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Monday, December 8, 2008

Aidan sneaked into Annie's hospital room. She acted glad to see him and told him to come closer. When Aidan walked towards her, she threw him onto the bed and choked him. She screamed for him to make sure that Greenlee stayed away from Ryan. Jesse and a doctor entered the room. Annie let go of Aidan and declared that Greenlee sent Aidan to kill her. She yelled that Ryan was the only person she could trust because everyone else was on Greenlee's side. The doctor had two orderlies restrain Annie. Jesse was very suspicious of why Aidan kept sneaking into Annie's room. Aidan said that he wanted to prove his innocence once and for all with a polygraph test.

Annie was given a sedative and put to bed. She sang Silent Night as she drifted off to sleep. She imagined herself covering Greenlee's corpse with a sheet.

Angie was paged to come into the hospital to cover David's shift because he had called in sick. Angie remarked that David did not seem sick when she last saw him. Tad arrived at the hospital to ask Angie if she knew where Krystal was. Angie said that she looked everywhere, but she could not find Krystal. Tad was very concerned.

Jake called Taylor to tell her that Brot collapsed and was admitted into the hospital. She came to the hospital to visit Brot, but he was not happy to see her. He told her to get over him because he had never loved her. She refused to believe that their affair in Iraq was just a fling. He claimed that he wanted to be alone and she called him a coward. Then, Brot was taken away for testing. Angie told Taylor that Brot probably had an infection, which was dangerous for burn victims. Taylor said that it was difficult grieving for Brot and then discovering that he was alive. Angie understood Taylor's pain because she had grieved Jesse's death for twenty years. Angie reminded Taylor that, although it would be hard for her to adjust, she was lucky to have Brot back in her life. After Angie left the room, Taylor hugged Brot's jacket. She then discovered her engagement ring in the pocket.

Krystal was at David's house. She was seeking comfort in David's company. He offered her some warm milk and she accepted; however, she did not realize that he secretly slipped a pill into her drink. She drank the milk and began to calm down. He told her to take deep breaths and relax, which she did. She explained that Tad wanted her to act "normal," but she felt she would never be capable of normalcy again. She stated that most of her life was spent with Babe and she did not know how to live without her daughter. David reminded her that she had friends and family to help her through the difficult time. She admitted that Tad did not know her anymore and she wondered if he ever did. David smirked and asked if she was happy with Tad before Babe died. She confessed that she did not have the same chemistry with Tad that she had with Adam. David inquired if she missed the excitement that she felt with Adam. She replied that Adam could not be trusted and that Tad was a good man. Then, she fell asleep.

Amanda banged on David's front door. When he opened the door, she wanted to come in, but he refused to admit her. She announced that she wanted another "installment." David told her that she would not receive another check until she made progress with JR. She informed him that she spent the entire day decorating a Christmas tree with JR and Little Adam. David replied that it would take a lot more than decorating to make JR fall off the wagon. Amanda pushed her way into the house and saw Krystal asleep on the couch. Amanda demanded to know what David did to Krystal. He claimed that he merely ran into Krystal at the cemetery and he brought her home to help her get some rest. Amanda assumed that he had a hidden agenda when it came to Krystal, but he feigned innocence.

Krystal dreamed that she begged David to make love to her. She suddenly woke up and panicked. She realized that she had been gone for a very long time and worried that Tad was looking for her. David urged her to stay, but she insisted on going home. David offered to drive her to the cemetery, which was where her car was.

Tad went to the police station to ask Jesse for help finding Krystal. Jesse had officers look for her. As Tad waited, he saw Aidan at the station. Aidan informed Tad that Jesse was trying to build a case against him. Tad told Jesse that he would vouch for Aidan's honesty and loyalty. Jesse then got a call from an officer saying that they spotted Krystal's car at the cemetery. Tad rushed off.

David and Krystal were standing at Babe's grave when they noticed Tad pull up. Krystal asked David to leave. Tad ran up to Krystal and gave her a big hug.

An officer gave Aidan a lie detector test. The officer asked Aidan a myriad of questions regarding his involvement in Emma's kidnapping. After the test was over, the officer announced that Aidan was not lying. Aidan affirmed to Jesse that he was pretending to help Annie, so he could find Emma and bring her home safely.

