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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 1, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, December 1, 2008

The entire crowd at ConFusion stared at Annie as she stood in a bloody wedding gown and professed her love to Ryan. Ryan asked Annie whom she hurt with the knife that she was carrying. She refused to answer him until he recited his wedding vows. Jesse encouraged Ryan to go along with Annie, so he said his vows. She insisted that he kiss her, but he removed the knife from her hand instead. Jesse immediately put her in handcuffs. Still, she was unaffected by the cuffs because she was so ecstatic over what she imagined was her wedding ceremony. As Jesse led her out of the club, she announced to the crowd that she was hosting a reception with dinner and dancing.

Jake saw a trail of blood and followed it into the restroom. He saw Erica bleeding on the floor and checked her pulse. Just then, Reese and Zach entered the restroom and were horrified to see Erica had been stabbed. Jake stated that Erica was alive and breathing on her own, but she was in critical condition. Reese found Bianca to tell her the news. Bianca rushed to her mother's side just as an ambulance arrived to take Erica to the hospital.

Zach made an announcement to the crowd. He told everyone that they could leave, but they were required to give their contact information to the police. He thanked everyone for coming and wished that the night ended differently.

Amanda told JR that she recognized the crazy look in Annie's eyes because her mother, Janet, looked the same way. He ordered her a martini to make her feel better. Meanwhile, David watched their interaction and slyly grinned. JR approached David and commented that he usually caused the trouble at parties. David protested that he came to the event to donate money, not cause problems. David then snidely reminded JR that there was an open bar. JR stormed off and Amanda followed him. JR admitted that he wanted a drink so bad he could taste it.

Greenlee consoled Ryan. Ryan was adamant that Annie's mental illness was his fault. Greenlee affirmed that Ryan was not to blame. David overheard this and disagreed. David felt that Ryan made Annie go nuts. Ryan did not respond; instead, he left to go to the police station. Greenlee chastised David for his insensitivity. He responded that he was disappointed in Greenlee over her relationship with Ryan, and he assumed that Leo would be as well. She slapped him across the face.

Taylor approached Amanda and inquired if she had any ill will towards her. Amanda claimed that she was over Jake and did not care if Taylor was with him. Then, Amanda saw Colby and urged her to dish the details about the man she knew from Taylor's past. Colby pretended that she did not know what Amanda was talking about. Taylor was annoyed and wheeled herself away. Amanda asked why Colby lied to Taylor, but Colby would not say.

Frankie could sense that Colby was upset. He encouraged her to reveal what was bothering her. She admitted that Brot was in Pine Valley and hiding at the boathouse. Frankie rushed to the boathouse. When Frankie found Brot, he demanded to know why he was in town. Brot revealed that he came to see Taylor. Frankie reminded Brot that he kept the truth from Taylor because Brot promised to stay away forever. Brot insisted that he was leaving the next day on a bus. Brot then noted that he saw Taylor happy with another man, so he knew he was doing the right thing. Frankie explained that although Taylor was falling in love with Jake, she was not over Brot. Frankie refused to keep Brot's secret any longer. Frankie threatened to tell Taylor that Brot was alive if Brot did not tell her before his bus left town.

Rebecca, Angie, and Natalia arrived at home. Rebecca felt bad that Annie had a psychotic break in front of a large crowd. Angie offered to make tea, but Rebecca asked for bourbon instead. Natalia was in awe of Jesse and how he arrested Annie. Natalia announced that she wanted to go into law enforcement. Both Rebecca and Angie were against the idea. Then, Natalia left to meet Randi and Frankie, as Rebecca and Angie drank together. Rebecca admitted that she hated Angie before she met her because it was obvious that Jesse truly belonged to her. Angie urged Rebecca to share all of her feelings. Rebecca revealed that she was angry when she discovered she had cancer, and wished that Angie had gotten sick instead. Rebecca then apologized and stated that she no longer harbored anger for Angie. Angie understood that Rebecca had been upset. Rebecca worried about Natalia, so Angie assured her that she and Jesse would take care of Rebecca's daughter. Rebecca was nervous that Angie would not be able to handle Natalia because she was very stubborn, like Jesse.

