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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on GL
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Monday, May 1, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie goes on the news and talks to the people of San Cristobel . She tells how she is not perfect and how she had to tell the truth. She told of her stripper days and how she was not sorry for her past. She apologizes for any trouble she may have caused. She told them that her circumstances with her daughter made her do what she did. She went over the story. She told them that they should all be proud of how Richard understands people and their problems. She tells them that she will accept their decision on whether she stays in SC or not. The camera guy leaves and Cassie cries a little wondering if the people would understand. She is upset that she may have to leave Richard. She remembers when Richard told her that he loved her. She doesn't want to be put through losing another love.
Meanwhile, Richard and Edmund watch the broadcast in the courtyard. Edmund thinks she is doing pretty well. Richard is touched with what she says. Edmund tells him that Cassie will not be accepted. Henri comes in and tells Richard that the switchboard is silent, there is absolutely no response, and it is as if Cassie doesn't exist. Cassie comes down and overhears Edmund telling him that the wedding will not happen. Edmund tells Cassie that Richard knew her past couldn't be kept a secret and that it was just a matter of time. Edmund tells her that Richard threatened his life over the speech and Richard told him to shut up. He pushed Edmund around and told him that he will pay for what he has done if Cassie didn't get through to the people. Edmund tells him that he could never have him killed. A guard comes and Edmund is taken to a cell. Richard tells the guard to tell Colonel Dax to make arrangements for the morning. Edmund calls out to Richard, as he is drug out of the courtyard. Cassie is quite and upset. She tells him that she has to leave, the people don't want her.

At the police station:
Pilar came in and told David about Carmen kidnapping Charlie. She tells him that her mom is getting desperate and that he should go over there. Matt calls the hospital and finds that Vanessa is missing. Pilar tells them to think about it. She knows where Vanessa is. She says Vanessa has to be confronting her mom.
David talks to Frank about Ruth and Reva. David tells him about Vanessa going to Carmen's and how the DA wont let them do anything.
Reva and Ruth come in. Ruth told Frank that she had a statement about what she and Carmen set Michelle up.
Ruth gave her statement and Frank thanked her and told her that they would get Carmen and then come back and see what they can do to help her. Ruth thanked Reva and told her that she had a gift with holding an audience and she should use it. Ruth said it had to be fate and she shouldn't ignore it.
Frank and David are doing paper work. They talk about Ben. They want things to be over so they can go on with their lives. David asks about his family. They are still in Greece and haven't really talked. Frank doesn't sound so optimistic. He said Eleni and he have drifted apart and he thinks they don't need him. David tells him that moms and their daughters have special bonds but they need him too.
A cop comes in with Charlie. Ruth tells him that they aren't moving again. Reva gets a call from a TV station that wants to give her a job. Ruth knew it.

In Jail:
Michelle dreams of Carmen trying to take her baby away while she was stuck in prison. Danny comes in, Michelle cries, she thinks she is hallucinating again. He tells her that she is free and they can leave. He takes her away.

At the Lewis house:
Reva tells Ruth she has to tell the truth now. Frank comes in and asks to talk to Ruth. Ruth thinks Reva set her up. She is scared but Reva tells her it will all be okay. While Reva goes to the door, Ruth and Charlie go out the back. Reva tells Frank to back off and she can get Ruth to come around. Reva tells Frank about Carmen having Charlie. Frank gives her an hour. Reva goes back in and thinks Ruth left. She is glad when they walk in. Ruth said they come back because Charlie felt he had done something wrong. Reva tells her that she has to do the right thing and Carmen will get hers. Reva told her to show everyone that she is a good person.

