The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 1, 2008 on Y&R

The Abbotts and the Bardwells announced their hostile takeover of Jabot. Nikki reported Katherine's emerald ring as stolen. Victor discovered that Jack and Adam had been behind the fake diary. Sharon kicked Jack out of their house, and Brad comforted Sharon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 1, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, December 1, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Kevin waited until departing patrons were out the door before he retrieved Kay's forgotten purse from the safe. After Kevin removed a wad of cash and stuffed the money in his pocket, he quickly hid the purse under the counter when Gloria and Jana entered the dining area from the patio. Gloria complained that her feet hurt after she slaved to serve free Thanksgiving dinners to the needy. Jana told Kevin that she looked forward to a ride in the brisk air on her new scooter. Kevin assured a worried Jana that he could afford both the scooter and the cost of providing the free meals. Later, while Jana was cleaning, she discovered the purse stuffed with cash. Kevin explained that Kay had left the purse, and he had tried to return it. Jana was shocked, but Kevin said that Heather had explained that it was all right to keep found money. Jana figured out that Kevin had used some of the money to buy the scooter, and she was angry that Kevin had lied. Jana set the purse on the counter and, when he offered to return the money, she said, "It is not up to me, Kevin; it's up to you."

After Jana left, Gloria told Kevin that he would soon be able to afford whatever he wanted after she took over as CEO of Jabot, a move Gloria gloated would shock Jill. Michael arrived and noted that if Gloria weren't self-centered and pig-headed, she would agree to testify and help Lowell avoid facing murder charges. Gloria explained that even Michael would soon learn why she had no other choice. Through clenched teeth, Michael told Gloria that all she had to do was swear that Lowell did not set a bomb. Michael added that he didn't want to hear any crap about Gloria's public image. Gloria insisted that even Lowell would understand her actions. Michael cut short his conversation when Neil phoned about Ana. While Michael was on the phone, Gloria left.

Michael grilled Kevin about Gloria's scheme. Jana listened as Kevin feigned ignorance, but Michael reminded Kevin that Lowell was a decent man who didn't deserve what he faced. Kevin admitted that Gloria and Jeffrey were conspiring with Jack to take over Jabot. Michael was livid and accurately guessed that Kevin was in on the plan. Kevin admitted that Gloria promised him a big promotion. Jana warned Kevin that he had better be prepared to walk the path he had chosen. Michael cautioned Gloria that she would regret trusting Jack, and he added that they all would soon regret Gloria's decision.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Jeffrey that Jill had called a meeting of Jabot's major stockholders. Jeffrey shocked Jack when he demanded the key position as Jabot's CEO. Jack asked Jeffrey why he should be CEO instead of Gloria. Jeffrey explained that he had a "secret" for controlling Gloria. Jack was intrigued, but Jeffrey explained that he could not reveal his secret. However, he assured Jack that he would act under Jack's guidance for the good of the company. Jack agreed and shook Jeffrey's hand to seal the deal.

When Gloria returned, she told Jack that he should appoint her as Jabot's CEO. Jack reminded Gloria that Jeffrey would not take a backseat, since he had almost thwarted their plan after he held her shares of stock hostage. Gloria assured Jack that she would remain in control, but she would let Jeffrey think he was in charge. Jack assured Gloria that he was behind her. Jack promised Gloria that there would be across-the-board changes after the stockholders' meeting, as long as she played by his rules. Jack and Gloria were uncorking champagne when Jeffrey returned. Jack offered Jeffrey and Gloria flutes filled with the bubbly wine, and then Jack proposed a toast to celebrate that Jabot Cosmetics would soon be a family company again. Jeffrey added that doing business with Jack was a pleasure, since he had "his eye on the prize."

At Daniel's loft apartment, he complained that he had little time to sketch because he was busy with work assignments. Amber suddenly burst into tears, and Daniel hugged and comforted her. Daniel accompanied Amber on a visit to Kay's grave. Amber cried and said she missed her dear friend. Daniel noted that Kay was like family. Amber joked that Kay would have laughed at her dinner disaster. As Amber sobbed, Daniel held her in his arms.

