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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, May 1, 2000

Henry, Holden and Katie arrive in New York and they have a beautiful suite. Katie goes on and on about being in such a beautiful place. The phone rings and Holden answers it. On the other end is the people that are doing the interview with Katie and they want to have dinner with Holden to go over everything for the interview the next day. Katie asks if it has to be tonight? She would like to take a night off and just have some fun. Henry gives Holden the sign to go ahead with the meeting. Katie gets a disappointed look on her face. Holden accepts the dinner invitation and hangs up the phone. Katie gets Holden off to the side and talks him into sending Henry to the meeting so he can stay with her and prep her for the interview tomorrow. She tells him that she doesn't want to stumble and look stupid on national TV. Holden asks Henry if he will go to the meeting for him and he accepts. Later, Katie and Holden are alone in the hotel suite and she asks Holden to open the champagne. As he is opening it, she tells him that she just loves to hear champagne bottles opening. Holden laughs at her. She tells him that he is used to all this luxury, but she has not had much of it in her life. She talks about when she traveled with her mother when she was singing. She tells him that they always stayed in flee bag hotels with lumpy mattresses. They talk about how she has had a lot of exposure since her stalker problem and now she is going to be on national TV. Katie squeals with delight. She looks at Holden and asks him how much does he want her? Holden looks at her as if he can't believe what she is asking. She rephrases it and says, "How much does WOAK want stay?" She tells him about Henry's plan for her to go national and maybe have her own show. Holden tells her that her future is her own. He would like her to stay at WOAK, but he would understand if she wanted to go national. Holden calls home to talk to his kids and as he is talking on the phone she is smiling at him the whole time. She hears him talk to his mother and he thanks her for watching the kids for he and Lily. After he hangs up, Katie asks if Lily is at home. He tells her that Lily had to go to Atlantic City to take care of some family business. Katie says that she admires them because they are married but they seem to lead separate lives. Holden tells her that Lily is the glue that holds them together. Katie walks over to Holden and says that she would do anything for him. She tells him that nobody makes her feel like he does and she grabs him and kisses him.

At the diner, the thug has Julia and is trying to get past Jack. Jack is trying to talk him out of doing anything stupid. The thug says that he is not stupid and pushes Julia toward the door. He tells Curtis to run for it. As Curtis is running out the door, he pushes Julia into Jack and makes a run for it. Jack makes sure Julia is OK and she says that she is and she tells him to go after the guy. Jack runs out and catches up with the thug. He frisks him and asks him if he has anything to tell him but the guy isn't talking. Jack tells him that that is his right and he handcuffs him to the car. Jack takes off to find Curtis. Curtis runs down to the docks and Jack catches up with him there. Jack calls the station and says that he is at the docks and he needs backup. Jack yells at Curtis and Curtis takes cover. Curtis yells back at Jack that he doesn't know that he is "strapped." Jack starts to talk to him and Curtis stands up. Jack asks him about his age. Curtis says that he is old enough. Jack tells him that if he turns himself in that he will help him because he would have helped the police. Curtis doesn't trust him and Jack says that he knows about trust. Jack tells Curtis about when he first went to work for the police department he was working for the Internal Affairs. He goes on to say that he had to tell on fellow police officers that were corrupt and these guys didn't like him and soon no one was talking to him. Jack says that he felt bad, but he had done the right thing. He then tells Curtis about working for the FBI and Curtis starts to get interested in Jack. Just as Jack has got Curtis' attention and he is almost ready to surrender, they hear sirens. Curtis runs to the edge of the dock and looks at the water. Jack tells him to wait and he starts toward Curtis. Curtis sees Jack coming after him and he jumps into the water. Julia and Hal show up because Hal has got the word that Jack needs backup. They arrive just in time to see Jack jump into the water after Curtis.

Lily is waiting at the night club to meet Rose D'Angelo. The show starts and Lily looks around to see if someone is looking for her. A woman brings her a drink and Lily stops the woman to asks if Rose had arrived yet? The woman tells her that Rose is there and Lily looks around to see if she can see her. The woman tells Lily that Rose is not in the audience, she is up on stage. Lily looks up at the dancing girls and asks which one is Rose. The woman tells her to keep looking, she will know her when she sees her. As the dancing women dance around the stage, Lily looks at them one by one. Finally, she sees Rose and she looks exactly like Lily. Lily says, "No, no that can't be." As the second number starts, Lily starts asking the woman beside her all kinds of questions about Rose. She asks if Rose is from Atlantic City? The woman says it is hard to say what story Rose is telling this week about where she is from. As the number ends and the dancers leave the stage, Lily and the woman go backstage to see Rose. Rose and Lily look at each other and Rose asks Lily what kind of a scam is she trying to pull. Lily says that she has looked like this all her life. Rose says that she has looked like this all her life and she hasn't had any work done....well, not yet, she adds. Lily starts asking Rose question after question and Rose tells her that her brain is fried and she has to get ready for the next set. Rose asks Lily to stay for the next performance and Lily says that she needs to go check into her hotel room, but she will be back before the next set ends. Rose says that when she is finished working, they can sit down and talk. Lily says that they can figure everything out then.

