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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on GH
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Monday, November 3, 2008

"This is not going to end well for us," Tracy said to Luke as she readied to take a cab. At the same time, Scott and Laura pulled up in front of the Los Angeles hotel where they were all staying. Luke and Laura made eye contact. As soon as Scott noticed Luke, he gunned the car's engine and raced off. Luke commandeered Tracy's cab by pretending to be a CIA operative and took off after them, leaving Tracy behind with the cab driver.

Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas arrived just in time for Nikolas to pay off the cabbie. They discussed with Tracy how best to find Scott and Laura. Eventually Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas decided to search Scott's room for clues. Lulu and Nikolas hid around a corner while Lucky flashed his badge and got a maid to open the door, but an L.A. detective stopped him before he could get inside Scott's room. When Lucky left with the detective, Lulu and Nikolas pondered what to do next.

Scott refused to stop the car and let Laura talk to Luke, who was in hot pursuit. Scott kept saying that he wanted another chance with Laura, but Laura pointed out that she could not be sure if Scott loved her or merely wanted to beat Luke.

No matter how much Laura pleaded with Scott to slow down, he continued to drive faster in an attempt to evade Luke. Luke did manage to call Scott's cell phone. Scot answered and told Luke to give up, then hung up on him. When Luke tried again, Scott's phone went to voice mail.

As Luke's pursuit closed the gap, Scott drove faster and more recklessly. He lost control of the car and crashed. When Luke got to the scene, Scott and Laura were unconscious and the car was dangerously close to a cliff. Laura woke up, but Luke could not get the driver's side door open. He told Laura to stay put. As Luke rounded the back of the car to get to Laura on the passenger side, it tilted and Laura screamed.

Robin and the baby were not doing well. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and it was strangling the baby every time Robin had a contraction. Patrick was in the room to support Robin, and Liz assisted Dr. Kelly Lee, who advised against an immediate C-section because of Robin's HIV status and the danger to the baby. Instead Kelly advised a drug that would let the umbilical cord unwind and make it safer for the baby in the birth canal.

Outside in the waiting room, Anna told Mac a story about a time that Robin had been sick and had wanted an old toy that Anna had not been able to produce because she had thrown it out as trash only a week before. She said that she felt helpless then and equally helpless while her daughter was in the delivery room.

Spinelli brought coffee. Mac was grouchy, but Anna was thankful for his kindness. Maxie was a bundle of nerves. When she got into it with Epiphany, Matt pointed out that he thought she was just worried and scared and looking for some place to put her anger. Maxie apologized to both Epiphany and Matt then sat down and held Spinelli's hand.

Anna went to see Robin, who was very fearful. Anna gave a pep talk about how mothers had to give their strength to their children. When she was done, Kelly asked her to leave so that she could begin the C-section. Outside, Anna told Mac that even though she had been strong for Robin, she was very scared for both her daughter and her grandchild.

Before the surgery, Robin told Patrick to do whatever was necessary to save the baby. The C-section was complicated, but Kelly was able to successfully remove the umbilical cord from the baby's neck and deliver the baby. There was no sound from the baby as Kelly and Liz rubbed it with towels. Robin wondered aloud if her baby was breathing.

Sam arrived in the warehouse district to meet Jerry. When she heard a noise, she pulled her gun for a confrontation. Instead of Jerry she ran into Jason, just as an explosion went off in a trash bin on the corner where she had been standing. Jason recovered quickly, but Sam had some cuts and scrapes.

Jason helped Sam back to his penthouse. While she took care of her wounds, she told him the story about her undercover work on the drug ring and about how Jerry had set her up with the police. Jason told Sam that she should let the police handle the matter, but Sam was determined to get the goods on Jerry.

Jason looked through the peephole when someone knocked on his door and spied Jerry. He motioned for Sam to hide. While Sam eavesdropped, Jerry told Jason that he had come over to do him a favor. He said that he wanted Jason to know that Sam had been doing business with Karpov and that she had stolen from him. Jerry was concerned that Jason might feel compelled to break his truce with Karpov and retaliate if something happened to Sam. Jerry said he wanted to head that off by letting Jason know the facts ahead of time.

