One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 8, 2008 on OLTL

A funeral was held for Hope, and Jessica was distraught. Brody comforted Jessica. Marty vowed to make Todd pay. Sarah and Cristian grew apart as Vanessa and Cristian grew closer. Téa suggested that Vanessa marry an American in order to stay in the country. Vanessa proposed to Cristian. Todd faced a myriad of charges, but Téa stopped him from making a plea.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 8, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, December 8, 2008

If You Build It, She Will Come

While Téa was amazed by Todd's new face, Todd wanted to know why she had come to visit him in prison. Reading excerpts from the daily paper, Téa questioned Todd about the statements he had made about being in love with Marty. When Todd expressed his love for Marty, Téa insisted that he was actually experiencing guilt over the rape - not love. With a look of sadness, Téa remarked that Todd's guilt had always prevented him from truly falling in love with anyone. Fed up with Téa's refusal to divulge the reason she had returned to Llanview, Todd demanded answers. After a long sigh, Téa stated that she once loved him and believed that she was the only one who could help him avoid prison. Téa was certain that she could battle Nora in court. She made certain to acknowledge that Todd's actions were despicable, but insisted that he was entitled to a defense.

Todd wanted to know Téa's motives, but she wanted information concerning his relationship with Blair. After telling her about his latest marriage to Blair, Todd said that it was the worst mistake that he had made. A curious Téa continued to question Todd, but he had no desire to discuss his life. Todd was adamant that he didn't want any help from Téa. He insisted that he had hurt everyone that he ever loved-- his children and Marty. Téa was shocked when Todd revealed that he did what he did out of love for Marty and that she had changed him. Realizing that Todd had true feelings for Marty, Téa surmised that his love for Marty could be used as a defense at his trial. Refusing her services, Todd told Téa that his actions were inexcusable and he intended to pay for his crimes. Todd insisted that he had lost everything that mattered. Angered by Todd's refusal to fight, Téa accused him of giving up. Téa was certain that he would never be able to stand prison, and would soon realize that he needed her. Before leaving, a sarcastic Téa complimented him on his new face.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Marty thanked Cole for the letter he had written for her. While Cole was certain that Marty would soon regain her memory, Marty was doubtful. They both agreed that Todd would pay for what he had done to Marty. When Cole offered to help his mother in any way, she asked to borrow his laptop. Cole turned on the computer and was startled to learn of Dr. Joplin's suicide. He worried that the news would be troubling to Starr. Marty urged Cole to pay Starr a visit. Alone, Marty surfed the web. She confined her search to information regarding Todd and the rape. As she read about Todd's many crimes, she was plagued with memories of the time they shared together at his home.

Marty printed out countless news articles related to Todd. A news clipping caught her attention - the marriage of Todd and Téa. Later, Marty studied a photo of Todd. She mumbled, "I got what I need, now I can do what I have to do."

At La Boulaie, Starr discovered Dorian in a terrible mood. Realizing that Dorian's mood was somehow connected to Blair, Starr asked what had taken place between the two. Dorian admitted to causing trouble between Blair and John, but quickly changed the subject. Dorian expressed an interest in how Starr was handling Hope's passing. After explaining that Viki had allowed her to hold baby Chloe, Starr admitted that it made her feel worse. When Starr blamed herself for Hope's death, Dorian vowed to make Dr. Joplin pay for causing the tragedy. Stating that she would sue Dr. Joplin for malpractice, Dorian placed a call to the hospital to begin the process. Upon learning that Dr. Joplin had committed suicide, Dorian related the information to Starr. Consumed with guilt, Starr insisted that her actions were to blame for everything that had transpired, including Dr. Joplin's death.

Starr confided in Dorian that she had visited Todd at the hospital. She couldn't understand how her father could display caring qualities and then destroy lives with his horrible misdeeds. Dorian convinced her niece to see Todd for who he really was - a despicable human being.

As Dorian attempted to lift Starr's spirits, Cole arrived to lend his support. After Dorian updated Cole about Dr. Joplin's misdiagnosis of Hope, Starr explained that their blood types were incompatible and resulted in the creation of antibodies that attacked Hope's blood. When Starr compared herself to Todd, Cole assured her that she was nothing like her father. Cole consoled Starr and stated that bad things often happened for no reason.

