One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 27, 2008 on OLTL

Rex improved, and he and Adriana ended their marriage. Viki questioned Todd about Jessica and didn't believe his responses. Viki found Bree and realized that Tess had returned. Tess left a bomb at the secret room. Marty thought that her memories of a baby boy were important. Starr went into labor after Cole professed his love for her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 27, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Deal or No Deal

After spending the night on the couch, Cris and Sarah began to fool around, but remembered that Lola was in the next room. When Sarah remarked how pleased she was with Cris's decision to care for Lola, Cris responded by giving her a kiss. A worried Lola interrupted the couple and expressed her desire to speak with Vanessa. Concerned for Vanessa's well-being, Lola pleaded with Cris to take her to the jail. Cris explained that Vanessa couldn't receive visitors, but encouraged Lola to write her stepmother a letter and promised to deliver it to Vanessa personally. As Lola prepared her letter for Vanessa, Sarah wondered how Cris planned to carry out his promise. Cris stated that he needed a drink.

At the jail, Dorian and Vanessa became acquainted. When Vanessa inquired why Dorian was so fascinated by her, Dorian applauded her for shooting Ray. Explaining that Ray was a terrible person who would have harmed her stepdaughter, Vanessa was adamant that she did what was necessary. Dorian believed that she and Vanessa were very similar - they would both do anything to protect their loved ones.

After pretending to be intoxicated and punching a police officer, Cris was arrested and placed in a cell adjacent to Vanessa. Announcing that he needed to see her, Cris presented Vanessa with Lola's letter. Once Vanessa had read Lola's letter, she thanked Cris for his help, but warned him to refrain from helping her before he got into serious trouble. Reminding Vanessa that she had helped him escape from prison, Cris refused to give up on her.

At the hospital, Antonio and Talia checked on Ray's progress, but his condition remained critical. Antonio told Talia that Ray had a lot of questions to answer. He believed that Clint had some explaining to do, as well.

Clint paid Nora a visit at her office. After informing Clint that she had received a call from the Colombian consulate, Nora related to Clint that the Colombian government had claimed that Montez, a convicted felon, had escaped from prison. To Nora's surprise, Clint stated that he was to blame for the events that had transpired and felt responsible for placing Langston's life in danger. Admitting that he had behaved like Asa, Clint acknowledged that Nora had warned him of the consequences, but he had refused to listen to her pleas. Clint insisted that he would make things right, and left the office. Moments later, Nora placed a call and stated, "I need to see a prisoner!"

Back at the jail, Mel appeared, dressed as a guard, and told Dorian that her presence was required elsewhere.

At La Boulaie, Markko did his best to assure Langston that the worst was behind them. He was confident that Ray was officially out of their lives and that Langston would remain in Dorian's care. Skeptical that her problem was resolved, Langston reminded Markko that Ray was still alive and expressed her uncertainty about the future. Determined to ease Langston's worries, Markko insisted that they get the answers that they sought. Hand in hand, the two left La Boulaie in a hurry.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Adriana listened unnoticed as Gigi and Bo visited with Rex. When Rex asked to go home, Gigi informed him that an ambulance was en route and he would be leaving La Boulaie soon. On that note, Adriana spoke up and shared her thoughts. To everyone's surprise, Adriana appeared pleasant and wished Rex a speedy recovery. Rex asked Gigi and Bo to give him a few moments alone with Adriana. Gigi and Bo complied and relocated to the foyer.

Worried that Adriana might cause problems, Gigi told Bo that she wanted Rex to have a relationship with Shane. Bo assured Gigi that Rex wanted the same thing.

Rex thanked Adriana for returning to Llanview to care for him. When Adriana reminded Rex that she had also kept him from Gigi and Shane, Rex defended her actions. Stating that she was doing what she felt was right, Rex told Adriana that he understood that she was only trying to protect him. After a long sigh, Adriana asked Rex for a divorce. Feeling compassion for her, Rex tried to stop Adriana from continuing but she felt the need to express herself. Adriana wondered if she had stayed in Llanview and fought for Rex, if things would have turned out differently. Sadly, Rex assured her that his feelings for Gigi would have remained the same.

