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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 27, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Spencer came to the diner for breakfast, but Henry was not at all hospitable. After she ordered, Henry mellowed a bit. Spencer saw a man lurking outside the diner and went outside to talk to him. Henry followed and overheard Spencer telling the man that someone had been dead for nearly a month and asking what was taking so long. The man promised she would get "it" today.

Janet admired her new engagement ring as Jack arrived and called her his fiancée. That thrilled her, and the two of them made plans for a celebratory lunch at the Lakeview. After Jack left, Janet told Katie that she and Brad were such a good example of a loving couple just as Brad rushed out, obviously not speaking to his wife. Katie explained that she and Brad had gotten into a terrible fight at WOAK, and Kim had put their show on hiatus indefinitely. She also reminded her friend that Brad still had a show on air with Spencer McKay. Janet told Katie that she and Brad were perfect for one another, and then showed her Jack's engagement ring. Katie was happy, but then got teary-eyed and dashed out.

Dusty came by the Snyder farm and asked Meg what the doctor had said about her baby. Meg responded that he gave the same advice, to stay as stress-free as possible. Dusty knew that Paul had seen Meg in the hospital, and Meg cautioned him to stay away from her husband for his own sake. She tried to warn Dusty that Paul was desperate to get him, even to the point of trying to hire Derek Coburn to plant drugs on him. Dusty refused to stay away from Meg, and said he needed to live long enough to fulfill his promise to a dying Jennifer that he would raise her son, Johnny, as his own.

Emily dropped in on Paul at Fairwinds and wanted to know how his seeing Meg at the hospital went. Paul said not well, but he had a way to make Dusty and all his problems go away. He took a revolver out of a desk drawer and showed it to Emily. She asked where killing Dusty would leave her, and asserted that Meg would hate Paul because of it. Emily encouraged Paul to use good sense and stay out of jail to help raise the child Meg was carrying. Paul put the gun down, and Emily left. James appeared and asked his son what kind of a man he was. Paul told his father he was not real, but James again accused him of always hiding behind a woman.

At WOAK, Spencer noticed Brad was glum, but he did not want to talk about it. She had bags of Halloween candy to use on a segment of their show, and she further assured him she had anything he could possibly want. Janet walked in and asked to speak to Brad. She showed him her ring and asked for his blessing. Brad congratulated her, and Janet commented that he looked as miserable as Katie. Then she invited him to join her and Jack in their celebration at lunch and promised to have Katie there as well. Brad cancelled a previous lunch date with Spencer to accommodate Janet.

Katie went to the police station to talk with Margo, but her sister was not there. Jack figured out that she was having problems in her marriage, and they talked about the challenges with Spencer. Jack invited Katie to lunch with him and Janet and said he would also include Brad.

Dusty saw Derek Coburn in the coffee shop and paid his bill for him. He asked Derek why he had refused Paul's job to plant drugs on him, and Derek said there were some things he would not do for money. Derek noticed a man in a leather jacket who had come in a couple of times and looked around and left and asked Dusty if it was possible the stranger might be following him. Dusty then offered Derek a job.

Paul was having coffee at the Lakeview and checking the revolver in his pocket when a strange woman approached and told him whatever he was planning to do, not to go through with it. After that, Paul went to Emily's office and asked her to take the gun for safekeeping. Emily was horrified that Paul was walking around with a loaded gun in his pocket and put the gun in her locked desk. Paul saw where she put the key, so she temporarily left the key out on her desk to hide later. He asked her if she thought he was crazy. Dusty walked in and asked why the two of them were spending so much time together, and Paul apologized to Dusty for his bizarre behavior following his father's death and then walked out. Dusty called Paul a "joke" to Emily. She told Dusty she wanted to be friends with him, and Dusty asked if she was hoping he would wake up some morning and be in love with her. Emily said she realized that he still loved Jennifer and all she could hope for was friendship.

Derek went to see Meg and asked if she thought she and Paul would get back together. Meg did not know, so Derek asked if she would mind if he stayed around to make sure nothing bad happened. Meg realized Dusty had hired Derek as her bodyguard.

