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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 8, 2008 on GL
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Shayne Lewis returned to Springfield after a five-year absence. He stopped by a construction site to watch Josh work and later stopped by Cross Creek to see Reva. He didn't make either parent aware of his presence as he deliberated telling them about his spinal injury. He didn't want to interrupt Reva's new life, and he didn't want Josh to blame himself again for the accident that had caused his first spinal injury. At the courthouse, he saw Marina and Mallet kiss. He decided that he could go home again, but home wasn't the same.

At Cross Creek, Reva told Jeffrey that she intended to tell Josh that day about the cancer resurgence. Afterward, she hoped Josh would help her inform Marah and Shayne. Jeffrey wondered how Josh would handle the news and if Josh would approve of their decisions. Reva felt that her and Jeffrey's opinions were the only ones that mattered.

Jeffrey dropped by Olivia's hospital room to invite her on a trip to visit Ava for Christmas. Olivia thought it was a good idea, and Jeffrey said Reva probably wouldn't join them. He revealed that Reva had leukemia. Olivia said that Jeffrey was a confident man, who would be a rock for Reva; however, Jeffrey confessed that he'd never felt less confident in his life. He thought he had been selfish to encourage Reva to fight for her life just because he needed her. He didn't know how to handle it if the baby suffered due to his insistence. Olivia implored him to be honest with Reva about his feelings, since he and Reva were in it together.

Reva went to Josh's hotel room, where she saw Marina nervously knocking on Josh's door. After Reva figured out that Marina was getting married, Marina said she hadn't told her family because she wanted to do something on her own. Reva had once hoped that Marina would be her daughter-in-law. Marina reflected back on dating Reva's son, saying that she'd loved Shayne, but he had done the best thing by leaving town.

At the mini-mart, Frank applied friendly pressure to Josh, and learned that Josh was marrying Mallet to Marina that day. Josh expressed Marina's desire for a small wedding, but Frank said Marina wasn't getting married without her family. Later, Josh arrived in his hotel room to find Reva inside, apologizing for vomiting in his bathroom. With great difficulty, she articulated that the cancer had returned. She explained her condition and treatment, and Josh asked how she wanted to tell the children. Reva sobbed that she was afraid, and Josh held her.

After Reva composed herself, she apologized for falling apart. Josh said he'd always be there for her if she needed him. He said it was good that she had told Jeffrey about the illness right away. Josh offered to call their kids, but he didn't think they would reach Shayne. Reva replied that Shayne had surprisingly called her from Germany. She said he had sounded happy, and that had given her hope. When Josh said they might convince her children to come home to see her, she thought that would be great, but she jokingly asked if Jonathan could stay with Josh.

Later, Josh drove Reva to Towers to meet Jeffrey. Josh asked Jeffrey to take good care of her, because Josh knew many people who needed Reva Shayne. Jeffrey said that he and the baby were atop that list. Josh and Jeffrey shook hands.

Back at their home, Jeffrey confessed to Reva that he was scared about being a new father and afraid the cancer could cost him his wife. Reva understood, saying that it was okay for him to freak out a little, because she was feeling the same way. She suggested they freak out at different times, so that each could lean on the other in those times. Jeffrey promised to never let her down. He said no one else in the world would fight harder for their family than he would.

Shayne sat in the courthouse balcony, where from below, he overheard a discussion between Dinah and Mallet about Bill's indictment. After insisting that Bill was innocent, Dinah wanted to know what evidence they had against him. Mallet couldn't divulge information about Frank's case, but he revealed that a grand jury had found the evidence enough to try Bill. He said he had a lot to do that day, and Dinah assumed he was getting married. Dinah grew teary as she asked Mallet to tell her the truth about their failed marriage. He said the truth was that he'd loved Dinah so intensely that he never thought he would ever love anyone else; however, he'd nearly gotten Dinah killed, and she'd nearly killed him every day. He was happy with Marina. Dinah hugged and congratulated him and then left.

Outside the station later, Shayne intentionally bumped into Mallet with his wheelchair. When Mallet tried to apologize and move on, Shayne picked a fight with him. Mallet identified himself as a police officer and said that Shayne should just walk away. Shayne took exception to Mallet suggesting that he "walk away," and he berated Mallet for being a self-proclaimed hero, who treated the people in his life like interchangeable parts. Confused, Mallet said he didn't have time for a tiff because he was getting married that day, and he walked off.