After Daniel and Amber visited Kay's grave, they stopped by the coffeehouse. Jana asked Amber why she had been crying, and she told Jana and Kevin that she had stopped by to visit Kay's grave. Jana understood how such a visit could be comforting. After Amber mentioned her cooking catastrophe, Jana packed two slices of pie for Daniel and Amber to take home and enjoy later. As Daniel and Amber ate their slices of pie, they discussed their shares of Kay's inheritance. Amber suggested that she and Daniel use the money to live on while they each pursued their artistic endeavors. Daniel kissed Amber and told her that she was brilliant, and he thanked her for showing him what kind of person she was on the inside. After Amber and Daniel made love, Amber told Daniel that she felt complete since she had committed to practice her art seriously. Amber pressed Daniel to do the same. Daniel agreed, and he and Amber vowed to concentrate their energies on friends, their art, and each other.

Gloria and Jeffrey arrived at the coffeehouse for dessert. Michael confronted Gloria about Jabot and explained that Jack could not become involved with Jabot after the face-cream debacle. Jeffrey noted that they would work with Jack and not for him. Gloria insisted that she would be in charge. Michael added that they would have an Abbott axe poised above their heads. Michael claimed that the stockholders had already pegged Gloria as a gold digger, and they would soon learn that Jeffrey was a con man. Michael labeled Kevin as a computer geek, who had somehow garnered a corner office. Michael spoke on behalf of Jabot's stockholders and asked, "How would all of this look to them?" Jana said she knew something about the deal just wasn't right. Michael told Jeffrey he was dim-witted if he believed that Jack would roll over and play dead. Jeffrey explained that he and Gloria had the stock and that Jack had his family's proxies, so they could take Jabot and run with it. Gloria said their plan had been in the making for months and was a dream that had come true.

Michael berated Gloria for becoming a heartless, soulless human being after turning her back on Lowell. Michael raged at Jeffrey for turning Lowell in to the authorities. Gloria maintained that she had sacrificed for Michael, and asked him whose side he was on. Michael told Gloria smugly that he was Lowell's attorney. Michael added that Gloria would likely call him to represent her legally after the Jabot deal blew up in her face. Jeffrey cheered Gloria when she declared that she intended to get it all. At the Abbott mansion, however, Jack told someone on the phone that "The stockholders' meeting is tomorrow. They will never see what is coming."

At Neil's apartment, Tyra became outraged when she learned that Yolanda had a disconnected phone. Devon exclaimed, "Yolanda can't pay her damn phone bill, but she can ruin Ana's life by reporting her missing?" Tyra was angry that Gil alerted social services about Ana instead of walking from the situation. Devon vowed to bring his sister home. Karen, Lily, and Billy offered comfort to Tyra and Devon. Neil phoned Michael and explained that social services had taken custody of Ana because Tyra was actually the 12-year-old's aunt. Michael said that the family should hope for a sympathetic judge. Michael promised to compile a list of competent family attorneys, and he reminded Neil that Ana was not in harm's way. Lily was devastated for Tyra and Ana. Karen assured Lily that Neil would bring Ana back home. Billy suddenly remembered that he knew a family attorney, who was dining at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Lily and Billy headed to the club.

At the club, Billy spotted his friend dining with his parents. Billy introduced Lily to his friend, Rafael Torres. Rafael explained that everyone called him "Rafe." Billy apologized for interrupting his friend's dinner, but he added that Lily's family needed the services of a family lawyer. Lily explained that someone she loved was in trouble. Rafe assured Lily that because his trusted friend Billy had asked, he would help her family.

At the courthouse, Ms. Marisol Pena, the social worker handling Ana's custody case, assured Neil, Tyra, and Devon that she had arranged a temporary foster home for Ana. Neil calmly explained that Devon was Ana's biological brother and that their mother, Yolanda, was a drug abuser who had not reared Ana. Tyra admitted that she had signed Yolanda's name to documents pertaining to Ana. Marisol explained that Yolanda was married, clean, and claimed to be Ana's legal guardian. Tyra was distraught, but Neil promised to remedy the situation. Gil stopped by and explained that he had to turn Ana over to authorities. Tyra and Neil gave Gil the cold shoulder, but he offered to help them. After Gil left, Tyra was furious, so Neil calmed her.

Devon passionately appealed Ana's case to Marisol. Devon explained that Yolanda had claimed to be clean once before, but she stole Neil's watch and sold it in order to buy drugs. Devon recalled that Yolanda left him abandoned in a car while she abused drugs and passed out. Devon said that Yolanda had given Ana up to Tyra long ago, so Ana had not lived through the hell he had known with their mother. Devon pleaded with the social worker not to award Yolanda custody of Ana.