Greenlee brought a Christmas tree to Ryan's penthouse. She thought that the tree would cheer Emma up. Ryan thanked Greenlee and, just as they were about to kiss, Emma entered the room. Emma was excited to see the tree and asked to decorate it immediately. Ryan, Emma, and Greenlee put up the tree together. Emma then fell asleep and Greenlee grabbed her belongings to leave. Ryan urged her to stay, but she thought it was a bad idea.

Jack visited Ryan. Ryan informed Jack that he did not have to lecture him about staying away from Greenlee, since they already decided to end their relationship. Jack said that he knew they parted ways, but it was not comforting to him because he also knew that Greenlee would always love Ryan. Ryan replied that he would always love Greenlee, which worried Jack. Ryan then asked Jack if he would help him finalize his divorce from Annie. Jack agreed to be Ryan's lawyer.

Greenlee and Jake met at the boathouse. Greenlee explained that she could not be with Ryan because their relationship was destructive. Jake explained that he could not be with Taylor because her dead fiancé was actually alive. He then joked that they should move back in together and they both laughed.

Jake left the boathouse and Aidan arrived. Aidan gloated to Greenlee about the lie detector test. He snidely told her to tell her "boyfriend" that he was innocent. She replied that she and Ryan were not together. Aidan chuckled because he assumed that Ryan no longer wanted Greenlee because he could actually have her. He then told her that he no longer wanted her, either.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Angie and Jesse cuddled as they looked at the snow falling outside. Angie said it finally felt like Christmas was coming. Rebecca came to see if Angie and Jesse needed help making lunch. Angie said everything was ready, but she appreciated Rebecca's offer. Frankie and Natalia came into the home after having a snowball fight outside. Jesse pulled Angie aside to make sure that she was not uncomfortable with Rebecca and Natalia there. Angie said it was good for Frankie and Natalia to establish a relationship. And, Angie felt it was the right thing to do for everyone. Jesse lit the tree, while Natalia brought out a box of family ornaments. Angie watched as Jesse and Natalia scoured through the ornaments and talked about their Christmas memories. Rebecca noticed that Angie was bothered by the ornaments. Rebecca told Angie that Natalia wanted the ornaments on the tree because Rebecca feared it might be her last Christmas. Angie received a call from Cassie, who was unable to make it home for Christmas. Natalia yelled for Angie after Rebecca fainted and stopped breathing. Angie said Rebecca signed documentation stating she did not want to be revived. Jesse begged Angie to save Rebecca.

Zach and Reese frantically hid in someone's cabin as the snow came down outside. Zach was unable to get cell phone reception. He said it looked like they were bunking at the cabin for at least one night. Zach felt guilty for being at the cabin instead of by Kendall's side. Reese asked Zach to tell her more about Kendall. Zach talked about how Kendall saved his life by giving him happiness and a beautiful family. Reese said Kendall sounded perfect. But Zach joked that Kendall had her faults. She was stubborn and sometimes a bit too passionate. Despite those flaws, Zach said he loved Kendall. Reese told Zach to be strong for Kendall. Zach admitted that he was having a hard time being strong for Kendall when the doctors believed she was going to die. He rushed outside to see if the car would budge, but had no luck. He came back inside the cabin and warmed up by the fire. Reese placed a blanket on Zach as he slept.

David was surprised to see Krystal at his door. Krystal said she was not sure what to make of the previous night's events. David said he found Krystal at Babe's grave and took her to his house until she felt better. Krystal was not sure how David cured her sadness, but she came back for more. David said Krystal simply felt comfortable sharing her pain with him. David offered Krystal a glass of warm milk. He broke a few pills into the mixture before handing it to Krystal. A knock at the door interrupted David and Krystal before she could sip the milk.

Bianca walked into Wildwind carrying Gabriella after getting stuck in the snow. Krystal offered Bianca the milk David had made for her. Before David could get Bianca her own glass, Bianca was sipping on Krystal's glass. Bianca said she felt so relaxed in David's house since returning from Pine Valley. Bianca apologized for seeming insensitive toward Krystal's grief. Krystal was not offended by Bianca's feelings. But she did ask to hold Gabriella. Bianca fell asleep on the couch. Krystal remembered listening to Babe's heartbeat as she held the baby. Krystal said she always thought Babe didn't need a father, but perhaps Babe would be alive if David had been in their lives. David said he was in no shape to be a father to Babe, but would have gladly taken care of them. David credited Krystal for raising Babe into a wonderful woman.