Bianca, Reese, Jack, and Adam were waiting at the hospital for news on Erica. Joe said that Erica needed a blood transfusion. Adam offered to donate, since he had the same blood type as Erica. Reese did not know what her blood type was, but she offered to donate anyway.

Jake successfully repaired Erica's lacerated liver during surgery. Bianca visited her mother as she recovered. Erica wearily opened her eyes and asked if her dress was ruined. Bianca laughed and told her mother that she would buy her a new dress. Adam then entered the room and announced that he saved Erica's life with his blood.

Annie was at the police station and still thought it was her wedding day. Jesse introduced Annie to a psychiatrist, Dr. Hathaway. Dr. Hathaway tried to question Annie, but she could not focus. Then, she saw Ryan arrive at the station and she squealed with delight. Greenlee entered the station shortly after and touched Ryan's arm to show him support. Annie noticed that and freaked out. Annie yelled at Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. The doctor and officers attempted to restrain Annie, but she would not calm down. So, Dr. Hathaway sedated Annie and put her in a straitjacket. Jesse told Ryan that he was escorting Annie and Dr. Hathaway to the hospital because Annie needed immediate psychiatric treatment.

Zach arrived at the police station. Ryan wished that he could have prevented Annie's breakdown and the damage she caused. Zach revealed that he knew Annie was unstable. Zach further explained that he overheard Annie confess to killing Richie, but he did not tell anyone. Ryan was furious with Zach for "playing God." Ryan warned Zach to stay away from him and his family.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frankie told Jake that Brot was alive and in Pine Valley. Frankie said Brot was supposed to tell Taylor he was alive. Taylor did some sit-ups in her hospital bed and then went to see Jake and Frankie. Taylor suspected the two men were talking about her. But Jake quickly said he asked Frankie to cover his shift to spend more physical therapy time with Taylor. Taylor didn't seem to buy Jake's excuse. Jake and Frankie left Taylor alone so they could discuss Brot further. Frankie said Brot came to check on Taylor after hearing about her accident, but had no intention of telling Taylor he was alive. Jake said they needed to tell Taylor the truth about Brot. Frankie went back to Taylor's room, but kept looking around to see if Brot would show up. Taylor asked Frankie if he was expecting a visitor. Frankie said an old friend of theirs was back in town. Taylor asked who the person was, and Frankie said Brot was alive. Taylor was in shock. She could barely speak. Frankie said he saw Brot himself. Taylor accused Frankie of lying to her, but Frankie told Taylor he had no reason to lie to her. Frankie said he knew exactly how Taylor was feeling, and he would never make such a cruel joke about Brot being alive. Taylor asked Frankie to take her to Brot.

A distraught Krystal sought help from Angie at the hospital. Krystal said she felt like she was losing her mind. She had trouble sleeping, getting out of bed, and eating. Angie said Krystal's reaction was typical after losing Babe. Krystal asked Angie for medicine to help with the pain, but Angie said Krystal needed to deal with the grief naturally. Krystal explained that she was having dreams about David. It scared Krystal that she felt so close to David. Angie admitted she didn't like the idea of Krystal leaning on David, but it made sense since they lost a child together. Angie suggested Krystal speak to a grief counselor, but Krystal said she was tired of talking. Angie went to check on her patients, but promised to come back for Krystal. David was surprised to see Krystal at the hospital. Seeing how upset she was, David asked Krystal if anything was wrong. Krystal said she wanted David to get out of her dreams, and more important, her life. David was flattered to hear Krystal dreamed about him. David said he dreamed about Krystal too. David offered to help Krystal with her pain. He pulled her into a private room and kissed her. David said he could make Krystal feel alive again. She kissed David again. Angie caught the two kissing.

