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Monday, December 8, 2008

Taylor thanked Stephanie for staying with her during the engagement party. Taylor said she knew that Stephanie realized Taylor would be fighting the temptation to drink. Taylor said she struggled with temptation to drink every day, and that her alcoholism hurt a lot of people. Taylor said it hurt Phoebe most of all, and then, after Taylor stopped drinking, she started dating Rick, which hurt Phoebe even more. Stephanie reassured Taylor that Phoebe loved her and wanted Taylor in her life. Stephanie said whatever problems Taylor and Phoebe had, she was certain they would work them out. Taylor played Stephanie the song Phoebe intended to sing for Ridge at the party. Taylor explained that Phoebe had downloaded it for Taylor before she left the house.

Stephanie assured Taylor that she had done everything she could have for her family. Taylor said it had not been enough, Ridge was still about to remarry Brooke. Stephanie said she would call Eric to let him know she would not be attending the engagement party. Taylor insisted that Stephanie go ahead to the party. Taylor said she would be fine at home alone waiting for the kids. Taylor told Stephanie that she had already made plans to go for ice cream with the kids when they got back.

Steffy collapsed on the dance floor at Brooke and Ridge's engagement party. Marcus caught her before she hit the floor and asked her what was wrong. Eric rushed to Steffy's side and called Bridget over to look at Steffy. Before Bridget got to Steffy, Ridge walked in the door and fell to the floor in heaving sobs. Brooke rushed to his side and asked what was wrong, but he was unable to utter a word.

Steffy and Thomas put their hands on Ridge's shoulder as he continued to weep. He announced that Phoebe was dead, and the entire family cried in disbelief and absolute anguish.

The family continued to hug and cry until Rick arrived, and then everyone froze. Rick, still covered in blood from the accident, staggered over to Ridge and said he was sorry, and that Ridge would never know how sorry he was. Ridge stayed silent and motionless when Rick finished his apology, as if he was trying to process what had been said. Then Ridge flew into a rage. He screamed at Rick and said that Rick was the one driving the car; Phoebe was dead, and all Rick had to say was that he was sorry. Ridge lunged for Rick and started pummeling him. The family pulled Ridge off of Rick and Ridge yelled at them to get Rick out of his sight. The entire family was stunned to discover that Rick had been behind the wheel when Phoebe died. Brooke and Bridget headed off with Rick, while Thomas and Steffy went to comfort their father. Thomas asked how they should break the news to Taylor, and Ridge said there was no good way to tell a mother that her child was dead.

Bridget examined Rick and said he needed to go to a hospital. Rick said he was fine. Bridget suggested he go to get stitches, but he said no. Bridget said she loved him, and left. Rick filled Brooke in on exactly what had happened. Rick said Phoebe had come into his office, and that they had argued. He said he left the office and explained to Phoebe that he had to go to the engagement party. He said Phoebe followed him to the parking lot and got into his car and started yelling at him again. Rick said Phoebe was furious, and that he had never seen her so angry. He said Phoebe started to claw at his face and she also grabbed the steering wheel and attempted to hit the brake, but missed and hit the gas pedal. Rick wept and said it was his fault.

Brooke reassured him that it was an accident and that he was not to blame for Phoebe's death. Brooke said she knew that Rick loved Phoebe and would never do anything to hurt her. Brooke told Rick that he was not responsible for Phoebe's death. Rick asked Brooke if she had seen how Ridge reacted when he discovered that Rick had been behind the wheel. Brooke said Ridge was in shock because he just lost his baby girl. Brooke assured Rick that once Ridge calmed down, they would sit down with him and tell him what really happened.

Stephanie arrived back home and found an empty house. She asked Eric what happened to the party and asked where everyone had gone. Eric explained to her that there had been a terrible accident and that Phoebe had been killed. Stephanie was stunned and couldn't believe what Eric had told her. Stephanie said there must be some mistake. Eric assured her it was true and said Phoebe died in Ridge's arms.

Stephanie overheard Rick and Brooke on the patio and went outside. Stephanie said she wanted Rick to explain to her why he was still alive while Phoebe had died. She asked Rick to help her understand.

