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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, November 3, 2008

While he was waiting in the hospital, Philip dreamed about sleeping with Melanie. Daniel expressed concern for him and asked what he was dreaming about. Philip said he had a bad dream but he was fine. He checked in on Kate, who was undergoing chemotherapy. She reminisced about Philip's childhood, and he said he would give up all his career success to be back in the first grade. Kate told Philip he had to accept the possibility that she might die.

After Philip left, Kate asked Daniel how her treatment was going, and he said it was hard to tell. He said they had to monitor her closely because she was given a high dose of chemo. Kate said she put her total trust in him, and no matter what, she'd know that he did everything to save her. Later, Philip told Daniel he overheard Kate and Daniel talking. Philip promised not to interfere if Kate and Daniel decided to be together after Kate's cancer was gone, and he begged Daniel to save his mother. Back in Kate's hospital room, Daniel told Kate to fight to get better for him and her kids.

At Mickey and Maggie's house, Melanie told Nick he was the only friend she had left in Salem, and Nick took her speech to mean she didn't want him to think that the kiss they shared and Melanie agreeing to move in with Nick meant anything more. Melanie said she valued their friendship and wanted to keep it that way.

Chelsea walked in and wondered what Melanie was doing there. Melanie explained that she lived there. Nick confirmed it and asked Chelsea why she walked in without knocking. Chelsea said there was a time when she didn't need to knock, but Nick said they didn't live in that time anymore. Chelsea said she had wanted to tell him something about her grandmother, but she realized that it wasn't the right time.

Chelsea had brought in the mail, and Nick noticed he got a letter about his alternative fuel project getting the attention of a major funding group. Chelsea was happy for him, and Melanie suggested they celebrate. Nick wanted to make sure Melanie was okay with the news, considering that the work that he and Melanie's father did might benefit the world. Melanie said at least something good came from Trent.

Melanie told Chelsea to give her and Nick some time alone, but instead of leaving, Chelsea eavesdropped outside the door. Nick said he didn't want to hurt Melanie by talking about Trent. She was impressed with how brilliant Nick was. Melanie mentioned that she wanted Nick to keep all the proceeds from his project, even though she was sure she was entitled to some of it as Trent's daughter, but Nick said she should get paid, too. Melanie suggested that they might eventually be more than just friends.

Melanie said she realized that she and Nick might have a karmic bond and he was supposed to show her that she had been pursuing the wrong kind of guy. They got close, but before they could kiss, Chelsea barged in again and asked for time alone with Nick. With Melanie out of the room, Chelsea admitted she'd spied on Nick and Melanie. Chelsea called Nick a fool because Melanie was just using Nick for the money he could make. Nick got mad and threw Chelsea out. After Melanie went to bed, Nick discovered the note that the blackmailer left for her saying he saw what she did at the cemetery. Then Nick remembered writing the blackmail note.

At the police station, Bo and Hope brought Nicole her new wardrobe - prison garb. While Nicole was complaining about her new orange jumpsuit, E.J. walked in with legal papers requesting a bail hearing. She was overjoyed, and while she was hugging him, E.J. asked her if she really killed Trent. Hope notified them that it was time for her bail hearing, but E.J. wanted a few more minutes to question her. Bo said Nicole could just stay in jail until her trial, so E.J. decided to drop his questioning of Nicole for the time being.

At the hearing, Nicole complained about being treated like a criminal, and E.J. advised her to keep her complaints to herself. He said they could talk about whether Nicole killed Trent in an hour back at the mansion because he made sure that a judge the Dimeras had in their pocket was assigned to her case, which would ensure Nicole would get released on bail soon.

E.J. requested that Nicole be released into his custody, but the district attorney called on Bo to testify why Nicole should be denied bail. Bo mentioned the bead the police found at the crime scene that matched Nicole's dress. He also mentioned Nicole's past murder attempts on Colin Murphy and Victor Kiriakis. Despite E.J.'s objections, the judge let Bo continue his testimony. The judge later denied Nicole bail.

Rafael was shocked to find out he was Sami's new guard, and he tried to get out of it, to no avail. Sami said Rafael was stuck with her, but he said it was the other way around. Sami looked through some mugshots, but didn't recognize the mayor's shooter. She thought she was finished and wanted to go to bed, but he brought out a box full of mugshots to go through, too.

