General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on GH

Sonny asked Carly to provide him with an alibi. Laura decided to move to France for further treatment. Jason rescued Sam from Jerry's diabolical clutches. Jax informed Carly that he intended to go through with the divorce.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on GH
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Monday, November 10, 2008

When Carly opened the door of her home, she was glad to see Jax until he presented her with divorce papers. Carly was stunned. She told Jax that she loved him, but he told her that she loved Sonny more. He confronted her with the fact that Sonny had been hiding in her home the previous evening when Jax had come calling. Carly did not deny that Sonny was there, but she told Jax that she had not slept with Sonny and had a good explanation.

Jax told Carly that he did not care what her reasons were. She had put Sonny first and Jax was not going to play second fiddle any longer. Jax handed Carly the divorce papers and told her to do herself a favor and sign them, then left her alone.

From an alley on the docks, Olivia witnessed Sonny shoot Karpov, then viciously kick his dead body. After Sonny picked up his spent shell casings and left, Olivia dialed 9-1-1, but hung up and walked away when the operator came on the line.

Jason and Spinelli were in Jason's office trying to figure out whether or not Sam had gone with Jerry willingly or if she was his hostage. They managed to trace the clue Sam left behind and found that someone using one of Jerry's aliases had purchased a large quantity of explosives.

Jerry kept Sam handcuffed to a bunk while he played a sick game with her. He answered her questions as long as she caught the explosives he tossed at her. As Jerry gloated about his plan to kill her and fake his own death, Sam managed to activate the radio and send a distress signal while his back was turned.

When the Coast Guard announced they were responding to the distress signal, Jerry slapped Sam. When the Captain boarded, Jerry apologized and offered to pay the fine imposed for a false distress call. Jerry said that he and his girlfriend had accidentally sent the distress call during a boisterous lovemaking session. When the captain asked about Jerry's girlfriend, Jerry told him that she had run to the shower because she was so embarrassed.

The captain could hear the water running and when Jerry offered to bring the girlfriend out and let her tell her story, the captain was convinced that Jerry was telling the truth, and he left the boat.

Luke and Laura were kissing passionately when Laura heard Lulu calling her name. Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas were thrilled to see Laura in such good health and to find her with Luke.

Laura told them that she loved them all, but made them promise that they would never lie to her again for her "own good," like they did when Luke, though still married to Tracy, faked his marriage to Laura, knowing that she would lapse back into a coma. Luke stepped up and told her that her children did not know that he was still married to Tracy when they attended the wedding. Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas agreed to tell Laura everything and not treat her as too fragile to handle the truth. After that, Nikolas called a helicopter to take them back to Los Angeles.

Before Anna and Patrick went in to see Robin, Anna told him to stop thinking like a doctor and start thinking like a husband and father. She told him to get an optimistic attitude and hold on to it for Robin's sake.

Once they went in to see Robin, Anna heard resignation in Robin's voice. She sent Patrick to get Emma, then told Robin that she had to stop thinking that she was going to die and needed to summon up every bit of strength and stubbornness she had in her. Anna told Robin that she had to live for her child and she had to live so that all her dreams would come true.

Robin realized that Anna was right. When Patrick wheeled Emma in, Anna left so that the three of them could share some family time. Robin told Patrick and Emma that she was determined to live so that the three of them could have a great life together.

A shaken Olivia arrived at the hospital and ran into Liz. Olivia remembered that Liz had been with Jason when Kate was shot. She wanted to know how someone could love a person who could kill another person in cold blood, even if the killing was justified. Liz said it was a personal matter, which Olivia took as "turning a blind eye," Liz was baffled as Olivia continued to ramble on about a hypothetical murder.

Sonny went to Carly's house. He asked Carly to provide an alibi for him because he had just killed Karpov and the cops would be looking for him. Carly was angry and blamed Sonny for her break-up with Jax. Carly bemoaned the fact that she always helped Sonny when he was in trouble and she always came out of it the loser.

Olivia returned to the scene of the crime and found Mac and his detectives collecting evidence. Olivia tried to scurry away, but Mac stopped her and wanted to know what she was doing there. She told him that she was walking off some restless energy after being in the hospital with Kate.

While Scott and Tracy waited in the hotel for Luke and Laura to return, Scott could not resist taking a few shots at Tracy and her ability to hold on to Luke since Laura was awake again. Tracy shot back that Scott's driving off, instead of letting Luke and Laura meet up in the hotel, was not the brightest move he had ever made. Scott insisted that he had given his best effort to get Laura to love him again and he was giving up. He advised Tracy to do the same.

When Luke, Laura, Lulu, Nikolas, and Lucky arrived back at the hotel, Nikolas set about arranging transportation to Port Charles. Laura acknowledged that Tracy was Luke's wife and thanked her for helping Lulu and being so kind. Tracy said that she was glad to help Lulu, but that she was not kind. She told Laura that Luke was her husband and that she intended to fight for him.

