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The autopsy results indicated that Hope had died of Rh disease. Dr. Joplin took her own life after the results were announced. Marty had mixed feelings for Todd. Téa returned to town, and Moe and Noelle relocated to Llanview. Tess emerged during Jessica's therapy session and insisted that Jessica had the wrong baby. Lola asked Dorian to help Vanessa. Shane didn't want to desert Brody.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 1, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, December 1, 2008

"Buenos Dias!"

Viki entered Carlotta's diner at Charlie's request, and was amazed to find that the Angel Square Diner had been transformed into a replica of the Bonjour Café. After informing Viki that the diner was the Buenos Dias Café, he maintained that he had built the diner for her. Charlie stated that Carlotta had agreed to the changes after he explained the history of the Bonjour Café. Looking around the newly constructed diner, Viki exclaimed that she had many things to be thankful for. Charlie told Viki that he hoped that the new diner would open up possibilities for her, just as the Bonjour Café once had. Forgetting her troubles, Viki reminisced about the happy times she shared with her friends from the Bonjour Café. When Charlie directed Viki's attention towards the door, she was pleasantly surprised to see Moe, Noelle, and Gigi enter the diner. As Viki greeted her old friends, they happily announced that Charlie was solely responsible for the reunion. In tears, Viki thanked Charlie and gave him a loving hug.

While Moe prepared a Thanksgiving Day feast, Noelle told Viki that she and Moe were engaged. When Viki related that Moe was a perfect match for Noelle, her friend reminded her that Charlie was a good man who truly loved Viki. Viki silently watched Charlie as he joked with Moe in the kitchen. Later, Charlie announced that he wasn't giving up on Viki and asked her for another chance.

At La Boulaie, Dorian had a chef prepare a gourmet dinner, but everyone was disappointed to learn that the Thanksgiving dinner didn't include a turkey or the other traditional side dishes. After insulting Langston's cousin, Lola, Dorian continued to fuss over the exotic dishes that were on the dinner menu. Sensing that Dorian was dealing with the recent family tragedies in her own way, Langston and Addie urged her to take it easy. Admitting that she felt terrible over the family's troubles, Dorian continued to compensate by fussing over the special meal. Along with Langston and Addie, Starr and Blair begged Dorian not to turn Thanksgiving Day into a fiasco.

Dorian answered the door and was startled to find her old friend Mel standing there. Dressed as a delivery person, Mel told Dorian that she was being impossible. Mel suggested that Dorian help her family endure their loss by simply enjoying their company. To everyone's surprise, Dorian returned and expressed her love for each individual member of her family. When Markko mentioned that Carlotta had hired him back at the diner, Dorian announced that she would place a call to see if the diner was open for Thanksgiving.

At Cris's loft, Vanessa wondered if she and Lola should leave town before they caused Cristian any further problems with Sarah.

Returning to her apartment, Sarah bolted through the door and expressed her frustration over Vanessa staying at Cris's loft. After Talia and Antonio questioned Sarah about her terrible mood, she related the incident in which she found Cris comforting a half-dressed Vanessa. Admitting that Cris hadn't acted improperly, she asked Antonio why his brother was such a caring individual. Moments later, Cris called and apologized. Upon accepting Cris's apology, Sarah informed him that his entire family was present, and asked him to join them for dinner at the apartment. Realizing that his houseguest couldn't be left alone, Sarah told him to bring Vanessa, who the judge had ordered to remain in Cris's custody.

Afterwards, Sarah hung up and expressed her displeasure over the fact that Vanessa would be accompanying Cris. When Sarah announced that she hoped that Vanessa would soon be deported back to Colombia, Talia told her friend about Ray Montez's allegation against Vanessa. After swearing Sarah to secrecy, Talia informed her that Ray had stated that he didn't kill Lola's mother and that Vanessa framed him and manipulated Lola into confirming her story. Talia believed that it was possible that Vanessa had shot Ray for the sole purpose of keeping him from exposing the truth. As she listened to Talia's news, Sarah's rage toward Vanessa intensified.

