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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Emma brought down baby clothes from her attic to give to Meg, who had been fantasizing that all the things for her baby would be new and represent a fresh start for her and Paul. Meg then realized that she was being silly and told her mother that she loved the clothes. She also said Paul was very different from his old self. Emma, however, reminded her daughter that they had both seen the other side of Paul many times. Meg assured her that Paul would do whatever it took to keep her and the baby safe. She also decided to go shopping for baby items.

Emily was talking to her baby, Jennifer, at her grave in the cemetery when Paul approached. She was surprised that Paul had remembered the second anniversary of their baby's stillbirth. The two of them talked it through, and Paul was excited about his expected baby with Meg. He asked Emily to talk with his wife and give a good report about him, but Emily refused. Paul suggested she might get to be with Dusty if Meg came back to him, but Emily said she could not compete with a ghost; Dusty still loved his wife, Jennifer. Emily left, but Paul stayed by the infant's grave.

Brad suggested Katie needed to go grocery shopping, especially considering she had plenty of time on her hands since their show was on hiatus. Katie reminded him that it was his fault she was not working, and Brad became annoyed and left. Katie decided to keep moving so she dropped in at Fashions. She was surprised when Spencer McKay came in looking for sexy underwear for a special occasion. Katie hid to watch, and saw Spencer buy several sets of lingerie so she could "score with a guy in Chicago."

Dusty paid another visit on Josie at the hospital in Sandusky and brought her flowers. Josie, who strongly resembled Jennifer, Dusty's dead wife, apologized for freaking out during Dusty's last visit and asked what he had meant when he said she had been in his vision. Dusty was sorry he had been so cryptic, and Josie told him she had been in an accident that had left her memory impaired. She knew she was alone, and was curious as to who Dusty was. He introduced himself and she asked who she was to him. He explained that he did not know her, but Madame Penelope, a psychic, had sent him to her, and then he explained about her resemblance to Jennifer. Josie was willing to talk all that through with him, and then Dusty told her about his search for Johnny. As Dusty was preparing to leave, Josie suggested that perhaps there was something they could do for each other. Dusty immediately became suspicious and suspected a set-up, but then revealed that he lived in Illinois and realized it was unlikely that Josie was involved in some plot. Josie said she had a feeling that she had lost someone, too, but she had no details. As Josie wheeled herself away, a doctor approached Dusty, thinking he was Josie's husband. He explained that physically, the woman was all right, but her memory was very spotty. He released her to go home and handed Dusty the bill.

Katie got home and saw Brad packing. For an instant she feared he was leaving her, but Brad said he had a new assignment covering the election in Chicago. Katie told him she had seen Spencer shopping and suddenly realized Brad was the one Spencer was going to seduce. Katie demanded that Brad call Kim and cancel the trip. She repeated Spencer's conversation about "scoring with a guy in Chicago," but Brad scolded Katie and said she had no cause to worry.

Meg ran into Emily and remembered it was just two years earlier that she had delivered Emily and Paul's little girl. Emily was appreciative of Meg's kind words and told her she admired Meg for having another baby after her last miscarriage. Emily said good things about Paul, even though she had told him she would not get involved between him and Meg.

Dusty went back to find Josie to give her the release papers, and he offered to drive her home. She said she was living in a cheap hotel by the lake and had no job. She considered going to a women's shelter, but Dusty suggested they pick up her things and then he would fly her to Oakdale, where he could keep an eye on her. Josie was skeptical, but she instinctively trusted him, and they left together.

Brad and Spencer checked into a room in a hotel in Chicago; however, their second room was not yet available. Brad declared they had plenty of homework to do on the election before they went on air, but Spencer had other ideas. She brought out a large bottle of champagne, which Brad wanted to delay until after their shoot, but Spencer persisted. She also excused herself to the bathroom and came back wearing only her sexy new underwear with stockings and garters. Brad was dumbfounded, and when Spencer tried to crawl on his lap, he protested mightily. She was a woman on a mission, however. Brad vehemently denied he had feelings for her, and was barely saved by a call from their film crew in the lobby. They were waiting downstairs, so Brad picked up his bags and, telling Spencer he would try to forget what had happened, he walked out.