Sami felt overwhelmed and sick to her stomach, and Rafael made fun of her. Then he noticed that she wasn't playing. Sami downplayed her condition, but Rafael was still suspicious. Sami said she was just tired, so Rafael said they could go back to identifying the killer since she didn't look nauseous anymore. Sami promised to look at the mugshots the next day because she was exhausted. He agreed and went into the bathroom, but realized that Sami had stolen his cell phone, so he went out and grabbed it from Sami's hands and then returned to the bathroom with it. While Rafael was in the shower, Sami put on a coat so she could go use the payphone to call her father and get Rafael reassigned. But before she could get out the door, he ran out of the shower and stopped her.

Nicole got angry at E.J. for getting her hopes up about getting out on bail, and he blurted out that he didn't want his child in jail. She demanded to know what he meant and pointed out that she and the baby were a package deal. E.J. apologized, and the guard told them visiting hours were over. Nicole said she was innocent, but E.J. didn't seem convinced. After E.J. left, Nicole started cramping, which gave her an idea.

Back at the station, Bo told Hope he had second thoughts about Nicole being Trent's murderer and he wanted to get to the truth.

Chelsea ran into Philip and asked him to save Nick from Melanie.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano read E.J. the riot act for not getting Nicole out on bail. "A DiMera heir is gestating in a cell in the county jail!" E.J. angrily replied that Bo's testimony had somehow swayed Judge Fitzpatrick-who was supposed to be on the DiMera payroll. This made Stefano even more furious, but he calmed himself and began plotting what they would do next. He pointed out that Nicole wouldn't be released until the real killer was caught, and asked if E.J. believed Nicole was innocent. E.J. reluctantly admitted that he didn't know. Though E.J. was clearly upset by the idea that Nicole could have taken a life, Stefano merely rationalized it as her passion getting the better of her. He added that he knew E.J. had feelings for Nicole, but, more importantly, she was the mother of the next DiMera heir-and E.J. must do whatever it took to protect that child.

Stefano wondered if perhaps E.J. felt as if he were betraying Samantha by helping Nicole. E.J. snapped that he didn't want to hear Stefano's opinions about his love life, because Stefano was completely obsessed with the notion of DiMera heirs, and with protecting them. "Listen to me, Elvis," declared Stefano reassuringly. "I love you, just as you love Giovanni, and as you profess to love this unborn child of yours." Stefano wanted to know whether E.J. loved Nicole, as well. E.J. quietly replied, "Nicole is very important to me. More than you know."

In her jail cell, Nicole whispered to her baby that her cramps had stopped, but that it would be their secret. She began clanking a metal cup against the bars, calling out to the guard for help because she was in terrible pain. When he finally showed up, she put on a good show, sobbing that she feared she was losing her baby and begging him to call a doctor. The guard only smirked and called her by her porn name, adding that she'd have to put on a better performance if she wanted to convince him. Nicole angrily called him a disgusting pervert, and warned him that he'd be in a world of trouble if anything happened to her baby-Stefano DiMera's grandchild.

The guard watched lecherously later as a doctor examined Nicole. The doctor declared that Nicole's blood pressure and temperature were normal, as was her cramping. She tried pleading with the doctor, but he dismissed her concerns, and left.

Nicole tossed and turned in her cot later, then shrieked when she saw cockroaches scurrying across the floor. The guard returned, and when Nicole complained, he shoved a bunch of cleaning supplies through the bars. Nicole, disgusted, returned to her cot and murmured reassurances to the baby, then broke down in sobs. Determined to get out of that filthy cell somehow, she grabbed the toilet brush and banged on the cell bars again, screaming to the guard that she was in pain.

A bit later, E.J. strode into the jail and was shocked to find Nicole's cell empty. He demanded to know where she was, and the guard informed him that a doctor had taken Nicole to University Hospital. But when E.J. called the hospital, he learned that she wasn't there. He hung up and angrily asked the guard where Nicole was.

Abe and Lexie arrived at the Cheatin' Heart, and observed that the place hadn't changed much since they were last there. After they had sat down, Lexie reassured her husband that she was completely sure-with no more reservations-that she wanted him to be mayor. Abe beamed and said he was lucky to have her. They agreed that the last mayor had caused many of Salem's problems. Abe acknowledged that being mayor would be a lot more work, but knew it would also be more satisfying. They were toasting to his being elected when Stefano called Lexie.