Sonny saw his life flash before his eyes after he was stabbed, weighted down with chains, and tossed off the pier to drown by Karpov and his men. Fortunately Carly was there to dive in and save him. After she got him up on the docks, he refused to let her call for help. Instead he insisted that they get off the pier before Karpov returned.

Carly took him to her house, because she and Morgan were staying in the hotel, and no one would be there. She patched Sonny up, but told him he needed better care than she could give. Sonny said no doctors and no police. He told her that if Karpov thought he was dead, it would be easier for Sonny to eliminate Karpov. Sonny told Carly that even though he no longer believed that Karpov had shot Kate, his actions against Sonny made him a dead man.

When Sonny insisted that Carly leave him to recover alone, Carly told Sonny that if he would not seek medical attention then she would attend to him. He told her that their son, Morgan, needed her and that if she got involved with Sonny and put herself in danger, it defeated the purpose of all that he had done to keep his family safe. Before Carly could respond, a dog barked and they heard a disturbance outside the house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jerry tried to convince Jason that he was only there to make sure the truce with Karpov wasn't broken because of Sam. Jason wasn't fooled and told Jerry that Mr. Craig would be the first to die if a war broke out. Jerry noticed blood on the papers on Jason's coffee table and said there was satisfaction in dealing with someone who was utterly predictable. Once Jerry was gone, Sam came out of hiding and told Jason she didn't want to cause trouble for him. She asked to see the piece of the detonator from the bomb, and Jason handed it over. He wanted to have Spinelli check it out to see if there were any similarities between that bomb and the one from the Metro Court explosion. Sam told Jason her suspicions about Jerry being involved with Karpov and the illegal drug smuggling. She didn't have any evidence, but she was certain Jerry was in business with Karpov. Jason thought Sam was in over her head and should go to the police, but Sam said she had no real evidence. She told Jason about the clinic fire, also. The clinic was where Nadine, Nikolas, Lucky, and Sam had always met to discuss the drug smuggling. They had been getting close to finding answers when the fire was set. Sam was more determined than ever to get the evidence against Jerry on her own.

When Sam arrived home, she noticed something wasn't quite right. Her cell phone rang, and it was Jason checking to make sure Sam had made it home okay. She said she was home, but Sam dropped the phone when Jerry came out from the shadows and put his hand over her mouth.

Liz came out of the operating room and told Robin's family that both mama and baby were fine. Only family could go in to see them, though. Spinelli bowed out, and Anna, Mac, and Maxie prepared to go see their newest relative. Maxie reminded Matt that he could also go in, but he didn't want to interfere quite yet. Once everyone had seen the baby, Robin and Patrick introduced the girl as Emma Grace Scorpio Drake. As Patrick held his little girl, he noticed a nick on her ear. The baby had been exposed to Robin's HIV.

Outside the room, Mac and Anna confessed their fears to each other. Anna admitted that the chances of Emma getting HIV were low, and Mac reminded her that Emma would be getting a shot to combat the HIV. Meanwhile, Maxie confided in Spinelli about Emma's nick and the chances of her contracting HIV. Maxie was looking forward to getting her niece all sorts of fashionable clothes and telling her about Aunt Georgie. Spinelli hugged Maxie and tried to console her.

Patrick came back into Robin's recovery room and told her their daughter had scored a nine on her Apgar test. She was getting her shot to combat HIV as they spoke. Robin couldn't believe Patrick was so calm, but he told her they would find out soon enough if their daughter would have to battle HIV. He had faith that Robin would be a wonderful mother and help her daughter through the disease. Robin still couldn't get over the fact that she could have caused her daughter such damage. They talked about the instant love they had for Emma as soon as they saw the heartbeat and laid eyes on her. Soon, Epiphany was rolling Emma back into the room in her bassinet. She told Patrick and Robin that all the nurses had fallen in love with little Emma. She had been given the shot and was ready for her bottle. Epiphany reminded them not to worry if she didn't drink the entire bottle, then she left the two parents to share their joy in privacy.

