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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 1, 2008 on GH
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Carly barged into Kate's house and saw Jax and Kate making love on the living room carpet. She held the gun that Sonny had given her earlier, but chose not to use it. Instead she doused them with the ice and water in the champagne bucket.

Jax and Kate were flabbergasted as Carly proceeded to swear vengeance on Kate. She gave Jax his walking papers, as well. Before walking out, she told Jax that she intended to hurt him as much as he had hurt her.

Sonny married Claudia in a civil ceremony at the Zacchara mansion. Rick, Trevor, Max, and Milo were there along with Sonny, Claudia, Anthony, and the justice of the peace who performed the swift ceremony.

When it came time to kiss the bride, Sonny gave Claudia a long one. Claudia looked surprised and Anthony looked pleased. Milo took a picture. Sonny and Claudia cut the cake, and Anthony made a toast. They all had a cordial drink.

Anthony called a family meeting and asked Claudia to leave, but Sonny overrode him. He said that Claudia was his wife and went where he went. Then he told Anthony that the business meetings would be conducted at Sonny's place. Anthony was nonplussed and said that his wheelchair would prevent him from going to the meeting.

Sonny said that would be okay because he did not intend that Anthony should attend, anyway. He also told Trevor that he was persona non grata, as well. He instructed Ric to have all of the Zacchara lieutenants at his place in one hour. When Anthony tried to hedge, Sonny reminded him that a deal had been struck and that Sonny had performed his end, so Sonny was in sole charge of the Zacchara organization. Then Sonny and Claudia sailed out of the room.

Jason arrived at the cabin just in time to learn that the Russians had kidnapped Jake. Sam jumped in the car with him and they took off after the kidnappers, who were ahead by only minutes.

Johnny and Lulu stopped by the side of the road to look at the stars and talk about where they would go. They decided not to go north because it was too cold. And since Port Charles was east, they decided on south or west or maybe both. They were laughing and giggling and decided to get in the back seat to do some cuddling. Just as they started kissing, a cop pulled up.

The cop told them to move on, and flaunted his authority when Lulu gave him attitude.. The cop quickly handcuffed Johnny. Lulu threatened to sue over a civil rights violation, but the cop was not impressed. He searched Johnny and located his wallet. When the cop found Johnny's ID, his demeanor changed. He removed the handcuffs and apologized.

When Johnny realized that he was being let go because the cop was on Anthony's payroll, he got angry and wanted to know how much the cop would let him get away with. He started pushing the cop, who did not push back. Finally, Lulu got Johnny to walk away, but when the cop insulted Lulu, Johnny decked him. Lulu and Johnny jumped in the car and sped away laughing.

Sam reloaded her gun from Jason's ammo supply. She managed to get a cell phone signal just long enough to call the police and send them to Liz and get an APB out on Jake.

Sam apologized for watching when Jake had been previously kidnapped and not doing anything. She said she would do anything to make sure that Jake was returned safely. She told Jason what had happened at the cabin and how Liz had saved her life by shooting one of the kidnappers before he could shoot Sam.

Jason despaired because he had not spotted the black van the kidnappers were using, but knew of an abandoned mine nearby that the Russians were reputed to use. Sam feared that it might be a trap. Jason said that regardless, he had to go, and that there could be no other reason to take Jake except to make Jason come to find him.

Liz kept Cameron safe at the cabin. She told him not to be frightened and that she would take care of him. She was startled when she heard a knock on the door, but relieved when it turned out to be Lucky. She told him everything that had happened and her worries about Jake.

After Sonny and Claudia left with Milo and Max, Trevor also made a hasty exit, leaving Ric with Anthony. Ric did not quite say, "I told you so," but came close. Anthony told Ric to report back to him about the meeting. Ric said he would. When Anthony warned Ric not to betray him to his brother, Ric said that Sonny had ceased being his brother years earlier. He said that he had picked his side. Then Ric walked out on Anthony, also.

Nikolas visited Luke on the Haunted Star. He told Luke that he had heard from Laura and that everything was going well for her in Paris, even though the doctors still did not know whether or not her return to normalcy would last. Nikolas said that even though he was an unlikely confidant, he appreciated the talk that Luke had with him after Emily had been killed, and he wanted to return the favor if he could.

Nikolas and Luke shared a drink, and Luke said that he was happy for Laura, but that he was married to Tracy and that he had found another love when he thought Laura was gone for good. He said that he would always love Laura and that he would have gone to Paris to help her get settled if she had wanted him to, but she did not. He said that Tracy had put up with a lot from him and he wanted to make amends with her.