Lexie irritably asked Stefano what he wanted. Stefano replied that Abe should not even consider appointing Roman Brady to be police commissioner, since Roman had it in for Stefano. Lexie hung up on him. When she told Abe what Stefano wanted, Abe confidently vowed that Stefano would have absolutely no influence over him.

Stephanie walked into the Cheatin' Heart and was startled to find Max tending bar. When he suggested that she try a "flirtini," she angrily assumed that he was insinuating that she was a slut, then asked crossly why he was working there again. He replied that he'd asked Adrienne if he could come back, because he needed another job, and insisted that he hadn't meant anything by the drink suggestion.

As Philip and Chelsea entered and sat at a table, Chelsea was ranting about how she believed Melanie was just using Nick for his money. Philip pointed out that people used to say the same thing about Chelsea, which riled Chelsea, so Philip gently suggested that she was jealous of Nick and Melanie. Chelsea lit into him, then stopped and apologized for being insensitive, and for overreacting to everything Philip said. Philip shrugged it off, because he knew she was as worried about Kate as he was, adding that Kate's illness had helped him put things in perspective. Chelsea tried to talk herself into not caring whether Nick and Melanie were together, but then realized she did care-especially because Melanie might be a murderer. Philip informed her that Nicole had been arrested for Trent's murder

Stephanie wanted to know why Max was still tending bar, when he was a genius, but Max insisted he was happy. Stephanie wasn't buying it, asserting that Max should go back to school, and that she was sure Nick would give him the same advice. Max then informed her that Melanie had moved in with Nick. As Stephanie quickly downed the drink Max had made for her, they argued about Melanie, and whether Max or Stephanie should apologize to the other. Finally, a fed up Stephanie rose to leave-and ran right into Philip.

Laughing, Stephanie apologized, and told Philip that the work friends she was supposed to meet hadn't shown up. Philip invited her to join him and Chelsea, and as they sat down, it became obvious that Stephanie had gotten quite drunk. While Chelsea went to the bar to let Max know, Stephanie promised Philip that she'd keep Kate in her prayers. Stephanie suddenly stood up as if to confront Max, but lost her balance and fell, giggling, into Philip's arms. He offered to drive her home, and, though Stephanie initially insisted she could "cake tare of herself," she eventually agreed to go with him.

As they watched Philip escorting Stephanie out, Chelsea pointedly remarked to Max that at least someone was watching out for Steph. She then asked Max if he was going to do anything to prevent Melanie from derailing Nick's life like she had Max's.

Melanie was unpacking in the bedroom at Mickey and Maggie's, when she realized she couldn't find the blackmailer's note. She searched frantically for it, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Nick was at the kitchen table, reading the crumpled note. He took out a sheet of identical stationery and started to write something, then decided against it, and put the paper away. He folded the note and put it in his back pocket, then sat back down and began going through the items in Melanie's purse. Contemplating each thoughtfully, he was smelling a bottle of perfume when Melanie came in and caught him. Nick covered somewhat awkwardly, claiming that he'd accidentally knocked over her purse. He quickly added that he'd been a bit distracted because of his fuel project, and because he'd been daydreaming about saving the planet. Melanie was interested in what the profits for Nick's project would be, so he did some quick calculations and showed her a ballpark figure. Melanie was astonished, and Nick reminded her that some of the money was hers, because of her dad's involvement, although some it would also go to the Horton Foundation.

They began fantasizing about what they would use the money for. Nick modestly confided that he wanted a house, but when Melanie pointed out that he could afford a mansion on every continent, with jets and expensive cars, he happily played along. He asked what she'd want, and she confessed she'd like lots of designer clothes and jewelry, and to travel the world. She then noted that it was late, so she retrieved her purse, wished him a good night, and went to her room.

Melanie was sitting on her bed, perusing the real estate ads, when Nick knocked on her door a little later. She stashed the newspaper under the covers before opening the door. Nick presented her with a mug of warm milk and a plate of cookies, which he said was a Horton family tradition. Melanie was touched, but said she didn't think she'd need the warm milk, so Nick left the tray and bid her goodnight again.

Nick lingered for a long moment outside the door, and Melanie caught him standing there, and asked him what was up. Showing her the crumpled note, Nick confessed that he'd found it in her stuff, and asked why she hadn't told him about it. Melanie, obviously flustered, replied that she'd just been a little rattled. He reassured her that he wouldn't tell anyone about the note, then confided that he felt protective of her, so he would help her however he could. She was surprised that he knew about how she'd blacked out the night Trent was murdered, but Nick said that Max had told him. After one last reassurance that he'd be right down the hall if she needed him, he left again.

