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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on GH
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Monday, November 1, 2004

Emily manages to get through to Connor about the situation with Mary, and he decides to release her. Before he can flee the scene, though, Nikolas shows up and draws a gun on Connor. Connor immediately points a gun back at Nikolas, and Emily finds herself between the two men and begging them to put both their weapons down. She tries to reason with them both and explain that Nikolas didn't kill Mary, but that Connor wasn't going to hurt Emily either. Nikolas is the first to lower his weapon, but Connor holds a gun to Emily and continues to threaten Nikolas. Finally, Emily is able to get through to him again, and he lowers his gun from her side. Nikolas uses this opportunity to grab Connor and try to wrestle the gun away, but it goes off and shoots Connor in the chest. They call 911, and Connor is rushed to GH where Lucky and Liz are told of the situation. As Connor is in the emergency room, Nikolas admits to Lucky that he not only shot Connor, but he also purposely killed Helena and Connor witnessed it. Emily defends Nikolas's actions as self-defense, and Lucky warns Nikolas to hope that Connor does not live.

Diego and Brook Lynn find themselves locked in Alcazar's warehouse, and immediately begin arguing. Diego suddenly shouts at her to be quiet, and they realize that a bomb is set to go off in the corner. The two frantically try to get out of the warehouse when Alcazar shows up and demands to know what they're doing. Realizing the bomb will blow at any second, Diego warns Alcazar and grabs Brook Lynn as they all dive for cover. The explosion occurs, and alerts Jason, Sonny, and Courtney who are back on the docks. Courtney grows concerned that Diego was in the warehouse, and Jason runs off to look. Alcazar and Brook Lynn head away from the explosion, but Diego bends over to pick up Brook Lynn's necklace that is on the ground. Jason finds him and the two begin to fight until the police arrive on the scene. Jason hides and Diego pretends to have still been inside. He's immediately hauled to the station where Mac questions him about setting the bomb. Courtney and Brook Lynn arrive to defend Diego, and later Alcazar shows up and tells Mac that a bomb didn't cause the explosion, but rather an accident in the boiler room. Diego is released, but refuses to listen when Courtney again implores him to stay away from Sonny, Jason, and Alcazar.

Carly arrives at the hospital and tells Alexis that she, not Alexis, will be the person to tell Sonny that he's Kristina's father. Before she goes, though, she berates Alexis for the months of bullying and threats that Carly had to take from her, and she angrily chastises Alexis for not allowing her to be truthful to Sonny when they reconciled. Alexis apologizes for the situation that she put Carly in, but tries to explain that she simply wanted to protect her daughter. Carly counters that Alexis really just wanted to have everything her way, and that she's now caused a horrible situation and will have to pay the consequences. A terrified Carly runs off to tell her husband the truth, and likely end her happiness. Meanwhile, Ric is still smarting from not being a donor match and being unable to help Alexis keep the truth from Sonny. After Jax warns Alexis to not go on the run with Kristina once she's better, Ric offers her a new solution to her problems: he has a restraining order drawn up to keep Sonny from Kristina, and he asks Alexis to marry him.

Carly arrives at the penthouse tearful and afraid that she's about to blow her life with Sonny apart. Sonny is concerned immediately by the expression on her face, but before she tells him what is troubling her, she has him sit with her and she basks in what could be her final moments with the man she loves. The two share wine and make love for possibly the last time, and then Carly grows increasingly upset when Sonny asks again what is wrong. He asks her if she's in trouble, and she says yes. He then reminds her that he'll do whatever he has to do in order to help her, and she asks him to get himself to the hospital quickly. When Sonny wants to know why, Carly tearfully tells him that he needs to be tested as a donor match for Kristina because he's her father.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Nikolas and Emily explain the situation with Connor to Lucky, until Liz runs out and announces that Connor has stopped breathing. They all consider the consequences if he lives or dies, but a doctor finally appears to announce that he's going to be fine. Connor again calls for a police officer, so Lucky goes into the room and listens as Connor tells him that Nikolas purposely killed Helena. Nikolas worries that he'll be tried for the murder, but Emily continues to remind him to think positively and to remember that he was defending her. She later goes into Connor's room, and whispers to him that while he may have seen Nikolas throw Helena off the cliff, he doesn't understand the situation. She implores him to remember that Nikolas deserves happiness just as much as he does.