At the hotel, Lily is walking into her hotel room and the bell hop is there with her. Lily gives him a tip and he leaves. She is walking around the room and thinking about what she has just seen. There is a knock at the door and Lily asks who is there. A lady answers that it is the maid service. When Lily opens the door, Simon pushes his way past the maid and slams the door. Lily tells him to leave and to leave her alone. Simon tells her that she is in danger and she doesn't know it. Lily tells him to explain and he can't. She tells him that it is the same old stuff and she demands that he leave her room. As they are talking, Lily eases over toward the door. She grabs her purse and opens the door to leave. Simon gets there before she is out and slams it shut. She asks him if he is going to keep her prisoner in her own hotel room?

Back at the night club, Rose asks her friend if Lily had returned? The woman tells her that she hasn't seen her yet. Rose says that she will be back, she hasn't paid her tab yet. Rose keeps waiting and her friend suggests that she go over to Lily's hotel and see if she is there.

Back at Lily's hotel room, she and Simon are arguing and there is a knock at the door. Outside the door, Rose is waiting.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Jack is in the water thrashing around, trying to find Curtis. Curtis is the kid that he chased down to the dock. Julia and Hal are on the dock yelling at Jack to get out of the water. Two policeman show up with a rope and Hal throws the rope in the water and tells Jack to put it around his body for a life line. Jack does it and then starts to dive again to find Curtis. Just as he dives, Hal and the other policemen drag Jack through the water and over to the dock. Jack asks them what are they doing? Hal tells him that it is for his own good. Jack tries to fight to get away and Hal tells him that he has done all he can and professional divers are on their way. Jack says that it will be too late. Hal tells him that it may already be too late. Hal and the other policemen pull Jack out of the water and Jack is beating himself up for not finding Curtis. Hal tells Jack to go home, he can fill out his paperwork tomorrow. Jack says that he wants to stay until the search is finished. Hal tells him that the search has been called off until tomorrow morning. Jack is upset and Julia takes him home. Jack feels like he pushed the kid in with his own two hands. Julia tells him that he did all he could. She helps him out of his clothes and puts a blanket around his shoulders. She sits with him on the couch and says that she is just going to sit there with him. Jack stares at his gun and badge. He tells Julia to go home and get some sleep. She says that she will as soon as he does. Jack picks up his badge and looks at it.

Katie is kissing Holden and Henry walks into the room. Holden sees him and pushes Katie away. Henry says, "OOPS, I should have knocked." Katie tells Henry that it is not what it looked like. Katie goes on and on until Holden tells her that Henry has got it. Holden walks away and Katie asks Henry if he does and Henry says, "Oh yeah, loud and clear." Henry goes to bed and Katie tells Holden that she was so stupid. She tells Holden that he is going to want to get rid of her now. Holden tells her to be serious, it was a mistake, they were both high on champagne and success and she should forget about it. Katie says that she will and she goes to bed too. Later, Katie comes back out to the living room of the suite and Holden is doing some paper work. She starts to think back about when she and Holden kissed, except this time, Holden goes for it and tells her that he will leave Lily and she is exactly what he has been looking for. She is brought out of her daydream when Holden yells that the figures are not coming out. He turns and sees her standing in the doorway with her nightgown on. She tells him that she couldn't sleep because she is afraid that he is going to fire her for what she pulled tonight. She begs him for forgiveness and Holden tells her that he told her before that it was a mistake and he has already forgot it and she should too. He tells her how much he loves Lily and his family and nothing would tear them apart. She says that she understands and she will forget how stupid she was before. Holden goes to bed and leaves Katie alone in the living room. Henry enters and starts clapping for her. He has been listening in on the whole thing. He tells her that she had better not start anything with Holden because he has plans for her and she doesn't need to have a scandal of having an affair with a small time station manager. Katie tells Henry that he doesn't own her and he says that he does. She says that she gets it, she knows why Henry has been acting the way he has, he is jealous. Henry starts to laugh hysterically. He tells her that he likes women with brains, not some young twit that can't think for herself. He tells her that he owns her and she had better get used to the idea. Henry goes to bed and Katie is once again left alone in the living room. She goes over and gets some water. Holden returns to the living room and says that he thought she was going to bed. She explains that she was and then Henry came out and she talked to him to make sure that he understood that what happened tonight was a mistake. Holden asks if he understands and she says that he does and no one will find out when they go back to work. Holden says good and for real this time, good-night. Katie says good-night and leaves the living room.

