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Nora was missing and presumed dead after the train explosion. Cristian and Jessica hid Will at Viki's cabin. Asa was proud of Max. Roseanne apologized to Andy for causing her problems. Max invited Skye to live at the Buchanan mansion.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, May 1, 2000

The train explodes and there is pandemonium, with people screaming and calling for help everywhere. Bo is yelling for Nora and tries to break through to the site. He is held back by the firefighters. He continues searching frantically, but he is told by a firefighter that no one could have survived the blast. Bo next spots an officer who said he'd help Nora but the man admits he couldn't get near enough to help her. Bo shows Nora's picture to everyone in sight, asking if they've seen her and becomes more agitated as time passes by.

Kevin knocks for Kelly and Joey and tells them about the accident. Joey notices a message on the phone machine and when he plays it, it's Jess, telling him that she and Cris were attempting to get on the train. He wants to call Viki but Kevin suggests they wait for more details. Just then he receives an email message about the explosion.

Roseanne walks in on Antonio at the diner as he is getting ready to close for the day. She's looking for Cristian and taunts Antonio about turning the diner into a boutique, because his brother broke their deal. Antonio has had enough of her blackmail and tells her to go ahead and take the diner; Roseanne thinks he's bluffing. As she begins to make remarks about Andy calling him soon because she's done something to provoke her, Antonio receives a phone call. It's from Kevin, who fills him in on the train crash and says he believes Jess and Cris may have been on it. He passes the info on to Roseanne who wants to go to the scene with him. She asks him for his rosary and as she's praying, Antonio realizes that Roseanne really does love Cristian.

Near the accident scene, Sam, Lindsay and Ben wait for information. Sam tries to get to the site but the officers on duty won't allow him through. He is agitated and Ben pulls him back, trying to reason with him. Lindsay cries and prays for her son. She and Sam agonize over all of the injustices they have suffered of late. Sam reminisces about Will and states it will be Asa's fault if anything has happened to him.

Will wants to help people involved in the accident, but Jess and Cris have gotten him away from the site and want to get him away from the area as soon as possible. As they try to leave, Will stumbles;he's dizzy and hurt. Jess spots a car by the side of the road and they help Will into the back seat. As they are questioned by a cop who happens by, they make up a story and he leaves them alone. Cris asks Jess to look for a nail file or something that he can start the car with and once he does they're off. They need to stay away from Asa who would only make sure that Will is caught again. Cris wants to drop Jess off at home so that she's not involved in this mess, he'll take care of Will. Jessica refuses, because she's already involved and besides, she knows where they can go.

Sophia and Rae show up at the scene and wait for information along with friends and relatives of the passengers. Lindsay mutters that the whole thing is Nora's fault. Rae tries to get info on John Sykes, thinking that because he's a detective the other officers would have something on him. They know nothing and she's reassured by Sophia. Kevin, Kelly and Joey arrive and also try to get through to the site as "press", but they are refused. As more people congregate, one of the cops makes an announcement. He has a partial list of victims, all of whom are alive. As he reads the names, John's is the only familiar name that the Llanview citizens hear. Rae dashes off with Sophia and tells the others that maybe John knows about the other passengers. She will call them with details. Lindsay hopes that Nora is dead.

As Bo is wandering around, showing Nora's picture to everyone, he spots a cop with a list of known victims who have made it. Nora's name is not on the list. He spots the firefighter who had agreed to help but he's told again that no one could have survived the blast-it went up before help arrived. Bo is devastated.

At Cherryvale, which is where John was taken, Sophia and Rae insist on seeing him but they are refused because he's just come out of surgery. Melanie is the doc in with him and she comes out to tell them he'll be ok. Sophia tells the doctor they are his sisters so they are given permission to go in. Rae goes in alone, chatting to John, telling him he'd better wake up. He finally does and he's happy to see her.

Jess, Will and Cris arrive at Viki's cabin. Jess thinks that no one will ever find them there. Will's bad off and Cris goes to look for the first aid kit. Will wants them to leave because they've done enough and he doesn't want them in trouble but they won't leave him. He can safely stay where he is until the judge hears the tape that Nora has. Suddenly, Will wonders if Nora got off of the train and Jess assures him that Bo did indeed get her off.