On the rooftop of the Angel Square Hotel, Blair paid John a visit and apologized for the altercation that had taken place earlier at the cafe. Although John refused to blame Blair for Dorian's actions, Blair felt responsible and admitted that she feared Marty would come between them. As John made an attempt to respond, Blair interrupted him and insisted on parting as friends. To Blair's surprise, John made it clear that he didn't want to end their relationship. Revealing that he never realized the impact that seeing Marty would actually have on him, John stated that the woman he found at Todd's home wasn't the same woman he once knew. Stating that he wasn't making any promises, John declared that he wanted to be with Blair. As Blair stood speechless, John gave her a passionate kiss.

At Llanfair, Natalie watched as Viki cradled a sleeping Chloe. When Viki mentioned that Bree and Chloe would help Jessica get through her ordeal, Natalie wondered who would help Viki deal with her own issues. Viki believed that it was her responsibility to help Jessica, but Natalie begged her mother to tend to her own needs. Natalie was adamant that Charlie was the person to help Viki move on. Viki said that her life was too hectic and that she didn't want to burden Charlie with her problems. While Viki insisted that she was being fair towards Charlie, Natalie was certain that her mother feared moving on with her life. Natalie asked Viki when the last time she was happy had been. After hesitating, Viki smiled to herself and acknowledged that she was happy when she was involved with Charlie.

Meanwhile, at the Buenos Dias Café, Jared questioned Charlie about his relationship with Viki. Charlie admitted that he loved Viki, but said it was up to her to decide whether or not their relationship would move forward. Charlie was pleasantly surprised when Moe and Noelle entered the café and stated that they were moving to Llanview. When Moe announced that he would be working for Dorian, Charlie and Jared were shocked, but chose to keep their opinions to themselves. Noelle was delighted when Carlotta hired her to work at the café. As Noelle ran off to prepare for her new job, Moe headed off to La Boulaie to pay a visit to his new employer. Upon Moe's arrival, Dorian greeted him and welcomed him as her new chef.

When Jared arrived at Llanfair and mentioned that Charlie was at the Buenos Dias Café, Viki asked Natalie and Jared to babysit Bree and Chloe while she ran an errand. Afterwards, Natalie and Jared were certain that their plan to reunite their parents was working.

Back at the café, Viki approached Charlie. Charlie wondered why she was there. Viki stated that she was looking for him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christina Comes Home for Christmas

In John's apartment, Blair asked if John wanted to continue their affair. When he told her that he wasn't sure about much in his life, Blair took that to mean that his interest in her had waned. John quickly cleared up any misconceptions by telling Blair that he wanted to be with her and then kissing her. The two stumbled into his bedroom and made love. Afterward, Blair began chatting about Christmas. Talk of Christmas led to Blair reminiscing about her favorite movie, Christina Comes Home for Christmas. She confided that she had fallen in love with the classic as a child growing up in the foster care system. Later, John and Blair curled up together in bed and watched the movie on television.

Cris and Vanessa arrived home after meeting with attorneys. Both were frustrated that they hadn't been able to resolve Vanessa's impending deportation. Vanessa worried about how she would break the news to Lola. Things took an unexpected turn for Cris when Vanessa began talking about how much he meant to her and then suddenly reached up and kissed him. The kissed continued until Cris pulled away. Vanessa immediately began apologizing. She explained that she had merely wanted to experience one kiss with him before she was sent back home. Cris told her that it was okay and tried to brush it off, but he appeared affected by the turn of events.

Talia walked into the apartment and found Sarah busy typing away on her laptop. She immediately suspected Sarah of trying to dig up dirt on Vanessa. Sarah denied it and pointed out that she didn't need to do anything about Vanessa, because her rival would be returning to Colombia within days. They were sidetracked when Layla walked into the room to get second opinions about her ensemble. Layla had a blind date with a guy she described as a nerd. She looked forward to the evening because her date, Nelson, would not have an entourage dancing in attendance with him. The two planned to see a showing of the classic movie, Christina Comes Home for Christmas. Sarah, meanwhile, intended to go to Cris's place to watch the same movie on television. After her roommates left, Antonio joined Talia. They settled down on the sofa to watch the movie and ended up kissing as it played out.