After Carly told Sonny how much helping him was messing up her relationship with Jax, Sonny decided to leave, but it was too late. A Port Charles detective was at Carly's door. She let him in and played along when he said that Karpov was dead. He asked Sonny for an alibi, but Sonny said he was not talking without his lawyer. When the detective asked Carly what she knew, she said that she did not have to answer any questions.

Since neither Carly nor Sonny would say anything, the detective arrested Sonny and told Carly to come down to the station later and give her statement.

Jason and Spinelli decided that the evidence pointed to Sam's being Jerry's hostage. As they were trying to figure out where Jerry had taken Sam, Spinelli's computer notified him about a false distress call from a boat in the harbor. When he checked the report, they recognized the boat owner's name to be the same as the alias that Jerry had used to buy the explosives. They immediately began trying to locate the freighter.

Jerry had Sam handcuffed again, but this time farther away from the radio. He poured wine for the two of them and encouraged Sam to "enjoy" her last night of life on earth before she was blasted to smithereens as part of Jerry's plan to fake his own death.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Laura was excited to finally be home, but her mother was even more excited to see her. Laura was confident all along that Scott wouldn't hurt her, but Luke hadn't been so sure. Scott had, after all, almost driven Laura off a cliff. Luke wanted to talk about something else, so Laura asked if he was prepared to talk about Tracy. Leslie interrupted and said she hadn't been sure of Luke's plan to remarry Laura and not tell her about his marriage to Tracy. When Leslie had seen her daughter so happy during the ceremony, though, she was sure they had all made the right decision. Laura understood but said no one was allowed to keep any secrets from her anymore. Leslie went off to the kitchen to prepare dinner, while Laura was caught up on everyone's well wishes. A man knocked at the door and asked to speak with Laura. He was a doctor from the clinic in France. Since she had recovered, he wanted her to go to France for additional tests and therapy.

The doctor left Laura so she and the family could talk about her options. Nikolas and Lulu both agreed that Laura should travel to France, since no one in Port Charles could help the last time she had relapsed. Lucky disagreed, though, and wanted their mother to stay with them. Laura looked to her mother, but Leslie said Laura had to make the decision on her own. Everyone agreed to support Laura, no matter what the decision was. The family left Laura and Luke alone so they could discuss the options. Laura asked Luke what his thoughts were, and he said he was just happy she was there, alive and healthy. He wanted her to stay like that as long as possible. Laura asked about their relationship, but Luke admitted he still couldn't wrap his head around her being there with him. She understood and they agreed to take things as they came.

Lulu waited outside as her mother contemplated the decision regarding France. Suddenly, Lulu saw Johnny and was ecstatic to see him. She wanted to introduce him to her mother, but he was hesitant to intrude. Lulu assured him he would not be intruding and took him inside. Laura was thrilled to meet Johnny and told him so. Johnny apologized for the trauma he had caused Lulu, but Lulu had told everything to Laura previously. Laura knew that Johnny was good for her daughter. He had risked his life and freedom to protect Lulu. Laura was thrilled that Lulu had fallen in love with such a wonderful man.

A very seasick Spinelli did his best to help Jason, but he was unable to accompany Jason due to his illness. Before Jason took off to look for Sam, Liz called and told him Robin had stabilized. He was thankful for the call. Liz asked if he wanted to meet up later, but he told her he had to work. When he hung up the phone, Spinelli saw the smirk on Jason's face and asked if he had just spoken with the "maternal one." Jason smiled but said they weren't going to talk about Liz. He rushed off before Spinelli could tell Jason to be careful.

Jerry prepared to head back to shore, but took the time to compliment Sam on what a worthy adversary she had been. Speaking about his past schemes, she had been the only one who thought to pull the silent alarm during the Metro Court crisis. Things could have turned out differently, but Sam would still end up at the bottom of the ocean floor. Jerry handed Sam a cooled cup of coffee before leaving for another shipment of drugs.

Once Jerry was gone, Sam tried desperately to get out of the handcuffs by using a screw she had found. She dropped the screw and tried to retrieve it but was unable to reach it. Meanwhile, Jerry approached Spinelli, who asked where Sam was being held. Jerry said Sam was waiting to take a pleasure cruise with Jerry once he got back. Spinelli didn't believe him and threatened to tell Jason. Jerry pointed out that Jason was nowhere in sight, and Jerry asked what Spinelli intended to do to keep Jerry there until Jason returned. Spinelli tried desperately to fight Jerry, but Spinelli was knocked out with one punch.

Jason returned to find Spinelli still unconscious. When he awoke, Spinelli told Jason about being knocked out by Jerry. Fortunately, Spinelli had been able to place a tracking device in Jerry's pocket before the young man had been knocked out.

