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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, November 1, 2004

Nick and Deacon discuss Jackie's emotional state. Deacon offers to help by talking to Jackie about her feelings.

Although Brooke doesn't want Ridge to leave, she understands that he must travel internationally to do some damage control especially since Spectra gained credibility after the fashion showdown.

Brooke is in shock after Ridge tells her that he overheard Eric tell Thorne that he is their "only son."

Later, Ridge stops by Nick's office to give him an ultimatum; Forrester Creations will pull their designs from the Jackie M boutiques if Jackie M picks up the Spectra Couture line.

Meanwhile, Sally and the Spectra gang celebrate the positive press that their line is receiving.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

At Stephanie's, Amber sat and drew a design. Stephanie startled Amber. Stephanie and Amber chatted for a while. Amber again tried to convince Stephanie that she has changed. Amber went down to the pool to finish her work. When Amber left, Brooke arrived. Stephanie proposed to Brooke that they demonstrate to Thomas that Rick is the love of Amber's life and always will be. Stephanie also wanted to show Thomas that Amber would break up with him in a second if she had the chance to return to Rick. Brooke did not like the idea of Rick having any involvement with Amber.

At the Marone home, unknowingly, while in front of Massimo, Nick encouraged Deacon to help Jackie come out of her depression. Massimo protested to himself. Nick tried to prod Jackie out of her bedroom to no avail. Jackie told Nick that she feels responsible for Massimo's stroke. When Nick left, Deacon taunted Massimo about the doctor's observation that Massimo had increased brain activity. Deacon suspected perhaps Massimo was trying to signal Stephanie and Ridge when they visited by his tapping. Deacon thought about it again and decided that since Massimo is a vegetable he couldn't be asking for help. Later, Deacon managed to convince Jackie to go out to dinner with him. Deacon cleverly suggested that they go out after first denying Jackie tranquilizers that she badly wanted.

Back at Stephanie's, Rick arrived to help Stephanie with her plan. The plan was that Rick would allow Thomas to see him and Amber together so he would realize that Amber still has feelings for Rick. Rick admitted that he hated to deceive Amber and hurt Thomas. However, Rick felt that Thomas's break up with Amber was in Thomas's best interest. Stephanie telephoned Thomas and asked him to come over to talk. Thomas agreed to go even though he suspected the talk would be about Amber.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Continuing with Stephanie's plan to break up Amber and Thomas, Rick heads out to the Forrester pool area to talk with Amber. Rick proceeds to reminisce about the old days when Amber and him were happy together.

Rick apologizes to Amber for the awful things he has said to her then declares that he wants Amber back. By this time, Thomas has shown up and is watching curiously, along with Stephanie and Brooke, from the balcony as Rick and Amber near a kiss.

Although Jackie is apprehensive about leaving Massimo and going to dinner with Deacon, they leave the house and arrive at Café Russe.

Nick and Felicia spot Jackie and Deacon but they do not see Nick and Felicia. Later, Nick and Felicia spot Jackie and Deacon holding hands and are curious.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Rick continued to tell Amber he wanted to get back together , to forget about Thomas and they should put everything that has happened between them in the past. Amber asked Rick if he really wanted to start over. When Rick said yes, he told her Thomas couldn't give her what she needs and that he could. Amber told Rick that Thomas was important to her and that what they had together was special. Amber told Rick that she couldn't go back to Rick because she loves Thomas. Thomas walked up, told Amber he loved her to and he was there because Stephanie had something to show him. When Amber realized that Rick, Stephanie and Brooke had set her up to prove to Thomas what an awful person Amber was, she tells Thomas she isn't leaving the guest house and she could take anything they dished out to her. Stephanie told Amber this setup was to protect Thomas and Amber asked them who was going to protect Thomas from them. Amber told them she had changed and she wants her relationship with Thomas to be a new beginning for the family and that it was time for everyone to make peace.

Deacon continues to remind Jackie of how they were together when they were at the beach house. When Jackie threatened to leave if Deacon didn't stop, he said he would stop. Deacon noticed that Jackie was not eating, and asked her what was wrong. Jackie said the restaurant reminded her of Massimo. Deacon suggested that they leave just as Nick walked up to the table. Nick asked if she was having a good time and if he would see her tomorrow. Jackie said she was having a good time and that she would be at home. After Jackie and Deacon arrive at the house, Nick comes in. Jackie and Deacon are in her bedroom talking when Deacon leans forward to kiss her. Just as they start to kiss, Nick walks into the bedroom and states "OH MY GOD."

Friday, November 5, 2004

Amber accuses Stephanie of being a bigger threat to the family and pleas to Stephanie to try to bring the family together.

Stephanie tells Amber that in order to prove she is worthy of Thomas, that she has to end her relationship with Thomas.

Felicia confides in Eric that she thinks something is going on between Jackie and Deacon.

Nick is outraged to find Deacon and Jackie alone in the bedroom, and demands answers. Nick ultimately comes to the realization that Deacon is the man Jackie was having an affair with.

Jackie reveals that the day Massimo had his stroke was the day Massimo found out about her relationship with Deacon.

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