When Marisol returned, Tyra, Devon, and Karen listened as Neil pleaded with the social worker to allow Ana to return home with them. Marisol assured Ana's family that foster homes were loving and safe. Devon disagreed that not all homes were. Karen assured Tyra that Ana knew she was fighting for her. Marisol supervised Devon's brief visit with Ana. Ana begged Devon to take her home. Devon promised that Ana would not be away more than one night. Devon gave Ana his watch and encouraged her to check it every hour and sing. Devon promised that he would sing every hour, too, until they were reunited.

Lily and Billy arrived and told Neil, Karen, Tyra, and Gil that they had spoken with attorney Rafael Torres, who had agreed to take Ana's case. When Devon returned, he pointed his finger at Gil and blamed him for every bad dream Ana would endure for the rest of her life. Neil told Devon to calm down. Gil acknowledged that Devon was protecting his sister. Marisol returned and announced that Gil had convinced her to let them all visit Ana. Ana rushed into Tyra's arms and called out, "Mommy." Gil apologized to Tyra. Mr. and Mrs. Shelton, Ana's foster parents, arrived to take Ana home with them. Devon reminded Ana to keep a close eye on his watch and sing. Ana sobbed when the Sheltons escorted her away from her family. Tyra collapsed into Neil's arms.

Billy escorted Lily home, and as they stepped out of the elevator, she thanked him for helping her family. Lily said, "I never knew this was who you really were," and she offered a friendly hug. Billy joked that he wasn't just a spoiled rich kid and a playboy. Inside Neil's apartment, Karen told Neil that she couldn't bear Ana's look of helplessness. Neil smiled when Karen said they would vow to fight for Ana just as Dru had fought for Devon. Outside on the patio, Tyra and Devon recalled the horrible day Yolanda abandoned a young and helpless Devon inside a cold apartment. Tyra hugged Devon when he swore not to let Yolanda take his sister.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jack, Jeffrey, and Gloria eagerly anticipated the look on Jill's face when they announced that they had the shares to take over Jabot. Jack demanded that he be kept in the loop on everything. Gloria said that they were all on the same page, so everything would go smoothly. When Gloria went upstairs, Jeffrey told Jack that he had Gloria under control. Jeffrey said that he would let Gloria make the opening statement, and then announce that he would be the new CEO of Jabot.

Nikki told Esther that she felt that Jill was keeping Katherine's ring from her. Esther suggested that Katherine's ring might be at the site of the accident.

Jill prepared her statement for Jabot's stockholder meeting. She told Cane that the stockholders were worried about the future of Jabot. Jill was prepared to have Cane and Billy by her side, emphasizing the security that Jabot was still a family company. When Jill saw Gloria, she said that Gloria must have a lot of gall coming to show off her measly stock. Then Jack showed up and Jill wondered what Jack was doing there. Jack said that he wouldn't miss the meeting for anything. Jill said that she found it very interesting that Jack never felt the need to attend any of the other stockholder meetings and he would want to attend this one. Jill said that she was sure it would be uncomfortable for him to sit on the sidelines, but he completely deserved it. When Jill walked away, Jack called Billy. Jack asked Billy what the holdup was.

Jill was irritated to see that Brad was also at the stockholder meeting. Colleen also arrived, and Chloe told her that Cane was in love with his new baby girl. Colleen said he might be in love with his daughter and Lily, but he was definitely not in love with Chloe. When Kevin showed up, he told Gloria that Jana had read his horoscope earlier. It said to expect the unexpected. Gloria told Kevin not to worry. She said that Kevin would have a corner desk sooner rather than later. Kevin worried that Jeffrey would intervene. Gloria said that Jeffrey liked the sound of being CEO, but that he certainly couldn't handle it. Nikki arrived to ask Jill where she was hiding Katherine's emerald ring. Nikki wondered if Jill had been keeping it from her because she felt that she deserved it. Jill said that she did deserve it; she was Katherine's daughter. Jill thought that Katherine must have not been in her right mind to change her will and leave her to share the estate with Esther. When Nikki saw Jack at the meeting, she commented that she was surprised that Jack still had the time to attend meetings when he also was attempting to frame Victor for murder.

Billy's friend, the family lawyer, told Tyra that it might be several weeks before they got Ana back again. Tyra said that she had made a promise to Ana; she wouldn't be able to wait that long. Neil said that she had to be strong for Ana, and hugged her. Tyra told a story of when Yolanda left Ana all alone in the cold. Tyra asked the lawyer what she could do to get her little girl back. The lawyer said he would try to get a supervised visit for Tyra to see Ana. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. When Lily answered it, she was surprised to see Cane. Cane said that if they needed anything, he would help in any way he could. Neil said that thankfully Cane's brother had a qualified family law attorney.