Carlotta, Jamie, Layla, Antonio, Talia, Cris, and Vanessa ate Thanksgiving dinner together. An angered Sarah listened as Vanessa credited Cris for protecting her and Lola from the murderous Ray Montez. Unable to contain herself, Sarah blurted out the information that she had learned from Talia. Instantly, tempers flared. Vanessa and Sarah lashed out at each other, Antonio blamed Talia for revealing official police information, and Sarah verbally attacked Cris after he insisted that she'd had a few too many cocktails. Fed up with the conflict, Carlotta reminded everyone that Thanksgiving was a day of thanks, and she refused to tolerate the arguing. After calming everyone down, Carlotta suggested that they join the party that Charlie was throwing at the diner.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Matthew entertained Bo, Rex, Roxy, and Shane with a story about Grandpa Asa. After hearing stories about Matthew's grandfather, Shane wondered who his grandfather was. When Rex gave Roxy a knowing look, a look of panic crossed her face.

Out in the foyer, Cole encountered Nora, who was waiting for the caterer to arrive with Thanksgiving dinner. After Nora explained that Marty wished to spend Thanksgiving alone upstairs, Cole blamed himself. Concerned that he would ruin everyone's holiday, Cole insisted upon leaving, but Clint asked him to stay. After apologizing for his past actions, Clint commended Cole on being a responsible and caring young man. Nora and Clint were both pleased when Cole agreed to stay for dinner.

Clint, Cole, Nora, and Renee joined Bo, Matthew, Roxy, and Shane in the living room. As Bo made a toast, Natalie and Jared surprised everyone when they entered the room. While Natalie listened, Jared apologized for the trouble he had caused the family and assured them that he had true feelings for Natalie. Jared made a special plea for forgiveness to Renee. Before Renee could respond, Natalie told her family that she loved Jared and would only stay if he were allowed to. Embracing Natalie, Renee told her that the family wanted to spend the holiday with her. Renee politely informed Jared that he could join the family for dinner.

As everyone anticipated Thanksgiving dinner, Nora entered the room and announced that the caterer had lost control of the van. Everyone groaned when they learned that the van had landed in Asa's moat, along with Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone began pouring into the Buenos Dias Café for Thanksgiving dinner. When Shane noticed Moe and Noelle, he happily greeted them. Gigi smiled as she watched Shane introduce Moe and Noelle to his dad. Later, Viki stared around the room and watched the activity at the café. The Buchanans, Vegas, Cramers, Balsoms, Bankses, McBains, and several others enjoyed Moe's Thanksgiving Day feast.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fault Lines

Marty was startled awake after a vivid dream of the night that she and Todd had sex. Nora brought in a breakfast tray a few minutes later and offered Marty a glass of orange juice. Marty was still disturbed by the dream and talked to Nora about it. Nora quickly sprang to Marty's defense when Marty began beating herself up for believing all of Todd's lies. Nora didn't think Marty had anything to be ashamed of because Marty's love for Todd had been pure. Marty wasn't comforted by the observation, which prompted Nora to suggest therapy. Marty dismissed the idea immediately. She didn't think a therapist could help Marty deal with the ugly truth that she missed her rapist. Nora empathized and told Marty about her disastrous marriage to Daniel Colson.

Marty was stunned to learn that Nora's ex-husband had been a homosexual with political aspirations that drove him to hide his sexuality. As Marty listened, Nora revealed that Daniel had gone to unimaginable dark lengths to keep his secrets and in the end had landed in jail for his efforts. When Nora finished her sad tale, Marty asked her when the pain had stopped. Nora told her that with time it would fade, like a scar. She pointed out that Marty was not in love with the real Todd but rather with a lie that Todd had created. Nora went on to tell Marty that what had truly helped Nora deal with Daniel's betrayal was being a mother to Matthew. Marty didn't think that was an option for her, given her extensive memory loss. Nora disagreed and, after a brief pep talk, offered to take Marty out for lunch at the new Buenos Dias Café, followed by a shopping spree for new clothes.