Katie went to Kim and finally realized that Kim had been attempting to be helpful when she separated Brad and Katie on their show. They cleared the air, and on her way home, Katie stopped and bought groceries. Brad came in suddenly and told Katie the whole story about Spencer's attempted seduction. Each apologized to the other, and they ended up kissing. Katie suddenly realized that Brad should call Kim at the station and tell her his story immediately.

Meg found Paul at the cemetery, and he explained he and been talking to the baby and telling her about the new baby coming. He swore he would earn the right for them to be a family. Meg felt good about their talk, and she went home to the farm. Emma was not compassionate about Paul's attitude, however, and was suspicious that he was checking on whether Meg was still with Emma or whether she had gone to Dusty.

Dusty took Josie to Oakdale in the Worldwide jet and checked her into the Lakeview. She requested a room with a view, and Dusty left his phone numbers with her. Josie was upset at all the money Dusty had spent on a virtual stranger, including her hospital bill. They asked one another if they had made a terrible mistake.

At WOAK, Kim was stunned to see Spencer back before her live broadcast. Spencer put an entirely different spin on the hotel room antics with Brad, accusing him of demanding sex from her and frightening her. Through her tears, the girl begged Kim to do something about him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Casey went home and told his mom that he had just voted for the first time ever and was excited about it. Margo said he was lucky he'd gotten to vote, considering he'd almost had his parole revoked. Margo left to vote after telling Casey to find a job, since he was suspended from college. Instead, Casey decided to work on his rock-and-roll videogame skills. Alison arrived and told Casey she was sorry he'd gotten suspended because of her. Alison then suggested the two of them work on Luke's campaign to make sure Luke won the student council election instead of Kevin.

Luke and Noah handed out flyers and spoke to students about the election and Luke's platform. However, a campaign worker for Kevin walked by wearing a clapboard that announced a party at Yo's if Kevin was elected. Luke was not surprised to find that the students cared more about free beer than about the real issues. Alison and Casey joined Luke and Noah. Luke went into Java to confront Kevin about his strategy of bribing underage kids with drinks. Kevin said Luke was too "holier-than-thou" and that college students just wanted to have fun. Kevin suggested Luke concede the election, but Luke refused.

Casey suggested stuffing the ballot boxes, and Joe, one of Luke's campaign workers, said he could access the ballot template and print out some extra ballots. Luke said no at first. Later, at Al's Diner, Joe brought in a bag full of ballots he'd marked in favor of Luke and said someone just needed to take them to the college to be counted. Casey volunteered, but Alison took him aside to talk him out of it. Alison told Casey that doing something deliberately wrong always came back to haunt a person. Alison left to go vote.

Noah joined Luke and Joe at their table, and Joe told Noah what Luke was considering. Noah couldn't believe it. Joe excused himself so they could talk. Luke tried to justify the idea to Noah by pointing out that Kevin's campaign had involved gay-bashing, the abduction and tormenting of Alison, and the promise of alcohol to people who were too young to drink legally. Luke said he deserved to win, not Kevin, but Noah said it wouldn't be winning if he cheated.

Luke told Noah that Kevin made him feel like a non-person. Noah assured Luke that he was a much better man than Kevin was. Luke said Kevin still made him doubt himself and feel worthless, and he didn't want to feel like that again. Luke said he wanted to be proud of who he was, not ashamed. Noah said he was proud of Luke, but he wouldn't be if Luke cheated.

Noah left, and Joe came back in and took Luke to Yo's to see that Kevin was already celebrating his victory. Joe and Luke heard Mark, Kevin's campaign manager, saying it had been easy to beat "a wimp like Snyder." Joe told Luke he could still stuff the ballot boxes and win the election. Luke gave Joe the okay, and Joe left. Joe ran into Casey, who asked where he was going in such a hurry. When Joe told him that Luke had agreed to let Joe drop off the phony ballots, Casey said he'd do it, because he had already been suspended from school.

Shortly afterwards, at Al's Diner, Alison found Luke and Joe and other supporters waiting for word of the election outcome. Casey walked in and told them he'd just seen the guy who was going to post the results, and Luke had won the election. They all began celebrating. Everyone cheered Luke. Noah walked by and looked in the window; he and Luke looked at each other sadly.

At WOAK, Spencer told Kim that Brad had tried to seduce her in Chicago. Kim said she found it hard to believe that Brad would hurt Katie that way. Spencer agreed but said it had happened nonetheless. Kim suggested Spencer go to her hotel room and try to relax while Kim handled the situation.

