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Monday, December 1, 2008

Donna asked Eric to explain why he was so upset with her. Eric said he had to let her go and move on with his life. As he spoke, he had flashbacks of the people he believed to be Donna and Owen making love in Owen's office.

Donna told Eric that he had insinuated to Donna that he planned to choose her. Donna asked what happened between morning and noontime to change his mind. Eric said he could not ignore what was right in front of his face. Eric said he planned to go back to Stephanie and leave Donna behind. Donna begged to know the reason, but Eric refused to tell her what he had seen on the hidden camera.

Thorne called Stephanie and informed her that Eric was about to make his decision. He urged her to go to the Forrester office. Stephanie declined; she said she thought it was best for her to just continue packing. Thorne insisted that Stephanie should come to the office. Stephanie said if Eric made the choice she hoped he would make, he would be home soon enough. Thorne told Stephanie to go to Forrester immediately, and hung up.

Brooke shared the good news with Katie that Brooke and Ridge planned to get married at the beach. Brooke said she was busy making arrangements and Katie offered to help with the plans. Brooke graciously accepted Katie's offer.

Brooke said all three Logan girls had a reason to be happy; she was going to marry Ridge, Katie had Nick, and she was confident that Donna and Eric were going to reunite. Katie said they would all attend her wedding if that were okay. Brooke said yes. Brooke said although she realized there would be conflicts between Ridge and Rick; Donna and Stephanie; and others, she wanted her whole family at her wedding. Brooke said when she was at the altar, all she would feel was joy, and she refused to let any family infighting ruin her special day.

Donna arrived and shared the news with her sisters that Eric had ended their marriage and gone back to Stephanie. Brooke asked if Eric gave her any indication of why he had changed his mind. Donna said no; she had been certain that Eric wanted their marriage and planned to choose her, but then he chose Stephanie. Katie asked if it had anything to do with Owen. Donna said Eric was the one who hired Owen back-that she had not wanted anything to do with Owen. Donna said everything about Eric had changed overnight; the way he looked at her and the expression on his face indicated something had changed. But she did not know why.

Felicia and Ridge arrived at home to discover Stephanie had not moved out yet. Felicia asked Ridge to talk to Eric about reconciling with their mother. Ridge said he had tried. Felicia asked Ridge to try again, and suggested he not mention Rick or the business. She said Ridge should leave his ego at the door and just talk to Eric about reuniting with their mother.

Thorne called Ridge and Felicia and said they should get down to Forrester Creations immediately, and that something big was brewing that they would not want to miss.

Thorne found Donna sobbing in her office. He asked her what was wrong. Donna said Eric had made his decision and that he had not chosen her. Thorne said Donna had to know that someone was bound to get hurt. Donna said she did, but she had not expected it would be her. She said Eric had wanted her and she did not understand what happened. Donna said Eric had even hired Owen, so she assumed he had gotten over the kiss he witnessed between Owen and Donna. Thorne said perhaps Eric only hired Owen as a test. Donna said she had not failed any tests because nothing had happened between her and Owen.

Stephanie arrived to see Eric and said she just wanted to tell him she loved him. Eric asked her if she intended to ask him to change his mind. Stephanie said she would if she thought it would change anything, but she knew it wouldn't. Stephanie said when Eric almost died, she realized how valuable his life was to her, whether or not they were together as a couple. Eric said she was amazing and Stephanie said the compliments were unnecessary. Eric said it was very necessary.

Eric said he had let Stephanie down many times. Stephanie said they had come through for one another quite often, too. Stephanie said they had done the best they could for one another and their family. Eric said he could do better, and that the two of them could do better. Eric said it was not over for the two of them. Stephanie looked puzzled because she believed Eric had chosen Donna. Eric said they had the rest of their lives to get it right, if only Stephanie would take him back. She took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. As they embraced, her eyes shone with hope and love.

Stephanie said she thought Eric had chosen Donna. Eric said Stephanie had been right all along about Donna, and he had been selfish. Stephanie said she was always right and the two of them shared a laugh and a kiss.