At Mallet and Marina's home, Marina gazed at a picture of her and Frank. Downstairs, Mallet pinned a flower on his suit as he awaited Marina. "Wow," he exclaimed when she came down in her dress. Lynn called Marina to tell her that someone had broken into Company. She urged Marina to hurry over there, insisting that Marina bring Mallet with her. Upon hanging up, Marina informed Mallet that they had to get to Company immediately.

Dinah saw Frank in the mini-mart and persisted that his evidence was wrong. Frank wondered how Dinah could be so sure of Bill's innocence. Dinah spotted Shayne in the store, and she lost her train of thought. She told Frank that she'd have to finish their talk later, and she pursued Shayne out of the building. At Company, Dinah found Shayne sitting beneath shelter from the rain. Dinah wondered if he had followed her to the states. Preoccupied, Shayne stared into Company. He claimed that he was there to see a wedding.

Marina and Mallet arrived at Company with guns drawn. They flipped on the lights to see Josh awaiting them amid flowers and twinkling lights. Josh apologized, but Frank approached to say that he was not sorry. Marina grinned as Frank said he wasn't about to let Marina get married without him. Coop and Lynn smiled as Mallet told Marina that he believed a family wedding was what she had wanted all along. She agreed, and Frank took her hand, asking her if she were ready for him to walk her down the aisle. Marina smiled, saying that she was born ready.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

As Marina and Mallet prepared to wed, Dinah confronted Shayne outside Company about why he was in Springfield. Shayne said he wasn't there for Dinah, and he asserted that weddings were a joke, because love didn't conquer all. Dinah had hoped the inclement weather would have stopped the wedding, but she wondered why Shayne even cared about it. Just then, Daisy and Grady strode up to attend the wedding. Daisy said that she and Grady were making their first public debut as a couple, and she assured Grady that her family would come around.

As Daisy entered the restaurant, Dinah pulled Grady aside to confront him about how he had set Bill up for the kidnapping. Grady figured that Dinah owed him for saving her from a prison term. Upon heading inside, Grady arrogantly said that Dinah could thank him later. Dinah called after him, saying that they hadn't finished talking. Grady replied that they had, and he advised her to think about what he'd said.

Meanwhile, when Frank and Marina met Mallet at the altar, Frank made Mallet vow never to call him "Dad." Once Mallet agreed, Frank gave him Marina's hand. A late Daisy interrupted the wedding, and Grady crossed the threshold in time to hear Frank say that Grady didn't belong there on Marina's day. Grady offered to leave, but Daisy argued with Frank about his right to judge Grady. Frank was willing to let it go, but Daisy decided that if Grady wasn't wanted there, neither was she. After Daisy and Grady stormed out, Marina announced that she wasn't getting married without Daisy being there. Mallet promised Marina that she would have her perfect day, and then he went after Daisy.

Grady and Daisy retreated to a garage, and Daisy wondered what was wrong with her family. She wanted her and Grady's love to conquer all, just like Lizzie and Bill's love. She felt that their relationship was just like Bill and Lizzie's. When Grady pointed out that Bill was headed for prison, Daisy confidently said Bill would be exonerated. She believed that both couples would get their miracles. Daisy suggested that Bill might give Grady a job, since Bill knew how it felt to be an outcast. The notion of acquiring a job at Spaulding-Lewis was laughable to Grady. Daisy believed that a smart and determined Grady could be anything he wanted to be. They went to his hotel room to make love.

When Mallet emerged from Company, he saw Dinah on the veranda and wondered what she was doing there. As the rain turned into snow, Dinah said she hadn't planned to be there, but she had felt compelled to see if he would go through with the ceremony. Mallet acknowledged that moving on hadn't been easy for him or for Dinah. Dinah understood why he loved Marina. She said that he should be inside with Marina, not out there consoling his ex-wife. Dinah thought she was ruining things for him. Mallet gave her a hug and told her that she wasn't ruining anything.