Taylor told Brot he was not leaving until she got some answers. Brot said he gave Taylor all the answers she needed. Taylor refused to believe Brot never loved her. She pulled out an engagement ring that was in Brot's pocket. Angrily, Taylor threw the engagement ring at Brot. She said he was hiding his feelings behind the scars on his face. Brot tried to walk away, but Taylor stopped him. She asked Brot to look into her eyes and say he never really loved her. If Brot was able to do that, Taylor said she would let him go without a fight. Brot looked into Taylor's eyes, but walked away without saying anything.

Taylor picked up the ring and slipped it on her finger. Brot got into the elevator with Jake, but an electrical problem stopped the elevator. Jake thought Brot needed to stay in Pine Valley so Taylor could sort out her feelings. Jake said it was obvious Taylor still loved Brot. Brot continued to claim he did not want Taylor. Plus, Brot said Jake was much more attractive than he would ever be. Jake said he believed Taylor could look past Brot's facial scars if it meant being with the man she loved. Jake said Taylor would follow Brot no matter where he went. The electrical problem was repaired and the elevator door opened on Taylor's floor. Brot decided to get off the elevator and find Taylor. Taylor and Brot agreed to try to rediscover the friendship they once shared.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zach and Reese woke up in the hunter's cabin. He apologized for making her keep his secret about Kendall's worsening condition. She admitted that it was difficult keeping the truth from Bianca, but she understood why Zach did not want to tell Bianca and Erica about Kendall's state.

Bianca arrived home with Gabrielle and found Ryan babysitting the kids. She inquired about Zach and Reese's whereabouts. Ryan explained that he was watching the kids because Zach and Reese did not return the previous night. Bianca was concerned that they were stuck in the snowstorm, like she was. Then, Ryan received a call from Zach saying that they were fine. Zach told Bianca to clear a space in the living room because they were bringing home a big tree.

Zach and Reese came home. Reese explained that Zach's car got stuck in the snow, so they had to spend the night in a cabin. Bianca noted that their predicament sounded romantic, and Reese replied that it would have been-if Bianca were there. Zach left for the hospital. Bianca asked why Reese seemed upset about something. Reese claimed that she was worried about Zach, but Bianca knew instantly that she was lying. Reese looked nervous.

Greenlee saw Aidan at the hospital. She wondered how he was doing and he replied that his injury was healed. Then, the doors to the elevator opened and they heard Annie screaming. Annie was in a wheelchair and was begging the nurses to let her go home to see her daughter. The nurses pushed Annie into her hospital room. Greenlee looked horrified and asked what would happen to Annie. Aidan said that they were going to restrain and sedate Annie and bring her to Oak Haven, a mental hospital. Greenlee called Ryan to tell him. After she got off the phone with Ryan, Aidan revealed that he was moving to Washington, D.C., because he was offered a job in an unnamed government agency. She was sad to see him go and claimed that she loved him. He stated that with him gone, she could fully concentrate on Ryan. As they hugged, Ryan entered the hospital with Emma.

Aidan said goodbye to Ryan and Emma, and left. Ryan asked Greenlee if she could watch Emma while he talked to the doctor about Annie. She agreed and took Emma to the cafeteria so he could speak with Dr. Hathaway. The doctor said the police mandated that Annie be brought to Oak Haven. Ryan then visited with Annie. She was relaxed due to medication. When she saw Ryan she said, "Daddy." She proceeded to talk to him as if she were his child. Meanwhile, Emma overheard a nurse say which room Annie was in. Emma ran away from Greenlee and found Annie. Emma was excited to see her mother, but Annie just stared blankly at her daughter.

David saw Joe and demanded to know why he did not return his voicemails. Joe said that he was behind on his messages. Joe snidely commented that he was surprised David was consulting him on any issue, since he normally took matters into his own hands. After Joe walked away, David commented that he would tend to the issue himself.

Angie admitted Rebecca into the hospital and put her on life support. Natalia asked if her mother could hear her. Frankie explained that she was in a coma and they did not know the level of Rebecca's brain function. She asked if her mother would wake up. He was not sure, but he noted that there was always a chance.

Randi came to the hospital and saw Rebecca. Randi said that Rebecca's condition reminded her of her mother's. Randi revealed to Frankie that her mother died of breast cancer when she was seven. Because she knew what it was like to watch a loved one die, Randi felt bad for Natalia.