Ridge arrived at Taylor's house and found her looking at an old childhood scrapbook of Phoebe's. Taylor asked why Ridge was there and noted that the engagement party could not have ended that soon. Ridge paced around the room uncomfortably, trying to muster the courage to tell Taylor the horrifying news. She asked him several more times to please tell her what was going on. He finally let the words escape his lips and said, "Phoebe was killed tonight." Taylor's hand opened up and Phoebe's lucky necklace fell to the floor.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At Taylor's house, Ridge and Steffy grieved over Phoebe. Steffy regretted that she had not been home in time to assist her father with the task of informing her mother about Phoebe's death. Ridge explained that it was his, not Steffy's, responsibility to break the news to her mother. Steffy had also wanted to comfort Taylor, but Ridge asked her not to do so, because Taylor had asked Ridge some time to grieve Phoebe alone.

As they sat on the couch talking about Phoebe, Steffy asked to see her sister's body, which was at the hospital's morgue. When they arrived at the hospital, a member of the morgue's staff met them and turned over Phoebe's personal effects to Ridge. Both Ridge and Steffy became distraught as they reviewed each of Phoebe's possessions. Steffy tearfully remembered a bracelet she had given to her, and Ridge recalled the hair clip that he had purchased for Phoebe in Sydney. Steffy took her scarf, wet it with water, and washed the blood and dirt off her sister's face. She commented how beautiful her twin sister looked. Ridge responded by saying that she would always be beautiful. Steffy then spent time alone with Phoebe. She scolded her sister, because she had refused to ride with her to the party. Steffy realized that a part of her was also dead. She asked her sister to give her some type of sign that she was still with her.

Meanwhile, back at Stephanie's house, Rick spilled his heart to Brooke. He summed up what had happened between Phoebe and him. He commented to Brooke that he had broken Phoebe's heart because of his relationship with Taylor and then he had killed Phoebe. He kept repeating that he should not have allowed Phoebe to ride in his car. He kept rethinking that he should have stayed in the Forrester Creations' parking lot where he could have continued the discussions with Phoebe. He commented to his mother that he had never seen Phoebe so angry and totally out of control. He kept saying that if he had not allowed Phoebe into his car, the accident would not have occurred. Brooke, who was also grieving over the tragic death, tried to assure her son that Phoebe's death was not his fault.

Stephanie then commenced to question Rick in a very hostile fashion about the car accident that killed Phoebe. She could not understand, in such a horrific accident, why Phoebe had died and Rick had survived with only minor injuries. Stephanie pressed Rick about why Phoebe would have asked for a ride in his car. She commented that Phoebe had been very upset with Rick and it did not seem plausible that she would have asked to ride with him. When Rick did not give Stephanie the answer that she was searching for, she became more hostile. Brooke demanded that Stephanie immediately end her interrogation of Rick.

When Stephanie finally left, Brooke defended her son's actions and tried to calm him down. He told her that he felt that Stephanie had accused him of causing the car accident. Rick said he understood what Stephanie was implying. Phoebe and he had an intense argument and she was dead as a result of an auto accident in which he was the driver. Rick again acknowledged that he should not have left the parking lot with Phoebe in his car while she was so angry.

Stephanie went to the morgue to be with Ridge and Phoebe. Ridge described his last moments with Phoebe before she died. Stephanie comforted Ridge that he had been with Phoebe in her last moment and she had not died alone. Ridge could not make sense of his daughter's accident and death. He commented that he had driven the same road a million times and never imagined that Phoebe would die there. Stephanie questioned whether or not it was really an accident.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stephanie informed Ridge that the police had questions about the accident. She said Lt. Baker stopped by the house to question Rick. Stephanie said that since another car was not involved, the police were curious about the cause of the crash.

Stephanie said the police discovered skid marks all over the road. Ridge asked if Rick was drunk. Stephanie said no, that the police gave Rick a breathalyzer test and there was no alcohol in his system. They just didn't understand why he had lost control of the vehicle and swerved all over the road.

Steffy was in the morgue talking to her deceased sister, Phoebe. She worried that Phoebe's hands felt cold and offered to get her another blanket, but realized that wouldn't help Phoebe. Steffy told Phoebe she hoped that her love would keep Phoebe warm wherever she was, then sobbed uncontrollably. Steffy said she would miss Phoebe's beautiful voice, and told Phoebe that their mother said Phoebe had the voice of an angel and that Phoebe would be up there singing with real angels. Steffy said she could not breathe without Phoebe and didn't know how she would go on with her life. She said she could not do it alone and clung to her sister's sheet-covered corpse and wept until she could not breathe.

