One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on OLTL

Starr delivered a baby girl. Tina took Charlie and Viki to the secret room as the timer on the bomb continued. Tess delivered a stillborn baby girl and developed a new personality named Bess. John, imprisoned for contempt, escaped in order to rescue Marty. Todd and Marty made love. Tina's dog, David Vickers, delivered a litter of puppies.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Let It Bree

In Mexico, John paid a visit to Keyshawn, who was lounging at the pool of his condo. Presenting Keys with a picture of Marty, John demanded that Keys implicate Todd and provide him with answers to Marty's whereabouts. John informed Keys that he was aware that Keys had removed Marty from Ramsey's apartment on the night of the murder, and relocated her to Todd's residence. John threatened to have Keys charged with kidnapping unless he cooperated. Unshaken by John's threats, Keys denied any involvement.

Fed up with Keys's lack of cooperation, John choked Keys and threatened to drown him in the pool. Fearing for his life, Keys blurted out that Marty was residing at Todd's residence. Certain that Todd was holding Marty against her will, John asked Keys about Marty's state of mind and health. To his surprise, Keys reported that Marty had apparently been involved in an accident, but appeared to enjoy being cared for by Todd. When John ordered Keys to return to Llanview and divulge Marty's whereabouts to the judge, Keys realized that John's interest in Marty was of a personal nature.

Marty appeared dumbfounded when Todd showed her a picture of Starr and Cole. Unaware of the identity of the teens in the picture, Marty questioned who they were and why Todd felt the need to show her the photo. Todd revealed to Marty that Starr and Cole were the teens in the picture. Remembering Todd's claims that Cole had attacked Starr, Marty wondered why Todd would keep the picture.

After having a flashback of Marty's revelation that she had visions of a little boy, Todd shocked Marty when he told her that Cole wasn't a bad kid. Todd admitted that he had overreacted when he found Starr and Cole together. Marty was surprised when Todd told her that she was responsible for his change of heart towards Cole. Confiding in Marty, Todd recalled how Cole refused to be intimidated by him and how Cole had stood by Starr. Todd said that he realized that Cole truly loved Starr. Marty believed that Starr and Cole should have the opportunity to one day be involved in their child's life, but Todd quickly reminded her that they needed to leave town with the baby before John discovered them. Although moved by Todd's revelation, Marty still wondered why he showed her the photo after she asked him if he had knowledge of a child from her past. Before Todd could answer, his cell phone rang.

Cole rushed Starr to the emergency room after she began having contractions. As the contractions grew worse, a terrified Cole screamed for help.

Inside the examination room, Mike told Starr that she was experiencing mild contractions and related that he had contacted Dr. Joplin, who would be able to give an accurate time of the baby's expected arrival. Mike showed little reaction when Cole told him that Blair and Marcie were en route to the hospital.

Left alone, Cole offered to stay with Starr until Blair and Marcie arrived. Starr thanked Cole and remarked that she felt better having him there. As Starr and Cole bonded, Blair and Marcie arrived. When Dr. Joplin entered the room to exam Starr, Cole stepped out into the waiting room. After the examination, Dr. Joplin told Starr and Blair that she would be in labor for a while and insisted on admitting her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Cole confided in Mike that he was concerned that the baby wouldn't have a father. Cole wondered if Todd might interfere in Marcie's adoption of the child.

Marcie and Mike discussed the arrival of Starr's baby. Marcie pleaded with Mike to reconsider his decision about helping her raise the child. Bringing Marcie back to reality, Mike reminded her that Todd would never allow the adoption to proceed. Marcie argued that Todd had come to terms with Starr's decision and was certain that he wouldn't cause any problems. A saddened Mike informed Marcie that he wasn't willing to deal with the loss of another child and experience the wrath of Todd again.

As Starr slept, Cole gave Starr a loving kiss.

At Llanfair, Charlie discovered an obviously troubled Tess in the kitchen. Pretending to be Jessica, Tess revealed to Charlie that she wasn't feeling well. When Charlie inquired about Tess's health, she told him that she had been experiencing blackouts and feared that her condition was associated with her alter. Charlie informed Tess that Viki was upstairs and insisted on getting her for Tess. As Charlie turned to head upstairs, Tess clobbered him with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious. After whacking Charlie, Tess began experiencing painful contractions and fell to the floor. Realizing that she needed to escape before Viki came downstairs, Tess stumbled out of the house, declaring that she had no desire to be blown to pieces when her bomb exploded.

