The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on Y&R

Ashley found Victor in France. Adam proposed to Heather. Ana wished that Tyra and Neil would get married. Katherine and Marge got into a car accident as they drove to rehab. Kevin found Katherine's purse, which contained thousands of dollars in cash.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, November 3, 2008

At the coffeehouse, Jack and Adam discussed Victor's forged journal. Jack said that the fake journal would appear in Sophisticate magazine the next day. Adam was worried when Jack gave him all the credit for the journal. Jack explained that everyone knew that he and "the mustache" hated each other, so Adam should not mention Jack's role in the deception. Adam admitted that he desperately needed the money he had earned for the tell-all book he wrote about his estranged father. After Jack left, Adam took a gift box out of his jacket pocket, opened the lid, and admired a diamond engagement ring.

At the assistant DA's office, Heather issued orders to someone on the phone. Heather told her caller that she had obtained a court order for the original journal, which her experts would comb through in detail. Heather demanded that her caller find out who had released the journal during an ongoing murder investigation. Heather issued orders to her staff when Adam phoned and invited her to a romantic meal in his room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Heather explained that she was busy and had just issued an international warrant for Victor's arrest. After Heather mentioned her plan to track down the source of the journal, Adam admitted that he knew who had found the journal and sold it to the magazine.

After Heather arrived at the club, Adam admitted that he had discovered Victor's journal at the ranch. Adam said that he decided to sell the diary because Victor had blackballed him out of spite. Adam added that when he failed repeatedly to find a job, he knew he could sell the journal and become financially independent. Heather shook her head in disbelief when Adam explained that he intended for them to use the money to build a life together. Heather became angry and said that "two-million dollars did not make it okay." Adam theorized that the DA's office would have leaked Victor's diary to the media, anyway, and that his father owed him a "financial payoff" he could live on for a while. Adam added that public service did not pay well, so Heather could not support them on her salary. Adam claimed that he could start a business in order to prove that he was serious about his career. Heather gasped from shock when Adam showed her the engagement ring. Adam professed his love and proposed.

Heather wondered if Adam had planned to marry just so she would not be compelled to testify against him if she were his wife. Heather noted that Adam had never before told her that he loved her. Adam claimed that he had decided to marry Heather after they spent an hour on a mountaintop and enjoyed the striking fall scenery without having to say a word to one another. Adam told Heather that she knew his thoughts before he spoke, and that she was his best friend. Adam added that he could not have proposed until he was certain that he could take care of Heather financially. Heather was speechless for a time, but she finally answered, "Yes, I will marry you." Adam kissed Heather and slipped his ring onto her finger.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon showed Nick the journal she had stolen from Heather's office. Nick insisted that the journal was a "load of crap," and he added that Heather would use the information to issue a warrant for Victor's arrest. Nick phoned Nikki in London and left a message, which instructed his mother to phone him as soon as possible because there was an important development about Victor. Noah stopped by and practiced his French. After Noah mentioned his grandpa, Nick and Sharon exchanged awkward glances. Noah noticed his parents' visual cues, so Nick explained that the fake journal implicated Victor in the murder of Sabrina's killer. Noah maintained that his grandfather was not a killer. Sharon and Nick agreed. Noah decided he would not go to Paris, but Sharon and Nick explained that Noah could not assist with the matter, and he should not miss his class trip.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick waited to speak to his attorney on the phone while Victoria read excerpts from the journal Sharon had stolen from Heather's office. "When I am face to face with this animal, this vermin, justice will be mine. Vengeance will be mine-mano a mano," Victoria read aloud. Nick and Victoria agreed that their father had not written the journal. Victoria said that Victor would be outraged. Nick added that their dad would have "taken on" everyone who had participated in the hoax, but Victoria admitted that their father was so far gone that he might not even care.

Neil stopped by and Nick told him that Victor was a wanted man after authorities issued an international arrest warrant. Nick noted that he should issue a statement on behalf of the company since the Sophisticate would hit newsstands the following day. Victoria claimed that experts would verify that someone had forged the journal. Neil worried that silence was tantamount to an announcement of Victor's guilt. Nick suggested that Newman Enterprises act defensively and make an official announcement before the magazine published the journal excerpts. Neil, Victoria, and Nick agreed that they would issue a statement declaring that the journal was a fake and the publisher was a liar.