Greenlee took Emma to work. Amanda told Greenlee that it was time for her to get back to running Fusion, since Erica was in the hospital. Greenlee said she never stopped running the company, but would be the one issuing orders again. Bianca came into the room and told Greenlee and Amanda that they still both legally reported to Erica. Bianca said she would fill in for Erica until Erica recovered. Greenlee replied that she was perfectly capable of running her own company. But Bianca thought she should act in Kendall's best interests instead of Greenlee's. Amanda pointed out that it was confusing if everyone was fighting. Greenlee decided that it might not be so bad working with Bianca. She suggested that Amanda run the office and report back to her and Bianca. As Emma was coloring, she ran across the front page of a magazine with Annie's picture. Emma tore the page out and stuck it in her bag. Greenlee took Emma to Ryan's house. Emma showed Greenlee the magazine picture. Greenlee explained that Annie was sick and being cared for by doctors. Emma wanted to know when Annie was coming home. Greenlee said Annie would always be with Emma.

Ryan found Aidan lurking outside Annie's door at the psychological ward. Ryan was curious why Aidan was hanging around Annie. Aidan said he wanted to make sure Annie was safe. But Ryan still had his suspicions about Aidan. Ryan said he found it hard to believe Aidan was working against - not with-Annie on the kidnapping plan. Aidan said he would never do anything to hurt Emma. Ryan wasn't so sure Aidan felt the same about him. Ryan went to see Annie, who immediately noticed that her wedding ring was missing. Ryan asked Annie if anyone helped her kidnap Emma. Annie looked at a window and said it was "him." She was referring to her deceased brother, Richie. Ryan explained that Annie killed Richie, so Richie could not have helped her. Ryan asked if Aidan helped Annie kidnap Emma, but Annie insisted she never kidnapped Emma. Annie clung onto Ryan as nurses came to take her to a doctor. Annie screamed for Ryan not to leave her as the nurses gave Annie a sedative.

Brot was anxious to leave Pine Valley. At the marina, he told Colby that Frankie was going to tell Taylor he was alive. Brot said Frankie gave him the chance to tell Taylor the truth, but Brot was too scared. Brot started to leave to catch a cab, but was stopped by Jake. Colby went back to her house. Jake said he never guessed that Brot was the one who hired Tad to investigate Taylor. Brot said he felt obligated to check on Taylor. Jake said Brot should have felt obligated to tell Taylor the truth. Jake told Brot how furiously Taylor tried to go back to Iraq. Jake said Taylor talked about Brot all the time because she still loved him. Brot claimed he didn't want Taylor anymore. Jake said Brot would have left already if he didn't still care for Taylor. Frankie and Taylor arrived as Brot was leaving.

Zach received a special package from Kendall while he and Reese were working on design plans at the office. Zach opened the large box and found a framed and autographed Red Wings hockey jersey. Reese handed Zach a note from Kendall that was enclosed. It told Zach that she was always cheering for him, like he did for the Red Wings. Reese suggested that Zach bring Kendall back to Pine Valley from Canada. Zach thought Reese was implying that Kendall was dying. He reminded Reese that Kendall was a fighter, and far from dying. Bianca heard Zach shouting at Reese when she walked into the office. Zach left to go to a meeting. Reese showed Bianca the jersey. Reese said Zach's passionate love toward Kendall made her realize how important Bianca was. Bianca said Zach would be fine once Kendall woke up. But the news for Kendall was grim. Reese said doctors had told Zach that Kendall might never wake up. When Zach returned, Bianca said it would be best if Kendall came home.

Ryan came home to find Greenlee comforting Emma. Emma went to make a card for Annie. Greenlee thought Emma should know that Annie was not coming home. But Ryan didn't want to ruin Emma's hopes.

Aidan went to see Annie after she had been sedated. Aidan wanted to know if Ryan suspected him in the kidnapping plan. He even told Annie she could stop faking her insanity to talk to him.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Angie was shocked to find Krystal and David kissing at the hospital. David announced that he was not sorry for the kiss and walked away. Angie wondered if Krystal had lost her mind. Krystal was distraught and cried. Krystal explained that she lost control of her life due to Babe's death. Angie understood that Krystal was grieving, but she did not think that Tad deserved an unfaithful wife. Krystal stated that she loved Tad very much and that she did not want to hurt him. Krystal regretted the kiss and begged Angie not to tell Tad what she saw. Angie promised to keep the secret.