Felicia, Thorne, and Ridge hovered in the hallway and listened at the door for any sign of what was going on in Eric's office. Felicia could not wait any longer and burst in to ask what was going on. Eric and Stephanie shared the happy news with their kids that they were reconciling.

Eric explained that when he awoke from his coma and saw Stephanie beside him, he realized what a lucky man he was. He said Stephanie's faithfulness and commitment to him was the most important thing in his life. Ridge said it was great to see the two of them so happy.

Thorne pulled Eric aside and asked him if he was really okay with it. Eric said he was okay, but it was clear he wasn't as happy as he pretended to be in front of the family. Thorne reminded Eric of why it had happened. Eric said he remembered full well; Donna had betrayed him and that was why he had to end their marriage. Eric told Thorne he never wanted to speak of it again.

Stephanie asked Thorne if he had a hand in her reunion with Eric. Thorne said he knew Eric valued her and his family, so he challenged Eric to consider them. Thorne said Eric and Stephanie had to work to bring Ridge back into the fold at Forrester, because that was where Ridge belonged. The family began talking about plans for Christmas, eggnog, and music. Stephanie marveled that a few weeks earlier, it seemed unthinkable that they would all be spending the holidays together.

Eric walked into a quiet corner of the office and thought about Donna. He was unable to understand how she could have betrayed him.

Across town, Donna went to a quiet corner and vowed to find out what had happened, because she knew Eric still loved her. Donna knew there was more to Eric's decision than what met the eye.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phoebe went home for her father's wedding and surprised Taylor with her arrival. She informed Taylor that she had taken a break from her concert tour with Constantine. Phoebe commented that it would be easier to be home now that Rick had moved out. Phoebe reminded her mother about her hurt over her mother's relationship with Rick. She further stated it was the reason why she had been away from home for so long. Taylor responded that she had not realized how horribly she had hurt her daughter by having a relationship with Rick. Phoebe reminded her mom that Rick was her first love and that was why it had hurt so much.

Later in the day, Phoebe called her father and announced that she was home for his wedding to Brooke. Brooke overheard Ridge's part of the telephone conversation. When the conversation was done, Brooke commented that all of Ridge's children would be present at their wedding. Ridge then finally agreed to allow Brooke to invite her son Rick to their wedding.

A short while after the wedding discussion was done, Ridge went to Taylor's house to visit with Phoebe. He noticed the barrette in her hair that he had purchased for her in Sydney, Australia. Phoebe told her father that she understood why he was so protective of her when she was with Rick. Phoebe also said that she had written a song for him and wanted to sing it at his wedding dinner. While alone with Taylor, he informed her that he and Brooke planned to remarry the following day. Taylor declined Ridge's invitation to attend his wedding. He remarked that he would always love her. Ridge made Taylor promise that she would move on with her life.

At his office at Forrester Creations corporate headquarters, Rick focused his thoughts on his unhappiness over Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Rick thought to himself that he would somehow stop their wedding from happening.

His thoughts were interrupted when Brooke arrived at his office and proceeded to invite him to her wedding. Rick stubbornly told Brooke that he could not support her marriage to Ridge. Brooke made a pitch to Rick from her heart. She told Rick she wished she had been a better mother to him. She commented that she and Ridge were ready, committed, and raising a family together, which she wanted Rick to be a part of. She told Rick she would miss him at her rehearsal and at her wedding. She told Rick she needed him to be at her wedding because she loved her son. Rick said he was touched by Brooke's plea for him to attend her wedding. He told her that she had been a great mother and that he loved her. He broke down and agreed to attend his mother's wedding to Ridge.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ridge asked Brooke what she was doing and she said she was working on her wedding vows. Ridge and Brooke discussed how happy they were that all of their kids would be attending their wedding on Malibu. Ridge said they had been waiting a long time to get married again and this time it would be forever. Brooke agreed that this time it would last forever.