Angie was distraught because she resuscitated Rebecca, even though Rebecca had signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" order. Jesse assured her that she did the right thing. David overheard the conversation and disagreed. He said that Angie was personally involved with the patient, so she acted inappropriately. David urged Angie to take Rebecca off of the life support. Then, Natalia approached Angie and David and asked what they were discussing. Angie explained that her mother had not wanted to be resuscitated. Natalia did not want to accept her mother's decision, and began to cry.

David told Joe that Angie resuscitated a patient that did not want to be on life support. Angie protested that she did so because the patient's daughter begged for Angie to save her mother. Joe said that Angie needed to remove Rebecca from life support within twenty-four hours. David offered to help Angie remove Rebecca from the machines. Angie replied, "Go to hell!"

David called Sad, a doctor that he knew in Africa. Sad worked for Doctors Without Borders and knew Jeff and Jamie Martin. David inquired about the Martins' status. Sad said that they were in a remote location in the "bush." Sad had no reason to believe that they were in distress, even though he had not heard from them in a week. David said that he needed people to think that the Martins were in danger. Sad agreed to carry out David's plan because he owed David for saving his life.

Sad called Tad to inform him that Jeff and Jamie were in a potentially life-threatening situation. Sad claimed that Jeff and Jamie entered a remote area, which was plagued with guerilla warfare. Sad pretended to fear that Jeff and Jamie were kidnapped. Tad relayed this information to Joe. Joe wondered what they should do. Tad said that he was going to Africa to find his brother and his son.

Tad went home and told Krystal about Jeff and Jamie. She was concerned for the Martins, but when Tad revealed that he was going to Africa, she freaked out. She did not want him to go. He insisted that he had to leave because his son was in danger. She said that she understood and supported his plans. He apologized for leaving at a bad time for her, but he was confident that she would be fine. He called her the strongest woman he knew, and left.

Kathy wanted to play, and asked to build a snowman. Krystal looked uneasy, but took Kathy and Jenny outside, anyway. When they went back inside, Krystal snapped at Kathy when she ran into the house without taking her boots off. Kathy gave her stepmother a dirty look and Krystal apologized for yelling. Then, Krystal felt a sharp pain in her chest. She called David and asked him to come over because she was having a panic attack. He rushed over and offered to make her a drink. He proceeded to pour her a glass of milk and secretly put a pill into it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Krystal told David she felt silly for asking him to come take care of her. Krystal said it upset her that Tad was leaving to see Jamie while she was still mourning Babe. David advised Krystal not to get herself riled up again because it would cause another panic attack. David wrapped Krystal in a blanket and urged her to keep drinking the warm milk. Kathy bustled into the room, but was surprised to see David. Krystal suggested David read Kathy her new Christmas book. Kathy shrugged her shoulders and went to get the book. David asked Krystal if Tad was upset when she came home after spending the night on David's couch. Krsytal said Tad understood the situation, but David figured Krystal lied to Tad about where she'd spent the evening. Krystal admitted that she hid the truth from Tad. Krystal thought Tad would not understand and, more than likely, would give David a black eye. Memories of Babe haunted David as he read the story to Kathy. Afterwards, he grabbed his coat and abruptly left.

David went home and looked at pictures of Babe. He began to play a Christmas tune on the piano, but could not finish the song. Krystal came by to check on David, but he was not interested in having any company. Krystal asked David why he despised Christmas so much. David said all of the people he would want to spend the holidays with were gone. Plus, David thought it was a holiday more for children. Krystal said she understood David's feelings and kissed him. Quickly, Krystal pulled away from David. He offered to take her home before another anxiety attack hit.

Bianca said she felt that Reese was lying to her about something. Reese got offended that Bianca would not trust her. Bianca apologized for hurting Reese and hugged her. Bianca went to see Kendall.

Emma ran into Annie's arms and gave her a hug. But Annie looked confused as Emma said, "Mommy, I missed you!" Emma wanted to know if Annie was coming home. Ryan tried to explain that Annie needed to go to another hospital. Annie told Emma she looked so pretty and had gotten so big since they last saw each other. Then Annie quickly pulled away and told Ryan she needed to go to class. Greenlee ushered Emma away so Ryan could handle Annie. Annie called Ryan "daddy" and asked if Emma was in her class. Ryan said Annie would see Emma again before the doctors took Annie away.