Rose is at Lily's hotel room door and she is knocking. Inside Simon is asking her if she is going to answer the door? Lily says that the last time she answered the door, he got into her room. Simon asks if she was supposed to meet someone in Atlantic City? Lily says that she was, but the woman talked too much and she didn't want to see her. Simon runs to the door and Lily yells no. Simon opens the door but no one is there. He steps out into the hall and sees a woman going around the corner. He steps back into the room and tells Lily that he saw the woman, but only from the back. Lily says that is the way to see her, as she is walking away. Simon decides that he is hungry and calls room service to order some food. Lily is growing impatient with him. She sits through dinner with him, arguing all the way. After dinner is finished, Lily fakes a yawn and tells Simon that it is time for him to go. He refuses and says that he is there to protect her. He walks over to a bed and takes off his shoes and climbs into bed. He asks Lily if she is going to come to bed. Lily walks over to the other bed and pulls down the covers. She says that if Holden walks into her room and sees Simon there, that is a good day that they both won't forget. Simon asks if she always goes to bed fully clothed? She pulls back the covers and takes off her shoes and throws them on the floor. She says, "Good-night, Simon." She rolls over and shuts her eyes. Later, when Lily thinks that Simon is asleep, she sneaks out of the room and goes to the club looking for Rose. She goes up to a waitress and asks if Rose is around, she needs to speak to her. The waitress thinks that Lily is Rose and tells her to stop playing around. Lily tries to convince the waitress that she is not Rose, but the waitress doesn't believe her. Finally, Lily gives up and starts to leave and runs right into Simon. Simon asks if she is sleep walking?

Back at the club, Rose comes storming in and tells her friend that Lily was not in her hotel room or at least she was not answering the door. Rose wonders what Lily is trying to pull on her? The waitress that Lily had been talking to, walks by and gives Rose a strange look. Rose asks what's her problem. The waitress walks away. Rose's friend says that that was weird and Rose says that since Lily has shown up, everything has been weird. Rose says that she has had enough and she walks away. Her friend follows her and tells her that she had better not do anything stupid. Rose turns to her and says, "Revenge ain't stupid, stupid, it's sweet."

Back at Lily's hotel room, Simon and Lily walk in and Lily is furious with Simon. She tells him to leave her room. He refuses once again and says that he is there for her own good. They get back into their beds and Lily falls asleep. Simon looks at her sleeping and says, "What are you up to Lily? I need to know, fast." Outside the hotel room, a lady, in leopard shoes walks up to the door.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

After learning Hal has assigned the divers to another case, Jack is determined to find Curtis himself. Isaac finds a disheveled Curtis, who promptly collapses. When Abigail assumes the flowers Bryant brought are for her, he doesn't correct her, though he later tells Jennifer they were actually intended for her.

After visiting Molly, who enthuses about returning to work, Lucinda asks Jake what he's thinking. Isaac brings Curtis to Camille's and when she wants to take him to the hospital, Isaac is forced to confess that Curtis was involved in a robbery. Hal advises Jack to give up the search for Curtis, as well as his feelings of guilt. Jake is unable to convince Lucinda to re-hire Molly at the newspaper.

Camille worries that in addition to hypothermia, Curtis has juvenile diabetes and is danger of falling into a coma. Hal orders Jack to stay away from work until he gets over his guilt. Lucinda refuses to leave the hospital until Jake breaks the bad news to Molly. Jack returns to the dock with Julia hot on his heels.

Curtis overhears Isaac and Camille arguing about him and slips out. When Molly takes the news well and mentions the possibility of WOAK, Jake is ecstatic, believing she is regaining her memory. Hal comes home to be comforted by Barbara and is not happy to see Bryant there escorting Abigail and Jennifer home from the hospital.

Isaac and Camille stop arguing long enough to realize Curtis is gone. Lucinda cautions Jake to beware of Molly. When Curtis stumbles onto the docks and collapses, Jack calls an ambulance. Bryant agrees with Jennifer that they should keep their dating a secret from Abigail. Jake is there to catch her when Molly tries to take her first steps.

Isaac begs Jack to let him take care of Curtis, but the paramedics arrive. Stunned by Isaac's loathing towards her, Camille lags behind when Jack and Julia follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

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Friday, May 5, 2000

Candace Brenner worries Katie when she tells her she's unearthed information on her stalker. Jake overhears Molly's negative reaction to a front-page story on Katie. Lily is startled when Simon asks her who Rose is.

Simon doesn't believe Lily's explanation of why the security guard mistook her for Rose. Holden agrees to meet Lily in Atlantic City after Katie's interview is over. Lily calls Rose to warn her that Simon is looking for her. As the interview begins Candace grills Katie about her quick rise to anchor and then points out that Garth Andrews wasn't even there the day she got her first harrassing phone call.

When Candace begins questioning her about her accusing Chris, Katie requests a break in taping. Holden arrives just in time to see the interview resume. Simon tricks Mitzi into revealing Rose's last name. Lily sneaks Rose into her hotel room and quizzes her about her mother's necklace.

Rose insists her mother told her the necklace was fake. Simon charms Mitzi into letting him see Rose's dressing room. Holden stops the interview when Katie gets upset and as the two are walking out, Candace apprises them that because Katie signed a press release, she can put the interview on the air anyway. Jake traps Molly into admitting she's faking her amnesia.

Molly reveals she's faking her amnesia in order to get Abigail back, though Jake insists that Abigail would love her anyway. Holden tells Katie he's not going back to Oakdale with her and Henry. Simon finds a photo of Beloved in Rose's dressing room, though he overlooks the jewel in Rose's headdress.

Katie agrees to make the rounds of the New York talk shows if Henry can get Holden to stay in New York. Simon confronts Lily in her room while Rose hides in the bathroom.


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