Phoebe stumbled upon Rick hitting on a model and rolled her eyes when she heard the cheesy lines he was using. She bypassed Rick's office and stopped in to see her grandparents. Phoebe said she was sorry she had not been able to get home while Eric was sick. Phoebe said she could not have borne to see him that way. Eric said she no longer had to see him sick because he was fine. Phoebe said it was great to see him happy and to see her grandparents back together.

Phoebe asked what the deal was with Rick being president of Forrester. She said she was sorry he had an accident, but that didn't mean he should have been promoted above her dad, Ridge. Eric said that Rick and Ridge would eventually patch up their differences, and then Ridge would be back at Forrester where he belonged.

Phoebe asked how much longer it would be until her dad has his job back. Eric said he thought Phoebe would be happy for Rick's success. Au contraire, Phoebe said she had no reason to be happy for Rick. Phoebe said Rick didn't deserve that job, but Ridge did. Stephanie said that was something she and Phoebe agreed on. Stephanie said it was one thing to level the playing field between Rick and Ridge, and another thing to let Rick manipulate the situation.

Steffy arrived home to find her sister twin Phoebe (apparently no longer her identical twin) and the two embraced. Steffy asked Phoebe what she thought about Rick being the new president at Forrester. Phoebe said it was awful. Steffy informed Phoebe that Ridge had not attacked Rick when Rick was injured. Steffy said Rick attacked Ridge and Ridge had merely defended himself. Steffy said that Rick lied to everyone and blamed Ridge. Steffy said that even though she wanted Ridge and Taylor to reunite, the lengths to which Rick had gone to stop Brooke from marrying Ridge were sick. Steffy told Phoebe that Rick had done something to her, too.

Steffy said that Rick had kissed her and Phoebe was furious. Phoebe said Rick had been her first love, and he was still breaking her heart. Steffy said the kiss didn't mean anything; Rick was just trying to use her to get to Ridge. Even so, Steffy was disgusted by Rick's actions.

Ridge stopped by Rick's office and thanked him for agreeing to come to the wedding. Rick said he was welcome. Ridge told him to get all of his junk out of Ridge's office because he had work to do. Rick look stunned. Ridge said he was just kidding. Rick said he didn't believe that Ridge was kidding. Rick said Ridge was just mad that Rick beat him for once. Ridge said it wasn't a competition.

Rick said he had done everything just to protect Brooke from Ridge. Ridge said Brooke did not need protection from him. Rick said when he dated Phoebe, Ridge had intervened under the guise of protecting his daughter. Rick said Ridge should certainly understand that Rick was doing the exact same thing for his mom. Ridge said it was different because Phoebe was an innocent young girl, while Ridge and Brooke had been in love for decades.

Ridge said for Brooke's sake, he had come to bury the hatchet and asked Rick if he was willing to do that, also. Rick looked wary. Rick asked him to repeat himself and asked if Ridge wanted to bury the hatchet in his back. Ridge said he had come to offer an olive branch. Rick said no thank you. Ridge said it wasn't about trying to be tough-- it was about wisdom, understanding, and the ability to forgive. Rick asked Ridge if he had taken a spirituality course in his time off.

Ridge said Rick had taken his office and his job, but there was a bigger issue between them: Brooke. Ridge said they had to work together to keep Brooke happy. Ridge asked Rick to stand up with him at the wedding and be his best man. Rick said Ridge was out of his damned mind. Ridge said he was serious. He said it would make Brooke and Eric both very happy to see Ridge and Rick standing up at the altar side by side. Ridge described the first wedding between him and Brooke at Malibu. Ridge said Rick was too young to remember, but he told Rick about how beautiful it was and how happy Brooke had been. Ridge said they had an opportunity to give a great gift to the woman they both loved. Ridge said it would be a gift Brooke would carry with her for the rest of her life. He put his hand out and asked Rick to shake his hand and agree to be his best man.