Janet went to the police station and apologized to Jack for inviting Katie to their lunch, and said she wanted to also include Brad. Jack laughed when he told her he had done basically the same thing. The two of them were already acting like a married couple.

Henry waylaid Katie in the Lakeview lobby and wanted to share his experience with Spencer that morning. Katie wanted to hear none of it until the same man Henry had observed talking with Spencer outside the diner appeared at the desk to leave a package for her. Brad arrived and he and Katie stepped aside for a little private talk. They both apologized and decided over a kiss to wipe the slate clean. Meanwhile, Henry found the package for Spencer unattended at the front desk, so he took it and opened it. Inside was an old music box, which Henry dropped and smashed into many pieces. Katie and Brad heard the commotion and returned, along with a horrified Spencer. She yelled at Katie to ask why she kept doing this to her. Henry explained he was suspicious until Spencer said the man at the diner and with the package was her brother and he was delivering the music box, the only thing she had left from her recently deceased grandmother. Brad assumed Katie was involved even though she denied it. Brad offered to try to repair the box and followed Spencer to her room.

Paul arrived at the farm with an armful of cut flowers. Derek intercepted him and would not allow him to see Meg. Paul said he would respect Meg's wishes, and asked Derek to tell his wife he was getting help for all their sakes, including the baby. Paul went back to Fairwinds, and James greeted him again. This time, Paul assured his father he knew exactly what he was doing.

The strange psychic woman who had earlier approached Paul found a skeptical Dusty at the Lakeview Bar. He told her he did not believe in visions and psychic feelings, but she told him he was on a journey and she should be focusing on his wife. He said his wife was dead, and she replied then so was he.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At the Snyder farm, Luke and Noah were dressed for a Halloween party at Yo's and talked with Aaron. The boys invited Aaron to join them, but he was afraid he would run into Alison there. Luke was looking forward to the party and feeling good about the outcome of the student government election at the university.

In Old Town, a masked ghoul pulled a political poster for Kevin off a wall just as Alison came around the corner. She scolded the vandal and reminded him there was wall room enough for everyone. The ghoul pulled off his mask, and it was Casey. He wanted to continue removing all the competition's signs, but Alison wanted to take the high road. They discussed a recent video that had appeared on the Internet, put out by Kevin's campaign, and worried that Luke might be blindsided by it. Casey called Luke and soon realized he had not seen or even heard about the video. The boys met Casey and Alison at Java, and Casey broke the news. Luke immediately wanted to see the video, over the protests of his campaign workers, so Casey played it for him on his laptop.

The video showed Luke Snyder in a ballet tutu and had a photo of his head promising to turn the school into "Fairy U." Casey asked Luke if he had any dirt on Kevin that they could use, while Noah encouraged Luke to just ignore the video. Casey reminded them that their whole campaign was based around Luke's fighting for what he believed. Then he suggested that Alison cozy up to Kevin and ask him to remove the video. Noah still felt Luke should not fight back, but ignore all of the opposition's dirty tricks. Alison thought Casey was asking her to seduce Kevin, and she was uncomfortable with that, but Casey backed down. Alison gave it more thought and did agree to go to Yo's and at least talk to Kevin about taking down the video. She ran home to get a costume and headed to Yo's.

Aaron talked to Susan Stewart at Memorial and gave her a delayed wedding present that had just arrived. He asked her to give it to Alison. Susan told Aaron that Alison was probably going to a party at Yo's, but that she would give her daughter the present when she saw her.

Lucinda and Brian talked at Worldwide, and Lucinda was depressed because it was Halloween and she was estranged from her grandchildren per Lily's orders. Brian invited her to go with him and have some "just plain fun." He took her to an ice-skating rink and told her he knew she had been quite a skater in her day. They began to skate together and soon ended up in a pile on the ice. Lucinda declared her skating days were over, so the two compromised on cups of hot chocolate on the sidelines. Brian said nice things to Lucinda, and they shared a tender kiss. Lucinda was still not out of her funk, however, so Brian gave her a pep talk and another kiss. Brian remembered a special bottle of port in his hotel room and left for a moment to make some arrangements. Lucinda received a phone call from Susan Stewart, who was filling in for Dr. Bob Hughes. She had just gotten the results from Lucinda's latest workup and requested that she come to the hospital and see Susan at once. When Brian returned, Lucinda agreed to meet him later, and he was willing to wait for her.