As Robin held Emma, Patrick told his little girl what a brave mother she had. Robin said she wasn't all that courageous and fell through the cracks every now and then. They both made promises to their daughter about her future and making sure she had a happy life. Soon, Anna came in to see her granddaughter and was able to hold her for the first time. Patrick left to get some water for Robin, and Anna told baby Emma she would be there for any confessions when the child didn't want to go to her parents. Robin smiled but said she didn't like that comment. Anna told her daughter that Robin would never stop worrying over her new baby girl. Robin would worry any time Emma fell down, got picked on at school, or even got a bad grade. That was just part of being a parent.

Soon, Mac and Maxie came in to see Emma. Anna excused herself while Mac held the little girl. Maxie admitted she wasn't a baby person, but she would make an exception for little Emma. Maxie babbled on about how cute Emma was since her splotchiness had gone away. Mac promised the little girl he would be the most doting uncle, and Maxie said Emma would have Aunt Georgie as a guardian angel. Robin smiled as she watched Maxie and Mac with her little girl.

Anna left the hospital room and went to the waiting area where Spinelli was sitting. He handed her a handkerchief when Anna started crying. After all of Anna's missions, she couldn't help but cry because there wasn't anything she could do to help Robin and Emma. There was no cure for HIV. Spinelli reminded Anna that the risk of Emma contracting HIV was low. Anna remembered the facts and couldn't believe she had been so silly, but Spinelli said she had just been thinking with her heart.

Anna brought Spinelli in to see Emma, and Robin asked Spinelli if he would be Emma's honorary Uncle. Maxie thought Spinelli could also be little Emma's tutor, but Mac wasn't sure that was such a great idea. They all started talking about what they could teach the little girl. Kelly walked in and interrupted them with good news. Emma had not contracted HIV. Everyone congratulated each other until they heard beeping. Robin was crashing!

Jax asked Carly what she was doing at the house, and she replied that she was just checking on the house and cleaning up a bit. Carly assumed Jax was just there to check up on her, but Jax admitted he missed her. He confessed that he didn't want the divorce. They talked about their picnic when Carly tried to make fried chicken by herself. The chicken had turned out extra crispy on the outside and raw on the inside. They laughed at the memory, and Jax reminded her of how much fun they had together. Carly said she didn't want the divorce, either. She knew she had trouble trusting people, but Jax had proved over and over again that he could be trusted. Jax said there was just one question he needed to know. If it came down to it, who would Carly choose - Jax or Sonny? Carly said she would always choose Jax. Although Carly had children with Sonny, Jax was her husband and her priority. Jax started to walk towards the kitchen to make a frozen pizza and have dinner with Carly, but she stopped him and said she needed to be alone that night. He tried to get her to go back to the Metro Court and have a drink with him, but they settled on dinner the next night. Carly hugged Jax and thanked him for reconsidering the divorce. He said he couldn't make any promises, but Carly was just thankful for the second chance.

Once Jax was gone, Sonny came out of hiding and told Carly she should have gone with Jax. Carly admitted any chances with Jax would be over if he found out Sonny was with her in the house. She couldn't leave him in his time of need, though. After much prodding, Sonny finally thanked Carly for saving his life. Carly wanted to take Sonny to the hospital, but he wanted to make sure Karpov thought Sonny hadn't lived through the ordeal. Sonny wanted Carly to go do whatever she needed to do, meaning to go be with Jax. Carly agreed, but mentioned calling Jason to make sure Sonny didn't bleed to death on her couch. Sonny demanded Carly not contact Jason at all. Carly sat next to a sleeping Sonny and attempted to text message Jason. Sonny woke up and knew what she was trying to do. He stopped her and told her not to contact Jason.

Luke tried to help Laura get out of the car before it plunged over the side of the canyon. Laura thought Luke should pull Scott out first, but Luke wasn't interested in saving Scott. Laura tried to get her seatbelt off, but it was stuck. As Luke started to ease Scott out of the door, the car started to lean closer to the edge. Luke quickly got Scott out of the car and then climbed in to help Laura. It wasn't long before the car was plunging over the edge of the cliff with both Laura and Luke inside. When they landed, Luke and Laura were both knocked unconscious. Luke awoke first and yelled out for Laura. When he found her in the back seat, he immediately checked her pulse to see if she was still alive. Thankfully, Laura was fine and soon woke up. Luke asked if she could get out of the car, and Laura was able to climb out the window. Luke, though, was pinned inside. He told Laura she would have to go for help. Laura told him she couldn't leave him in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Scott woke up at the top of the cliff and yelled out for Laura.

