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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on GL
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Marina called Mallet to join her at the farmhouse where she was questioning Cassie and Cyrus about the Spauldings' missing pearl necklace. Once Cassie got Cyrus' assurance that he hadn't stolen it, Cassie insisted that Cyrus had been with her at the Company Halloween party the whole day. When Mallet arrived, he and Marina questioned Cyrus and Cassie separately. R.J. entered the house and complained that his rocket didn't work. Cyrus tensed as Mallet slid the battery shaft out of the toy. Everyone was astonished to see a pearl necklace inside. Marina wanted to haul both Cassie and Cyrus to the station, but Cyrus claimed that Cassie had nothing to do with it. Cassie told Cyrus that he'd better not know how the necklace had found its way into R.J.'s new toy.

Later, at the police station, Mallet asked Marina if she were happy that Cyrus was in jail. Marina seemed smug to have given Cassie a wakeup call about Cyrus. In an interrogation room, Marina warned Cassie that she could be charged as an accessory to the crime. Marina threatened to bring R.J. in for questioning if Cassie didn't tell her the full story about where Cyrus had been that day. Cassie cooperated, but she told Marina that Cyrus hadn't had enough time between leaving Company and arriving at the farmhouse to rob the Spaulding mansion.

Cassie was still angry with Cyrus when she saw him handcuffed outside the interrogation room. She couldn't believe he'd use R.J. like that. Cyrus said Cassie just chose to deny Cyrus' true nature so she could have a good time with him. He believed she'd chosen to deny that Grady was his brother for the same reason. Cyrus said he couldn't turn his back on Grady just because Cassie wanted to have a good time. Cassie grew angry that she'd ever gotten close to Cyrus. Mallet and Marina looked on as Cassie told Cyrus to stay away from her and her son.

After Cassie left, Marina bought Cyrus his statement and asked him to sign it. Mallet said Cyrus was entitled to see a lawyer first. Cyrus didn't see the point, since his prints were all over the lock-picking kit. Mallet asked Marina to check on another case, and then he sat down with Cyrus alone. Mallet apprised Cyrus that if he signed the statement, he'd be deported to Australia under the three strikes rule. Cyrus mentioned that he had pertinent information regarding robberies at a bank and post office. He asked Mallet to cut him a deal for the information. Mallet implied that Cyrus had stolen the necklace and had hidden it in R.J.'s toy on purpose to turn Cassie against him. Cyrus ignored the theory, and he asked Mallet to get him the deal. Later, Marina ribbed Cyrus about getting off for yet another crime. She just hoped that Cassie's eyes had been opened to who Cyrus really was. Beneath his breath, Cyrus hoped so, too.

Over at Cross Creek, Cassie leaned on her big sister about her problems with Cyrus. Cassie wondered what kind of person she was to have run around with a man like him. Reva thought that Cassie might have been drowning her pain over Tammy in a little light mischief with Cyrus. Cassie admitted that she had been repressing her pain over Tammy, and Reva hugged her. Cassie knew that she couldn't continue to live the way she had been. Since the entire town of Springfield reminded Cassie of Tammy, Cassie concluded that her only hope of healing was to leave Springfield with R.J.

At Towers, Josh overheard Reva on her cell phone insisting to Jeffrey that she wanted in on his hunt for Lizzie's kidnapper. Jeffrey seemed to respond with a resounding, "No," and then the call ended. Josh understood Reva's desire to catch the kidnapper, but he wondered why Jeffrey would allow Reva to help. Reva took exception to the notion that Jeffrey "allowed" her do anything. Josh knew better than anyone that no one "allowed" Reva to do things, but he was concerned that Jeffrey wasn't encouraging her to take it easy. She said she wasn't fragile just because she was pregnant. Being a cautious and delicate pregnant lady had driven her crazy. She said Jeffrey had cured her boredom with a job that could help her continue living her "what the hell" lifestyle. Josh didn't believe Jeffrey knew how to properly channel Reva's spontaneity. Reva sarcastically said Josh was having a midlife crisis. She decided she'd find him a woman of his own, so he'd stop stalking her.

