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Monday, November 3, 2008

Taylor reminded Ridge that he was one of the most famous people in L.A., a celebrated designer, a father of four, and one of the most photographed guys in town, but was basically homeless and living out of his car. Taylor said that she and the children never wanted Ridge to leave and that it hadn't felt like home since he left. She encouraged Ridge to move back home.

Stephanie walked in and Ridge asked her if she had orchestrated the whole intervention. She said she had not, but she would have if she had thought she could pull it off. Thomas backed her up and said nothing was planned in advance; it was a spontaneous request. Steffy said they all realized they held the same dream-for their family to be reunited.

Steffy and Thomas reminisced about the bond their family once shared and said they missed it. Steffy said if Ridge planned to marry Brooke so that R.J. could have that same dynamic, she would understand. Stephanie chimed in and said that since Brooke had four kids by four different men, she seriously doubted it was possible that Brooke's kids would ever share the same family feelings that Ridge and Taylor's kids had shared.

Steffy asked Ridge if he remembered the bond their family once shared. He said he did. She asked him point-blank if he missed it. Ridge said their family had shared wonderful times in the past, but people had to move forward, and not cling to past happiness, which could keep them from living each season of their lives fully.

Stephanie turned Ridge's words around and used them against him. She asked if that was what he was doing with Brooke by holding onto a relationship that should have been left in the past. She said that Ridge and Brooke broke up and made up ad infinitum and that all Ridge had ever gotten from Brooke was a lot of disappointment. She said Nick was a revolving door that Ridge and Brooke's relationship continually passed through. Taylor defended Ridge and said Ridge did that because he loved Brooke. Ridge said yes, he did, and asked if that was so hard to understand. Taylor said it was not hard to understand and that is why she let Ridge go. But she reminded Ridge that love didn't guarantee happiness.

Taylor said she had not been afraid of much in life, but she had always been afraid of Brooke and the love Brooke and Ridge shared. Taylor said she was not afraid of it anymore, and she knew Ridge still loved Brooke, but Taylor had become a more confident person and thought she could be a lot sexier than Brooke ever dreamed of being. Steffy and Thomas were disgusted by the "how sexy Mom could be if she wanted" talk, and suggested they all go and play tennis.

Stephanie was happy to see Ridge's family together and having fun. She pulled Taylor aside and warned her that Brooke might have kicked Ridge out of her house, but that she would be on red alert once she realized Taylor was making a play to get Ridge back.

Nick and Katie played another round of Nerf basketball one-on-one as they kissed and giggled. Nick was winded and suggested they call the game a tie. Katie protested and said she wanted to continue to play. Nick said Katie threw the ball all wild and then he had to chase it. Katie said if Nick didn't smoke so many cigars, he wouldn't have so much trouble breathing. Nick said Katie played the heart transplant victim card to get special treatment. The two laughed and bantered and Katie rhetorically asked Nick if they would always be happy.

Katie mentioned to Nick that she heard "Mom gossip" that Rick had moved in with Brooke, and that Ridge was not happy about it and moved out. Nick said he didn't think he had ever seen Ridge happy. Katie said that Ridge and Rick didn't get along very well. Nick said Ridge didn't get along with anyone over the age of ten. Nick said maybe it was good that it happened. He said Brooke must have a guardian angel that saved her from Ridge. Katie asked what she was being saved for, and Nick said her kids, then suggested that they change the subject. He said their focus should be on Jack.

Katie said she could not help worrying about the future. Nick asked her to just be happy with each day and to let him love her in the moment. She agreed, but lamented she didn't want things to change. Nick told her it was guaranteed that things would change because things always did.

Rick's cell phone rang, and he pushed himself out of bed and scooted to the dresser to check his messages. Brooke caught him in the act and asked what he was doing. She scolded Rick and said he had to be patient. She said that one day he would be able to feel his legs again and would be able to get up and walk around, but until that time, he had to stay in bed or he would injure himself all over again. Rick said he wanted to take care of Brooke, and she said there was nothing wrong with her. Brooke said she had asked Rick's father to turn his phone off so it would not disturb him. Rick asked how he could download porn without it and Brooke looked disgusted and said she would pretend she didn't hear that comment.