Jerry returned briefly to the ship and seemed to enjoy baiting Sam for the last time. He left her alone again to set the rest of the explosives on the ship. Soon, Jason found the room where Sam was and set to work getting her free. Jerry walked in, though, and held them both at gunpoint. Jason put his hands in the air and left his gun sitting on the bed next to Sam. She finished getting out of the handcuffs and grabbed the gun, shooting at Jerry. Jason and Jerry struggled and the men fell onto the explosive device that had been left in the cabin. The device started the countdown. Sam and Jason rushed to get off the boat, while Jerry struggled as his legs became tangled in netting.

Olivia visited Sonny in jail, much to Sonny's surprise. She couldn't believe he had killed Karpov after everyone had begged him not to get involved. Sonny denied killing Karpov and said the Russian worked in a very dangerous business. Olivia wasn't fooled, though. Sonny asked Olivia what she had told the police, but Olivia hadn't said anything. She had agreed to identify Andre, though. Sonny said he would appreciate it if Olivia didn't offer any information to the authorities. Olivia started to raise her voice, but she told Sonny she wasn't mad at him. That was who Sonny was, and it was sad.

Olivia was walking out of the room when Diane walked in to see Sonny. Diane was curious about why Kate's cousin was there, but Sonny changed the subject and asked when he would be released. Diane asked if Sonny had an alibi, and he told his attorney to speak with Carly. Although as Kate's friend, Diane wasn't thrilled with the information, she was tickled pink as his attorney. She just hoped Carly's story matched Sonny's story.

Andre Karpov's attorney spoke via speakerphone to a Russian-speaking gentleman. The man on the phone wanted Sonny out of jail as soon as possible. They couldn't get to him if he was in police custody. Sasha said she would do her best to get Sonny released.

Sasha arrived at the Port Charles police station and somehow was allowed access to speak with Sonny. She told him she had not revealed to the police the information about Sonny previously trying to kill Karpov. Sonny asked what he owed her for her loyalty, but she said nothing. Sasha told him she had been instructed to help get him released.

Carly told Jax she was confused by the way he was acting. First he told her he thought they had a second chance, but then he showed up with divorce papers. He was having yet another change by acknowledging she had told him the truth about Sonny not having romantic intentions towards her when he was at her house. Jax was tired of being second to Sonny. He told Carly he needed to know if she loved him and would choose him over Sonny. Carly said she loved Jax like she had loved no other. Carly understood why Jax was hesitant to trust her after she had lied about sleeping with Sonny, but she wanted him to give their relationship time to heal. Jax wanted to know he would always come first with Carly. He wanted her to sever all possible ties with Sonny. Carly was forced to admit she couldn't turn Sonny down if he needed her help and Jax stormed off.

Diane walked into the Metro Court to question Carly but stopped when she saw Olivia also walking in. Diane asked Olivia about her visit to Sonny, but Olivia wasn't interested in speaking with Diane. Sonny's attorney brought Olivia up to speed regarding who Diane was and how she was connected to Sonny. Stonewalling Diane wouldn't help anyone. They were interrupted when Diane's phone rang. When Olivia and Carly were left alone, Carly asked the other woman if she had seen Sonny the previous night. Olivia admitted she had seen him briefly, but Carly said she had seen Sonny "not so briefly." Olivia knew that Carly had known all along what Sonny had planned to do.

Diane visited Sonny at the police station and told him Carly wouldn't confirm or deny Sonny's alibi. Diane was worried about what Carly would tell the police if she wouldn't even tell Sonny's lawyer anything. At that same time, Carly was outside the interrogation room, having been called to give a statement by Commissioner Scorpio. Jax walked in and they both stared at each other. He knew she was there to give a statement and told Carly she didn't have to be Sonny's statement. Diane and Sonny walked out of the interrogation room and saw Mac with Carly and Jax. Diane asked that Sonny and Carly be allowed to have a moment alone, but Mac was reluctant. He asked Carly if she could vouch for Sonny's whereabouts on the night of Karpov's murder.

Sasha spoke to the Russian man on the phone again and said Sonny would soon be released. She asked if Sonny would be eliminated, and the man said everyone connected to Sonny would pay.

Luke visited the Quartermaine's and they all seemed happy to see him. Edward thought Luke would be packing up and moving out of the Quartermaine mansion since Laura was back. Luke asked for a private moment with Tracy, but it took some convincing to get everyone to leave and not eavesdrop. Once alone, Tracy asked Luke if she was just supposed to sit back and wait for him to choose which wife he wanted to be with. Luke said there wasn't a decision to be made. Laura would be going to France for further therapy, and Luke would be staying in Port Charles with Tracy. Unfortunately, Tracy wasn't thrilled with that information and asked when she would ever come first with him.