Moments later, Viki came downstairs and nearly panicked when she discovered Charlie sprawled out on the kitchen floor. When Charlie regained consciousness, he told Viki that Jessica had been there--and that she was actually Tess. Although alarmed that Tess had attacked Charlie, Viki was relieved to learn that Charlie hadn't revealed that Bree was upstairs and not at Todd's.

Believing that Bree was still with Todd, Tess drove in the direction of Todd's house. Refusing to believe that the baby was on the way, Tess remarked that she would pick up Bree and they would all relocate far away from Llanview. She laughed to herself as she thought about everyone at Llanfair being blown away in the explosion.

Tess placed a call to Todd and informed him that she was on her way to pick up Bree. Before Todd could tell her that Bree was with Viki, Tess experienced another painful contraction and insisted that Todd keep Bree for a while. After Tess hung up, she exclaimed that she hadn't experienced the same painful contractions when she was pregnant with Bree.

Marty continued to question Todd, but his cell phone rang again. Dr. Joplin phoned to tell him that the baby was on the way and pleaded with Todd to change his mind about stealing Starr's baby. Todd refused to listen and informed Joplin that he would send Janet to assist in the delivery. Afterwards, Todd made up an excuse about his decision to show Marty the picture. He had good news for Marty - they would soon be parents. Marty was thrilled.

Viki phoned Todd and inquired about Tess. Todd informed Viki that Tess had called and asked him to keep Bree before he could explain that Viki had already taken the child back to Llanfair. Todd warned Viki that Tess didn't sound well. Viki wondered where Tess could have gone.

Tess arrived at the cottage she once shared with Nash. Reassuring herself that Bree was safe with Todd, Tess was unconcerned about the potential victims at Llanfair. She told her unborn child that they would wait for Nash to come home. Calling out to her dead husband, Tess appeared shock to find the cottage in a state of disrepair. Begging Nash to help her, a distressed Tess experienced another contraction and fell over in pain.

At Angel Square Park, Tina tossed the box of "fake" jewels at Cain and rushed toward the dog carrier, containing David Vickers. As Cain examined the jewels, Tina examined the dog and realized that he was an imposter. Demanding to know where David Vickers was, Tina lashed out at Cain for deceiving her. After admitting that the dog was a fake, Cain referred to him as Cord. Cain told Tina that he resented her feelings for David Vickers and believed that she cared more for the dog than she did for him.

Accusing her of lying about the jewels and attempting to poison him, Cain told Tina that he cared for her until she called him Cord on that fateful night in Mendorra. Attempting to deceive Cain, Tina apologized for hurting him and expressed her love for him. Informing Tina that he was aware of her tricks, Cain threatened to hurt Tina and run off with the jewels. Explaining that several people were depending on her, Tina pleaded with Cain to take her to David Vickers. Appearing to regret the threat he had made, Cain told Tina that he could never hurt her and agreed to reunite her with the dog. Smiling to herself, Tina was certain that Cain wouldn't harm her. As they walked off, Cain advised Tina that if the jewels weren't real - she would be in a great deal of trouble.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Under Lock and Keys:

At the hospital, Addie was on hand when Starr woke up from a nightmare. She told Addie that she had a dream that she had given birth to a little girl but that after the delivery the baby had disappeared. In the dream, Starr worried that she had done something horribly wrong to cause her baby to vanish. Addie calmed Starr by reminding her that it had been nothing more than a dream. Starr tried to shake off the disturbing images but she remained anxious about the baby. She wondered how she would find the strength when the time came for her to give up her baby. The subject eventually turned to Todd. Starr wondered if her father had truly changed. Starr thought that the Todd she had known for most of her life would never have given up on keeping the baby away from Marcie.

Janet intercepted Dr. Joplin before she entered Starr's room. When Janet revealed that Todd had sent her, Dr. Joplin bristled. She let Janet know that she was an unwilling participant in Todd's plan to steal Starr's baby. Janet reminded Dr. Joplin that Starr always intended to give her baby away to a loving family. As far as Janet was concerned, nothing had changed except who would be raising the child. Janet was able to live with their deception because she knew that the baby would be loved and well cared for in its new home.