Brook Lynn thanks Diego again for saving her life, but he puts up his defenses and acts like it was no big deal. She's able to get through to him briefly and he kisses her, but they are interrupted by Jason who tells them that he needs to speak to Diego alone. Once Brook leaves, Jason pulls a gun on Diego and tells him he's going to die for getting in between Sonny and Alcazar and causing problems. Diego is stunned to see the gun, and begins to beg for his life. Jason tells him he has no choice but to kill him, but Diego reminds him that Courtney wouldn't want him dead and that she'll be angry with Jason for killing him. Jason agrees to spare Diego for Courtney's sake, but warns the boy again to stay away from Sonny's business. After Diego runs off, Courtney emerges from the shadows and thanks Jason for his part in scaring Diego away from the business.

Ric proposes to Alexis, and she is stunned at the lengths he's willing to go to help her keep Sonny away from Kristina. Ric tells her that he is willing to marry her for Kristina's sake in case a custody trial occurs, but also because he cares for her. Alexis admits she cares for Ric, too, but suggests they have a marriage of convenience for everyone's sake. Ric refuses, telling her that he will not be a part of such a relationship, and they need to begin to build on the feelings that they already have for each other. Alexis finally agrees, and is happy to have Ric to lean on in her time of need. Ric goes to the hospital chapel to wait for the justice of the peace who will conduct their impromptu vows, and he turns to see that Liz is in the doorway, realizing that he will soon marry someone else.

A devastated Carly admits not only that Sonny is Kristina's father, but also that she's known for months. Sonny remains calm for the most part, and decides that the situation will have to be discussed after he checks in on Kristina. On his way to be tested, he notifies Courtney and Mike and has them come to the hospital to be tested as well. Jason joins them as Sonny announces that he's Kristina's father, and all are stunned to find out that Carly told him the news. Courtney immediately goes to her friend and sympathized with Carly's fears that her marriage is now over. She reminds Carly that Sonny has done plenty of wrong himself, and Carly has always forgiven him. Carly scoffs at the idea that Sonny would stoop to forgive her, and continues to fear the worst. Later, Jason arrives at the penthouse and Carly prepares for a lecture on her actions.

Steven informs Sonny that he, Mike, and Courtney are all unsuitable matches for Kristina, so Sonny decides that Morgan will have to be tested. He is clearly angry with Carly for keeping the truth from him, and he goes into Kristina's room to see his daughter. There, he tells her that he's her dad and that once she's better they will get to know each other. Alexis walks into the room, and is stunned to see that Sonny is there. He ignores her and continues to talk to Kristina, and Alexis realizes that Carly has told him the truth.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

As Ric waits in the Hospital Chapel with the wedding bouquet he bought for Alexis, he hears someone entering and, assuming it is Alexis, reports that the Justice of the Peace will be arriving soon. Then Ric turns towards the chapel doors, and looks a little surprised when he realizes that it is Liz and NOT Alexis who has entered the chapel.

