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Monday, October 27, 2008

At the hospital, Rick cried out that he could not feel his legs and was terrified that he was paralyzed. Brooke and Bridget discussed further tests, but Rick claimed his problem was obvious: he was paralyzed. He also berated Ridge for causing not only the recent accident, but for taking his mother away from his father when Rick was a child. He shouted at Ridge to leave and warned him that being in a wheelchair would not prevent him from protecting his mother. Ridge and Brooke stepped outside the room, and Ridge tried to comfort her.

Eric and Donna had a touching reunion, and Eric blamed himself for not helping Donna handle Pam. He explained that Pam was not just crazy, but that doctors had found a mass of scar tissue in her brain, the result of a childhood injury. Pam was undergoing surgery, so Donna decided to go to the hospital, and Eric accompanied her.

Stephanie waited at the hospital to hear word of Pam's surgery. Donna and Eric found her, and Donna continued her harangue that Pam was a psychopathic killer. A nurse came to tell Stephanie that her sister had survived the surgery well and was headed to recovery. Donna ranted that Pam should be behind bars for the rest of her life.

Eric came in and the nurse explained to the family that because Pam was a prisoner, she would soon be transferred to a state facility for recovery and rehab. Donna was still reluctant to believe that the tumor the doctors had removed was responsible for all Pam's aberrant behavior.

Bridget told her mother and Ridge that Rick's MRI showed his paralysis was caused by a swelling around the spinal cord, and there was no apparent damage to the cord itself. The doctors were hopeful that time would reduce the swelling and that Rick could walk again. Ridge assured Brooke that there was no way he would hurt her son intentionally.

Stephanie went to see Pam, who was coming out of anesthesia. Donna wanted to know where the police were, and Stephanie snapped that the nurse had already explained how the tumor had caused her sister's strange thoughts and actions. Pam suddenly awoke and asked for her pet, Tiny. Stephanie explained that Tiny had died months earlier, but Pam had no memory of that. Donna spoke up and listed all the horrible things Pam had done to her and her family, but Pam was most concerned about the loss of her pet.

Brooke asked Rick if he had heard the good news from Bridget about his MRI, but he was not encouraged. He told her to let Ridge go and to put him first in her life. He begged her to get Ridge Forrester out of their lives, once and for all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From his hospital bed, Rick ranted to his mother that Ridge had pushed him off the terrace wall and that he was almost was killed by the fall. He continued his unabated tirade against Ridge to Brooke. He made it clear to his mother that he did not want her to marry that horrible person. Rick commented that he always felt that he had come in second to Ridge. He informed his mother that if she couldn't get Ridge out of her life, he would get out of her life. Rick again threatened Brooke that if she married Ridge, she was out of his life. Brooke protested to Rick that she and Ridge were committed to one another. He didn't want to hear anything that Brooke had to say about Ridge.

After Brooke left, Rick dwelled on his accident. He recalled the struggle with Ridge that led to his subsequent fall. As Rick continued to wallow in misery over his fall and injuries, Taylor arrived. He rudely asked her to leave, but she chose to stay, anyway. She responded to Rick's rudeness and told him that she still cared about him. He raged at Taylor and told her that "Ridge put [him] in a wheelchair." He sarcastically described what his relationship with her had been. He told Taylor that he was a "crutch" that she used to build herself up and regain her self-confidence so she could pursue Ridge. Although Taylor attempted to calm him, Rick would not accept that Taylor did not treat him as he described. He told her that their relationship was the best thing that she ever had. He asked why she had ended their relationship to reunite with Ridge, who had treated her badly before? Rick demanded that she leave his room. Taylor left, but told him she would always care about him.

After Taylor left, Steffy stopped by to visit with Rick. Rick described her father as the love of Taylor's life. He called him "the great and powerful Ridge Forrester." Steffy questioned if Taylor really loved Ridge. Rick warned Steffy that he could no longer stand Ridge's arrogance, and he planned to stop Brooke from marrying Ridge.