At Casa Santos:
Carmen calls Dietz and tells him that she is leaving in 10 minutes and to get the jet ready. She says she has fake passports that will get her through out of the country. She hangs up and Vanessa comes in. She says, "Hello Carmen, I bet you never thought you would see me alive again." (Vanessa looks great by the way)
Carmen starts to leave and tells Vanessa how stupid she was to come there alone. Vanessa pulls a gun on her and tells her she wasn't leaving. Carmen tells her that she couldn't pull the trigger. Vanessa tells her that she would be surprised. Vanessa tells her how despicable she is. How she treated Ben, Pilar, and Danny. Carmen got upset and pretended to cry. She sat down and got the gun away. She held it on Vanessa while she told her that she was the one that killed the man she loved. Carmen told Vanessa how she was solely responsible for Ben's murder. Carmen pulls the trigger, but it wasn't loaded. Vanessa says, "Come now, you don't really think I would come here with a loaded gun to shoot you do you. We are incredibly different." Carmen is very angry. She tells Vanessa that they are just alike, except Vanessa shot Ben for no reason, so it was crueler since Carmen shot him in defense of her daughter. Carmen says she is leaving but she will be back when Vanessa least expects it and she will get hers then. She starts to leave when Matt, Bill and Pilar come in.
Danny comes in. He tells her that they cancelled her chopper and that Ruth gave a statement. Carmen doesn't believe him. Until Michelle comes in. She tells Carmen that she deserves whatever she gets. Pilar tells her that the cops know everything. Carmen wonders i f they know she only shot Ben because she was defending Pilar. Danny told her that she was going down for setting up Michelle. Carmen told him that it was his fault. He left his family for 'her' (Michelle). Just then Frank and David came in and carted Carmen off. Danny help Michelle and said that was his mom and he doesn't feel a thing.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

At Tower's:
Harley, Rick and Abby have dinner. They are keeping her company while Phil is out of town. Abby goes to the restroom and Haley talks to Phillip on her cell phone. Claire walks in and Rick gets upset. Rick tells Harley about Abby hearing Claire's name and him lying about who she is. Harley goes over to Claire to head her off. They have a few words and Harley tells her that they have something in common. She tells her that she also gave up a daughter for adoption and told her that she talked Rick into letting her have some space with Michelle. Claire tells her that she still is going to talk to Rick about Michelle. Harley told her to let him have his time with his wife in peace.
Abby comes back and asks Rick who Harley is talking to. She comes over and introduces herself to Abby. Abby asks who that was. She remembers her name and remembering Rick saying she was an 80-year-old patient. She got a little upset that Rick didn't tell her the truth and even more upset that she has been in town for a while and Rick hasn't told her yet. Rick tells her that she is very vindictive and that she is Michelle's natural mother. Abby wants to know more. She wants to know why he felt he could confide in Harley and not her. She gets mad and leaves to get some air. Rick gets a call and leaves the table. Claire sees Abby and goes over to talk to her. She tells Abby that she is only there to check on Michelle. She talked about Ed and Maureen and how they wanted a baby. Claire tells her that she just wants to get to know Michelle.
David comes in and tells everyone the news about Michelle. They are all happy and think everything is going to be great now.

At the Police Station:
David is booking Carmen. Carmen is prisoner number 1020. Ray comes in to talk to Carmen. She thinks he is there to help bridge the gap in her family but he says he is there to save what is left of her soul. She tells Ray to go away. He tells her that he is there to take her confession. David calls an officer over to take Carmen down to her cell. Ray asks to go with her. They take her away. Vicky comes in. She asks David to go out with her to Tower's. He said he would go in a minute he just has to resign first. Vicky tells him he can't resign from a job that he loves. He tells her that he has lost his instinct. She tells him that he is human and a great cop. She tells him to sleep on it one night before he does that. They go to dinner.
Downstairs, Carmen is put in a cell. Ray talks to her about the reality of what she has done. Ray tells her that he will help her. She tells him that she doesn't believe in God. She tells him that God is merciless, he has taken her husband, her children, Ben. Ray tells her that she has to repent before God will forgive. She tells him that she struggled for her family. Ray told her that God loves her and doesn't want to forget about her. He tells her everything will be okay and holds his aunt. Carmen tells him that she has lost everything. He tells her that she can have her family back if she asks for forgiveness. Carmen prays with Ray. Ray tells her she is in his prayers and leaves. Carmen is depressed. She says she doesn't know what she will do.