Laura found a large tree branch and used it to get Luke out of the car. As soon as Luke was free, he told Laura how beautiful she was and started to reach out for her. Laura slapped him and asked how he could have dared to marry her while he was still married to Tracy Quartermaine.

Nikolas tried to get a hotel maid to open Scott's room by telling her he had accidentally locked himself out of his own room, but the maid said it was hotel policy not to open the door for anyone. He would have to go back down to the front desk to have another key made. Once the maid was gone, a new maid appeared - Lulu! She had dressed as a maid and obtained a room key. They entered Scott's room and immediately started looking for any clues as to where Scott would have taken their mother. Lulu was shocked at Scott's poor taste, but she was relieved Tracy had been so mad at Luke that she had flown back to Port Charles and left Lulu, Nikolas, and Lucky in peace. Soon, Nikolas found Luke and Tracy's marriage certificate in Scott's bag. He realized Scott had planned on telling Laura about Luke's marriage. Laura would be free to love Scott again. They were interrupted when Lucky and the hotel security guard/detective arrived. When they saw Lulu and Nikolas in the room, the detective said he would have to call the police unless Nikolas and Lulu could prove they were also police officers. When the local police arrived, they agreed to not charge Lulu as a professional courtesy to Lucky. Nikolas was a different story, though. Since he was a resident alien, he would be deported and his green card revoked.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At Carly house, Sonny's condition continued to deteriorate. Despite Sonny's insistence that Carly leave him, she refused to go. Instead, she called a doctor who made house calls with no questions asked. He patched Sonny up, told him to rest, and gave Sonny some antibiotics.

Sonny wanted Carly to return to the hotel. He worried that Karpov would hurt her if he found out that she had saved Sonny. Carly worried that she was keeping another secret from Jax that involved Sonny. Carly gave Sonny a sponge bath to help reduce his fever. He complained. Carly made soup and tried to feed it to Sonny, but he refused to eat it.

Jerry wrestled the phone away from Sam, disarmed her, and held her at gunpoint. Jason was on the other end of the line when Sam's phone went dead. When Jason dialed back and got voicemail, he rushed over to Sam's.

While Jason was on the way, Jerry told Sam his plan to take her away and have Jason running around in circles looking for her. Sam thought Jason would rescue her, but Jerry predicted that Jason would arrive to check on her any minute. He told Sam that if she did not pretend to Jason that everything was okay with her, he would kill Jason.

When Jason knocked on Sam's door, Jerry hid behind a screen with his gun aimed at Jason. Sam told Jason that nothing was wrong and that she had hung up on him because she was over him and did not want to see him any more. Jason seemed puzzled by Sam's answers, but left when she insisted.

Jerry smirked and gloated after Jason left. Sam struggled when Jerry tried to drug her, but he succeeded in pumping a needle into her arm. As Sam lay on the couch, nearly immobile, she struggled to get to her cell phone, but Jerry intervened and took it away from her. As Jerry tidied up the living room to remove any signs of his struggle with Sam, she managed to retrieve the bomb fragment from her pocket and drop it as a clue.

Patrick worked frantically to get Robin's heart started as Mac, Anna, Maxie, and Spinelli watched helplessly from the hallway. After a frantic effort from the medical team, Robin was stabilized, but the news was grim. Robin's blood was not clotting and she was slowly bleeding to death. Dr. Kelly took over and sent Patrick away. He did not want to go, but Matt helped him out of the room. Patrick shared the unhappy news with Anna, Maxie, Mac, and Spinelli.

Maxie was the first to go in to see Robin. She told Robin all the reasons that she should live. The most important, said Maxie, was Robin's healthy, HIV negative, daughter, Emma.

Anna went to see Robin next. She reminded Robin of some of the times they had shared when Robin was a little girl. She told Robin how much she loved her and wanted her to live.

Patrick went to see his new daughter Emma. He told her that he loved, her but he was really worried that he would be a bad dad it anything happened to Robin.

Matt, who had been listening comforted Patrick. He told Patrick that all he had to do to be a good dad was to put Emma first. Patrick recognized good advice and they had a bonding moment.