When Vanessa learned that Sarah and Cris had a date to watch the Christmas movie, she told them that it had been one of her favorites since childhood. Sarah wasn't moved to invite Vanessa to join them. Instead, Sarah reminded Vanessa that Cris had a television in his room and told her what channel she could find the movie on. Vanessa left, but eventually returned to the living room, dressed in a slinky nightie, on the pretense of needing water. Sarah was annoyed while Cris couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Vanessa as she walked through the room. Neither woman took notice of where Cris's attention was focused. Before she returned to her room, Vanessa stopped to watch Cris and Sarah snuggled up together on the couch as they watched the movie.

At the Buenos Dias Café, while Carlotta and Jamie prepared to watch Christina Comes Home for Christmas, Viki told Charlie how touched she was by all that he had done for her since her return from Africa. She surprised him when she asked him if he was interested in reconciling with her. Charlie was stunned and asked her what had happened to change her mind. Viki admitted that she had realized that Charlie was a "keeper." Charlie made his own confession. He told Viki that he couldn't get Viki out of his heart or head, and that was why he had chosen to model Carlotta's diner after the Bon Jour Café, where they had first met.

The two continued to talk and make peace with the past events that had led to their breakup. Viki realized that she had to learn to trust Charlie again because she had never stopped loving him. After Viki called to check on Natalie and the girls, the happy couple decided to go to Charlie's room at the Angel Square Hotel and reconnect as lovers. When they stepped outside, Charlie and Viki stopped to kiss as snow began to gently fall.

At Llanfair, Natalie and Jared enjoyed a moment of peace and quiet while babysitting Jessica's children. Natalie was thrilled that the silence in the house was natural rather than a result of being locked in a soundproof room. Their quiet was soon interrupted by Bree and Chloe's cries. As the children acted up, the adults found themselves overwhelmed by the realities of parenthood. Bree ran around and threw toys while Chloe cried inconsolably. Natalie admitted that she was not prepared to be a parent. Jared agreed that he wasn't ready either. Eventually they managed to get the girls to sleep; however they were exhausted. They quickly took turns showering and changed their clothes. They were interrupted when Roxy called Natalie to remind her that Natalie's favorite movie, Christina Comes Home for Christmas, was on television. Natalie was touched that Roxy had remembered that the movie had a special place in Natalie's heart. She confided to Jared that, as a little girl, she would watch the movie alone until Roxy staggered home, drunk. Unfortunately Natalie and Jared were too worn out to watch the entire movie. They fell asleep before it was over.

Gigi, Rex, and Shane returned home after picking up their Christmas cards with the family portrait on the front. Shortly afterwards Roxy stopped by for a visit. When she learned that they had family Christmas cards made, Roxy was excited. She recalled wanting to pose with Rex and Natalie for similar cards when the children were young. However, she had changed her mind when Rex's father told her that pictures stole a person's soul. Roxy didn't want to risk it on the off chance it was true. Rex was surprised to learn that Walter Balsam had believed such a thing. When Roxy looked guilty, Rex realized that she had been referring to Rex's biological father rather than Walter.

Before Rex could ask questions, Roxy changed the subject and began rambling about whom she wanted to send Rex's family holiday cards to. When she mentioned sending one to Jessica at St. Anne's, Shane objected. He didn't want to risk Brody being hurt if he saw one of the cards. Roxy wasn't concerned about Brody's feelings, which seemed to upset Shane even more. Gigi and Rex quickly diffused the situation. While Gigi whisked Roxy out of the room, Rex stayed behind and handed Shane a picture of Shane with Brody. He explained that Gigi had found the photo and they had decided that Shane could have several Christmas cards made of it. Shane was touched by the offer and invited Rex to help him decide what the cards should read. A short time afterwards, as Roxy was leaving, Shane referred to her as "grandma" as he bade her farewell. Roxy appeared surprised and then smiled brightly.

Later, Shane fell asleep on the sofa as he watched Christina Comes Home for Christmas. Gigi and Rex woke him up and sent him to his room. When they were alone, Gigi and Rex began kissing and then made love in front of the fireplace.