At home, Katie told Brad he needed to tell Kim what happened in Chicago with Spencer. Brad said he didn't want to tell on Spencer, but Katie pointed out that what Spencer had done was sexual harassment, and if it had been a man who had done that to Katie, Brad would have wanted her to report it. Brad agreed and was about to go to the station when Kim called and said she needed to talk to him.

Brad went to the TV station, where he quickly realized that Kim thought he had harassed Spencer, rather than the other way around. Brad told Kim that Spencer had gotten half-undressed and thrown herself at him, but he had fended her off and returned to Oakdale. Kim said Spencer's story was just the opposite.

Brad tried to convince Kim that his version was the truth. Kim said Brad had seemed to take Spencer's side on things and that it wouldn't be the first time a man had given in to an attraction to a woman. Brad insisted he'd done nothing to encourage Spencer; Kim said he'd done nothing to discourage Spencer, either. Kim said Spencer had indicated she would take her accusations public if she had to, and Kim didn't want the situation to lead to an expensive lawsuit that the station couldn't afford. Brad asked if that meant Kim thought he should forget the truth and go along with what Spencer said despite the fact that he was innocent. Kim said she didn't know, but that she expected Brad to stay away from Spencer outside of WOAK and to keep things professional while they were at the station.

Katie went to the police station to see Margo. Katie said her suspicions about Spencer had been right, and she told Margo what had happened in Chicago. Katie wanted Margo to arrest Spencer, but Margo said she couldn't and that Katie should celebrate the fact that Brad hadn't fallen for Spencer. Katie said Spencer should have to pay for what she'd done. Margo asked if Katie intended to try to get revenge, but Katie said if Margo couldn't do anything, Katie and Brad would have to settle for Kim firing Spencer.

Brad went to Spencer's room at the Lakeview and brushed past her when she said she didn't want him there. He asked Spencer why she'd lied to Kim, but Spencer said she'd told Kim the truth. Brad asked, "Are you insane? I was there, remember?!" Spencer said she didn't want to talk to Brad about it, and she started pushing him out of the room. As they reached the door, she pushed harder, and Brad reached out and grabbed her shoulders. Spencer's dress tore at the seam on the arm, and she told Brad she was going to call the police. Brad warned her to "make this right," and he left.

Spencer called the police station and was put through to Margo, who put her on speakerphone so Katie could listen, too. Spencer told Margo that Brad had forced his way into her room and attacked her. Margo told Spencer she would go to the hotel to take her statement. She hung up and told Katie to keep a handle on Brad.

When Margo got to Spencer's room, Spencer told Margo that Brad had tried to use force to get her to go to the station to tell Kim that she had made up her version of the story about what happened in Chicago, but that she had refused, and Brad had ripped her dress. Spencer said she'd been afraid he would hit her or do something even worse, and she wanted Brad arrested.

Brad went back to WOAK, and Katie found him there and told Brad about Spencer's call to Margo. Katie asked what Brad had done, and he told her that Spencer had been shoving him out of the room, and somehow, her blouse had accidentally ripped. Katie yelled at Brad for having been stupid enough to go to Spencer's room and get in a fight with her that ended with Spencer's clothes being torn. Kim walked in and overheard that part; Katie walked away, angry at Brad. Kim told Brad he'd just made things much worse and that he was fired.

Katie went back to Kim's office looking for Brad, and Kim told her she had fired him. Katie was surprised, but Kim said she had specifically told Brad not to see Spencer outside of work. Kim thought Brad was out of control. Margo came into the station looking for Brad, and Katie told her that Brad had been fired. Margo said Spencer was going to press charges and suggested she and Katie go find Brad before he made a bad situation even worse.

Brad went to Metro looking for Henry, who wasn't there. He had a drink, and Spencer called him. Spencer told him she didn't know what had gotten into her, that she must have lost it when Brad had turned her down in Chicago. She said she wanted to talk to him in person. Brad said it would have to be in public. Spencer told him to meet her in the lounge at the Lakeview. Brad hung up and went to the Lakeview, but when he arrived, Spencer was nowhere in sight. He went up to her room and saw that her door was partly open. He pushed it open and found Spencer sprawled on her bed, not moving.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Liberty went to Carly's house and asked Parker if he was messing with her mother's engagement to Jack. She had connected their meeting with George, Janet's ex, with the friction between Carly and Janet on Halloween night, and she tried to get Parker to acknowledge that he had manipulated Sage into helping cause trouble. Carly overheard the conversation and, after Liberty left, she asked Parker about his actions. Carly figured it out correctly and scolded her son for being selfish about his feelings for Liberty and for using his sister.