As Reva scrolled through her phone for possibilities, Blake sashayed up. Josh told Blake to run from Reva, but Blake seemed interested when Reva mentioned the prospect of a blind date for her. Reva claimed the mystery man was handsome, smart, and "a dynamo" in bed. Blake dismissed the negative qualities Reva also listed as long as the man really was dynamite in bed. Reva gave Blake her seat and announced that Josh was Blake's date. Reva chuckled, walking away.

Blake and Josh went to visit R.J. at Cassie's house. Josh told her that she didn't have to stay, but Blake reminded him that she was R.J.'s aunt. She joked that Reva's ringing endorsement of Josh had won him a stalker. Josh ironically chuckled that Reva had accused him of stalking her earlier. Blake knew that Josh was a good catch, but she passed on competing with Reva for Josh's affections. Later, they played a board game with R.J. and chuckled about being longtime friends.

At the Beacon, Natalia and Olivia argued about Olivia stressing her heart over the warden and ultimately making Rafe's situation worse in the process. Olivia thought Natalia ought to be thanking her for wanting to help Rafe. Unwilling to roll over for anyone, Olivia insisted that sometimes people needed to fight for themselves. Natalia felt that sometimes fighting made situations worse. When Natalia asked Olivia if she would like Natalia making decisions for Emma, Olivia permitted Natalia the freedom to rail on Emma's teachers at any time. Because Natalia didn't have powerful friends like Olivia did, Natalia claimed that she had to work with people like the warden to get results. She resented Olivia for alienating him.

Natalia went to work at Company while Olivia finagled herself a meeting with Governor Young at Towers to bend his ear about prison reform. Olivia called Natalia and told her to get down to Towers on the double. When Natalia arrived, she saw Olivia in a press conference with the governor. As several cameras flashed, Olivia touted the governor's passion for prison reform. The governor awkwardly agreed. He whispered to Olivia that she could have given him a heads-up. Still smiling for the reporters, Olivia wondered what the fun would have been in that. Olivia strolled over to Natalia, and Natalia wondered what Olivia was trying to do. Olivia replied that she was doing what she did best to get Rafe out of prison. Taking Natalia's hand, Olivia uttered that she needed to leave the event before she passed out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At Cross Creek, Cassie said she needed a fresh start somewhere new. Reva differed, saying that Cassie just needed a vacation. Resolute in her decision, Cassie hugged Reva and thanked her. Cassie felt that their talk had convinced her that leaving Springfield was the right thing. After Cassie departed, Reva called Jeffrey to say that her sister had gone off the deep end.

Cassie went home, where she found Josh spending time with R.J. After she apprised Josh of her plans to leave town, Josh said it was a little impulsive to withdraw R.J. from school and move. Cassie felt her choice had been building since Tammy's death. As Josh stated that Cassie had a great support system in Springfield, Jeffrey showed up, saying that Reva thought Cassie might want to talk about her decision. Smiling, Cassie confidently informed both men that her mind was set. The only person she felt she needed to talk to was R.J.

Cassie discussed the move with R.J. after Josh and Jeffrey left. R.J. seemed sad at the thought of leaving Tammy behind. Cassie said Tammy was in their hearts, but Tammy's tragic death would always loom over their home. Cassie suggested that they needed a fresh start. She asked R.J. to trust her once more, and they shook on it. When he asked where they would move, Cassie said they would relocate to Hawaii, home of the Mees Solar Observatory. She said Will would join them one day, as well. R.J. loved astronomy and was excited to go.

Jeffrey and Josh went to Company, where Reva harangued them for not trying hard enough to dissuade Cassie. Reva was convinced that Cassie was just confused after being misused by the town thief. Josh and Jeffrey, however, sensed that Cassie's choice had little to do with Cyrus. Just then, Cyrus walked into the restaurant.