At his home, Todd surprised Marty with several shopping bags filled with new clothes. Marty was impressed that Todd had correctly guessed her size. She was also touched when she learned that Todd had used flattering terms to describe her to the sales clerk so that she could help him find the best fashion style for Marty. Todd's gifts didn't stop at clothes. He opened his laptop and showed Marty the home he had purchased for them in New Mexico. Marty was thrilled and asked Todd what had prompted him to buy a house in New Mexico. Without going into detail, Todd let Marty know that his childhood had been difficult because of Peter Manning. To escape the hardships of his life, Todd would read a book called Great Escapes. Todd derived a sense of peace when he looked at the pictures of New Mexico.

Later, Todd received an unexpected call from Starr. She told him that she was in the hospital, preparing to give birth. Todd urged Starr to take full advantage of the medications that were available to her. Ironically, he did not want Starr to suffer any pain. As the two talked, Starr told her father that she loved him and was hopeful that, with time, they would be able to repair their broken relationship. Before they ended the call, Todd expressed his deep affection for Starr and told her that everything he had done had been out of love.

Janet called Todd from the hospital to let him know that her credentials had passed muster and she had been cleared to help Dr. Joplin during Starr's delivery.

John and Blair ran into each other at the courthouse. While Keyshawn waited nearby, John spoke to Blair. Without revealing specifics, John warned Blair that Todd was in serious trouble. Blair wanted to asked questions but didn't have the time to pursue it because she was late for Vanessa's bail hearing. Before Blair dashed off, John told Blair that he cared deeply for her.

When Blair joined Dorian and the kids in the courtroom, Vanessa's hearing was underway. The judge seemed reluctant to grant Vanessa bail until Cris stood up and spoke on her behalf. When he asked the judge to release Vanessa into his custody, Nora didn't object. The judge agreed to a $25,000.00 bond and ordered Vanessa to relinquish her passports so that she couldn't flee the country. Sarah tried to hide her displeasure over the idea of Vanessa and Lola moving into Cris's loft.

John brought Keyshawn before a judge in the hopes of persuading the judge to issue John another search warrant for Todd's house. When Keyshawn revealed that Todd had Marty Saybrook hidden at his house, the judge failed to give John the response he expected. Instead of issuing a search warrant, the judge told John that Keyshawn's testimony was not sufficient evidence to justify the court order. John was furious and threatened to take matters into his own hands if the judge refused to help a woman who had been kidnapped by a man convicted of raping her. Things quickly escalated and a bailiff was forced to restrain John when he tried to walk out of the courtroom.

Gigi and Shane talked while Rex visited with Brody. Gigi was proud of her son for putting the needs of someone else ahead of his own. Shane turned that around on Gigi and asked her, "Isn't that what Brody did?" Meanwhile, Rex and Brody made peace with each other and reached an understanding. Before Rex left, Brody extended an olive branch by telling Rex that Shane loved hot dogs. When Rex joined Gigi and Shane in the waiting area, Shane was eager to visit with Brody. Gigi went with Shane to Brody's room but left after Brody reassured her that the MPs watched him closely.

Gigi rejoined Rex while Shane spent time with Brody. Rex expressed his disappointment over Shane's continued rejection. Gigi was sympathetic and suggested that Rex and Shane just needed time to work things out. She was confident that Shane would eventually let go of his anger and allow Rex into his heart.

Shane insisted that he considered Brody his father, not Rex. Brody seemed touched by the sentiment but tried to help Shane move forward. He asked Shane to fetch him a box in his nightstand. When Shane opened the box, he found it lined with various commendations from the United States government. Brody pinned the Silver Star, given for valor, to Shane's jacket and told him that he was the bravest kid that Brody knew. Brody then asked Shane to think of him as a good friend, not a father. Shane was overcome with emotion and gave Brody a tight hug before he left. In the hallway, as Rex prepared to leave, Shane asked Rex to wait.