Meanwhile, at home, Broke informed Ridge that Rick had threatened her that if she remarried Ridge, he would be out of her life. Ridge asked her not to worry about it. They were committed to their family, and things would work themselves out.

At the hospital, Pam recovered from brain surgery. Donna disbelieved that the surgery took place. She believed it was a scheme of Stephanie's to stop her from testifying against Pam. Eric showed Donna that the surgery was real. He rationalized if Pam's erratic behavior was due to a brain tumor, the police should not arrest her, and he did not want her charged with a crime.

Stephanie explained to Donna and Eric that Pam couldn't receive proper medical or mental health treatment in prison, and required a psychiatric hospital. Stephanie reminded Donna that Stephanie showed compassion for Donna's brother, Storm, after he shot Stephanie. She asked Donna to show the same mercy for Pam.

Ann arrived from Chicago to be with Pam. She begged Donna to show compassion to Pam. She promised that if Donna did not testify, Ann would take Pam to Chicago to a hospital for treatment.

Donna finally agreed not to press charges against Pam. She informed Stephanie that her request was that Ann would take Pam to Chicago, "place her in a hospital somewhere safe, and keep her there." Stephanie and Ann expressed their gratitude to Donna and thanked her.

Later, Donna went back into Pam's hospital room. Pam thanked Donna for not pressing charges. She apologized for her bad behavior. However, Donna didn't believe that her apology was genuine. Pam wanted to know if Donna had forgiven her for all the trouble she had caused. Pam explained that without Donna's forgiveness "she just couldn't bear it." Pam's choice of words, "bear it," worried Donna.

Brooke went to Taylor's office. She blamed her for causing Rick's injury. Brooke badmouthed Taylor and became completely irrational. Brooke said that she had declared war on Taylor.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

by Pam

At Nick's, the babysitter from next door held Jack and told Katie that she just loved watching Katie's son. Katie admitted that Jack was actually her sister's son, but Katie loved him like he was her own. Katie asked the sitter if she took Jack to the park so he could play, and the sitter said that she had. Katie said she loved the park almost as much as Jack did. Katie loved seeing all the kids and the moms.

Katie told the sitter she was getting busier at work and she might need the sitter more often. After the sitter left, Katie sat and held Jack. She told him that she felt like his mom, and she wished that she were his mom.

Nick walked in and overheard Katie. He interrupted and said he was glad to see his two favorite people. Katie said Jack was such a great kid, and everyone thought so - all the moms at the park and even the babysitter.

Katie said she felt like Jack was really starting to bond with her, and felt that Jack should stay with them full-time until the crisis with Rick's paralysis had passed. Nick said he didn't think it was a good idea because they had agreed that Jack needed stability. Nick pointed out that Brooke was the boy's mother. Katie sarcastically agreed. She said they couldn't forget that Brooke was Jack's biological mother. She said, "Jack is the child you share with my sister."

At Taylor's office, Brooke and Taylor argued. Brooke shouted at Taylor that Rick was paralyzed because of Taylor. She told Taylor that Rick was devastated when Taylor dumped Rick because she wanted Ridge.

Taylor admitted that her life had gone into a tailspin when she met Rick and he saved her. Brooke raged at her that while Rick was planning a wedding for Taylor, she was busy pursuing Ridge. As a result, Brooke said her son was lying in a hospital bed, but she said she should be grateful that Rick wasn't lying dead in a ditch like Darla.

Brooke wondered how many people Taylor had hurt with her recklessness. Taylor admitted she had tried to find comfort in drinking and in other men, but only after Brooke took Ridge away from Taylor more than once.

Taylor turned the tables and reminded Brooke that Rick had grown up taking care of her when she was crying all night over men. Taylor told Brooke that it was no wonder Rick was drawn to older women like Ashley and Taylor, because he was so neglected by his own mother.