Greenlee watched Emma while Ryan went to see Annie at Oak Haven. A nurse showed Annie her room, but Ryan was not allowed inside. He was not even given privileges to visit Annie. Ryan knew it was time for him to say goodbye to Annie. As Annie looked around her room, she realized no other children were in the "classroom" with her. She asked Ryan where the teacher and the desks were. Ryan gave Annie a big hug and said he had to leave. Annie paced back and forth as a nurse put sheets on her bed. Annie said she wanted to go home and screamed for her dad. Doctors were able to calm Annie down. She lay on her bed and kept whispering, "No doctors." Aidan came into Annie's room and said he would help her.

After a hospital board meeting, JR and Joe said they were surprised David was not there. JR wanted Joe to fire David. Even though Joe was not David's biggest fan, he said David was an excellent doctor. Joe also thought that Babe's death might have instilled some good in him. JR doubted any good existed in David.

Natalia told Angie she did not want Angie around Rebecca. Frankie told his mother he would talk to Natalia alone. Natalia hated seeing her mother looking so helpless and sick in the hospital bed. Frankie said Rebecca did not want to spend her last minutes connected to tubes and machines. He told Natalia she needed to let go of her mother. Natalia refused to let her mother die. Frankie gave Natalia some time alone with Rebecca.

Zach overheard Angie blaming herself for Natalia's outburst outside Rebecca's room. Angie told Jesse she should not have resuscitated Rebecca. But Jesse insisted that Angie was only trying to do what she felt was right for Natalia. Angie worried that Natalia would think she killed Rebecca the minute the machines were cut off. Natalia told Angie that she was ready to say goodbye to her mother. Angie and the rest of the family said their last words to Rebecca. Angie stopped the machines and took a tube out of Rebecca's mouth. To everyone's surprise, Rebecca started coughing and rolled her eyes. Rebecca asked why she was in the hospital.

Reese called Zach to let him know that Bianca suspected she was lying about Kendall. Reese said she would not keep lying to Bianca, but Zach insisted they were giving Kendall's family hope. Bianca came up and heard Zach say he would handle Bianca. Zach explained that Reese thought Bianca was mad at her. Bianca said she worried Reese was hiding something from her. Zach said Reese did not want Bianca to worry about him around the holidays.

Bianca and Zach went home to help Reese and the children decorate a Christmas tree. They finished decorating the tree and had gingerbread cookies. Bianca kept saying she wished Kendall were with them. Bianca said she was not upset at Reese, but hated feeling like Reese was hiding something from her. Zach came out and lit the tree before Reese could tell Bianca the truth.

JR and Little Adam went to Krystal's house for their planned sleepover, but Krystal was not there. They decided to wait for her to return home. JR was not happy when he saw David helping Krystal inside.

Friday, December 12, 2008

JR was stunned when he saw that David had brought Krystal home. He demanded an explanation, but when he got one, he refused to acknowledge it as valid. He banished David from the house and, after the doctor left, JR banned Krystal from ever seeing him again. Krystal denied that anything was going on with David, but JR believed Krystal was being used in her hour of need. He told her that David pulled the same thing with Dixie and destroyed her world. Krystal said that her world was destroyed when Babe died. JR commiserated and told her that David could do nothing good for her. He told her that if she needed someone to lean on, she should choose him over David.

She swore that David was just a friend and JR let her go on about the connection that she and David had. She spoke of how helpful he had been to her, until she realized that she was doing exactly what JR warned her about. JR thought that she needed to keep her distance, because until recently, the man that talked about the deep bond they shared was halfway around the world. JR reminded her that no matter what David said, he was still the same sadistic and evil man he'd always been. JR suggested that she needed to tell Tad, so that he could protect his family. Krystal rejected the proposition and said that Tad would make a big deal of it. JR told her that if she didn't, he would.

Rebecca was dazed after awaking from her coma, and collectively, the group told her that she had lost consciousness and that it was a miracle that she came back to them. Frankie had the neurologist paged, and Angie told Rebecca that all of her vitals pointed to her recovery. Meanwhile, Frankie mused on how Rebecca's recovery couldn't be medically explained. Randi told him that his mother was right - it was a miracle. A short time later, Frankie apologized for telling Natalia to let go of her mother, but she told him and Angie that she understood that they were trying to help. She admitted that she couldn't have gotten through it without them, and Angie told her she would never know what it would be like to be alone.