Appearing to have come to terms with the end of their relationship, Adriana advised Rex that he would be hearing from her attorney. Attempting to ease the tension, Rex continued to thank Adriana for all she had done for him, but Adriana wanted to make a clean break. As Rex mentioned the good times that they once shared, Gigi entered and announced that the ambulance had arrived. Adriana remained hospitable and left the room. Following Adriana out into the foyer, Gigi thanked her for allowing her to stay overnight with Rex and stepping out of the way. Declaring that she did it for Rex, Adriana told Gigi that she was giving Rex a divorce and warned her to treat him right.

Meanwhile, Rex told Bo that Adriana had asked for a divorce. Rex admitted to feeling guilt, but also believed that the divorce was necessary. Certain that he could focus on being a father to Shane, Rex asked Bo for help. Although he believed that he still needed help in the area of fatherhood himself, Bo agreed to assist Rex.

Before leaving La Boulaie, Gigi and Bo watched as Rex said goodbye to Adriana. When Rex asked if Adriana planned to return to Paris, she gave a vague answer. Rex wished her a happy life, and she wished him the same.

Markko and Langston arrived at the hospital and attempted to enter Ray's room, but Antonio and Talia prevented them from doing so. Relating that Ray wasn't doing well, Talia suggested that Markko and Langston leave the hospital. Langston wondered if Ray's declining condition meant that he was no longer her guardian. Advising her that the situation was far from over, Talia suggested that Langston hire an attorney and request that the judge reverse his decision, but stated that she was free of Ray for the moment. Clint appeared and declared, "That's the way it should be!"

Lashing out at Clint, Langston rehashed his past actions that had turned her entire life upside down. Clint tried to make amends with Langston, but she refused to listen. Expressing her fear of being sent away with Ray if he recovered, Langston chastised Clint about how his desire for revenge would result in her being forced to go to Colombia with Ray. Promising Langston that she would remain with Dorian, Clint explained that Ray would be sent to a Colombian prison if he survived. Upon learning that Ray was still in critical condition, Clint begged for Langston's forgiveness, and left the hospital.

Standing outside of Nora's office, Dorian questioned why Mel had brought her there. Opening the door, Nora asked for a moment alone with Dorian. Before leaving, Mel whispered into Dorian's ear, "If I were you, I'd play ball!" Nora invited Dorian into her office and offered her a seat.

Placing a stack of papers in front of Dorian, Nora informed Dorian that the DA's office had a long list of possible charges that could possibly be filed against her. Nora revealed that she was aware that Dorian had hired a hit man to shoot Ray and also had knowledge of Dorian's meetings with Jackie McNaughton. Showing no fear, Dorian denied any involvement. Unmoved by Dorian's confident demeanor, Nora told Dorian that the hired shooter was ready to cut a deal and warned Dorian that she could easily be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Realizing that Nora had an angle, Dorian questioned what type of deal Nora wanted to negotiate. Insisting that she wanted things to return to normal, Nora offered to drop the charges if Dorian agreed to return Buchanan Enterprises to Clint. Angered by Nora's ultimatum, Dorian placed blame upon Clint and questioned Nora's ethics. Unwilling to argue with Dorian, Nora gave her ten minutes alone to ponder her decision.

When Ray regained consciousness, Antonio and Talia entered his room to question him. Ray asked to see Lola, but Antonio told him that the child was afraid of him because he had killed her mother. Groggy, Ray stated that he didn't kill Lola's mother. He insisted that Vanessa lied and set him up.

Mel entered the room and sat guard. When Dorian asked Mel what she should do, Mel warned Dorian about how lonely a life in prison would be. Mel's words appeared to have an effect on Dorian. When Nora returned, she asked Dorian if they had a deal.

Back at La Boulaie, upon learning that Ray had regained consciousness, Langston was adamant about visiting her uncle. Markko tried to convince her to stay away from Ray and reminded her that Dorian was her family. To Langston's surprise, Dorian entered the room and the two embraced. Dorian assured Langston that their ordeal with Ray was over. After declaring that nothing would prevent her from coming home to her girls, Dorian was shocked to see Adriana walk downstairs carrying her suitcase.