Sam and Ben are calling for Will when they run into Bo. He can only look at them wordlessly.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

At Cherryvale, John awakes to find Rae in his room. He is glad to see her; she returns the sentiment. Sophia arrives and is worried sick about John, who convinces her that he is okay. She leaves soon after to go tell the nurses that he is awake. Alone, Rae and John admit that they have missed each other. John asks Rae whether or not she found what she was looking for. Rae informs him that she was looking for her daughter, and only Daniel knows where she is. John tells her that he wishes he had known because he could have helped. He wishes she hadn't kept it a secret. Rae tells him that she needs his help now. She tells John that the information about her daughter was kept in a Bible, which she left looking for. She found the Bible with the pages she needed torn out. A note from Daniel was in its place. She allows John to read the note, which tells Rae to "go back to where she started." Rae tells John of her belief that her daughter is somewhere in Llanview.

Bo, Sam, and Ben are at the crash site. Bo tells Sam that Will is fine, but he escaped during all of the chaos. Bo doesn't know where Will, Jessica, or Cristian are. Sam asks if Nora is with Will. He is all ready to call her to find out what's going on when Bo tells him about the explosion. Sam refuses to believe that Nora is dead, even after hearing the whole story. Bo eventually convinces him that there was no way Nora could have made it out alive. Sam tells Ben to go back to the inn to tell Lindsay about Will.

Bo and Sam remain in the wreckage as Sam slowly absorbs the news. Silently, Sam walks away. Soon after, Lindsay finds Bo and asks if she can see Will. He tells her that Will walked away. Lindsay thanks him and says that she heard about what happened. She insists that she never wanted this to happen. Bo doesn't say anything to that, but Lindsay senses that he is holding something back. He says that Nora told him something about her, but he can't deal with it right now. Lindsay then leaves him alone to think.

Back at the lodge, Sam returns. He tells Ben that he is doing okay, but his actions show that he is still very upset. However, he believes that Nora really is alive. He doesn't know how he knows, but he does.

At the Cherryvale Inn, Roseanne tells Antonio of her fears. She insists that she wants everyone to be okay, even Jessica. She doesn't want anyone to feel what she felt when her mother died. She remembers how Cristian told her that he prayed for her mother; in turn, she is praying for every single person on that train. Antonio admits that he, too, is worried about Cristian. Meanwhile, Kevin and Kelly try to convince Joey that Jessica is okay. Joey is panicked, wondering how Viki would feel if anything happenend to her daughter. He wishes that Jessica hadn't gone on the train. Kevin attempts to justify his sister's actions, but he is interrupted by an angry Roseanne. "This is all Jessica's fault!" she declares. Joey turns and blames Roseanne, claiming that Jessica wouldn't have been on that train if Roseanne hadn't been so desperate to hold on to Cristian. Roseanne insists that if it weren't for Jessica, Cristian wouldn't have been on that train. Antonio agrees with Roseanne. Lindsay arrives then and screams for all of them to stop arguing. She cries over her son, and Kevin hugs and comforts her. He tells her that Will is with Jessica, and she would not let anything happen to him.

Kevin tries calling his sister's cell phone then but doesn't get an answer. This makes Lindsay more worried. She fears that Ben and Sam found out bad news, and that is why they haven't returned from the train yet. Everyone at the inn is anxious to get past security; Kevin attempts to use his influence as a member of the press to get by. The arrival of Ben stops all of them. He gives them the news that Jessica and Cristian are fine, as is Bo. Will is fine, too, as far as they know. However, he does know that not everyone is okay. "Nora?" Lindsay asks. She is shocked when Ben informs her that Nora didn't make it.

Meanwhile, Jessica tends to Will at the lodge after discovering that he has a chest wound. Will still wants both Jessica and Cristian to leave, insisting that what they're doing isn't worth it. It is decided that Cristian will leave to bring the car back to where they found it. He will try to get back when he knows that it is safe. Before he leaves, Will thanks Cristian. Alone, Jess tells Will that everything will be over soon because they have the confession. For now, she is just worried about Will's health. He insists that he is fine. He tells Jessica that he just has a headache. Jessica discovers that he closed his eyes and calls for him to wake up.