At St. Anne's, Jessica spotted Brody with a dinner tray and invited him to join her in a quiet corner of the common room. Both admitted that they weren't comfortable eating in the dinning room with the other patients. As they ate their dinner, Brody noticed a couple of pictures that Jessica had with her. Jessica showed him the pictures and explained that they were of her daughters. When Brody asked her if Chloe was a good baby, Jessica had to admit that she didn't know because she hadn't spent much time with her. She also confessed that had no memory of Chloe's birth. Brody was understanding and began talking about Shane.

As they opened up to each other, Jessica asked Brody what Tess had said to him when she had tried to leave the sanitarium. Brody was initially reluctant to tell her but Jessica explained that she needed to know for her own mental well-being. When he told her that Tess had promised to make it worth his while to help her and made a comment about his body, Jessica wasn't surprised. She explained that Tess was promiscuous, but made it clear that it didn't mean that Jessica was. Brody believed Jessica and was sympathetic. He realized how difficult it was for Jessica to struggle with her condition.

Jessica appreciated Brody's kind words but didn't feel he could truly understand what she had to endure. Brody disagreed and confided that he had visions of a young boy as a result of his disorder. Jessica seemed to see a kindred spirit in Brody. When they announced that a movie, Christina Comes Home for Christmas, was about to start, Brody and Jessica decided to watch it together. Before they joined the others, the two agreed to keep an eye on each other. Later, as they watched the movie, they sat close, smiled, and seemed to enjoy each other's company.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We All Fall Down

At St. James Church, Reverend Andrew Carpenter found Starr in the empty church before Hope's funeral was scheduled to start. He gave her his condolences and then offered to leave her alone, but Starr stopped him. She recalled that Andrew and Cassie had suffered a similar loss when their son, William, had died. Andrew openly talked about the tragedy and how it had impacted his life. Starr appeared to identify with much of what Andrew told her. However, when Andrew suggested that she turn to her loved ones and friends for support, Starr rejected the idea. She didn't feel as if she had the right to lean on them because she felt responsible for their suffering. Andrew felt that Starr was wrong, and tried to impress upon her that she could find tremendous comfort from her loved ones. Unfortunately, Starr wasn't convinced.

Blair woke up in John's arms. As Blair prepared to leave, she told John that she was happy that they had worked things out. John agreed and offered to take Blair to Hope's funeral. Blair appreciated the gesture, but felt that she needed to focus on Starr. She declined the offer and left.

At La Boulaie, Dorian read the headline of the Banner: Manning faces judge as daughter buries child. A picture of Todd accompanied the article. Disgusted, Dorian tossed the paper aside and walked into her living room. Langston joined her a short time later. Dorian realized that Hope's death was particularly difficult for Langston because Langston and Starr were close, and Langston had been a part of the pregnancy from the beginning. They talked about it for a few minutes before Dorian asked where Starr was. Langston told her that she didn't know, but handed her a note that she had found on Starr's bed. Dorian read it and learned that Starr had gone to St. James Church.

Viki and Charlie woke up in Charlie's bed. Both were happy to be reconciled and exchanged declarations of love. Sadly, reality intruded, and Viki was forced to face that it was the day of Hope's funeral. She took comfort in the knowledge that Charlie would be by her side during the heartbreaking event.

Jared and Natalie continued to take care of Jessica's children at Llanfair. While Natalie fed Chloe a bottle, Jared made a game of spoon-feeding Bree some pudding. Bree was uncooperative and pushed the spoon away. Pudding splattered onto Jared, and Natalie burst out laughing.

Later, as Viki and Natalie prepared to leave for Hope's funeral, Viki took a few minutes to talk to Jared. She was grateful that he had agreed to stay with the girls while they attended the service, but she was worried that he might be overwhelmed with the job. Jared assured her that he could handle things for the few hours that they would be gone.

Michael woke up in bed with Marcie and realized that she was already awake. He sensed that her thoughts were on Hope. When Marcie thanked Michael for spending the night with her, Michael told her that, as her husband, he was where he belonged. Michael also told Marcie that he would continue to be at her side so that she did not have to bury Hope alone. Before they left for the funeral, Marcie picked up Hope's birth certificate. She was deeply saddened that it was all she had of her daughter.