Melanie tossed and turned later, remembering the voice threatening her. Meanwhile, Nick was in the kitchen, fantasizing about being happily married to Melanie. He imagined her as an adoring housewife, making his favorite dinner, and telling him that he was her knight in shining armor.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At the gym, Daniel helped Chloe with her weightlifting form and the two chatted about Kate. When Chloe told Daniel that Kate was lucky to have him as her doctor, an angry Philip marched in and announced, "Or maybe not!" Philip argued that he had just gone to visit Kate and found her suffering from the effects of the chemotherapy by herself with no one to support her. Trying to calm Philip down, Daniel explained that he had decided to take a break and had notified Kate first. Daniel suggested that Philip call Kate's oncologist to discuss the side effects that Kate was experiencing. Trying to diffuse the situation, Chloe pulled Philip aside and warned him that he was acting like a jerk. Chloe reminded Philip that Daniel had given Kate a reason to fight and that she trusted him. Philip softened and quietly apologized to Daniel. In response, Daniel told Philip that anger was an outlet to feel like one was in control. Philip nodded in agreement, and then left Daniel and Chloe to continue their workout. Daniel admitted to Chloe that he was angry about Kate's illness. "You really love her don't you?" Chloe asked.

At the end of their workout, Chloe apologized to Daniel for asking him about his feelings for Kate. Daniel told her it was fine, but that he did not answer her because the situation was complicated. Noting Chloe's exaggerated nod, Daniel asked Chloe how things were with Lucas. As Chloe explained that life was different but good, Daniel pushed her to answer truthfully. Chloe admitted that she missed traveling and singing, but she also said that she really did enjoy life with Lucas and Allie. Noting how Chloe's face lit up when she talked about singing, Daniel recommended that she not give up on her dream. Daniel and Chloe then talked about Nicole, and Chloe defended Nicole by saying that she did not believe Nicole was capable of murdering Trent. When the discussion turned to Chloe's complicated relationship with Kate, Daniel offered to talk to Kate on Chloe's behalf.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano happily greeted Tony, who in turn teased Stefano about rigging the election. Tony then asked Stefano whether he was involved in the mayor's murder. Stefano evaded the question but did suggest to Tony that he had no reason to commit the murder. Tony countered that he believed Stefano hired someone to murder the mayor, and Stefano argued that he would not have helped Lexie in that way because it would have jeopardized Abe's career.

At the Brady Pub, Abe nervously looked around the room at the decorations and explained to Lexie that celebrating made him nervous because it reminded him of Mayor Marino's family and their loss. Overwhelmed with guilt, Lexie broke down and confessed to Abe that she had visited Stefano and asked him to withdraw his support of Marino. Barely holding back tears, Lexie reminded Abe that later that same day, Marino was murdered on the front porch of the DiMera mansion. "What if I ruined everything for you?" Lexie asked Abe breathlessly. Abe tried to ease her guilt by reminding her that she did not know for sure what had happened. When Roman wandered over to say hello, Abe told Roman everything he had just learned from Lexie, and the two men headed out the door to confront Stefano.

Tony walked into the Brady Pub to say hello to Lexie, and she immediately cried out, "I think I just made a really big mistake!" Lexie explained to Tony that she was consumed with guilt for asking her father for help. Though Tony showed great concern for his sister, Lexie told Tony that she was more afraid that her actions would destroy Abe.

At the police station, Bo and Hope discussed his possible promotion to the position of commissioner. When Hope suggested they leave to get ready for Abe's acceptance speech, Bo seemed confused by the idea of changing into a suit. Hope reminded Bo that he would have to make a few changes in his life, and Bo reluctantly followed her out the door.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe and Roman walked into the living room to confront Stefano about his involvement in the mayor's murder. Before Stefano could be questioned, he cheerfully admitted how happy he was to fulfill Lexie's request to pull his support from Mayor Marino. When Abe asked Stefano if he had killed the mayor, Stefano suggested in a hypothetical way that if he had murdered Mayor Marino at his daughter's request, the perception of the public would be enough to ruin Abe. Seething with rage, Abe asked Stefano directly whether he had put a hit out on the mayor. In reply, Stefano coldly answered, "I would be direct but my gut tells me you don't really want me to answer that." Disgusted, Abe walked out, leaving Roman behind to threaten Stefano. Smiling, Stefano countered, "Say hello to Samantha for me." Once Roman and Abe had left, Stefano raised a glass in toast to a photo of Abe and Lexie saying, "I did back the right man, after all."