Frankie and Randi headed off to the photo shoot at Fusion, and the neurologist treated the rest to good news regarding Rebecca's condition. Natalia and Jesse went in to visit, which allowed David a chance to swoop in and ask what happened. When Angie told him that the patient had regained consciousness after extubation, he wasted no time reminding her that Rebecca was never supposed to be on life support. He warned her that if she pulled a stunt like that again, he would have her license. That goaded Angie into a fury, and she blasted him for his high and mighty routine. She then warned him that he should stay out of her way, and stalked off.

Back in the room, Angie and Jesse encouraged Natalia to let her mother rest, but before they left, Rebecca asked if it would be foolish to start radiation and chemotherapy. Angie told her that if anyone could fight the odds, it would be Rebecca. She then invited Rebecca to stay at their house again, but Rebecca thought that she and Natalia should go back to Denver. Angie demanded that Jesse, as chief of police, find a way to make Rebecca stay.

Aidan showed up at Oak Haven and Annie, who still believed Ryan to be her father, rejected his presence and repeatedly said she wanted to go home. Aidan told her that she was mistaken, and that he was really her father. In comforting tones, he promised to help her and to never leave her again. Annie still resisted, believing Aidan to be a stranger, until he talked to her about things specific to her - her favorite color, pastime, and worst nightmare. She eventually came around and believed this new man in an old role, and hugged him. They played cards until she told him that she was cold. She asked him to go home and get her sweater, so he left. On his way out, a doctor saw him and demanded to know who he was. He immediately fell into a routine that convinced her that he was a patient.

Just as the doctor started to escort Aidan to find his psychiatrist, Annie's doctor showed up. He identified Aidan as a patient that checked in earlier. Pleased enough with the response, the woman walked away. Once out of her earshot, Annie's doctor noted that he'd been offered bribes to get out of the hospital before, but never to get in. Aidan confirmed that no one could know why he was there, and the doctor asked what he planned to do on the inside. Before he could answer, a nurse interrupted them and Aidan effortlessly fell back into character. As if on cue, the doctor asked that Aidan be taken back to his room, and Aidan followed cooperatively along after he pretended to take some medicine. Later, when the coast was clear, Aidan returned to Annie's room with a blanket, which satisfied her. She then asked for a bedtime story, and as he abided by her wishes, a video camera hidden in the ventilation duct recorded his actions.

As they cleaned up from the night's festivities, Zach got a call from the nurse that a coma patient had woken up. Zach shared the news with the room, and then raced off to the hospital, with Bianca in tow, with the belief that Kendall was awake. Upon their arrival, they ran through the halls of the hospital to get to Kendall. The nurse that called was only able to stop Bianca, and explained her mistake. Bianca realized the effect it would have and took off again, with the hope that she could stop Zach before he got to Kendall's room. She arrived and found Zach staring solemnly at his unconscious wife. Bianca explained the mix-up, but when the nurse came in to apologize, he told her that he would make sure that her license no longer worked in any hospital. He then walked out of the room and overturned a cart in his rage. The police on patrol tried to calm him down, to no avail. He demanded to speak to the chief of staff. Jesse showed up and told his men that he would handle things, but Zach wanted nothing to do with him.

A short distance away, Bianca filled Frankie and Angie in on what had transpired, and Frankie realized his error when he didn't give the nurse a patient name. Angie offered to talk to Zach, but Bianca insisted she could handle it, and walked away. Bianca tried to convince Zach that another coma patient waking up was a good sign, but his spirits remained low. He asked for some time alone with his wife, but his request was only granted after he promised to behave. When Bianca left the room, Zach flashed back to what he thought he would see - Kendall sitting upright in the bed, ready to welcome him with open arms. David stopped by Kendall's room just then, as Zach had asked for him to be paged.

Zach revealed that he had heard about another coma patient that had woken up and ordered the doctor to make that happen for Kendall. David admitted that he had no idea what made the other woman wake up, and said that Zach needed to accept that Kendall would never wake up. Zach told him that he never would accept it, and David revealed that he felt the same way when both of his daughters died. David left him, and Zach made his way out into the hall and looked on as Angie promised Rebecca that they would work through her treatment together, as a family. He then went back to Kendall's room, blared music, and started to yell loudly for her to wake up. The patrol officers came again, but Zach would not be stymied. He demanded that they let him go, and when they did, he went out into the hall, punched a wall, and, with teary eyes, asked that his wife come back to him.