Liz: Justice of the Peace will be here any minute?
RIC: I was expecting Alexis. We're getting married.
Liz (looks at the bouquet, then back to Ric): Tonight? (Ric smiles and nods.) In the hospital chapel? (RIC speaks over Liz and says YES).
RIC: I surprised about it myself.
Liz: Why would Alexis want to get married right now, with Kristina being so sick?
RIC: Sonny's biological father.
Liz (looks surprised): Oh...well. Then, that certainly makes a difference. Doesn't it?
RIC: And Alexis knows he's going to file for custody. She can put up a better fight if she's married.
Liz (Liz nods her head): So, once again, your marriage is all about your brother. (The two stare at each other - scene ends).
Later, returning to RIC: It's true that Alexis and I are getting married tonight because of Sonny...
Liz: Do you love her? (Ric stare at Liz). Does she love you?
RIC: Love is kind of a moot point at the moment.
Liz: (Liz sighs, looks away, kind of smiles). Always the attorney.
RIC: I've done terrible things, Liz. That cost YOU, more than anybody. But, don't you see? If I can save Kristina, if I can keep her away from my brother and his life; then, maybe, this time, I can make things right. I can finally be a positive difference in someone's life.
Liz: And you'll finally beat Sonny.
RIC (Ric starts to speak - stops - looks down at the ground). Do you think that Sonny should take his daughter away from her mother?

Liz looks at Ric, as if to say 'you know better.'
RIC: Look, marrying Alexis is going to strengthen her position.
Liz: That's enough for you?

RIC (stares at Liz - sighs - looks away - walks over to sit on one of the pews - picks up the bouquet - Liz looks away too): Alexis and I can give Kristina a home. That way, she can be safe, where she can feel loved. (Neither can look at the other here).
Liz: The kind of home you've always wanted.
RIC (glances up at Liz and then away): Yeah, pretty much. (Ric looks down at the bouquet - Liz wrings her hands - turns away - starts for the door - then turns back).
Liz: I hope you find that home. That family. This time.
RIC (stares at Liz for a second, kind of smiles and nods): That's very kind of you.
Liz (smiles and looks down - very sad - then she looks back at Ric): I hope it makes you happy. (Ric stares at Liz and sort of nods. Then Liz looks sad and walks out the door. Ric stares at the door a second and then stares off).

At Sonny's Penthouse, Carly tries to explain to Jason her reasons for keeping the secret of Kristina's paternity from Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny visits Kristina in the little girl's Hospital room and begins promising Kristina that they will be together for the rest of Sonny's life. Alexis arrives in time to hear Sonny making plans and asks to speak to Sonny outside, but Sonny brushes aside Alexis' request, insisting that he needs to spend some time with his daughter. Meanwhile, Carly reminds Jason of the way that Jason helped Carly keep AJ and the Quartermaines from learning that AJ WAS Michael's biological father because Jason and Carly BOTH believed that, if AJ was allowed to be in Michael's life, it would ruin Michael's life. But Jason points out that, since making an attempt to keep the secret that Sonny was the father of Samantha's unborn child, Jason has come to believe that keeping the secret was the wrong thing to do. Jason warns Carly that he has NO plans to jump in this time and try to fix things for Carly. When Leticia arrives with Morgan, Carly gets Morgan ready to leave for the Hospital. Meanwhile, after Sonny leaves Kristina's room, Alexis reports that there is NO word about another donor. Sonny reports that Sonny, Mike and Courtney were NOT viable matches for Kristina, so Carly is bringing Morgan to the Hospital. As Alexis tries to thank Sonny, Sonny coldly assures Alexis that she should KNOW that Sonny and his family would all want to do everything possible to help save Kristina's life. Ric arrives while Sonny is still speaking and begins to tell Sonny that Ric and Alexis appreciate Sonny's gesture. Sonny coldly declares that none of this concerns Ric. However, Ric replies that it DOES concern Ric, because Ric and Alexis plan to be married that evening. Later, when Jason, Morgan and Carly arrive at the Hospital, Samantha spots Jason and leaps to the conclusion that Jason is at the Hospital to be with Sam while she has an ultrasound done for her baby. Jason apologizes for forgetting and goes with Sam, while Carly and Morgan go in search of Sonny.