Janet received lavender roses from Jack who delivered them in person to the diner. Jack told her that Sage had set her up with George, and then he dropped the news that Carly had suggested that Jack and Janet postpone their wedding for the kids' sake. Jack pitched his argument for delaying the nuptials, and then told her how Sage had taken Janet's engagement ring while the two of them were washing the glasses. Jack realized how upset his fiancée was and offered to continue with their wedding plans, but Janet wanted Sage to be agreeable and agreed to wait. After Jack left, however, Janet thought about Carly's interjecting her ideas into their plans yet again, and she grabbed her purse and took off.

After a hospital consultation with her oncologist, Lucinda took a call from Brian. She brushed him off and went for a cup of coffee while the doctor printed out an article about recurring breast cancer for her to read. Lily approached the nurse who had been with Lucinda in the exam room and tried to get information, but the nurse would not give her any news. Lily found Lucinda in the corridor, but her mother coldly ignored her.

Katie told Margo that Spencer had called Brad, and Margo immediately assumed he had gone to see the woman despite her advice to him. Margo said Katie should at least consider Spencer's side of the seduction story, but Katie was firm about believing her husband. Brad called Katie on her cell phone and told her that he had found Spencer dead in her hotel room. Katie was shocked but tried not to reveal too much to Margo. Brad asked Katie to go to Spencer's room at the Lakeview, so Katie dashed out. Margo followed close behind.

Katie walked into Spencer's room and saw the woman dead, on her bed. She started to scream, but Brad clamped his hand over her mouth. She asked Brad what he had done, and her husband was horrified that Katie was accusing him of murder. Suddenly the door flew open, and Margo came in with her gun drawn. Margo checked Spencer and guessed correctly that Katie knew what had happened when she dashed out to meet Brad. Margo called the police station and spoke to Dani Andropoulos. She requested that a homicide unit come to the Lakeview immediately.

Lucinda went to Worldwide, where Brian offered her a drink, which she refused. Lily showed up asking why her mother had ignored her at the hospital, a fact that piqued Brian's interest. Lucinda claimed she was only honoring Lily's request to leave her alone, so Lily walked out, very confused. Lucinda attempted to get back to business with Brian, but he questioned her about her strange behavior with Lily. Lucinda explained that her relationship with her daughter was none of his business, but Brian differed with her because of the kisses they had shared. That made Lucinda laugh, and she impulsively decided to share her news with Brian. She told him cancer had been discovered in her other breast and she tried to say goodbye to him. Brian vowed he would not let her play that game with him or Lily, and when Lucinda began to argue with him, he told her to shut up. He went on to say he was going to hold her hand and stick by her through all of her treatments. He then asked her to tell him everything the doctor had said so he would be up to speed.

Janet arrived at Carly's just as Parker bolted out the door. Janet told Carly that she and Jack were back on track and that she knew about Sage and Parker's interference with George. Carly apologized for her children, but Janet said they were only doing what their mama told them to. Carly got defensive and accused Janet of dumping Sage in the lobby of the Lakeview while she made out with her old love in the bar. Janet fired back, telling Carly that she and Jack were getting married on their own schedule, not Carly's. As she walked out the door, Janet's parting shot was to shout, "Walk away, bitch, for good, this time!"

Dani arrived at the Spencer's room in the Lakeview and secured the scene, including bagging the scarf that was around Spencer's neck when Brad discovered the body. Margo called for a complete crime scene investigation, including a time of death. Margo then escorted Brad and Katie to the police station.

Parker found Liberty at Java, and he sat with her and denied he was at all responsible for any interference with Jack and Janet's romance. Liberty reminded him that they had promised never to be like their parents and sneak around. Parker did remember that, and finally admitted he had used Sage because the thought of Liberty as a stepsister was horrific to him. Liberty tried to explain that the two of them could never go back to their old relationship, but Parker refused to listen, and walked out.