Todd was surprised when the guard announced that he had a visitor. A few minutes later, Starr was shown into Todd's room. Todd's joy at seeing his daughter was quickly eclipsed by tension when Starr asked him if he had truly intended to kidnap her baby. Instead of answering, Todd told Starr that he was deeply sorry for the loss that she had suffered. Starr wasn't moved by Todd's condolences. She repeated her question and demanded an answer. She felt that, at the very least, her father owed her the truth. Todd reluctantly confessed that he had indeed planned on taking Starr's daughter and raising it with Marty. Despite having known the truth when she asked the question, Starr seemed shocked to hear her father admit to his nefarious deeds. Todd, however, was quick to justify his actions and defend himself with the argument that he had changed his mind about taking Hope at the last minute. Starr was unimpressed and accused Todd of lying. She felt that Todd's reasons for taking the baby had nothing to do with anyone but Todd. Starr went on to condemn her father for what he had done to Marty. She was disgusted that he had never disclosed to Marty that he was her rapist. Todd insisted that his love for Marty had changed him. He said Marty's love for him changed his mind about taking Starr's baby. Starr remained unmoved by her father's declarations of love. She told him that he didn't know the meaning of the word love and then walked out of his room.

Later, Todd looked into the mirror while Starr and Marty's voices rang through his head. Marty accused him of raping her all over again while Starr repeatedly asked him why he had plotted to take her baby from her. The guard interrupted the tumultuous thoughts by announcing another visitor.

Roxy found John at the Buenos Dias Café and immediately began grilling him about whom he would choose: Blair or Marty. John was tight-lipped and refused to discuss his personal life with Roxy. Roxy wasn't deterred and continued hammering away at him, but John proved to be stubborn. Eventually he reminded her of her hair salon and managed to shoo Roxy away. John was about to call Blair on his cell phone when Nora and Marty walked into the diner.

Blair was looking for Starr, but found Dorian instead. Dorian was busy in La Boulaie's kitchen bagging up the untouched gourmet Thanksgiving dinner that the family had abandoned. She intended to donate it to a shelter. Blair was stunned when Dorian informed her that Starr had gone to school with Langston. Blair felt that Starr needed more time to deal with the birth and death of her infant daughter. Dorian disagreed and insisted that what Starr needed were answers about the cause of death of her child. Blair said that Starr had too much on her plate to deal with and warned Dorian to drop the matter. Dorian switched gears by telling Blair that she knew John had recently spent the night in Blair's bed.

Blair made it clear that she and John had slept in her bed, not had sex. Afterwards they had talked and played cards. Blair felt that John had turned to her because he needed time to be still and think. Dorian was skeptical, but didn't pursue it. Instead, Dorian focused on Blair's relationship with John. Dorian worried that John would use Blair as his fallback plan if things didn't work out with Marty. Blair appreciated her aunt's concern but reassured Dorian that she was perfectly capable of looking out for herself. They were soon interrupted by a phone call from Dr. Joplin advising her that the baby's autopsy results were back.

Marcie asked Michael for a ride to the hospital. Marcie wanted to see Dr. Joplin to ask her about Hope's passing. Michael worried that learning how the baby had died would be too hard on Marcie. Marcie explained that she had given up everything for Hope, including Michael. Marcie needed to know, for her peace of mind, what had taken Hope. The issue became moot minutes later when Dr. Joplin called to let Marcie know that she had the baby's autopsy results.