Clint returned to the office and told Nora of his meeting with Langston. Realizing that Langston's words had made an impact on Clint, Nora handed him a folder and informed him that he owned B.E. again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little Smoke And A Big Piņata

Bo and Gigi wheeled Rex into his apartment for his return home, where he was greeted with a festive pinatapiņata, confetti, and kisses from a tearful Roxy, who proclaimed, "it's It's your party, but I'll cry if I want to!" When Rex became curious as to where Natalie was, Bo and Roxy were forced to tell him that she was still "out of town." Suspicious, Rex got Bo to admit that they suspected foul play and that Jared had disappeared, as well. Bo ordered Rex to rest and recuperate, and let the police handle the matter. After wishing Rex a speedy recovery, Bo left, and Rex began asking for his son. Roxy and Gigi tried to reassure Rex that Shane would come around, but needed space and time to adjust. Roxy persuaded Rex to knock down her pinatapiņata, which was full of childhood keepsakes from Rex's youth. Roxy left Rex and Gigi to cuddle together, and Gigi comforted Rex, promising him that soon they would build their family with Shane. Rex, however, couldn't stop worrying about Natalie.

At Todd's house, Tess hid the crown jewels in a bundle of baby clothes and packed up her dynamite, . while Meanwhile, in the living room, Todd played with Bree and spoke to her about her future with her unborn cousin, Starr's baby. Tess entered and demanded Todd do her a favor, otherwise, she said she would spill the beans to "the forgetful woman you raped." Tess told Todd she needed fake passports to fly out of the country, now thatsince Viki was on to her. Todd asked Tess if she'd killed Natalie, but Tess didn't answer, and said she only had a few loose ends to tie up before leaving town forever, just like Todd planned to do with Marty. After she left, Todd continued playing with Bree, lamenting her being stuck with "that crazy bitch." Todd promised Bree that once he and Marty were safely away, he would expose Tess to Viki and the police, and bring her rightful mother back to her.

At the DA's office, Clint was stunned when Nora told him she'd recovered Buchanan Enterprises. Nora hedged on the details of her bargain with Dorian, but as she explained how she hadn't had much of an immediate case to prosecute and would not have broken the law, Clint realized that she had bluffed Dorian to get back the company. Clint was proud of Nora, and said Asa would tell him never to let her go. Nora said she'd been inspired by Clint's example, and how he'd given up his leverage against Dorian to protect Langston. She said what he'd done at the last minute had made her remember the man she fell in love with. Clint and Nora embraced with a kiss. They started talking about the family, and Clint told Nora that he'd heard from Viki about the possibility of Tess's return. Clint chastised himself for overlooking his family's problems while focusing on business, and Nora urged him to put his private investigator on the trail of Tess.

At La Boulaie, Adriana told Dorian and Langston that Rex was awake and out of the house, but that she wasn't moving in with him. She explained that she and Rex were getting divorced. As Langston gave the women time alone, Adriana scolded her mother, asking where she had been during the hospital ordeal with Rex and implying that she had been too busy with her "new daughter." Dorian said she had thought Adriana wanted nothing to do with her, but Adriana said that no matter what, she'd still needed her mother. Dorian told Adriana that she was sorry she'd Adriana had lost Rex, but and Adriana said it wasn't Gigi's fault, but her own; she'd become so caught up in "winning" that she had lost sight of the fact that her relationship with Rex had fallen apart. Adriana said she had ruined her own marriage, and that she had chosen to let Rex go.

Dorian told Adriana that she'd also made a big decision, agreeing to give up Cramer Enterprises after having made "a big mistake" fighting Clint. Adriana wondered if they'd both learned something about themselves; she said that as Cramer women, they went to extremes, but lost themselves. "But we found ourselves again," Dorian added. Adriana said she wanted to learn to change, and Dorian mused that Mel had tried to change her, and was still trying. Adriana told Dorian she was heading back to Paris for good, and Dorian promised she would always have a home at La Boulaie if she wanted it. "I will always be a Cramer woman," Adriana assured her. Langston returned to say goodbye to Adriana, who hugged her and said, "good Good luck, you'll need it." Adriana embraced Dorian and told her she loved her, and then said goodbye.

After Adriana was gone, Langston asked Dorian about the incident at the airport, and who the man was that she'd identified for the police. Dorian deflected her question and told her that the feud with Clint was over; she'd given up Cramer Enterprises. Dorian told Langston she'd been tired of the fighting and that "none of it meant anything without you." Langston asked Dorian what she would do now without the company. Dorian smiled and promised her daughter she would find a "new project."