Lily and Carly saw each other in Old Town, and Carly complained about Janet. She said she was on her way to talk to Jack, but Lily convinced her to go with her for a drink instead. They went to the Lakeview and toasted to "failed relationships." Lily explained how her mother had cut her off at the hospital and how worried she was about Lucinda.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Margo interviewed Brad, and he told her exactly what had transpired the last two times he had seen Spencer. Margo could not believe Brad was willing to meet with the woman after Margo's warnings and threats, but Brad told her how Spencer had called him and asked to see him. When Brad arrived in the Lakeview lobby and Spencer did not show up, he went to her room and found the door open. Spencer was dead on the bed. He swore he did not kill her, but Margo brought up the fact that Brad had lied about his involvement with Leo Morrisey, too.

Elsewhere at the station, Katie talked with Jack about Brad's predicament, and Jack asked a hard question: was there any possibility that Brad and Spencer had been having an affair? Katie confessed that she had harbored suspicions.

Dani had results for Margo and Jack. She said only two sets of fingerprints had been found in the room, those of Spencer and Brad. There was no evidence that anyone else had been there. She placed the time of death between 5:15 and 5:45 in the evening, coinciding with the time the hotel's surveillance cameras had photographed Brad in the hotel lobby. Katie kept denying Brand's guilt, as Janet walked up to speak with Jack about Carly. As Janet asked what was wrong, Margo approached Brad and placed him under arrest for the murder of Spencer McKay. Brad asked for a minute with Katie in the interview room, and Margo agreed. He urged Katie to believe that someone was setting him up and begged her to stick with him. Margo interrupted and took Brad out after he gave Katie one last kiss. Katie broke down, and Janet comforted her. Margo filled in Jack on the details of his brother's case.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brad called Henry at the diner to give him the bad news that he was in jail, accused of murdering Spencer McKay. Henry asked him immediately if he had done it, and that annoyed Brad. Brad asked him to talk to Katie and make sure she did not start divorce proceedings.

Katie, meanwhile, left a message for Tom thanking him for stepping up to help Brad. Liberty came out of her room headed for school and asked for her father. Katie sidestepped the question and said she was in a big hurry to get to work. Liberty spied a paper bag, which she assumed was Katie's lunch, but Katie explained quickly that it was lunch for Jack that Janet had made, and out the door she went. Liberty left a message for her mother saying she would deliver the lunch to Jack at the police station.

Paul and Dr. Bob talked at Memorial, and Bob was pleased that Paul was sticking with his therapy. Emily peeked around the corner, and after Bob left, she came forward and applauded Paul for his "performance." Paul tried to convince her he really was seeing his shrink because he wanted to get better, not just for appearances' sake.

Dusty went to Josie's hotel room to see if she had slept well. Josie asked if he was having second thoughts about bringing her to Oakdale, but Dusty denied that. She then asked for an explanation as to why she was there, and Dusty said it was because he felt he could help her, since Memorial Hospital had such good doctors. He asked her if she wanted to get better, and she admitted that she did. The two of them headed downstairs for breakfast, but ran into Emily in the lobby. Emily asked to be introduced to Josie, so Dusty obliged, and then he asked Josie to go ahead while he had a minute with Emily. He told Emily that Josie was a friend and was really in Oakdale because of her, since Emily was the one who encouraged him to talk to Madame Penelope, the psychic, who led him to Josie in Ohio. Emily was obviously skeptical that there was any connection between Jennifer and Josie. She called Dusty "Super Hero" and brought up his supposed obsession with wounded heroines.

Katie appeared at the diner, very distraught, and Henry consoled her. She was angry that Brad had left himself wide open by befriending Spencer as he had. Henry reasoned that Brad had obviously been set up, and he and Katie always knew there was something odd about Spencer, which was reinforced when they found the suitcase full of money under her bed. Henry tried to get Katie to eat, but she was too upset. Then Henry had an epiphany: since Brad did not kill Spencer, someone else must have! In a few minutes, Henry came up with a plan. He said sometimes the best witness to a crime was the victim, but since in this case the victim was dead, they needed to put together everything they knew about the dead woman and see what it said. Henry wondered aloud whether Spencer could have pulled off the switch of the real money for the fake by herself, and that made him question whether she had an accomplice. Katie suddenly remembered Spencer's brother, who had delivered the music box to the Lakeview. Henry suggested there might be a clue in the woman's hotel room, which Katie reminded him was sealed as a crime scene.