Courtney returns home and, finding Diego is NOT home, Courtney tearfully looks through some old photographs of happier times with Jason, Sonny and Carly. Courtney is interrupted when Jax arrives and insists on being allowed to speak to Courtney. When Courtney finally lets Jax in, Jax guesses that Courtney has discovered that Sonny is Kristina's father and that Sonny's relationship with Carly is probably headed for the rocks, because Carly kept Sonny from learning the truth for so long. When Courtney wonders how Jax learned so much so soon, Jax reminds Courtney that he was once married to Alexis and that Alexis had asked Jax to fly Alexis and Kristina out of the country before Sonny could sue for custody of Kristina. When Courtney wonders if Jax just stopped by to say good-bye, Jax explains that he has already advised Alexis that he believes that running away would NOT solve her problem. Courtney surprises Jax by admitting that she now believes that Jax WAS right and that she IS stuck in the past. When Courtney glumly challenges Jax to give her one good reason WHY she should pull herself together and give love a second chance, Jax replies -- 'ME.' When Courtney argues that love may NOT be enough, Jax replies that, even if love is NOT enough for Courtney, Jax STILL loves Courtney. Jax explains that falling in love was NEVER his intention. Although Courtney protests that she could NEVER be madly in love with Jax, Jax assures Courtney that it eventually WILL happen. Courtney finally admits that she is afraid that, if she lets herself love Jax, it will hurt even worse to lose him. Jax assures Courtney that the games are over and that he is in the relationship for keeps. Jax kisses Courtney and they quickly hit the sheets.

Outside Kristina's Hospital room, Alexis, Ric and Sonny engage in a heated conversation as Alexis tries to convince Sonny that if he genuinely cares about his daughter, Sonny would WANT Kristina to be protected from her father's violent, mobster life. When Carly arrives with Morgan, Alexis tries to remind Carly that Carly not so long ago pleaded with Alexis to help Carly keep custody of her own children when Sonny was determined to make sure that Carly never saw her children again. But Carly coldly informs Alexis that Alexis can no longer use the 'mother card' with Carly. When Ric lets slip that he wants to protect Kristina from Sonny's mobster lifestyle because Ric had NOT been able to save his own mother from Sonny's violent lifestyle, Sonny angrily vows that Sonny WILL have his daughter with him. When Sonny observes that Ric's marriage to Alexis is probably an attempt to keep Sonny out of Kristina's life, Ric sharply reminds Sonny that the only thing that ever seems to come out of Sonny's mouth are words like 'me,' and 'mine.' Ric points out that the only thing that seems to mean anything to Sonny is what -- or who -- 'belongs' to Sonny. Sonny brushes off Ric's arguments and hurries Carly and Morgan away to be tested. After Sonny, Carly and Morgan leave, Alexis breaks down and cries on Ric's shoulder. Later, in the chapel, as they wait for the Justice of the Peace together, Ric asks Alexis if Alexis has changed her mind about marriage, now that Ric's animosity toward his brother has surfaced again. However, Alexis assures Ric that everyone has baggage -- and reminds Ric that Alexis' 'baggage' is a matter of public record - which Alexis fully expects Sonny to use against Alexis in court. Alexis confides to Ric the grief she experienced when her sister died because Kristina was caught in the crossfire of one of Sonny's wars, and that they ARE doing the right thing to protect baby Kristina from a similar fate. Alexis assures Ric that she still believes that their marriage is the right thing to do, and they seal their bargain with a kiss. Later, when the Justice of the Peace arrives, Ric and Alexis exchange vows in the Hospital Chapel and Ric assures Alexis that, no matter what anyone else throws at them, they WILL be able to get through it BECAUSE they ARE together. Alexis assures Ric that she is prepared to believe in miracles and hope for the best.