Rick complimented Brooke on her amazing grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and Brooke said he should thank someone else, too-Ridge. Rick looked perplexed. Brooke reminded Rick that it was Ridge's house, too, and that Ridge could have demanded to stay, but instead stepped aside so Rick could stay there to recuperate. She explained that as soon as Rick was well, Ridge would move back in and Brooke and Ridge would become husband and wife.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At Taylor's home, she prepared a breakfast with Ridge's favorite foods. She bragged that she and Thomas had beaten him and Steffy at tennis. Ridge jokingly asked for a re-match. Taylor was willing and agreed to a rematch between the four of them. She asked Ridge if he enjoyed spending time with her and the children as a family. She emphasized that it felt to her as though nothing had changed. She asked if Ridge noticed that also.

Ridge commented that he did enjoy his overnight and time with the kids. Ridge told Taylor that he was not certain he would stay another night. He explained to Taylor that he did not want to send her mixed messages. His ex-wife responded that she was fully aware that he and Brooke had plans of a remarriage when Rick recuperated. She commented that she was able to handle Ridge's presence in her home. Taylor made dinner plans with Ridge then left the house.

Meanwhile, Eric visited his son, Rick. He tried to encourage Rick with all of the get well wishes that had been received from all over the world. Rick nixed Eric's efforts. Rick became very negative and notified Eric he would not return to Forrester Creations or Forrester International. Rick explained that he was tired of Ridge's arrogant behavior at the company. He told Eric that Ridge did not treat him as an equal. Rick tied a condition to his return to Forrester Creations: Eric would have to treat him as an equal.

Taylor went to Ridge's office at Forrester Creations to give him Steffy's iPod, which she had left at home. Instead of finding Ridge, she found Brooke behind the changing screen. She told Taylor, who she thought was Ridge, to come in and lock the door. Brooke told Ridge from behind the screen that she planned to make up for the previous night because she had missed him not being at home. Brooke played sexy music and did a provocative dance in her skimpy underwear. Brooke screamed when she came out from behind the screen and saw Taylor instead of Ridge. She complained that Taylor could have said she was there. Taylor taunted Brooke by telling her that she did not want to miss the show.

Brooke angrily told Taylor again how she was responsible for Rick's injury and broken heart and that she should take responsibility. Taylor acknowledged that she had broken Rick's heart. Taylor offered her help if Rick needed counseling with his injury recovery. Brooke told her that her services were not needed. The two of them had their usual arguments, which included who would win the battle for Ridge's affection. As the argument continued, Ridge entered his office and heard their discussion. Ridge thanked Taylor for breakfast. Brooke was appalled when she realized that Ridge had spent the night at Taylor's house. Brooke reamed Ridge for having spent the night at Taylors' after Taylor had made it clear she wanted Ridge back. Brooke demanded that Ridge stay anywhere but at Taylor's house.

Donna moved her belongings back into Eric's home. Stephanie's presence surprised Donna. She thanked Donna for not testifying against Pam. Donna wanted assurance that Pam was securely housed in a mental hospital in Chicago. Stephanie again confirmed that Pam was in Chicago and was no longer a threat to anyone. Donna reiterated that she believed Pam to be dangerous. Stephanie disagreed that Pam was still a threat. When Donna was assured that Pam was in Chicago, she realized she was absolutely free to reunite with Eric. As Donna moved her belongings in, Stephanie warned her that she was staying in the house because Eric had not asked her to leave. She informed Donna that she and Eric would reunite rather than Donna and Eric. As Donna and Stephanie continued their discussion, Eric arrived home. He acted amused over their discussion. Donna and Stephanie both asked Eric with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. As they waited for a reaction or an answer, he told them that he had a solution, but did not reveal what it was.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Donna asked Eric to tell her and Stephanie which one of them he wanted to be with. Eric said he hadn't come to a conclusion because he was focused on Rick's paralysis and didn't have time to focus on his love life. Donna said she understood and was very concerned about her nephew, Rick. Stephanie said Donna was too late to play caring aunt because she had ignored Rick for most of his childhood. Stephanie added that she, on the other hand, had been Rick's stepmother and had had a lot more interaction with him on a day-to-day basis.

Eric stopped them from bickering and said they didn't need to prove which of them loved Rick more. He said he didn't need for the two of them to plead their case to him; he loved them both. Eric said they were both beautiful and wonderful women. Stephanie asked Eric if the problem was that he didn't want to decide between the two of them. He acknowledged that she was right; he did not want to choose. Donna asked where that left them and what they were supposed to do.