Charlie arrived at Llanfair to speak to Viki, who continued to agonize over her daughters' whereabouts. Viki told Charlie they still had no clue where Jessica and Natalie were, but she had a lead from the person who had helped "create" Tess: Niki Smith. Viki told Charlie about Niki's personality, and said that Niki had appeared to her in a dream, scolding her for not recognizing Tess when she had taken control of Jessica. Viki blamed herself for not paying attention to the signs, and Charlie urged her not to second-guess things. Viki told Charlie that she suspected Tess was behind her car accident months before, and that Tess could have done anything to Jared and Natalie. Bo arrived to compare notes with Viki, and explained that he'd come to the same conclusion about her accident. He told Viki and Charlie that "Jessica" was also suspected of helping cover for Todd in John's ongoing investigation, and Viki agreed that conspiring with Todd was something only Tess would do. Viki told Bo that she would confront Todd and get him to tell her the truth about Tess and anything else he was up to.

In the secret room, Natalie awoke in Jared's arms, frightened and worried that they would be locked away forever. Natalie feared for Rex's life, and wondered if Tess would ever come back. Jared told her he'd figured out an escape plan; he would set the pages of Tess's demented "scrapbook" on fire inside the access panel that connected the secret room to the outside. Once the smoke alarm was set off, Viki would investigate and find them. As Natalie and Jared started their fire, they slid the access port outside the secret room, and smoke began to drift up towards the smoke alarm.

Upstairs, Charlie asked to accompany Viki to Todd's, but Viki said it was best if she faced Todd one one-on on-one. As Charlie walked Viki out, smoke began to waft into the kitchen, but when the alarm went off, Viki and Charlie were already gone.

In the basement, Jared and Natalie were dismayed when Tess was the one to answer their smoke alarm. She told them Viki had just left, and no one knew they were down there. Brandishing her handbag full of dynamite, Tess told the lovers it was time to wrap things up.

At Todd's house, Todd descended the staircase as the doorbell rang. Todd answered it and found himself face face-to to-face with Viki.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She who blasts last...blasts best

John was surprised to find Fish standing on his doorstep when he answered the door. Fish had good and bad news about his confiscated laptop. He told John that he had filed a complaint and the police department had returned the laptop. Unfortunately the hard drive had been removed. John was frustrated, because it meant that he couldn't confirm that Marty had been the woman in the picture taken outside of Ramsey's penthouse minutes after the ex-police commissioner had been murdered. In his ire, John revealed enough for Fish to realize that John had his suspicions about whom the woman in the photo was. Fish pushed for answers until John told him that the woman might be someone that John had been involved with. That was enough information for Fish to insist on helping John investigate the case. John was hesitant to involve the young police officer, but eventually Fish prevailed. John filled him in on where he stood with the investigation, including his attempt to convince Janet to cooperate. However, John kept Marty's name out of it. He continued to refer to her as "the woman." The two men sat down and tried to figure out how Todd had fit into the scheme of things.

In the nursery of Todd's mansion, Janet listened to a voicemail message left by John. He urged to reconsider working with him to expose Todd's nefarious deeds. Janet quickly disconnected the call when she saw Marty walk into the room. Marty immediately picked up on Janet's anxiety and asked her if everything was okay. Janet tried to brush it off but Marty sensed that the phone call had disturbed Janet. She asked Janet who had been on the phone. Janet lied and told Marty that it had been a phone solicitor. Marty seemed to accept the lie easily but it made her realize how little she knew about Janet's life. Janet said little beyond that she had a daughter whom she had to leave behind. Marty felt bad for her companion, but Janet reassured her that she had accepted what had happened long ago. Janet did what she had to for her daughter's sake.

The conversation took a turn when Marty admitted that she had recently experienced flashes of memory about a child. When Marty suggested that perhaps they had been memories of a friend's child, Janet asked, "What if it isn't?" Marty clearly had conflicting feelings about the possibility, but in the end she chose to believe Todd's lie that she didn't have any children. As the two talked, it appeared that Janet tried to determine whether or not Marty was happy. Unknowingly, Marty convinced Janet that Todd was the right man for her and that Marty looked forward to a life with him. When Janet stepped out of the room, she erased John's voicemail message.