Sonny and Carly return to Sonny's Penthouse after having Morgan tested and Carly is stunned when Sonny declares that he is moving OUT of their bedroom. Carly tries to explain her reasons for keeping the secret of Kristina's paternity for so long and reminds Sonny that, at the time that Carly learned the truth, Sonny was involved with Samantha and telling Carly that he planned to keep Carly completely away from Michael and Morgan. Carly admits that she blackmailed Alexis into representing Carly during the custody hearing but argues that Carly refused to go along with Alexis' plan to paint Sonny as mentally unstable in order to win the case. Carly reminds Sonny of the many, many times that Carly has forgiven Sonny's betrayals, including moving Sonny's pregnant girlfriend into the apartment across the hall. But Sonny insists that he believes that he and Carly have outlooks on life that are so completely at odds with one another that their only hope is to live separately.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Jason explains to Samantha that Sonny is Kristina's father and that Carly has known the truth for months but kept the news from Sonny. Jason explains that Sonny and Carly's marriage COULD be on the verge of breaking up. Sam expresses her concern because of the extra lengths that Jason went to to try to insure that Sonny and Carly's marriage remained intact for the benefit of Michael and Morgan. Then Sam assures Jason that Sam has NO interest in reuniting with Sonny, because Sam now believes that Sonny NEVER really loved her. Sam apologizes because Jason got 'stuck' with Sam and her baby. However, Jason assures Sam that he does NOT feel 'stuck.' Later, Samantha and Jason consult with the obstetrician about Sam's ultrasound and learn that Sam's baby is developing normally. As they are leaving the Hospital, Sam wonders if her baby might be able to provide a bone marrow transplant for Kristina, but Jason explains that the baby would need to be at least a year old before the doctors would allow her to donate bone marrow for Kristina. Sam expresses her relief, because she would hate to see a baby so small going through such a procedure. However, as Samantha and Jason leave the Hospital, Steven informs that that Morgan is NOT a match for Kristina and that Kristina COULD die within the next 48 hours unless a solution is discovered soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Luke and Skye put on their disguises to get ready to spring Faith out of prison. Skye has doubts about whether they should help Faith out of prison and instead prove her innocence. Luke tells her that it would be better to stick with the plan instead. Meanwhile, Faith is placed in the visitor's room and is surprised to get a visit from Mac. Mac tells her he is there to find out what she is up to and that he thinks that confessing to Duncan's murder doesn't make sense to him. Luke and Skye show up to see Faith in their disguises as the psychiatrist and his assistant. They panic a little when the warden informs them that Faith has a visitor, Police Commissioner Scorpio. The warden tells them that they should meet Mac while they are here. Luke uses his fake accent and tells the warden that they rather wait and see Faith after the commissioner sees Faith. The warden doesn't seem to care and is headed in to the visitor's room. Mac comes out of the visitor's room just as the warden is headed that way. The warden tells Luke and Skye that the commissioner is right there and they should meet him now. Skye drops her notebook on purpose and Luke pretends to help her so they can duck their heads to keep Mac from recognizing them. Fortunately for them, Mac seems in a hurry to leave. Luke and Skye go in to see Faith, who is worried that they wouldn't show up. She tells them that if they had been any later she was about to call Mac back to recant her confession. Luke tells her everything is fine and they weren't seen. Justus shows up unexpectedly in the visitor's room and asks what is going on. Luke hides his face with a file and uses his accent again.

Dillon and Georgie hang out at Kelly's. Georgie is worried about Brook Lynn since she never came home last night. Dillon guesses she was out with Diego. Diego and Brook Lynn show up after spending the night talking. Brook Lynn thanks him for listening to her. Georgie and Dillon spot them outside of Kelly's. Georgie comes out and asks Brook Lynn what she is doing hanging out with a loser like Diego. Brook Lynn defends Diego to them. Meanwhile, Jax wakes up to find Courtney in the shower. He goes into the bathroom and joins her. They wash each other and end up making love back in the bedroom. They lay there contently until Diego shows up there. He is surprised to see Courtney and Jax in bed and tries to not act like he is embarrassed. He tells Courtney that she doesn't have to take care of him anymore and takes some money out of a book and leaves the apartment as Courtney asks him where he was all night. Diego doesn't tell her and just takes off. Courtney feels badly that she didn't even realize he didn't come home last night and blames herself for being so irresponsible last night and forgetting about Diego. Jax tells her not to feel bad about having a life and reminds her that Diego isn't a child but practically an adult. Courtney gets dressed and tells Jax she needs to go after Diego and bring him back. Jax realizes she is serious and gets dressed and follows along. Diego goes back to Kelly's to see Brook Lynn. He tells Brook Lynn that Courtney didn't even know he hadn't come home last night but doesn't blame her and tells Brook that he is going to live on his own from now on. Courtney and Jax show up at Kelly's looking for Diego. Dillon and Georgie are sitting at an outside table. They seem nervous when Courtney asks them if they have seen Diego. They claim they haven't seen him. Courtney goes inside Kelly's and asks Brook Lynn the same thing. Brook tells them that she hasn't seen Diego at all. Courtney gives Brook her business card and asks her to call her if she hears from Diego. Courtney leaves and Diego comes out of hiding. He tells Brook not to call Courtney. Courtney and Jax take off.