At Casa Santos:
Danny and Michelle, Bill and Pilar are talking about Carmen. Michelle is scared that she will end up going back to jail. They tell her that she is free. She thanks everyone for their support. They talk about the house. No one wants to live there. They yank down pictures and all the things they hate. They seem to feel better. Michelle thinks it is too dark and yanks the curtains open. They don't know if they should sell the house or what. Michelle suggests they donate it to charity for use as an orphanage, halfway house, woman's shelter or something. They think that is a good idea.
Danny wants to get all the crap done so they can forget all the stress and concentrate on the baby, if there is a baby and if their isn't, they can start working on having one. Danny thinks they should call Rick but Michelle thinks they should go in person.
Everyone starts to leave. Danny goes back to shut the drapes. He gets some things together and looks at a few pictures. He has hope for the future. He leaves and when he closes the door a family picture falls and breaks the glass into pieces.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie tells Richard that she has to go. She says the people have stated their opinion and she has to leave. He tells her that he will not give her up. She tells him that he can't rule San Cristobel with her and she has to leave him. She says she will be packed and gone in an hour. He tells her to wait. He tells her that it will blow over. She tells him that she loves him and wishes they could be together but they can't. Richard says they can run away together. She kisses him and tells him that she is the only one leaving. She leaves the room.
Cassie packs while Richard bangs on the door. Richard tells her that she can't take Tammy and RJ away from him. He says they are his family. He busts through the doors and she runs to him and holds him. She tells him it is hopeless and they will work things out. He throws all her stuff out of the suitcase and tells her she isn't leaving. He tells her she can't go anywhere and locks her in her room while he goes to fix things.
Richard goes looking for Dax. He sees something and runs to get Cassie. She comes back to see the courtyard covered in flowers. She says, you got me flowers. Richard tells her that they aren't from him, but from the people. Then a group of children run in with more flowers. They say, "We love you Cassie, Please don't go." She hugs Richard.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

In San Cristobel:

Blake comes in. She wonders about all the flowers. Cassie tells her what happened to her and Blake fills her in on Danny and Michelle. Blake invites her to a party they are throwing to celebrate. She invites Cassie and Richard. She agreed to be there. Cassie tells Blake that Edmund is probably off the hook as well.
Two guards bring Edmund in. He tells Richard that he heard the news. He also tells him that he didn't realize how deeply he cared for Cassie. He told Richard that he still doesn't think Cassie is right as a princess. He tells Richard that he will be leaving as soon as he gives him his passport. Richard tells him that he isn't going anywhere. He tells him he can't protect him any more and he has to end it. Richard has to deal with Edmund and the only way to do that is by execution. Edmund insists that Richard couldn't do that and forced him to look him in the eye and tell him he will end his life. Richard did just that. He tells the guard to get Edmunds personal effects together. He takes his wallet and watch and drops a note from his pocket. Edmund demanded it back. Richard took it. It was a letter from his father to Richard and Edmund demanded to have it back. Richard wanted to know what it was and why he had carried it around so long. He began to read it. Edmund told him it was a forgery but Richard recognized the handwriting.
Blake looks through all the wedding plans. Cassie is a little sad that her family wont be there but that's the way it goes. Blake asks if she and Reva have talked at all and Cassie says they haven't. Blake excuses herself and then calls and invites Reva to the same party for Danny and Michelle that she just invited Cassie to.
The letter was written when Edmund had an accident and was not expected to live. His dad said that Edmund was a product of his own evil. He basically said he was he was ashamed that he had produced Edmund. The letter was not finished because his dad had to run off on an emergency. Edmund told him about it and how he found it. Edmund called the guards back and asked them to take him back. Richard was left feeling terrible. He tells Richard how he remembered that night. He was scared he was losing his best friend and his brother. Richard realized that he did die that night. He saw him shortly after he woke up but he wasn't really there, he saw him but he wasn't the same. Edmund told him not to try to figure him out just let him go or execute him. Richard told him he never thought like his dad. He told Edmund that his dad knew nothing and if he were there now, he would ring his neck for writing such garbage. Edmund is weeping. He tells the guard he is still a member of the royal family and he insists that he take him to his cell. The guard doesn't listen. He goes to Richard, who tells him to give Edmund his belongings, he is free to go. Richard tells Edmund that he knows the person he loves is in him somewhere and he hopes he will find him and prove their father wrong.
Cassie walks in and passes Edmund. Edmund tells her he is sorry and for her to take care of Richard. Edmund looks at his father's letter and leaves. Cassie goes in to see Richard and he is visibly upset. She is worried about him. Richard thinks Edmund can change, maybe this time he will. Cassie asks him if one day he will explain what happened between them. He promises he will. He hugs her and tells her how lucky he is to have her.