Sonny arrived home with Claudia in tow. He told Milo to put her bags in the room overlooking the lake. When Max left them alone, they shared a drink. Claudia thanked Sonny for taking her side against her dad and he told her that they had a business relationship. They were very pleasant to each other. When Claudia asked to be shown to her room, Sonny obliged and told her, as he walked her up the stairs, that he wanted her to feel at home.

Jax and Kate recovered from hurricane Carly, but their evening was ruined, and Jax declined Kate's invitation to spend the night. Before leaving, he told Kate that Carly always followed through with her revenge schemes, and warned her to watch her back.

A trooper took Liz's statement at the cabin. She became frustrated when he asked her if she had heard from Sam or Jason since they had gone off after the kidnappers, and was very frustrated when she explained again that there was no cell signal and the phone lines had been cut by the kidnappers.

Carly went to Trevor and tried to enlist his help in hurting Kate. Trevor listened to Carly's plan, but when she offered him a job, he set her straight. He told her that he was not taking on new clients. Furthermore, he told Carly that her plan was flawed and that the reason she wanted him was because she did not think that she could bring Kate down without his help.

Olivia dropped in on Kate, who gave her all the sordid details of her evening, and then placed the blame for all of it on Olivia, because Olivia had refused to tell Sonny that he was the father of her son, Dante. Olivia begged to differ. She told Kate that what had happened to Kate was the result of the choices Kate had made.

Everyone arrived promptly for the meeting at Sonny's place. Sonny introduced Max as his second, and then started giving orders about the Russians. Claudia appeared at the top of the stairs and smiled down at Ric, but when she interrupted Sonny to ask him to postpone the meeting, he rudely cut her off. Claudia was stunned.

Back home at Lucky's place, Liz broke down and blamed herself for what had happened to Jake. She told Lucky that she had been wrong not to listen to him. She said that even Jason had tried to warn her away but she would not listen. Liz cried, as she feared that her selfish behavior might cost her son's life.

Sam and Jason found activity at the Russian mine. Sam distracted a guard and Jason knocked him out. They got past two other guards to get into the mine, but once inside, found it deserted. They were about to leave when Sam found Jake's shoe. As they were examining it, they heard a loud rumbling noise. Before they could react, the tunnel caved in on them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Johnny and Lulu pulled into a garage to hide. Lulu was upset that Johnny got angry with the cop, but Johnny says the cop was a disgrace to his badge. Johnny was upset that he only got away because of his name and couldn't believe how many people were on his father's payroll. Lulu was worried they would need the Zacchara family's help after the incident with the police. Johnny apologized for being so reckless and said he realized the family blood that ran through him was what caused him to lash out at people. Johnny wasn't sure if Lulu was prepared to be on the run and away from her brothers and mom. Lulu told him her place was with him and they kissed.

Spinelli and Maxie burst into the garage where Lulu and Johnny were hiding. Spinelli was ready to assist, but Maxie wasn't so sure she should help them go on the run. Lulu said they would need clothes, food, and water, which upset Maxie when she realized they'd have to go into a mega-store instead of the mall. Johnny was more concerned about getting new identities, and Spinelli was all ready to help with that chore. Lulu reminded Maxie she would have Crimson all to herself with Lulu gone, and Maxie decided to help with what she could.

After Spinelli and Maxie were gone, Johnny looked around at the garage and talked about wanting a place to work on his cars. Lulu was shocked that Johnny knew more about cars than changing the oil and making them shiny. She asked if he knew how to hot-wire a car, and he admitted he didn't know how to do that. Lulu said they were the perfect couple, because her father had taught her how to hot-wire before she was out of the fourth grade.

When Maxie and Spinelli returned, Spinelli announced that no crime had been reported. Everyone smiled as they realized Lulu and Johnny wouldn't have to go on the run.

Edward, Alice, and Monica held a meeting at the house and discussed how Tracy was out of control. They decided Edward would try to talk Luke into moving back in. Tracy walked in screaming about a meeting time being changed, and Monica tried to appease her and explain why the time had changed. Tracy threatened Monica with answering phones if she didn't do things Tracy's way. When Tracy went to get ice, she yelled at Alice for not having fresh ice in the bucket. Alice rushed away to get more ice and escape Tracy's wrath. Tracy heard Alan's ghost tell her life without Luke was bleak. He wanted Tracy to work things out with Luke, but Tracy said no.