Cristian returns the car to Cherryvale, where Roseanne finds him. She says that she snuck out of the inn they were keeping everyone at to go look for him. Although they had heard that he was fine, both Antonio and Roseanne had been worried. Cristian asks about Nora, saying that she has the tape of Asa's confession. "You haven't heard?" Roseanne asks.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Asa's Mansion

Renee commiserates with Blair about what they have in common: "we both loved Max and we were both deceived by him." Blair wonders why Renee doesn't simply boot Max out of the mansion, but Renee reminds Blair that she would be close behind and asks if she's ready for that. Asa returns home in a good mood because "Sam Rappaport's kid is in Statesville for a long stay." Renee is disappointed that Jessica and Cristian didn't change Asa's mind about Will but feels guilty when Asa talks of Jessica's "betrayal" to the family by taping him saying he framed "the lousy punk, Will." Asa admits there is nothing worse than "betrayal by one of your own" but before Renee can spill her secrets about Max he enters the room and starts kissing up to and fawning over Asa. Listening to Asa talk about Max's "real loyalty" finally causes Renee to blow up. "I've had enough of you Max...Our Max is not who he's pretending to be." Max covers expertly and expresses his love for Asa. Asa is completely taken in by Max's lies and pronounces him "the real McCoy." Asa starts his old song about Ben trying to kill him and hurt Max, etc. and Renee loses it again: "Ben Davidson didn't do anything to our son...our son has been faking his brain damage from the beginning." Asa doesn't want to believe this news, but demands to hear the truth from Max. Max apologizes and explains that he pretended so that Ben would lose his medical license, thereby taking another "RappaDavidson" down. Max acknowledges the "hardest part" was the pain his lies caused Renee and Asa but is shocked when Asa's response is a big grin and congratulations. "It worked...damn, we got 'em...I'm proud of you, son." When Renee can't believe Asa's reaction, he assures her that what Max did "took guts and we know whose blood is flowing through his veins...I ought to pin a medal on him." Renee urges Asa to hold off on an awards ceremony because "Max left something out." Before Renee can tell Asa the big news about Max, Bo walks in and informs the group about the train trip to Statesville. Asa reminds Bo that anything that may have happened to "the kid" was "his own damn fault." Bo continues, "The kid wasn't hurt...Nora was...she's dead. You and this stupid feud of yours killed her. You happy now?"

Hank's Office

Hank leaves a message for Bo to call him because he's getting "a million conflicting reports" about the train accident. R.J. enters the office and overhears Jared asking about Bo's whereabouts. R.J. surmises that Bo is "on the lam" hiding because he doesn't want to be arrested but Jared reminds him that Antonio's statement directly contradicted Roseanne's. Bo walks in and asks to discuss something with just Hank and R.J. He explains that Nora was killed in the explosion of the train and nods his head when Hank asks if he's "sure" that Nora is dead. R.J. explodes at Bo, "You're alive and Nora's dead?...There's no justice...not in this town." Hank reminds him that it was "an accident" but that does not console R.J. After he leaves, Hank observes that "he loved her as much as either one of us" and Bo agrees. "He's right...Nora's dead. Where's the justice in that?"


Carlotta and Antonio listen to a news report about the train accident as Cristian and Roseanne return to the diner. Cristian tries to ditch Roseanne by claiming he's going upstairs to rest, but Kevin enters just as Rosie asks Cristian if he knows where Jessica is. That is a question Kevin also has for Cris, but he claims he doesn't know where she is. He's "positive she's not with Will" but is spared any more questions from Kevin when R.J. bursts into the diner shouting at Antonio. R.J. wants to haul Antonio to the police station to "recant your lie...tell the truth about Bo...Bo doesn't deserve to be walking...he shouldn't be breathing ...she should be alive...if you tell the truth they can put him away ...if one of them had to die, it should have been shouldn't have been Nora." While Kevin separates R.J. and Antonio, no one notices Cristian sneak out. Later, Antonio urges Roseanne to trust Cristian because "you've been so good at being a human being, why backslide now?" When Kevin doubts that Cristian went to Antonio's to rest, Antonio advises Kevin: "If you care so much about Jessica and Cristian, you won't ask so many questions."