Downstairs, Viki was questioning Todd. She wanted to know if he had seen Jessica. Naturally, Todd lied and claimed that he had not seen his niece. Unfortunately for Todd, Viki didn't believe him. She told Todd about her suspicions that Tess had returned. She also told him that they believe that she had been around since John had served Todd with a search warrant. She went on to tell him that they suspected Tess of helping Todd that day. Viki wasn't convinced by his act of shock and surprise. Viki proved to be tenacious and sharp. When she spotted a stuffed animal nearby, she picked it up and turned to Todd. She held up the toy and identified it as something that had belonged to Bree. Todd didn't deny it. However, he claimed that it had been left behind weeks earlier during John's search. Viki smugly informed Todd that she had bought the toy in Africa and had given it to Bree two days before. Todd was forced to admit that Jessica had spent the night, but insisted that she had left in the morning. Todd also said that he had no idea where she had gone.

Viki pleaded with Todd to cooperate. She told him that she was beside herself with worry since Natalie's disappearance and was desperate to find Jessica. Todd was sympathetic, but not enough to help Viki find her daughters. While he went to fetch Viki a glass of water, Viki walked into the living room to wait for him. As she sat on the sofa, she noticed something tucked between the cushions. Viki pulled it out and discovered that it was a baby monitor. When she turned it on, Viki heard Bree crying. Recognizing her granddaughter's cry, Viki stood up and went upstairs to search for Bree. Todd walked into the room a few minutes later. He picked the baby monitor up and heard Marty trying to sooth a fussy Bree. When he seemed to realize that Viki heard Bree crying, Todd went to find Viki.

Nora went to Cole's room to check on him. He was having difficulty with an essay for a college entrance exam. He told her that the topic had to be about someone who had influenced his life the most. When he confessed that he didn't know how to write about the baby, Nora was filled with regret. She apologized for not always being there for him when he had needed her. Cole was understanding and let Nora know that he didn't resent her in any way. The mood turned somber as they talked about Marty and the upcoming one-year anniversary of her death. When Nora reminisced about how her friendship with Marty had blossomed over the years, Cole saw similarities to his relationship with Starr. Nora was delighted to hear that Cole and Starr had worked through their problems and were friends again. Cole agreed. Eventually the conversation returned to the subject of Marty. Cole told Nora that he continued to harbor resentment that his mother had been cheated out her life just as she had found love with John. He confided to Nora that he had not seen Marty that happy since before his father had died. After Nora left, Cole returned to his laptop and began writing his essay, which he titled: A letter to my mom.

Langston went to Starr's bedroom to tell her that she would be staying in Llanview. Ray had recovered from the shooting and had been transported back to prison in Colombia to serve out his sentence for a murder conviction. Starr was thrilled that her best friend would continue to live at La Boulaie. Langston experienced a moment of panic when she realized that Starr had been preparing to leave, but Starr quickly calmed her fears. Starr explained that she had been getting ready to go to the hospital to have the baby, not a home for unwed mothers. They spent some time visiting and talking about Cole and the baby before Langston returned to her room to unpack her suitcases.

Tess offered Jared and Natalie a delicious meal, but neither showed any interest in eating. Tess took a bite of the food to show them that it was not poisoned, but they weren't tempted. Natalie demanded that Tess release them. When that failed to yield results, she talked about Nash. She told Tess that Nash's death had not been murder and that the baby, Bree, and Nash did not belong to Tess. They belonged to Jessica. The accusation struck a nerve, and Tess's temper flared. The women volleyed insults and threats at each other until Tess had reached her limit. When she once again suggested that they eat their meal, Natalie and Jared questioned her about it. They wondered why she kept insisting that they eat. Tess seemed happy to enlighten them. She told them that it was their last meal and then sauntered over toward the case in which she had stored the bomb. Natalie and Jared appeared concerned and asked what was in the case. Tess pulled out the bomb and let them know that she intended to blow them up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Babes Up In Arms

Returning to John's place bearing a new hard drive and some updated equipment too difficult to explain, Fish convinced John to let him help on the case. He insisted that he was offering and that John had no reason to feel guilty about asking. Fish also informed John that he possessed amazing computer skills and to prove it, hacked into Todd's bank accounts. They began to look for something unusual among all of the various money markets, bank accounts, and trusts.

Noting that there was a limited liability company set up entitled Paradise Cove, Inc., John asked Fish to pursue details of that account further. They discovered that a check for a large amount had been written out to Paradiso Condo Company, in Mexico. When they checked the account further, they found several cash transfers to the account, along with checks made out to Sunshine Liquors and Pink Pussycat, Inc. John felt sure that Todd's former bodyguard, Keyshawn, might be found there, being paid off by Todd.