At Tower's:

Reva comes in dressed up. She sees Noah and tells him she is about to have an interview about a job as a t v reporter. She says she will talk to him soon and tries to get rid of him. The TV guy comes in and Noah decides he should stay for moral support.
The interviewer brags on Reva and offers her a contract. He wants her to do "woman on the street" interviews. He asks her if she is all natural and points to her hair. She said it was her real color. He said not to worry she will look fabulous as a brunette. Reva started getting irritated. The guy told her that the newswoman is blond and they have to have a contrast. Noah looked at the contract and told the guy that another network made her a better offer yesterday. He asked who Noah is. Noah told him that he was Reva's agent. Noah tells him that she has actually had several offers. He tells him that they aren't interested in those terms. The guy told Noah they were starting points to talk about. Noah tells him they will get back to them. The guy leaves and Noah tells Reva that the guy wanted to change her and he wasn't worth it.
Noah gives Reva a big kiss for good luck and starts to leave. A messenger from the hospital comes in. He has some urgent test results concerning Lizzie. Noah doesn't think that is a very good sign.
Susan and Jim are having dinner. She is waiting for him to yell at her. He doesn't understand. She tells him about Shayne and the beer. Jim thinks he has to talk to Josh about it. Susan is impressed that Beth didn't tell on her. He tells her that her mom and Beth are very similar in some ways.
Susan talks to her dad about Max. She said she wants to see him without having to sneak around. She promises not to do anything she shouldn't. She just wants to be able to hang out. He agrees to let her see Max but says there are some rules. He tells her some rules and she agreed. She is just happy she gets to see him. They talk about Love and how she will know when she is in love.

At Spaulding's:

Beth is concerned that Lizzie has been keeping secrets about her health including her hair falling out. Rick says he will talk to her about it. He goes to see Lizzie. When he comes back in she is on the phone with Phillip at the clinic. She is telling him how the baby is kicking and how it feels to her. She gets off the phone and Rick tells her that Phillip isn't her husband anymore and she has no business sharing those intimate details with him. He tells her she can't have it both ways. Rick tells him it is making it harder on Phillip when she talks about it. Beth wonders if he is okay. He apologizes for jumping on her, he says he has a lot of stress on him. Beth goes to get Lizzie. Beth tells Rick that he isn't a saint and he is allowed to make mistakes. She leaves and he said he already has.
Lizzie and Rick are talking. Lizzie tells him that her hair is falling out. He tells her that was a good thing, it meant that the medicine was working. She admits that she was scared to tell her mom but Rick told her not to worry about other people getting upset just tell them how she feels. She asks if he thinks she is getting better. He tells her that he did. She made him promise to be there for her. He promises and then holds her until she is ready for her nap. Beth comes in and tells Rick how good he is for her. She thinks he is a great doctor and would make an even better father,
Beth and Rick reminisce about old times. She tells him how bad she has messed up in the past and ended up with Jim. She tells Rick that in some ways she will always love Phillip and how much they all have went through together. Susan walks in right then and only hears the part about her always loving Phillip.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