Dr. Joplin was in the process of filling out an NICU Admissions Form for Starr's baby when a knock at her door interrupted it. It was the coroner with autopsy results for baby Hope. Dr. Joplin was distraught when she learned that the baby could have been saved with a simple blood transfusion. Bob told Dr. Joplin that she should have caught the condition but went on to say that NICU shared the blame because they should have, as well. Dr. Joplin admitted that she had been under tremendous stress and was overworked. Bob was sympathetic, but pointed out that she should have asked for help if she felt overwhelmed. After he left, Dr. Joplin opened up her laptop and brought up the NICU admissions form.

Marcie, Michael, Dorian, and Blair were gathered in Dr. Joplin's waiting room when Starr walked in and announced that she had paid her father a visit. Blair was upset but Starr explained that it was something that she had needed to do. Their conversation was cut short when Dr. Joplin opened her door and invited everyone into her office. Dorian immediately began making threats about investigating the cause of baby Hope's death but Dr. Joplin interrupted her mid-tirade with an announcement. She informed everyone that the autopsy results were in. Everyone was startled when Dr. Joplin took full responsibility for the baby's death.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guns N' Roses

John stood as Nora and Marty approached him at the Buenos Dias Café. He offered them his vacated booth and turned to leave, but Nora waylaid him. She wanted to discuss Todd's case and asked John to join them. John agreed and took a seat across from the ladies. When Nora questioned John about Janet, Marty became upset. She realized that her relationship with Janet had been another lie. John wore an expression of concern but said nothing as Marty struggled to deal with the latest betrayal. Meanwhile, Nora received a call then announced that she had to leave on urgent business. She offered to take Marty home, but John stepped in and suggested that Marty order lunch, after which he would drive her home. Marty accepted John's invitation. After Nora left, Marty told John that she had heard about his resignation from the police force. John said little until Marty expressed her gratitude for him rescuing her from Todd's house. He told her that he would have followed her to New Mexico if it had been necessary.

Viki was shown into Todd's room at the hospital. Todd realized immediately that his sister's visit wasn't prompted by concern for his welfare. Viki was furious with Todd. She accused him of failing his family when they had needed him most. She pointed out the dangers that Bree, Natalie, and Jessica had faced because Todd had kept quiet about Tess. Todd didn't seem to understand Viki's anger. He felt that since things had worked out for Natalie and Jared, no real harm had been done. Viki's fury mounted when Todd began to view himself as the victim. He showed her the injury on his face and reminded her that it was an exact replica of his previous badge of dishonor following Marty's rape. When Todd talked about his love for Marty and hers for him, Viki called him delusional. She told him that she would never forgive him for what he had done to her daughters, and then accused Todd of being their father's son. Finally, Viki turned her back on Todd and walked out.

A short time later, Todd's guard returned to the room to check on him. As he turned his back on Todd, to leave, Todd stared at the officer's gun.

At the hospital, Natalie and Jared looked through the nursery window and watched Chloe. Natalie confided that her niece gave her a feeling of hope.

Marcie, Michael, Starr, Dorian, and Blair were gathered in Dr. Joplin's office as she told everyone that Hope could have been saved. Dr. Joplin went on to explain that baby Hope had died of a treatable condition called Rh disease. Dorian was outraged and asked Dr. Joplin how she could have missed what any first year resident would have spotted. Michael was surprised, as well. He knew that there were early signs of the disease that should have been diagnosed during prenatal care visits. Marcie and Starr were confused about the disease. Michael explained that the condition developed when a child's blood leaked from the placenta and didn't match the mother's blood. Starr was devastated and blamed herself for Hope's death. Dr. Joplin rushed to assure Starr that she had been a model patient and had done everything right for her daughter. Dr. Joplin took full responsibility for the baby's death, but Dorian wasn't satisfied. She was furious and demanded to know why Hope had never been admitted to NICU. Dr. Joplin lied and said that Hope had died en route. Dorian didn't appear to believe her, and warned her that she intended to have Dr. Joplin's medical license revoked.

With nothing left to say, everyone began to file out of Dr. Joplin's office until she was alone. Dr. Joplin looked completely shattered. She picked up a picture of her son and stared at it.