As Fish continued to hunt around online, he was scared at his own skill. He found himself in the security system at the Mexican condo, and was able to get into the security cameras in place around the site. Taking a tour, he found nothing interesting, not even at the pool. Checking into the archived video was next and, much to their pleasure, there was Keyshawn, sitting by the pool.

Starr couldn't believe that she was already packing for the hospital. She shared Halloween memories with Blair over a bowl of candy as she sadly told her that things weren't the way they were supposed to be. Blair assured her that things would be back to normal after the baby was born. Starr felt that she was still okay with giving the baby to Marcie, though she thought that Cole would never forgive her. She felt especially bad that Cole had no one to talk to when he was feeling down.

Blair thought that Cole could still talk to his mom, even if she wasn't around. She also thought that Starr should call Cole and offer her support, but Starr didn't feel comfortable doing that. When Blair suggested emailing instead, Starr jumped right on it. In fact, she had already received an email from Cole, with his essay attached.

After hearing Bree's cry on the room monitor, Viki began to search upstairs for the origin of the sound. Barging into the nursery, she found Bree, alone. A surprised-looking Todd found Viki and declared that he had no idea that the baby was there and that Tess had left without telling him. Marty kept herself out of view while the pair was in the room. Viki was sure that her brother was not only lying, but hiding something from her.

Todd denied it all, even as Viki asked him to think about anything that Tess might have said to him. As Viki took Bree downstairs, Todd stayed behind to attempt to answer Marty's multitude of questions. He told her that Tess was a nickname for Jessica, but was evasive in answering most of the rest. Marty thought that Viki seemed like a nice person and Todd told her that she had been a friend of hers. He quickly shot down her suggestion that she let Viki know she was there, by telling her that Viki was a friend of John's. Marty voiced her dislike of wanting to trust someone, but then not being able to. Todd guaranteed her she'd be a great mom when they moved away.

Downstairs, an emotional Viki could not understand how Tess could have left her daughter alone. Todd felt that compared to his own dad, Peter Manning, Tess was mother of the year. Viki was not amused, though Todd was serious. He insisted that Bree was not alone and that there were several people around the house, including himself and Janet.

Todd continued to make excuses for the behavior of his niece, suggesting that perhaps her hormones were acting up. Tess definitely seemed okay to him, he insisted. Adamant, Viki retorted that her daughter's behavior was not okay, and wondered what else Tess might have done besides neglecting Bree. She felt that Natalie and Jared could be in big trouble. Todd suggested that Viki take Bree home with her, but Viki had other ideas. She knew that Tess would eventually return for her daughter and she was going to be there waiting for her.

Natalie and Jared tried to convince an out of control Tess not to use the dynamite to blow up not only their secret room, but the house. Natalie asked if there was anything she could do to change things, but a crazed Tess asked if she could bring Nash back. When the answer to that was obvious, Tess asked if Natalie would be willing to die. Natalie offered to stay in the room forever and tried to make Tess see that it was really Jessica who was the mother of both Bree and the soon-to-be-born new baby. They argued over Niki Smith and the past, though Tess insisted that Natalie knew nothing about Niki.

Jared decided to give it a try to reminded Tess that she had already tortured them. He wondered whom she would think about after they were dead. He egged her on, saying Nash would still be dead and so would they. He wondered what she would do. He affirmed that he had hated her since she had him put in jail and that all that had happened was technically his fault. He had come to Llanview to find her and pay her back, so it really was between her and himself, he continued. He thought that she should let Natalie go and then Natalie could suffer when he was dead, the same as Tess was suffering over Nash. Natalie expressed her distress over Jared's suggestion and begged for it not to happen that way. It didn't take long for Tess to make up her mind. She decided that it really was necessary for both of them to go. She wouldn't tell them what the timer on the dynamite was set for because she felt that they should wonder.

In response to Jared's question, Tess responded that she didn't care about blowing up the house. As she set the timer and turned to leave, she suddenly grabbed onto her stomach, obviously in pain.

Cole visited the crypt and "spoke" to his mother, telling her how much he missed her, but also saying he felt he had to let her go. He told her not to worry and that he was living with Nora, whom he liked very much. He told her about his essay for college, about someone who had influenced him, and began reading it to her, crying as he read. He knew his mom would think he wasn't ready to have a child and he realized that he would have to let the baby go, just like the frog that jumped away when he was younger. He wished that she could tell him how to do it, though, he read, as he felt she'd be the only one able to help him. He felt scared, just as she was when she was pregnant with him. He remembered the metronome that his dad had set up for her and which she, in turn, gave to him, to help him through scary times.