Meanwhile, Nikolas brought Nadine to finally meet his mother, but Nadine wasn't sure that was a good idea. She didn't want to interfere with family time. Laura walked downstairs, though, and was thrilled to meet Nadine. Nikolas left to get tea while the two women talked about him. Nadine told Laura not to worry, because Nikolas wasn't serious about her. Laura hoped that wasn't the case, though. She realized Nadine probably saved Nikolas from giving up after Emily died, and Nadine admitted a person couldn't smell the roses from the mud. Laura realized Nadine was quoting her Aunt Raylene, something Nikolas had told his mother Nadine frequently did. They were laughing when Nikolas walked back in with the tea.

Once Nadine was gone, Lucky brought Liz to see his mother. They sat down and explained that Lucky was not Jake's biological father but he was protecting the child from Jason's enemies. Lucky said he loved Jake and Cameron like his own children, and both Lucky and Liz regretted lying to his mother. Laura understood Liz's need to protect her child and couldn't judge her after Laura's own past with Nikolas. They were interrupted by a phone call from France. It was the institute returning Laura's call. She smiled and told the caller she wasn't surprised by the news they were giving her.

Laura went to see Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion where Tracy was on the phone saying she would not be getting a divorce. When Tracy hung up the phone, Laura told her she knew Tracy had been the one to send the phony doctor that day. Tracy denied knowing anything about it, but she said Laura's paranoia clearly indicated Laura needed to go to France for more therapy. Laura said she wouldn't be backing down that easily.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

At the Port Charles Police Station, Carly gave Sonny an alibi in front of Jax, Mac, Sonny, and Diane. At first she would only say that they were together, but when Mac insisted on specifics, Carly said that she and Sonny had been having sex and that it was a mistake, and that was why she did not want to tell. Mac and Jax believed her. Jax left in disgust and Mac reluctantly started arranging the paperwork for Sonny's release.

Sonny and Carly went into the interrogation room for a chat. She was disgusted with herself for putting Sonny first again. He told her that she would get another chance with Jax. She said that she already had, when Jax had asked her to put him first and not give Sonny an alibi. Carly blamed Sonny and told him she did not know why she kept helping him out of his messes.

Laura and Tracy had words at the Quartermaine mansion. Laura acknowledged Tracy's steadying influence, but also told Tracy that she believed that despite Luke being married to Tracy, Luke still loved Laura.

Tracy kept up a brave front as she told Laura that Luke had changed and needed a different kind of woman. Tracy said that she and Luke were both cynics and that with her he did not have to be a hero and could be himself. Laura told Tracy not to kid herself. She said that Luke loved Laura and always would.

After that, Laura politely thanked Tracy. She said that Tracy had told her everything that she wanted to know and that she would not bother Tracy again. After Laura left, Tracy wept.

Sam and Jason escaped the freighter by flinging themselves overboard moments before an explosion rocked the harbor. They left Jerry behind struggling to reach the detonator. As soon as they were clear, he stopped struggling and smirked.

Maxie confronted Liz at the nurses' station and berated her for not doing her job. Liz shot back a few harsh threats at Maxie, including telling Spinelli about some of Maxie's past misdeeds. Maxie left the hospital fuming.

Lulu dropped in to chat with Tracy and to thank her for trying to help her out. Lulu told Tracy that she did not want to see Tracy get hurt, because Tracy had really helped Luke, but Lulu was convinced that her parents would get back together. Tracy told Lulu that things had changed and she was not convinced that Luke and Laura would get back together.

Laura went to Lucky's place and found Luke there with Lucky. She asked Lucky to find Nikolas and Lulu because she wanted to have a family meeting. He agreed. After Lucky left, Laura told Luke that she had been to see Tracy and that she had learned a lot. She said that she was genuinely grateful that Tracy had influenced him to take care of himself.

Lucky arrived with Nikolas and Lulu. Laura told all of them that she had decided to go to France and take the treatment that might guarantee her a normal life. She said that she did not want to go through life not knowing if she would relapse. Nikolas said that he would make her travel arrangements.

Maxie rushed to Spinelli's place and told him about her confrontation with Liz. As he was comforting her, Sam and Jason walked in. They were dripping wet. Maxie started making wise cracks and jumping to conclusions. Rather than explain that they had survived by swimming away from an exploding freighter, Jason asked Maxie to leave.

Maxie was insulted but did as she was asked. Spinelli accompanied her to the hall. He asked her not to tell what she had seen, and she agreed.

Jax met a PCPD detective on the docks. The detective told him that an explosion had just destroyed a freighter leased to Jerry. The detective said that no survivors had been found. He also gave Jax a passport and necklace that belonged to Jerry. Jax stood forlornly on the pier as the search effort continued.

Laura and Lucky shared farewells. She told him how proud she was of the man he was and how much she loved him and wanted him to have a happy life. He told her that he wanted her to get well and come back to them. She told him to come to Paris and bring all the children. He agreed that it would be great to have the family together there.

Laura and Nikolas also had a private moment together. They acknowledged their bond. Nikolas told Laura that it was still difficult to deal with Emily's death. Laura understood; she told Nikolas that time was the only healer and that all he could do was live his life one day at a time.