Antonio questioned Ray before a federal marshal arrived to return Ray to a prison in Colombia. Ray insisted that he did not murder his wife, but Antonio wasn't convinced. He couldn't understand why Lola would testify and lie about such a heinous crime if her father was innocent. Ray said that Lola had been confused after the tragic loss of her mother and Vanessa had taken advantage of it. Ray went on to claim that Vanessa had brainwashed Lola so that she believed Vanessa's version of events. Ray went on to say that Vanessa was diabolical and vindictive. He warned Antonio that no man was safe around Vanessa, including Cris. Later, before Ray was carted off to the airport, Ray made another attempt to get through to Antonio. He said that if anything happened to Lola, her blood would be on Antonio's hands.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gods and Monsters

Marty walked into the living room wearing a sexy black dress that left Todd speechless. Marty preened when Todd showered her with flattery. Her happiness slowly turned to confusion when Todd's attitude seemed to change before her eyes. He began talking about what a wonderful person Marty was and how she deserved a better man than Todd. When Todd advised Marty to stop feeling what he saw written in her eyes, Marty was taken aback. She told him that she did not have the ability to turn off her feelings even if she were inclined to do so. Todd became almost desperate to push Marty away. He walked to the front door, opened it, and demanded that Marty leave. Marty was stunned. She reminded Todd that they were about to start a life together with a new baby, but it seemed to have little impact on Todd. He refused to be swayed, so Marty took matters into her own hands. She walked to the front door and deliberately closed it. She then turned to Todd and told him that she had just learned how to walk but was unable to run in heels. She also told Todd that she was in love with him. Todd's walls crumbled and he returned the declaration of love.

As Rex prepared to leave the hospital, Shane asked to speak to him. Gigi made herself scarce so that Rex and Shane could have some privacy. Once they were alone, Rex began apologizing to Shane for the mistakes that he had made in the past. Shane reminded Rex that he did not know he had a son. Rex accepted that he had not known about the pregnancy, but he expressed remorse for leaving Gigi without a word. Rex went on to admit that, at the time, he would not have made a good father. Rex said that he went through a selfish period when he did things that he was not proud of. Rex understood why Shane had strong feelings for Brody; he was the kind of father a son would be honored to have. As the two talked, the tension between them appeared to ease. Rex told Shane that he loved him and wanted the opportunity to be his father. Before they parted, Rex offered to take Shane for hot dogs once Rex was on his feet again.

Brody was surprised when Gigi walked into his room. He wondered why she had bothered with the visit, given the events that had unfolded on Llantano Mountain. Gigi explained that she understood Brody had not been in his right mind at the time of Rex's shooting. She wanted Brody to know that she did not hate him nor did she hold the tragedy against him. Brody appreciated Gigi's support, but apologized for what he had put Gigi and Shane through. He understood that he could not take everything he had done to Shane and Gigi back, but he was sorry for the pain he had caused them. Gigi admitted that she had been angry with Brody because he had falsified DNA results. However, she knew that Brody had been motivated by love for Shane, nothing else. Gigi thanked Brody for all the times that he had been a source of strength and support for her over the years and promised him that she would return that kindness by not deserting him in his time of need.

Tina and Cain waited in a hotel room for David Vickers, the dog, to be delivered. Tina was relieved when Cain's accomplice, Neil Silver, arrived with her precious pooch. Her joy soon turned to anxiety when Cain told her that his partner was a jeweler whom Cain had recruited to look over the jewels before the exchange with Tina's pet was made. Tina pretended to be offended by Cain's mistrust. She snatched up a bauble and presented it to Neil for inspection. He confirmed that the ring was authentic and the gem mounted in it was about 10-carats. Tina's victory was short-lived when Cain announced that he intended for Neil to inspect each of the crown jewels to verify that they weren't paste.

Tina's temper exploded. She admitted that the jewels weren't real and then began ranting about how tired she was of being everyone's pawn. Neil and Cain listened to Tina's tirade as she walked over to her dog and made her intentions clear; she would leave with David Vickers. Before Tina could carry out her threat, she realized that David Vickers was whimpering. Stunned, she turned to Cain and asked what he had done to her darling dog. Cain professed his innocence but Tina did not believe him. She handed David Vickers to Neil as she advanced on Cain, accusing him of making her dog fat. Neil studied the dog while Tina blistered Cain's ears with another diatribe. Her outburst came to a screeching halt when Neil announced that he knew what was wrong with David Vickers. According to Neil, David Vickers was about to have puppies. Tina was confused by the news, so Cain was forced to clarify, "David Vickers is a bitch."