Billy asked Cane how the stockholders meeting went. Cane said that it was about to begin and that Jill had hoped her two sons were there. Lily told Billy that they would be fine. Billy decided to go. Olivia asked Lily about her relationship with Billy. Lily said that they were just friends. Olivia told Lily that Billy was Cane's brother, and that could be a problem. Karen went up to Olivia and secretly asked her if she thought something was going on with Neil and Tyra. Olivia said that Karen wasn't being paranoid; she felt it, too. Lily heard a cell phone ring and realized that it must belong to Billy. She left to return it.

The lawyer received a call and said that he was able to get them a supervised visit to see Ana at Indigo right away. When they arrived at Indigo, Tyra and Devon were thrilled to see Ana. Everyone gave her a hug. Ana said that her temporary foster parents were nice, but she was ready to go home. When Ana saw the look on everyone's faces, she worried that she would have to go with Yolanda. Devon said that was never going to happen. Karen introduced the family lawyer, Mr. Torres, to Ana. Ana told the lawyer that if they took her out of foster care and let her go back with Tyra that she would do really well in school. Karen said that she had gone through something similar when she was younger. She said that she prayed a little bit, and she sang. She sang to her mother, knowing that wherever her mother was, she would feel it, too. Ana asked Tyra to promise her that she would hear her when she sang. Tyra promised. Tyra mouthed thank you to Karen.

Jill was relieved when Cane and Billy showed up for the stockholder meeting. Billy looked over at Jack with a guilty look on his face. Jack said that it was all about the payoff. He told Billy that it wasn't the time to get cold feet. Billy said that he wished they didn't have to do it the same week they buried Katherine. Jack said that they were doing it for their father. Jill began her speech. She thanked everyone for their support. As Nikki started to leave, Jack told her that she might want to stick around. Nikki said no thanks. Jill said that it was time to talk about the power structure at Jabot.

Gloria got up and said that it was time to talk about that. Gloria said that starting that day, the stocks had shifted back to John's children and John's widow. She said that her shares, combined with her husband's shares, gave them controlling interest in the company. Jill said no wonder Gloria had been acting the way she had. Gloria said that everyone could be assured that Jill and Cane would be out of their offices by the end of the week. Jill said there would be no way Gloria and her buffoon of a husband would run the company. Billy stood up and said actually that would be him. He introduced himself as William Abbott, John Abbott's son. He said that he would be in charge of Jabot.

At the diner, Katherine's coworker noticed Katherine's emerald ring. She said it was definitely the ring thing. Katherine wished she could remember how she got it. She was extremely frustrated that she couldn't remember anything. When Katherine left her ring on the table, her coworker grabbed the ring off of the table. When Katherine returned to fill the ketchup bottles, she noticed that her ring was gone.

Esther called Nikki to tell her that Mitchell had checked every safety deposit box that Katherine ever had. She said that there was no ring. Nikki decided to call the police and have the ring reported stolen.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Lauren asked Nick and Phyllis when the next issue of Restless Style was going to hit the newsstands. Phyllis told Lauren and Michael that it would be available in a few days. Nick said that he hadn't seen the cover yet. Nick, still not knowing the truth about the Parisian cover shoot, said that he was in Paris while Phyllis was supervising the shoot in Genoa City.

Lauren talked about how she enjoyed having Eden stay with her and Michael. She mentioned that Sharon didn't like Eden -- that Sharon mistakenly thought that Eden was leading Noah astray. Phyllis was pleased that Lauren made a slightly disparaging remark about Sharon in front of Nick. Phyllis was unhappy when Nick defended Sharon's attitude.

At the Abbott mansion, Noah was on his way out when Sharon stopped him and demanded to know where he was going. Noah lied and said that he was going to study math with a friend named Dylan. Eden lurked outside the front door of the mansion. Noah convinced Sharon that she could trust him -- then walked out of the mansion, and ran off with Eden.

Nick, Michael, and Lauren were shocked to see Eden and Noah show up at Crimson Lights. Nick yelled at Noah for lying about studying with Dylan, and Michael was annoyed with Eden. Nick, Lauren, Eden, and Noah went to the patio to hash things out, leaving Phyllis and Michael alone. Phyllis broke down and told Michael that she had actually done the recent cover shoot in Paris, and, while there, saw Nick and Sharon passionately kissing. Phyllis complained that Sharon was always calling Nick, and acting needy. At that moment, Sharon came in and learned from Phyllis that Nick, Lauren, and the kids were out on the patio.