Angie found David and chastised him for kissing Krystal. He told her that it was none of her business. She disagreed and reminded him that Tad was one of her best friends. David did not care. He claimed that he needed to help Krystal because "Tad [was] not cutting the mustard." He then revealed that Krystal was seeking him out and not the other way around. Angie thought that he was taking advantage of Krystal's vulnerable state. She encouraged him to leave Krystal alone, even if Krystal wanted to spend time with him. He accused Angie of "projecting" her situation onto him because she was having problems in her personal life. She did not understand why David claimed that. He thought that she was butting into his life because she could not handle living with her husband's lover, Rebecca. Angie affirmed that she truly wanted to help Krystal and she warned David to stay away from her friend.

Zach, Bianca, and Reese were preparing Kendall's hospital room for her arrival. Zach was excited for his wife's return. They taped drawings from Spike and Ian all around the room and played Christmas music. Zach also created a "shift schedule" to ensure that Kendall's loved ones would be visiting her at all times.

Kendall was brought to Pine Valley Hospital. David checked on her and announced to her family that there was no change in her vitals. Bianca asked if the decorations, music, and visits would help her sister. David replied, "It can't hurt."

Just as Zach was about to visit Kendall, Jesse demanded to speak with him about Richie's murder. Zach was annoyed, but agreed to talk. Jesse asked why Zach withheld information from the police. Zach stated that he did not reveal Annie's crime because he thought he could use the information to protect Emma. Jesse reminded Zach that he obstructed justice, which was a punishable offense.

Zach visited with Kendall and he told her how happy he was to have her home. He pleaded with her to wake up for the holidays.

Bianca visited with Kendall next. She joked that her sister had to wake up for Christmas because the holiday encapsulated her two favorite things, bright lights and shopping. Bianca told her sister that she needed to see how big Spike, Ian, and Miranda were getting. Also, Bianca wanted Kendall to meet her new niece, so they could discuss how she was conceived.

Ryan told Greenlee that he felt obligated to help Annie since she was the mother of his child. Greenlee could not believe that he was going to help the woman that killed her brother and abducted her own child. He felt guilty because he assumed responsibility for Annie's mental breakdown. Greenlee assured him that it was not his fault because he did not make Annie go crazy. He disagreed and stated that his love for Greenlee drove Annie mad, and, because of that, Ryan needed to focus on Emma, instead of Greenlee. Greenlee understood that Emma was his top priority.

Greenlee visited with Kendall. She explained that her life was in disarray and she needed Kendall to tell her what to do. She said that even though she usually hated when Kendall bossed her around, Kendall was usually right. Greenlee desperately wanted advice on her situation with Ryan. She affirmed that she loved him dearly, but she did not think they should be together. Greenlee confessed that she really thought they drove Annie crazy, although she denied it to Ryan. Just then, Greenlee realized that Ryan was in the room and overheard everything she said.

Aidan secretly entered Annie's hospital room. He said that her insanity act was brilliant. She gave him a confused look and asked when her wedding reception was starting. He urged her to drop the act and admit that she was faking, but she said nothing. He asked her if she told Ryan about his part in the kidnapping, but she continued to be silent. He tried to taunt her into speaking by yelling that Ryan was at home making love to Greenlee in front of the fireplace. She screamed, "No!" Ryan entered the room and pulled Aidan away from Annie. Ryan demanded to know why Aidan was there. Aidan divulged that he thought Annie was faking her illness, but Ryan disagreed. Aidan said that she was manipulating Ryan, so he would stay by her side and support her. Aidan urged Ryan to go home and be with his daughter.

Jesse escorted a doctor to Annie's room, so she could be evaluated. While the doctor assessed Annie, Ryan told Jesse about Aidan's theory. Both Ryan and Jesse were unsure if Aidan was in on the kidnapping or if he was trying to save Emma. Jesse promised to keep an eye on Aidan.

The doctor announced that Annie had borderline personality disorder. He thought that she needed professional treatment for the condition and he confirmed that she was not faking. Jesse told Aidan about the diagnosis, but Aidan was convinced that she was pretending.