Eric said nothing should be done. He said he just needed the two of them to give him their love and support. Stephanie said he already had that. Stephanie and Donna battled over which one of them had to move out of Eric's house and which one should stay. Eric said he needed both of them by his side, and proposed that the three of them should all move into the house together.

Donna went into Eric's bedroom and undressed. She climbed into bed wearing some slinky lingerie as she spun an erotic tale for Eric. The rouble was, when she slid under the covers, she found out the lump in the bed was Stephanie rather than Eric. Stephanie said that her porridge was way too hot for Goldilocks to handle. Stephanie asked Donna if she always wore negligees under her clothes. Donna said she did. Stephanie said that must come in handy when Donna needed to seduce someone. Stephanie said she knew that Donna would try to pull something. Donna said she would never lose Eric to Stephanie and that it didn't matter if they had to share a house, a room, or a bed. Donna predicted she would win.

Eric dropped by the office to do some of Rick's work, because Rick was unable to work. Ridge said he and Brooke had it handled and said Eric should go back home. Ridge reminded Eric that he was still recovering from his own illness. Eric said it was actually more peaceful at work than at home.

Eric explained to Ridge that both Donna and Stephanie had moved in with him. Ridge was flabbergasted and said he thought the family was rid of Donna for good. Eric said he had too much to handle and he had two wonderful women who stood by his side and waited for him to make a choice. Eric reminded Ridge that if he chose to go back to Donna, that Ridge would have to find a way to accept his choice.

Ridge said it would be a mistake for Eric to reunite with Donna. Eric said the two ladies in his life cared enough about him to allow him time to decide, and he hoped Ridge would give him the same respect. Ridge said he worried that Eric couldn't handle the stress of his own recovery, Rick's paralysis, working, and two women. Eric said Ridge was wrong and that he was already doing it.

Ridge acted as though he hadn't heard Eric's response and made a pitch for Eric to turn over control of Forrester to him. Ridge suggested that Eric should step down to focus on his health and to spend time with whichever of the two women Eric decided he wanted to be with. Ridge got bossy and said he had earned the job, and insisted that Eric should appoint him as head of Forrester Creations.

Brooke insisted that Ridge should not stay at Taylor's house again. Ridge explained that Thomas was in town, so it made sense that he stayed at Taylor's, because he was able to spend time with his kids. Taylor chimed in and pointed out that at her house, Ridge was appreciated, unlike the treatment he had received from Brooke. Brooke was appalled. Taylor asked Brooke to clarify the details and asked if it was true that Brooke had asked Ridge to leave. Brooke said it was true, but only because of her son. Ridge wondered aloud if perhaps Rick had taken advantage of Brooke. Brooke said Rick was paralyzed and there was nothing for him to take advantage of.

Ridge said Brooke was a great mom who would do anything for her kids, and that Ridge expected Rick would take advantage of her good nature in order to keep Brooke and Ridge apart. Ridge said Rick would not stop meddling until he had ruined their relationship. Brooke said Rick's stay would only be temporary and seductively asked Ridge to sneak in the back way to visit her later in the day. Brooke stopped on her way out and taunted Taylor. Brooke said she hoped Taylor had enjoyed Ridge spending the night at her house, because it would never happen again.

Taylor asked Ridge how Brooke exhibited so much nerve - she said Brooke had kicked Ridge out of his own home and then tried to dictate where he was allowed to sleep after the fact. Ridge defended Brooke and said he saw Brooke's point. Taylor said she didn't. Taylor said it felt right and very natural for their entire family to spend time together. She added that she would be content to spend the rest of her life that way.

Brooke visited Rick and told him that Ridge spent the night at Taylor's house. Rick was shocked. Brooke explained it was an innocent visit, and that Ridge only wanted to spend time with his kids. Brooke lamented that she wished Ridge would have considered her feelings before he made that choice. Rick said she should not have expected that from Ridge, because he only thought of himself. Rick said Ridge had Brooke and Taylor right where he wanted them, on a string and fighting over him. Brooke said it was not intentional and Rick disagreed. He believed it was entirely intentional. He said Ridge got his power from pitting Brooke and Taylor against one another while they both pined away for his attention. Rick said Brooke should let Taylor win and let Ridge go. He said Brooke deserved a man who loved only her and didn't continue to look back at another woman.