At The Spaulding Mansion:
Susan overhears Beth tell Rick how she will always love Phillip. Just then Beth sees Susan and tries to explain what she meant. Susan said to wait and explain it to her dad. Jim comes in and asks how everything is. Before she can say anything he asks if Susan told Beth what they were talking about earlier. Susan tells Beth how she thought she was becoming a real part of the family and how cool it was that Beth didn't tell on her and Shayne about the beer. Lizzie calls out that she couldn't find her doll so Jim left to help her. While he was gone, Beth asks to talk to Susan outside.
Outside, Beth tells Susan that she has to be honest and tell her that she does still love Phillip but she is in love with Jim and only Jim. She tells her that Jim is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Jim comes out and gets them to come back inside. Susan goes off to be with Lizzie and Beth and Jim are left alone. Jim asks if she is ok. Beth hugs him and tells him she has to tell him something. She tells him that Susan overheard her talking to Rick about Phillip and it upset her. She told him what she said and Jim surprises her by saying he understands and doesn't feel insecure about it. He is just happy that they are starting their lives together and have a new baby on the way.

At the Jail:
Carmen threatens her attorney, telling him to get her out ASAP. Ross comes in. He asks Carmen why she wanted to see him. Carmen tells him that he wants to make a deal. She wants to offer her help to Vanessa in return for her freedom. Otherwise she will make it hard on Vanessa. Ross tells her he isn't interested and leaves.

At the Courthouse:
Danny, Michelle, Bill, Pilar, Vanessa and Matt are at the courthouse. They have a meeting with the judge. Ross comes in and tells them the judge wanted to know what was going on with the Ben Warren case. The Judge calls them all into his office and says that he wants to clear up the mess they have been going through for the past months. Carmen is escorted in by a guard and her attorney. The judge tells them that he had read over the transcript of the trial and it was so chocked full of lies and innuendos that he was throwing it out and was going to find the truth himself.
Pilar asks to speak first and Doris gets upset, saying that Pilar has already been found incompetent. The Judge wants to hear her. Pilar tells her story and tells the judge that she is partially to blame. The judge agrees but says there was nothing illegal about her actions. Pilar continued and said that two people shot Ben that night but only her mother wanted him dead. The Judge asks if she was in the room when Vanessa came in. She says that she wasn't. He tells her that he wasn't interested in opinions just the facts. Carmen gets up and tells him she wants to make a confession. She tells him that Pilar was telling the truth. She said that she was set up to think her daughter was being assaulted. She told the judge that she came back later hoping Ben was still alive. She said when she went in the second time she saw Vanessa shoot Ben in cold blood. The judge asked why she didn't come forward sooner. She said she couldn't come forward because no one would have believed as long as Vanessa was in a coma. Vanessa tells the Judge that Carmen is lying and she wants to tell the truth. She tells how she talked to Pilar and then how she went to Ben's room. She told what happened and how she struggled with him until the gun went off. The Judge told Vanessa that the DA didn't believe her and thinks her story was too convenient and he tends to believe that himself.
Ross speaks next. He tells him to look at the ballistics report. He tells him to look at the angle of the wound and notice that Vanessa couldn't have known about the report. Ross said that the report acquits Vanessa of the crime. The judge asks if she has seen the report before. She said she hadn't. He looked at Vanessa and told her that he believed her. The judge tells the DA that he expects a motion on his desk in the morning stating that the death of Ben Warren was an accident and another one charging Carmen Santos with perjury, bribery, fraud, attempted murder and what ever else she could think of. He tells Vanessa and Michelle that they were free to go.