Marty sat on her bed surrounded by copies of newspaper articles about Todd that she had printed from the Internet. As she gathered them up, Cole approached her room. Nora stopped him before he could enter. She told him that even though his mother had returned, Nora would continue to be available for Cole if he needed her. Cole appreciated Nora's kind words and thanked her.

After Nora stepped away, Cole knocked on Marty's door then entered his mother's room. Marty understood Cole's somber mood and gave her son sage advice about taking as much time as he needed to grieve for his daughter. Cole thanked Marty for the comfort. He told her that she had not lost her knack for saying the right thing to him. When Marty seemed uncomfortable with the praise, Cole changed the subject. He offered to wait for Marty downstairs while she changed for the funeral. Marty surprised him when she told him that she would not attend the funeral. She quickly explained that after her encounter with Dorian and Blair at the Buenos Dias Café, she felt it would be better to stay away. She was certain that her presence at the funeral would cause tension for Starr and her family. Cole respected her decision, but was disappointed nonetheless. Before he left, he handed Marty a children's book. He explained that it was the book she had read to him when he was a child. It contained their favorite poem, Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll.

Markko arrived at La Boulaie to accompany the Cramer women to Hope's funeral. In the living room, Blair learned from Dorian that Starr had gone ahead to St. James Church.

Starr received condolences as people began gathering at the church for Hope's funeral. After everyone stopped at the tiny coffin to pay their respects, they slowly made their way to the pews and sat down. A short time later, Andrew began the service for Hope Manning McBain. Tears flowed, and Starr found comfort in her mother's arms as Andrew spoke of acceptance and healing. He also called for all who were gathered to help Cole, Starr, and Marcie through the difficult process of grieving. After the funeral, the immediate family left for the cemetery. The other mourners returned home, including Dorian. who Blair had asked to check on Addie and the boys.

At the cemetery, Blair, John, Cole, Starr, Marcie, and Michael gathered around Hope's grave while Andrew said a few last words. They left pictures and a stuffed animal for Hope, and then parted. Cole was startled when someone reached for his hand. He looked up to find his mother standing at his side. She wiped a tear from Cole's eye, but remained silent.

After the funeral, Markko and Langston returned to La Boulaie with Dorian. Langston was surprised to hear Dorian compliment Markko. She realized that Dorian had finally warmed to him. Markko offered to stay with Langston, but she insisted that he go to school so that he could take an important test. Markko agreed, but promised to return as soon as he was finished with the test. A few minutes later, Dorian found Langston sitting on the bottom step of the staircase, crying. She understood Langston's grief. Dorian told her that it was most difficult to bury a child.

At St. Anne's, Brody found Jessica in the common room with a newspaper. Jessica was heartbroken after reading about Hope's impending funeral. She explained to Brody that Starr was her cousin and that she had given birth to a little girl around the same time that Jessica had Chloe. Jessica admitted that she felt guilty because Starr had lost her baby while Jessica's daughter had survived. Brody tried to help Jessica put things into perspective, but Jessica was overwhelmed with grief. She couldn't understand why the loss of Starr's baby affected her so deeply. She confided that it felt as if she had lost her own child. Brody suggested that perhaps it was because she was a parent with two little girls of her own. Jessica agreed that he might be correct, but it was clear that she wasn't fully convinced that was the reason. After Brody left, Jessica sent a prayer up to God. She asked that Chloe and Hope, wherever they were, be safe and comforted by the knowledge that they were deeply loved by many people.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

As Todd's guard read the latest tasteless newspaper articles about Todd and Marty, Nora arrived to make Todd an offer. She asked him to plead guilty and to accept 25 years in a minimum-security prison with no chance for parole. His quick response was a rejection of the offer, though he wondered what Nora's reasoning for it was. "For Marty," she replied swiftly. Nora expanded on her answer, explaining that Marty needed to move on and it would be easier on her if she didn't have to testify in court. She added that there was a chance that television cameras would be in the courtroom, and Marty didn't need to be hurt further.

Nora snickered as Todd insisted that he loved Marty and was only trying to help her. A bitter and sarcastic Nora wanted to know when Todd loved Marty. Was it when he raped her before? Was it when he lied or when he raped her again? Marty loathed Todd, Nora persisted. Todd asked to see Marty, but Nora urged him to take the deal instead. She made it clear that Marty needed to move on and, if he took the deal, that would show love.