Viki's Cabin

Jessica is walking Will around the cabin to keep him from sleeping in case he has a concussion. She explains that he has to keep hidden until his sentence is overturned, but Will feels guilty that his parents might think he's dead. He asks Jessica if he can "amend" what he earlier told her about moving on and being happy. "Be happy with me...I love you. I didn't feel I had the right to ask you to wait around for me for 7 years...I know you have feelings for (Cris) and I respect that...but that's your've given me my future back and I want to share that with you." Jessica looks uncomfortable but is interrupted by Cristian's return before she has to reply to Will. Cristian informs the duo that no one knows where they are although "half the world is looking" for Will. When Will inquires about the safety of the others on the train, Cristian has to break the news about Nora. Will immediately wants to call his dad, even over Cristian's protests that Sam's phone is probably tapped. "It doesn't matter...not now...if Nora's dead, my dad needs to know that I'm dad needs me." Cristian thinks that what Sam needs is "to know you're not going to does Jess." Will agrees and wants to get the tape immediately to a judge to "get me cleared" but he's devastated when Jessica confesses, "I gave the tape to Nora." Jessica and Cristian decide to leave Will alone in the cabin while they go back to Llanview to have "another chance" at Asa.

Nora & Sam's House

Ben tries to get Sam to accept what happened to Nora but, instead, Sam feels that they "should be out there looking for sounds far-fetched but I know she got out of there...I know she's alive and if she's as badly hurt as Bo said she was, she needs our help." When Sam hears someone coming down the stairs, he calls out for Nora but it's Marianne with Matthew. When Marianne inquires if Nora is alright, Sam answers, "I hope so." As she hands Matthew to Sam, Marianne promises to "light a candle for Mrs. Buchanan." Cradling Matthew tightly in his arms, Sam makes a promise: "I promise you Mommy will be back as soon as she can." Three state troopers burst through the front door with their guns drawn searching for "escaped convict, Will Rappaport." Sam puts Matthew in his playpen, reads the warrant Ben hands him and then goes ballistic. "This warrant is's not my address...I'm here visiting my son...this is his mother's house...this warrant is garbage." When one of the troopers informs Sam that harboring a fugitive is a felony, Sam practically froths at the mouth when he replies, "So is assaulting a police officer, which is what I'm gonna do if you don't get out of my house." Ben convinces Sam to let the officers search the house while Sam calls Hank. "The storm troopers are ripping Nora's house apart...scaring Matthew...looking for Will...I swear there's gonna be bloodshed if you don't get the state police out of Nora's house." Later, Bo and Hank arrive to assert jurisdictional authority but it takes Hank's threat to call the governor before the troopers back off and leave. Sam wants Hank to better use the troopers to look for Nora since he's convinced she got off the train before it exploded. Hank again questions Bo if it could be possible, but Bo doesn't believe Nora could be alive. Sam is unconvinced. "I know it sounds nuts...this is not denial...I loved this woman for more than 20 years...most of that time we were out of touch but I felt her in here (points to his heart)...when I was holding Matthew...he's got a little bit of both of us in him and I felt her stronger than ever...I'm a lawyer...I deal in facts, if Nora is dead so am I because I feel her inside here as alive as ever...humor me...have every available officer go out to search for her." Hank informs Sam that all available officers are already out searching for Will and he questions whether Sam knows where his son is. Sam promises that "as a father and as an officer of the court...if I talk to him I will do everything I can to get him to turn himself in." Hank advises Sam that he will still tap his phone. Sam is furious that his word isn't good enough for Hank; he demands a warrant but advises Hank that it's a waste of time because they have a tape to prove Will's innocence. Hank leaves to "do his job" and get the warrant, leaving Bo to break the news to Sam about the tape. "Nora had the's gone, she's gone...I know you don't want to believe Nora's dead, I don't either...I hate that she's gone...I hate that she and I had unfinished business...I hate that I wasn't able to get her out of the twisted up train...she's gone, you have to accept that because it's the truth." A tearful Sam simply replies, "I think you'd better go now." Later, Sam asks Ben to help him by finding Will "before the police do."

Musical Montage

Song: I dreamed last night that my old love came here...came in so sweetly...stepped close beside me and this he did will not be long ‘til our wedding day..."