Meanwhile, the Coopers argued inside the restaurant, and an aggravated Marina escaped out the back door for some air. She was shocked to see Shayne Lewis sitting outside in his wheelchair. Marina sputtered that she had known that Shayne would get hurt clearing the mines. Shayne agreed that she was right as usual. Marina invited him inside for her wedding. He said he wasn't staying long and asked her not to tell his father that he was outside. When Shayne wondered if marrying Mallet would really make her happy, Marina knelt beside him to gently explain that she'd moved on from her relationship with Shayne. Shayne declared that he hadn't come back for her, but he was concerned that Mallet, who had been married to Harley while Marina was a child, couldn't really make Marina happy.

Marina barked that Shayne didn't know Mallet. Shayne felt that he didn't need to know Mallet personally to know that things would end badly. Marina pressed Shayne about the truth behind his cynicism, and he said he was just trying to share life's harsh realities with her. Marina claimed to know how Shayne really felt about love, but Shayne retorted that they had dated when he had been a kid who hadn't had any idea of what love was. Marina persisted that she and Mallet loved each other, but Shayne asserted that all the love talk was just crap. Marina assumed that Shayne was drunk. She suggested he sleep it off and said they would talk the next day.

Marina left Shayne and skirted around the side of the building just in time to see Dinah and Mallet hugging. She ran back the way she'd come, and Shayne called out to her. When she didn't stop, he wheeled himself to the front and saw Mallet and Dinah sitting together. Meanwhile, inside Company, everyone waited for Mallet and Marina's return. Marina entered, and Josh said he wasn't sure if they wanted to continue the ceremony. Removing her coat, Marina said they did. Josh offered to get Mallet, but Marina said Mallet knew where to find her.

Back outside, Mallet invited Dinah to the wedding, but she declined. He told her that he would always remember what they had shared, and Dinah said goodbye. Mallet returned inside and found Marina awaiting him. They kissed, and Marina wondered what had taken him so long. He said he'd been sidetracked, but he never found Daisy. Marina said she was glad that Mallet was there. Coop interrupted them as they kissed, and he reminded them that they had a wedding to perform. Frank asked Josh to resume the wedding.

Dinah saw Shayne again outside. He said he had tried to help Marina, but she wouldn't listen. Dinah wondered who he really was and how he knew Marina. Shayne suddenly decided to barge into Company, and Dinah followed him. "Shayne!" Josh exclaimed, rushing to Shayne's side. Josh was concerned about the wheelchair, but Shayne replied that his injury was just a scratch. Mallet couldn't believe "Little Shayne" was the guy who had picked a fight with him earlier. Mallet said he didn't want any trouble, but an argumentative Shayne wondered what the couple had to gain from their wedding. Josh decided to take Shayne home and then return to the ceremony. As Shayne continued to argue with Mallet, the situation became chaotic. Shayne launched himself from his chair to punch Mallet.

Remy and Christina went to Mallet and Marina's house because the couple had requested that they witness their wedding again. They wondered why no one was home, and Christina said that Mallet and Marina had more trouble getting married than she and Remy had getting divorced. After Christina worried that she was wasting precious study time, Remy went to Towers to ask Mel to lend Christina her study notes for the MCAT. He asked Mel to bring them by Mallet and Marina's, where Mel just might see a wedding.

When Remy returned to Mallet and Marina's, Christina was unhappy that he'd gone to get the notes. She said she had a plethora of study guides, but what she really wanted was a divorce. Christina said she didn't want to be married to someone who hadn't chosen her when he had been sober. Remy agreed that wasn't the best way to start a relationship. Christina's eyes widened, surprised that Remy had called it a relationship.

Mel entered just as Christina was asking Remy if he wanted to split up since there was nothing between them. Mel handed her study notes to Remy, and then she announced that she could no longer help them with their divorce. The two were shocked, but Mel said she'd put too much time into their pro bono case. Mel was confident that they could work it out on their own. After Mel left, she called her mother to tell her that she'd lied to Remy and Christina about why she'd dumped their case. Mel felt that Remy and Christina were a perfect couple, but they were too busy getting a divorce to get to know each other. She figured that delaying the divorce might push them to give their relationship a chance.