As Nick prepared to address the press, Neil ordered security not to allow Leanna Love, the gossip columnist, into the Newman building. As Nick buttoned his collar and tied his tie, Neil pressed him to admit that Victor had not murdered Walter Palin. Nick answered that he would hold the press conference to refute the diary in hopes to it might stop the company's stock from dropping. Victoria maintained that Nick had it wrong. Nick promised that he could handle the press on behalf of his dad.

In the Newman boardroom, packed with press agents and cameras, Nick announced that his family, disgusted by the allegations, swore that the journal was a fraud. Nick added that he had petitioned a judge to have the documents turned over, so experts could determine whether the journal was authentic. After one journalist asked about Victor's absence, Nick explained that Victor remained in mourning over the loss of his wife. Victoria stepped up to a lectern and assured the press that although she had not spoken to Victor, she knew that the journal was a lie. Victoria announced that if experts later verified that the journal was authentic, she would step down from her position at Newman Enterprises.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon and Noah arrived to discover that Jack was not home. Noah discerned from Sharon's cavalier attitude that Jack and his mother were not getting along. Sharon promised Noah that she and Jack would work out their differences. Noah worried about leaving, but Sharon reminded him that she had planned to meet him in Paris at the end of the week. Noah offered to return early with his class, but Sharon urged Noah to stay in France. After Jack arrived, Noah went upstairs to pack. Jack noticed that Noah seemed upset, and Sharon told Jack that Noah had heard about his grandfather's alleged diary. Jack acted surprised after Sharon added that the diary implicated Victor in Walter Palin's murder.

After Noah had packed his bags, Jack gave his stepson a monetary gift. Sharon smiled when Jack told Noah that he wanted the trip to be a great one. Jack told Noah that he should not worry about the journal. Sharon's smile widened, and her eyes brightened when Jack added that the most important thing Noah should remember is that his grandfather loved him very much. After Noah left, Sharon told Jack that it was nice to see the man she had fallen in love with. Sharon admitted that she could not trust Jack since he had spent so much time with Adam. After Sharon realized that Jack had helped Adam get Victor's diary published, Jack was silent. Jack remained silent when Sharon asked, "Jack, how could you?"

Jack claimed that he had merely introduced Adam to a magazine publisher after Adam said he had Victor's diary. After Sharon asked Jack if he had read the diary, Jack did not answer. Jack claimed that he knew how Adam felt after Victor betrayed him. Sharon became angry and asked Jack if he had considered how the diary's publication would affect her son. With tears in her eyes, Sharon walked away. After Sharon returned, Jack suggested that he go with her to Paris. Sharon told Jack that she did not want him there because she wished to spend time with her son, who had additional worries because of Jack.

At her London hotel suite, Nikki was overjoyed when Ashley arrived. Nikki told Ashley that Victor was in trouble because he might have killed the man who was responsible for Sabrina's death. Ashley denied Victor's involvement, but Nikki explained that Victor could not contain his rage after Sabrina's death. Nikki added that Victor would not eat or sleep after he returned from Mexico. Nikki insisted that something inside of Victor had snapped, and that his soul was broken. Ashley recalled that she had "weathered tough times, and Victor could, too." A sobbing Nikki insisted that she was desperate, and she said that Ashley was the only person who could reach Victor.

Ashley explained that she had not been a part of Victor's life in a long time. Ashley claimed that Victor had always returned to Nikki. Nikki admitted that Victor hated her. Nikki added that Victor was so angry that he had told her that he wished she had died instead of Sabrina. Nikki pleaded with Ashley to help Victor because he held her in the highest regard. Ashley reminded Nikki that she ruined her marriage to Brad when she thought she could have Victor, but Victor told her he would never leave Nikki. Nikki explained that Abby had forged an unbreakable bond between Ashley and Victor. Nikki added that Ashley was Victor's only hope. Ashley was uncertain, but Nikki asked her if she ever looked at Abby's face and wondered what could have been. Nikki gave Ashley the address of the country church in France and explained that Victor was staying with the parish priest.

Ashley worried that she could not drop everything to go to France, but Nikki begged and insisted that Victor's life depended on Ashley. Ashley received an urgent call and claimed that she had to leave. Nikki slipped the paper on which she had written the church's address into Ashley's handbag. As Ashley rushed out the door, Nikki cried that if Ashley were in the same situation, Victor would have come to help her. Ashley frowned and walked out.