Reva instantly lashed into Cyrus, and Jeffrey and Josh slipped off to the bar. Reva informed Cyrus that Cassie planned to leave Springfield for good after the necklace incident. Cyrus didn't want Cassie leaving town, but he didn't know what he could do to stop her. Reva warned him to leave her family alone and said, "Keep your brother on a very short leash."

Reva went to Cassie's house and learned that Cassie was taking R.J. to Hawaii. As Reva disparaged the Hawaiian sun, Cassie discovered a wrench beneath her sofa. She asked Reva to watch R.J. while she went out. Cassie found Cyrus at Company and presented him with his wrench. She said she'd been thinking about things and had concluded that Cyrus had set up the robbery on purpose. She said he was usually meticulous about his crime scenes, but he'd been intentionally careless that time in hopes of pushing her away. Cyrus admitted it, saying that Tammy would always be between them. Cassie said his actions shed light on her repressed pain over Tammy. Kissing him on the cheek, she said she'd always be grateful to him for helping her to see the path that she needed to take to move on.

Afterward, Cassie traveled to the church, where Josh sat in a pew. Though he no longer pastored the church, he said the place still gave him peace. They agreed that the church and their marriage had temporarily sheltered them from their troubles. Crying, Cassie said she wanted to feel happiness and self-fulfillment again. Josh said he loved her and believed she deserved happiness. They hugged each other and each thanked the other for everything they'd given to their relationship. Josh promised to keep an eye on Tammy's grave for Cassie. He said he'd make sure Tammy always had flowers and that Tammy was never alone.

When Cassie arrived home, Jeffrey and Reva were in her living room. Reva had thought Jeffrey was on board with her plan to convince Cassie to stay, but Jeffrey wished Cassie luck in Hawaii instead. Frustrated, Reva asked to speak to Cassie alone. Cassie stated that everyone in town respected her decision except for Reva. Cassie was beginning to think Reva's stubbornness was really about Reva, not Cassie. Reva said it was about their mother. Reva had made a promise to their mother to look out for Cassie. Cassie felt that Reva had kept her promise by providing Cassie a family and roots. Cassie said they'd fought a lot, too, and joked, "There's only room in this town for one selfish bitch, and you got here first."

Sitting Reva down, Cassie likened her situation to Reva's cancer recovery, saying that she needed to learn to live day by day without excuses or distractions that masked her pain. She said she was moving on, learning to live in the present. She pleaded with Reva to let her go. Crying, Reva said she was going to call her every day. Cassie realized that they'd had a late start in being a family, but they really were sisters. Reva slowly accepted that she couldn't prevent Cassie from leaving. They hugged each other.

Cassie took flowers to Tammy's grave one last time. She said that it wasn't goodbye, that it could never be goodbye. She told Tammy that she loved her. After placing a photo of Tammy and Cassie on the grave, Cassie walked away.

At the hospital, Dinah visited Bill and sobbed her apologies to him. She admitted to a comatose Bill that she'd wanted to bring him down because he'd chosen Lizzie over her. She'd always wanted to be Bill's respected big sister, and she hated what she'd done to him. Vanessa and Daisy entered, hoping to cheer Dinah up with happy memories of Bill. A sullen Dinah decided she needed to be alone.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie popped in to pick up books to read to Bill. Decker arrived to say that he was glad that Lizzie was safe, but he was concerned about Bill's proclivity for attracting drama. Lizzie barked that Bill was in an accident, not out partying. Lizzie thought that if Decker couldn't understand that, he could take his deal and shove it. Decker didn't like Lizzie's tone, but Alan pulled him aside to remind him that the kidnapping had taken a huge toll on Lizzie. Decker understood that and invited Alan to lunch the next day.