Phyllis told Michael that Sharon and Jack's marriage was doomed -- that she had information that would break them up. Michael told Phyllis that he realized she was up to something. He warned her not to play too dangerous a game, as things could backfire. He said that if Nick knew that she was scheming to break up Jack and Sharon, it might end up breaking up the Newmans.

Out on the patio, Noah protested his parents' interference in his relationship with Eden. When Sharon said that Eden was a bad influence on Noah, Lauren begged to differ. Lauren, Nick, and Sharon agreed that Eden and Noah shouldn't see each other anymore. Noah absolutely refused to abide by their decision.

Nick, Sharon, Eden, Noah, and Lauren went back into the coffee shop. Nick told Phyllis that he had to take Noah home, and Sharon added that they needed to "work things out as a family." As soon as everyone left, Phyllis called Brad and told him that Sharon was about to get some bad news about her husband. She wanted Brad near Sharon to pick up the pieces.

At the Jabot stockholders' meeting, Jill was shocked when Billy announced that he was part of the Abbott/Bardwell takeover of Jabot. Cane asked Billy how if felt to stab their mother in the back. Jill initially defended Billy, saying that Jack was probably manipulating him. When Jill asked Jack to say something, Jack said, "To the revival of Jabot Cosmetics," before downing a drink. He added that he was delighted to see Billy, Gloria, and Jeff running the company that his father had started. Jill told Billy that she loved him, but that he obviously had no trouble betraying her. Jill announced that when word got out that Jack was once again involved in Jabot, the company would be subject to a massive lawsuit. From the back of the room, Ashley said, "Jack won't be running anything, neither will Billy. I will be running Jabot." The entire room was stunned.

The stockholders seemed pleased that Ashley was going to be involved with Jabot once again. When Jill reminded everyone that the tainted skin cream had come from Ashley's lab, Ashley said that her lab had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

As Ashley continued speaking, Gloria and Jeff walked over to the bar. Gloria told Jeff that they wouldn't be taking a back seat to the Abbotts. Kevin told Gloria that he was concerned that, since Ashley was taking over, he might not get his promotion. Gloria assured him that he would, but it might take some time. She told Kevin that it wouldn't hurt if he "sucked up" to Billy.

Lily, who had been watching the meeting from the back of the room, ran into Colleen. Lily told Colleen that Billy was being disloyal, but Colleen disagreed. She said that Jabot rightfully belonged to the Abbotts -- not the Chancellors.

Jack spoke with Ashley, and was unpleasantly surprised to learn that Ashley was leaving Forrester Creations to oversee Jabot's day-to-day operations. Ashley reminded Jack that he said he only wanted to see Jabot back in the Abbotts' hands because the company was their father's legacy. Jack, clearly annoyed with Ashley's interference, begrudgingly agreed.

At the bar, Jack told Jeff that he was sorry that things hadn't gone exactly as planned. Gloria eavesdropped as Jeff told Jack that he was okay with what had happened -- but he reminded Jack that the Bardwells needed to be kept happy.

Gloria told Jeff that she had overheard his conversation with Jack, and that she was happy that the Bardwells were finally working as a team. She said that the Abbotts might not know it, but they had probably saved the Bardwells' marriage.

Gloria told Jeff that they could "manage" Billy. Jeff thought that they might have trouble with Ashley. Gloria assured him that even though Ashley acted like a "cold fish" toward the Bardwells, Ashley knew that John had really loved Gloria.

Before leaving, Jill told Ashley that she would be keeping an eye on Jabot, and if there were even a hint that Jack was involved with the company, she would ruin Jack and Ashley.

Lily talked with Cane and told him how sorry she was about what had just happened. She tried to cheer him up by telling him that he would quickly find a new job. Cane changed the subject and asked how the situation with Ana was going. As Chloe arrived at their table, Lily said she needed to call Neil to find out what was going on with Ana.

Ashley told Billy that he would be appointed to an important position at Jabot. She told her brother that he was smart, personable, and that she trusted him more than she trusted Jack, Gloria, or Jill. When Ashley walked off, Lily accused Billy of betraying Jill and Cane. When Billy offered to go to Neil's apartment to check on the situation with Ana, Lily told him not to bother.