After everyone was gone, Edward and Luke sneaked through the back door. Luke was curious about why they were sneaking around, and Edward admitted they all wanted Luke to move back in. Tracy was making their lives hell. Edward was in the middle of bribing Luke with shoulder rubs when Tracy walked in and threatened to have Luke arrested. Edward left to allow Tracy and Luke to work things out, but he didn't go far. Edward and Monica listened outside the room as Tracy told Luke she didn't want him back. Luke said Tracy needed to bring her anger to the source and do whatever she needed to do to get over it. Tracy said Luke married her for money; she was just his back-up wife. Luke disagreed and said he loved her. Alice, Monica, and Edward barged into the room and told Luke not to leave. They all argued over who actually owned the house, and Luke said it might work out for Tracy. Absence made the heart grow fonder and misery loved company.

Later, Edward walked in and saw Alice taking care of Luke. He noticed Luke was wearing his slippers, but Edward didn't care. He would do anything for the man who brought peace to his house. On that note, Luke decided they would have lobster for dinner. Meanwhile, Tracy was on the phone trying to get a jet to the Dominican Republic, so she could get divorced.

While Sonny and Claudia talked business, Sonny noticed Ric and asked if there was something he liked about Claudia. Ric said he didn't mean to disrespect Sonny but he needed to get Sonny up to speed on profits for the business. Sonny said he needed to finish with Claudia first and asked Ric to leave for a minute. Sonny told Claudia she needed to know her place in their arrangement, but she said she already knew. She would not speak, but file away what needed to be fixed for later. They seemed to reach an agreement and decided to meet at 9:00 the next morning.

Sonny decided he was ready to talk to Ric and asked if he had heard Sonny's conversation with Claudia. Sonny said he didn't trust Ric or Claudia, but Claudia said he should trust her because she was his wife. Claudia wanted to help Sonny, but Sonny said he would not be sharing his power with anyone. He didn't mean to offend Claudia, but that was Sonny's arrangement with Anthony. Sonny would be allowed to run the business however he saw fit. Ric told Claudia that Sonny always shut everyone out eventually. Sonny said Ric must really hate following Sonny's orders. He made it very clear to both Ric and Claudia that neither of them was to make decisions in Sonny's name.

Sonny decided he was going to Kate's house, but Claudia protested her husband seeing another woman. Sonny reminded her that they were married only for business purposes, and they could do whatever they wanted with their lives outside of the business. When Sonny walked out, Ric and Claudia smiled at each other. They almost kissed, but Claudia didn't want to kiss Ric in Sonny's house. Ric thought Claudia might be confused that her marriage was real. Claudia said she was not confused. She did not "do" love. Ric said Sonny believed very much in love and thought an angel would save him. Claudia said she would not be the one to save Sonny. She thought love was the most destructive force known to man. All a person really fell in love with was their own reflection. Ric thought Claudia was even sadder than Sonny. He walked out and told the new Mrs. Corinthos goodnight.

Meanwhile, Sonny went to Kate's, where she surprisingly let him in. He apologized for hurting her and putting her in danger. Sonny said he regretted not marrying her, but he didn't know how to be anyone else than a mob man. He still loved her, though. Kate said everyone else had been right all along. Sonny only loved the idea of Kate. Sonny told her not to doubt his feelings for her. They couldn't just wish their feelings away because their relationship wasn't working out at that moment. Kate said no woman could change him, although women in the past had tried. It was up to Sonny to change. Sonny said he would find out who hurt Kate. He wanted to be with her but it was too dangerous. Kate told him not to deny it anymore. Sonny was in the mob because he loved the mob. Kate didn't understand why he couldn't just admit to that fact.

Sonny went home and drank in the dark. Claudia walked in and asked how his visit with Kate went. He told her it was none of her business. Claudia thought it was ironic that he spent their wedding night with the woman he didn't marry. She told him to embrace his inner mobster. Sonny said that was a good plan because holding onto dreams was just a waste of time. Claudia left him and went to bed as he continued to sit on the couch and drink.

Carly talked to Nikolas at the hotel bar about revenge on Jax and Kate. Nikolas was confused, so Carly told him about Jax sleeping with Kate. They talked about Diane using Jax and Carly's divorce to hold up the Spoon Island deal. Nikolas thought it was a good idea, but he didn't think any businessman would allow a good deal to get caught up in a marital squabble. Carly said she had been overemotional, but she was completely blindsided by Jax. Nikolas understood and said he was the same way when he and Emily divorced. Nikolas said it was clear by the way Carly was acting that she still loved Jax. He wanted to know how far she was willing to take the revenge. Carly wanted to buy Crimson and she needed Nikolas to help her. He wasn't too interested in getting into the fashion business, though. Carly reminded Nikolas that it would be payback for him, too. Jax's businesses were his homes, and it was all fair since Jax took Nikolas' home.