After Nick spoke at the press conference, Nikki phoned and told Nick and Victoria that she did not believe for one minute that Victor had written the journal. Nikki admitted that her plan was not going as well as she had hoped it would. Nick announced his plan to go to Europe, and he insisted that he would not return until he found his dad. Back in her suite, Ashley read the address on the slip of paper. Ashley recalled the day Victor had arrived to help her after she lost her baby and became despondent. Ashley cried, and then she picked up the phone and arranged for someone to watch Abby, so Ashley could go to France.

At the Chancellor estate, Kay, dressed in a fine wool suit accessorized with a sparkling diamond brooch, told Jill that she had somewhere to go, so she could not make it to her doctor's appointment. After Kay left, Jill phoned Cane and requested that he and Billy come to the house immediately for an urgent meeting about Katherine. After Cane and Billy arrived, Jill told her sons that Kay often mentioned Phillip as if he were still alive, that she had lost her car once, and that she had almost sold a "significant amount" of Jabot stock that could have cost the family millions. Jill added that she had attempted to seek medical help for her mother, but Kay would not cooperate. Cane volunteered to talk to his grandmother, and Billy offered to escort Kay to her doctor's office, but Jill maintained that it was too late because Kay was senile and needed treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Jill added that she might have to declare Kay non compos mentis, which meant that Kay could no longer make business or personal decisions.

Jill told Cane and Billy that Kay had committed an "egregious mistake" after she allowed Nikki to hire David Chow. Cane worried that if Jill followed through with her plan, it would strip Kay of her dignity. Jill claimed that she hated "the thought of taking such a drastic measure." Jill added, "Although my mother is driving me crazy, not acting out of guilt is not an option." After Jill suggested that Kay's condition would surely deteriorate, Billy agreed that they should do whatever was necessary, even though he did not want to see his grandmother humiliated. Cane shook his head in anguish.

Cane said that Kay would hate them if they took away her freedom. Billy claimed that he would rather have Kay hate them than to have her hurt. Jill agreed that they had to consider the "big picture." After Cane took a phone call, Billy told Jill that she was doing the right thing. Esther slipped in quietly and overheard Billy as he said, "Helping grandmother in this way gives you all the power." Jill claimed that that was not her plan. "If you say so," Billy responded. Esther stood stunned. As Jill continued her conversation with Billy, Kay returned. Esther quickly ushered Kay outside and explained, "Your family is trying to put you in a home."

Kay arrived at a simple mobile home. Marge opened the door and invited Kay inside. Marge explained that she was staying with her friend, Murphy, because she had "lost [her] place." The room was untidy, so Marge collected a stack of newspapers from a chair and hurled them on top of a table, so she could plop down. Kay collected rumpled newspapers from another chair, so she could sit. Marge admitted, "I barely have a job, and my life is just shot to hell." Kay told Marge that that would happen whenever alcohol took over. A drunken Marge propped her feet up on the edge of the coffee table and poured her heart out to Kay. Marge explained that she had begun drinking a nip or two to ease the pain of her monotonous life and feelings of loneliness, so her addiction to alcohol had crept up slowly. Kay admitted that she fully understood after Marge explained that she sometimes did not recognize herself anymore.

After Kay suggested that Marge should join Alcoholics Anonymous, Marge protested. Marge insisted that she only needed a pal to help her and cash for groceries. Kay agreed to help Marge buy food, but Kay said she would not give her friend money for booze. After Kay pressed Marge, she agreed she would attend an AA meeting if no one at the diner found out about it. After they returned, Marge argued that she didn't "feel no better." Kay explained that recovery was a process, and she made Marge promise to call if she felt like taking a drink. After Kay left, a distressed Marge could not contain her nervous jitters. Marge searched in her handbag and found a tiny bottle if liquor, which she drank.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Outside the front door of the Chancellor mansion, Esther told Katherine that Jill, Billy, and Cane were inside, discussing putting Katherine in a home. Katherine barged into the living room and accused her daughter and her grandsons of trying to discredit her so that Jill could take control of Chancellor Industries. Katherine ordered Billy and Cane to leave so that she could have a "one-on-one" with their "ringleader," Jill.