Back at the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope headed in just as Abe and Roman returned from the mansion. Lexie immediately pulled Abe aside to beg him for forgiveness. Abe responded that he understood why she went to her father. With his characteristic honesty, Abe then told Lexie that Stefano did not directly admit to the murder. Understanding what Abe was implying, an emotional Lexie blamed herself, but Abe quickly interrupted and told her that he was to blame. Before Abe and Lexie could talk anymore, the election results were announced, and it was declared that Abe had been elected mayor by a landslide.

At Nick's, Melanie tossed and turned in her sleep saying "I won't do it. I want you to die!" Meanwhile, Nick sat on the edge of the bed, listening to Melanie with a blank look on his face. Just as Nick slipped into the next room, Melanie woke up screaming and then, looking around the room, asked if anyone was there. With no answer from Nick on the other side of the door, Melanie shook her head and got out of bed.

Out in the kitchen, Nick took a couple of prescription pills as Melanie exited the bedroom. Nick quickly hid his prescription bottle and greeted Melanie as she sleepily rubbed her eyes. Melanie explained that she had been in bed all day because she kept having dreams about the letter she had received. Nick promised to protect her, and Melanie thanked him for keeping her secret and standing by her. Across the room, Nick's computer beeped and, after running over and checking it, Nick announced that he had just received confirmation that his proposal for his alternative fuel project had been accepted. Nick and Melanie hooted with excitement, and Melanie thanked him for not taking Trent's share in the project away from her. Looking in her eyes, Nick said quietly, "You deserve to reap the benefits."

After exclaiming that she was going to give Nick a big surprise, Melanie presented Nick with a cake. Nick looked a bit disappointed, but he denied it when asked. While Melanie flirted with Nick, dabbing frosting on his face, there was a knock at the door.

Philip looked into the window of the door and, seeing Nick and Melanie laughing in the kitchen, said, "You were right, Chelsea. He definitely needs to be rescued." Nick finally answered the door, and Philip walked in and asked to talk about Nick's alternative fuel project. "It will never see the light of day," Philip announced.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Philip stopped by Maggie's house to tell Nick that his invention would never see the light of day. Speaking on behalf of the foundation, Philip said he would have to rescind the approval and it could be a long time before Nick would make money on his alternative fuel project. Melanie demanded that Philip change his mind, but he explained that the letter Nick received approving his project was sent out without Philip's approval, and Nick needed to run more tests on his project.

Melanie accused Philip of trying to get back at Chelsea, but Philip said Chelsea had nothing to do with it. Philip suggested Nick fine-tune his project and resubmit it. Nick agreed to do it, and, after Philip left, Nick apologized to Melanie for not being able to get her money sooner. Nick reassured her that he would get his project approved. He invited Melanie out for a bite to eat, but she politely turned him down.

After Nick was gone, Philip returned to talk to Melanie. She told Philip that Chelsea was just jealous of Melanie's friendship with Nick, and Philip warned Melanie to look elsewhere if she was looking to cash in on Nick's project. Melanie realized Philip still thought she killed her father, Trent, even though the police cleared her, and she wanted to know why Philip hated her. He said he didn't hate her - he actually saw traces of himself in her.

Melanie was tenacious, strong-willed, and knew what she wanted-and she wouldn't let anything get in the way of what she wanted, Philip said. But the downside was that Melanie took it to a personal level and came across as a spoiled brat, he added. Melanie asked him if he thought Nick saw her that way, and Philip said Nick only saw what he wanted to see. Melanie thought she and Nick were good for each other, but Philip said Melanie was wrong for Nick because he was too nice and couldn't handle a girl like her, but Philip could.

Nick went to the bar to see Max and filled him in on the status of his project. Nick asked Max for help reworking, and although Max was hesitant at first, he agreed to help Nick. Nick mentioned that Melanie would get a share of the profits from the project. Max wanted to know why Nick was going out of his way to help Melanie, and Nick admitted he was in love with her. Max couldn't believe that Nick was in love with Max's sister, because Melanie was trouble.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. called around looking for Nicole. Meanwhile, an officer wheeled Nicole into the jail's infirmary. She wanted to know why she wasn't taken to the hospital, and in the process, she ended up insulting the other prisoners in the infirmary. Nicole demanded to be taken to the hospital, where she could receive the comforts of home, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. The guard and nurse left Nicole alone with the rest of the prisoners.