Marty showed up at the cemetery and a startled Cole introduced her to Starr. Awkwardly, Starr attempted to make excuses for her father's behavior, but summarized it by declaring that he was simply a liar. Marty pointed out that the baby had been aptly named because they had all lost hope. She and Blair shared a moment when they acknowledged that Hope was their granddaughter, but an obviously ill at ease Marty announced that she needed to go for a walk.

Upset, Cole wanted to follow her, but John suggested that he let her be. He mentioned what a big step Marty took by showing up in the first place. After Starr and Cole lingered by Hope's casket a few moments longer, Starr and Blair headed home. John offered comfort to a crying Cole, though both men felt uncomfortable afterwards.

Disclosing that he felt hurt that his mom didn't remember him, Cole confessed that he must seem ungrateful that Marty had returned. He felt that while he looked like his mom, there was nothing else to indicate they were related. John suggested that Marty needed time, though Cole countered that she needed a doctor. John felt that once Marty sorted things out, the situation would improve. Cole was concerned that his mother might not remember that she loved him. Cole wondered if John and Blair were together, and John admitted they were. Cole was happy for him. John advised Cole that he would always be there for him and his mother.

Marty headed back inside St. James and prayed for help, though she admitted to not remembering anyone, especially God. Shortly after, Andrew walked in and greeted Marty warmly. After he identified himself, Marty conceded that she had read about him and the false accusations she had made. She asked for specifics, and Andrew explained how he had rebuffed her advances, only to be accused of being gay and seducing a young boy. He further explained that she had changed and they had eventually become good friends. She had been spiritual, believed in a greater power, and had gotten through some tough times after her rape, he continued. He had counseled her and she had become a good therapist, wife, and mother. "So, rape made me a better person?" she asked.

Andrew clarified that Marty had struggled to find a positive road and had searched for clarity. She certainly did not deserve what happened to her. Marty admitted to being angry, and wanted to return to being the person she used to be so that she could hurt Todd the way he hurt her. Andrew understood her anger but cautioned her to leave Todd to God and the courts, and not waste her time on revenge. Andrew assured her that he would be there for her if she needed him. Alone again, Marty acknowledged that Andrew was nice, but she didn't want nice. She needed to hurt Todd so that she could get her life back.

Lola arrived at La Boulaie and asked Langston to hide her. Even though Langston deemed it a bad idea to hide from the immigration cops, she agreed to help out. Inside the house, Moe presented Jack with an elegantly prepared meal, which the boy promptly threw against the wall. An angry but sympathetic Addie ordered Jack to apologize, but he refused and ran out of the room. Addie explained to Moe that the boy had been lost in the shuffle.

A disturbed Blair listened as her mother told her about Jack's actions. Dorian stated her opinion that Jack was lost with the family having been through so much of late. Blair tried to talk to her son, but it was useless, as a scornful young boy told her he hated "French crap" and was sick of his mother lying to him. She attempted to explain Todd's situation to Jack, but it was difficult. He ran off when, exasperated, she said it was complicated.

Sarah, Cris, and Vanessa all wore nothing but towels after showering. Sarah made sure to show Vanessa in no uncertain terms that Cris was her boyfriend, putting her arms around him and laying her head on his shoulder. As an annoyed Cris glared at her, Sarah justified her actions, explaining that Vanessa would have been all over him if she weren't there to prevent it. She pointed out that it was obvious that Vanessa wanted Cris. "Do you want her?" she asked her boyfriend. Not receiving an answer, Sarah complained that they had no alone time and were in the shower for a mere five minutes before Vanessa was at the door. They were unable to talk, make love, or do anything else in private.

At the Buenos Dias café, Carlotta introduced Antonio and Talia to Noelle. They were all surprised when Téa walked in and strolled over. Upon questioning from Antonio, Téa was elusive as to why she was in Llanview. A knowing Antonio refused to give up, and finally Téa admitted that she had seen Todd. She and Antonio began to argue over Todd's right to an attorney, with Antonio pointing out that she always had a soft spot for the man. While Téa argued that the charges against Todd had yet to be proven, an irritated Talia cited that she had been there when Marty was found and saw what the woman looked like.