Lizzie hugged Roxie and discovered that Bill had put a tracking device on the dog so that he wouldn't lose her like he'd lost Lizzie. In her room later, Lizzie put newspaper clippings of her kidnapping into a scrapbook. Lizzie told Alan that Bill had saved her and Alan should name a hospital wing after Bill because of it. Alan agreed to think about it. He told her that she was almost where she needed to be, and he warned her not to lose it. Alan said she'd almost blown the Galaxy deal with Decker earlier. He instructed her to take care of business and let the doctors take care of Bill. Lizzie refused to leave Bill's side, saying that she'd almost lost him because a "freak" had kidnapped her. "And for what? For nothing. Absolutely nothing!" she yelled as Dinah listened in outside her door.

Lizzie noticed Dinah in her doorway and got up to give her a big hug. Lizzie said Bill had told her that Dinah had been a rock for him. Lizzie thanked her for being a loyal sister to Bill. Alan suggested Dinah take Lizzie's place at Bill's bedside, but Lizzie invited Dinah to join her there instead. Dinah said she couldn't go because she needed to reassure some concerned investors. Lizzie thought that was a great idea to ease the burden on Bill.

After Lizzie left for the hospital, Alan scoffed at the idea that Dinah had actually accepted Lizzie and Bill's relationship. He wondered if just a small part of Dinah thought Bill was getting what he deserved. Dinah said Bill was her brother and she loved him. Alan replied that he and Dinah were a team, and Alan was ready to come up with their plan B. He wanted Dinah to convince Lizzie that Bill would dump her once he recovered. Dinah said Alan was on his own. She was done scheming against Bill.

Lizzie propped Bill's pillows while he slept. She told him that both she and Dinah were lost without him, and she pleaded with him to open his eyes. She lay on his chest crying as Alan watched from the doorway. Meanwhile, Dinah surveyed the van crash site. She trembled as she took in the gravity of the wreckage. Falling to her knees, Dinah sobbed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mallet sought Dinah out on a park bench to say there would be an arrest soon in the kidnapping. Shaking her head, Dinah said that couldn't be true. Mallet seemed perplexed as Dinah awkwardly excused herself to go to the hospital. Dinah went straight to Grady with Mallet's news. They theorized what information the police could have. Grady was uncertain whether Bill had unmasked him while he'd been unconscious. Dinah thought the situation was grim, and Grady decided that they would be better if Bill never awakened from his coma.

Dinah said she loved her brother and she didn't care if she had to hang for the crime. All she wanted was for Bill to wake up. Grady scoffed at her concerned sister routine, but Dinah insisted that she was genuinely distraught about Bill's predicament. Grady would rather live with the guilt than sit behind bars. He warned Dinah that he wasn't going to jail for her or anyone.

Dinah called a meeting with Rick at Company to review some research she'd done on comatose patients. She bought up the effectiveness of electrode brain stimulation to awaken coma patients like Bill. Rick placated her, but he said he'd already ruled out the treatment as unsuitable for Bill's condition. He reminded her that Bill had the best care possible at Cedars.

At the Spaulding mansion, Vanessa worried to Billy about Bill, Maureen, and Dinah. Vanessa wasn't sure she knew how to comfort any of her children. Billy confided that Bill had been drinking before the rescue, and Vanessa made Billy promise to apprise her of things like that sooner. Later, they enlisted Maureen, Ashlee, and Hilda in throwing a small surprise party for Dinah in the parlor. When Dinah arrived, she sullenly smiled, wishing that Bill were there.

Mallet went to the police station, where Marina impatiently waited with champagne. She wondered why he hadn't followed her straight from the lawyer's office. When he told her that he'd wanted to update Dinah on the kidnapping, Marina was livid that he'd be with Dinah on the biggest day of their relationship. They had closed on their house, and Marina was hurt that the first place Mallet had gone was to see Dinah about information he could have relayed over the phone. Mallet thought Marina was overreacting.