Sonny made it clear to Carly that even though she had given him an alibi, he was not interested in getting physically involved with her again. Carly got very angry and told Sonny that it was so typical of him to only think about himself. She told him that she had ruined her whole life with Jax to save him. She told Sonny that she did not want to get back with him. She told him that the next time he killed someone and needed an alibi, not to come knocking on her door. Before Sonny could respond, she stormed out.

Lulu and Laura had a heartfelt discussion. Lulu was grateful that Laura had been there when she needed her. Laura told Lulu that she thought that Johnny really loved her and that they had a chance together. Lulu asked if Laura had any advice for her before she left for France. Laura told Lulu to always be honest with and to trust the one she loved. She also told her not to expect love to be perfect.

Mother and daughter shared a hug just before Luke, Lucky, and Nikolas arrived. Nikolas and Luke took Laura to the airport while Lucky and Lulu waved goodbye from the porch.

Maxie could not wait to race to the hospital and stick it to Liz. She pretended that she was asking Epiphany's opinion, but she made it sound like Jason and Sam were getting back together. Her sly almost-lie had the desired effect. Liz hurried away from work.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Diane told Carly that, for good or ill, Carly had provided Sonny's alibi. Diane told him not to do anything to make Carly mad, then walked off. Sonny limped out of the station and was confronted by Sasha, Karpov's attorney.

Carly went to the harbor to comfort Jax, who was waiting to find out whether or not Jerry had died in a boat explosion. Jax got a phone call while Carly was trying to explain her behavior, but the caller hung up. Jax told Carly that he thought the caller was Jerry

After Spinelli left for errands, Jason and Sam got into dry clothes. A few minutes later, Liz came to the door. When Jason opened it, Liz was angry to see Sam and wanted to know what she was doing with Jason.

Luke and Laura shared a bittersweet goodbye. He offered to go to France with her, but she declined his offer. She told him that she loved him and always would. They shared a passionate kiss before Laura boarded the Cassadine jet. As she walked away, Luke said "Goodbye, my angel." Once on board, Laura looked out the window as Scott Baldwin walked into the cabin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jax and Carly stood on the pier, overlooking the harbor, as authorities searched the wreckage for Jerry's body. Carly explained that she had lied when she told Mac that she and Sonny had been having sex at the time of Karpov's murder. Jax believed Carly, but it didn't affect his decision to proceed with their divorce. Carly wanted Jax to understand that she had provided Sonny with an alibi because he was the father of her sons, not because she had feelings for Sonny. Jax felt that their marriage was doomed to fail because Carly would always find a reason to justify helping Sonny. Jax said that he couldn't count on Carly, and therefore wanted out of the marriage. Carly pleaded with Jax to reconsider, but Jax cut her off. He told her to leave him alone because he couldn't deal with trying to salvage their broken marriage while grappling with the possibility that his brother might be dead. Carly reluctantly walked away.

Kate returned home from the hospital and, with Maxie's help, settled in. Kate was momentarily shaken by the realization that the last time she had been in her home had been on her wedding day. Kate didn't have long to contemplate the changes in her life since that fateful day, because Jax stopped by to talk to Kate. As soon as Maxie left, Jax told Kate about Sonny's arrest and Carly's alibi. Kate refused to believe that Sonny and Carly had slept together. Jax told her that regardless of whether it was true or not, it underscored the bond that Sonny and Carly would always share. A bond, he said, that he and Kate would never have with Sonny and Carly. Before he left, Jax told Kate that he had ended things with Carly, and advised Kate to do the same with Sonny.

On the waterfront, Sasha warned Sonny that Karpov's people would destroy all that Sonny held near and dear, while forcing him to watch. Sonny wasn't intimidated by the threat. He told Sasha that Karpov had made an attempt on his life, and Sonny had retaliated accordingly. Sasha understood why Sonny had killed her employer, but it didn't make a difference. She told Sonny that Karpov's men would strike when he least expected it. She went on to forewarn Sonny that when they did strike, it would be hard, brutal, and devastating to Sonny.

At Kelly's, Mike spent time with Morgan. While his grandson dashed off to fetch a treat, Mike turned to Mercedes and asked her if Morgan knew about his father's arrest. Mercedes said that Morgan didn't know, and reminded Mike that it was Carly's decision whether to tell him or not. Before Mike could argue further, Mercedes gathered up Morgan, and they left. A few minutes later, Mike saw Sonny standing outside of Kelly's. He stepped outside to talk to his son, and learned that Sonny had killed Karpov. Sonny went on to tell Mike about Carly's alibi. Mike realized how it would impact Sonny's relationship with Kate. The two went into the diner to talk further.