Jared and Natalie remained trapped in the secret room with a ticking time bomb. When Natalie appeared resigned to their fate, Jared tried to give her hope, to no avail. To distract themselves from their impending doom, they began to talk about their feelings. As the lovebirds cuddled and kissed, relishing their last moments in each other's arms, they began to make love.

In Llanfair's kitchen, Viki tried to comfort a fussy Bree. Unfortunately, Bree seemed to sense Viki's distress, and kept crying. When Clint entered through the kitchen door, Viki decided to put their granddaughter down for a nap. Meanwhile, Clint waited until Viki returned to the kitchen. When she rejoined Clint, a few minutes later, the two talked about their missing daughters. Each expressed deep regrets for not having realized Natalie was in trouble. A call from Bo, confirming that Natalie's car had been tampered with, only added to their worry. Each felt responsible for Tess running amok for months.

Tess woke up in the cottage she had once shared with Nash. When she saw an open bottle of wine and half-filled glass, Tess worried that she was not alone. Her fears were confirmed when she heard a noise and turned to find Niki Smith standing nearby. Tess was furious when she saw Viki's alter ego. She demanded to know what Niki wanted from her and was shocked when Niki began apologizing for leaving Tess in seedy bars when she was a small child. Tess was livid at the reminder of the past atrocities that she was forced to endure. She asked Niki what kind of person would put a child in such dangerous situations as Niki did with Tess. Niki's response was to ask, "The same kind who would kill her own sister?"

Niki's reminder of her own crimes did not amuse Tess. Niki refused to cower under Tess's wrath. She was determined to help Tess and suggested that they return to the cellar together. Niki wanted Tess to release Natalie and Jared so that she could put Niki in the secret room and blow her up. Tess was speechless. When Niki held out her hand to Tess, Tess briefly hesitated before she took Niki's hand. Niki promised Tess that she would not let her down.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Born...and Born Again

Remaining locked up in a cell for contempt, John demanded his one phone call. His guard, George, refused to allow it, no matter how much John pleaded with him. He was only following the mayor's orders, he related, as he urged John to play by the rules.

When George made his rounds again, he was shocked to find that John had hung himself from the top of his cell! As he frantically reached up to cut John down, John slugged him. He apologized to an unconscious George as he made he quick escape from the cell.

Todd advised Marty that he didn't want to hear her declaration of love, but admitted that he loved her, too. Wrapping their arms around each other, they shared a kiss. It ended abruptly, though, as Todd pulled away first. As Marty headed upstairs, inviting Todd to follow her, he tried to convince her that it wasn't really what she wanted. Having flashbacks to a young Marty and the rape, Todd looked at her eagerness and insisted that he just couldn't do it, but was unable to explain why.

Marty shared her belief that Todd had helped put her back together and that it was her turn to help him. Todd again stated that they could not make love. He reminded her that he knew what had happened during her rape and that he didn't want her hurt. He was concerned that she would remember something afterwards and he was worried about her feelings. Marty was firm and insistent as she declared that she trusted him and that the past had nothing to do with the present.

"Everything I touch I hurt," Todd replied. He confided that John didn't steal Blair and that it was him who drove Blair to John. He confessed to hurting his children and everyone he ever came in contact with. He vowed that he wasn't about to do it to her. He mentioned his sick father and how he was just like him, doing bad things to people. Marty expressed her belief that Todd had grown. No, he would hurt her, he told her confidently. He added that he had always seen things differently from others and it always resulted in people getting hurt. Marty thought it possible that she would hurt him, as well. She further believed that she was his creation, that he had put her back together.

Marty insisted that Todd was a changed person and that he should have faith, even as Todd asserted that he was not the person she saw. He needed to believe what she said, Marty reiterated, and then be that person. Todd felt that people never really changed, even though he agreed that she was different from the girl in college. Marty felt that Todd was smart and caring, and had sacrificed just to take care of her. She felt that she would have been scared if he was the same college boy from years ago. He admitted that if he was different, it was because of her and he loved her. They began to kiss and Todd began to help Marty undress. He allowed himself to be pulled to the bed and into the moment.