While arguing, they realized they had to meet their movers. When they made it home, they found a note from the movers, saying that no one had been there when they had arrived. Marina sadly said that they had "missed the moment." Mallet didn't know what she meant. She pouted that they were supposed to have a grand moment toasting with champagne to commemorate the move, but she'd forgotten the champagne due to Dinah's interference. Mallet replied that it hadn't been Dinah's fault. "It never is," Marina quipped. "Not with you."

Inside the house, a conciliatory Mallet offered to draft a list of circumstances under which he could help Dinah. Marina could only hypothesize rare occasions, such as Dinah sinking in a swamp or coming onto their doorstep covered in soot from a fire. Marina added that Dinah couldn't cry on his shoulder anymore, either. When Mallet said Marina was cute when she was jealous, Marina stormed out of the house. She almost knocked Coop down as he entered.

Marina sought her grandfather out at Company to talk. She thought she was going to hell for hating Dinah while Dinah hurt over her brother. Buzz offered her a sandwich. She complained that Mallet was a good guy, who was always taken in by Dinah. Buzz wondered if Marina could handle that Mallet was Dinah's "go-to guy."

Meanwhile, Mallet hashed out the problem with Coop. Mallet was unsure of how he was supposed to turn his back on Dinah if Dinah actually needed his help. He felt Marina should already know that she came first. As he and Coop debated it, Mallet said wonderful things about Marina. Mallet decided that Marina was too valuable to push aside for Dinah's whims, and he needed to patch up his relationship with Marina. On the other side of town, Marina was coming to the same conclusions. They both rushed to find each other and make up.

When Marina and Mallet met up, Mallet was willing to put Dinah aside, but Marina told him that she couldn't ask him to change himself. Helping Dinah was just who Mallet was, a man who gave a damn about others. Marina felt she was lucky to have him. On their doorstep, they kissed and dreamed about the holidays, birthday bashes, and poker games that they'd have in their new home. Mallet popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and promised to take out the trash for better or worse. Marina promised to get Chinese once a week. They drank straight from the bottle and welcomed each other home.

At the hospital, Alan yanked Lizzie out of Bill's room to talk some sense into her about steering the company while Bill lay in a coma, but she refused to leave Bill's side. Alan believed they needed a press conference to shore up confidence in Spaulding-Lewis. He offered to bring a press conference to her, but she didn't want to hold a conference without Bill. Alan told her that she was making a big mistake. Lizzie ignored him, and returned to Bill's bedside.

Alan met Decker at Towers for a drink. Decker was livid that the press conference had been postponed. While Lizzie had been missing, Bill had kept the Decker deal together. Decker felt that Lizzie had an obligation to do the same in Bill's stead. Alan tried to smooth things over, but Decker vowed that he wasn't taking a financial hit just because Lizzie wanted a personal day.

While sitting vigilantly beside Bill, Lizzie turned to see Grady standing in the doorway. Lizzie was immediately annoyed as Grady pretended to be concerned about the big story surrounding Bill's coma. He asked her if Bill had seen the kidnappers, and she was confident that Bill would lead the police directly to them once he awakened. Grady wondered if the kidnappers had treated her well or kept her safe. Lizzie rasped that the kidnappers ought to be in the hospital instead of Bill. She told Grady to go away and then switched on the television. She sighed when she heard a news report that Spaulding-Lewis stock was freefalling in the wake of Bill's accident.

Lizzie called a press conference outside of Bill's hospital room to assure investors that the company was forging ahead. She promised that Bill would recover and guide the company. She said Spaulding-Lewis was about more than profits; it was about people. She asked everyone to pray for Bill because she needed him, and the company needed him. When the press conference ended, Alan thanked Lizzie for taking his advice; however, he was uncertain that her words had soothed their investors. Lizzie snapped that she had done the conference for Bill, and then she marched back into Bill's room. Dinah appeared in the hallway and a reporter asked her if she had anything to add. Dinah declined, expressing that Lizzie had said it all.