Kevin argued with Mark, his campaign manager, the video Mark had put on a popular student site. Kevin reminded Mark he wanted to run a clean campaign, but Mark told him to just win votes and to leave the campaigning decisions to him.

Alison went to Yo's and Kevin immediately commandeered her as his date. He got her a drink and asked her a few questions about school and her interests. Alison told him he was good at bashing his opponent, and Kevin said other people had put up the nasty video without his knowledge. Alison suggested he remove the video, but Kevin said everyone had already seen it. Kevin did not want her to think he was a complete jerk, however, so he left Alison for a moment and went to tell Mark to take it off. Mark noticed Alison was there, and asked around until someone told him who she was.

Aaron showed up at Yo's and began ranting to Alison for not wasting any time finding a new boyfriend. He assumed she was with Kevin, so she told him to go to hell. Luke and Noah arrived outside Yo's, and Luke requested that Noah go in first and let him wait a moment to gather his thoughts. Kevin approached him in the alley and complimented Luke on his pirate costume, and Luke retorted by saying his leotard was being cleaned. Kevin apologized for airing the video and said he had asked that it be removed. Luke then accused Kevin of paying him back for his telling Kevin he cared about him a couple of years before, but Kevin denied it. He did admit, however, that the guys involved with the video still worked for his campaign. Kevin yelled at Luke that it was obvious Luke thought anyone who wasn't gay was a gay basher. He walked off is disgust as Noah joined Luke.

Casey spotted Aaron and explained to him what Alison was doing there. Aaron walked out, and Alison and Noah joined Casey. Casey worried that Alison should not be seen with Luke's camp, but Mark had already noticed her speaking with Casey. Mark referred to Alison as the "porn queen" to his friends. Casey told Alison she was a good secret agent, and hinted that she should find out what Kevin was going to say in his next speech.

Mark went quietly to Kevin and told him his new "girlfriend" was Alison Stewart, the porn star, and that she was definitely playing him. Kevin then changed his mind and asked Mark to forget what Kevin had said about removing the video and to just win the stupid election. When Mark asked what to do about Alison, Kevin replied, "To hell with her."

Lucinda met with Susan Stewart at the hospital, where Susan gave her the bad news that there were signs of a recurrence of her breast cancer. Susan suggested she speak to her oncologist as soon as possible to discuss possible treatment options. Lucinda said she had been feeling sanguine about her recovery lately, so Susan reminded her that it was a matter of basic cell division, not divine retribution. She told her to fix her family relationships because she would need them, and Lucinda called Brian and cancelled her date with him.

Luke told Noah how much Kevin had angered him by talking as if there was some great gay conspiracy afoot. Noah tried to calm him and tell him it was just about a student government election, but Luke felt it was a great deal more. He inferred that Noah was afraid of the "school yard bullies." That hurt Noah, and he left.

Kevin's cronies invited Casey to join them in a drinking game. He removed his costume and mask so that he could play better, and he joined the game. When the game was over, Casey could not find either his costume or his mask.

Alison went and sat with Kevin and asked him questions about his upcoming speech. He told her that she would have to wait to find out like everyone else and went to talk to another partygoer. Alison wandered over to the door and saw someone wearing a cape and ghoul mask, so she assumed it was Casey. She asked him to take her home, and the ghoul nodded, so she followed him outside.

Luke went home and found Noah and Aaron talking. Aaron excused himself, and Luke asked Noah if he was fearful that Luke still had feelings for Kevin. Noah was concerned that Kevin was Luke's first love, and he could not understand why Luke was so invested in the election. Noah was miffed at Luke's attitude and went upstairs to write a paper.