Brooke went to see Stephanie and said she had made a decision. Brooke said that although she realized Stephanie wanted Ridge to marry Taylor, Ridge was planning to marry Brooke instead. Brooke said she and Stephanie had to learn to coexist. Stephanie said it wasn't about the two of them; it was about Rick and Ridge fighting all the time. Stephanie said the day would come when Brooke had to make a choice to support her husband over her son. Brooke said she loved Ridge, but she would not make an unconditional commitment to take Ridge's side over Rick's.

Stephanie said if Brooke thought Rick would not put her in the middle of a battle between him and Ridge again, she was na´ve. Brooke said Rick planned to attend the wedding and would support her marriage to Ridge. Stephanie said that would only last one day. Stephanie explained to Brooke that Rick had let the power of being president at Forrester go to his head and had stepped on peoples' toes. Stephanie said Brooke had supported Rick in his bid for power above Ridge. She reminded Brooke that part of the wedding vows Brooke planned to take included a line about loving Ridge enough to forsake all others, and that included Rick.

Brooke asked Stephanie to attend the wedding. Stephanie said that Donna would be there. Brooke said Donna would not attend because she didn't want to face Eric. Stephanie reluctantly agreed to attend the wedding. Brooke was thrilled and the two women embraced.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

by Pam

Brooke and Ridge got ready for their red carpet rehearsal dinner party. Ridge got out of the shower and told Brooke how beautiful she was. She wore a stunning silver gown. She commented on how happy she was and that nothing could go wrong. Ridge wanted to peel off her dress, but she warned him they had a very important dinner to attend. Ridge told her that he had asked Rick to be his best man. Brooke was thrilled, but Ridge said Rick turned him down. Brooke said she was touched that Ridge made the gesture. Ridge also said he gave Rick a pep talk, but warned Brooke not to get her hopes up. Ridge admitted he was still bitter about what Rick did to Phoebe. Ridge quickly changed the subject and told Brooke that she still took his breath away after all the years that had passed. They kissed passionately.

At Taylor's, Steffy told Phoebe to stop talking about Rick. Phoebe was agitated and said that she regretted her involvement with Rick. Phoebe was bitter that Rick had been her first love. Then, he slept with her mother, and tried to make moves on Steffy. Phoebe angrily said Rick was sick. Taylor came in and interrupted the twins. Phoebe ranted that everything their family had been through was because of Rick. Taylor apologized for hurting Phoebe, and Phoebe claimed Rick had taken advantage of the entire family. Steffy said Rick was only out for revenge, and suggested that they all forget about him. Taylor agreed and told the girls that they looked beautiful and should hurry off to the engagement party. Steffy invited her mom, but Taylor refused. Phoebe said she would come home early for ice cream, and hugged her mom. She gave Taylor a necklace that a gypsy claimed would ward off evil spirits. Taylor was thankful. Phoebe lingered a few more moments, gave her mom a long hug, and, before she went out the door, said that she loved her.

At Forrester, Rick sat at his desk staring at the front-page photo of Rick and Brooke on the cover of Eye on Fashion magazine. Phoebe walked into the office and told Rick that he had a lot of nerve being in her father's office. She was furious with Rick for getting involved with her mother and kissing Steffy. Phoebe accused Rick of using all of them to get back at her dad. She said it made her sick that she had made such a major mistake by loving him. Rick apologized, but Phoebe continued to rant that he went after her mother and sister. Rick apologized again, but said he had to leave for a party. He didn't want to talk to her because it would only make things worse. He left.

Taylor moped at home alone when the doorbell rang and Stephanie arrived. Stephanie told Taylor that she knew how difficult it must have been for her to hear that Ridge was marrying Brooke again. They embraced. Stephanie presented Taylor with a photograph of the family. Taylor said she wished she had never gotten involved with Rick because the family would have never gone through such tough times. Taylor regretted damaging her relationship with Phoebe, and Stephanie said Taylor must have been very grateful that Phoebe had returned home.