Reese and Zach were at home with Spike, Ian, Miranda, and Gabrielle. Reese and the kids were excited for Christmas and they wanted to decorate the house for the holiday. Zach retrieved the decorations for them and they got to work. Miranda requested that Reese do an elf dance. Reese danced around in an elf hat. As she goofed off, she tripped on a box and Zach caught her. They looked into each other's eyes and Zach seemed uneasy. He left the room abruptly.

Brot turned away when he saw Taylor approaching him at the boathouse. She told him to turn around, so she could see him. He hesitantly revealed his face to Taylor and she looked stunned by the burns on his face. He was disappointed over her reaction and stormed off. Taylor cried as Jake consoled her. She was mad at herself for reacting the way she did. Jake thought that her reaction was warranted considering she thought Brot was dead for months. Still, Taylor wished she could have been more compassionate.

Frankie urged Brot to talk to Taylor. Brot was distraught over the look Taylor gave him, so he did not want to see her again. Frankie thought that Brot was being too hard on Taylor. Frankie affirmed that Taylor loved him and did not care about the scars on his face. Brot said that he could handle the shocked looks he received from strangers, but he could not handle it from Taylor. Frankie felt that Brot should at least say goodbye to Taylor before he left town.

Brot visited Taylor in the hospital. He asked her to turn away from him, so she could not see his face. Taylor refused and looked him in the eye. She then hugged him.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jake told Frankie that Taylor needed to deal with Brot's return. Frankie said Brot had made it clear he didn't want Taylor back. Jake figured Brot was ignoring his feelings and wanted to run away to avoid Taylor. Frankie advised that Jake should be careful not to just hand Taylor over to Brot so easily.

Taylor asked Brot if he really loved her while they served together in Iraq. Brot simply responded with, "People feel things." Taylor refused to believe their love was nothing more than a fling. Plus, she wondered why Brot would have asked her to marry him if their relationship was not real. Taylor lost her engagement ring, and Brot told her he ordered another ring. He even described it to her in Iraq. But Brot said he never ordered another ring. The explosion happened before Brot could tell Taylor that he wanted to end their relationship. Taylor accused Brot of lying to her, but Brot stuck to his story. It was evident that Taylor loved Jake, so Brot thought it was best if they both moved on with their lives. Brot told Taylor goodbye and left. Jake came in to comfort Taylor, who was sobbing. Taylor said Brot never loved her, but Jake knew Brot was lying. Jake said Brot would not have come back to check on her if he didn't love her. Taylor felt uncomfortable talking about Brot to Jake. Jake said Taylor just needed to figure out whom she wanted to be with. Jake understood if Taylor didn't want to just walk away from Brot. Taylor said Brot wasn't interested in her help. But Jake thought Taylor was the only person who could save Brot.

Erica was impressed with Randi's photos for ConFusion. Randi was amazed that Erica could still run Fusion and New Beginnings from her hospital bed. Erica said she was proud of Randi. Next, she called Greenlee and asked her to come to the hospital. Erica wanted to gush about Randi's modeling and organize a Valentine's Day campaign. David came by to check on Erica. He complimented Randi on her photos before Randi left. Erica asked David if Kendall's condition had improved. David said Kendall was stable.

Erica took the opportunity to beg David to let her get out of the bed for a little while so she could visit Kendall. As Zach walked in, David said Erica needed to be a bit stronger first. Erica asked Zach to get her a wheelchair. David agreed to let Erica visit Kendall for 30 minutes. Erica took Kendall's hand and begged her to come home for Christmas. Outside Kendall's room, David told Zach that Kendall's heart was still having trouble functioning. He said it was only a matter of time before Kendall's body started shutting down. David was unsure how much longer Kendall would survive. Zach asked David not to tell anyone else about Kendall's condition.

Greenlee felt guilty about how her relationship with Ryan had hurt Annie and Aidan. Ryan said Annie was unstable before he and Greenlee realized their feelings for each other. Greenlee was sure the romance with Ryan contributed to Annie's meltdown. Greenlee said the primary focus needed to be on Emma's happiness. Ryan wanted to be a great father to Emma, while also being Greenlee's lover. Greenlee said they could not reignite their romance again.