Alison got into a car with the ghoul, but he would not speak to her. Suddenly she realized she was not riding in Casey's car. She became frightened, and when she demanded to know what was going on, someone reached over the back of the front seat and pulled a pillowcase over her head.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Margo explained about "Mischief Night" in Oakdale to some of her newer police officers. The tradition was for kids to go out and have parties or other fun and cause a little mischief just before Halloween. She also mentioned the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, and was dumbfounded that none of them knew who Al Capone was. Tom appeared and suggested that he and Margo have a romantic night as their salute to Mischief Night.

Casey, feeling no pain after his drinking games, could not find his costume anywhere at Yo's. He then asked Kevin, who was talking to a new girl, where his "other girlfriend" was, referring to Alison. Kevin said he had no idea where she had gone. Casey kept asking Kevin and his entourage, but no one had an answer. Finally, he called Alison on her cell phone and requested she call him to tell him she was all right.

Alison was in a car with several boys who had put a pillowcase over her head. The boys were all wearing scary costumes, so she did not recognize any of them. They took her into a room in one of the dorms at the university and locked the door. They removed the pillowcase from Alison but left on their own masks. They put her porn movie on the television and told her they knew who she was, but Alison denied she was the girl in the film. One of the boys told her to take off her clothes, and when she refused, he shoved her. Her phone rang, but they would not let Alison answer. They demanded she do to them what she was doing to an actor in the film. They forced her to disrobe to her underwear and hid her clothes. She tried to make a break for the door, but they caught her and continued to torment her.

Dressed as a hippie, Liberty arrived at Parker's house, and he was glad to see her. Janet and Jack followed Liberty inside and asked to speak privately with Carly. Janet then showed Carly her engagement ring and thanked her for helping make it happen. They all decided to tell the children, so Carly went to get Sage while Jack rounded up the teenagers. Parker guessed the big news immediately, but he and his sister were less than enthusiastic. Parker and Liberty went outside to talk, and Parker said he was creeped out by the fact that Liberty would be part of his family. Inside, Janet showed Sage her ring, but the girl was unresponsive. Janet talked with her and tried to convince her that an extra parent was not always a bad thing. Carly served lemonade as Sage bluntly asked her mother, in front of everyone, why she had allowed this to happen. Jack talked with his daughter and reminded her that he had told her numerous times that he and her mother were not getting back together. Sage reluctantly agreed to help Janet wash the glasses in the kitchen, and helped pull off Janet's rubber gloves when they were finished. Janet went back into the living room while Sage folded the gloves. She realized there was something in one of them, and pulled out Janet's engagement ring.

Parker and Liberty went out on the front porch for some alone time. Liberty told him they were leading separate lives and would soon be part of the same family. Parker accused her of breaking up with him and raised his voice. Jack came out and his son accused him of being the cause of Liberty's no longer loving him.

At Yo's, Mark Vero approached Kevin, who asked where he had been, and his campaign manager answered he had been "taking care of a problem." Kevin asked if there had been a good resolution to the problem, and Mark nodded yes. Kevin left with his girl.

Margo and Tom went for a drink at the Lakeview and celebrated that Emily and Casey had broken up. They were pleased that their son was involved in something positive like the school election and was no longer dependent on a Stewart. They were forever mindful that Casey was walking a fine line in regards to his parole from prison.

Casey walked by a dorm as Alison was peeking out, and she called to him in desperation. He saw she was only wearing her underwear, so he gave her his jacket. He asked if she was hurt, and she explained that the masked boys had taken her clothes. He drove her to his house, where he found her some of his clothes for her to wear. Casey suggested they call Margo and report the kidnapping, but Alison did not want to involve the police. She said the boys kept threatening to do things to her, but they never hurt her physically except for the hard shove. The leader had reminded her that he knew who she was and what she was up to. Casey asked questions about the room she was in, and the two of them figured out which dorm it was. Casey went to get his keys, and Margo and Tom came home. Alison and Casey left in a hurry, saying they were headed to another party. Margo groused, "Another party, another Stewart." It did not escape Margo that Alison was wearing Casey's clothes.