Jill told Katherine that she wanted her to see a specialist in dementia and Alzheimer's disease -- if Katherine didn't, Jill would approach the board of directors about removing Katherine from the board.

Katherine accused Jill of being the crazy one. Jill said that perhaps Katherine had a medical condition that could be easily resolved with medication. A teary-eyed Jill said that when Katherine was having one of her "spells," she became a different person -- a person who was living in the past. Katherine responded that Jill just wanted her out of the way. Jill said that she wanted her mother back.

Later, Katherine called Nikki to get some advice on the situation. Nikki gave her a pep talk, telling Katherine that she was the most formidable woman she knew. She advised Katherine to go to the doctor on Katherine's terms, not Jill's. Under pressure from Katherine, Nikki said that she was in England, and that she had reached out to Ashley in an effort to find Victor.

Later, Esther begged Katherine to go see a specialist. Katherine was afraid the doctor might tell her that her mind was "turning to dust." Esther hugged Katherine and promised to always be there for her.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Ana were enjoying dessert when Chloe, holding many shopping bags, showed up. Chloe said that it was getting more difficult to move around as her pregnancy progressed. Lily invited Chloe to join them.

Cane and Billy showed up at Crimson Lights, and joined Lily, Chloe, and Ana. When Ana left to talk to a friend, Cane asked Billy if he had ever had a "pregnancy scare" with one of his girlfriends. Billy said that, like all other heterosexual males, he had -- but all of them turned out to be merely scares -- there were no actual pregnancies.

When Cane left to take a phone call, Chloe told Lily and Billy that she and Cane had spent the previous evening surfing the Internet, looking for Halloween costumes that their baby could wear the following year. As Chloe went on and on about how cute the costumes were, Lily snapped, and said, "What's your point? I get it! You're having Cane's baby, so you can stop trying to prove how tight the two of you are." Lily then stormed off.

On her way out of the coffeehouse, Lily bumped into Cane, and told him that Chloe was flaunting the Ashbys' "marital bliss." Cane insisted that he and Chloe lived separate lives, and slept in separate bedrooms. Cane told Lily that he was still in love with her. Cane asked Lily about her new boyfriend. When Lily told him that for the time being it was just an online relationship, Cane wondered if Lily wanted more than that. Before leaving, Lily said that she did.

Michael returned from Canada and delivered some bad news to Gloria and Lauren -- Marshall, the man who might have actually planted the bomb back in the 1960s, had died ten years earlier. Michael said that Lowell's case was "tanking," and all they could hope for was to plant a seed of reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds.

After Gloria left, Michael and Lauren listened to tapes of witness statements taken right after the bombing. They heard a woman named "Tanya" saying that Lowell had led the pre-rally meeting, and that he had planted the bomb. Michael's eyes widened as he realized that Tanya was actually Gloria. Initially, Lauren was doubtful that Tanya and Gloria were one and the same, but Michael persuaded her that they were. Lauren wondered if Lowell had lied, and had indeed planted the bomb. Michael insisted that Lowell was innocent, and that Gloria had always known that he was innocent. He said he was going to force Gloria to tell him why she had spoken against Lowell.

Later, Gloria sneaked into the Baldwins' apartment and started going through the cassette tapes. She was startled when Michael entered and asked whether she was going to steal the tape containing "Tanya's" statement. Gloria said that she had no idea what Michael was talking about. As Gloria walked out of the apartment, Michael screamed at her -- he wanted to know why she had spoken against Lowell.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick, Phyllis, and Victoria discussed the pending publication of Victor's alleged diary. They came to the conclusion that it must have been forged by someone who had an axe to grind with Victor. Nick suggested it might have been Jack -- but Victoria said that she suspected Adam.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Phyllis promised Victoria that Nick would find out where Victor was, and who had forged the diary. Adam approached them with a broad smile on his face, and informed them that he and Heather were engaged. After Adam walked away, Phyllis said she didn't think that "love" would cause Adam to be so happy. Victoria said that the only thing that would make Adam that happy was money.

Phyllis, posing as Adam's secretary, called Mr. Drake, the publisher of the Sophisticate, the magazine that was publishing Victor's diary. Phyllis said that the magazine's check to Adam didn't clear. After listening to a response, Phyllis quickly said, "Mr. Wilson will have to call you later," and hung up. She informed Victoria that the Sophisticate had indeed issued a check to Adam.