At the docks, R.J. is mourning Nora.

In his office, Hank calls Rachel to tell her the news about her mother.

At home, Sam rocks Matthew and tells him: "She's alive, pal...I know she's out there...don't you worry, we'll find her...I'll find her...Daddy will find her for both of us."

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Sam is in deep denial about Nora's death. Lindsay tries to talk him into reality, but she instead learns that he has hired a private investigator to look for her. Lindsay conveys her sympathy to Sam, but he lashes out with,"you wanted her dead!" She denies it, but there is no reasoning with Sam. "You remember when I lost my baby and you thought I was over the edge and should seek professional help? Well, I am giving you the same advice right now," Lindsay tells Sam.

Hank and Jared confront Jess and Cris at Llanfair. They both deny knowing where Will is, but then get their stories mixed up. Hank reminds them that it is a felony to harbor a fugitive. In a pinch, Cris comes up with a story that Will was in the box-car with Nora when it exploded. Hank and Jared leave, but call for a trail to be put on both of them. Cris and Jess make plans to bring money and food to Will. Meanwhile, Will is hallucinating about Jessica and drifting in and out of consciousness at Viki's cabin.

At the diner, Andy calls upset about the pictures Roseanne sent. She accuses him of having an affair with his brother's wife. However, when he sees Roseanne he pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Bo storms into the Buchanon mansion and inform Asa, Renee, Max and Blair of Nora's death. He holds Asa completely responsible for her death. Max stands up for Asa against Bo, and Renee tries to blurt out the truth about Max. Renee is interrupted and Asa calls the governor telling him to put as much man-power out as possible to hunt Will down. Bo then hisses to Asa, "Right now I would trade your life for Nora's!" Later, Bo shows up at Lindsay's... Also, Max informs Blair that he won't be wasting his energy on her any longer as Skye walks in with her luggage.

Friday, May 5, 2000

Nora's House

Asa showed up at the door. He barged in and told Sam about his relationship with Nora. Sam told Asa, "if she was here she would spit in your face."

Asa was still throwing his relationship with Nora up in Sam's face, saying how much she loved Asa and knew him. Sam replied, "Ben should have killed you when he had the chance." Sam stands over Asa as he sits in a chair without fear.

Asa told him he watched him take Nora from Bo when he should have squashed him like a bug. "Take me on then, why go after the innocent women and children?", Sam asked getting mad. "I wanted to make you suffer, going after you would have been too easy and quick." Sam said he could kill him. Asa said to do it. Sam just stood there and Asa said everything but called him a punk before leaving. Sam threatened he would get what's his.

Jared comes by and Sam tells him Nora's still alive, he could feel it. Jared was about to mention Cris's testimony about the accident events when Cris walked in the open door and stoppped him, "I could tell him, sir." Cris then told Sam that Will died going after Nora. (if it's not one tragedy, it's another...but it doesn't look like Sam is buying it.)

Jared reminds Sam to contact him once Will contacts him. Sam told him he knows the drill and so he left. Cris apologized for lying and Sam said he knows he did that to protect Will and to tell him what's going on.

Cris lied to Sam about not knowing where Will was, but told him he was alive. Sam dragged out of him that he did know, but can't tell him. Sam respected that and told him to tell Will he loves him and is still fighting for him.


Rosanne asks Antonio how he could kiss her like that when he hates her so much. Tonio said "Now you know what real passion is." "I have that with Cris." (Even though her facial expression said otherwise after he kissed her.) Rosie told Tonio if he really loves Andy he would try to make it work. "If you mean get a choke hold of them and hang on till death, no thanks. You are a hypocrite for going on about the sanctity of marriage when you are trying to send mine down the tubes!" Tonio replied. (Yeah!)

In walks in Jess and Cris... Rosie's ugly green head comes out and says, "I ought to take a picture of the cute couple to hang up in my boutique that I will build after tearing this diner down." (call her bluff! call her bluff!)

Cris tells Rosie he needs his space. Rosie's green head is still out and then Jess pulls her away to speak with her. Antonio warns Cris about the trouble he could get in if he's caught. Cris tried to play it off and then realizes he can't fool his brother because he knows him too well. Jess tells Rosie how selfish she is and she didn't think about how they felt after the nightmare they went through and how people died and were scared. Rosie shut up for once and listened. Her green head left and guilt overwhelmed her as she cried. "Now I have to go home and show my mother that I am not dead," Jess said as she left her in the diner looking stupid.