One of the prisoners - a woman named Candy - took the nurse's cigarettes, and when the nurse came back and noticed the cigarettes were missing, Nicole let on that Candy took them. The nurse reclaimed her cigarettes and went on a smoke break, and while she was gone, Candy harassed Nicole. The nurse returned and ordered Candy back to her bed, then told Nicole how Candy got into a fight with another prisoner and broke the woman's jaw.

Nicole changed her mind about needing medical attention and wanted to be taken back to her cell, but the nurse said it was best to let the doctor look at Nicole just to be safe. After the nurse left the room, the other prisoners started to harass Nicole again.

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope congratulated Abe for being elected mayor. Hope was certain that Bo would be appointed commissioner, but he didn't want to assume anything. Tony told Roman he wished Stefano hadn't gotten involved in the situation between Mayor Marino and Abe.

E.J. asked for Bo's help in locating Nicole. They went outside, and E.J. explained to Bo that no one at the jail or university hospital seemed to know where Nicole was. Bo found out that Nicole was moved to the prison hospital ward, and E.J. wanted to know if the baby was all right. Bo didn't know, so E.J. took off to see Nicole.

At his press conference, Abe thanked his supporters, but said there was something they needed to know. He told the public he was committed to making the city safe. Bo told Hope that E.J. was worried about Nicole, and Hope said she felt better knowing that Abe was one elected official who was not in Stefano's back pocket.

Roman congratulated Abe and assured him that he shouldn't worry about Stefano trying to corrupt Abe, and Roman promised to keep their visit with Stefano to himself. They vowed to get enough evidence to nail Stefano for Mayor Marino's murder, and Abe volunteered to take the fall as long as they could get Stefano. Abe asked Bo to be the new police commissioner, and he accepted. Tony congratulated Abe and Bo, and said he felt like Salem was finally in capable hands, but Bo and Abe said they had their hands full trying to solve two murders.

The prisoners were harassing Nicole, and she tried to apologize for insulting them, but that didn't seem to appease them. Nicole called out for the nurse after one of the prisoners grabbed her. Outside the room, E.J. tried to gain access to the prison hospital ward, but the nurse refused to let him see her. After E.J. left, Nicole told the prisoners not to hurt her because she was pregnant, and they said they weren't going to touch her baby - they were only concerned about hurting Nicole. Nicole screamed, and the nurse and guard went in to investigate.

The guard handcuffed the prisoners to their beds, and the nurse checked Nicole over to make sure she and the baby were okay. The nurse said she would have to stay overnight in the prison hospital ward just to be safe, but Nicole was afraid to be there any longer with the prisoners who almost attacked her. The nurse assured her that a guard would be stationed outside, but Nicole still didn't feel safe. E.J showed up with a court order allowing him to take Nicole out of the hospital ward.

Nicole was glad to be back in her cell, and she assured E.J. that the baby was okay. E.J. said he didn't know what he would do if anything happened to their baby. Nicole accused E.J. of believing she murdered Trent, and she had hoped that E.J. had come back to save her. E.J. said he came back to save both her and the baby.

Friday, November 7, 2008

At the safe house, Rafe and Sami sat on opposite ends of the couch, having a staring contest. Rafe boasted that he would win because he'd perfected his technique while babysitting his bratty cousins. When Sami called him "Rafael," he tersely reiterated, "My name is Rafe," but she said she preferred to keep things "more formal." Rafe declared that, despite his extensive experience with criminals and terrorists, Sami might be his most difficult case yet. Sami then protested that the game they were playing was childish, so Rafe told her that she could look away whenever she wanted. Sami smugly cautioned him that she could wait him out, but Rafe informed her that he'd once spent forty-eight hours straight on a stakeout. Sami finally lost it, becoming virtually hysterical and admitting that she wanted to go home-and out of witness protection-because she needed to be with her kids and her family.