Later, Alan met Decker at Towers and Decker was singing Lizzie's praises. He felt she'd said all the right things in the press conference. To Alan's dismay, Decker touted that Bill and Lizzie were a super couple, a solid team that no one could split up.

Back at the hospital, Rick reminded Lizzie about the times when her Uncle Rick would take her for ice cream while Phillip was away on business. He asked if he could take her for some ice cream. Lizzie didn't want to leave Bill. Rick said that he couldn't bring Bill back that instant, but at least "Uncle Rick" could get her some ice cream. Lizzie smiled and left with Rick. Grady slipped into Bill's unattended room, saying, "Hey, Buddy. You don't look very comfortable."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lizzie took a room at the Beacon to be closer to a hospitalized Bill. After Cyrus startled her in the hallway, she admitted to being jittery since her abduction. She told Cyrus that there weren't any suspects in the case. Lizzie said that, while captive, she'd tried appealing to the kidnapper's sensitive side. He hadn't appeared to have one, and that made Lizzie apprehensive of his next move. Lizzie mentioned that Grady had suddenly become concerned about Bill. Grady's presence at the hospital was creepy, so Lizzie would prefer that he just send flowers instead of visiting. Cyrus offered to walk Lizzie to the hospital.

At the hospital, Grady attempted to smother Bill with a pillow, but voices in the hallway interrupted him. Grady explained to a comatose Bill that he couldn't risk Bill identifying him. Grabbing the pillow again, Grady reasoned that it was just self-defense. Grady pensively poised the pillow over Bill's head, but then he cursed, throwing the pillow across the room. A conflicted Grady ran into Daisy as he left Bill's room. Daisy asked what he was doing there, and he muttered, "Nothing, I guess."

Daisy seemed inspired that Bill and Lizzie had stuck together throughout their adversities. Upset that she and Grady couldn't do the same, Daisy dashed out of the hospital. Grady chased her outside, where she complained that Grady kept shutting her out of his life. She began to walk away, but then suddenly turned to kiss him. Grady stated that Daisy made him feel peaceful and connected. He believed that she could save him. She replied that she couldn't help him as long as he wouldn't trust her. Tormented, Daisy said the kiss they'd just shared had been a kiss goodbye.

Daisy sulked at Company later. A guy named Chip sat down with her and recalled that they'd taken a class together in high school. Chip said he didn't remember anything about the class except for Daisy. Chip asked her if she were still seeing Rafe. When she said she wasn't, he asked for her phone number. Daisy was flattered, but she said she wasn't into dating. He offered to take her on one drama-free date just to see how things would go. Daisy giggled, wondering what that would be like.

When Buzz gave her a burger, he kidded her about flirting with Chip. Daisy said it was just a random conversation with an old schoolmate. Suddenly, it occurred to Daisy that Buzz or another family member had set her up with Chip. Buzz insisted that it wasn't a setup, but he thought it was sad that Daisy couldn't accept that a decent guy was genuinely interested in her.

Meanwhile, Cyrus entered Bill's hospital room with Lizzie and assessed that everything seemed all right inside. Cyrus left and then found Grady at their house. He told Grady that they could possibly salvage the kidnapping situation. Grady felt it was too late, but Cyrus was confident that Lizzie had no idea that Grady had been her abductor. Grady stated that he couldn't have Bill talking-ever. Cyrus pleaded with him to stay away from Bill, saying that there was a way out of the kidnapping mess that would help him avoid more trouble. Cyrus offered to show him how to do it. He went to get a beer, but when he returned to the front porch, Grady had disappeared.

At Company, the rebroadcast of Lizzie's press conference annoyed Alan at the top of every hour. Buzz told Alan to stop griping because Lizzie was home safe. Buzz also loved Lizzie and Bill's poignant tale, saying that Alan needed to face the fact that, "Love conquers all-even you." Alan grumbled even more when he arrived home to discover that the residents had thrown a party on the patio and were serving his good wine at it. Billy thought Alan was a jerk for ending Vanessa's family gathering. Alan ordered Billy to go visit Bill at the hospital. When Billy said visiting hours were over at the hospital, Alan retorted that visiting hours were over at the mansion, too. Alan asserted that it was time for Billy to get out of his house.