Shortly afterwards, Carly walked in. She had been hoping to catch Morgan and Mercedes before they left. As soon as Carly realized that they weren't there, she walked out without saying a word to Sonny. Sonny followed Carly out and stopped her before she could get far. When he told Carly that he wanted her to stay away from him, her jaw dropped. She reminded Sonny that he has been the one going to her for help, not the other way around. Carly was furious with Sonny and his condescending behavior. She told him that her marriage had been destroyed because of Sonny, and she was through helping him. Sonny didn't flinch. Instead of apologizing, he told her that when she fell back on her pattern of sleeping with someone familiar to fill the void her left by her failed marriage, he would not be available. Carly was livid. She told him that when he came to her for help, as he always did, she would remind Sonny of his edict for her to stay away from him. She would also take pleasure in telling him where he could shove his request for help. Before Carly marched away, she told Sonny that she would rather crawl on broken glass than sleep with him again.

Sonny went to Kate's house with a bouquet of flowers. He barely made it through the front door before Kate informed him that she knew all about his arrest and Carly's alibi, thanks to Jax. Sonny tried to explain that he had not slept with Carly, but Kate wasn't interested in hearing Sonny's excuses. She was fed up the games that Sonny and Carly played, and told him that she was through being in line behind his ex and his business. Sonny was stunned and told her that Karpov had stabbed him and would have killed him had Carly not found him in time. Kate listened, but was unmoved. The argument escalated until Kate ordered Sonny out of her home.

Carly returned to the pier to talk to Jax, but found the area deserted. As Jax walked up behind her, Carly's cell phone rang. It was Morgan. He wanted to know when his mother would be home. Jax listened as Carly made plans to have dinner with her son and read him a chapter of The Castle in the Attic, by Liz Winthrop. Jax walked away before Carly realized he was nearby.

Lucky and Nikolas took a seat at a table outside of Kelly's and talked about Laura. Lucky decided to tell Nikolas about the secret that he and Liz had shared with Laura. Nikolas was at a loss for words when he learned that Lucky was not Jake's biological father; Jason was. Lucky quickly explained that the decision to lie about Jake's paternity had been made in an attempt to protect Jake from Jason's enemies. Nikolas commended his brother for stepping up and taking on the responsibility of raising Jake. Lucky assured Nikolas that it had not been a burden to be a father to Jake and Cameron. He loved the boys as if they were his own.

After he and Lucky parted ways, Nikolas went to the hospital. He found Nadine working at the nurse's station. Nadine was delighted to see Nikolas, and began talking about how much she had enjoyed visiting with Laura. She was disappointed to learn that Laura had decided to seek further treatment in France. They talked a bit about Laura's decision, then Nikolas asked if Liz was on duty. As Nadine told him that she wasn't, Nikolas' cell phone rang. It was his attorney updating Nikolas on the deportation threat that Nikolas faced. Nadine overheard enough to realize that Nikolas could be forced to leave the country. When he ended the call, she admitted that she had assumed he was a citizen. Nikolas downplayed the threat of deportation, but Nadine wasn't satisfied. She vowed that she would help Nikolas.

Later, Nadine asked Leyla what she would do if she were deported. Leyla said that she would pack her things and leave, rather than resort to marrying someone to stay in the country. Unfortunately, Nadine jumped to the wrong conclusion. She told Leyla that she finally understood why Nikolas had taken her to meet his mother. Nadine was convinced that Nikolas wanted to marry her to avoid deportation.

After seeing Sam standing in Jason's living room, Liz turned to Jason for answers. She wanted to know why his ex-girlfriend was able to cozy up to his fireplace while Liz could barely get past the front door. Jason realized that Liz was hurt, and he told her that about Jerry kidnapping Sam. Liz turned to Sam and told her that she was glad that Sam was okay, but wondered why she hadn't gone to Lucky for help. Sam started to explain, but seemed to realize that Liz and Jason needed to work things out for themselves. She quickly gathered her things and left the apartment.

As soon as they were alone, Liz admitted that it had bothered her that he and Sam had an adventure. However, she was more concerned by the fact that Jason hadn't trusted her enough to tell her about it. Jason explained that it hadn't been a matter of trust, but rather an effort to protect Liz, that had prompted the lack of details. "But it's okay to involve Sam?" she asked, to which he replied, "No." With the matter of trust raised, Liz decided to tell Jason about the decision to reveal the truth about Jake's paternity to Laura. Jason was stunned. Liz didn't regret her decision. She told Jason that when she was faced with her lies again, she had been filled with an overwhelming sense of regret. Jason appeared uncomfortable with the confession and asked her what she was trying to tell him. Liz told Jason that she loved him and wanted the freedom to express her feelings for him without having to sneak around on the side. She went on to tell Jason that they needed to be completely honest and begin living that truth.

She reminded Jason of the time that he had asked her how Jake would feel when he learned that the adults around him had lied. Liz realized that Jason had been right to be concerned about Jake's reaction. She no longer wanted to risk hurting Jake like that. Instead, Liz wanted Jake to grow up knowing that Jason was his father. Jason reminded Liz of the danger that they would face if Jason claimed Jake as his. Liz understood Jason's fear but reminded him that Michael and Kate's shootings had been a result of Sonny's choices, not Jason's. Sensing Jason's reluctance, Liz put everything on the line and asked Jason if he wanted to be with her or not. Jason only took a moment to tell her, "Yes."