Jack found Parker sulking in the diner and told him Liberty was upset at how he was acting. Parker asked if his mother was going to mess up another of Jack's relationships. Jack took his son home, but Parker declined to interact with the family and went to his room. Carly talked with Sage about getting her hopes up that her parents would get back together. Sage was hopeful that Janet would do something awful that would make Jack stop loving her. Carly noticed that Sage had something clutched in her left hand and demanded to see it. She was incredulous to see that Sage had Janet's diamond engagement ring.

Janet and Liberty had a chat at home, and Janet asked her daughter if she thought Jack's kids would ever stop hating her. Liberty said to give it some time, and they would come around. Liberty suddenly noticed her mother was not wearing her ring, and Janet was horrified to realize she had lost it. Jack rang the bell, and Janet blurted out that losing the ring was an omen, and they had to call off the wedding. Jack refused to do that, and they began searching the house.

Casey and Alison checked out the suspicious dorm, and Alison heard music coming from one of the rooms. She identified it as the same music she heard when she was held captive. Casey knocked on the door, and when one of Kevin's friends answered, Casey punched him. He then decked Mark Vero, as well. Dorm security showed up and subdued Casey and hauled him away.

Margo answered her phone, which Casey had programmed to ring with a siren sound when it was the police station calling. She was horrified to learn that Casey was in custody for beating a boy in a dorm at the university. Tom was upset that an arrest would be a violation of the terms of Casey's parole. They rushed down to the station and found all three boys throwing accusations at their son. Margo took over the investigation and sent the boys home and told them to come back the next day, which they assured her they would do. They were eager to press charges. Casey explained to his mother what had happened, and Alison confirmed his story. They also told her that there was some connection between those boys and the upcoming election at school. Margo warned that Casey's behavior was a violation of his parole and he could expect to have to serve his full sentence. Margo remanded Casey to another officer who put him in a cell for the night, and she sent Alison home with a uniformed officer.

Carly came to see Janet and was warmly welcomed, especially when they realized she had Janet's ring. Carly left almost immediately when she decided she did not want to witness Jack's putting the ring back on Janet's finger. Jack also apologized to his fiancée and promised his children would come to love her.

Kevin went to Mark's dorm room and found him watching a video of Alison's disrobing in the dorm. He yelled at Mark to get rid of the tape because it was evidence.

Carly returned home and saw Sage and Parker playing a board game. She lectured them about not ruining their father's chance at happiness. Sage went to bed, and Parker told his mother he thought she was lying about wanting Jack to be happy with someone else.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emily saw Alison at Java and noticed her sister was upset. Alison told her horror story about being captured and humiliated by college boys, and Emily was thankful it had not been worse. Alison admitted she was spying for Luke's campaign and that Casey had been arrested for his part in the fracas. Emily immediately declared that Margo had taken out her dislike for Emily on Casey, and she rushed out.

Margo talked with Casey, who had spent the night in a cell at the police station. Casey felt it was not a crime to protect a young woman who was being attacked by goons. Margo told him there was no evidence that the boys Casey named were the ones involved in the incident. She was hopeful that Tom could figure out a way to keep the arrest off Casey's record as long as Mark Vero did not press charges. Mark showed up at the station, however, demanding to file assault and battery charges against Casey. Margo questioned Mark about the fight, but Mark denied any involvement in regards to harassing Alison.

Kevin approached Luke at the diner, and Luke reprimanded him for having his boys grab Alison and force her to strip. Kevin denied any participation in the dorm incident, and reminded Luke that it was Casey, Luke's campaign manager, who had sent Alison to spy on the competition. Kevin walked away, but Luke followed him and admitted he had made mistakes, including sending Alison as a spy. Kevin boldly suggested that Luke drop out of the race, but Luke was outraged. Kevin accused his former friend of not really wanting to be president of the student association as much as he wanted to beat Kevin.