Carly has her hands full when Michael starts asking a bunch of questions about where Sonny is and what is happening with Kristina. Carly tells him that Leticia will be taking him to soccer practice and that Sonny is still at the hospital. Michael isn't pleased with this news at all and storms to the door. There is a knock on the door. Michael answers it and isn't happy to see John Durant there. He tells John to go away and slams the door in his face. Carly gets upset with Michael and tells him to apologize to John. Michael refuses to. Carly sends him out with Leticia and Morgan. Michael manages to sneak back into the penthouse without Leticia's awareness. He sits behind the couch while Carly and John discuss what has happened. Michael gets upset when he overhears John telling Carly that she is better off not being married to Sonny and suggests she move out with the kids. Carly asks him about his own divorce and if he was devastated by it. John tells her he was disappointed. Carly defends Sonny still since she didn't tell Sonny about Kristina. John tells her that she has done nothing unforgivable and that Sonny has disappointed and hurt her so many times already. John tells her that if Sonny tries to get custody of the boys he will use his power to keep Sonny away from the boys and send him to prison. Michael jumps up from behind the couch and starts hitting John and telling him to leave Sonny alone. Carly is surprised to see Michael there and grabs him away from John. Carly tells Michael that her marriage to his father may not work out and that it won't be like before where a judge was involved. John tells Michael that he isn't going to hurt Sonny. Michael calls him a liar and that he hates him. He lashes out at Carly and blames her for the possible divorce since she lied to Sonny. He tells Carly he and Morgan are not leaving their home with her and tells her she should leave by herself. He tells Carly he hates her and runs upstairs.

Sonny goes to see Kristina in I.C.U. He asks her if she has ever been to the ocean and promises to take her when she gets better. Alexis overhears him talking to her. She asks if she can talk to him outside. Alexis asks Sonny not to see their daughter right now since Kristina doesn't know him and she is already in a strange place already. Sonny tells Alexis that he isn't going to be kept away from his daughter anymore. Alexis starts crying and tells him she doesn't want to start a custody battle and that the main reason she kept Kristina away from him was that she was worried for her safety because of his dangerous lifestyle. Sonny tells her that she never thought about how he would feel about being a father and that now she is making decisions without his say. Ric comes over and tells Sonny to back off and think about what is best for Kristina and not himself for a change. Sonny tells Ric to stay away from his daughter. Alexis leaves them to argue and goes to check on Kristina. Sonny accuses Ric of using this situation to get back at him once again. Ric tells Sonny that he cares about Kristina and will fight him in court if he has to keep Sonny away from Kristina. Sonny tells Ric that Kristina is his child and no one takes what belongs to him ever. Sonny goes to the hospital chapel to pray for Kristina. He pleads with God to spare Kristina's life since she doesn't deserve to die because he was her father. Steven shows up to talk to him about alternative treatments for Kristina. He tells Sonny about chemotherapy and another more risky treatment, using stem-cells from Sam's baby's umbilical cord to create new bone-marrow for Kristina if there is a match. Alexis shows up at the chapel to find Steven and overhears him talking to Sonny about the stem-cell treatment using Sam's baby. Alexis tells Sonny that they need Sam to agree to it and go for it. Sonny asks to speak to Alexis alone. Alexis tells Sonny that Sam's baby is there only hope and they need to try this. Sonny tells Alexis that Sam needs to agree to this since it is her baby too and there is a 10% risk to the baby if you induce labor. Alexis goes back to see Kristina and Ric. She tells Ric about Steven's treatment idea. Ric tells her that Sam would have to agree to this first since it is her baby. Jason and Sam discuss visiting her brother Danny while he is away at school after the baby is born. Jason agrees to go with her to visit Danny. They head to the hospital for a Lamaze class. Sam is excited about the arrival of her daughter after class. Sonny catches up to them at G.H. He tells Sam about this new alternative treatment using the stem-cells from Sam's baby's umbilical cord. Sam hears about the 10% risk to the baby for problems if the labor is induced. Sam asks Jason for his opinion. Jason tells her if it was just him to consider he would take that risk but that it's her baby at risk and she has to make that decision. Sam is torn since she wants to help Kristina but is worried about the risk to her baby. She reluctantly tells Sonny that she can't put her baby at risk.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Emily spent time at Connor's bedside as he lay comatose. She hoped he could hear her speaking as she begged him not to tell about Helena's death. Nikolas was not convinced that Connor could hear her or that it would matter if he could. Lucky suggested contacting the military police, since Connor was a deserter, to have him transported to a military hospital. Emily heard this and rushed to Connor's room as he regained consciousness.