Liz was overjoyed as Jason pulled her into his arms and kissed her. The two began talking about their future, until Liz noticed the time. She told Jason that she had to pick the boys up from daycare, then asked him over for dinner later that evening. Jason happily accepted, and gathered his things after Liz left. He was on his way out the door when a knock at the door changed everything.

Cody told Jason that Karpov was dead and that Sonny had been arrested. Before Jason could absorb that information, Cody announced that Karpov's men had made their move and began to retaliate.

Sam returned to her apartment and found Lucky waiting. When he asked her where she had been, Sam was disappointed to realize that Lucky had feared that Sam had jumped bail. Their spat was short-lived. A short time later, Sam returned to her living room as Lucky wrapped up a call on his cell phone. He told Sam that a few of Jerry's personal effects had been found, but not a body. As the two talked about Jerry, they cleared the air. Sam told Lucky that she loved him and never had any interest in Jerry. Lucky apologized for his behavior and the two kissed.

Jason called Liz to cancel their date. Liz turned off her phone when Jason began telling her that it would be too dangerous to see her. With the call disconnected, Liz gave in to her fury and threw the phone across the room. On the other side of town, Jason stood in his penthouse, holding his phone. His expression was pensive.

At Kelly's, Mike was ambushed by Russian thugs wielding baseball bats. Outside, Maxie witnessed the violence and slipped away, unseen, as she pulled out her phone. A short time later, Sasha called Sonny and told him that the end had begun. Behind her, a fire raged through Kelly's.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Johnny walked towards the boarded up Kelly's and saw Lulu standing outside. She asked him if his family was behind the café being torched. Although Lulu had no proof that the Zaccharas were behind the fire at Kelly's, she still suspected Johnny's family was responsible. Johnny admitted that what had happened was exactly like something his father would do, but he had his doubts that Anthony was involved that time around. Anthony was still recovering from brain surgery. Lulu didn't want Johnny to possibly take responsibility for something his father had done, but Johnny assured her he would find out who was responsible for Kelly's being destroyed. Lulu still couldn't believe someone deliberately destroyed the café that had been a part of her family's life.

Johnny asked Lulu about her mother, and Lulu said she missed Laura terribly. It had been Laura's decision to go to France for further therapy, though. Lulu still wasn't used to her mother actually having control over her own life.

Johnny arrived home where his father asked if he had seen the morning paper. Anthony was thrilled with all the chaos erupting in Port Charles, but Johnny just wanted to know if Anthony was responsible for any of the action. Anthony assured his son that everything that had occurred was a direct result of Sonny killing Karpov. The Russian's men were determined to get revenge, and Anthony was thrilled because it would put Sonny in a delicate situation. Sonny needed protection, and Jason clearly wasn't going to side with his former boss. Sonny's only option would be to turn to the Zacchara family for help. Anthony told Johnny he needed to prepare to welcome Sonny to the family, because the family would become more powerful than ever before once Claudia and Sonny married.

Maxie told Jason about the Russians who had destroyed Kelly's and beaten Mike. Jason wanted to know if Maxie would be able to identify the men, and Maxie thought she would be able to at least identify a tattoo she noticed on the men who had spoken with Russian accents. Maxie had not told her Uncle Mac what she knew, though. Jason complimented Maxie and told her she had done well. In the same breath, though, Jason told Maxie she needed to leave. She had proven she couldn't be trusted. Due to her friendship with Spinelli, Maxie was permitted in Jason's home and place of business. This caused Maxie to hear things she shouldn't hear. Maxie's actions with Liz had upset Jason and he would not allow Maxie to treat Liz as she had.

Once Maxie had stormed off, Spinelli apologized for Maxie and promised he would not reveal any confidential information to Maxie anymore. Jason said he would not dictate who could be Spinelli's friend and who could not be. However, Jason saw Maxie as having some Carly-like qualities. Both Maxie and Carly couldn't think past the person who most recently hurt their feelings and how to exact revenge on that person. He would not allow Liz to be a casualty of Maxie's attitude.

Bernie updated Jason on the status of their transport yard and said it was totally unsalvageable. Jason's men were angry that Sonny had caused retaliation on their organization. Jason asked Bernie to set up a meeting so he could alleviate his men's concerns, but Bernie had already set it up. The meeting was too early, though, so Jason asked Bernie to push it back one hour. Bernie asked what was more important than meeting with their men.

Sasha told her new Russian boss about what they had accomplished to date in their revenge against Sonny. The man asked if there had been any problems when Kelly's had been destroyed, and Sasha said there was a minor inconvenience with a girl-Maxie. They discussed that perhaps Maxie should meet with the same fate as Mike had.