Rafe, calling her bluff, handed her his cell phone and told her to call her dad. Sami immediately took the phone and dialed. She asked about the twins, then flipped out when she heard that Nicole had been arrested. The way she read the riot act to the person on the phone made Rafe realize that she wasn't talking to her dad after all. He took the phone from her and demanded to know whom she'd called. Sami grudgingly admitted she'd called Lucas, her ex-husband, to check on her kids. She launched into a tirade about how dangerous it was that her kids might be living with a murderer, but Rafe wasn't interested. His cell phone rang then, and after he hung up, he dejectedly told Sami that the Truck Stop Slasher had just been arrested. Sami, who was familiar with the case, asked why he sounded so disappointed. Rafe crossly informed her that he'd been trying to catch the guy for two years, but he didn't get to make the arrest because he was stuck babysitting Sami.

Rafe then scolded Sami, reminding her that if she got killed, her kids would grow up without a mother, and Rafe-and everyone who'd stuck their necks out trying to protect her-would have to live with it forever. Sami apologized for being selfish and ungrateful, and offered to make dinner for the two of them to make it up to him. Rafe was skeptical, but she swore she wouldn't try to poison him. As she warned him that she wasn't much of a cook, she began assembling the ingredients to make BLTs. She confided that she'd be a lot better behaved if she didn't miss her kids so much. He asked her about them, so she told him a little about Will, Johnny, and Allie. Rafe was taken aback when he deduced that the twins had different fathers. The bacon pan then began smoking. Sami shrieked, "Fire!" and made a dash for the door, but Rafe caught her before she could get it unlocked.

While he doused the pan in the sink, she sneakily grabbed his cell phone and stuck it in her back pocket. He lectured her about how she seemingly had to turn everything into a power struggle, and pretended to call a truce. Sami pretended to accept and be grateful, then made some excuses, and tried to head for the bathroom to take a shower. Rafe grabbed her and retrieved the phone from her pocket. Sami promised it wouldn't be the last time she tried to swipe his phone, then went in the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

While Sami was in the shower, Rafe picked the lock on the bathroom door. He surreptitiously reached in and took her towel and clothes. "Two can play at that game," he declared cockily as he quietly closed the door behind himself.

At the jail, Nicole assured a relieved E.J. that she and the baby were fine. When she hinted that she had perhaps over-dramatized her cramping in order to get herself-and the baby-out of jail, E.J. laughed and commended her resourcefulness. He added that it meant a lot to him that she would go so far to protect their baby. He then apologized for not being able to get her out on bail. Nicole confessed that being thrown in jail had freaked her out a little, because she was already terrified at the prospect of becoming a mother. E.J. tried to reassure her that she would be a great mother. She confided unsteadily that being in jail had proven to her that she would do anything to protect her baby. E.J. wanted to know if "anything" meant telling him the truth. Nicole was devastated that he still didn't believe in her innocence. He impatiently argued that the details of what had happened the night Trent was murdered kept trickling in, all of which pointed toward her having done it. He urged her to finally tell him the truth.

Bo and Hope toasted with sparkling cider in his office, celebrating his appointment as police commissioner. After they'd closed his office blinds and kissed, Bo told Hope that he'd need her help to clean up Salem, and she willingly agreed. E.J. called Bo's cell phone just then, and when Bo hung up, he informed Hope that Nicole was ready to talk. Hope grabbed a tape recorder and the pair headed for the jail.

Bo and Hope went into Nicole's cell, and expressed their sympathy for what she'd gone through in the infirmary. E.J. told them that the whole ordeal had affected Nicole, who stated that she was ready to tell the truth. While Hope got everything on tape, Nicole, her voice shaking, confessed that she had followed Trent to the cemetery with a gun, because she had intended to kill him-but she hadn't been able to pull the trigger. A skeptical Bo asked if there had been any witnesses. Nicole began to tell him no, then suddenly remembered that she'd seen someone else, whom she'd thought was male, at the entrance to the cemetery that night. When Bo asked her to describe the man, Nicole could only remember that he was tall, adding that she'd assumed at the time that he was the caretaker. E.J. then indignantly asked Bo and Hope if anyone had bothered to interview the caretaker.

As Bo and Hope started to leave, promising to investigate what Nicole had said, Nicole stopped them. She asked why they hadn't come after her earlier, if she'd been a suspect all along, when they'd been trying to prove Caroline and Max's innocence. They informed Nicole that they hadn't had enough evidence before, and that they'd only found the bead that matched the one from her dress during a second sweep of the area. Nicole was stunned that they'd only recently found the bead, but E.J. just huffed about the incompetence of the Salem police force for not finding it before.