Randi eagerly shared the news about her photos with Frankie at the hospital. Of course, he was not surprised Erica loved Randi's photos. Randi and Frankie decided to go ice-skating, but it seemed that Frankie's mind was elsewhere. Frankie told Randi he was worried about the situation with Taylor, Brot, and Jake.

Bianca and Reese read Miranda and Spike a bedtime story. Afterwards, Bianca went to check on Kendall. She ran into Zach, who said Erica was visiting Kendall. Bianca sensed Zach was upset, but Zach said he just wished a doctor, other than David, were caring for Kendall. Erica wheeled herself out of Kendall's room. She was not pleased to see Greenlee rifling through Fusion papers. Erica said Greenlee and Ryan finally got the romance they wanted, even though Erica had to get stabbed for it to happen. Greenlee said she and Ryan were not a couple. Ryan needed to focus on caring for Emma, she said. Erica admired Greenlee for misjudging her and Ryan's decision. Greenlee admitted that she had wrongly taken out her frustrations on Erica. Erica thanked Greenlee for spending so much time with Kendall.

Zach stopped Ryan in the hospital to apologize for not telling him that Annie had killed Richie. Ryan did not seem to have any hard feelings toward Zach about the issue. Ryan asked if he could visit Kendall. Zach had no problem with it, but said he would need Ryan to help more at the casino until Kendall recovered. Ryan said he did not have time for work. He needed to spend his energy and time caring for Emma and Spike. Ryan went to the roof and Greenlee joined him. Again, she told him their relationship was over.

Zach went home and stared at a burning fire in the fireplace. Reese sat beside him and immediately knew Zach was bothered by something regarding Kendall. Zach said everyone wanted Kendall to get well, but he was the only who knew Kendall's heart condition was worsening. Zach said he wanted to give everyone hope, but felt guilty about lying. Reese said Zach would make the right decision. Zach asked Reese to keep Kendall's worsening condition a secret.

Friday, December 5, 2008

After Kathy ran to the basement to fetch the ornaments, Krystal showed up in the living room and saw that Tad had purchased a tree. He offered to fix it, as it stood slightly crooked in the corner, but Krystal told him to get rid of it completely. Tad tried to convince her that the holidays were more for the children than anyone else, but his words fell on deaf ears when Kathy returned with a box and pulled out a cow ornament Krystal had given to Babe. She harshly ordered the little girl to hand over the ornament. Kathy quickly did so and then ran upstairs. Krystal winced at what had happened, and then bit back all of her emotions as she tried to explain why she couldn't celebrate. When Tad tried to comfort her, she yanked away, told him she needed space, and stormed out of the house.

Amanda arrived at the cemetery with a wreath of flowers just as David revealed the headstone he'd picked out for Babe. Once uncovered, tears sprung to Amanda's eyes, as it just served as another reminder that her best friend had gone too soon. David put his arm around her and promised Babe that together, they would save Little Adam from the Chandlers. Amanda was insulted and reminded David that she would take JR down in her own way, and didn't need his coaching. David told her that he simply wanted to remind her that his whole plan was about saving Little Adam from becoming a Chandler clone like JR had, much the way Trevor had saved Amanda from the horrors that could have been her life. She stalked off with the reminder of her father seared into her brain and left David to daydream. He thought to a future with a grown-up Little A who planned to attend medical school and go into cardiology like his grandfather.

Jesse made a surprise visit to the hospital and kidnapped his wife, as he felt they needed something light and fun to get them into the holiday spirit. They delivered themselves and a box of ornaments to the Martin residence to help decorate, but after they joked around a few times, they realized that something was amiss. Tad informed them that the party was a bust as Kathy was locked up in her room and Krystal had run off so she could be alone. Angie offered to go look for Krystal and quickly exited.

Krystal went to the cemetery and found David there. She bypassed him and thumped on the ground, angry that her daughter was underneath and not in her arms. Her anger quickly turned to tears and David wrapped his arms around her and promised he would take care of her. He then lifted her into his arms and carried her away from Babe's plot.