The pair made love and afterwards, Marty told Todd that she felt wonderful. She noted that Todd already looked different because he was smiling and she had rarely seen him do that previously. He admitted to feeling better.

At the hospital, Janet suggested that Dr. Joplin warn Starr about complications surrounding her baby's birth. She thought that it might make things easier for them later, when taking the baby away. Dr. Joplin took offense and quickly told Janet that she would handle things. She wanted to know why they were both going along with the plan. It was something that defied any answers.

Viki, having received a call from Addie, stopped by to see Starr and give her some reassurance. Trying to one-up a sympathetic Viki, Dorian apologized to Starr for not going along with her plans to give the baby up or being there to support her the way she should have. Blair and Marcie donned scrubs and began their coaching of the expectant mom.

Consumed with pain, a scared Starr insisted that she couldn't do what she was asked to do, in order to deliver her baby. She tried to explain how painful it was to Langston, who decided that adoption would be her own way to go in the future. Cole arrived to send Starr off with good wishes. Out in the hall, Viki attempted to phone Tess, without success. Dorian was disappointed when she didn't receive the expected reaction from Viki, after she mentioned that she had returned her company to the Buchanans. Viki explained that she was immersed in her own family problems, having been to the morgue to search for her missing daughters. She shared the family's plight regarding the return of Tess and recapped all of her daughter's antics.

A concerned Dorian perked up when she heard details involving the letter that Tess had forced Natalie to write. She reminded Viki of the letter that Jean Randolph, one of Viki's alters, had forced Dorian to write so many years ago. Viki quickly reminded her that it was when she had seduced a teenaged Joey.

Wishing Viki well, Dorian departed. To Viki's surprise, Jean Randolph took over Dorian's spot on the couch. "You've chosen to turn to me for guidance," she said to a shocked Viki. She recommended that Viki use her brain to think, noting that Dorian was a big help. She noted that she believed in deductive reasoning, not coincidences. The fact that Tess had forced Natalie to write a letter was not a coincidence. Jean had thought, though, that Tess was more like Niki than herself, she proclaimed.

A disappointed Tess grabbed Niki's hand when she accepted the fact that Nash wouldn't be there. The pain intensified again and she fell to the floor. Raising herself to a sitting position, she realized that she needed to hurry to save Natalie and Jared. Her phone call to Tina went unanswered as she began to leave a message for Tina to free the prisoners at Llanfair. Niki vowed to take care of Tess as the stabbing pain continued. She insisted that Tess give her the pain.

Cain and Neil made Tina the butt of their jokes when it was learned that David Vickers was actually both female and pregnant. Tina took exception and enlisted Cain to help her deliver the pups into the world, cozying up to him as only Tina could. He agreed to help, adding that he would be able to kill Tina later. Tina did not hear her vibrating phone buzzing nearby on a table, as she fussed over her dog.

Tess, Starr, and even David Vickers (or Davida as Cain called the dog), whimpered, cried and screamed as they prepared to bring new life into the world. As Tina and Cain helped the little dog, they delivered three puppies. The couple shared a kiss. As Starr pushed, Dr. Joplin and Janet continued to exchange looks. As Starr delivered her screaming baby girl, Blair asked her daughter if she wished to hold the baby. Starr felt that Marcie should be the one to hold the baby first. Dr. Joplin announced that there might be a problem. Tess delivered a baby girl, too, but as Niki wrapped the baby up in a blanket, all was quiet.

Viki found herself trying to rationalize Jean's statements and thought hard. Where was Natalie? Suddenly, it came to her. She knew where to find her missing daughter. Jean's work was done.

Friday, November 7, 2008

How I Wish I'd Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

John entered the police evidence recovery room and observed a photograph of Marty. Staring intently at the picture, John declared, "Sit tight! I'm coming for you!"