Back at the Jail:
Carmen is put in her cell. She is upset. Danny comes in and asks how it feels. He thinks it is poetic justice that she is locked up not for murder but for how she treated and tried to frame Michelle. He says, "Goodbye Carmen", and leaves. Carmen goes to her cot and gets a bottle of pills. She says she wished it hadn't come to this. Later, Carmen is lying on the floor of her cell with pills all over the floor.

At Company:
Selena asks Buzz if he is ok. She is worried that Buzz may have been thinking about Jenna. He tells her that he wasn't upset and he wasn't thinking of the past, he was thinking about his present and his future with her. Buzz looks at her and asks her to marry him. She says she loves him but no. She says all she needs is he and doesn't need a marriage. He asks her to at least move in with him on a permanent basis. She agrees.
Claire comes in and sees Abby. She asks if she can join her. They talk about Michelle a bit and Abby asks her to get to the point. Claire asks if Abby will help her reconcile with Michelle. Abby tells her that isn't her place to get involved. Claire flatters Abby by bragging about how great her lectures are on cochlear implants. Then she comments on how she is looking for a permanent residence in Springfield and not the hotel. Selena goes by and tells Abby that she is moving in with Buzz so she can rent her place. Selena tells Claire that she can move in there. Claire mentions that she used to live there. Abby was a little upset about being put on the spot but said that Claire could move in. Claire was happy and said she would. She left. Abby wondered how to tell Rick Claire was moving in.

At Tower's:
Noah is with Harley. Rick comes in and asks what the meeting is about. Apparently, Noah wants to get a list of possible bone marrow donors for Lizzie just in case they need them. He wants to know anyone with any possible relationship to Lizzie. Rick isn't sure of all the half siblings in the Spaulding clan. Noah said what they need is another Lizzie, another child of Beth and Phillip.
Rick wants to know why he is worried about the bone marrow now. He feels out of the loop and asks Noah to please keep him updated. Noah tells him that the only good thing about this stage of treatment is that they have the luxury of time. He just wants to be prepared. Rick gets a page and leaves. Harley asks Noah what was wrong. She tells him she knows something is up and wants to know. He tells her he is worried about Lizzie. He says the chemotherapy may not be working.
Vanessa and Matt, Bill and Pilar, Danny and Michelle and Ross are celebrating at Tower's. They can't believe the good guys actually won for once. Danny pulls Michelle aside and asks about the baby. She said she has a test in her purse.

Friday, May 5, 2000

At the Spauldings':
Lizzie and Jim are inside when Edmund comes up outside and talks to Beth. She asks where he had been and he told her he had been out of town and had a life altering experience and it seems to have changes him. Beth told him he was fine the way he was and he thanks her. He asks about Lizzie and she told him that she was losing hair. Edmund felt bad but Beth told him that Lizzie was handling things pretty well.
Noah and Harley come up. They tell Beth that there is a problem with Lizzie's latest blood work and they need to talk about it. They go inside and Lizzie and Jim come back down. Lizzie sees Dr. Chase and asks him why he was there. He tells her he needs a favor from her. He tells her he has a bunch of new equipment at the hospital and he needs a guinea pig to test them out and wandered if she would help him. She said she didn't want to go, she was tired of that place. He asks her if he could bribe her? She said she would like to go into the nursery with the new babies. He told her he would let her do it.

At the Jail:
Frank goes to see Carmen in her cell. He finds her lying there with the pills strewn all over. He tells the guard to call the ambulance.

