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Monday, May 1, 2000

Sheridan and Luis are on the plane heading back to Harmony from Paris. Sheridan is highly upset with Luis for kidnapping her and trying to make her decisions. She tells him that she is quite capable of making her own decisions. She told him that he was worse than her brother and father put together. Luis told her that she made the wrong decision and he was only trying to protect her. She slaps him. They start arguing and the stewardess asks them to keep their voices down because they were disturbing the other passengers. Sheridan asks if she can move to another seat, but the stewardess tells her that the plane is almost full, but she could move to the seat in front of her. The stewardess asks her why she wanted to move. Sheridan replied that she wanted to get away from Luis. The stewardess tells her that she understands a lover's spat. Sheridan makes it clear that they are not girlfriend and boyfriend. Luis tells Sheridan that if his mother or sister acted as bull-headed as she was acting, he would have done the same thing to them. Sheridan tells that stewardess that she wanted to see the pilot and Sheridan leaves with her. When the plane lands, Luis is arrested.

Theresa and Luis are at her house in the kitchen. She is fixing him some lunch. Ethan reaches into the sink and throws soapsuds at Theresa and she in turn throws some at him. Ethan tells her that he has never had so much fun in his life. They end up falling to the floor and Pilar comes in and they immediately get up.
Ethan explains that they slipped. He said that he was glad that Pilar saw them instead of Luis because he would never understand. Pilar tells him that Luis was in Paris. She tells him that he was worried about Sheridan because of a wire that had come in about Jean-Luc and some drug dealers. Ethan leaves to go check up on Sheridan. After he leaves, Pilar told Theresa that she thought that she had gotten over Ethan. Theresa says that even if EThan marries Gwen, she could still end with him. She said that she believes that she was meant to be with Ethan. Pilar tells her that Gwen will fight to keep Ethan and that Theresa should be realistic. She said that she wasn't going after EThan, but he was the one after her. Ethan returns and said that he had a message from Gwen and that she wanted Theresa to attend a charity bridal show with him since she was helping plan the wedding. Pilar tries to dissuade her, but Theresa accepts the invitation.

AT the Book Cafe, Chad can't get Whitney off his mind. He thinks back to when she sang for him. Beth comes in and asks him to deliver some magazines that Whitney had ordered, but Chad doesn't think that he should be the one to deliver them because he thinks that Whitney would not want to see him. He then decides to go.

AT the Russell house, Eve asks Whitney about her leg. Whitney tells her that she got a cut on the mountain. Eve asks her if a doctor had examined it. Whitney says that it hadn't been checked out. They attempt to leave so that Eve can take a look at her leg, but Kay blurts out that it is too bad that Whitney didn't stay at the lodge where a doctor could have looked at it. Simone pushes Kay. Whitney explains that Theresa forgot to mail their reservations and they ended up staying at the Crane Cabin. Kay says that Whitney was with Chad and that she was naked and Chad was standing over her. Eve makes it very clear that she is disappointed in Whitney. Ivy walks in and says that when in doubt just act like your mother did at that age. Ivy and Eve talk. Ivy tells Eve that when her daughters find out what a slut she was, they will think that it is okay for them to be one, also.
Eve overhears more of the girls conversation. Kay said that they also had a romantic dinner and that Whitney had sung for Chad. Eve said that not only did Whitney disobey her by not staying away from Chad, but that she had hurt her leg.
TC walks in and overhears. He is very angry that Whitney is hurt and thinks that this may be the end to her career. Kay lets it be known that Chad was also at the cabin. TC said that Eve was right about Chad and that Chad had better not come around again because he would kill him. Chad comes with the magazines for Whitney. TC lunges for Chad, but Whitney stops him. Chad said that he thought that they had decided not to tell anyone about what happened. TC is angry that Chad asked his daughters to lie. Whitney finally gets a chance to explain and she tells TC about the avalanche and how Chad rescued her. She said that when Kay saw them in the bedroom, Chad was just helping her to bed because of her leg and that nothing had happened. She tells TC that she would never get involved with someone like Chad. TC apologizes to Chad and Chad leaves. Simone follows Chad outside and tells him that TC didn't mean what he said. Eve thanks Chad for what he did for Whitney, but that she thought it would be best if he didn't come around anymore. Ivy approaches Eve and tells her that TC has a temper, and she wondered what he would do when he saw the pictures of Eve and Julian. Ivy asks Eve if she was going to help her get Sam or was she going to enjoy watching her own family be destroyed. After TC leaves, Whitney calls Kay a Bitch and she tells Simone that she hopes that she is happy because their family has nearly been destroyed. Simone is also angry with Kay, but Kay said that she was just trying to help. Simone tells Kay that she had never seen her father this angry and she didn't know if he would ever get over it.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2000

by Soap Central

Ethan promised to pick Theresa up a little later for a charity event and assured her that she would have a blast. Theresa agreed but stated that she'd had more fun at the cabin. Ethan acknowledged that he'd had fun as well. Ethan told Theresa that it was okay to take a friend to the charity event and then left.