Nikolas and Carly's conversation was interrupted when Nikolas' phone rang. It was Nadine telling him they would have to postpone their wedding. She wouldn't be back as originally planned.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nikolas showed up at Nadine's aunt's home with flowers for Nadine, but when he knocked, Nadine's very large cousin, Beau, answered the door. He was the opposite of welcoming. He accused Nikolas of using Nadine to gain citizenship. Nikolas tried to make nice and explain, but Beau continued to be suspicious of Nikolas' motives.

When Nadine entered the room, she was very happy to see Nikolas, so Beau grudging left them alone. Nadine was tearful as she told Nikolas that her Aunt Raylene, who had raised Nadine after her father's death, had a bad heart. Nadine related that the doctors had said there was nothing more they could do for her aunt. Nadine reminisced about her childhood and the happy times she had shared with her Aunt Raylene. Nikolas offered comfort.

Jason and Sam were trapped by a cave-in. As they removed rocks from the passageway, they talked about their plans to locate Jake and whether or not Jake was kidnapped because the Russians knew he was Jason's son. Sam thought it was because Cameron had stayed hidden as Liz had asked, but Jake had not, so he was easily taken. Jason said that even though he suspected the kidnapping was a trap for him, he had to go after Jake, anyway.

After another near cave-in, Jason and Sam were able to clear a pathway through the rocks. They escaped the cave and headed for Jason's car.

Liz was at the Port Charles Police Station with Lucky, looking at mug shots, when Mac and his detective brought Karpov's lawyer, Sasha, in for questioning. Liz was curious about what was being said in the interrogation room. Lucky was sure that Sasha would help, rather than be implicated in the kidnapping.

Tracy went to the Dominican Republic in search of a divorce, but ended up in a cabana with Luke instead. When her cab left, and it started raining, she was stranded. Luke made mango mai tais, but Tracy kept saying no. Luke vowed to prove his love, but Tracy kept insisting that she no longer cared for Luke. She said that all she wanted was to get away from him.

A tired Patrick left an equally tired Robin at home with a sleeping Emma and went to work. As soon as Patrick left, Emma started crying. Robin talked to her and tried to figure out why Emma did not respond to her ministrations. A few minutes later Maxie showed up. She and Robin managed to get Emma to sleep. Maxie sent a very grubby Robin off for a shower and told her to wear some cute clothes so that Emma would get the correct fashion message.

While Robin was in the shower, Emma started crying, so Maxie called Spinelli, who came over and told Emma a classic Greek story. She fell asleep again and Spinelli put her down. His cell phone rang. When Spinelli answered it, it was Jason wanting to know about Russian properties in the area and any weapons that they might have.

Robin came out of her room just in time to hear Spinelli tell Jason how many and what kind of guns the Russians had. She quickly ushered Spinelli and Maxie out the door, but told him he was welcome back as long as he did not talk about guns in front of Emma. As soon as they left, Emma started crying again.

Patrick arrived at the nurses' station and showed off pictures of Emma to Epiphany, Leyla, and Matt, who made appropriate new baby comments. When Patrick seemed distracted, Epiphany cautioned him to be wary of his tired condition and not make the patients suffer. Patrick heeded her advice until a fellow surgeon called Patrick in to do a delicate procedure.

Patrick came through with flying colors and was boasting that he could do it all, just before he stumbled over a medicine cart. Epiphany told him he had done enough and sent him home.

Mac and his detective questioned Sasha, who denied having any knowledge of Jake's whereabouts. As she was being escorted out, Liz confronted her and demanded to know where Jake was. Lucky restrained Liz, who wanted to attack Sasha. Sasha remained cool and told Liz that she did not know anything. She said that she sympathized, but if anyone was to blame for Jake's kidnapping, it was Liz because she was Jason's girlfriend. Mac quickly escorted Sasha out of the building

Liz went back to looking at mug shots, but broke down in tears. She told Lucky that Sasha was right, that she was to blame for Jake's kidnapping. Lucky said that he had also failed by sending her, Sam, and the boys to a remote cabin instead of to one of Jason's safe houses, and also by not going with them when he knew they were in danger. Liz cried as she said that the ultimate blame fell on her for putting her own needs above those of her children.

Nadine's Uncle Vance, father to cousin Beau, interrupted Nikolas and Nadine. Nikolas tried to be cordial, but Uncle Vance was convinced that Nikolas was a freeloader who was only interested in Nadine so that he could become a citizen. Nikolas tried to assure him otherwise. When Beau waked in and sat down, Uncle Vance stunned Nikolas when he said that it did not matter what Nikolas' reasons were, there had to be a wedding soon because it was imperative that they fulfill Raylene's dying wish to see Nadine married.