Billy said Alan didn't have the power to kick him out. Billy brought up Lizzie's devotion to Bill, and Alan quickly snapped that Lizzie would soon learn how untrustworthy and opportunistic Bill really was. Billy was confident that Lizzie knew who had saved her and said Alan would not be able to separate her from Bill. He suggested Alan get on board with their relationship before Lizzie left him out in the cold.

Sometime later, Alan smoked a cigar in the parlor's overlook. Grady barged into the house to have a word with him. Grady informed Alan that they shared a common problem. Grady announced that he'd just figured out how to fix it for both of them.

Lizzie caressed Bill's hand, telling him about the press conference. Dinah watched from the doorway as Lizzie said she had kept up her faith while she'd been abducted because she'd believed Bill would bring her home. She vowed to do the same for Bill. She promised to bring him home because she didn't know what she'd do if he didn't wake up.

Dinah entered and Lizzie said it was good that she was there. When Dinah said that she couldn't stay, Lizzie assumed the animosity between Dinah and her was the reason. Lizzie assured her that past tensions no longer mattered. Since Dinah had supported Bill during Lizzie's absence, Lizzie didn't understand why Dinah would stay away when Bill needed her the most.

Lizzie told Dinah that Cassie had left town. Lizzie blamed herself for Tammy's death, but Dinah said it wasn't Lizzie's fault. Lizzie differed, realizing that things had spiraled out of control after Lizzie had said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Lizzie said the ramifications of her actions still reverberated years later. She hoped that Cassie could find a fresh start wherever she had gone. Lizzie urged Dinah to relinquish the bad things of the past in order to make a fresh start. She gave Dinah some alone time with Bill.

Dinah asked Bill if he'd heard Lizzie talk about fresh starts. Dinah felt a fresh start was exactly what she needed. She said she'd been looking into overseas specialists for Bill. She decided she'd go abroad to find the best doctors to heal him. Crying, she said she needed to get away because she couldn't keep looking at Bill in that condition. She again wished she'd heard Mallet's words before everything had gotten out of control. She hated that she couldn't go back and change things, that she couldn't fix Bill. Sobbing, she vowed to go away and fix herself. She told Bill she loved him and then she left.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Olivia met with Rick to discuss her condition since she had received the pacemaker. Rick mentioned seeing her picture in the paper and stated his concern that she looked a little tired. Rick advised Olivia to take care of herself. He warned her against feeling as if she was completely back to normal. Olivia assured Rick that she was taking good care of Gus's heart. Rick told Olivia to stop talking as if the heart was still Gus's-it was hers. Olivia replied that the only reason she was alive was because Gus was not and that her heart would always belong to Gus. Rick got upset and forcefully told her to stop saying that.

Rick stated that he knew what Olivia was going through. Rick said that he felt unworthy after he received Richard's heart because Richard was so beloved. Rick stated that, over time, he became grateful for it, since it meant that Richard's death was not in vain. Olivia pointed out that the situation was different because Gus's accident was caused when he was rushing to save her. Olivia started to speak about her guilt and love for Gus when Rick interrupted her. Rick stated that, as a doctor, he saw death all the time and realized that when it was a person's time to die, it was their time. Olivia seemed to understand what he was saying, but said that she could not help what she felt. Rick told her to take care of herself physically and mentally, warned her never to give up hope, and told her to live her own life.