Meanwhile, Mike woke up in the hospital with Sonny at his bedside. Sonny explained to his father what had happened, but Mike had no memory of the event. Mike was worried that the incident stemmed from a gambling debt, but Sonny was sure that Mike had been beaten and Kelly's had been vandalized as retaliation by Karpov's men. Sonny assured his father that Kelly's would be rebuilt, but he was just glad that Mike survived because his life could not be replaced. Sonny felt a great deal of guilt for essentially causing that retaliation, but Mike said he didn't blame his son.

Kate came to see Mike after Liz had told her about Mike's injuries. She was worried about him, but Mike assured her he would be fine. Sonny and Kate got into a fight in front of Mike, and Kate told the older man that there would be no wedding between her and Sonny because Sonny would always put Carly first. Sonny tried to assure Kate he had a plan to protect the people he loved, but it was too little, too late for Kate. She asked him if he knew the definition of insanity was "someone repeating the same action over and over again thinking the outcome would be different the next time." Kate was done and wanted to be officially out of his world. Before Kate left, she told Mike she would be there for him if he ever needed anything.

Once alone, Sonny asked his father for advice. Sonny wanted to get Kate back, but he was also worried about the situation with the Russian mob. Karpov's men had also hit Jason's transport yard. They had been looking for any of Sonny's allies to retaliate against. Sonny thought it was ironic that Jason had given up their friendship for nothing. Despite cutting ties, Jason was still being retaliated against just for his previous relationship with Sonny.

Olivia met up with her cousin and Kate said the doctors had given her a good report. Olivia was happy to hear that news and started talking about the security she had hired. Kate said protection against the mob was an illusion. Olivia got mad and started ranting and raving about wanting to protect her dear cousin. Later, Olivia decided to meet up with Jason and wait for him in his office.

At the hospital, Epiphany mentioned to Liz that Mike's tests were back. Liz was in a terrible mood, so Epiphany told her she needed to work things out with her attitude. Sam soon stopped by, much to Liz's dismay. Sam wasn't going anywhere until she had a chance to talk to Liz. She explained to Liz that Jason's rescue of Sam was totally random. Sam had no intentions of rekindling her romance with Jason. Sam felt lucky to have come to a place in her life where she and Liz could actually get along, and Sam liked being able to be around Lucky and Liz's boys. Liz apologized for overreacting, and the two women talked about the problems in their own relationships. After talking about Jason and how she and Jason couldn't seem to reconnect, Liz asked out loud if love was enough. Sam seemed to support Liz and Jason's relationship and reminded Liz that Jason truly did love her.

Jason stopped by the hospital to see Liz, but she told him she was busy. Just like his work was important, Liz said her work was equally as important. Jason heard the bitterness in Liz's voice and said he deserved her comments. He would wait on the roof to speak with her once she got a break. Soon, Liz met with Jason and apologized for her behavior. She didn't want to be a "bitch" and she knew it was a possibility they would never be together. Jason said she didn't have to apologize. He loved her, but he wasn't sure Liz understood the reality of his life. He wasn't a regular guy with a regular life. Jason stopped and suddenly noticed from up on the roof that his office was on fire. Unknown to Jason, Olivia was trapped inside his office.

Meanwhile, Maxie went to see Sam and told her about what she did to Liz. They talked about loving danger and the way Sam used to be. The girls had no idea that one Karpov's men, who had seen her at Kelly's, was following Maxie.

Later, Johnny and Lulu met up again and discussed what had happened at Kelly's. Spinelli had told her that the Russian mob was responsible and was retaliating against Sonny. Johnny said his father loved all the chaos and he worried he would become like his father. Lulu reassured Johnny and said he wasn't responsible for his father. Johnny couldn't understand why Lulu still wanted to be with him. Lulu said it was simple - she loved him.

Patrick asked Robin if she was getting tired and wanted him to take Emma. Robin said she was fine and told her daughter that Daddy had control issues. Patrick said it was okay for Robin to make fun of him. He was just relieved she had pulled through her recent medical scare. He didn't know what he would have done without her. Robin assured him he would have figured it out, but Patrick wasn't so sure.

Later, Matt stopped by to visit Robin and told her he visited Emma regularly. The instant family he had received was still strange, but it was getting easier. Robin needed to ask Matt for a favor, but he jumped to conclusions and said he wasn't sure he would be a good babysitter. Robin said she needed a babysitter but not for whom he thought. Patrick was driving her crazy with his hovering, and Robin wanted Matt to help provide a distraction. Matt smiled and appeared as if he would help his future sister-in-law.

Patrick came back to check on his family and caught Robin talking to Emma about the little girl's daddy. Patrick said Robin had been busted, because he knew Matt would never voluntarily ask Patrick to take over one of his cases. As they talked, Epiphany came in and said Robin and Emma were being released and could go home finally.

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