Robin was in despair when Patrick arrived home because she could not manage to quiet Emma's cries. As soon as Patrick picked up Emma, she stopped crying. Robin was incredulous at Emma's prompt response and demanded to know Patrick's secret.

Alone in her office, Sasha had a conversation by speakerphone with a mystery voice that wanted to know if Jason would be able to find the location where Jake was being held. When Sasha assured him that Jason would find Jake, she got orders to have Jason killed.

Sam and Jason located the Russian warehouse. They snuck around to the back and spotted Jake through a window guarded by several Russians. Jason told Sam that calling the police was too risky because the police might make a noise, alert the Russians, and get Jake killed, instead of rescued. Jason told Sam that they would have to rescue Jake themselves.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

At home, Robin was overwhelmed by motherhood. She felt like a complete failure. Patrick disagreed but, no matter how much he tried, he couldn't convince Robin that her feelings of inadequacy were unfounded. Robin admitted that her inability to breast-feed Emma contributed to her feelings of incompetence. Robin also realized that her lack of control over the situation made things worse. Patrick understood Robin's frustration and suggested that perhaps working would help, because it was an area of her life in which she had command of things. Robin agreed and quickly left for General Hospital.

Unfortunately, things did not improve for Robin once she began her shift. She made one mistake after another and her frustration level mounted. Finally Lainey pulled Robin aside and sent her home with instructions to stop competing with Patrick for parent of the year. She told Robin that in Emma's eyes, Robin was perfect just as she was. When Robin arrived home, she found Matt and Patrick playing a video racing game. Matt had stopped by to visit with his brother and niece. He seemed to sense that Robin wasn't in the mood for company, so Matt told them that he had to return to work. After Matt left, Robin joined Patrick on the sofa while Emma slept in her carrier between them. Robin sounded utterly defeated as she told Patrick about her difficult day at the hospital and then sadly admitted that she wished she were a better mother. Patrick tenderly told Robin that she was a wonderful parent and promised her that they would work through her difficulties as a family. Patrick's loving support moved Robin to tears.

In Ohio, at her aunt's house, Nadine was mortified by her family's behavior and apologized to Nikolas for putting him in an awkward situation. Nikolas decided to clear up all of their misunderstandings by telling Nadine that he had never intended to marry her to gain citizenship. Nadine was embarrassed that she had once again jumped to the wrong conclusion. Nikolas rushed to reassure her that she had nothing to be sorry for. Nadine disagreed and told him that she had been unable to tell her aunt the truth about Nikolas. Aunt Raylene believed that the wedding was on and wanted to talk to Nikolas.

When Nikolas entered Raylene's room, the ailing aunt asked to speak to Nikolas alone. Nadine began to protest, but Raylene insisted. Reluctantly, Nadine left. Raylene turned to Nikolas and asked him what his intentions toward her niece were. When Nikolas said that he cared deeply for Nadine, Raylene realized that it had not been a declaration of love. Nikolas didn't deny it. Instead, he told Raylene about Emily and how he was trying to move past the tragedy of losing her. Raylene asked Nikolas to be careful with Nadine. She told him that Nadine had been deeply hurt in the past and had barely recovered from it. Raylene worried that Nadine wouldn't be able to bounce back from another broken heart.

Nadine was waiting for Nikolas when he stepped into the living room. Nadine said that she hadn't been able to disappoint her aunt by telling her that they weren't getting married. Nikolas understood, then shocked Nadine when he said that he would marry Nadine if it were Raylene's dying wish.

Marty updated Carly's on the upcoming events at the Metro Court, including a cocktail party for Crimson later that evening. Carly wanted more details, but Jax happened along at that moment and warned Marty not to tell Carly anything. Jax didn't want Carly to be privy to any of Crimson's business from that point on. Carly didn't appreciate Jax's edict and tried to counter the order, but Jax stood firm. Just then, Kate walked into the lobby. The moment the two women laid eyes on each other, the insults and threats began flying.

Lulu returned to work at Crimson and quickly picked up where she had left off. She and Maxie were happily working alongside each other when Kate and Jax walked in. Kate and Jax were delighted to see Lulu and asked how she was doing. When she assured them that she was well and ready to resume her responsibilities at Crimson, Kate took Lulu at her word. She told Lulu that Carly was on the warpath and wanted to know where Lulu's loyalties were.