Rick said that Taylor was the one who got Ridge's table scraps for the moment, but Brooke should know that in a few months the tables would be turned and she would be the one that got only scraps from Ridge. Rick said what Ridge and Brooke had was not love, but instead, it was a sick obsession. Brooke said she understood that Rick might have felt that way when he had grown up, but that wasn't how things had been. Rick reminded Brooke that Ridge swooped in and stole her from Eric and destroyed their family. Brooke said the marriage she had to Eric had not been a great romance; it was just two people who needed one another at one moment in time. Brooke said she distracted Eric from Stephanie, and that Eric had distracted her from Ridge.

Brooke said she loved Eric, but that she was destined to be with Ridge. Rick said he didn't have the strength to comfort Brooke when Ridge eventually dumped Brooke for Taylor for the millionth time. Rick said Ridge made a play to steal Taylor from him because Ridge could not bear the thought that Taylor could be happy with someone else. Rick said no one had ever stood up to Ridge, and everyone had allowed him to hurt and use people for years. Rick said Ridge would string Brooke and Taylor along for a few months, and then predicted he would then choose Taylor while Brooke waited her turn again for a few years. Rick vowed that he would be the one that finally stood up to Ridge Forrester and stopped him.

Brooke said that Rick was angry that Taylor dumped him in order to pursue Ridge. Brooke added that Ridge had not encouraged Taylor in any way. Rick rolled his eyes. Brooke said Rick should have a heart-to-heart talk with his father. Rick said it would not help because Eric favored Ridge over Rick. Brooke said that was not true. Rick said it was true and lamented that Eric would one day turn control of Forrester Creations over to Ridge, even though he had no idea how to run a company. He said Ridge's only talent was that he could draw pretty dresses on his sketchpad. Rick said Ridge did not respect Eric and that Ridge tried to break up Eric and Donna's marriage while Rick was the one who stood up for Eric and Donna at their wedding. He said it hadn't even mattered to Eric; Eric still favored Ridge. Rick said Eric would always choose Ridge over him, just like Brooke did.

Brooke said she felt responsible for how Rick felt. She wished that she had made him feel as if he was the most important person in her life while he was growing up. Rick said she had that choice again and could prove to him he mattered to her more than Ridge did by choosing him. He asked her to call off the wedding to Ridge. Rick said Brooke had a future and a destiny out there somewhere, but that it did not include Ridge.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

by Pam

At the office, Ridge argued with Eric about the company's future. Ridge wanted to know when Eric was going to turn the company over to him, but Eric said he was still thinking about it. Ridge conjectured that other people, like Rick, were bending his ear about not giving the company to Ridge.

Eric said that he had no intention of making an immediate decision. Ridge said he thought it was a done deal the night Eric had a heart attack. Eric brought up that Ridge had pressured Donna into turning over the company, and Ridge defended himself, saying that Donna had no business heading Forrester Creations. Ridge asked Eric how he could possibly give Donna power of attorney. Eric countered by saying that Ridge's actions were precisely why Eric had given the power of attorney to Donna. The night he had his heart attack, he had changed his mind about retiring.

Eric said he wasn't a puppet, and he told Ridge he wanted to make it clear that when he did retire, he would take care of all his children and portion the company as he saw fit. Ridge was resentful that they had laid ground rules earlier, and Eric had changed them. Ridge said he had expected to be running Forrester Creations, and he left.

At Stephanie's, Taylor met with Stephanie and said that Ridge and the kids played tennis and watched movies, and it was like old times. Everyone was comfortable. Stephanie said she was happy for Taylor. Taylor said she thought Ridge had a great time.

At Brooke's, Rick tried to convince Brooke that she would not be happy with Ridge. He begged her not to marry Ridge. Brooke looked troubled. Brooke admitted that they had endured some difficult times, but Rick was blaming Ridge, and he should have blamed Brooke, because she was also at fault. Rick didn't want to talk about Ridge anymore, but Brooke wanted to finish the conversation. Rick said everyone forgave Ridge for everything no matter what he did, but Rick refused to listen.

Brooke claimed she wasn't dismissing Rick, but she was at fault, too. Rick again said that Ridge had gotten away with too much, including pulling the plug on Eric. Brooke told Rick that Eric didn't know that had happened and that Donna ha never told Eric because she knew it would break his heart.

Rick said Brooke was hard on herself and he told her she had three young children to worry about. He begged her not to do to them what she had done to him. He asked her to make sure that she didn't make them feel second best. He told her that her three children were three very good reasons not to marry Ridge. Brooke left.