Spinelli offered to get coffee or soda for Mac, who was grateful for Spinelli's support.

When Mac shared his fears that Robin was again about to be denied happiness when it was within her grasp, Spinelli told Mac in Spinelli-speak that his observations of Robin showed her to be strong-willed and tenacious, and he believed that she would pull through. Mac responded that he did not understand anything that Spinelli had said, but he did know that it came from Spinelli's heart and he was thankful for it.

In Los Angeles, Lulu posed as a maid to gain entrance to Scott's room for herself and Nikolas, but they were caught in the room. Lucky managed to get the police to release Lulu, but because Nikolas was foreign-born, the police were taking him directly to INS for deportation. Lulu was livid and kept making the situation worse with smart cracks. Nikolas was allowed to make a call to his lawyer. Within minutes, just as he was being handcuffed, the police got a call telling them to let Nikolas go, which they did, but not before telling him that he had to appear before the Port Charles INS in three days.

When Scott arrived, Tracy was downstairs at the hotel demanding a car to take her to the airport. When she demanded to know where Luke and Laura were, Scott said that they had gone over a cliff. Tracy was incredulous and demanded his arrest.

Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas came downstairs just in time to hear Scott blame Luke for everything. Scott claimed that he could not remember anything and that when he woke up, Luke and Laura were gone and his car was at the bottom of a cliff and the vacant taxi was nearby. Nikolas took charge and said that he would fund a private search starting the next morning. Lulu glared at an unrepentant Scott.

Jason was in his penthouse talking on the phone to Bernie when he saw a suspicious drop of blood on a file folder. He realized that Jerry might be on to Sam and rushed to her apartment. Sam and Jerry were gone, but Jason found the clue that Sam had left behind.

Patrick sat by Robin's bedside and told her how full his life had become since meeting her. He told her that he loved her. Robin remained unresponsive as Patrick begged her to live.

On Jerry's freighter a drugged Sam asked Jerry where they were going. He told Sam that it was her last trip.

Carly and Sonny reminisced about a surprise birthday party that Michael had planned for Carly. The fond remembrance of Michael prompted Sonny to take Carly's hand at the same moment that Jax arrived at the house and spied them through the window.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

While Laura enjoyed a cup of morning coffee in a cabin, Luke begged Laura to open the door. He had spent the night outside in the cold and wanted to warm up with a hot cup of java. Laura was unmoved by Luke's pleas. She was angry because he had not told her about his marriage to Tracy. The two argued, through the door, as Luke attempted to explain his marriage. Laura wasn't interested in hearing Luke's excuses, so Luke resorted to trickery. He began a coughing fit and within moments collapsed to the ground. Eventually, Laura became concerned and stepped out of the cabin to check on Luke. When he revealed that he had suffered three heart attacks in the past, Laura took action and tried to help Luke up. As soon as Luke was on his feet, he sprinted into the cabin. His victory was short-lived when he noticed Laura's furious expression. He defended his actions, insisting that he had been telling the truth about the heart attacks. Laura didn't doubt him. She understood that the best lies always contained an element of truth.

When Laura returned to the table and her breakfast, Luke joined her. As Luke poured coffee, Laura began speaking. She told Luke that she understood all the reasons that he had moved on. She wasn't angry because Luke had married Tracy, she was angry because Luke had not respected her enough to tell her the truth. Luke winced and told her that he had struggled with the choices he had made. He wondered whether authorizing the LS-49 to be given to her was the right thing to do or an act of selfishness on his part. When Laura awoke, Luke realized that her time with them would be brief. He dreaded breaking Laura's heart with the truth about his marriage to Tracy, so he decided to give her all the happiness he could in the short time that Laura had. Laura understood Luke's reasoning but she was disappointed that he didn't think she could handle the truth.

Switching gears, Laura brought up the situation they found themselves in at that moment. She told Luke that she had no idea how much time she had and pointed out that he was married to Tracy. Laura wanted to know where they went from there.