At Company, a realtor tried to make an offer on Natalia's house since it was obviously empty. Natalia told the man that it was not for sale, but he persisted. Finally, Frank intervened and shooed the man away. Natalia thanked Frank for his assistance and talked about how everyone probably thought she was crazy for keeping a house and not living in it. Frank understood that she wanted to wait until Rafe got out of prison. Natalia admitted that holding on to the house was also a way to hold on to Gus and stated that some people probably believed she should let him go as well. Frank asked Natalia what she believed. Natalia went alone to her house to think. Later, Olivia came by and asked Natalia when she was moving in. Natalia told Olivia that she was not moving in until she could move in with Rafe. Olivia thought that it was silly for Natalia to have the house and not live in it. Natalia argued that it was Gus's house. Olivia commented that it was more of a shrine and that it was not Gus's house-it was Natalia's. Natalia argued that her heart was ripped open when Gus died as well. Fed up with argument, Olivia left to meet with the governor about Rafe.

During the meeting, Olivia argued that Rafe did not belong in a prison with career criminals, but rather in a rehabilitation facility. The governor mulled over her request and told Olivia that he wanted something in return. Later, Olivia went to Natalia and told her that the governor would transfer Rafe to a better jail in exchange for her house.

Mallet was outside his house trying to fix a broken heater when Marina came out and apologized for their fight earlier. She then left to go to the hardware store. On the way there, she stopped by the police station to talk to Frank about the fight she'd had with Mallet over Dinah. Marina complained that Dinah always went to Mallet and he never turned her away. After Marina vented her frustrations about Dinah, Frank stated that he felt sorry for Dinah. Frank pointed out that Dinah lost Mallet, who was with Marina. He stated that she probably felt helpless in regards to Bill's situation-and alone.

After packing her bags, Dinah hired a car to take her to the airport. Before leaving, she stopped by Mallet's. Mallet told Dinah that she could not keep coming to his house. Dinah assured him that it was the last time. Dinah told Mallet that she wanted to thank him for everything, and she informed him that she was leaving town. Dinah stated that she had relied on him too much because she felt as if she was a part of his life. Dinah said that she wanted to move on from being "a part" of someone's life and focus on her own.

Dinah told Mallet that she was leaving to find a specialist for Bill. Mallet asked how long she would be gone and she responded that she would be gone as long as necessary. During their conversation, Dinah impressed Mallet by fixing his heater for him. At that point, Marina returned. Marina was a good sport about Dinah being there and even asked her to stay for dinner. Dinah declined and assured Marina that she would not be a problem anymore. When Dinah left, Mallet apologized to Marina for her being there. Marina assured him that it was not a big deal, and then ranted about how Dinah just showed up. Marina stated that Dinah would always do that and Marina would just have to learn to live with it.

On her way to the airport, Dinah stopped by the crash site and prayed that Bill would be okay.

At the mansion, Grady told Alan that he had kidnapped Lizzie. Alan was skeptical, but Grady convinced him by giving him details. Grady commented that he did it for the money, but then Bill messed things up by getting the police involved. Alan asked Grady why he was confessing, and Grady stated that he needed a way out of the situation and thought that Alan could benefit. He then suggested that he frame Bill for the kidnapping. Grady referred to his plan as "pin the crime on the jackass." Alan asked if Bill saw Grady and Grady responded that he was almost certain that he did not.

Grady argued that Bill had motive, since with Lizzie gone, Bill had complete control of the company. He also pointed out that during the kidnapping, Bill was seen everywhere in the media. Grady stated that he could make Bill look guilty and, in the end, Lizzie would turn away from Bill and turn to Alan. When asked what Grady would get out of it, Grady said he would get his freedom and his hope for the ransom money.

Disgusted, Alan held a gun on Grady and forced him to sit in a chair while he bound, blindfolded, and gagged him. Alan then went to another room and began to call the police. However, before he had the chance to speak to Chief Wolfe, Beth barged in and railed at Alan for trying to kick out Billy and Vanessa. Beth argued that it would upset Lizzie, because she was in love with Bill. Beth argued that Lizzie and Bill were in love and that bond only became stronger when he saved her life. Later, Alan went to Grady and made it clear that he was calling the shots and agreed to Grady's plan.

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