Brooke scowled at Taylor as Taylor shouted that she wouldn't take any more of Brooke's garbage. Taylor said she was done playing fair with Brooke. She told her it was war, and Taylor planned to take back her territory and her husband. Brooke sneered that if Ridge wanted to be with Taylor, he would have been with her. She insisted that Ridge would be staying with Brooke and her children. She said there was nothing that Taylor could do about it.

Taylor smiled and said that she didn't think the marriage would ever happen, but if it did, she would respect Brooke's marriage the same way Brooke respected her marriage. Taylor warned that things were going to be different. She added that she was not the same sweet goody-two shoes she was before, because she had hit rock bottom and had nothing to lose. She planned to claw her way back up and didn't care how long it took to get what she wanted.

Brooke squinted and said she couldn't believe that Taylor would keep banging her head against the wall, but she smirked that Taylor could knock herself out. Brooke said she had felt sorry for Taylor giving up Rick and Jack, but she knew she was wasting her time. Brooke said she was beginning to believe that psychiatrists were usually craziest of all.

Taylor warned Brooke that when Ridge tired of Brooke's lack of commitment, he would be looking for a safe place, and Taylor would be waiting. Taylor announced that she was taking back what was hers, "and there is nothing you can do stop me."

At the hospital, Eric tried to calm Rick down, but Rick expressed his disgust and anger about Ridge. Eric promised to find a specialist to help Rick. He told Rick that he was young and strong, and that the entire family would help him get well. Rick said it wouldn't be the entire family. Rick said if it weren't for Ridge, Rick wouldn't be paralyzed. Rick refused to believe that his condition was an accident. Rick blamed Ridge for trying to keep him out of the family and the company for years.

Rick said that Ridge's arrogance was out of control. Eric replied that Rick was angry because Taylor had broken the engagement. Eric said he knew that Rick loved Taylor. Rick interrupted and said that Ridge was using Taylor and his mother the same way he always had. Rick said that Ridge had opened the door with Taylor again and told her he still had feelings for her. Rick was convinced Ridge did it to ramp up his mom's insecurities. Rick was convinced that Ridge wanted to keep these two women at each other's throats forever. Rick insisted that Ridge wasn't going to get away with it again. Rick wouldn't allow it.

Eric said he understood that Rick was in a bad place. He knew he had lost feeling in his legs and he was confused and hurt by Taylor. Eric told Rick his legs and heart would heal. Rick said he would heal, but he wouldn't forgive Ridge. Rick told Eric that he had urged his mom to end her relationship with Ridge. Eric begged Rick to set aside his negativity, but Rick told Eric to stop defending Ridge.

Ridge met with Stephanie and told her that the accident with Rick happened when Rick was choking him. He told Stephanie that Rick thought it was all Ridge's fault that Taylor called off the wedding. Stephanie wondered about Brooke, and Ridge admitted that Brooke was very worried.

Ridge tried to change the subject and asked about Pam. Stephanie said Pam didn't remember anything. Ann wanted to get her into a psychiatric facility in Chicago. Ridge wondered how that would happen, but Stephanie assured him that Eric and Donna agreed not to testify against Pam, so the police didn't have a case. Ridge was surprised that Eric and Donna agreed. He asked if Eric had called off the divorce, and Stephanie said she didn't know.

Stephanie brought the conversation back to how elated she was that Taylor didn't marry Rick because she was still in love with Ridge. Stephanie told Ridge that he was always happiest with Taylor and never had any real long-term happiness with Brooke. When he was with Taylor, Stephanie insisted Ridge had peace and contentment. She dared him to look her in the eye and tell her that he didn't love Taylor. Ridge admitted he would always care about Taylor. Stephanie encouraged him to pursue his family with Taylor.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

by Pam

At the hospital, Rick was impatient as he told his mother and Bridget that he had a difficult time sleeping because he couldn't move his legs. Bridget suggested a sleeping aid because he needed his rest in order to get well.