Olivia was surprised when Carly told her that Kate and Jax had slept together. Olivia went straight to Crimson to talk to Kate. Unfortunately, Olivia made the mistake of referring to Kate as "Connie" in front of Maxie and Lulu. Kate was furious and pulled her cousin into her office. She warned Olivia to never use that name in front of her staff again. Olivia agreed and then brought up Carly. Kate was unapologetic. She told Olivia that Carly had done her best to drive Kate and Sonny apart. She succeeded and, as a result, Kate and Jax became closer. Kate couldn't wait to go to the cocktail party on Jax's arm. She wanted to show the world that they were officially in "this" together.

Lulu was walking through the Metro Court lobby when Carly stopped her. Carly wanted to know what Kate intended to wear to the cocktail party. Lulu told her cousin that she knew about the feud between Carly and Kate and didn't want to get involved. Carly's arguments were cut short when Jax joined them.

In the Dominican Republic, Tracy and Luke played poker and talked about their relationship. Tracy remained intent on obtaining a divorce while Luke wanted to save their marriage. Luke told Tracy that her love for him had given him the will to live when his heart had failed. It had saddened him when he realized that Tracy's love appeared to be conditional. Luke observed that as his strength had returned, her love for him had faded. Tracy denied the accusation, so Luke challenged her to prove it. Tracy refused to play along. She asked him what would happen if Laura waltzed back into his life. Luke evaded answering the question by resuming the poker game. However, Tracy wasn't easily distracted. She pointed out that his refusal to answer her question meant that she wouldn't like the answer. Luke lost his patience and told Tracy that it was true that he had feelings for Laura but they did not diminish what Luke felt for Tracy. He said that he had already chosen whom he wanted to be with: Tracy. Tracy didn't believe him.

Sonny was having a meeting with Max and Milo about the mob crisis in Port Charles when Claudia strolled into the living room. As soon as she realized they were in the middle of a meeting, she demanded to know why she had not been invited. Sonny dismissed the two men and then turned his attention to Claudia. No longer interested in the meeting, Claudia decided to talk to Sonny about the state of their marriage. She wanted to know what Sonny intended to do about their unconsummated wedding night. Sonny didn't seem particularly bothered that they had not slept together. He told Claudia that the last time they had sex, she had walked away feeling cheap while he had been filled with regret. He saw no reason to repeat the mistake. Claudia was stunned and asked him if he seriously expected her to remain celibate throughout their marriage. Sonny told her that he didn't care what she did with her time. They were interrupted when Max announced that Sasha had requested a meeting. Claudia took the opportunity to test Sonny's resolve by flirting with Max, but Sonny was indifferent. She seemed disappointed and offered to leave while Sonny met with the lawyer for the Russian mob. She was surprised when Sonny invited her to stay.

Moments later, Sasha was shown in. She tried to speak to Sonny alone, but Claudia let her know that she intended to remain with her husband. Sasha was clearly caught off guard by the news that Claudia and Sonny were married. Sonny seized the advantage and reminded Sasha of their last encounter, when she had threatened him and his family with violence. Sonny went on to tell her that the Zacchara organization was firmly in his control. Sasha realized that she had lost the upper hand when Max grabbed her from behind and restrained her while Sonny moved in closer. Sasha began stammering that she was nothing more than a middleman, not the one in charge. Panic set in and she told Sonny that a child had been taken. When Sonny tensed, she realized her mistake and quickly reassured him that it had not been one of Sonny's children. Sensing a weakness, Sasha warned Sonny that if he acted rashly, he could set a dangerous chain of events into motion that could affect the child. Sonny decided to send Sasha back to her boss with a message: Sonny was in charge.

After Sasha left, Claudia let Sonny know that she had been impressed by how he had handled Sasha. Sonny warned her that things were far from over.

Later, Claudia joined Johnny on the back patio. Johnny tried to duck out of sight from the guards while he attempted to reason with his sister. When Claudia told her brother that the situation in Port Charles was tense, Johnny urged her to leave Sonny, but Claudia refused to consider it. Johnny was worried that Sonny would learn the truth about her role in Michael's shooting, but Claudia feared leaving him would arouse suspicion and prompt Sonny to dig into her past. Johnny saw if for the excuse that it was. He told Claudia that she was playing a dangerous game and he wanted no part of it. Johnny made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Anthony or the organization.

Claudia quickly returned to the living room when she spotted Sonny approaching. Inside, Sonny told her that he had learned the identity of the child who was taken. It was Jake Spencer, the son of Jason's girlfriend. When Sonny told her that he didn't intend to get involved, Claudia supported the decision. She didn't think that Sonny could live with himself if something tragic happened to the child as a result of his interference. Sonny was surprised by Claudia's passion and made the observation that it had sounded like she had spoken from experience. Claudia looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. Outside, on the patio, Johnny overheard the exchange.