At Tower's:
The party for Michelle's freedom was underway. Danny is impressed by the turn out. Michelle tells him he can go see his mom if he wants, she will understand. He doesn't want to see her. Blake comes in and asks Ross if he has seen Reva. Just then Reva walked in. Blake tells Ross about her plan to get Reva and Cassie together. Ross tells Blake the whole situation could blow up in her face. Blake said that it would be okay because they really love each other and just need some help getting together. Just then Cassie and Richard walk in. Cassie scans the room and sees Reva. She asks Blake about Reva being there and Blake lied and told her that it was her and Reva's plan to get them together to make up. Meanwhile, Reva is concerned that Cassie may not want to see her after all the rotten things she had said. She voices her concern to Selena. Blake and Selena get together and think up a way to get the two sisters together.
Danny makes a toast, to Michelle and her freedom. He thanks everyone for there help and gets weepy telling everyone how much he loves his wife. He tells her he wished her mom could be there with her tonight. Just then Rick sees Claire at the door. He tells her he doesn't want her near Michelle. Claire tells him that Abby rented the garage apartment to her and he is furious. He pulls Abby aside and she demands to know what the problem is with Claire. He admits to having an affair with her long ago. Abby was angry about it and asked him a lot of questions. He told her that Claire was an evil, manipulative woman and he didn't want her in their lives. Abby got angry and left for home, alone.
Vanessa asks Reva about her television appearance and offers Reva a job with her. Vanessa is interested in doing something significant concerning women's issues and hopes Reva will join her.
Claire comes over to talk to Michelle. She apologizes for making her feel awkward and offers her congratulations on her freedom. Claire tells her she still feels like her mother and wants to be a part of her life. Michelle tells her she wasn't interested. Claire told her it was fate that they met in the airport and she just wanted her to know how she would feel. Michelle agreed to not shut the door on the possibility of a future with her.
Michelle went back to Danny and told him she was ready to take the test. Bernardo comes in to see Danny. He said he only came to congratulate he and his wife on their freedom. Danny doesn't believe him. Bernardo told him that he was the new head of the Santos clan and in that capacity would be dealing with him often. Danny wants nothing to do with it. Bernardo is worried that Carmen may try to gain her freedom by offering information to the cops. He tells Danny that all the other "families" would rather deal with him anyway and that he can't just walk out of the business. Danny says, "Watch me!" and leaves.
Pilar and Bill are talking about Carmen. Pilar is worrying about her mom. She wished she could learn from her mistakes and go back to the woman she once was. Frank comes in with news about Carmen's attempted suicide. Pilar asks if she is okay. She and Bill leave to go the hospital.
Rick tells Claire to get lost. He said he doesn't want her around. She said he wasn't going to be able to get rid of her like he and Ed did before and if he tried, she would use his secret to bury him. He told her that burying him would also bury herself. She didn't care about her career all she cared about was getting a relationship with Michelle. She said if he didn't back off she would tell all his friends and family that he was a fraud and wasn't a real doctor but that he had just been playing one all these years.
Cassie and Reva were thrown together and talked a little. They both misunderstood the other and ended up separating again. But in their hurry to leave the place, they both ended up on the same elevator. Cassie pushed the button trying to get off and the elevator stopped. They were stuck.
Michelle calls from the ladies room to Danny. In the hallway she tells him that she took the test and she was pregnant. He said he was happy and that they now had everything.

At the hospital:
Lizzie came in and went with Noah to check out the "new equipment." Edmund tried to help Jim and Harley but they don't want him around. Jim tells him he is onto him and he doesn't threaten him in the least. Beth comes back in with Lizzie. Lizzie wants to go home, she is feeling sleepy. Edmund says goodbye to Lizzie and Beth. Edmund talks to himself and says that it is going to be harder than he thought to be good. Noah comes out to talk to Beth about the results. He said he has bad news.
Carmen is taken to the hospital. Frank issues an order for guards to be there. Inside the room, Carmen waits until the orderly was gone, sat up and called someone and told them she was ready, rolled back over and acted like she was asleep. Later, a nurse comes in to take Carmen's vitals. She starts to get the doctor and Carmen jumped out of bed and chloroforms her. One of her men came in to help her. She got ready and escaped out of the room. Her hired man was detained and Carmen sees Edmund. She begs him to help her get out of there. He says no. She offers him anything he wants, her financial help, her power
Pilar and Bill comes in and sees a body covered up in the bed. Pilar thinks her mom was dead but Frank pulls the covers back and sees it's not her.

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