Jessica had her first session with Dr. Levin. When she walked into his office, she told him that she wanted to fast-track her recovery. Jessica was desperate to return to Bree and Chloe. Jessica was also upset that she could not remember Chloe's birth or what kind of prenatal care she had. Dr. Levin was understanding and told Jessica that he was would help her get home to her children. He then began talking about Nash's death. He felt that it was the trauma of witnessing Nash's fall that had triggered Tess's return. Jessica was reluctant to discuss it. She confessed that the thought of Nash's death greatly angered her.

Dr. Levin then brought up Bess. He told Jessica that he had talked to Viki and they had agreed that Bess was a gatekeeper of sorts. Jessica wondered why Bess had not manifested the first time Tess had appeared. Dr. Levin suggested that perhaps she had, but no one had realized it. He then suggested talking to Bess and asking her what she was hiding. He felt that Bess's cooperation was the key to a successful integration. Jessica reminded the doctor that she could not call out her alter egos at will. Dr. Levin proposed hypnotizing Jessica. Jessica agreed and within a short time, Bess had emerged. Bess held fast to her secret and would only say that Jessica needed to be at home with her children, not in a sanitarium. When Dr. Levin decided that he wanted to talk to Tess, Bess appeared rattled. She refused to cooperate, but Dr. Levin reminded her that he was in charge, not Bess. To prove his point, Dr. Levin called for Tess to emerge. When she did, Tess immediately sprang from the sofa and tried to walk out of the office. She was furious when she found the office door locked. Tess turned to Dr. Levin and demanded to know what he planned to do about Jessica being given the wrong baby.

Viki found Natalie and Jared by the hospital's nursery. Natalie sensed that her mother was troubled and asked her about it. Viki told them that she had been to see Todd, but she didn't want to discuss it. She had good news. Chloe's doctor had called and told her that the baby was ready to be released. Natalie was thrilled and she and Jared left to make arrangements. A short time later, Starr approached Viki at the nursery. She was holding a bouquet of flowers for Jessica. Viki was touched by her niece's generosity. After she hugged Starr and offered her condolences, Viki told Starr that Jessica had left the hospital. Starr handed the flowers to Viki and walked up to the nursery window to look at the babies. She asked which child was Viki's granddaughter. When Viki pointed Chloe out, Starr studied the tiny infant. She turned to Viki and told her that the little girl was perfect.

Michael took Marcie home. She was heartbroken over the cause of Hope's death. Marcie dissolved into tears while Michael held her. After Marcie poured her heart out to him, Michael suggested that it might help Marcie if she arranged a funeral for her daughter.

Blair and Dorian went to the Buenos Dias Café for lunch. Blair stopped short when she saw John and Marty sitting in a nearby booth.

Nora was on her way to Todd's room at the hospital when she heard a single gunshot ring out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

First, Do No Harm

Spying John and Marty together, Blair hesitated before entering the diner. Dorian gave her a pep talk, ordering her to "Cramer up!" and introduce herself to Marty. Finally getting up her courage, Blair walked over to the couple's table and did just that. After an uncomfortable but short silence, Marty directed a difficult question toward Blair, asking if they were really mortal enemies as Todd had suggested they were. As Blair acknowledged that they had experienced some ongoing problems, John quickly maintained that it was all lies. Blair added that their problems had all been due to Todd but that she was finally free of him. Marty hastily declared that she was not free, since she was in love with him. She stated that the affair between John and Blair, while Blair was still married, was also the cause of much angst.

As Marty demanded to know the truth, Blair attempted to explain that Todd had always only cared about himself and had lied to her many times, too. She pointed out their similarities with the man, reminding Marty that Blair had fallen in love with Todd, as well. With anger rising in her voice, Marty reminded Blair that Todd hadn't raped Blair as he had Marty. Dorian headed to the back of the diner to spend time with Moe, engaging in drowning her sorrows in good food. She invited him to a dinner party and was appalled to learn that he was heading back to Texas. She assured him that he was wasting his talents there.