Stephanie and Ridge joined Steffy beside Phoebe's body. Steffy said that she always knew when Phoebe was thinking about her, that they had a sixth sense. Steffy said she woke up very early earlier in the week and was outside looking at the sky. She thought she was the only person awake in the city. But then her phone rang and it was Phoebe. She said she told Phoebe she was looking at the sky and Phoebe said she was, too. Steffy said she was certain they had been gazing at the same star, but since Phoebe was gone, that would never happen again.

Stephanie tried to reassure Steffy and said that Phoebe would always be a part of Steffy and would always be in her heart. Steffy took no comfort in Stephanie's words and continued to cry over her sister's body.

Back at home, Steffy went out on the terrace and looked up into the night sky. She asked Phoebe if she could still hear her and feel her. Steffy climbed up higher on the ledge of the terrace and saw a star twinkling in the distance and took it as a sign that Phoebe had answered her. Ridge came outside and was terrified to see Steffy standing so near the ledge. He asked what she was doing, and when she failed to respond he grabbed her and pulled her back to the ground. Ridge again asked Steffy what she was doing and she said she wanted to feel Phoebe. She apologized for scaring Ridge by climbing on the ledge.

Brooke discovered Rick looking out into the night with a heavy heart. She assured him that what happened to Phoebe was an accident. Rick asked Brooke to stop saying that, because he knew that it didn't have to happen. He said Phoebe didn't deserve what happened to her. Rick said the accident happened because of what he had allowed himself to become.

Rick explained that when his relationship with Taylor ended, he blamed Ridge and sought revenge. He confessed to Brooke that he lied when he said that Ridge attacked him. Rick said he was the one who attacked Ridge, and Ridge had only defended himself. Rick said it was his own fault that he fell. Brooke reminded Rick of his original story, and Rick said he lied about the fight so Brooke would blame Ridge and break up with him.

Rick also confessed that he recovered from his paralysis sooner than Brooke thought. He said he pretended to still be paralyzed to keep Brooke and Ridge apart. He said he did those things to gain Brooke's love and attention, but it all seemed pointless since it ended up with Phoebe's death.

Rick also confessed to Brooke about the day he edited the Forrester podcast to remove the kind words Brooke had said about Ridge. Rick said he did it because he wanted to keep Brooke and Ridge apart, and he knew Ridge's ego wouldn't be able to handle it. Brooke was stunned to find out how manipulative and deceptive her son had been.

Brooke reminded Rick that Phoebe was dead and asked why he was talking about all those other issues at such a time. Rick said it was important for Brooke to understand what had happened-that he was obsessed with breaking up Brooke and Ridge. Rick said he thought back to the last time Brooke and Ridge had broken up, and remembered that it was in Sydney when Ridge punched Rick because he was seeing Phoebe.

Rick explained that was why he sent Marcus off to Paris, so he could make a move on Steffy. He said he kissed Steffy. Brooke asked if he did that just to get back at Ridge, and Rick said yes. He told Brooke that Steffy slapped him, and his plan failed. Rick said Steffy told Phoebe that he hit on her, and that was why Phoebe came to his office in such a rage that night. Rick said he had never seen Phoebe so upset, and hadn't known how to handle her anger. He had panicked and told Phoebe he had to go to the engagement party.

Rick said Phoebe followed him to the parking lot and got in his car. He said Phoebe was yelling at him as he drove, and continued to get more and more worked up. After that, Phoebe went berserk, jumped on top of him, clawed his face, and grabbed the steering wheel. Rick said she jerked the wheel to the side and tried to put her foot on the brake, but instead, her foot got wedged under the accelerator.

Rick asked Brooke if she understood why he said none of that had to happen. Rick said it was all his fault, his actions over the past few months led to that fateful moment. Rick repeated that it was all his fault.

Stephanie went to the crash site and talked to Lt. Baker. He said that Rick had been going at least double the speed limit at the time of the crash. Lt. Baker said if Rick had not been wearing a seat belt, he would be dead, too. Stephanie was shocked to learn that Phoebe was not wearing a seat belt.