The doctor entered and told Rick that it was understandable that he was impatient. The doctor agreed they had no way of knowing how long the paralysis would last, but normally swelling around a spinal cord dissipated with rest. He stimulated Rick's foot, and his foot moved. The doctor asked Rick if he felt it, and Rick said he thought so. The doctor stimulated his foot again and Rick's foot moved again. Rick laughed and said he felt it. Rick, Brooke, and Bridget were elated.

The doctor told Rick that the movement was a very good sign. Rick asked if he could be released. The doctor said he thought it would be a great idea, since Rick would recover more comfortably at home. Bridget asked where Rick wanted to stay. Brooke insisted that Rick would stay with her so she could take care of him. Rick said he would enjoy some quality time and wanted to stay with his mom. Brooke asked Bridget to get the release papers. Rick stopped her and insisted he would not be in the same house with Ridge. Rick asked his mother to ask Ridge to leave. Rick became angry when his mother tried to talk him out of making Ridge leave. Rick shouted that Brooke's relationship with Ridge was not good for his mother.

Bridget said it would be best if Rick stayed with her because she could take care of him and he wouldn't be in the same house as Ridge. Brooke told Rick that he needed to be with his mother. Rick apologized and said that he couldn't be in the same house as Ridge. He shouted that Ridge tried to kill him, but Brooke insisted it was an accident. Rick became angrier. Brooke told Rick to calm down. She said she would take care of everything and return for him later.

At Brooke's house, Nick and Katie showed up to pick up Jack, and Nick wondered why Ridge wasn't at the hospital with Brooke. Ridge explained that Rick didn't want him there. Nick scoffed and told Ridge that he knew what happened. Nick said Rick was angry because Ridge led Taylor to believe that Ridge wanted her back again. Nick accused Ridge of throwing Rick off the building. Ridge said it was an accident, and that Rick was enraged and attacked him. Ridge said he was only defending himself. Nick asked Ridge how it felt to be right back in the middle between Taylor and Brooke again.

Nick said he didn't want Jack living in a house where Rick and Ridge would be fighting. Ridge became angry and said Nick needed to respect his decisions. Ridge insisted that everything would work out and that he and Brooke would be married, and no one was going to interfere.

At Taylor's house, Thomas had returned home, and Taylor met with Stephanie, Thomas, and Steffy. Taylor told her kids that she wanted their father back. She said that Ridge's relationship with Brooke wasn't good, and it wasn't healthy. Stephanie agreed. Taylor said she wanted to show Ridge that he would be happier with her family.

Taylor added that she knew something about addictions, and she believed that Brooke was an addiction for Ridge. Taylor was convinced that Brooke intoxicated Ridge with her affection. Taylor knew that Brooke would let Ridge down again, and she inquired if that was what the kids wanted for their dad.

Thomas said that he had always wanted his parents back together, but he didn't see how it was possible, since Ridge loved Brooke and planned to marry her.

Taylor said she planned to fight for Ridge. She said she gave him up before because Ridge convinced her that he would be happier with Brooke. Taylor insisted she was going to get Ridge back whether anyone wanted to help her or not.

Stephanie said that she believed Brooke needed to be with Nick rather than Ridge. Taylor said that Ridge and Brooke were going to be challenged with the situation with Rick, and she knew Ridge would feel trapped.

Taylor said Brooke had been a good parent to Phoebe, Steffy, and Thomas while Taylor was gone, and she didn't mean to diminish that. Taylor added that Brooke was wrong for Ridge. She said that Ridge was never truly calm and happy with Brooke. There was always conflict.

Thomas worried that if Taylor put all her efforts into Ridge, she would be devastated if the relationship with Ridge didn't work. Steffy agreed. Taylor told the kids she was much tougher than she had ever been. She also told them not to worry.

Brooke returned home and gave Ridge the good news that Rick was regaining some feeling. Ridge wondered when Rick would be coming home, and Brooke looked uncomfortable. Ridge said that Rick's return would be good for all of them. He and Rick could resolve their differences and they could bond as a family.