At the gym, Remy flipped open a book about how to get divorced. Christina said that if she studied one more thing, her head would explode. Remy apologized that Mel had flaked on them, but Christina couldn't blame Mel, whose time was valuable. Remy invited Christina to dinner to talk about their divorce.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A fight ensued at Marina and Mallet's wedding when Shayne punched Mallet. In the melee, Dinah punched Josh. Frank ended the fight by yelling that Dinah and Shayne were under arrest for disturbing the peace. Marina knelt before Shayne, saying that she thought they'd already discussed the matter. After the police hauled Shayne and Dinah away, Mallet privately asked Marina why she hadn't mentioned talking to her ex-boyfriend that day. Marina turned the question on him, asking why he hadn't divulged that he'd been with Dinah moments before their wedding. Marina worried that they hadn't told each other about the encounters because they'd thought the smallest thing would derail their wedding. Marina concluded that they might have been rushing into the marriage before either of them chickened out. Later that night, the couple seemed alienated from each other as they settled into bed.

At the police station, Josh implored Shayne to explain how he'd gotten in a wheelchair and why he'd chosen to interrupt Marina's wedding after ending things with her years earlier. Shayne said he'd known the risks involved with his job, and boredom had led him to disrupt the wedding. When Frank announced that he was locking Shayne and Dinah up for the night, Josh said he would post Shayne's bail in the morning. Shayne told him not to waste his money. Later, Josh called a lawyer about Shayne. He contemplated calling Reva, but decided against it.

Dinah and Shayne occupied adjacent cells. Dinah persisted in trying to understand what Shayne's problem was with Marina's wedding. He said he didn't want Marina to believe that being in love would make the world sunny. When Dinah called him cynical, he claimed that Dinah had fallen for the same pipe dream when she'd married Mallet. Dinah wondered if the girl that he'd mentioned back in Germany had broken his heart. Shayne suddenly jolted due to a back pain. Dinah offered to call a guard for him, but Shayne snapped that he didn't need any help.

The next morning, Josh bailed Shayne out of jail. Upon leaving his cell, Shayne apologized to Dinah for involving her in his problem, but he thanked her for trying to defend him. Josh wheeled Shayne somewhere private to talk about what was going on with him. Josh found it absurd when Shayne said he didn't want to worry his parents with his injury. Josh asked him if he would need the chair permanently. When Shayne offered a flippant response, Josh decided to take Shayne to Reva to let her deal with him.

As Mallet awakened alone in bed in the morning, Marina sullenly taped a note for him to their back door. She changed her mind, ripped up the note, and left her bouquet on their deck table as she departed the house. Mallet dressed, located their box of wedding rings, and kissed it. He was disappointed to see Marina's discarded bouquet outside.

When Mallet arrived at the police station, an officer informed him that Marina had paid Dinah's bail. Mallet went to the holding cells and overheard Marina pressing Dinah to tell her why she'd put Shayne up to tanking her wedding. Dinah said she couldn't have stopped Shayne even if she'd wanted to. Dinah asserted that it was Marina's own fault if something like a fistfight could tank her wedding. Marina sadly acknowledged that she'd considered her own fault in it as well. After an officer released Dinah later, she asked him who her benefactor had been. He showed her a signature on a slip, and Dinah was amazed at what she read.

Mallet and Marina met upstairs in the station to talk. Marina said they needed time apart to think. Mallet thought that instead of doubting why they wanted to wed, they should wonder why it had taken them so long to do it. Mallet proclaimed that he'd been looking for Marina all of his life, and they belonged together. Mallet led her onto the courtroom balcony, and she saw her family gathered below. Kneeling before her, Mallet said he wouldn't go another day without marrying her. He asked her to marry him right then. They kissed, and her family cheered.

Frank walked a jeans-clad Marina down a makeshift aisle of family members to meet Mallet before a judge. Marina and Mallet exchanged vows, and the judge pronounced them man and wife. As they kissed, Dinah smiled sadly from the balcony above and then walked away.

At the mansion, Alan was on the phone firing a private investigator, who had failed to inform him that Lizzie and Bill had packed their bags and left the mansion. When Beth entered the parlor, he revealed what had happened and ranted that Beth was never around for Lizzie to confide in. Beth insisted that her schooling was important to her, and she said Lizzie was an adult. When Alan warned her to get her priorities straight, she retorted that he shouldn't take her for granted. "That works both ways, Beth," Alan seethed.