A determined John opened numerous gun cases and examined several weapons. Dissatisfied with the caliber of weapons he had recovered, John continued to search for the right gun. Upon finding a large handgun, John appeared pleased. John loaded the weapon and left a message on Michael's voicemail. Warning Michael that the police would question him concerning John's whereabouts, John instructed Michael to tell the truth and asked him not to cover for him. John told Michael that he had some business to take care of and soon the case would be over.

John phoned Blair, but received her voicemail. He inquired about Starr and apologized for being abrupt with Blair at the courthouse. John said he hoped that he got the chance to make things up to her.

John armed himself with a knife and several revolvers. He left a message on Bo's voicemail. Apologizing to Bo, John insisted that he tried to work within the parameters of the law but was forced to take matters into his own hands. John placed his badge on the table and exited the room.

After making love, an invigorated Marty snuggled next to Todd. He responded by giving her a passionate kiss and related that there was no place on earth he would rather be. As Marty happily reminded him that their lives would be changed once they became parents to Starr's baby, Todd appeared bothered. To Marty's surprise, Todd leaped out of bed and claimed that he needed to check on Starr. When Marty questioned why he felt the need to leave that moment, Todd stated that he didn't want anything to ruin what had taken place between them. Insisting that nothing could hurt their relationship, Marty told Todd that she loved him. Holding her hand, Todd declared his love for Marty and maintained that the business that he needed to tend to was because of her. Marty asked Todd to return to her once he had completed his business. He promised that he would, and headed off to the hospital.

After Todd left, Marty wrote in her journal. Smiling to herself, Marty documented that she and Todd had declared their love for one another. Marty wrote that she was lucky to have him in her life, and so was their child.

In the delivery room, Starr suggested that Marcie hold the baby. When Blair asked Dr. Joplin to see the baby, Dr. Joplin and Janet exchanged nervous glances. Informing Blair, Starr, and Marcie that the baby was experiencing difficulties and needed to be rushed to the neo-natal intensive care unit, Dr. Joplin discreetly instructed Janet to take the baby to her examination room. As Blair and Marcie questioned what was wrong with the child, Starr demanded to know where Dr. Joplin was taking her baby. Convinced that her baby was healthy, Starr stated that she had heard the child cry. After the doctor advised everyone to allow her time to treat the baby, Dr. Joplin and Janet quickly exited the delivery room. Marcie approached Dr. Joplin and insisted upon escorting Dr. Joplin to the intensive care unit with the baby. Eventually, Dr. Joplin convinced Marcie to encourage Starr while Dr. Dr. Joplin cared for the baby. Marcie agreed, and Janet headed to the examination room with Starr's child.

While Starr agonized over the unknown condition of her child, Blair comforted her daughter. Reassuring Starr that the baby would be fine, Blair reminded her daughter that Marcie was checking on the baby and wouldn't allow anything to happen to the child.

Meanwhile, Marcie wandered through the halls, waiting for answers. She turned around and stood face-to-face with Todd. When Todd inquired about Starr, a nervous Marcie told him that Starr had given birth to a baby girl, but the baby had been rushed to the intensive care unit.

At the cottage, a frail Tess wondered why her baby wasn't crying. She slowly looked around and observed the room in shambles and a blood-stained sheet lying beside her. Suddenly, Tess appeared calm and began examining her surroundings. Moments later, Jessica surfaced with a new personality. The new alter ego wrapped the lifeless baby in a sheet. Apologizing to the dead child, Jessica's new personality stated that the baby wasn't supposed to die. She told the child that her suffering was over. The new alter ego insisted that everyone would be looking for them and that she needed to fix things. As she cleaned the cottage, Jessica's alter ego was determined to make things right.

Dressed in drab clothing that Tess would never wear, the new alter ego took off her earrings and donned a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Appearing quite calm, the alter ego remarked, "Jess was too fragile. Tess was too high-strung, but I'm Bess and I was made for situations like this!" Picking up the dead child, Bess stated, "There's no need to cry over spilt milk! I have to take away the pain, and replace it with a purpose!"

At Cain's apartment, Tina and Cain made love. Afterward, they discussed their feelings for each other. As they shared a tender moment, Tina glanced over at David Vickers and "her" litter of puppies. Commenting on how she had saved the dog, Tina's thoughts suddenly turned to Natalie and Jared locked in the basement. Tina asked Cain to look after the dogs and rushed off to save Natalie and Jared.