Liberty came to the police station and asked for Jack. She was told he was on a case, so she decided to leave the lunch on his desk. Out of the interview room came an officer and Brad, in handcuffs. Liberty was astounded and upset to see her father cuffed, and she asked why he was there. Brad told her what had happened and wanted her to believe in his innocence. Margo interrupted to take Brad back to his cell, and Liberty realized her father was incarcerated. Brad reassured her as best he could, and the two hugged as Brad asked his daughter to take care of Katie.

Kim came to the hospital where she told Bob she might have to cancel her lunch date with him. She got a call from WOAK, informing her that the police were questioning Brad, and Kim was upset because she cared about all the principals in the drama.

Dusty and Josie had breakfast, and Josie asked him what Emily had said. Dusty's response was that Emily's thoughts did not matter to him, but Josie said they mattered to her. She assumed that Emily thought Josie was strictly after Dusty's money, and Dusty did not deny it. Josie reminded him that she was not his wife, and Dusty said he was aware of that, but he needed to explore if there was a connection between Josie and his dead wife. Josie admitted she wanted to get her memory and her life back. Dusty took her to Memorial Hospital to see Dr. Bob, who examined her and recommended more tests. He told her to watch for a mental trigger that might stimulate her memories.

Liberty left the police station and went looking for her mother at the diner. Janet was not yet at work, so Liberty sat down to collect her thoughts. Parker came in and joined her, remarking how upset she seemed. Liberty explained that her dad was in jail, and she could not understand how Margo could put her own sister's husband behind bars. She was not much relieved when Parker told her Margo had put her own son in jail around Halloween. Parker volunteered to talk to Jack on Liberty's behalf. The two hugged and went their separate ways.

At the Lakeview, Henry surreptitiously broke the seal on the crime scene room, and he and Katie went inside. They began searching the desk for clues when suddenly Dani Andropoulos walked in and inquired if they had lost something. Katie explained that Henry was a former private investigator and begged Dani to let them search for evidence that might clear Brad. Their efforts earned them a trip to see Margo at the station, where she had Henry questioned and searched. Katie played the sister card, but it had no effect on Margo. Dani told Margo that tests had revealed that the fibers found under Brad's fingernails matched those of the scarf that had strangled Spencer. Since Henry was concealing no evidence, Margo gave him and Katie a stern lecture, but let the amateur detectives go. Henry promised Margo free meals at the diner for life and took off. Margo let Brad and Katie have some alone time in the interview room, and Brad told Katie that Liberty knew about his arrest.

Dusty and Josie returned to her hotel room, and Josie decided it had been a mistake for her to go to Oakdale. She was worried about becoming indebted to Dusty and felt she should return to Sandusky. Dusty was disappointed, but he arranged a flight and transport to the airport while she packed. They hugged goodbye, and Josie went down in the elevator. Dusty went back into her room and discovered a sketchbook with drawings of couture clothing designs.

Bob and Kim met at Java. Kim told him the police were holding Brad on suspicion of murder and that Katie had broken into the crime scene with Henry to look for evidence. Kim was frazzled and felt helpless. Bob shared the story of Josie and her amnesia and told Kim he was concerned that Dusty felt the woman had a connection with Jennifer. That was important to Kim, as well, since Jennifer was Barbara's daughter, and Barbara was Kim's niece.

Josie was waiting in the lobby of the hotel when Dusty found her. He asked if the sketches in the book were hers, and when she told him they were, he pleaded with her to stay a bit longer. Dusty was connecting Barbara's design talent with what he saw in the sketchbook, and viewed it as another link. Josie considered the request, and then agreed to stay.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Liberty waited for her mom at the diner. When Janet arrived, Liberty told Janet she'd found out about Brad's arrest for the murder of Spencer McKay. Jack walked in, and Liberty asked him to do something to get her dad out of jail. Jack explained that there was too much evidence against Brad for Jack to be able to do anything to help him. Liberty begged Jack to do something, but Jack said his hands were tied. Liberty said it wasn't that Jack couldn't help; it was that Jack didn't want to. Janet told Liberty she wasn't being fair, because Jack was in a tough situation, but Liberty said her dad was the one in the tough situation. Angry, Liberty got up and walked out of the diner. Jack told Janet he understood how Liberty felt, but there was nothing he could do. Janet said Jack could support his brother by going to visit him at the jail.