Jack reminded Billy that he would have to convince Ashley that Jack's ideas were really Billy's. Billy objected to being Jack's puppet, telling him that Ashley had confidence in him, and that she thought Billy would be an asset to the company. Jack reminded Billy that they had a deal -- Jack had supported Billy's lavish lifestyle in Hong Kong, and it was time for Billy to pay Jack back. When Billy asked Jack what he wanted him to do, Jack said that he would keep Billy posted.

Kevin and Jana stopped by Daniel and Amber's apartment. Kevin complained that he didn't want to report to that "maggot," Billy Abbott.

When Jana told the group how much she was enjoying the scooter that Kevin had bought her, Amber told Jana that she had seen Kevin handing someone a wad of cash just before he presented her with the scooter. Jana remembered catching Kevin with the bag filled with Katherine's money. Jana covered, saying that if Kevin bought her the scooter, he must have been able to afford it.

Amber talked about Katherine's death, and how it had benefited Kevin and his family. She reminded them that Kevin's mother had inherited a large amount of Jabot stock, giving the Bardwells partial control of Jabot. Amber practically accused a shocked Kevin of being responsible for Katherine's death.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The vision of Nick and Sharon's kiss in Paris continued to haunt Phyllis. She sat down at a bar and ordered a vodka-tonic. Jack walked by and wondered why Phyllis looked so glum. Phyllis asked why Jack looked so happy. Jack said that the Abbotts had regained control at Jabot. Phyllis told Jack that she really didn't care about his personal life; the only thing she cared about was keeping his wife away from her husband. Jack said that he had a romantic evening planned for Sharon. He told her that he and Sharon were closer than ever. Jack said he'd appreciate it if Phyllis were gone by the time they returned for dinner. Phyllis said that she'd be gone.

She asked the bartender for the phone, and called the hotel to book a room. Phyllis took out Jack's credit card statements and looked through them again. Brad called Phyllis and asked if Sharon was okay. Phyllis said that she was, but she wouldn't be for long. Phyllis told Brad that Jack had been putting Band-Aids on his relationship with Sharon for too long. Their relationship was doomed. Phyllis asked Brad to show up at the Athletic Club and be ready to be a shoulder to cry on for Sharon.

Sharon and Nick were upset that Noah snuck off to hang out with Eden. Sharon was very disappointed that Noah had lied to her again. Nick told Noah that he didn't want Noah hanging out with Eden outside of school. Noah said that wasn't fair; he said that Eden was getting one of the highest grades in their class. Sharon told Noah that it wasn't that she didn't like Eden; she just didn't think Eden and Noah were good for each other. Sharon said that it scared her that Noah had so easily come up with information about a fake person that he was hanging out with. Nick said Noah left them with no choice-Noah would have to deal with the consequences of lying to them. They grounded him and discontinued the use of his cell phone.

When Jack came home, Sharon told Nick and Jack that Noah was in trouble again. Jack asked if everything was settled. Sharon said that it was, and asked what Jack was holding. Jack said that he'd bought Sharon a present to celebrate the Abbotts' having control of Jabot again. Jack told her that she should put on the dress he bought her so he could take her out to dinner. Sharon said she wasn't going anywhere until he talked to her about the takeover. Jack promised that his hands were squeaky clean. Sharon said she hoped that he was being honest with her this time.

When Noah came downstairs, Noah asked Jack if Sharon was being so hard on him because things were tough between his mother and Jack's relationship. The phone rang and Noah answered. It was Phyllis asking Noah if he could watch Summer for the night. Noah said that he couldn't, because he was grounded. Jack told Noah it was okay; he would tell Sharon. When Sharon came downstairs in her new dress, Jack said that she looked amazing. When they arrived at the Athletic Club, Jack made a toast to his beautiful wife.

Michael told Victor that the handwriting expert that he hired believed that Victor's handwriting was a match. Victor insisted that the diary was forged, and he knew Jack was involved. Victor made Michael promise he would try to find out if Jack was behind the forged diary. Michael went to Jack's house and decided to do a little spying. Phyllis called Michael and asked him to do her a favor. She wanted Michael to make sure that Jack and Sharon stayed at the Athletic Club long enough for Sharon to get a delivery. Michael said that he refused to be a part of something he knew was going to backfire.

Brad arrived at the club and ordered a drink at the bar. He rolled his eyes when he saw Jack and Sharon having a happy dinner. He called Phyllis, irritated that Jack and Sharon looked so happy together. Jack gave Sharon a little chalkboard. He said that she had given him a clean slate. Jack wrote, "forgive me," on it. Michael interrupted them and began accusing Jack of being the conspirator behind the diary. Jack told Michael that he had nothing to do with the diary. He said that if Michael didn't leave, he would have someone throw him out.