After Bo and Hope had gone, Nicole realized that she'd seen either someone who could clear her, or the real killer. E.J. tried to get her to remember more details, but she couldn't. She started trying to think of who else might have had motive to kill Trent, and suddenly declared that Stefano must have done it to frame her. Nicole continued that the police had found the dress, which was in a closet in Stefano's house, only after they'd found the bead in the cemetery. E.J. argued that it didn't make any sense, because Stefano didn't have any reason to set her up. Nicole declared that Stefano wanted to get rid of her in order to take her baby from her-and that E.J. was in on it.

Bo and Hope stopped before they left the jail to discuss whether they bought Nicole's story. Hope said she believed Nicole, and Bo seemed to agree, since Nicole didn't have an alibi or any witnesses. Bo informed Hope that there hadn't been a caretaker on duty the night Trent was killed, so the person Nicole saw might be the killer.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max tried to caution Nick that Melanie was trouble. Nick, who had said he was in love with Melanie, was annoyed that Max wasn't happy for him. He assumed Max meant that Nick couldn't make Melanie happy, but Max denied it. He insisted that he was only trying to protect Nick, but that he also wanted Melanie to get her life straightened out before she got into a serious relationship. Max's cell phone rang just then, and Nick listened in as Max grumbled to Mr. Berman, Trent's lawyer, "No, I didn't hear that. Melanie didn't tell me."

In the Horton kitchen, Melanie irritably told Philip that he reminded her of her father, and accused him of punishing Nick for helping her. Philip countered that Melanie was only interested in Nick for his money. She declared that Nick's alternative fuel project might someday save the world, as well as make a lot of money for Titan. Philip replied that he'd be happy to reconsider once Nick could substantiate his findings. Melanie told him that by then it would be too late, adding quietly, "And for your information, I know exactly how to handle men like you. So good day." She turned to walk away, but he grabbed her by the wrist. When she tried to slap him with her other hand, he nimbly deflected her. Unnerved, she grabbed her coat and stalked out the back door, leaving Philip looking after her with an intrigued smile.

Melanie strode into the Cheatin' Heart a little later, sat at the bar, and tried to order a drink. Max interceded, telling the bartender-and reminding Melanie-that she was underage. Max gave Melanie a soda, and as he stuck a little umbrella in it, wished her a happy eighteenth birthday. Melanie was surprised that he knew, but declared that she wasn't celebrating, because her life was a mess. Nick stood nearby and eavesdropped as Melanie told Max she was thinking about going back to Marseille, where at least she was old enough to drink. Nick slipped outside and watched them through the window.

While Max and Melanie were bickering, her cell phone rang. A distorted voice told her, "You can run, Melanie, but you can't hide." Outside, Nick pulled an electronic device away from his cell phone, which he then hung up.

Philip headed to the gym, where Stephanie found him punching a heavy bag. She thanked him for taking her home the night before, and, seeing the vehemence with which he'd been pummeling the bag, asked if he wanted to talk. Philip admitted he'd been wrong about Melanie, adding that he'd since come to believe she was a gold-digger. He then asked how Stephanie could work out the morning after drinking so much. Stephanie berated herself for getting drunk because she was so worked up over Max and Melanie's problems, adding that even her schoolwork had been suffering. She vowed to buckle down so she could make something of herself. Philip wanted to know what her major was, and was surprised when she said advertising, with the ultimate goal of working for a nonprofit organization. He scoffed, but after confessing that he too had once been idealistic, offered to get her an internship at Titan. Stephanie declined, maintaining that he'd be a tough boss to work for, lightheartedly calling him an arrogant bastard. They bantered a little about his apparent lack of feelings, but Stephanie finally admitted she liked him and thought he was a decent guy. Philip confided that, given how his life had turned out, he was considering changing his tactics. Stephanie vowed that she was done with relationships, and the two of them raised their water bottles to "no more broken hearts."

Back at the Horton house, where Nick was waiting, Melanie rushed in the kitchen door. Clearly distraught, she informed Nick that she was leaving Salem immediately. A concerned Nick asked what was wrong, and she babbled that she'd been too much trouble, and that it was her fault his project fell through. He tried to calm her, but as she only became more and more upset, he asked what was going on. In a small voice, she described the phone call, and how creepy it was. Nick told her that she should continue to stay there, where she had a safe place to live and people who cared about her. He reassured her that he would take care of her, and help her figure out who was stalking her. Melanie relaxed a little and agreed to think about sticking around. She hugged Nick and said, "I don't know what I'd do without you." Nick eyes darkened as he promised her, "You'll never have to find out."

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