In the basement of Llanfair, Natalie and Jared dressed after making love in the secret room. Certain that their lives were soon to end, Natalie wondered when the bomb would explode. As the bomb continued to tick, Jared pleaded with Natalie to have hope. Convinced that Tess didn't actually want to kill them, Jared reminded Natalie that Tess's main objective was to make them suffer. Jared believed that the bomb wasn't real. Natalie wanted to hope for the best, but she was doubtful. Jared insisted that Bo, Viki, or Charlie would find them before it was too late. Natalie wondered if Tina would have a heart and rescue them. As she thought about Jessica's unborn baby, Natalie continued to worry.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Charlie tended to Bree. Charlie was startled when Viki rushed in and told him that Tess had locked Natalie and Jared in the basement. Explaining that Tess had copied Viki's behavior, Viki told Charlie the story about her alter ego, Jean, and the time when Jean had locked Dorian in a secret room in the basement of Llanfair. Viki told Charlie that Jean had the need to create order out of chaos. When she discovered the basement door locked and then realized that Tess had changed the lock, Viki's suspicions were confirmed, and she was certain that Tess had built a secret room.

As Charlie tried to break the door down, Viki panicked when she realized that the tools were in the basement. Moments later, Tina appeared and Viki asked her if Tess had construction work done in the basement. Without admitting her knowledge of Tess's actions or Natalie and Jared's whereabouts, Tina offered to pick the lock. Once the door was unlocked, Viki grabbed Bree and they all flew down the basement stairs.

Once in the basement, Viki and Charlie had no clue where the secret room could be. When Charlie asked Viki for details about the room that Jean had built, Viki remembered that the room was hidden by a sliding panel. As Bree cried, Tina insisted that she saw scuff marks near the secret panel and suggested that Charlie search the area. Charlie slid the wall back and Viki was speechless when they discovered Natalie and Jared in the secret room. Afraid for Bree's safety, Natalie screamed for Viki to leave the house at once, but Viki couldn't hear her pleas because the Michaelmicrophone was turned off. While Viki and Charlie struggled to hear Natalie and Jared, Tina turned on the Michaelmicrophone. Viki and Charlie were stunned when Jared screamed that there was a bomb in the room.

Handing Bree to Tina, Viki ordered her to leave Llanfair and alert Bo to send the bomb squad. Natalie and Jared begged Viki and Charlie to leave, also, but they refused to leave without their children. Warning Charlie and Viki that the bomb had been ticking for hours, Jared insisted that they leave. Charlie picked up the timer to examine how much time was remaining. When Jared and Natalie asked how much time was left, Viki placed her hand over her mouth and gasped. Holding the timer, Charlie told Jared and Natalie that they had exactly ten minutes left.

Back at the cottage, Bess remembered the conversation that Tess had overheard between Todd and Janet, in which Todd instructed Janet to take Starr's baby to Dr. Dr. Joplin's office immediately following the delivery. In a decisive tone, Bess remarked, "Most of the legwork was done thanks to Tess, and Uncle Todd did the rest!"

As Starr continued to worry about her baby, Blair assured her that the baby was healthy.

Impersonating Jessica, Bess phoned the hospital and asked if her cousin, Starr, had given birth to her baby. With the dead child in her arms, Bess said the bad memories that had taken place in the cottage would be replaced with good ones. Insisting that the timing couldn't be more perfect, Bess left the cottage with the dead child.

While Marcie blamed herself for the situation, Todd surprised her with kind words and suggested that she check on Starr and Blair. Todd told Marcie to tell them to trust the doctor to do the right thing. He told Marcie that things would work out. Marcie entered the delivery room and told Starr and Blair that she had received a pep talk from an unexpected source - Todd. Meanwhile, Todd ran into Dr. Dr. Joplin in the hall. Smiling from ear to ear, Todd instructed her to give the child back. Claiming that he wanted to do the right thing, Todd credited someone special with helping him see the light.

Back at Todd's home, Marty finished her last journal entry and prepared to go to bed. As she slipped into bed, she smiled as she thought about Todd returning home to her. At that very moment, John hurled himself through Marty's bedroom window. John called out to her, but Marty was in shock.

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