Carly and Durant continued talking at the penthouse. Michael came downstairs with a packed suitcase, and Carly told him that he was not going to be allowed to run away again. Michael informed her that he had packed her bags and that she needed to leave since she was a liar. Durant took charge and forced Michael to understand the importance of a mother. Michael apologized. Durant suggested to Carly that, if indeed her marriage was over, he find somewhere to live in Port Charles where she could live with him. Carly was touched but said she had lived alone before and could again, if necessary. Durant's stitches broke open, and Carly accompanied him to the hospital. There, Carly was able to offer some comfort to Sonny.

Justus, Faith, Luke, and Skye were at the Haunted Star when Alcazar arrived, announcing that he was going to take over the casino since Luke had not totally come through on their deal. Luke convinced Alcazar to agree to sell it back to him-for two million dollars within forty-eight hours! Skye could not imagine how they would manage that. Luke asked Justus for the money from his inheritance, but he did not have it on hand to give. Justus and Faith prepared to leave the country together, but, once at the airport, Justus suggested she go alone in order to escape more easily. She wanted him to go, too, but he promised this would not be their last moment together.

Heather accused Dillon of helping Luke steal items out of the house. Tracy accused Heather of having more to her plan than simply getting Edward's money. Heather snapped and nearly choked Tracy, but Dillon stopped her. Tracy urged Dillon to keep an eye on Heather to figure out what she was up to. Finally, Dillon agreed. Dillon learned from Alice that Heather had double-bolted the door to the attic. Dillon was able to pick the lock and gain entry. He was spooked when he heard a noise from inside, the woman rocking in the chair. He approached her and looked into her eyes but received no response. He noticed that she was wearing a hospital patient ID tag and read the name: Laura Spencer! Heather arrived at the Haunted Star as Luke and Skye discussed finding a killer.

Alexis was thrilled as she told Ric the news of the stem cell solution. Ric was not so sure that Sonny would risk the life of another of his children to save Kristina. Sam told Sonny that she would gladly risk herself for Kristina but that she could not take the 10% chance of harming her baby by inducing labor early. Sonny was visibly saddened, but he understood her decision. Speaking with Jason, Sam continued to wrestle with the choice. Sonny told Alexis the news, and she freaked out, telling Sonny to make Sam do it. Later, Alexis found Sam alone in the chapel and begged for her help. The discussion was intense and highly emotional. Finally, Sam screamed out that she would help. Suddenly, she clutched her stomach in pain. Something was wrong with the baby!

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