Friday, December 5, 2008

At the Metro Court hotel, Jax told Lulu he wasn't surprised to see Carly using Lulu to get information from her. Lulu was shocked and said she and Carly were family. They could talk to each other anytime. Lulu was shocked that Jax would go for Kate after having such a good thing with Carly. Jax got mad and walked away. Lulu apologized for getting involved, but Carly explained that Jax had slept with Kate to get back at Carly. She also said Lulu shouldn't feel sorry for Carly, though, because Carly certainly wasn't feeling sorry for herself. She was going to get even.

Liz called the police for an update on Jake, but no one knew anything additional about her little boy. When she hung up the phone, she answered a knock on the door. It was Patrick. He and Robin had heard about Jake and wanted to check on Liz and Cameron. He even thought to bring some of his racecars for Cameron to play with. Patrick couldn't understand why the Russians would take Jake. Liz explained that she was involved with Jason Morgan. The Russian mob took Jake to get to Jason. Liz was wracked with guilt for putting her children in danger. She worried that Cameron would feel guilty for letting his little brother get kidnapped. Cameron knew he and his brother were supposed to stay in the tent, but Jake had gotten curious and crawled out.

Liz felt bad for not even asking Patrick about Emma, since he was a new dad. Patrick said Emma was great, and he looked forward to her sleeping more than two hours at night. Liz told him that love was not enough. Patrick had to do everything possible to make sure his child was safe. Emma was counting on him. Suddenly, Liz stood up and asked Patrick if he could wait with Cameron until Lucky got back. Liz had something to do. Patrick agreed and Liz quickly left. Patrick called to check on Emma, and Robin assured him their daughter was fine. They hung up just as Lucky arrived. Lucky told Patrick that Liz was holding herself responsible for Jake's kidnapping, and he couldn't find a way to get Liz to realize it wasn't her fault. Patrick said he was very worried for Liz. She seemed to be trying to punish herself. Lucky asked Patrick if he could stay a while longer so Lucky could find Liz, and Patrick agreed.

Meanwhile, Liz went to her studio and reminisced about her past with Jason. She found a sharp letter opener and started to destroy all of her paintings. Lucky walked in and took the knife out of her hands. A sobbing Liz collapsed in his arms.

Inside the shack where Jake was being held, a Russian mobster showed Sasha that bombs had been set all around the place. He handed her a remote detonator. All she had to do was get Jason Morgan there.

Sam convinced Jason that she was his best bet to get Jake out safely. Sam went into the shack and told the head Russian mobster that she was there looking for work. She used to work for Karpov on one of his ships. She knew he was dead, but she needed a way to pay her bills. She was just as good on ground as she was on a ship. Sasha walked in and asked Sam what she was doing there. The last time Sasha had seen Sam was right before the warehouse had blown up. Amazingly, everyone had perished except Sam. Sasha wondered if Jason had saved her. She remembered that Jason and Sam had a history together. Sam assured Sasha that Jason had used her and they no longer had feelings for each other. Sasha seemed convinced and said she might have a job for her. Sasha left to get the information, and Sam asked for a drink. She started to go around the bar where one of the bombs was mounted, but the mobster stopped her. Sam held up her hands and apologized.

Jason headed towards the back of the shed to check on Jake and was almost caught by the man in charge of watching Jake. He headed back to the front of the shack and started to enter. A man yelled out to him and they exchanged shots. Jason fell to the ground. The man walked up to Jason to check his pulse, and Jason grabbed him and broke his neck. Jason revealed a bulletproof vest as he pulled the shell out of the vest. Meanwhile, Sam was inside and asked to visit the bathroom. The main Russian mobster frisked her before allowing her to leave. Sam located the room where Jake was being held and threw a flask at the door. That caused the two guards to run out, looking for whatever had caused the noise. Sam used that opportunity to go in and rescue Jake. Unfortunately, Sasha was close behind and pulled a knife out on Sam's throat. She said she knew Sam was too good to be true.

During a musical montage, Jason entered the shack and started firing at anything that was moving. Sam was busy in the back of the shack, fighting off Sasha. Jason thought he had killed all the mobsters, but the main Russian was still alive behind the bar. He set the remote detonator off and blew Jason out of the shack. Stunned, Jason stood up and realized what had happened, yelling out for Jake.