Whitney visited Theresa, and Theresa told Whitney how excited she was about Ethan's invitation. While waiting for Theresa to pick out a dress, Whitney had a flashback regarding the song she had sung for Chad. Theresa then walked in with the dress she had worn on New Year's Eve and was gushing over how Ethan had held her at midnight while she had been in that same dress.

Whitney reminded Theresa that Theresa had made a promise to God not to go after Ethan. Theresa told Whitney that she was not going after Ethan. Whitney drifted off in thoughts about her dad and his reaction to Chad showing up at the house. Whitney was afraid that her dad would kill Chad. Whitney's fear grew as she remembered that a fortuneteller had told her that her dad would kill someone. Theresa reassured Whitney that what the fortuneteller had told Whitney was not true and convinced Whitney to go to the charity event with her.

At the Russells' house, Eve thought about what to do about Ivy. T.C. concluded that the reason Eve was acting strangely was because of Ivy. T.C. admitted to Eve that Chad was a good guy, but T.C. was overly concerned for his daughter, and the thought of his family getting hurt made T.C. lose control.

The doorbell rang, and in walked Sam and Grace. Grace told Eve that she and Sam had planned a special outing for all of them. Sam planned to renew his vows with Grace and wanted T.C. and Eve to celebrate with them. T.C. pulled Eve aside and told Eve to try to have fun and forget about Ivy.

At the Crane estate, Julian walked in the room and said hello to Ivy. Ivy was not very pleased with Julian. Julian went to pour a drink. Ivy wondered to herself why Eve had not called. Ivy wasted no time and got in touch with Eve's answering service. Ivy was told that Eve was at the Lobster Shack.

Julian returned with the drink and asked Ivy why she was in such a good mood. Ivy told Julian that if he wanted to know the answer, he should take her to the Lobster Shack. Julian questioned why Ivy wanted to go to the shack and not the club or the Seascape. Ivy's reply was that she wanted to remain casual.

Eve, T.C., Sam, and Grace, arrived at the Lobster Shack. Everyone was trying to get Eve's attention because Eve was a bit distracted. T.C. asked Eve if she was thinking about Whitney and Chad. Eve said that she was not thinking about them and that it was all a big misunderstanding. Sam asked Eve if she was thinking about the blackmail, but T.C. was not aware that Eve was blackmailed. Eve started to tell T.C. about her patient, and Julian and Ivy showed up.

At the police station, Sheridan was arguing with Luis about his decision to chloroform Sheridan to take her back to Harmony. The argument continued, and Luis ended up calling Sheridan a spoiled little rich snob. Luis insisted that he had only been trying to save Sheridan. Sheridan did not see it that way and told Luis that she did not know him. A woman overheard the initial conversation and told Sheridan that Luis was not lying. Sheridan continued to say that she did not know Luis.

Luis was talking to a fellow officer and told the officer that he had kidnapped Sheridan for her own good because Sheridan had not wanted to leave Paris. Luis had even paid for the plane ticket. The officer wondered if Luis had any feelings for Sheridan. Luis told the officer that there were no feelings between him and Sheridan, and there never would be.

While at the Book Café, Chad was listening to a song that Whitney had already heard. Chad said that Whitney would not know anything about a broken heart. She only knew how to break them. Ethan walked in the Book Café and saw Chad. Ethan told Chad that he had invited Theresa to the charity event.

Chad mentioned to Ethan that Theresa would always drag him to events like those and wished he had that type of relationship with Whitney. Chad then concluded that Whitney wanted nothing to do with him. Ethan invited Chad to the charity event so that Chad could clear his head. Chad agreed and said that it was better than sitting around thinking about Whitney all night.

At the Seascape, Whitney and Theresa were inside. They mentioned to each other how beautiful everything was. Theresa saw Ethan and walked over to him. Chad then walked in, saw Whitney, and made eye contact with her.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2000

