to join the rest of the Newman family for dessert. Sharon and Phyllis stared daggers at each other across the table. All of the Newmans discussed how grateful they were to have such a wonderful family.

Neil had quite a crowd at his apartment for Thanksgiving dinner -- Karen, Devon, Lily, Tyra, Ana, and Gil. Tyra admired Karen's engagement ring. Gil received a call that another detective had called in sick, so he needed to fill in down at the police station. Gil left. Later, at the police station, Gil was handed a missing child report -- and was shocked to see that the child reported missing was Ana!

Neil was surprised to learn that Lily was becoming good friends with Billy. When Billy showed up at Neil's door, Neil told him that he thought it inappropriate for Billy to be seeing Lily. Lily saw Billy at the door and invited him in. Tyra told Billy what a great woman Katherine was. The rest of the group agreed.

Gil showed up at Neil's with a social worker, Marisol Peña. Gil told the group that Yolanda Hamilton had reported that her daughter, Ana, was missing. Tyra and Neil told Gil that, for all intents and purposes, Tyra was Ana's mother, as Yolanda was a drug addict who was unable to care for Ana. Tyra admitted that she was actually Ana's aunt.

When Ana returned from visiting a friend, Gil and Marisol told the group that they had to take Ana away and place her in foster care. When Neil pleaded with Gil not to take Ana away, Gil suggested that they hire a good attorney. Marisol told Ana to come with her. Ana began crying hysterically.

Jack visited Victor at the jail. Jack told him that he was reflecting on how grateful he was that Victor was behind bars. Victor told Jack that he had been wondering how long it would take for Jack to show his face. As Jack gloated, Victor told Jack that he wouldn't find things so funny when the authorities found Jack's fingerprints all over the so-called diary. Jack said that the diary proved that Victor was capable of murder. Victor said that he didn't murder Walter Palin -- that he had never murdered anyone. Referring to Jack, Victor said that he might change his mind when he got out of jail. Victor ordered Jack out.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumes on Monday, December 1st where Wednesday, November 26th's episode concluded.

If you're in the mood for a little Thanksgiving leftovers, this is a good time to check out some of our archived content. We have daily recaps dating all the way back to 1996. Take a trip down memory lane or, if you're a newer viewers, find out what you've missed out on! Click here for more information about our Daily Recaps Archive.

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