Meg arrived at the hospital for a routine sonogram with Dr. Schiller. Paul appeared and, when Meg recoiled, he asked if she was afraid of him. Meg answered that he frustrated, not frightened, her. When Paul questioned her about Derek Coburn's being her bodyguard, Meg shouted at him, but Paul assured her he thought it was a good idea. He also told his wife he had gone for a session with Dr. Michaels and felt like a different person. He promised to continue his therapy and was completely committed to it. Dr. Michaels took Meg in for her sonogram, and, at the last minute, Meg invited Paul to join them.

Dusty was drinking at the bar at the Lakeview when the psychic woman who had approached him earlier sat down. Dusty asked if she was stalking him, but the woman claimed she worked there in the hotel as an entertainer. She stated Lisa Grimaldi had hired her as a Halloween stunt. Dusty did not believe her and further accused her of being on Paul's payroll.

Emily crashed Margo's interrogation of Mark Vero and created a scene in the police station. When Emily called Margo by her full name, Mark realized he was dealing with Casey's mother. Margo ordered Emily removed as Emily accused her of taking out her dislike of Emily on Alison. Margo explained that Alison could not positively identify any of her captors, so there was nothing she could do. Emily threatened a scathing article in the Intruder, and Margo told her she was just wasting her time. Alison came in, and Margo asked her to identify a bundle of clothing and a cell phone that campus security had found. They were Alison's, but unfortunately there were no pertinent fingerprints on them. Margo talked to Alison privately and told her that Mark Vero was at the station pressing charges. She then asked the girl just how far she was willing to go to help Casey.

Dr. Schiller began Meg's sonogram and declared the baby's weight at 70 grams, which was good. She took a picture of the fetus and then left Paul and Meg alone with the photo for a few minutes. Paul left after promising to take Meg home, and he ran into an irritated Dusty in the hall. Dusty told Paul if he wanted to come after him to do what he had to do. He then mentioned the psychic woman, but Paul had no idea of what Dusty was accusing him. Meg interrupted their conversation, and Paul did admit that he knew about the woman because she had previously approached him. He refused to say what she told him, so Dusty called Paul "crazy" and swore he would find out the truth.

Mark assured Margo that he had checked his statement three times and stood by it as the truth. He asked if he could go, but Margo ushered in Alison, which made Mark noticeably uncomfortable. Margo asked Mark to speak to Alison and specifically to read some lines from her statement. Mark got defensive and said since he was not under arrest, Margo could not force him to do anything. Margo threatened him with an appearance before a judge, so Mark picked up his statement and tore it into bits. He stormed out, declaring it just wasn't worth it.

Dusty went to the Lakeview looking for Lisa but learned he had just missed her. Emily joined him and bought him a drink. Dusty claimed Paul had hired a woman to pose as a psychic, but Emily confirmed that Lisa had indeed hired such a woman as Halloween entertainment for the hotel guests. Dusty was uncomfortable having a stranger talking about Jennifer, and Emily commented that he was not happy having anyone talk about his late wife. Emily said he sometimes radiated a pain that perhaps the psychic had picked up. She suggested he move on with his life, and Dusty asked her to stop playing life coach with him.

Paul took Meg home to the farm and thanked her for sticking up for him with Dusty. He assured her that the psychic had told him two things: the end does not justify the means, and that he would not achieve his goals if he continued on the same path he was on. He said he wanted to be a husband to Meg and a father to their baby. He promised to put the ultrasound picture on the mantel at Fairwinds, and reiterated his decision to stick with his therapy and win back Meg.

Margo told Alison she was very thankful that Casey did not have to go back to prison, and she wished she could repay her. Alison understood that without evidence, Margo could not arrest the boys. Margo freed Casey and told him to thank Alison. Casey and Alison went to the diner, where Casey apologized for starting the whole incident by recruiting her help on the campaign. Luke joined them and vowed that the bad guys would not win. Luke then broke the news to Casey that Mr. Lewis, the campaign's faculty advisor, had told him that Luke needed to find a new student campaign manager because Casey had been suspended from school for the police incident and his criminal record. Casey was crushed, especially because his parents would "flip out." Luke suggested dropping out of the election, but his friends would not hear of it. That made Luke even more determined to win.