by Soap Central

The Boston P.D.:
Sheridan looks at the complaint, and then at Luis. Luis tells her that if she signs that complaint she is messing with his entire career. Sheridan says that policemen are supposed to protect people, not kidnap them. Luis tells her that if he hadn't, she'd be dead. Luis tells her to at least have the decency to admit that he saved her life, but she says the only thing he's done is try to control her life. Luis tells her she can screw up her life all she wants, but he won't let her screw his. Sheridan tells Luis she can do whatever she pleases. Luis tells Sheridan fine, if she wants to sign the complaint the she should go ahead and do it. Tina thinks they can settle this without signing any complaints, all that is needed is a little apology. Luis is willing to accept an apology, but Tina says Sheridan wants him to apologize to her. Luis refuses and says she owes him an apology. Sheridan refuses to apologize to Luis and calls him a chauvinistic cave man. Luis asks to be taken away before he does something he regrets, and Sheridan is glad to help him along by signing the complaint against him. Tina apologizes to Luis, and he is taken away. Luis gets to place his one phone call, and calls Sam. Sheridan tells Tina that she had to teach Luis a lesson, and asks if they can just tear up the complaint? Tina tells Sheridan that there is no taking it back. Tina gives Sheridan hell and tells her that she just had to win this contest, and if she wasn't so stubborn she would see how much alike she and Luis actually are. Tina tells Sheridan that there is nothing else she can do here, she should go back to Harmony. Sheridan asks Tiny if Luis is going . . . Tina tells her yes, Luis is going to jail. Luis is booked, and Sheridan feels terrible. Before he is taken away, Sheridan stops him and says she has to tell him something. Sheridan says she is sorry, but Luis says he doesn't want to hear it! Luis tells her to go celebrate, she got what she wanted. Sheridan says she just wanted to teach him a lesson. Luis says she did teach him a lesson, he'll never trust him again! Both Sheridan and Luis tell the other that they never want to see the other again. Before Luis leaves, Luis tells Sheridan not to let her guard down, just because she's home doesn't mean those guys aren't coming after her.

The Bridal Show:
Chad and Whitney are shocked to see one another, and Whitney thinks Theresa and Ethan set her up. They swear they didn't know the other was coming. Whitney refuses to stay if Chad is, so Chad says he will leave. Unfortunately, the planner of the show enters Ethan and Theresa and Chad and Whitney in the Perfect Couple Contest. Ethan says they are only friends, but he says friends make the best couples. To make matters worse, the contest is being broadcast on TV! Whitney and Theresa end up getting dressed up in bridal gowns while Ethan and Chad get dressed up in tuxes. The first contest begins, the brides have to tie their grooms bow tie. Whitney refuses to do this, and Chad thinks that Whitney only does things she is good at. Whitney says she can tie a simple bow tie, and begins to tie Chad's tie. They both win the contest, and move on to the next event. They are forced to put on a blindfold, and feed wedding cake to one another. After the contest, Whitney and Chad both apologize to one another for snapping at the other. Chad tells Whitney that he'll talk to her pops and make sure he knows there is nothing going on between them. Later, all the contestants dance. Whitney and Chad sit it out, because Whitney's leg is still hurting. However, they are informed if they don't dance, they will forfeit the prize, and then the coordinator forces them to dance like people in love, not strangers.

The Lobster Shack:
Fred Ferguson, the owner of the Lobster Shack, is delighted that Julian has shown up at his little restaurant. Meanwhile, Grace leaves when she sees a friend, and TC goes into a rage when he spots Julian. Sam tells TC that they can leave, but TC says he can control himself. Grace returns, and they all talk about the wedding, and other things. TC wants to plan a big surprise for Eve, he wants to find her family for her and have a big party. Grace loves the idea, and says they could even find some old photos of Eve and friends and blow them up. Later, Sam gets a call from Luis, who has been arrested. Sam asks Luis what in the hell is wrong with Sheridan Crane? Sam says he will get him out of there somehow, he won't let Sheridan get away with this. Meanwhile, TC wonders what is taking Eve so long, so Grace offers to go see what is holding her up.

In the bathroom, Eve refuses to help Ivy break up Sam and Grace's marriage. Ivy tells Eve that is fine, but when she shows TC these photos he will probably kill Julian, and then TC will spend his life in jail because of her, unless Alistair uses his influence to get him the death penalty. She also says when her daughters learn about her past, they will probably follow in her footsteps. Ivy turns to leave, but Eve asks her to wait. Ivy asks if she has changed her mind? Eve says no, she wanted to give her another chance to give her back the photos. Ivy refuses, and doesn't know why Eve would want to wreck her marriage for Grace, the yard sale queen. Eve "how dares" Ivy for insulting Grace, and she tells Ivy that Grace is a good woman and was a second mother to her girls. Eve gets down on her knees and begs Ivy to have a heart, have some humanity. She begs Ivy to tear up the photos and not ask her to stab her best friend in the back. Ivy tells Eve that with or without her help, she is going after Sam and won't stop until she gets him. Ivy tells Eve that she can't protect Grace's marriage, but she can save her own. Eve asks God to forgive her, and agrees to help Ivy. Eve asks for the photos, but Ivy says she won't get them until she has Sam in her bed. Eve accuses Ivy of being a cold, hateful, despicable woman, a desperate mother, and a horrible wife. Ivy asks Eve what kind of friend she is? Eve says nothing, and Ivy says perhaps they aren't so different after all. After Ivy leaves, Eve touches up her makeup, and Grace shows up. Grace is crying and tells Eve that she knows all about her helping Ivy go after Sam, she heard the whole thing! Grace says she thought she was her friend! Eve says she had no choice. Grace tells her that she thought she knew her, but now she's sorry they ever met! Of course it was all a nightmarish daydream. Grace comes in and never heard a word of what went on.