Stephanie went to Brooke's house and demanded to speak to Rick. Brooke said that was not a good idea due to the way Rick was feeling. Stephanie asked if he felt guilty. Brooke said of course, he had been driving the car, after all. Stephanie said Rick had been driving irresponsibly and erratically and that was why Phoebe was dead. Brooke was shocked that Stephanie would try to use a family tragedy to hurt Rick. Stephanie said Rick would pay for what he had done.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

by Pam

Police investigated at the site of the crash. At Brooke's, Stephanie threw out accusations that Rick was responsible for killing her granddaughter. Stephanie wanted Rick to be charged with a crime. She pointed out how revengeful and deceitful Rick was as she recounted that he had been out of control for months. Stephanie recalled that Rick forced the fight with Ridge, and then faked that he was crippled.

Brooke told her that Rick had already admitted his wrongdoing to her. Brooke begged Stephanie to stop blaming Rick for Phoebe's death. Stephanie was furious, and ranted that Rick had killed Phoebe and hurt her parents, who were going through hell. She shouted that he would pay for what he had done. He swerved all over the road, and he was driving erratically.

Brooke argued that Rick was not responsible for Phoebe's death. Stephanie wanted Rick to swear to the truth on a Bible. Brooke screamed at Stephanie to stop blaming her son. She told Stephanie that Phoebe had attacked Rick and was hitting and scratching him as she grabbed the wheel and slammed her foot on the brake and then slipped onto the accelerator. Brooke told Stephanie that Rick tried everything he could to keep the car under control. Stephanie was livid and in disbelief that Brooke and Rick would blame Phoebe. Brooke countered that she wasn't blaming anyone. She insisted that it was an accident.

Stephanie sputtered that Rick set the entire tragedy in motion, and she swore that Rick would not try to blame a dead girl for his mistakes. Brooke shook her head as Stephanie ranted. Brooke said the whole family was in pain, but she begged Stephanie to stop blaming Rick because it wasn't going to bring Phoebe back.

Stephanie refused to close her eyes on what Rick did. Brooke argued that she would not let Stephanie turn the tragedy into another assault on her family. Brooke spat out a warning to stay away from her son.

Stephanie calmed slightly and said that Rick was a victim because of Brooke. No one had ever taught him ethics or responsibility. Instead, he wanted to get back at Ridge so badly that he would do anything. Stephanie argued that Rick sounded just like Brooke, but Brooke insisted he sounded just like Stephanie.

Stephanie said Rick was desperate for Brooke's attention from the time he was a child. Stephanie blamed Brooke. She said, "You made him into the man he is today. You are to blame. You killed my granddaughter."

At Taylor's, Taylor sobbed as she looked at the family picture. She insisted that Ridge take her to the spot where Phoebe had died. Ridge drove her to the scene of the accident. Taylor and Ridge embraced as they sat on the roadside placing flower petals at the spot where Phoebe died, and they cried. They returned to Taylor's home. Ridge said they needed to focus on Steffy and Thomas, who were upstairs. Taylor wanted to plan the funeral, and Ridge encouraged Taylor to rest. Taylor said she couldn't rest. She said Phoebe had died at the bottom of a ditch, and she'd had no idea. Ridge told Taylor that Phoebe wasn't suffering and she wasn't afraid when he held her. Taylor sobbed that Ridge couldn't have known what she was thinking. Ridge hugged Taylor. The phone rang, and Madison from Forrester, one of Phoebe's friends, called looking for her. Madison asked for Phoebe and asked Taylor to leave a message, but Taylor told her she could not leave a message, and tossed the phone aside. Taylor hugged Ridge, but she was devoid of emotion.

Rick was at his father's house remembering times that he and Phoebe kissed and sang together. Eric came in and hugged Rick, who had been crying. Rick related that Phoebe was very angry with him because of the way he treated Ridge and Steffy. Rick admitted that he used Steffy. Rick said he flirted with Steffy to get back at Ridge. Eric was surprised, bur Rick came clean and said he had been doing everything to get back at Ridge and get him away from Brooke.

Rick remembered that Phoebe was angry and she scratched him and grabbed the steering wheel. Rick cried as Eric hugged him. Rick said he blamed himself.

Eric said he knew that Rick would never hurt Phoebe. Rick said he wanted to disappear, and Eric said Rick didn't have to deal with the tragedy alone. Rick apologized. Rick asked how he could ever face Taylor.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lt. Baker informed Stephanie that his hands were tied. Rick had not been drinking, and the police did not have evidence to arrest him. Lt. Baker commiserated with Stephanie and said he understood that she wanted someone to blame, but assured her that sometimes accidents just happened. He said Stephanie should concentrate on how to help her family get through the tragedy. As he left the house, Steffy arrived and told her grandma that the accident was her fault. Stephanie assured her it was not.