Later, Victoria confronted Adam in the hotel suite that he shared with Heather. She accused him of ruining their father's life. Adam countered by saying that Victor was Nick and Victoria's father, but not his. He lied and said that he had found the diary at the ranch, and decided to make some money by selling it. When Victoria asked why he had done that, Adam said it was because Victor had thrown him out of the Newman family.

Adam tried to convince Victoria that Victor had killed Walter Palin, but Victoria vowed to prove Adam wrong. After that, she planned to "bury" Adam in his pack of lies.

At Restless Style, Phyllis told Nick that Adam had sold Victor's diary to the Sophisticate. When Nick started to rush out, saying that he was going to deal with Adam, Phyllis stopped him, telling him that Victoria was dealing with Adam. She advised Nick to concentrate on his impending trip to France, and his search for Victor.

Ashley went to the chapel in France, looking for Victor. The priest was at first reluctant to discuss Victor with Ashley, but she told him that Victor was the father of her daughter, Abby. The priest told Ashley that Nick insisted that he not discuss Victor's situation with anyone. When Ashley begged the priest for information, he informed her that, although Victor was weak and unwell, he had left.

Ashley examined the room where Victor had been staying. The priest stopped by, and Ashley told him that Victor was in agony. He said that God would take care of Victor's soul, but that Victor needed someone to look after his health. When Ashley told the priest that she didn't know where to start looking for Victor, he said that her heart would show her the way. Before Ashley left, the priest told her that she and Victor would be in his prayers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kevin told Gloria that he needed to speak to her. Gloria wondered if it was about Tanya. Kevin said he was wondering if her plan to take over Jabot was still on. He told her that he was hoping to see his share of the profits soon. Gloria said that Kevin would see the money soon enough. As she got up to leave, Kevin asked who Tanya was. Gloria dodged the question. Kevin went to Daniel and Amber and told her how tight money was. Kevin said that he wished they hadn't gotten rid of the money that they disposed of the year before. Daniel said he liked the trustworthy Kevin better. Kevin said that guy was gone; all that was left was a broke man.

Michael went through River's case again and again, trying to figure out why Gloria would have served as an informer against River. Michael wondered if there was a recorded piece of evidence out there. Michael called social services and asked if they had sent any money to a person named Tanya Simmons. They said no, but they had a Gloria Simmons. Michael realized that Gloria had spilled the beans on River in order to receive money for herself. When Gloria stopped by Michael's, he played the tape of Gloria's voice. Gloria swore that it wasn't her voice on the tape. Michael said that he called social services and found out that she'd been provided help. Gloria finally admitted that it was her voice on the tape. Michael was furious that Gloria had kept it from him. Gloria said it wasn't like that. She said the police had threatened her. Gloria said that the police made her choose between protecting River and protecting Michael. Gloria said she'd do anything now to help River. Michael said that the jury wouldn't believe her because she was lying. Gloria begged Michael not to tell his father. Michael said it was inevitable.

When Michael went to tell River that it was Gloria that had ratted on River, River said he had known. Michael was shocked that River had been able to forgive her. River said he knew how threatening the cops could be. River asked Michael not to tell Gloria that he'd known all along. Gloria was standing behind River when he said it. She couldn't believe that River could forgive her. Gloria broke into tears and hugged River. River told her that when you loved someone, you could find a way to forgive them.

Katherine went to visit Marge, and was upset that Marge had already fallen off the wagon. Katherine said that Marge would need to go to a rehab facility. Marge said that she didn't have the money. Katherine said she would help her out. Katherine told Marge that she would go get the money and be back to pick her up. At the coffeehouse, Katherine borrowed Amber's phone and called Marge. Katherine told her to hold strong, she had a quick doctor visit, and would return shortly. Marge hung up and grabbed more alcohol. When Amber asked for her cell phone back, Katherine didn't remember borrowing it from Amber. Amber looked worried. Katherine walked out of the coffeehouse without her purse. Kevin tried to call after her, but was too late. Kevin started going through Katherine's purse and found a bunch of cash. Amber approached him and wondered where he got the money.