Rosie goes to Tonio to tell him she is too a human being. "What brought this on?" he asked. "I want to be loved like everyone else and I get hurt when I am betrayed as well." "Yeah, and you make sure you hurt back don't you?" he said. Rosie apologized for sending the pictures to Andy. Tonio don't believe her and told her so before storming out. Rosie started to cry and went to the phone. She called Andy and told her she lied and that it was all her fault.


Ben walks in because the door is ajar. Viki's in her garden picking flowers when she notices him.

Ben told Viki about the train accident and how Jess was involved. Viki calls Jess, frantic, and begs her to come home a.s.a.p. Ben asks Viki if Jess might know where's Will and then mentions Nora's death. Now Viki is really putting on the water works and Ben holds her.

Viki tells Ben about how great Nora was and asked about Sam. Ben said "he's in denial. I know what he feels like." Viki agreed. In walks in Jess and hugs Viki. She told her she knew she needed her rest that's why she didn't-" Viki stopped her and Ben notices.

Ben asks Jess if she knows where Will is. Jess is sticking to her story about being at Cherryville Clinic. Viki got nervous and Ben noticed. Jess's phone started to ring; it was Will crying out for help. (Tell Ben Jess because you've got a tail on you and he doesn't!)

Viki's Cabin

Will awakes and notices Jess was a figment of his imagination. He tries to stay up and thought writing would keep him up, till he notices his vision is blurry. (Calling Dr. Ben)

Will tries his hardest to write a note, but leans over in pain.

Rappaport & Lord Gallery

(Did Lindsay ever take her name off the sign?) Lindsay told Bo she's surprised to see him. She asks if he's okay. He said no and asked how's she. She said she's worried about Will, then mentions she has some things to tell him. "O.K., because I have a question for you."

Lindsay tells Bo she appreciates everything he and Nora did for Will. Bo later tells her he's through with the law because he's tired of causing pain. Lindsay reaches out and holds him.

Lindsay told Bo she couldn't take another loss. Bo asked what loss, and Lindsay said we all lost something. Bo further mentioned Nora's last words were about her. "I could imagine what Nora said," said Lindsay as tears fell. "Can you?", asked Bo. "Probably something noble that would make you fell regret for the rest of your life. She probably said she forgives me." Bo smiles and said Nora told him to forgive Lindsay. "She told me you were pregnant at our wedding, is that true?" Lindsay looks at him shocked. (and why is that? you should have known Lindsay!)

Lindsay tries to blame it on Nora's pain for saying that to him. Then after beating around the bush, she finally confessed.

Buchanan Mansion

Max told Blair he's paying her back for telling Renee as he grabs Skye's bags to bring them up. "I'm just reacting to your affair Max," she replied. "Oh, and what do you call drugging me, tieing me up and threatening me with a drill and then a gun? Or how about that stud you brought home with you that lives right across from your bedroom? Wasn't that reacting?" "I didn't sleep with him!" "Or how about trying to turn my family against me?" "It'll get worse if you flaunt HER in front of YOUR stepdaughter," Blair replied. Skye just stands beside Max and looks on. "The offer for divorce still stands," Max told Blair. "No, I'm not finished with you yet.", she replies. "Even if I'm finished with you?" "I'm calling the shots around here.", says Blair. "C'mon Skye lets get you upstairs so you can slip into something more comfortable," he said as he grabbed her things and headed for the stairs. Blair cut him off and blocked the stairway. "If you pass, you pass the point of no return, AND I MEAN IT!!" she yelled back at him. (You go Blair!)

Max didn't back down so Blair moved and said it's all out total war then and there might be some innocent casualities as she looked at Skye. Skye said she'll take her chances. Blair left angry.

Max sat on the stairs and Skye joined him. She asked him to put his cards on the table, "you are using me aren't you? That isn't a nice thing to do to me you know." Max agreed, telling her he needs to ruin Blair's credibility when she tells Asa. "I don't know Blair anymore nor how love feels."

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