Adam visited Erica at the hospital under the ruse of delivering a plant, and reminded her that her life was spared because of his blood. Erica wanted to know what kind of outrageous payback she would have to submit to in order to get Adam to leave her alone. The mogul turned more serious then as he asked her to help him hold on to his son. Adam explained that after the grief over Babe's passing had subsided somewhat, he hoped that JR would want to reconnect with him. Erica commiserated and said the disconnect with her children was especially true with Kendall. She followed by saying that both Kendall and JR would make their way back to their parents. She then remarked how amusing it was that no matter how old her children got, she always worried about them.

Adam offered to let Erica stay at the mansion to recuperate once she was released from the hospital, but she told him that she'd already received and accepted another offer. Adam wanted to know who had offered, but Erica coyly refused. Adam then started to take his leave, but returned to her side when she asked if he would give her a get-well kiss. He tried to lay one on her lips, but she turned her head, accepted a kiss on the cheek, and then thanked him in earnest for all he had done.

JR sat on the floor at the Chandler mansion, lost in thought about a time in the recent past when he and Babe had exchanged gifts. His reverie was interrupted when his son came over and told him that Mommy was home. JR rose from his station and looked at a box that had been delivered to the foyer. After he saw his son's name on the package, he pointed out to the young boy that there was no return address, and that his mother couldn't send him presents from where she was.

Greenlee arrived at the hospital meeting room and, when she saw Ryan, she apologized and told him that she was denied the opportunity to submit her testimony over the phone. The other medical and legal personnel started to file in, and they announced that they needed to decide the next step in Annie's treatment for her mental issues. At that moment, they brought Annie into the room and, when she spotted Greenlee, she started to yell her protest. Although they tried to get her to settle down, Annie wavered between the past and present, verbally attacking the people she thought were her parents, and then directly threatening Greenlee. The doctors ordered that she be taken back to her room but, before she left, she promised that she would make Greenlee pay, and then told Ryan not to take long, as she would wait for him in the honeymoon suite.

After Annie had been removed, the doctor explained that after Annie's evaluation, and the outburst she'd had, it was clear that Annie needed to be committed. He then asked for Ryan's opinion, and Ryan related that he was at a loss as to who his wife was when she showed up at ConFusion in her wedding dress, unconcerned that she was holding a knife and was covered with blood. He also shared that she had done horrid things before - killed both Di Henry and her brother, and kidnapped her child - and it all seemed to be for one purpose: to get Ryan back. He felt that all of her actions warranted help, and Annie's legal counsel agreed. The doctor said he would issue the needed documents so that Annie could be transferred to an institution that would be able to help around the clock.

In her room, Annie paced as she muttered that it was the eve of their wedding and that she would not let Greenlee get in the way of that. When the orderlies came in, she told them to tell 'that bitch' to watch her back.

In the hall, Greenlee apologized for showing up to the meeting and making things worse. Ryan, who still struggled with the fact that Greenlee had ended things between them, simply stated that he hadn't spent enough time with his daughter and that he would go home and do something that his little girl deserved. A short time later, Jack found his daughter as she sat alone in the hall, and asked how she'd been doing. She mentioned that she would visit Kendall before she left, and he asked if Ryan had done something to make her sad. Greenlee fired off that Ryan had a full load with a young child and a sick wife to deal with, and then demanded that her father take it easy on him. Jack realized that Greenlee's anger was mostly because she couldn't be with Ryan and called her on it. She admitted that all she wanted to do was comfort Ryan in the proceedings, but knew that she couldn't. Jack commended her on her selfless choices and assured her that he was proud of her. He then told her that even though she and Ryan couldn't be together, they could be friends.

Amanda paid a visit to the Chandler mansion and was pleased to see that her gift had arrived. JR was relieved to hear that news, and then explained that since Little A had opened it himself and they hadn't seen the card, the little boy believed that the gift was from his mother. Amanda knelt near Little A and told him that she had purchased the angel and that it was from his mother in a way because she had thought about Babe when she bought it. Little A understood somewhat and then suggested that they put the angel on top of the tree so that Babe could see it.