The server came up to them and delivered Jack's credit card statement to Sharon. Jack looked at her in horror. Sharon looked at the statement and wondered what all the charges to the Motor Arms and the Emperor's Legion were from. Michael said that the Emperor's Legion was an escort service. Jack said that he could explain. He asked Sharon if they could talk about it at home. Sharon said that she'd like an explanation there. Jack said that it wasn't easy to tell her. He said that the truth was that he was a sex addict.

Nick arrived at the Athletic Club and received a keycard to a hotel room from the bartender. When Nick went to the room, Phyllis was waiting for him. She said that Noah was with Summer and Stella was just a few minutes away. Nick said that Phyllis was good at seducing him. Phyllis said no matter what, it would just be them for the night. Phyllis ordered some champagne in the hotel room and asked the deliveryman to deliver Jack's envelope to Sharon. Phyllis called Noah to check in on Summer. Phyllis passed the phone to Nick, and Nick told his son how much he appreciated that Noah was watching Summer.

When Noah hung up, Eden showed up at door. Noah thanked her for showing up; he said that if it weren't for her, he'd fail his trigonometry test. Noah told Eden that they wouldn't have to sneak around forever. He said once he was able to convince his parents how lame they were being, everything would be okay. Noah looked at Eden and kissed her. Phyllis called again to tell Noah that her phone was dying and if he needed anything, they should call Nick's cell phone. Noah told Phyllis that he had everything he needed. When Eden and Noah finished studying, Noah walked Eden out and kissed her goodbye.

Nick opened the champagne bottle and told Phyllis that she never ceased to amaze him. The deliveryman returned with some food, and Phyllis secretly paid him for delivering the envelope to Sharon.

Frank saw Victor in jail and told him that he knew the truth about the diary. He said that he knew the diary was a fake. Victor said that he wasn't interested. Frank told Victor that he had some information that Victor needed. Victor wondered if the man was playing him. Frank said that he could provide a full description of the diary. He asked if Victor wanted to make him an offer. Victor asked Frank to tell him what he knew. Frank said that he would speak when a million dollars was in his bank account. Victor asked Frank if he knew who he was dealing with.

Friday, December 5, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Sharon was still in a state of shock after Jack told her that he was a sex addict -- and that was the reason why charges for a sleazy motel and an escort service were on his credit card statement. Jack asked Michael to leave their table so he could speak privately with Sharon, while Brad watched the scene from the bar. Sharon ran out of the dining room.

Michael sat down with Jack and told him that he was a liar -- not a sex addict. When Jack yelled at Michael to mind his own business, Michael wondered what bad deed Jack had committed that needed to be covered by his "sex addict" lie. Michael warned Jack that the law would eventually catch up with him.

In their Athletic Club suite, lounging around in bathrobes, Nick and Phyllis decided they needed to have more romantic evenings away from home and work. When Nick left the room, his cell phone rang. Phyllis saw that the call was from Sharon. Phyllis immediately called Brad to tell him that Sharon would probably be on her way out of the Athletic Club in tears. Brad told Phyllis that he was "already on it."

In the Athletic Club lobby, Brad ran into the distraught Sharon just as she finished leaving a voicemail for Nick. Sharon told Brad that she needed to take a cab home, but Brad offered her a ride.

Up in the Newmans' suite, with Nick still out of the room, Phyllis listened to Sharon's voicemail, in which she said, "Nick, it's me. I'm going crazy here. You won't believe what Jack did." As she deleted the message, Phyllis wondered aloud why Sharon was calling Nick.

Nick rejoined Phyllis, and they spent time in bed discussing how much they loved each other. When Nick asked Phyllis what she wanted for Christmas, Phyllis said that she would like to capture that very moment and put it in a snow globe. Nick assured Phyllis that they would be together forever.

Later, Nick began questioning Phyllis as to why she had picked that particular night for their romantic adventure. Phyllis said that she just wanted it to be a surprise, adding that they hadn't been spending much time together due to the situations with Victor and Noah. She also mentioned that Sharon seemed to have needed a lot of his time lately. Phyllis said she just wanted to remind him of how much she loved him. Nick said that he would never forget that Phyllis was the most important person in his life.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon left another voicemail for Nick, telling him that she was a wreck. Brad brought her a drink from the kitchen. At first, Sharon told Brad that she and Jack were merely having a minor tiff, but she then broke down and compared her marriage to a slow train wreck.