Recognizing that Talia felt sorry for Marty, Téa defiantly stood by her belief that Todd deserved an attorney. Antonio responded that Todd had played it all out like a mastermind. The pair renewed their argument, but Téa disclosed that Todd had turned her down after she offered to represent him. He told her he wanted to be punished.

They were interrupted when Cris, Sarah, and Vanessa walked in. An excited Cris hugged Téa and told her he wanted to introduce someone. She cut him off and replied that she needed no introduction. "I know who she is," she added, pointing to Vanessa. She was sure that Vanessa was his girlfriend, because his girlfriends always looked the same, she told everyone. They all looked like his first wife, Roseanne. Cris quickly interceded and made the correct introductions. Téa apologized, but asked for backup; Carlotta readily agreed that Vanessa did resemble Roseanne. Moe told Noelle he had a great time at Dorian's.

Cris asked Sarah to be patient and told her he loved her. Citing her need to get out of there, Talia came to the rescue and the women left. Cris explained Vanessa's situation to Téa and she gave them her advice. She told Vanessa to marry an American. Vanessa and Cris eyed each other uncomfortably.

Langston and Lola arrived at Cris's place. Lola planned on gathering her belongings and was angry at Langston, who wouldn't help her run away. She accused Langston of lying when she'd previously said she'd help. The older girl convinced her cousin that running away wasn't the smartest thing to do when they didn't even know what was happening. She told the girl about her own hiding out when her parents had died. She urged Lola to face things and fight, or it wouldn't be worth living. She added that they were family and they'd be there for each other.

Todd thought about taking the deal and was shocked when Blair walked in. He bitterly told her he didn't want to see her. Blair responded in kind, but added that she was with someone who did want to see Todd. Jack walked in slowly and looked at his dad.

Friday, December 12, 2008

True Lies

At La Boulaie, Dorian discovered a distraught Starr. Dorian tried to comfort her, but Starr insisted that she wanted everyone to stop worrying about her. Realizing that Starr needed someone to listen to her and not offer advice, Dorian allowed Starr the opportunity to relate her feelings. Dorian listened as Starr discussed the loss of her child and her feelings towards Todd. Instead of judging Todd, Dorian kept quiet as Starr vented about her father. Starr told Dorian that she wanted Todd to pay for his crimes, but didn't want to turn into her mother. Starr related that Blair always forgave Todd no matter how much pain he caused her. Starr feared that she might do the same. When Starr expressed her concern that Blair might take Todd back eventually, Dorian was convinced that Blair had witnessed Todd at his worst. Dorian assured Starr that Blair was done with Todd. Dorian told Starr that she wasn't worried about her because Starr was stronger than both her parents. Dorian's words comforted Starr.

When Cole arrived at the courthouse to attend Todd's arraignment, he encountered Nora, who was preparing her case against Todd. Nora suggested that Cole not attend the hearing and promised to bring Todd to justice. Cole was adamant that he wanted to be present when Todd was forced to pay for all the misery he had caused. Sensing that Cole was troubled, Nora asked him to share his feelings. Still feeling the pain of burying his infant daughter, Cole told Nora that aside from the memory loss, his mother was a different person. Cole feared that Todd had killed his mother's spirit. While Cole believed that Todd would never admit guilt, Nora was certain that she had convinced Todd to plead guilty.

Sarah paid Viki a visit at Llanfair. When Viki asked what was troubling her niece, Sarah said that she feared that she was losing Cristian to another woman. The conversation quickly turned to Sarah missing her mother. Assuring Sarah that her mother loved her, Viki admitted to playing a role in Tina's departure. Sarah was certain that her mother had done something terrible, and begged Viki to explain. Unwilling to give Sarah the horrible details of Tina's actions, Viki told her that Tina was often guilty of making wrong choices. In Tina's absence, Viki offered to be a mother figure to Sarah. In desperate need of someone to talk to, Sarah told Viki about Vanessa. Acknowledging that Vanessa did appear to have an interest in Cris, Vanessa suggested that Sarah trust him.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cris and Vanessa explained to Téa that Vanessa couldn't marry a U.S. citizen because she was already married to Ray Montez. After learning the details of Ray's shooting and the reason Vanessa feared being sent back to Colombia, Téa decided to place a few calls and find out if Vanessa was legally married to Ray. While waiting to receive word of Vanessa's marital status, Téa questioned whether Vanessa had actually set Ray up for the murder of his wife. When Vanessa denied framing Ray, Téa appeared to accept her explanation. Téa believed that the only way Vanessa could stay in the country was if she married a U.S. citizen. When Cris wondered if the act would be considered legal, Téa suggested that Vanessa marry someone that she loved. Cris and Vanessa shared a nervous glance.