Lucky, Nikolas, and Lulu talked to the rescue workers at the scene of Laura and Scott's car accident. When Tracy joined them, she immediately proclaimed that the crash site had been staged. The Spencer children weren't convinced that their mother and Luke had gone on one of their adventures. They decided to search the area in case they were nearby and injured. Tracy refused to traipse through the woods, and announced that she would remain at the accident scene. She was touched when Lulu offered to wait with Tracy while Lucky and Nikolas helped the rescuers look for Laura and Luke.

Sonny slept in Carly's bed while she rested nearby in a chair. Carly's thoughts were on the night that she and Sonny had sex in the limo. She pushed them aside when she heard Sonny stir. Carly quickly determined that Sonny's fever was down and his stab wound was mending. Unfortunately, Sonny was a surly and uncooperative patient. He barked orders and didn't show any appreciation for Carly's efforts to nurse him to health. When Carly served him breakfast in bed, soup and toaster treats, Sonny scoffed at the food. He deemed the fare unfit for human consumption and refused to eat even a bite of the breakfast.

After she showered, Carly, wrapped in a towel, dashed through the bedroom to fetch her undergarments. As she returned to the bathroom, Sonny's thoughts were on the night he and Carly had sex in the back of the limo.

At the penthouse, Jason handed Cody the detonator from the bomb that had been planted at Sam's meeting place. He wanted Cody to track the purchase of the device.

At the hospital, Maxie thanked Spinelli for the birthday gift that he had surprised her with. Unfortunately, her thoughts were consumed with concern for Robin. Spinelli offered Maxie understanding and support. He told her not to give up hope, just as Jason stepped out of the elevator and inquired after Robin. Maxie told Jason that Emma was healthy, but Robin's condition remained grave because of a blood clotting disorder.

Patrick spoke to an unconscious Robin about his hopes and plans for their future together. He thanked her for opening his eyes to a new world, but confessed that he could not live in it without her. As he urged Robin to wake up for their daughter's sake, Jason knocked on the door. Patrick stood up and invited Jason into the room. When he told Jason about Robin's condition, Jason offered him hope. He told Patrick that Sam had suffered from the same condition and had made a full recovery. Patrick appreciated Jason's attempt to ease his worries and asked Jason to stay with Robin for a few moments while he stepped away.

After Patrick left, Jason sat down at Robin's bedside and took her hand in his. He reminisced about their past and the impact that Robin had on his life. He was interrupted by Anna's arrival. As Jason gathered his things and prepared to leave, Anna stopped him. She told him what he was to Robin and assured him that she would let Robin know that he had stopped by for a visit.

Alone with her daughter, Anna tucked the blankets around Robin and fussed over her. Patrick entered the room a few minutes later, pushing Emma's bassinette. He explained that it was Emma's feeding time and offered Anna the opportunity to give her granddaughter a bottle. Anna realized that Patrick extended the invitation because he was afraid to do the task himself. She assured Patrick that he was up to giving his daughter a bottle, and left. Patrick carefully scooped Emma into his arms and sat down on the foot of Robin's bed. When he offered Emma the bottle, she latched onto it and began drinking. Patrick spoke softly to his daughter while she fed. When he looked up, Robin's eyes were open and watching them.

Jason enlisted Spinelli's help to find Sam and expose Jerry. They broke into Sam's apartment and were soon interrupted by a knock at the door. It was one of Sam's neighbors. When they explained that Sam was missing, the woman revealed that she had seen Sam earlier with one of her boyfriends. Jason produced a picture of Jerry and showed it to the neighbor. She confirmed that he was the man she had seen Sam with. She went on to tell them that she suspected that Sam and her beau were in an amorous mood because Sam had been draped all over the man.

Sam woke up on a ship and found Jerry hovering over her. She soon realized that she was not only a prisoner, handcuffed to a bed, but in mortal danger. Jerry appeared to take perverse delight in telling her that he intended to kill Sam by the end of the day. Sam tried reasoning with Jerry, to no avail. Sam found a chink in Jerry's armor when she mentioned Jax and Alexis. Jerry readily admitted that he did not want to hurt either and applauded Sam for her insight. Sam took advantage of the opportunity and tried to convince Jerry to become allies rather than remain enemies. Before Jerry walked out, he said that he would consider it. The moment Sam was alone she renewed her efforts to escape. She managed to find something to pick the lock on her handcuffs but she only made it to the door before Jerry stopped her. He had anticipated the escape attempt.