Sharon asked Brad to get her a sweater from an upstairs closet, which was actually a ruse so that she could try calling Nick again. Nick's phone went unanswered, as he and Phyllis were making love. Jack came into the mansion through the back door and watched, unseen, as Brad put a sweater around Sharon, and began giving her a back rub.

Jack screamed, "Get away from my wife, Carlton." Sharon told Jack to stop barking orders -- that Brad was there only because she needed a ride home. Brad insisted that he and Sharon were just friends. In order to avoid further turmoil, Sharon thanked Brad for the ride, and asked him to leave.

After Brad left, Jack admitted that he had lied about being a sex addict -- he said he couldn't tell her the truth because Michael had been at their table. Sharon told Jack that she would never again believe a word that came out of his mouth. She ordered him to pack a bag and move out. Brad surreptitiously watched the scene through the front door.

From Crimson Lights, Brad called Phyllis and told her that Sharon had thrown Jack out of his own house. Phyllis told Brad to go back to the Abbott mansion and spend time with Sharon, but Brad thought that might make him look like he was a stalker. Phyllis told him to make up any excuse to go back to the mansion, as she didn't want Sharon alone. Nick reentered the room, and Phyllis play-acted that she was talking to her assistant at Restless Style. Nick told Phyllis that he thought that "something was up," and assured her that if anything was bothering her, she could talk to him about it. Phyllis told her husband that everything was fine. They began kissing as Nick's cell phone vibrated -- Sharon was trying, once again, to reach her ex.

Back at the mansion, Jack stood by the front door with his packed suitcase. When Jack tried to hug Sharon, she pushed him away and asked him to go. Before he left, Jack said there was one thing that he had never lied about -- he had always been in love with her. Jack walked out, and Sharon began crying.

As Sharon was reminiscing about the time she spent in Paris with Nick, the doorbell rang. It was Brad. Brad lied and told Sharon that he was there to pick up Colleen so that she and Jack could have the house to themselves while the Abbotts tried to work things out. She told Brad that she had thrown Jack out. When Sharon began sobbing uncontrollably, Brad covered her with a blanket, and began removing her shoes.

At the Athletic Club, the concierge handed Jack a room key, and asked him how long he would be staying. Jack said, "I wish I knew."

At the jail, Victor met with Frank Ellis, the man who had forged Victor's diary. Ellis asked Victor if he had figured out a way to get one million dollars into Ellis' bank account. Victor said that he wouldn't be paying Ellis one dime. Ellis reminded Victor that although the diary had been authenticated by three separate sources, he had information that might prove that the diary was a forgery. Victor told him that since their last visit, he had gathered some information about Ellis.

Victor told him that he had learned that Ellis had abandoned his wife, leaving her destitute with their severely disabled child, Matthew. Victor added that Ellis' wife was distraught because she didn't know where Ellis was. Initially, Ellis thought that Victor was threatening his family, but Victor told him that if he came clean about the diary, his wife would never have to worry about putting food on the table, or paying Matthew's medical bills.

Ellis admitted that he had forged Victor's diary. He told Victor that Adam had supplied him with samples of Victor's handwriting. Continuing, Ellis said that Jack Abbott had dictated every word of the diary into a tape recorder, but it was Adam who had delivered the tape to Ellis. Ellis said that he actually felt sorry for Adam, as Jack had set it up so that Adam would take the fall if things went wrong. Victor had Ellis write his confession in a notepad, and assured him that his wife and child would be taken care of.

Victor summoned Michael to the jail, and told him the truth about the diary. Although somewhat pleased that the truth had come out, Michael told Victor that Ellis, who had previous fraud convictions, would not be a credible witness. He also told Victor that Ellis' written confession would be inadmissible in court. Michael said that they needed hard evidence to prove that what Ellis had told Victor was the truth.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki approached Ashley and accused her of turning Victor against her. An offended Ashley said that, contrary to what Nikki believed, she had urged Victor to try to reach some common ground with Nikki. Before she angrily walked off, Ashley said that she also told Victor that Nikki wasn't responsible for the forged diary.

Victor was happy when Ashley visited him at the jail. She told him that she had given notice at Forrester Creations, and was moving back to Genoa City for good. Victor's mood became somber, and he asked Ashley to sit down. He told her that he knew that she loved her brother, Jack -- but Jack had been responsible for the forged diary, and Victor's imprisonment!

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