As Cole read his essay/letter aloud to his mother, Starr read it aloud at home. She, too, cried. At Todd's place, Marty suddenly seemed overcome and she began to weep. She was trying to remember something. Suddenly, she envisioned the baby boy again, the one who kept materializing in her mind.

In his letter, Cole admitted that he loved Starr, more than ever. He hated her before, but that was because he was afraid. He knew that even though he was afraid, it didn't mean that he couldn't do something. He realized that he didn't have to stop loving the baby and he would never forget the baby or his mom. The baby would have qualities of them all and would do things that he or she was afraid of, too. Leaving a copy of the letter in the crypt, along with the newly found metronome, Cole was startled to hear a sound. Starr appeared in the doorway.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The People Under The Stairs

Sensing that Cole was in trouble, Starr paid a visit to Marty's crypt and discovered a grief-stricken Cole. Cole denied that he was experiencing difficulties, but Starr revealed that she had read his email. Confessing that he wished that he had never sent her the email, Cole apologized for involving Starr in his troubles. Touching his hand, Starr told him that they were friends and she wouldn't allow him to be alone.

Cole and Starr discussed his choice of colleges. Stating that he was skeptical about attending the same college as his mother had, Cole was adamant about standing on his own. Cole said that he no longer wanted to waste time feeling sorry for himself. He wanted to appreciate the time that he had spent with Marty. Cole's spirits appeared to be lifted. He told Starr that he believed that he was ready to say goodbye to his mother. After thanking Starr for coming to his aid, Cole stood at his mother's crypt and said goodbye to her. With her hand on her stomach, Starr announced to Cole that she was in labor.

In an upstairs bedroom at Todd's residence, Marty envisioned the little boy that she had imagined previously. Feeling a connection to the child, Marty picked him up and sang to him. Fascinated by the child, Marty continued to question why she felt such a strong bond with the little boy.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Todd tried to convince Viki to leave. Stating that she intended to wait for Tess to return to pick up Bree, Viki refused to leave. When Viki questioned why Todd wanted her to leave, Todd told Viki that Bree's presence reminded him of his own children and informed Viki of the restraining order that Blair had placed against him, barring him from his children. Realizing that Viki wasn't buying his sob story, Todd tried to make her feel guilty, and criticized Viki for leaving her children during such a critical time. As Todd continued to ramble, Viki asked if he had met someone special. Without revealing much, Todd admitted to having someone special in his life, who understood him.

At Llanfair, Tina placed a call to someone. She informed the person that she would meet him and bring the payment. Examining the gem, Tina announced that she was willing to give up her precious jewels in order to save the lives of David Vickers, Natalie, and Jared. As Tina exclaimed that she planned to do the right thing and be a hero, Charlie entered the kitchen and interrupted her thoughts.

Convinced that Charlie was an accomplice of Cain's, Tina announced that she hadn't missed the deadline and threatened to clobber him with a rolling pin. Upon learning Charlie's identity, Tina greeted him. Charlie asked Tina if she had seen either Viki or Jessica, but Tina stated that she hadn't. Once Charlie revealed that Viki had mentioned Tina to Charlie, Tina asked Charlie for some details regarding his relationship with her sister. Realizing that Charlie still had feelings for Viki, Tina advised him to win her back. When Charlie vowed to mend his relationship with Viki and mentioned his need to find Jared, Tina quickly excused herself and took off to meet up with her contact.

While Viki attempted to obtain more information from Todd, Charlie phoned her and interrupted their conversation. Viki insisted on staying at Todd's home and waiting for Tess to return, but Charlie suggested that she bring Bree back to Llanfair. Todd was relieved when Viki hung up and announced that she was leaving. Todd rushed Viki and Bree out of the house. Before leaving, Viki warned Todd to be careful if Tess returned, and reminded him that Tess was carrying Jessica's baby.

After sending Viki home, Todd went upstairs to check on Marty. Meanwhile, Marty smiled lovingly at the child in the crib and continued to sing to him. Todd entered the room and questioned what Marty was doing. A startled Marty looked in the crib, but the child was no longer there. Claiming that she was checking on Bree, Marty asked Todd where the child was. When Todd announced that Viki had taken Bree home, Marty was angry. She told Todd that Jessica had left Bree in their care and insisted that she would be upset if someone had taken her child without telling her.