After the argument, Beth left for the law library, but she wound up outside Company. Coop approached, wondering why Beth was out so late, and she said that she didn't want to be alone. Coop offered to take her to his room at the boardinghouse. Buzz spotted the two heading up the stairs. Beth wound up accidentally spending the night at Coop's. When she awakened the next day, she was terrified that Alan was looking for her. Coop said she shouldn't be with Alan if she feared him. Beth pensively replied that she feared herself for her reckless actions.

At Company, Alan asked Buzz if he had seen Beth. He revealed that after an argument, Beth hadn't come home all night. Alan had seen her car in the library parking lot, and he thought she might have sought coffee from Company after studying all night. Buzz nervously said that Beth hadn't been anywhere near there. Alan decided to stay for breakfast, but Buzz handed him some coffee and hurried him outside, saying that Beth was probably back at the mansion already. Coop headed down the stairs in time to see Alan leaving. Buzz warned Coop that he had just narrowly escaped Alan. Coop smirked to himself.

Beth sneaked out of Coop's room, and, while on the boardinghouse steps, Coop proposed that they celebrate spending their first night together. Beth insisted their affair had to end for his safety. He rolled his eyes, saying that she'd ended it ten times already. He advised her to just meet him on their usual day. Beth was unsure, but Coop grinned, asking her not to be late.

When Beth returned home, Alan welcomed her back, saying that he would honor her wish not to be taken for granted. Beth sat down with Alan and told him that she was taking a course in contractual law. She thought that he might help her with it. She showed him a contract. Alan wondered if she had the time right then to review it or if she needed to be somewhere else. Beth said that she wanted to be there, trying to figure things out.

When Reva was confusingly argumentative at Cross Creek, Jeffrey concluded that she didn't think he was around enough to share in the fears of undergoing chemotherapy during pregnancy. Reva didn't think Jeffrey understood that carrying the baby made her responsible for him. Jeffrey said he did understand because he felt responsible for Reva. He confided that he had a tough time focusing at work because of their chemo decision. However, he was hopeful that their decision gave them a chance to have a healthy son and Reva a chance to help Jeffrey raise that son.

The next morning, Reva awakened to discover that Jeffrey hadn't slept in their bed all night. She thought Jeffrey was avoiding her for being hormonal the other day. She apologized for taking her frustrations out on him, but she claimed that her second thoughts about undergoing chemo during pregnancy were real. Jeffrey took Reva down to the lake, where he had organized for her to meet Blossom, a young law student who planned to be a nanny in France over the summer. As Blossom took a phone call, Jeffrey explained that Blossom's mother had chosen to undergo chemotherapy while pregnant with Blossom. Seventeen years later, both the mother and daughter were cancer free and healthy.

After meeting Blossom, Reva thanked Jeffrey for giving her hope through meeting Blossom. Jeffrey said he had to leave on a two-night business trip. Once Jeffrey left, Josh called Reva to meet him at the hospital. When she arrived, she was astonished to see Shayne.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

After a night in the Bauer cabin, Lizzie thought she'd finally gotten a good night's sleep. When she saw Bill poring over newspapers, she assumed that he had been up all night studying the kidnapping case. Bill said that everyone thought he was guilty, but when he returned to town, he planned to prove that he hadn't done it. Lizzie didn't want him to obsess about it, but she appeared to obsess herself about being the sole soldier for Bill's cause. Even though she touted his innocence, Lizzie seemed to be secretly reassuring herself that he hadn't kidnapped her.

As the couple walked the grounds, Bill continued to harp on the kidnapping case. Lizzie said she believed in him and added that Dinah did, too. Bill didn't think that Dinah's absence counted as faith. Lizzie insisted that Dinah had been there for him, but the doctor's gloomy prognosis had taken a toll on her. Bill asked again if Lizzie had any doubts about him, admitting that the scar on his chest had freaked even him out. Lizzie confidently asserted that she hadn't doubted him for a second.