As John tried to make himself invisible, Blair agreed that circumstances were not the same. She mentioned how she herself had been at Todd's place twice and how John had searched endlessly for Marty. Deciding it was time to end the conversation, Blair mentioned that she had to leave, and John asked if he could call her. Marty wasn't finished, though. She challenged Blair, suggesting that Blair really did still hate her and wasn't interested in her welfare at all. Marty felt that Blair only wanted to know what was going on between Marty and John, worried that her own relationship with John could be in jeopardy. Blair repeated that she and John had not had an affair while she was married to Todd. Dorian joined the group. Not one to mince words, she turned to John and asked, "What is going on with you and Marty?"

At St. Anne's, Tess continued her session with Dr. Levin and insisted that Jessica was given the wrong baby. She recalled that when the baby was born, she looked exactly like Nash, but Jessica bailed and didn't see the baby. She wanted to know what happened to her real baby, because the one they had was not the right one. The doctor, not taking Tess seriously, felt that she missed Nash and was merely extending that to the newborn. As Tess carried on, she came close to the doctor, and, reaching into his pocket, lifted his keys. She bolted for the door, unlocked it, and ran into the hallway-right into a very confused Brody, who was more than perplexed when she flirted and asked him who he was. Reminding her that they had met previously, he listened to her whispered pleas for help. "They took my kid. Do you have any idea what that feels like," she asked him.

Dr. Levin, with an orderly standing nearby, waited patiently for Tess to return to his office. As she told Brody she'd make it worth his while, the doctor asked to speak to Bess again. As everyone looked on, Bess returned and extended her apologies to Brody, while assuring the doctor that Jessica indeed had the correct baby. The doctor asked for Jessica to return and, when she did, she wondered why Brody was there. She was informed that both Tess and Bess had put in appearances and that Tess had insisted the baby Jessica had was not hers. Dr. Levin promised to get to the bottom of it. Finished with Jessica's session, Dr. Levin summoned Brody into his office for the young man's own scheduled appointment. Brody apologized for showing up early, but he had been anxious to get started so that he could leave St. Anne's as soon as possiible.

At the hospital, Viki embraced Starr and proudly pointed out her new granddaughter in the nursery. Starr explained the results of Hope's autopsy and how she thought the baby's death was her fault. Instead, she learned that it was the doctor's error. Nearby, Todd's guard took off after the gunshot, leaving his prisoner alone. Nora made her way in the direction of the sound and found herself at Dr. Joplin's office. She walked in and screamed for help. Dr. Joplin was dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

Reassuring her niece, Viki was tongue-tied when Starr suddenly asked why Todd always did what he did. She added that something was seriously wrong with her father, and wondered why he was still living while Hope was dead. While Starr vowed to say goodbye to her baby at the funeral, she strongly felt that it was Todd who needed to be buried instead, because he was bad. Viki didn't think Starr's thoughts were appropriate. As they talked, Todd dressed himself in his guard's absence, planning a quick escape from the hospital. In Dr. Joplin's office, Antonio wondered what Nora was doing there, as the doctor was pronounced dead. It was noted that Starr was Joplin's last appointment of the day and the baby's autopsy report was on the desk. He confirmed the results of the meeting with Michael. Nora mentioned that she had a meeting with Todd when she had heard the shot and changed direction.

Insisting that she didn't want to be like Todd, Starr remembered how bad she was when she was young. Perhaps that was why Hope died, she stated adamantly. She wondered if she had been bad because she wanted her dad to love her. He had never loved anyone, especially her, she continued. Viki ordered her to stop, and insisted that Starr was wrong and that Todd loved her. She reminded Starr of how Todd had met his daughter in Viki's attic. She admitted that she couldn't answer Starr's questions regarding Todd's actions, but she knew that Starr would be able to go on, due to all of the love in her heart. As Todd pondered his next move, a staff person arrived at his room with magazines. He learned that Dr. Joplin had committed suicide. Antonio grew angrier when he learned that Todd had been left alone.