While in her room looking at pictures of Rick, Brooke was surprised that Ridge visited. She wanted reassurance that Rick hadn't seen him. Ridge said Rick never saw him. Ridge needed to see her. Brooke said Ridge couldn't spend the night at Taylor's house, especially since Taylor made it clear she would do anything to get him back.

Ridge said nothing happened with Taylor. He spent the night there because it gave him time with his kids. And, he knew that Taylor was trying to get him back because it was obvious from the minute he walked in the door. Ridge claimed he didn't want Taylor. He wanted Brooke.

Brooke said she didn't want to deny him time with his kids. She knew how much kids needed their parents, and she wasn't a very good mother to Rick while he was growing up.

Ridge said she didn't need to make excuses, and he told her she was twice the mother that most women would be. Brooke told him he was biased, and he playfully grabbed a rose and slid it along her face and body. He told her he missed her face, her eyes, and her phenomenal body. They kissed and made love.

In Rick's room, Rick gingerly got up out of bed, but someone knocked on the door, so he got back into the bed. Eric came in and brought Rick's laptop and files from the office. Rick told his father to take the files away because he had no intention of working at Forrester as long as Ridge was in charge.

Eric refused to accept that Rick would quit. Rick told Eric he had loved Forrester ever since he was a kid trying to get his father's attention. Rick said Eric had always been very focused.

Eric apologized and said he should have been more attentive, but Rick stopped him. He said he learned everything from Eric, and that was what made him so good at what he did. Rick realized he couldn't leave the company because it was in his blood.

He told his father he wanted to work more closely with Eric and learn from him. He begged his father not to retire. Rick told Eric he shouldn't let Ridge pressure him into leaving the company. Rick praised his father, saying that, since the heart attack, he was stronger than he'd ever been. Eric thanked him for the shot of confidence.

Rick laid into Ridge and told Eric that Ridge didn't respect Eric and his talent. Rick was convinced that if Eric retired, the company and Eric would wither away and die. Rick said Ridge was trying to shove Eric out of Forrester the same way he shoved Rick off the building. Rick said Ridge wasn't Eric's real son, and Rick was sick of Ridge getting away with everything.

Eric said Ridge had never done anything cruel or hurtful to Eric, but Rick said he had. Eric defended Ridge again, and Rick told him that Ridge shut off Eric's respirator when he was in a coma. Rick said Ridge made a conscious choice all by himself to end Eric's life. If all the alarms hadn't gone off, Eric would have been brain dead. Rick dared Eric to trust Ridge.

"Ridge tried to kill you," Rick said.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ridge noted that Brooke seemed preoccupied. Brooke said she was worried about Rick. Ridge said Rick had already begun to heal and had gotten some feeling back in his legs. Brooke said Rick had not made any progress since he moved back home. Ridge said it was because Rick was not trying to get better. Ridge said Rick's main goal seemed to be bad-mouthing Ridge. Brooke said she had worked on that and thought Rick would come around some day. Ridge did not seem convinced.

Ridge said that Rick had issues and ought to be in therapy. He pointed out that Rick seemed drawn to older women such as Ashley and Taylor. Brooke said that was her fault, because he must have needed something that she had not provided as his mother. Ridge said that was a crock and begged Brooke not to buy into Rick's guilt trips. Ridge said Rick had always known that Brooke loved him. Brooke said he might have known it in his head, but apparently he hadn't felt it in his heart. Ridge said Rick was an adult and that Brooke needed to treat him like a man instead of a child.

Brooke said she only wanted peace. Brooke said that after she and Ridge married, she wanted Rick to be part of their family. Ridge assured her that would happen. Ridge said that once Eric turned over the company to Ridge, he would become Rick's boss and Rick would have to listen to him. Brooke asked if Ridge would fire Rick if Rick did not listen to Ridge. Ridge said not if Brooke didn't want him to, but added he could not take much more of Rick's attitude.

Ridge said they were on the verge of getting everything they wanted-a marriage, their kids, and control of the company-and that no one could stop them. Ridge said the Brooke should not worry. He said that he would go and have a peace talk with Rick. Brooke thanked him and said Ridge would do anything to make her happy. Ridge said he lived to make Brooke's dreams come true.

Rick informed Eric that Ridge had tried to end Eric's life by pulling the plug on his life support. Rick said Ridge claimed he heard Eric's voice and that it told him to pull the plug. Eric asked if he had been in pain or if he had cried out while he was in his coma. Rick said he had not; Eric had been peaceful. Rick said that Ridge pulled Eric's plug out of greed. Eric said he could not believe that and supposed that Ridge might not have been in his right mind. Rick said that was not true because Ridge had explained the whole thing to his family and attempted to get them on board with the idea.