Convinced that Marty was keeping secrets, Todd mentioned that he heard her singing. Marty admitted that she wasn't singing to Bree, and stated that she was singing to the son that she never had. Divulging her vision of the little boy, Marty told Todd that she believed that her mind was trying to reveal something to her. Marty said that she believed that the little boy meant something profound to her and she needed to discover exactly what. Todd reminded Marty that they had decided not to look into the past, but Marty insisted that she needed to understand what the little boy's significance was. Declaring that she couldn't leave the child behind, Marty asked Todd if he understood how something could haunt someone, and the need to do everything in one's power to put it to rest. Todd agreed that he had. Todd feared that Marty's search could change everything. Marty demanded to know if Todd was withholding important information from her past.

Escorting Marty downstairs, Todd told her that he had something to show her. Todd handed Marty a photograph of Starr and Cole.

In the basement of Llanfair, Natalie and Jared watched as Tess was overcome with stomach pains. Natalie and Jared pleaded with Tess to allow them to help her, but Tess claimed to be fine and refused their help. Reminding them that she had set the timer and the explosives would soon ignite, Tess mocked Natalie and Jared's precious last moments on earth.

Fearing for the unborn child, Natalie begged Tess to phone the doctor. Clutching her stomach in pain, Tess remarked that she intended to carry through with her plot to take care of Natalie and Jared. To Tess's surprise, Natalie insisted that she was very similar to Todd. Natalie told Tess that she was selfish and would put her child's life in danger in an attempt to get revenge - just as Todd would.

As Tess's pains appeared to grow worse, a concerned Jared called out to her. Consumed with guilt and pain, Tess apologized to her unborn child and stated that she couldn't lose her baby. Struggling to reach the combination lock to the glass room, Tess warned Natalie not double-cross her. A worried Natalie shook her head in compliance, and Tess began to fumble with the combination lock. As Tess struggled to open the lock, Natalie and Jared promised to take her directly to a hospital once they were released. Relieved that she was moments away from being freed from her prison, Natalie told Tess that Nash would be proud of her. Immediately, Tess removed her hand from the lock and glared at Natalie. Standing to her feet, Tess declared that Nash would want her to seek revenge against the persons responsible for his death.

Viki returned to Llanfair and put Bree to bed. Viki and Charlie discussed their missing children. Expressing her frustration, Viki told Charlie about Todd's claim that he hadn't seen Tess. Viki said that she didn't believe her brother, and felt that he was trying to get rid of her. Although she believed that Todd was covering for Tess, she was certain that Todd would never allow Tess to harm her. Viki was surprised when Charlie mentioned that he had met Tina. Charlie told Viki that Tina appeared to be worried about something. Viki feared that Tina had gotten herself into trouble.

In Angel Square Park, Tina approached a man, who was sitting on a park bench. Referring to the man as "Smitty," Tina asked him for the product. Presenting her with a case of sparkling gems, Smitty warned her that the fake jewels would never stand up to close scrutiny. Handing him a check, Tina announced that she only needed to fool someone long enough to ensure that her niece was placed where she belonged - in a padded cell.

As Viki worried about her girls, Charlie studied her and wondered if she still had feelings for him. Diverting his questioning, Viki changed the subject and expressed her concern over the return of Tess. Admitting that she was in no condition to confront Tess alone, Viki asked Charlie to stay with her. Charlie said that he had no intention of leaving Viki alone with Tess. Warning Charlie that the situation could turn ugly, Viki advised Charlie that Tess might need to be restrained. Charlie promised Viki that he would never let anything happen to Viki or her girls. They both headed upstairs.

Back downstairs, Natalie and Jared pleaded with Tess to release them, but she refused. Insisting that she could take care of herself, Tess slid back the secret wall, hiding the presence of Natalie and Jared, and left the basement. Terrified that the bomb could go off at any time, Natalie expressed her fears to Jared. Convinced that they had time, Jared reminded Nat that Tina knew of their whereabouts and would rescue them. Jared begged Natalie not to give up, but Natalie was adamant that they needed to say their goodbyes to one another.

Tess struggled upstairs. She told the baby that she needed to get Bree and they all needed to escape before the house blew up. As Tess headed towards the door, Charlie appeared.

At the park, Tina encountered Cain, who was in possession of David Vickers.

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