Meanwhile, Grady entered his hotel room to find Cyrus awaiting him to discuss Dinah's return to Springfield. Cyrus figured that regardless of Dinah's problems with Bill, she wouldn't let him go to jail for Grady. Grady replied that Dinah was more loyal to herself than to Bill. When Cyrus mentioned the discerning scar on Grady's chest, Grady showed Cyrus a fresh cross tattoo that had been etched over the scar. Cyrus said the suspicious tattoo wouldn't deter Dinah, the loose cannon who knew the truth. Cyrus said Dinah's unpredictability had led him to play another angle with Alan. Unappreciative of Cyrus' interference, Grady said that whenever Cyrus wondered why they didn't live together, Cyrus should think about that moment.

Alan was pouring a glass of juice when Dinah entered his parlor. Alan stated that there was no room for her to reside at the mansion. Dinah insinuated that Alan needed a food tester to ensure his juice wasn't poisoned. Alan set the drink down, and Dinah said she knew what he'd done with Grady. Alan responded that he knew what she had done with Grady, as well, and she couldn't get away with kidnapping Lizzie. Dinah claimed that Alan was still bitter about her stealing his company from him. She said she wouldn't stand for them framing Bill, but Alan warned that if she interfered, she would need more than a food tester to save her from him.

Alan and Dinah were interrupted when Cyrus entered. Cyrus immediately pulled Dinah aside to say that he was handling things. After an angry Dinah left unsatisfied, Cyrus returned to the parlor and warned Alan that riling an erratic Dinah could be a dangerous move. Cyrus wanted to discuss the blackmail money that he wanted from Alan, and Alan gleaned that Cyrus had decided to play both sides against the middle.

Meanwhile, Bill called Dinah while she was in Olivia's gazebo. She wanted to see him, but he said he was at the Bauer cabin. He apologized for his behavior toward her and thanked her for being on his side. He said that Lizzie had been alone in his defense, but Dinah's help would give her a break. Dinah grew quiet, and Bill asked her if she thought he was innocent. Dinah tearfully said she knew that he was. Bill offered to put aside their grievances and begin anew. Dinah became emotional and hung up on him.

Inside the cabin, an anxious Lizzie called Cyrus to find out if he'd uncovered any new leads in the case. Lizzie said that Bill couldn't relax on their trip to the Bauer cabin, and she confided her guilt about lying to Bill that she had never doubted him. Bill overheard Lizzie tell Cyrus to find exonerating evidence before Bill realized that her faith was unraveling.

After Cyrus hung up with Lizzie, Alan demanded to know Lizzie's whereabouts. Cyrus said he was blackmailing Alan, not working for him. Upon leaving, Cyrus handed Alan a paper containing his bank account numbers and the monetary amount he wanted deposited into it by the end of that day.

Later, Bill asked Lizzie who she had been on the phone with. She lied that she'd been checking up on Roxie. Bill decided that they needed to return to town because he was wasting valuable time in building his defense. He wanted to tell the police everything he knew about the kidnapping, in the belief that cooperating with the police was his best hope to prove his innocence. Lizzie was hesitant, but Bill assured her that once he spoke to the police, no one would believe that he had committed the crime. "No one," he repeated, looking into her eyes.

At the hospital, Reva was overjoyed to see Shayne. Reva asked Shayne several questions about his injury. Shayne said he'd seen doctors in Germany, but sarcastically quipped that he didn't speak German. Josh insisted that Shayne see a Springfield doctor for definitive answers. Shayne tried to change the subject, but Josh worried that Shayne had changed psychologically. Josh dubbed Shayne a hero for his work overseas, but Shayne warned Josh against making his head swell.

Shayne planned to return to Europe immediately, but Reva complained that he'd just gotten there. Shayne claimed the visit was supposed to be a short, spur-of-the-moment thing, and he didn't want to be in a pregnant Reva's way. Reva sobbed that all of her children were scattered, and she wanted Shayne to stay. Josh said Reva had something to tell him, but Reva tapped Josh to stop him from speaking. Josh said that since he and Reva were getting on in age, they wanted at least one child home for Christmas. Shayne agreed to stay just for the holiday.

Josh went to find the doctor, and Reva guessed that a woman was the reason that Shayne wanted to return abroad. She said Josh had mentioned that Shayne had been seeing someone. Shayne stated that Josh had exaggerated because Shayne's job didn't allow him to be serious with anyone. Reva said that whether Shayne wanted to hear it or not, she thought he was brave for his work. Shayne agreed that he didn't want to hear it or discuss it.