Eric said he didn't want to think about that anymore. Rick suggested that Eric think instead about the happy times he spent with Brooke. Rick said he had looked at old family photos and saw that Eric was happy while he was married to Brooke. Rick asked if Eric ever thought about those days. Eric said of course he did, but it was all in the past. Eric said he and Brooke had taken different paths. Rick argued with Eric and said Ridge was the one who intervened in their marriage and broke them apart. Rick said Ridge always had put himself first and that Ridge had put himself first again when he pressured Eric into turning the company over to him. Rick implored Eric not to cave in to Ridge's demands.

Eric said Ridge expected to be able to take over the company.

Rick asked Eric what Ridge had done for him lately. Eric was silent. Rick repeated his question and asked what Ridge had ever done for Eric as a son. Rick said Ridge didn't approve of Eric's marriage to Donna, didn't approve of how Eric ran the company, and wanted Eric put out to pasture. Rick asked Eric if that was any way for a son to support his father. Rick suggested that Ridge was envious of Eric. He reminded Eric that Ridge was actually Massimo's son and perhaps Ridge was trying to show Eric up. Rick reminded Eric that he had been the son who had been a loving, loyal, and faithful son to Eric. Rick said it hadn't gotten him anywhere, because Ridge was Eric's favorite.

Eric told Rick he was wrong; he said there was not a competition between his kids for his love and attention. Rick said there was a competition and insisted it was true. Rick said he went to Paris and ran Forrester International very well and was just as, if not more, qualified than Ridge to run the company. Rick said he was treated like a bastard child just because Stephanie was not his mom. Rick reminded Eric that he was Eric's number one son with Brooke. Rick said Ridge would marry Brooke and then break her heart again because that was how Ridge always treated the people in his life.

Eric said that he did not have a "number one" son, and insisted that he loved his children equally. Rick burst out laughing and said that everyone knew Ridge was Eric's favorite. Rick said he could see in Eric's eyes that it was true. Eric took Rick's face in his hands and looked him in the eye. Eric promised that Rick would never again feel as though he was second to Ridge. Ridge lurked in the hallway and overheard their conversation. Ridge entered the room and said he had initially come to make peace, but he realized Rick was playing Eric the same way he had played Brooke. Ridge said that it had to stop.

Ridge said it was Rick's fault that he was paralyzed. Rick laughed in disbelief. Rick said that Ridge had kissed his fiancée, ruined his wedding, pushed him off a rooftop, and still refused to accept any responsibility. Ridge asked Eric to come with him so the two of them could discuss the future of the company. Eric said that Rick was a part of the future of Forrester, too. Ridge and Eric began to bicker as Brooke arrived. Brooke asked what was going on. Eric asked Brooke to take a good look at their son Rick, and then announced that Rick was President of Forrester Creations. Ridge protested and said that Eric was CEO and that Ridge was President. Eric said effective immediately, Rick and Ridge would be co-presidents. Ridge said he would resign before he agreed to work with Rick. Eric said Ridge could suit himself. They all left the room and, when Rick thought he was alone, her stood up. Brooke came back into the room and saw Rick standing and was shocked that he could use his legs. Rick said he could explain.

Taylor said that if she had fought for Ridge in the first place, she could have avoided all the awful things that happened, like her failed relationships with Nick and Rick. She said she had never learned to be true to herself and her own heart. Stephanie said Taylor should not focus on "Shoulda, woulda, coulda," but instead she should take charge of her life and begin to fight for Ridge in earnest. Taylor said she was afraid to get let down again.

Stephanie pointed out that Taylor had already made progress, and that Ridge had spent the night in their old home. Taylor said that it had just been one night, and Stephanie said one night was a start. Taylor hugged Stephanie and said she was thankful that she had Stephanie back in her life. Taylor said she had not realized how much she missed Stephanie's friendship. Stephanie said she missed Taylor, too, and noted they needed each other. Taylor agreed and said they had to band together to fight the Logan "slut sisters," and they both chuckled.

Stephanie pronounced that Taylor would win Ridge back. Stephanie said Taylor had to use the situation with Rick to her advantage. Taylor said what Stephanie had proposed sounded like manipulation. Stephanie said it was what it was; Taylor had to fight for Ridge.

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