At the police station, Tom met with Brad about his case. Brad explained to Tom what had happened. Tom told Brad that even though it was circumstantial, the police had ample evidence on which to build their case. Margo came in and told Tom that Brad's arraignment was scheduled for that afternoon at 3:30. Margo didn't think Brad would be given bail because he'd had Katie and Henry enter the crime scene after it had been sealed. Tom said Margo didn't have to mention that part to the judge, but Margo said she wouldn't bend the rules for Brad. Brad asked Margo to give him a break, but Margo asked if Brad had given Spencer a break. Brad insisted that he hadn't murdered Spencer. Margo told Tom not to plan on Brad getting out of jail anytime soon. Tom asked Margo to help Brad as a favor to Katie, but Margo said the case would be too heavily scrutinized for her to interfere.

Jack and Janet arrived at the station, and Jack asked if he could see Brad, as a family member. Margo reluctantly agreed. Jack told Brad he'd gotten himself into a big mess, and it looked like he'd tried to cover it up. Brad told Jack he didn't expect any help; he just wanted Jack to believe that he was innocent. Jack said he did. Jack went back out and told Janet he thought Brad could use some company, so Janet got Margo's permission to talk to Brad. Janet assured Brad that Liberty was behind him completely and didn't believe he was guilty of murder.

Jack asked Margo to let him look at the evidence against his brother, but Margo pointed out that he was Brad's brother. Jack remarked that Margo was Brad's sister-in-law, and Tom walked up and said, "He's got you there." Dani approached and told Margo she had the coroner's report. Tom asked to see it on behalf of his client, and Margo handed it to him, her eyes shooting daggers at him.

After reviewing the report, Tom told Margo he wanted to go to the morgue to examine the body himself. Margo said she would escort him there, and Dani asked if she could come, too, so she could learn from the best: the chief of police and the former district attorney. Margo said flattery had won Dani a trip to the morgue, and they left, with Jack remaining behind to "hold down the fort."

Vienna walked into the diner to find Henry sipping fennel tea, something she said he only did when he was deeply depressed. Henry admitted that he was upset about Brad and Katie and wanted to help. Vienna said Henry had already tried to help and almost gotten himself into deep trouble. Henry said he had to do something, and Vienna told him she loved it when he wanted to fight injustice, like a superhero. That reminded her of one of their previous sexual fantasies, and she began reminding Henry of it and then told him to put the "Closed" sign in the diner window.

Henry and Vienna broke off their tryst because of their worry about their friends. Vienna said she wanted to help, but Henry said he wouldn't let her. Vienna reminded Henry that Margo had said she would throw the book at him if he interfered again. That made Henry depressed again, so Vienna told him she had an idea. She wanted to meet him later at the Lakeview, but first, she wanted to pick up some "supplies." Henry asked if they involved a mask and a cape, but Vienna wouldn't say. Henry said he would pick up his own "supplies," and they both left in a hurry.

Katie went to WOAK, where Kim told her the whole station was in shock about what had happened to Spencer and about Brad's arrest. Katie asked Kim how the station planned to handle it, and Kim assured Katie that WOAK wouldn't sensationalize the story. Katie told Kim she needed more than that, and she asked Kim if she would put Katie back on the air. Kim said the station couldn't try Brad's case on the air, but Katie said all she wanted to do was make a statement showing her support of her husband. Kim said she had planned to air a "best of Katie and Brad" show that day, and Katie said she could provide an introductory statement to the show. Kim agreed.

Katie made an emotional on-air statement explaining to her viewers what had happened and stating that Brad couldn't have done what he was accused of doing. She broke down, and Kim finished for her, saying they all wished her and Brad the best. When the cameras stopped rolling, Kim told Katie she'd done well.

When Katie went to her office to calm down, a staffer brought her an envelope, saying it had just been delivered for Katie. Katie opened it and read, "I can solve your problems. E-mail me," followed by an e-mail address. Katie sat down and sent an e-mail message to the address. She received a reply asking if she wanted the person's help. When Katie asked what the person could do for her, the response was "Get Brad out of jail." Katie typed, "Why would you do this?" The response came back, "I may ask a favor in return in the future. Trust me." Katie asked why she should, and the response was, "You have no choice."