Before Dr. Wallace took Shayne for testing, he asked Shayne about any former injuries. Shayne lied that there were none. Later, Josh and Reva discussed Shayne's condition with Dr. Wallace as Shayne sat behind them. When Josh was frustrated with Dr. Wallace's ambiguity, Dr. Wallace took Reva and Josh to check on the test results. Shayne stayed behind, and he called Dinah, who was pacing in the gazebo. He told her that she needed to get him out of there.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wallace was unable to answer all of Josh and Reva's questions. He couldn't say how long Shayne would be disabled without more tests. Dr. Wallace, Josh, and Reva returned to talk to Shayne, only to discover that Shayne had taken off.

Dinah met Shayne in a baseball dugout. He said he'd had no one else to call, but he couldn't stand being at the hospital. Dinah wondered where he wanted to go. He figured that since he was stuck in town until Christmas, taking him to the nearest bar would suffice.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Remy met Christina at the gym to go study. After some light banter about their impending divorce, Remy and Christina finished working out and Remy invited her for coffee. Christina declined because she had to visit her grandmother, who was in the hospital with an infection. Remy suggested that he come along. Christina was reluctant, since her grandmother was tough and had a habit of saying unpredictable things. Remy convinced her to let him come. When they arrived at the hospital, Christina's grandmother, Loretta, asked Christina to get her some ice cream and asked that Remy stay. When Christina left, Loretta asked Remy exactly what he was to her granddaughter. Remy sheepishly admitted that he was Christina's husband. Loretta figured that he was being a wise guy and told him that she did not approve of his smart mouth. She told him that Christina's father was the same way, and he ended up being absent for most of Christina's life. This surprised Remy and he could not understand how a man could leave his child. Loretta asked if he knew anything about that, and he told her about the son that he lost and how much he missed him.

Later, Remy found Christina sitting out in the hall and she explained that she heard him talking to her grandmother and did not want to disturb him. Christina said that her grandmother seemed to like him. Christina asked Remy to tell her about Max. Remy warned that it could take forever, but she assured him that she had time. Remy told Christina about how he did not even know Ava was carrying his child until Max was born. After he was done gushing about Max, Christina asked how he got through each day without feeling as if he lost a piece of himself. Remy stated that having Max changed him. If Max never existed, Remy would never have known what he was capable of. He stated that prior to Max's birth, Remy was a screwup. Remy mentioned getting kicked off the force, and Christina suggested that maybe it was meant to be, because if it hadn't have happened, he would not have taken the MCAT. Later, Christina received a notice of her application to a medical school program and discovered that, to get in, one had to be to be married.

Natalia was surprised when Olivia arrived home after having been released from the hospital. As they were talking, Natalia saw the press release announcing that Olivia was resigning from Galaxy Hotels. Olivia told Natalia that she quit her job and said that Decker would have figured out that she was sick anyway. Natalia argued that Olivia was making a mistake, since she had a daughter to provide for. Olivia said that it was not that big a deal and that she still owned the Beacon. Olivia interrupted their discussion to tell Natalia that Buzz needed Natalia at the Beacon. Natalia still felt bad because the job was so important to Olivia. Olivia replied that it was just a job. Later, Olivia gave Decker her letter of resignation and asked for Natalia's money back. Decker made it clear that it was not an easy thing to do. Olivia demanded the money back and threatened to sue him for discrimination, since he fired her because she was sick.

Frank and Buzz were planning something involving Christmas trees at Company. When the Christmas trees arrived, Buzz told Frank that he told Eleni all about Natalia and she commented that Natalia must be a special woman. Frank agreed that Natalia was special and stated that he got the stamp of approval from Rafe, as well. Later, Natalia arrived and assumed that Buzz wanted her to work. Frank told Natalia that they were selling Christmas trees for the Rafe Rivera Legal Fund. Natalia was extremely touched. Suddenly, Frank got a call to come to the station. Before he left, he gave her another surprise-a prison detail was working on the road outside Company and one of the prisoners was Rafe. Buzz told Natalia that Frank arranged the Christmas tree sale and the prison detail.