Ridge said everything was working out, and they would be resolving conflicts. He and Brooke embraced. Brooke agreed that Rick wanted to come home, but she told Ridge that Rick didn't want Ridge in the house. Brooke said she wanted Ridge to temporarily move out. Ridge was dumbfounded, and Brooke caressed him. Brooke said she needed to ask Ridge to move out for Rick's sake.

Ridge couldn't believe that Brooke wanted him to move away from Brooke and the kids. He insisted that Rick was manipulating Brooke. He was very disappointed. Brooke promised Ridge that he wouldn't be gone for long and they would have their life together. She said everything would be fine. They embraced, and Ridge looked pensive.

Friday, October 31, 2008

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke and Ridge fussed over the hospital bed they brought in for Rick. Brooke told Ridge that she needed to take care of Rick. She said Rick made it clear that Brooke had not been there for him when he was young, and he needed her more than ever since he had been hurt in the fall. Ridge wanted all of them to work out their issues as a family, but Brooke said it wouldn't work.

Ridge started to argue, but Brooke told him it would only be a short time that he would need to leave the house, since Rick was regaining feeling in his legs. Eric came in as Rick was wheeled into the room and they settled him in the bed. Rick wanted to know what Ridge was doing there, and Eric offered to take Rick home to his house. Rick asked Ridge to leave. Ridge said he was going to pack a bag and go.

Ridge later returned to talk to Rick, but Rick laid into him again about how Ridge had manipulated his mother all the years that Rick and Bridget were growing up. Ridge told Rick that he and Brooke loved each other and they were going to be married. Rick replied that he wouldn't be able to stand up for Ridge because he was paralyzed after Ridge threw him off a building.

Ridge left to talk to Brooke, and he told her he would miss her. Rick watched Ridge and Brooke kiss, as he could see them on their balcony from his window. He tried to lean over to remove a picture of Brooke and Ridge from the nearby dresser, but he couldn't reach it.

Brooke returned to Rick and asked him what he wanted for lunch. He told her that he wanted a grilled ham and cheese sandwich like she used to make for him. Brooke laughed and they shared memories of Rick living with her before he left for Paris. Brooke reminded Rick that she loved him and would take care of him, but she would marry Ridge when Rick was well enough to be on his own. She left for the kitchen.

Rick again tried to reach the photograph of Ridge and Brooke, and he pulled his legs over the side of the bed so that he could sit. He was frustrated because he still couldn't reach the picture. He remembered all the times Ridge had threatened him, and he suddenly stood up and grabbed the photograph.

He surprised himself, and saw his reflection in the mirror. He took a couple of shuffled steps, and then sat down on the bed in relief. He smiled.

By the time Brooke delivered lunch, Rick had returned to bed and didn't let Brooke know that anything was different. She gave him his sandwich and then rubbed his leg, but he jumped. She asked if he felt her touch him, but he denied that he could feel anything, Brooke looked disappointed and told Rick she would be down the hall if he needed anything, After she left, Rick vowed that he would find a way to get Ridge out of his mother's house no matter what it took.

At Taylor's house, Thomas, Stephanie, and Steffy discussed that they would work together to get Ridge and Taylor back together. Taylor told everyone that she didn't want them to be plotting anything. She just wanted them to be honest.

Ridge entered Taylor's house looking for Steffy, because they had a lunch date. Taylor said Steffy was ready. Ridge shared that he was unhappy that Brooke had asked him to leave for Rick's sake. Taylor was surprised at first, but then told Ridge that Brooke was doing what Brooke always did. She was letting Ridge down again.

Steffy came out and Thomas showed up. Ridge was happy to see Thomas back in town. Stephanie came into the room, and they all told Ridge that Phoebe would have been there if she could have. Ridge wondered why they were all ganging up on him. Taylor told Ridge it shouldn't seem out of the ordinary that she wanted her family around for support.

Thomas said they just wanted Ridge to be happy and didn't think that would happen with Brooke. They wanted to be together as a family. Ridge said he was the only one who could make that decision, and Taylor asked him to consider what would make him happy.

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