Sneaking out of his room, Todd didn't get very far before Antonio and Nora caught him. "You going someplace?" Nora asked him. Innocently, Todd indicated that he got dressed when he heard the shot. Nora cast doubts on his actions and indicated that he might have even been involved in the shooting. Noting that Todd had dressed himself was all that Nora needed to move him out of the hospital. As they left, they came face-to-face with Starr and Viki. Starr, holding baby Chloe and talking to her, quickly handed the baby back to her aunt and ran off.

As Rex, Gigi, and Shane arrived at the beauty salon for Shane's haircut, the boy steadfastly refused to pose for the family's Christmas card. Rex reluctantly agreed to cancel their photo session. Walking into the salon, he saw Roxy working on Noelle's hair. Mortified, Noelle was attempting to explain that the wild hair was not what she wanted. Roxy wanted Rex to give his opinion but he ably deflected. Outside, Shane tried to explain his reasons for not wanting the family to pose for their card. It had nothing to do with his feelings for Rex, he told his mom, but for Brody. He felt bad for Brody and didn't want him to see the card and think that Shane didn't care about him any longer. Gigi assured her son that it was okay to like both Rex and Brody, and that Brody knew how Shane felt about him. Gigi suggested that Shane use some of her photos and make his own card for Brody. Shane readily agreed and changed his mind on the Balsom family portrait, though he still refused the haircut.

Moe arrived and asked if Noelle's hair was combed with an eggbeater. He announced that they were not returning to Texas.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hasta La Vista, Bonjour

Cristian and Vanessa paid Nora a visit at the police station and asked for advice on how to prevent Vanessa from being deported. Preoccupied with ensuring that Todd was charged and processed quickly, Nora's only advice was to present a compelling argument stating why Vanessa needed asylum. Unable to provide them with much hope, Nora ended the conversation when she noticed a shackled Todd being escorted into the station. Cris promised Vanessa that he would fight to keep her and Lola from being deported.

Nora approached Todd and advised him of his rights. When Todd questioned Nora about Marty's physical and mental health, Nora responded by reminding Todd of the time Margaret held him captive and lied to him about his family. After Todd was processed, Nora accompanied him to his cell. A defeated Todd asked Nora if she was thrilled that he was finally behind bars. With a look of regret, Nora informed Todd that she took very little pleasure in his imprisonment because the circumstances had cost Marty and Cole dearly. A relentless Todd maintained that he loved Marty and that she would never testify against him. Fed up with Todd's behavior, Nora left him alone to his own devices. Todd mumbled to himself, "She loves me!"

At the diner, Marty accused Blair of seeking information about her because they both had been involved with John. As John looked on, Blair tried to convince Marty that she didn't harness any ill will against her, but Marty remained unconvinced and continued to berate Blair about her feelings for John. Dorian interrupted Marty's outburst, and questioned John about his intentions towards both Blair and Marty. Seizing the opportunity to gather information, Dorian inquired about Marty's feelings for John and wondered if she had any intentions of resuming their relationship. After learning of Dorian's identity, Marty lashed out at her and accused Dorian of seeking information out of concern for Blair. Humiliated, both John and Blair attempted to quiet Dorian, to no avail. While Dorian continued to harass her, Marty stood her ground and refused to be intimidated.

Ignoring Blair's pleas to leave, Dorian asked if Marty had regained her memory. Unable to contain herself any longer, Marty exploded. Near tears, Marty stated that the only memories that she had were of Todd. Consumed with guilt, Marty said that she had fallen in love with Todd. She expressed her regret that feelings of Todd were all that she had left, and she declared revenge against him. Embarrassed, Blair dragged Dorian out of the diner.