At the Forrester mansion, Bridget checked in with the caterer as the engagement party commenced. Bridget watched as Katie and Nick entered. Next, Beth and Stephen showed up, and Eric welcomed them. Eric told Beth how beautiful she was. Beth commented on how she really believed the marriage between Brooke and Ridge would take this time. They all agreed to drink to the possibility.

Jackie came in and talked with Nick and Katie. Nick said that Bridget had thrown a very nice party, and Katie looked upset. Jackie quickly noted that Katie also threw a wonderful party, and Nick agreed that Jack's birthday party was a success. Katie said she wished they could see more of Jack because she missed him. Jackie and Nick looked nervous.

Everyone wondered where Phoebe was, and Steffy said Phoebe had to make a stop on her way to the party. Thomas and Steffy danced and discussed Taylor's refusal to attend the party. Everyone danced and Brooke and Ridge took a break, but Brooke said she didn't want to stop because she was so happy. Thorne danced with Jackie. Thomas wanted Steffy to dance some more, but the photographer interrupted in order to get a photo of Steffy on the red carpet outside. While she was fixing her dress, Steffy asked the photographer to hurry since she was alone at the party and didn't want her picture taken alone. Marcus came out of the shadows wearing a tuxedo, and told her he couldn't believe she was all alone. They kissed and excitedly talked about how much they missed each other since he had been transferred to Paris. Marcus said he didn't think Forrester International knew he was going to Paris because he had nothing to do. Steffy explained that the transfer was just to get him out of the way so that Rick could mess with the company and hit on Steffy. Marcus looked angry, but Steffy told him he could deal with Rick later. She wanted him all to herself.

Ridge again asked where Phoebe was, and he wondered why Phoebe and Rick still hadn't arrived. Ridge had a photo taken with Thomas and Steffy, and said they'd have another taken when Phoebe arrived.

At the Forrester offices, Rick got into his car and fastened his seatbelt. He started his car, but Phoebe jumped in and ranted at Rick that her father was right about him. Phoebe did not put on her seat belt and got in Rick's face while he was driving. She screamed that Rick used her to get back at Ridge. She railed at him that he slept with her mother and kissed her sister and humiliated her. She went ballistic and told Rick she hated him. She screamed at him to pull over and slapped him while he was driving. Rick begged her to stop, but she grew angrier as Rick refused to pull over. Then, she grabbed the wheel as Rick fought to keep the car on the road. Phoebe used her foot to access the brake and gas pedals as Rick tried to stop her. Phoebe stepped on the brake and then pressed on the gas pedal as the car accelerated. Rick fought for control of the wheel and the pedals as the car skidded out of control and he screamed, "No!"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nick spotted Bridget at Ridge and Brooke's engagement party and said she looked amazing. She thanked him, but seemed very uncomfortable in his presence. He asked if she would share a friendly dance with him, but she declined. After Katie walked away, Jackie asked Nick if he had any regrets about ending his relationship with Bridget. Nick said he regretted that he had hurt her. Jackie asked him if that was all he regretted. Nick walked away without answering her question.

Eric asked Katie how Donna was doing. Katie said not well. Eric asked Katie if she would relay his best wishes to Donna. Katie asked Eric if he really thought that would make Donna feel better. Eric asked if Donna was with Owen. Katie replied that Donna had never been with Owen in the past and wondered why Eric would think Donna would be with him then.

Taylor reminded Stephanie that she was late for the party and that if Stephanie didn't attend, Ridge would be angry. Stephanie said Ridge would get over it. Stephanie said she would rather stay with Taylor. Taylor said she was disappointed that Ridge was getting remarried to Brooke. She said she had been na´ve enough to believe that she and Ridge had a chance to reconcile. Stephanie reminded her she still had all three of her kids. Taylor said she was happy for that, and knew her kids needed her, especially Phoebe.