Jerry returned Sam to the bed and replaced the handcuffs. Jerry then showed Sam the bomb he planned to kill her with. While Sam appeared momentarily stunned, Jerry taunted her. He said that she would go out with a bang.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jason went to the Metro Court to tell Jax his suspicions about Jerry. Unfortunately, Jax wasn't interested in hearing about Jerry's latest escapade. He told Jason that people like Sonny, Carly, and Jerry always went from one dramatic event to the next. Jason was on his own, but Jax did authorize Jason to go up to Jerry's room to see if there were any clues.

After searching Jerry's room, Spinelli and Jason went back to the office to decide on their next move. Jason wasn't surprised that nothing had come of their search. It was almost as if Jerry had cleaned the room so nothing of interest could be found. Spinelli decided to search the Internet for any recent sales in the Port Charles area of the parts that were used to make the bomb detonator Jason had found. It wasn't long before Spinelli had a hit. One of Jerry's aliases had purchased a lot of explosives and they had been delivered earlier in the day. Jason and Spinelli wondered aloud what Jerry was planning to blow up and how Sam was involved.

Meanwhile, Jerry appeared to be assembling a bomb as Sam did her best to convince him to let her go. Sam promised she knew all different kinds of places they could go to where no one would find them. Jerry said those types of places were boring and Sam would escape at the first chance, anyway. He promised he would take her to a place she couldn't escape. They would be mourned, not hunted. As Jerry fiddled with the bomb, he started to count backwards, causing Sam to scream. Suddenly, Jerry stopped counting and started laughing. He told her he wasn't ready to die yet, so he planned to time to explosion just right so he could still escape. Jerry wouldn't blow the boat up until he received his payment and the shipment was secure. Sam asked if he was trying to fake his death so Jason and Karpov wouldn't come after him. Jerry thought it would be best for everyone involved, including Jax and Alexis, to think Jerry had died.

As Jerry worked on his bombs, Sam asked questions about his plans. Jerry decided to play a game and threw one of the bombs/detonators to Sam. He told her each time she caught the device, she could get an answer to a question. Sam's first question was about the plan specifics. Jerry said he planned to blow up the ship with enough product for everyone to think the entire shipment had been lost. Sam's body and Jerry's planted DNA and blood would make everyone think he had also been killed in the explosion.

At Carly's house, Sonny slowly dressed as he talked to Carly. He asked why she was still there, and she jokingly said she wanted to make sure he didn't bleed on the carpet. After all, carpet cleaning was expensive. Sonny told her he knew someone who could take care of the carpet and do a real nice job. All joking aside, Carly said that Sonny knew someone who could take care of all the effects from his business. He couldn't fix his child in a coma, though. Sonny asked if Carly still visited Michael, and she replied that she was there at least once a week. Michael was growing, but he still looked like a child who was just sleeping. Carly refused to believe Michael wouldn't have a life. Sonny thought it must be hard to see him, but Carly thought it must be harder not to see him.

Carly left briefly but returned just in time to see Sonny coming down the stairs. She couldn't believe how long it took him to make it downstairs and told him he was no match for Karpov in that state. Much to Sonny's surprise, Carly handed him his gun. She said she was just trying to save him a trip, because she knew that was what he would be going for. Sonny said he thought Carly wouldn't ever allow a gun in her house after what happened with Michael, but Carly said Sonny and his gun would be gone soon. Sonny never listened to her anyway, which was why Carly had custody of the kids. Carly still couldn't understand why Sonny was going after Karpov since he wasn't sure Karpov had shot Kate. Sonny reminded her that Karpov made his own bed when he stabbed Sonny and pushed him off the docks. Before he left, Carly told Sonny going to his funeral would be the one thing worse than going to his murder trial.