When Nick arrived at the church in France, he realized that Victor was already gone. The priest told Nick that another woman had come to see Victor as well. When Nick called Nikki to tell her about the woman, Nikki told him about Ashley. Nick called Phyllis from a café in Paris and told her that Nikki had convinced Ashley to look for his father. Nick asked Phyllis about the article on his father. She told him that it was selling out everywhere. When Phyllis hung up with Nick, she daydreamed about showing up in Paris and surprising Nick. She was interrupted by a phone call about their cover model not being able to make it for the shoot. Phyllis realized she could meet the model in Paris and surprise Nick at the same time.

At a café in Paris, Ashley showed a waiter a picture of Victor and asked if he had seen him. The waiter said that the man looked familiar, but he didn't know where he was. Ashley thought about her times with Victor. She remembered how much he'd loved her. Another waiter saw Victor's picture and recognized Victor right away. He said that he and Sabrina were there everyday a few months before.

Phyllis tried to offer her place to Daniel again, but he and Amber said they liked their living arrangements. Phyllis said that Billy was asking to rent her place. Daniel told her to let Billy have it.

Neil told Karen that he was okay with the fact that they would never have children. Neil said that even if they decided to have more children someday, they could adopt. Karen went to Olivia to tell her that she wasn't sure Neil was being completely truthful about not wanting to have his own children.

Ana asked Tyra why she wouldn't just marry Neil so they could have a real family. Tyra said that Neil was with Karen, and that was it. Olivia was sitting at the table next to them. When Ana got up to leave, Olivia asked Tyra if she was attracted to Neil. Tyra said she was, but that Neil and Karen were a good couple. Olivia agreed. The policeman that had complimented Tyra before went up to Tyra and asked her out. Tyra said she'd need to find a babysitter for Ana. Olivia said she'd watch Ana.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Katherine told Nikki that she wasn't about to waste her any more time at the doctor's. When Jill arrived, Katherine wondered who the person with her was. Jill said he was an attorney for Chancellor Industries. Jill said that either Katherine would go and get a full exam that proved she was capable, or she would lose her voting power at her own company. Nikki was furious with Jill. Jill told Nikki that Katherine needed help, and suggested that Nikki would have known that if she weren't always using Katherine as a shoulder to cry on. Nikki took Katherine aside and asked that Katherine take the tests to prove that Jill was wrong. Jill told Nikki to make sure Katherine stayed for her doctor's appointment. Nikki apologized to Katherine for not being there for her. Katherine said it was fine, especially after everything Nikki was going through with David. Nikki was shocked to hear that Katherine didn't remember what happened to David. Katherine continued her story and told Nikki to make sure that David got treatment for his addiction. Nikki agreed with Katherine, and excused herself to go to the doctor's office. Nikki begged that the doctor see Katherine right away.

The doctor sat down with Katherine and started asking her questions. He then recommended a complete physical and a full neurological workup. Katherine said that she had something that she must do. Jill said that she wasn't going anywhere. Katherine told Jill that she would not be forced to stay in the hospital. Nikki tried to console Katherine and hugged her. Katherine admitted her worry that the diagnosis would cause her to lose everything. Nikki asked Katherine to take the tests so if it was something bad they could treat it. Finally, Katherine said that she would have the tests, but that she really needed one more day. Nikki told her that she would see what she could do. Nikki went to the doctor and convinced him to wait a day longer. Katherine called Marge and told her she was coming. When Katherine realized that Marge had been drinking again, she ran out of the office. Jill and Nikki realized that Katherine was gone. Jill was furious that they had left her alone.

Phyllis handed Billy the keys to her old place. Billy was thankful to have an already furnished place. Phyllis noticed the pictures that Billy had purchased at Daniel's art show. Billy said that he felt guilty that he had pictures of Amber, but he'd spent so much money on them, he didn't want to give them up. Phyllis said that she would buy them.

Amber saw Kevin holding a huge wad of money. She called Daniel and said that Kevin was a big fat liar. Daniel said she shouldn't jump to conclusions. Daniel said that he would talk to Kevin about it. Phyllis went to see Daniel and told him that she had purchased Daniel's drawings of Amber from Billy. Daniel was surprised that Phyllis would do that for him. Phyllis said that Nick had asked her to be nice. When she told Daniel that she was going away to Paris, Daniel wanted to go with her. Phyllis said that she was going to Paris alone. Daniel suggested that Phyllis could get him away from Amber for a whole week. Phyllis said she wasn't bothered by that anymore; she was going to surprise her husband in the most romantic place, and she couldn't wait.