Claudia admitted to Sonny that she had visited Michael when he was in the hospital. Sonny wasn't very happy to hear that news, but Claudia went on to explain that she knew what it was like to be the child of a mobster. Claudia said that children were the casualties of their line of business. No matter how much you tried to protect them, a mobster's children were never safe. Claudia told Sonny that she had injuries that couldn't be seen. Claudia had gone to see Michael to remind herself of a promise she had made previously. Claudia promised she would never have children and bring them into that world of violence. Sonny told her that was one thing they both agreed on. That was why Sonny wouldn't make a move against the Russians until he knew Jake Spencer was safe.

Later, Claudia came back into the living room with a plate of vegetables. Sonny asked if that was all she was eating, and she said yes. She wasn't going to be cooking for him. Sonny said he wouldn't want Claudia cooking for him, because he didn't like arsenic in his food. Claudia threw a carrot at him and said they could at least try to get along, and, although Sonny might not believe it, Claudia was actually a good cook. She told him that her Uncle Rudy had taught her how to cook. It was enjoyable to her, and she did it to relax. Sonny also cooked to relax, so they found something they had in common. Claudia challenged him to dual, but Sonny had a meeting to go to. He said they would cook against each other some other time.

At the Metro Court hotel, Johnny anxiously waited for Lulu. She arrived soon and he asked why she was dressed up. Lulu explained that Kate was having a cocktail party to re-launch Crimson. Both Lulu and Maxie had to be there. Besides, Lulu said she needed the money, since she didn't have a rich boyfriend anymore. Johnny smiled and said Lulu would miss his family's money, but Lulu said she was just happy to have him. They were interrupted when Anthony rolled in and wanted Johnny to come home with him. Johnny again told his father that he was done with the family. When Claudia married Sonny, Johnny decided he'd had enough of the Zacchara way. Anthony said it had all been for Johnny, but Johnny wasn't interested in hearing the lies anymore.

Anthony started talking to Lulu about Johnny's teenage years, but Lulu also wasn't interested in hearing anything from Anthony. Soon, Sonny walked in and Johnny told the new boss of the Zacchara organization that he was no longer a part of the Zaccharas. Johnny made it very clear that Sonny was in charge, and Johnny would not interfere with Sonny's plans for the business. When Johnny and Lulu left, Sonny mentioned to Anthony what a cold relationship he had with his son. Anthony wanted to know why Sonny wasn't dealing with the Russians, but Sonny reminded him it was none of his business. The deal was that Sonny got to run the organization however he saw fit and answered to no one. Sonny explained that he was waiting for Jake to be rescued before he made a move against the Russians, though. Anthony said that had always been Sonny's weakness - emotion. When Anthony brought up Michael, Sonny told Anthony's guard to take the older man home-it was past his bedtime.

Back at Sonny's house, Ric walked in and he and Claudia talked about Jake. Claudia said that she and Sonny had heard about the boy's kidnapping, and Sonny wasn't going to make a move until Jake was rescued. Ric noticed that Claudia and Sonny's relationship seemed to be working out well. Ric said he just wanted to help Claudia get through the marriage to Sonny. He reminded her that they made a wonderful team together. They decided to remind each other how great they were together and were kissing passionately when Sonny walked in.

Olivia walked into Kate's office and tried to warn her cousin about Carly. Kate tried her best to give Olivia a guilt trip, though, claiming Olivia was taking Carly's side. Olivia explained that Kate could do whatever she wanted, but it could cost Kate big time for crossing Carly.

Before the party began, Maxie started harping orders at Lulu and told her to change her earrings. Although Maxie was making it clear that she was in charge, it was evident that the two girls were no longer enemies. Jax arrived and asked the girls if Kate was there yet. Lulu had not seen Kate, but Maxie said their boss would be there soon. Olivia walked in and Jax tried to formally introduce himself to her. Olivia said she knew him as the man who had slept with her cousin. She said she was no one to judge, though.

As guests started to arrive, Kate got on the elevator to go to her own party. Once the doors closed, Carly and a maintenance man appeared. Carly thanked the man for his help as he turned to key to stop Kate's elevator. Carly said she only needed about ten minutes, and she stepped onto the elevator next to the stopped one. When the elevators dinged at the party, Jax thought it must be Kate arriving. Carly walked off the elevator and asked if she was late.

As Kate screamed and yelled, she banged on the buttons in the elevator. Finally, it started going again, so she tried to compose herself. When Kate finally arrived at her own party, she saw Carly schmoozing at a table with Warren and Jax. Maxie and Lulu watched the two women glare at each other, and Maxie declared that it would not be good.

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