At the hospital, Olivia and Kate seemed to be getting along as they shared candy and talked. They were interrupted when Claudia walked in and rubbed it in Kate's face that Anthony wanted his daughter to marry Sonny. Claudia planned to do whatever was necessary to make sure Sonny married her. Kate wanted to know what was in it for Claudia to marry Sonny. In addition to great sex, Claudia said she liked the power she would get from marrying Sonny. Olivia stood up for Kate and physically removed Claudia from the room. Olivia held her fist up and threatened Claudia if she ever showed her face around there again. As soon as she was gone, Olivia saw Claudia's coat was still in the hospital room. She grabbed it and was planning to take it to the front desk so Claudia wouldn't have an excuse to come back. Kate stopped her briefly and told Olivia that she loved Sonny. Olivia handed her cousin another piece of candy and said they always loved what was bad for them.

Olivia walked out of Kate's hospital room with Claudia's coat. Once she was out in the hall, she stopped to look through Claudia's coat pockets. Olivia hit the jackpot when she found Claudia's cell phone.

On the docks, Karpov spoke in Russian on his phone. Before he hung up, he switched to English and said he was expecting a shipment that evening. He wanted Jerry to be found. Olivia approached Karpov on the docks and asked if he had shot Kate. Karpov again denied shooting Kate, but Olivia was worried that Sonny would try to kill Karpov. Olivia didn't want to see anyone get hurt, so she thought Karpov should leave town. Karpov told Olivia that he wasn't worried about Sonny. She obviously hadn't heard that Sonny had had a little accident. Olivia looked shocked until Sonny rounded the corner and surprised Karpov. Sonny told Olivia she should leave. Olivia rounded the corner but hid just out of sight. She watched as Karpov told Sonny he was a hard man to kill. Sonny raised his gun and proceeded to shoot Karpov multiple times. Olivia looked on as Karpov lay on the ground, his body riddled with bullets.

Back at her house, Carly frantically tried to reach Jason, but couldn't get ahold of him. She decided to search for him and started to run out of the house. Jax was just walking up on the porch as Carly was running out the door. She told him she knew they needed to talk but was hoping they could do it another time. Jax said he wouldn't take up much of her time. He just had the divorce papers and needed a quick signature. Carly looked shocked.

As Nikolas and Lucky looked for signs of their parents, Tracy and Lulu stayed with the wrecked car. Tracy said the car reminded her of Luke. Someone always tried to clean him up, but inevitably they were left heartbroken on the side of the road. Lulu admitted she didn't think it was fair that Tracy was stuck in a love triangle. Those types of situations always left one person out in the cold. Tracy asked why Lulu seemed to think the person left out would be Tracy, but Lulu asked why Tracy was so sure it wouldn't be her. Nikolas and Lucky came back and tried to decide where to look for Laura and Luke next. Tracy decided she was done looking and wanted to go back to the hotel. Once Tracy was gone, Lulu told her brothers that Tracy was certain Luke and Laura wouldn't be getting back together.

Tracy walked back into the hotel and found Scott in the lobby. She told him that his little escapade was a bad idea. He had set up the perfect scenario for Luke and Laura to reunite. Scott said he had more experience with Luke and Laura than Tracy had, but Tracy called it failure, not experience. Scott said Tracy just needed to be patient and let destiny take its course.

Meanwhile, Luke and Laura talked about the past. Luke felt everything had been his fault, starting with their wedding and the day Rick Webber had been killed. Laura told Luke she didn't blame him for the past, and she especially didn't blame him for her illness. Laura wanted Luke to be honest with her, though. She asked Luke if he loved Tracy, and Luke admitted he had strong feelings for Tracy. When they first married, it was just a con. But con after con, Tracy and Luke started to connect. When Luke got sick the previous Christmas, Tracy had been the one who convinced him to have bypass surgery.

Laura and Luke talked about the changes that had taken place. Things changed and people changed. The one thing that would never change was the way they felt about each other, though. Luke said he could only imagine the lies Scott had told Laura. She said Scott had not lied to her; he had only told Laura the truth. Scott had told Laura about Luke's marriage to Tracy, but Scott had also reminded Laura of the time when she had loved him. Scott hadn't always been the villain. Luke and Laura had made Scott into the villain. She walked back into the house, where Luke followed her. He told her she was the one angel he had ever actually known. Laura denied being an angel, but said she was just Luke's fantasy of what perfect was. Luke said he never needed perfect. Laura was so much more than perfect. Laura made Luke believe in love. Laura admitted they had been pretty amazing. She leaned towards him and they kissed.

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