Kevin thought about coming home to Jana and telling her about the money. He imagined that Jana would expect Kevin to do the right and honest thing and return the money. Then he imagined coming home to find that Jana had found the money that he put in the safe and covered herself in it. In his fantasy, Jana told Kevin to keep the money and pretend that they had never found Katherine's money. Or, they could tell Katherine they had it, set fire to Crimson Lights, and pretend that the money was lost in the fire. Jana saw Kevin in serious thought and asked if he was worried about money. Jana told Kevin that it wasn't about money, she loved him and that would never change. Kevin said that he'd never had anything stable in his entire life. He admitted that loving Jana was the best and also the scariest thing he had ever done. He wanted to give Jana everything because that's what she had done for him. Kevin decided to call Katherine to tell her that she'd left her purse and money at the coffeehouse. When Marge answered the phone, she said that she didn't know anything about any money.

Lily wrote to her online friend, "Sonny." She apologized for not meeting up with him at the Halloween party. Billy read her email and said that Lily was definitely forgiven. Billy joked that she must have seen him and ran off. Lily said that she was still there. Billy said that Lily was so nice; he couldn't believe she ever had problems dating. He admitted that there was a time that he was crazy in love. Sonny told Lily how he felt about her when they were in High School. Lily asked if he would like to try to meet her in person.

Ashley was becoming frustrated running into dead ends trying to find Victor. Ashley called Nikki and was about to give up on her search. Nikki begged her to stay a little longer. Ashley looked up at a sign that said Hotel Dieu and wondered if Victor might be there.

Friday, November 7, 2008

At the Abbott mansion, Jack called Sharon, but got her voicemail. He left a message saying how lonely he was with both her and Noah in Paris. Adam showed up and told Jack that Heather was upset because Adam had sold the diary, instead of showing it to the authorities. Adam was frantic, since the FBI wanted to interview him regarding the diary.

Jack told Adam that he had nothing to worry about. He reminded Adam that everything would be okay as long as Adam stuck to his lie -- that he had found the diary at the Newman ranch main house, and Jack had merely helped him find a publisher. When Adam said that the Mexican authorities wanted to question Jack as well, Jack said that as long as Victor was missing, the authorities wouldn't be able to disprove anything that Adam said.

Later, Jack unsuccessfully tried to get in touch with Sharon. "John" appeared and chided Jack for once again trying to seek revenge against Victor. John told him that his involvement in the diary forgery scheme might cost Jack his marriage.

In Paris, Nick called Sharon on her cell phone. Nick thought that Sharon was still in Genoa City, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had arrived in Paris to join Noah's class for the end of their Parisian tour. When Sharon and Nick realized that they were in the same part of Paris, they decided to meet for coffee.

Nick and Sharon met at a café. He told her that Victor had been staying at a country parish not far from Paris. Nick thought Victor might have traveled to Paris, but he didn't have any new leads. Sharon told Nick that he looked very tired. Nick said that he was -- and that he was also worried that he might never see Victor again.

Phyllis arrived at Nick's hotel room. She found the room empty, and the bed unmade.

In the lobby of their Parisian hotel, Eden told Noah that she didn't like the regimented tours that their class was taking. She informed Noah that her late mother had been born in Paris, and that she wanted to walk the same streets that her mother had walked. She told Noah that her mother was buried in the same cemetery where Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison were buried. An impressed Noah told Eden that Sharon was arriving in Paris the next day -- perhaps the three of them could visit the cemetery. Eden told Noah that she was planning to ditch the class tour to embark on one of her own -- and she asked him to join her.

Still trying to locate Victor in Paris, Ashley stared up at the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, holding the prayer card with the image of St. Raymond, the patron saint of children who had never been born. A nun saw the card and told Ashley that there was a statue of St. Raymond in the cathedral courtyard.

At the statue, Ashley prayed. She implored St. Raymond to help her find Victor. She said that Victor was a good and loved man, and that he needed protection. When Ashley turned her head, Victor was standing there!