JR pulled out the ladder and once he placed the angel on the top of the tree, Amanda and Little Adam blew kisses to Babe up in heaven. JR then sent his son off to get cookies from the kitchen and when the little guy disappeared, Amanda admitted that she was falling in love with Little A. Adam overhead her and scoffed, believing that Amanda was nothing but a gold digger. Amanda was unwilling to listen to yet another assault on her character, so she excused herself to the kitchen, as well. JR turned to his father and reminded him that he had only moved back into the house for his son, and that Adam needed to stay out of his personal life.

After Adam had vacated the scene, Amanda and Little A rejoined JR in the living room with the intent of continued tree decorating. JR suggested that the staff could take care of it, but Amanda convinced Little A to nicely ask his father if they could assume those duties. Unable to resist his son, JR caved in and they all had fun covering the tree with tinsel, ornaments, and the like. A short while later, Amanda got ready to head home for the night, but as she stood at the doorway to the living room and took in one last look at JR and his son, she was yanked to the side by Adam, who warned her to think about Babe as she did her best to reel JR in. He told her that if she continued to mess with JR, she would have to worry that she would meet an untimely death as well. Then, he yanked open the main door as a signal for her to leave immediately.

While they waited for Angie's return, Kathy decorated the tree, and Tad related all of his wishes for family, including a place that really felt like home. He admitted that although he felt horrible that Babe was gone, he really wanted Krystal to move on as he had done when Dixie died. He thought that line of thinking made him sound like a bad man, but Jesse assured him that he just had a complicated family.

David and Krystal got back to Wildwind and, after he wrapped her in a blanket to warm her, he poured her a glass of warm milk. He used his body to shield the cup, which prevented Krystal from seeing a pill that he mixed into her drink. He started to hand her the cup when a knock was heard at the front door. Krystal believed it would be Tad, and insisted that David not reveal her presence. David did as asked and closed the doors to the living room before he answered the main door. He was caught off-guard when he saw that Angie was on the other side of the door. David insisted that Krystal wasn't inside, and then told Angie that if she was worried about the kiss he'd shared with Krystal, there was no need. The mere mention of the kiss made Angie flustered, but David told her it meant nothing and that she needed to leave. Before she could say anything else, he shut the door in her face.

Ryan went home and, after he sent Corinna on her way, explained to Emma that her mom would stay at the hospital until she got all the help she needed. Then, when Emma put her head down and covered her eyes, Ryan told her that he wished she wouldn't cry. Emma told him that she had actually said a prayer - one that would bring her mother home by Christmas.

Jack stopped by to see Erica and she told him that she not only felt great, but she thought that she would be discharged any day. She confessed that she had her heart set on a move into a wonderful condo, but the construction had been delayed due to the tornado. Without a missed beat, Jack opened up his home to her. She acted surprised and used the offer to find out where his relationship with Carmen stood. Jack told her that they were fine and that she should consider his offer a favor for a friend. She quickly spun her options and told Jack that she would stay at the Chandler mansion. Although slightly taken aback, Jack mostly took the announcement in stride, and took his leave. Once gone, Erica called Adam and took him up on his original offer, much to Adam's glee.

Jesse decided that he would head home, so, after he left the Martin homestead, Tad placed a call to his wife's phone. He got her voicemail and asked that she either call him when she got the message, or just come home. Across town, Krystal's phone blinked to signify a new message. It went unnoticed as she stood by the fire crying until David came back in. He told her that Angie had been looking for her, but that he got rid of her. He then instructed Krystal to sit back down with the warm milk he had prepared for her, and, without prompting, she drank it.

Greenlee decided to be the friend her father suggested, and brought a tree over to Ryan's so that he could decorate it with his little girl. At the same moment, Aidan showed up at the hospital and paid an orderly to let him in to visit Annie. She acted dazed at his arrival, but told him that she needed something. When he asked after her request, she told him to come closer, which he did. When he got close enough, she caught him off guard, punched him in the stomach and then hopped on top of him and started to strangle him.



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