To Vanessa's delight, Téa discovered that Vanessa's divorce had been finalized several weeks earlier. Téa suggested that Vanessa find a good man and get married right away. Later, Vanessa asked Cris if he believed it was a good idea for her to marry a citizen. Cris stated that he was in favor of anything that would keep Vanessa and Lola in the country. Cris asked Vanessa if she would consider marrying a citizen. Declaring that she was determined to fight to stay in the country, Vanessa asked Cris to marry her.

Todd was upset when Blair brought Jack to visit him in jail. Insisting that she could no longer keep the truth from him, Blair demanded that Todd tell Jack the reason he was in jail. Todd struggled to explain the reason for his incarceration to Jack, but Jack wanted answers. Avoiding the vivid details, Todd admitted to hurting Marty in the past. He explained that he had lied to her about Cole's existence and didn't reveal his true identity to her. As Blair listened in disgust, Todd admitted that he had planned to run away with Marty and never tell anyone.

After hearing his father's confession, Jack flew into a fit of rage. Jack couldn't believe that his father had considered leaving him. Expressing his love for his son, Todd told Jack that he had made wrong choices. After calming Jack down, Todd told his son to behave while he was away. When Jack asked how long Todd would be in jail, Blair interrupted. She explained that Todd would probably be away for a long time. Once Jack had been escorted into another room, Blair expressed her disgust with Todd. She told him that he was a terrible father. Ignoring Blair's tongue-lashing, Todd asked about Starr. Walking away, Blair told him that Starr had buried her child - the child that Todd had planned to steal. Moments later, a guard came to escort Todd to his arraignment.

Marty stood alone at the church and vowed to seek revenge against Todd. She turned around and was surprised to find John standing there. When Marty wondered exactly how much John had overheard, he stated that he was concerned about her. Insisting that he didn't need to protect her, Marty asked if Blair was aware that he had come looking for Marty. John explained that Blair knew of his concern for Marty, but Marty continued to question John about his relationship with Blair. Uncomfortable with Marty's harshness, John offered to leave her alone. Realizing that she had lashed out at John, Marty apologized and blamed her behavior on her problems. When Marty stated that she had an appointment, John offered her a ride. Accepting his offer, Marty announced that she wanted to attend Todd's arraignment.

When Blair and Jack returned home, Dorian and Starr questioned why Blair would take Jack to see Todd in jail. Blair was adamant that Jack needed to hear the truth from his father. Blair and Starr left to attend Todd's arraignment.

In the courthouse elevator, Marty thanked John for not discouraging her from going to the arraignment. She remarked that he and Todd were very different. John advised Marty not to get her hopes up, and insisted that Todd might use underhanded tactics to defend himself. Marty said that she was looking forward to the arraignment. When the elevator doors opened, reporters besieged Marty and John. As Cole appeared and attempted to help his mother, Todd was ushered down the hall. Marty and Todd stood face-to-face. Cole, John, and Nora asked Marty if she was certain that she wanted to attend the hearing. Marty announced that she wanted to see Todd's face when he entered a guilty plea.

Inside the courtroom, Todd stared at Marty. Stating that there was a particular charge that she wanted Marty's approval to submit against Todd, Nora asked Marty to go over the charge in private. Nora told Marty that she would only add the charge if Marty agreed to it.

As the hearing commenced, Blair and Starr entered the courtroom.

As Nora read the charges against Todd, he was stunned when she read the last charge - rape. Stunned, Todd stared across the room at Marty. Todd announced to the court that he didn't have a lawyer and was defending himself. When the judge asked him to enter the plea, Todd remembered Nora's deal for him - stating that he would actually plead guilty if he loved Marty the way he professed to. As he attempted to answer, Téa stormed into the courtroom and ordered him not to utter another word.

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