Olivia arrived at Company and asked Natalia how it was going. Natalia told Olivia that she felt guilty for risking all of her money on the stock market. Olivia made a comment about Decker wanting a tree and then presented Natalia a check for $80,000. An elated Natalia called it a miracle and then realized that Olivia did it. Olivia said it was meant to be and told Natalia that she missed the deadline so her money was never invested. Olivia stated that it was meant to be. When Rafe came in for refreshments, Natalia rushed over to him and told him that she got the money back. Outside, Olivia saw Decker and told him he just made a mother and her son very happy. Later, Natalia sat by Olivia, who mentioned that she was happy for her since she knew that Natalia wanted that money for Rafe's future. Natalia said that was what she told Olivia about her job, and stated that she knew that her story was a lie, since Natalia confirmed that the money had been submitted by the deadline. Natalia said that she knew Olivia had to give up her job to get the money.

Bill saw Lizzie reading the paper. Since his predicament was on the front page, Bill assured her that he would be cleared once he spoke with Frank. Lizzie thought that was a bad idea, because it went against Mel's advice, and asked him not to do it. Lizzie told him that she felt as if he was rushing into things, as if he wanted to do something dramatic so that everyone would know that he was innocent. She believed they should follow Mel's advice and, eventually, he would be cleared. Bill asked Lizzie if she believed in him and she replied that she did. Bill tried to convince Lizzie that it was a good idea. She warned him that the police could ask him questions to confuse him, and suggested that he wait a few days. Bill agreed and left.

Lizzie went home and talked to Billy about Bill looking for something to prove his innocence. Seeing Billy's skeptical look, Lizzie commented that Bill could not turn a corner without finding someone who did not think he was guilty. Mel arrived at the mansion and Lizzie told Mel about Bill's idea to go to the police. Lizzie told a shocked Mel that she talked him out of it, but stated that Bill thought he could prove to the police that he was innocent by making a statement. Mel told Lizzie that would be fatal, since he could say something to incriminate himself. Mel believed that they should work on the PR angle by showing the public that Lizzie, the victim, did not believe the allegations against Bill. When Mel left, Billy told Lizzie that he could handle the PR. Lizzie blasted him and said that it was not enough to do it; he had to believe it. Lizzie told him that there was no room for doubt. Billy accused Lizzie of having doubts. Billy said it seemed as if Lizzie was overcompensating to prove Bill's innocence. Upset, Lizzie ranted that she was angry because she was the only one, besides Dinah, who believed in Bill. She accused Billy of feeling guilty that he did not love his son enough to believe in his innocence. Billy told her that she might be right, and he hoped she was.

Bill went to the police station to give Frank a statement. Frank made Bill confirm that he was there voluntarily, and warned him that waiving counsel was a mistake. Bill discussed the day that Lizzie went missing and stated that he took credit for the entire presentation since he believed that she just blew it off and was angry. Bill told Frank that he realized that made him look guilty and stated that even his family thought it was convenient that she went missing on that day so Bill could take all the credit. Frank asked when Bill first realized that Lizzie had been kidnapped, and Bill replied it was when he and Alan found the ransom note. Frank pointed out that the record showed that Alan found Bill with the ransom note, and suggested that Bill could have planted it. Frank brought up Bill's reluctance to involve the police in the investigation and the unsuccessful money drop.

Frank found it unbelievable that the kidnapper ran off without the money and that Bill got into two arguments with the kidnapper without anyone seeing. Frank then questioned Bill's story about finding Lizzie by following the oil leak in the van. Bill told Frank that he followed the van on route 101 but Frank did not believe that, since the road was blocked off. Frank mentioned inconsistencies in Bill's stories and Bill brought up that he had just woken up from a coma. As Bill tried to convince Frank of his innocence, Mel barged in and demanded that he stop. Frank told Mel that Bill waived his right to counsel and ended up making a solid case for the police. Mel declared that she was going to try to have the statement suppressed, and Lizzie railed that Bill was in no condition to talk to the police. Lizzie threatened to have Frank's badge when Bill was cleared. Later, Bill lamented to Lizzie that he screwed up and she assured him that everything would be all right.

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