Steffy explained that Phoebe only got in Rick's car after Steffy told Phoebe that Rick had kissed her. Phoebe's fury towards Rick was because Steffy felt compelled to tell her what Rick had done. Stephanie said Rick was a bastard. Steffy assured her grandmother that nothing had happened with her and Rick. Steffy explained that she slapped Rick when he tried to kiss her and asked Rick to never touch her again.

Stephanie said Steffy should never feel guilt for telling the truth. Phoebe was angry with Rick long before Steffy shared her secret, Stephanie said. Rick was the one to blame and Stephanie didn't want to hear Steffy taking the blame for what happened ever again.

Brooke reflected on the things Stephanie said to her the night before. Stephanie blamed Brooke for the accident. Brooke was the person responsible for turning Rick into such a despicable man according to Stephanie.

Ridge arrived home and he and Brooke spoke for the first time since the accident. Ridge asked if Brooke had informed Hope and R.J. of Phoebe's death. Brooke said she hadn't. Hope had woken up early and gotten dressed in her bridesmaid dress, as she still believed there would be a wedding. Brooke lied to Hope and said the wedding had been called off because it was too windy at the beach. She couldn't bring herself to tell Hope that Phoebe had died. Ridge asked if Rick was upstairs. He said it was time to learn the true story about what had happened with the car accident.

Brooke said Rick left the house before she woke up and she didn't know where he had gone. Ridge asked if Brooke knew what happened. Brooke tried to gingerly explain the circumstances behind the crash to Ridge. Ridge asked Brooke what exactly she was attempting to tell him.

Although Brooke knew the truth would not be easy for Ridge to hear, she attempted to break it to him gently. Phoebe was furious with Rick and had physically attacked him while he was driving. Brooke explained that Phoebe had clawed at Rick's face and grabbed the steering wheel. Ridge was infuriated by Brooke's story. He could not believe that Rick would try to blame Phoebe for the accident. Rick was the one driving, the one who crashed the car, Ridge said.

Brooke tried to get Ridge to understand that what happened was a tragic accident. Their children had been fighting, Rick lost control of the car, and Phoebe's death was senseless, but it was indeed an accident. Brooke suggested the two of them should focus on ways to help their family past the pain of the accident. Stephanie arrived unannounced and said she was sick of hearing Brooke use the word "accident," because Stephanie didn't believe that it was.

Stephanie ranted to Ridge that it had not been an accident. She informed Ridge about the kiss with Steffy, the doctored podcast, the fake paralysis, and all of Rick's other shenanigans. Ridge was infuriated. Brooke said that although all those things were true, Ridge must know that Rick would never hurt Phoebe on purpose. Stephanie said Ridge should stop listening to Brooke. She implored Ridge to pick up the phone and call Lt. Baker and demand the accident be investigated. Stephanie was certain that evidence would be found that would put Rick in jail.

Rick walked into Taylor's house and softly called out her name. She didn't respond. He found her sitting quietly curled up in a chair in the living room. Rick told Taylor he was sorry for what had happened. Taylor didn't answer right away, but eventually expressed that she was glad Rick didn't die. She would have hated to lose him, too. Phoebe would have done so many great things if she had lived, Taylor said tearfully. Rick agreed. Taylor asked Rick to explain to her how Phoebe died.

Rick said Phoebe died peacefully in Ridge's arms, and informed her that Phoebe had been singing Ridge a song when she died. Taylor wanted him to rewind and explain what happened in the car. She specifically asked Rick if Phoebe had mentioned Taylor by name. Rick was hesitant to tell Taylor the truth, because he knew Phoebe was furious with Taylor due to her romantic relationship with Rick.

Rick assured Taylor that Phoebe did not die hating her mother. Taylor said if she had not gotten involved with Rick, things could have been different. Rick said if anyone was to blame, it was he. He reminded Taylor that she tried to break things off with him many times, but he refused to let her go. At the time, they loved each other too much to let go, he said. They didn't realize how badly Phoebe had been hurt. Taylor said that was no excuse. She was the one who made the choice to stay with Rick and hurt her daughter, and she did not know how she was going to live with the consequences.

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