Langston, Markko, and Cole arrived at La Boulaie and were surprised to find a troubled Lola. As Addie listened, Lola informed the teens that she would be leaving Llanview because she and Vanessa were being deported. When Langston questioned if the government could deport Lola, Addie mentioned that the government was taking an active stand in regards to immigration. Langton wondered how Addie would have knowledge of immigration laws. To everyone's surprise, Addie announced that she had plans to run for mayor in the year 2010 and that immigration reform would be the centerpiece of her campaign. Langston, Markko, and Cole promised to stand by Lola and prevent the deportation.

Moments later, Dorian and Blair arrived home. Cole overheard Blair scolding Dorian about her harassment of Marty. After demanding to know what Dorian had done to his mother, Cole ran off to check on her. Upon learning that Lola and Vanessa were facing deportation, Dorian insisted on assigning her team of lawyers to the case and assured the teens that Lola would remain in Llanview. Overjoyed by Dorian's act of kindness, the teens thanked her, and Lola left to inform Vanessa and Cris of the good news. Afterward, Blair accused Dorian of being controlling and pleaded with her to apologize to Marty. Insisting that she had acted in Blair's best interest, Dorian refused to apologize.

Alone with John, Marty told him that she needed time to herself. John complied and left the diner without her. Marty sat alone in the diner and wept. Cole was stunned to find his mother in tears. When Cole offered to take her home, Marty insisted on visiting her grave.

At the cemetery, Marty found the letter that Cole had written to her on the anniversary of her apparent death. Marty was touched by Cole's words, but her thoughts soon turned to Todd. When Cole noticed that his mother had become distracted, he wondered why. Refusing to ruin the moment with memories of Todd, Marty changed the subject. Cole offered to give Marty time alone to read his letter. Alone, Marty read the letter but her thoughts again turned to Todd. Marty promised to make Todd suffer a fate worse than her own.

Nora retuned upstairs and discovered John attempting to retrieve information involving Todd. Advising John that Todd would be punished according to the law, Nora warned him to allow Todd his day in court. Expressing little faith in the justice system, John told Nora that Marty was having a difficult time adjusting to her new life as a result of her involvement with Todd. Convinced that Marty was deeply troubled, John vowed to make Todd pay for hurting her. Against her better judgment, Nora allowed John to visit Todd in lockup.

While Cris consoled Vanessa and attempted to convince her that they would find a way to keep her in the country, Lola arrived with the good news. Although relieved that Dorian had offered her assistance, Cris reminded Vanessa that Dorian's lawyers would have to act quickly in order to prevent the deportation.

Todd was surprised when John confronted him in lockup. When Todd continued to state that he loved Marty, John could barely contain himself. Revealing a note he claimed that Marty had written, John told Todd that she had committed suicide due to Todd's actions. Devastated, Todd listened as John recited Mary's "suicide" letter. John claimed that Marty blamed Todd for everything that had happened to her. Todd begged John for answers, but John ignored his request. Walking away, John dropped the letter within Todd's grasp. After recovering the letter, Todd was surprised by the words written on the note - "Now you know how I felt." Screaming for John to come back, Todd wanted to know what the note really meant.

When John returned from his visit with Todd, Nora asked if he felt any better. A sadden John revealed that he didn't. With a knowing look, Nora stated that she knew that seeking revenge against Todd would only make him feel worse in the end.

At Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Moe announced to Noelle that they were moving to Llanview and that he would work for Dorian. Noelle and Roxy listened as Moe related his vision of opening a chain of Bonjour Café restaurants across the country. Noelle expressed her reservations concerning Moe's plan, but he was adamant about remaining in Llanview and working for Dorian. After much convincing, Noelle agreed to support Moe's dream and move to Llanview.

While Todd sat alone in his cell and thought about Marty, a woman approached his cell. The woman was Téa Delgado. With a smirk Téa exclaimed, "Another fine mess you've gotten yourself into!"

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One Life to Live's Kamar de los Reyes dead at 56


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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