Katie glanced at the TV and watched a few clips from the highlights show that was on, then typed, "Yes." However, she then lost her Internet connection. Kim walked in and asked Katie what was wrong. She said the computer had just done something weird, and the crazy fans were coming out of the woodwork. Kim said they weren't all crazy, and the fans wanted to see Katie and Brad back together again. Kim reminded Katie that Tom was a fabulous lawyer, and she said Katie shouldn't lose hope. Katie hugged Kim and left.

Katie went to the police station. Brad said it was funny that the last time, when he'd actually hurt Leo, he'd gotten away with it, but this time, when he was completely innocent, it appeared he would be "nailed to the wall." Katie told him that wasn't necessarily the case. Brad told Katie he did not want her to do anything else that might get her into trouble. Katie said she couldn't promise not to try to help him, but she would promise not to do anything stupid. Brad said that wasn't good enough, and he wanted her to promise not to do anything at all, because he needed her to help take care of Liberty. Katie promised; they kissed, and she left.

Liberty went to Java, where Parker found her. Liberty told Parker that Jack had said there was nothing he could do to help Brad. Parker said Jack wouldn't just give up, but Liberty said she didn't think Jack could stick his neck out for Brad again. Liberty became upset, telling Parker that although a year ago, she hadn't even wanted to meet her dad, things had become very different. Liberty realized that she and Brad were a lot alike. Parker said the situation wasn't fair, and he wished there was something he could do to help.

They left Java, and Liberty told Parker she couldn't believe he was being so nice, given how badly her dad had treated him in the past. Parker said he didn't think Brad had killed Spencer, and Brad was his uncle, but more importantly, Parker would never try to hurt someone who meant so much to Liberty. One of Liberty's high school friends, Van, approached and expressed his sympathy about her situation. He then invited Liberty to join him and some school friends back at his house, but Liberty said she thought she'd stay with Parker. Van called Parker the "little step-brother," but Liberty said, "He's actually a friend. A really good friend."

Parker and Liberty went back to Brad and Katie's house, where Parker made hot chocolate for the two of them. Liberty thought it was delicious and told Parker he had hidden talents. Parker said he had other talents. Liberty asked what they might be, and Parker said that in addition to tennis, math, and skateboarding, he was a "pretty good kisser." Liberty said he might be, with more practice. She noticed Parker had a whipped cream mustache, and she started to wipe it off. Parker leaned towards her, but Janet walked in, and Parker and Liberty back away from one another. Parker stood up quickly and said he had to leave, and Liberty thanked him.

Janet told Liberty she was glad that Parker had made Liberty feel better. Janet assured Liberty that the truth would come out in the end, and she said they needed to stay positive about Brad. Janet then said she had to go back to work, and she suggested Liberty go with her to get something to eat. They left together.

At the morgue, Margo asked Dani to go get Spencer's body. Spencer shouted for Margo almost immediately, and, when Margo and Tom entered the morgue, Dani told them that Spencer's body was gone. Margo said someone must have moved it, because "corpses do not just disappear," and she told Dani to "go find that body now!"

Margo and Tom returned to the station, where Margo asked Brad whether he had anything to do with the disappearance of Spencer's body from the morgue. Brad said he didn't know what Margo was talking about. Dani walked in and said she had checked every body in the morgue and was 100% sure that Spencer's body was gone. Dani said the security guards had no idea what had happened. Jack walked in and told Margo that he'd gone to the evidence room, with a uniformed officer as a witness, and all the evidence against Brad (the scarf and the DNA evidence) was gone. Tom told Margo that without the body and the evidence, Margo had no case.

Margo asked Brad if he had put Katie and Henry up to destroying or removing the evidence or the body. Brad swore he had had nothing to do with it, and he assured Margo that Katie hadn't either. Margo told Dani to get a warrant to search Henry's room at the Lakeview, and she told Jack to check the logs and get a list of everyone who had been in and out of the evidence room. Tom told Margo that he was serious when he said she had to let Brad go for lack of evidence.

When Jack returned, Margo said she had to ask him whether he had anything to do with the disappearance of the evidence. Jack assured Margo that he had learned from his previous mistake, and he said he hadn't done anything with the evidence. Exasperated, Margo asked rhetorically, "Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on around here?"

Katie returned home. She glanced at the mysterious card she'd been given earlier, then threw it into the trash can. Suddenly, Brad walked into the house, announcing, "Honey, I'm home!" Katie rushed into his arms, asking what had happened, and he told her that Margo had dropped the charges against him.


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