Taylor said Phoebe was still very bitter about Taylor's relationship with Rick. Taylor said Phoebe had accused Taylor of using Rick to make Ridge jealous. Stephanie said Phoebe would come around. Stephanie said her real issues were with Rick, not with Taylor. Taylor said Phoebe was coming around. She said Phoebe had apologized for the way she had treated Taylor. Taylor showed Stephanie a gift Phoebe had given her, a necklace that was supposed to ward off evil spirits. Stephanie jokingly said that perhaps it might work on Brooke.

Taylor said she hoped Phoebe would stay away from Rick. Stephanie said she hoped that everyone would stay away from Rick, but told Taylor not to ask her why she said that. Taylor said she was happy Phoebe had come home. Stephanie said Taylor could give Phoebe a little TLC and they could work on healing their relationship. Taylor said she might have lost Ridge, but she was certainly happy she still had Stephanie in her corner.

Steffy froze while she and Marcus were getting a drink at the party. He asked her what was wrong, and she said she had a really weird feeling.

As the rest of the family danced the night away at Ridge and Brooke's engagement party, Phoebe lay motionless in a ravine following the car crash with Rick. Rick remained in the front seat of the car, but was unconscious and covered in blood.

Rick regained consciousness and called out for Phoebe. He attempted to get out of the car, but had to struggle with his seat belt to get loose. When he went to stand up, he saw a large gash on his leg. He pulled himself up and called out Phoebe's name. He saw her lifeless on the ground and frantically tried to get her to wake up.

Ridge and Brooke discussed how perfect the party was going and wished Rick had shown up. Ridge assured Brooke it was still possible; Rick could still get there before the party ended. Brooke said she was happily surprised by Ridge's kinder, gentler attitude towards her son. Ridge said there was nothing Rick could do to ruin their wedding. Ridge said he and Brooke would be married, and the only thing that could stand in their way was perhaps a tsunami at the beach.

Marcus noted that Brooke and Ridge looked very happy. Steffy said she hated to admit it, but Brooke and Ridge looked very happy indeed. Steffy said it was a perfect night. Marcus said it had been perfect except for the news he heard about Rick trying to make a move on Steffy. Steffy said nothing happened and she was sorry she had to tell Marcus about it. Marcus asked if Phoebe knew what had happened. Steffy said yes, she had told her sister directly because she didn't want her to find out from someone else. Steffy said Phoebe was so worked up about it and so upset at Rick that it made Steffy feel frightened for her sister, Phoebe. Steffy said Phoebe should have already arrived at the party and she hoped she would show up soon.

Rick was unable to feel a pulse from Phoebe but when he laid his head on her chest, he heard a heartbeat. He implored Phoebe not to die on him. Rick wanted to call for help, but his cell phone was thrown in the wreckage. He decided to run to his dad's house to try to get help. He placed his suit jacket over Phoebe and said he was going for help and asked her to please not die while he was gone.

As Rick ran to get help, he had flashbacks of when he and Phoebe were in love, and remembered happy moments between the two of them. But then he heard Phoebe's voice in his head repeatedly telling Rick he had ruined her life.

Ridge told Brooke he was worried about Phoebe. Brooke said perhaps Phoebe had decided to stay at home with Taylor. Ridge said no, because Phoebe had specifically mentioned that she wanted to sing a song she wrote for him at Ridge and Brooke's engagement party.

Rick arrived at the Forrester mansion and yelled out for Ridge. Ridge saw Rick all bloody and tried to get him to go inside. Rick said no, Phoebe had been hurt badly and they needed to go and help her immediately. The two of them took off. Ridge and Rick arrived at the accident site. Ridge asked Rick why the ambulance hadn't arrived yet. Phoebe woke up and Ridge assured her everything would be okay. Phoebe said she wanted Ridge to hear her song. Ridge said he wanted to hear it and she could sing it to him after she was better. Phoebe said no, Ridge needed to hear her song right away. She started to sing it very softly but faded out after a few lines. She died in Ridge's arms, and sung to him with her final breath. Ridge let out a mournful scream into the night.

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