Kevin met Mark and told him he was a lucky guy not be in jail. Mark shrugged and said some people just needed to be taught a lesson, and he referred to Luke as "a little homo." Kevin said Mark had done a really stupid thing, but his manager suggested Kevin enter the real work of politics and toughen up.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dusty slept fitfully, having dreams or visions of Jennifer. When he awoke, he went down to the lobby of the Lakeview and found Madame Penelope, the psychic. Dusty asked her to help him and explained about his dreams. She suggested perhaps they were visions, and asked if Dusty had something of Jennifer's she could hold. Dusty gave her Jennifer's wedding ring, and Madame Penelope said Jennifer wanted him to know that she was dead, "but not like you were." Dusty returned to his room, unsure of what to believe.

Madame Penelope came to Dusty's room and told him he had left Jennifer's ring downstairs. Dusty thanked her for returning it. Madame Penelope told Dusty she had had a vision of a woman with red hair and the initials J.M.D.-Jennifer Munson Donovan's initials-at a Sandusky, Ohio, hospital. Dusty asked what that meant, and Madame Penelope said she didn't know. After Madame Penelope left, Dusty arranged for the Worldwide jet to fly him to Ohio.

Dusty found the Sandusky Hospital, but the receptionist there wouldn't give him any patient information. However, when Dusty went outside, he saw a red-headed woman sitting with her back to him. When he approached her, he saw that she bore a startling resemblance to Jennifer. She dropped her book and, when Dusty picked it up, he saw that her name was written on the inside cover: Josie Matthews Driver. Dusty remarked to her that she looked like his late wife and had the same initials. The woman became nervous about Dusty's intentions and called for a hospital employee to take her back inside.

Sage and Carly arrived at the farm, but Sage told Carly she didn't want to go inside if Janet was there. Carly told Sage that she and her brothers would have to find a way to be nice to Janet because Jack loved her. Janet and Jack came out onto the porch, and Janet asked if Sage wanted to sample some of the treats she'd made for Halloween. Sage refused and was curt with Janet, but Janet was very understanding.

Janet then asked if Sage wanted to try on a costume she had made for Liberty when Liberty was Sage's age. Sage said no, but Carly told her to go ahead and try it on. While Janet and Sage were upstairs trying on the costume, Jack asked what was wrong with Sage. Carly told him Sage was miserable about Jack marrying Janet. Jack sarcastically wondered where Sage had gotten that attitude, but Carly told him it wasn't her fault.

In Old Town, Parker ran into Liberty and asked her if she wanted to go to the school dance with him. Liberty said she couldn't because she was going to a friend's party. Liberty reminded Parker that things were different between them, because Jack and Janet were engaged, but Parker refused to let Liberty refer to him as her step-brother. While Liberty and Parker were talking, a man walked up and recognized Liberty. She recognized him, too, as being one of her mom's former boyfriends, who had been married when he was dating Janet. Liberty and George exchanged barbs, with George telling Liberty he was divorced and would like to see Janet again. Liberty told George that her mom was engaged to marry a cop who carried a real gun. George told Liberty to let her mom know he would be at the Lakeview for the next two days, in case she wanted to have a drink with him.

George left, and a boy from Liberty's class walked up and asked Liberty if she was ready to go to the party. Liberty said yes, and they left. Parker went back to the farm, where he saw Sage, who was refusing to go trick-or-treating because Janet wanted to go with her. Parker took Sage outside on the porch and told her she had to go with Janet, so she could get Janet to go to the Lakeview. When Sage pointed out that no one went trick-or-treating at a hotel, Parker said she needed to go there and get Janet to go to the bar. He told Sage to trust him and that if she would do as he asked, he would let her play one of his video games for a week. Sage said two weeks, and Parker agreed.