In the midst of walking down the hall in an attempt to strengthen her legs, Taylor ran into Jake and updated him on how things were going with Brot. He told her that Brot was still the man she fell in love with, and she recognized how painful the update must have been.

Taylor told him that she could no longer talk to him like a shrink. She then asked what they should do about their relationship. When she asked if they should forget it, he told her that he could never forget her. He then asked an orderly to help her back to her room

The doorbell rang and, when Reese answered, she found her father on the other side. He told her that he knew where she lived because her "friend" had called to invite them to the christening. He told her that he was headed to a meeting in Philly and thought he would take the opportunity to visit on his way through. He asked to come in so that he could see his grandchild. After he cooed over the baby, Reese told her father about getting married. He ignored her comment and asked how she liked living in Pine Valley. She was horrified that he would do such a thing, and confronted him on his betrayal. He told her he wanted to protect her from all of the pain associated with the prejudice in the world, but she told him that he hurt her most of all. He swore that was never his intention and then impulsively hugged her, and said how much he missed her. She resisted at first but soon wrapped her arms around her father.

He then tried to explain why he and her mother reacted the way that they did when she came out, but Reese told him that they should still love her even though she didn't follow the path they laid out for her. Her father was certain that she and her mother would be able to come to some sort of understanding, but Reese didn't feel it would happen until her mother stopped making everything about herself. Her father then encouraged her to come home for New Year's Eve. She briefly considered it, until she realized that Bianca was not invited. She demanded that he leave, and although he tried to circumvent her orders, he eventually abided by her wishes.

Amanda worked with a photographer to set up a Valentine's Day shoot and, as she did, she fantasized about being with Jake again. Later, once the photo shoot was in full swing, Frankie couldn't take his eyes off of Randi - who knew just how riveted her man was. Meanwhile, Amanda wallowed in jealousy over their connection. After the shoot wrapped, the photographer asked Amanda out for a drink, but she declined. Randi wanted to know why Amanda said she was unavailable, but Amanda was saved when her phone rang. David was on the other end, and requested an update on her progress with JR. Amanda reminded him that she would handle things in her own time and hung up on him. She then asked Randi for the dress she'd worn for the shoot so that she could wear it out.

Randi left to change, and after she rejoined Frankie in the foyer, he told her that watching her at the shoot solidified his love for her and desire to be with her. She told him that she loved him, too, but that she was still not ready to be with him physically. She thought he was upset, but he told her that she was worth the wait.

Jake showed up at Confusion and after he requested an open flowing bottle of scotch, he confessed that his troubles were wrapped up in the woman he had waited for, after he found out that she had been waiting for someone else. Shortly thereafter, Amanda went down to Confusion and ran into the very drunk Jake at the bar. It didn't take a lot of conversation to realize that Jake had been dumped. JR showed up just in time to save Amanda from being sucked into Jake's misery, but they couldn't get away before Jake's drunken ramblings made Amanda out to be nothing more than a call girl. The last straw was when Jake pointed out that Amanda wouldn't be a disappointment in bed, which caused JR to land a punch to the doctor's face.

Bianca went home and filled Reese in on what happened at the hospital. After she said that she felt that Zach had given up, she called Reese on not uttering a word since she had arrived home. Reese tried to blame it on being tired, but Bianca didn't believe her. She told Reese that she needed her to be in the moment and supportive instead of pulling away, and then asked her fiancée why she was holding back. Reese finally admitted that her father had stopped by for a visit. Bianca thought that the visit was a good thing, but Reese quickly told her that it had been a disaster, and asked how Bianca could out her in a situation like that.

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Thomas and Hope... Liam and Hope... what about both?
Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
Louise Sorel back as Days of our Lives' Vivian
Suzanne Rogers celebrates 50 years on Days
Jen Lilley headed back to Days of our Lives
Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
GH's Chad Duell welcomes a baby boy
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
Y&R TWO SCOOPS: A triumphant return!
Michael Damian to reprise Y&R's Danny Romalotti
Y&R's Eric Braeden announces he is cancer-free
Camryn Grimes, fiancé Brock Powell expecting first child
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