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tried to reach Katherine, but he reached Marge, who had Katherine's cell phone. Marge was drunk, and at the seedy bar. Thinking that he had reached Katherine, Kevin told her that she had left her bag of money at the coffee shop. Kevin wondered why "Katherine" sounded so strange. Marge hung up the phone and put it on the bar counter. Kevin tried to call again, but Marge ignored the vibrating phone. Amber overheard Kevin say the word "money" in the voicemail that he left.

Marge heard a horn honk, and left the bar. She left Katherine's cell phone on the bar counter. On her way out, Jeff spotted Marge. Jeff quickly pulled out his cell phone and began dialing.

In Katherine's car, Katherine told Marge that she was driving her to the one of the finest rehabilitation facilities in the area. When Marge began whining that she had no way to repay Katherine, Katherine said that Marge could repay her by keeping sober.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill, Nikki, and Esther were worried about Katherine. Jill pulled out her phone to call the police, but Nikki grabbed it from her. Nikki told Jill that calling the police was a bit premature, as Katherine's "senior moment" episodes had lasted only a few minutes at a time. They decided to split up and look for Katherine. Nikki and Esther left to search the grounds.

At Murphy's trailer house, Katherine asked Marge for her cell phone. Marge searched her pockets and her purse, but then told Katherine that she had left it at the bar. Luckily, Murphy's phone was once again working. Katherine called Nikki, and told her that she was helping a friend who was "in dire need," adding that she would be back at the mansion in about two hours.

Gloria met Jeff at the Crimson Lights patio, and asked him why he had called her. Jeff informed her that he had just seen Katherine at a bar, and she was "lit up like a Christmas tree." He told Gloria that she could easily get an inebriated Katherine to sign over the shares of Jabot stock that the Bardwells needed to become majority shareholders. As Jeff pulled out a bottle of liquor, he told Gloria to invite Katherine over for a cup of coffee. He would then spike Katherine's coffee with the booze. A skeptical Gloria tried to reach Katherine, but, of course, reached her voicemail.

Jill stopped by the patio and asked Jeff and Gloria if they had seen Katherine. Jeff told a shocked Jill that he had seen Katherine drinking at Jimmy's, a bar on Wilton Avenue. Nikki called Jill to tell her that she had spoken to Katherine on the phone, and that everything was all right, but Jill said that everything was not all right. She told Nikki to meet her at Jimmy's Bar on Wilton Avenue.

At Murphy's, Katherine brought in a suitcase containing some of her clothes -- she thought that it would be nice if Marge was well-dressed at the rehab facility. Katherine suddenly realized that she had misplaced the cash that she had withdrawn to pay for Marge's rehab. Marge told her that some guy named Kevin had called Katherine's cell phone, and had said something about money. A relieved Katherine realized that she had left the money at Crimson Lights. She called Kevin at the coffee shop and told him to bring the money to her at the Chancellor mansion. Amber overheard Kevin's side of the conversation, and told Daniel that Kevin was up to something "shady."

Kevin hid the bag containing the wads of cash under his jacket, and asked Daniel and Amber to watch the coffeehouse. Amber pressed Kevin on where he was going, and he finally admitted he was seeing Katherine to discuss "a private matter." After Kevin left, Daniel told a still suspicious Amber that Katherine was probably having a problem with her computer.

Kevin arrived at the Chancellor mansion in a pouring rainstorm. He rang the bell, and, when no one answered, he left the money by the front door. As he walked away, he changed his mind, and retrieved the money.

Marge showered and dressed in some of the clothes that Katherine had brought over. Katherine gave Marge her scarf for good luck. The ladies looked very much like each other. Katherine told Marge that she was about to embark on the greatest journey of her life, and they left.

Jill, Esther, Nikki, Jeff, and Gloria gathered at Jimmy's Bar. Nikki insisted that Katherine couldn't have been drinking -- she had just spoken with her and she sounded fine. Jeff showed the bartender a picture of Katherine, and the bartender, mistaking Katherine for Marge, said that she had been a regular at the bar for months. The bartender handed a cell phone to Nikki, and asked her to return it. Nikki was horrified when she realized that the phone was Katherine's.

Katherine and Marge were driving to the rehab facility in the rain. Suddenly, the screech of brakes and the sound of crashing metal were heard. Katherine looked terrified as her car collided with another.

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