Sage went back inside and told Janet she would go with her after all. Jack asked if he could join them, but Sage said, "I'm not a baby, Dad." Janet said it would be more fun if it were just the girls, so the two of them left together. As soon as they left, Sage asked Janet if they could stop first at the Lakeview, saying it was something she did every year with her mom. When they got to the hotel, Sage said she wanted to go to the bar. Janet said they wouldn't have anything in there for kids, but Sage said she loved the maraschino cherries. Janet told Sage to wait right where she was, so Janet could still see her, and she would ask the bartender for some cherries.

When Janet approached the bar, she saw George. George told Janet he'd known she would come, but Janet made it clear she hadn't known George was in town. George explained about having run into Liberty, and Janet explained she was just out with her future stepdaughter. Sage came in and asked if she could go to Lisa Grimaldi's office to get some candy. Sage said her mom always let her go by herself, and she suggested that Janet talk to her friend while she waited for Sage. Janet reluctantly agreed to Sage's plan and sat down to talk to George.

As soon as Sage walked away, she called Carly and pretended to be distraught. Carly asked where Janet was, and Sage told her Janet was in the bar at the Lakeview, having a drink with a man. Carly told Sage she would be right there, and then she told Jack what Sage had said. Jack tried to call Janet, but her phone went straight to voice mail. He and Carly left together to go to the hotel to find Sage.

George reminisced with Janet, and he tried to convince Janet to give him another chance. Janet told George she was engaged and that he didn't have a shot with her anymore. George asked if she would at least give him a hug goodbye. Janet stood and hugged George, just as Carly, Jack, and Sage walked into the bar. Janet introduced the adults. Carly asked how Janet could have left Sage crying in the lobby. Janet didn't know what she was talking about, and when Carly and Jack told her what Sage had said, Janet asked Sage to tell her parents what had really happened. Sage said, "I already did." Jack said they shouldn't discuss it at the bar, so they left.

Parker went back to Java and ran into Liberty and her friend from school. When the friend called him Liberty's "little brother," Parker replied, "I'm not her little brother. Chances are, I never will be." Liberty asked Parker what that was supposed to mean, and Parker responded that "things happen." Liberty told Parker that Jack and Janet weren't going to break up just because Parker wanted them to, and she asked him to give them a chance to be happy. Liberty then left with her friend.

Carly took Sage home and questioned her about what had really happened at the hotel. Carly realized Sage had set Janet up. When Sage wouldn't admit to what she'd done, Carly sent her upstairs to her room. Parker arrived home, and Carly asked why he was back so early. Parker said the dance had been "lame" and the whole town was "dead," so he had come home.

Jack took Janet back to Brad and Katie's house, where he asked her questions about George and the incident at the hotel. Janet pointed out that it hadn't been her idea to go to the Lakeview in the first place, and she suggested Jack interrogate Sage if he wanted to know why Sage had wanted to go there. When Jack pressed Janet about George, she told him they both had their pasts. Jack said Janet's didn't look so "past" to him, but Janet pointed out that at least her past didn't live five minutes away and butt into their business every day.

Jack's cell phone rang, and Janet knew it must be Carly. It was, and Carly told Jack that he needed to go to her house right away. Jack said he couldn't, but Carly said he was losing his kids and had better come over. When Jack arrived at Carly's, she told him she didn't think what had happened had been Janet's fault. Carly told Jack about Sage finding Janet's engagement ring but then holding onto it, hoping the loss would make Jack mad enough to not marry Janet. Jack was shocked to hear Sage had done that. Carly thought it showed that Sage could have set Janet up at the hotel, too. Jack asked how Sage would have known about George, and Carly said she didn't know, but she intended to find out. Jack said apparently he hadn't prepared the kids enough for his engagement to Janet. Carly said he could give the kids more time to adjust to it by postponing his wedding. Parker and Sage eavesdropped from the kitchen and congratulated each other silently upon hearing that the wedding might be postponed.

Liberty came home, and Janet told her what had happened with Sage and George. Liberty told her mom she'd been played, but that she would fix things for her.


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