Ivy returns to Julian, who wonders what took her so long. Meanwhile, Grace and Eve return to Sam and TC, and when Grace sees Ivy and Julian, she thinks they should ask them to join them. TC and Sam refuse, claiming the table is only big enough for four. Later, a contest is held to find the captain and first mate of the Lobster Shack, and Julian and Eve have the winning lobsters! They have to wear ridiculous hats, and Julian thanks Ivy for dragging him here. Grace hopes Eve isn't mad at her, because next to Sam and the girls, she means everything to her. As they are all leaving, Ivy whispers to Eve that she'll be in touch.

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Thursday, May 4, 2000

by Soap Central

The Charity Bridal Show:
Ethan and Theresa, Chad and Whitney dance a slow dance at the charity competition. Ethan talks to the judge asking if Chad and Whitney are on the list to win. He replies saying yes, along with some other perfect couples. Ethan turns back to Theresa and pauses for a moment looking at her. He then comments on how beautiful she looked with the light on the eyes and hair. They continue to dance, looking at each other deeply and emotionally. Then one judge announces a chance for them to rest as they count up the marks and get ready for a surprise event -- a Garter removal and throwing contest. Theresa is pleased to hear of this and smiles as she thinks to herself that that it is a chance for her to show Ethan that she is sexier than Gwen. Whitney however only comments to herself that Chad is NOT going to touch her. Both Theresa and Ethan share a look. When the contests begin, music plays and Theresa does a seductive dance placing the garter on her leg and keeping eye contact with Ethan, she moves slowly to him and places her leg up on a chair in front of him. Ethan is engrossed and keeps looking at her while he licks his lips. Finally she calls to him -- "Come here husband, there's a garter here with your name on it." He moves and kneels before her. Meanwhile, after being cleared by the announcer and after Chad states that the contest is only for women who know how to tease and please their man -- she makes her move. She walks up to him, gets his attention, then does a seductive dance and sits before him pulling up her dress. They are all unaware that the entire event is being televised live!

Timmy and Tabitha:
Timmy and Tabitha try to sneak around the Bennett household but are discovered by Kay. She covers by saying that she was looking for her. Kay explains what she did to Whitney at the Russells. She explains that Simone was very angry but she thought that by now she must have forgiven her. She tells Tabitha that she has a new plan to split Charity and Miguel. She needs Simone's help to get her and Miguel crowned king and queen of the prom. Tabitha smiles at Kay's deviousness as Timmy comes back to life and comments how bad Kay was being. Kay walks in the house in time to hear Simone saying that she is going to help Charity and Miguel win king and queen of the prom. She shows them how they should stand, as Kay fumes her anger inside. Simone asks if Kay would vote for Charity and Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy observe everything from outside. As Kay and Simone go up to Kay room, Simone says their friendship is over. Tabitha sends Timmy up to Kay's room to eavesdrop. Timmy listens as Simone quarrels with Kay. Tabitha gets worried. Simone blows up at Kay that she betrayed her and she would never forgive her. She takes back all her gifts saying she will give them to her new best friend - Charity. Kay is stunned. Simone further says that she is going to help Charity and Miguel make love on prom night. Timmy hears this and falls from the window to the floor. Tabitha runs to hear what went on and when he tells her, she freaks. She looks in as Charity and Miguel kiss and promises to stop Simone's plan from coming true. Meanwhile, Simone sees the charity event on TV as Kay switches it on. She watches as Chad stares up at Whitney he begins to remove the garter.

Ivy and Julian:
Ivy and Julian arrive home and Ivy is disgusted that he won 'Captain of the Lobster Shack.' He says that he only went because Ivy promised him a night of passion afterwards. He reminds her of a time that they had in the past playing a sex game - Caterpillar and a rose. At first Ivy is turned on, then she comes to her senses and stops. She throws her suspicions of him and Eve in his face. He gets upset and runs to the liquor cabinet. He opens a drawer and finds the gun shot pillow. He questions Ivy about it and she claims that it was his previous shot at her that caused it. Julian does not fall for this saying that his shot was in another direction to where the pillow was seated. Ivy claims that it ricocheted. Julian still does not believe. He gives up though and changes the subject, saying that he is going to bed. He asks her to follow but she sends him away, saying that if he wants comfort, go to the bottle! The Bennetts and the Russells: The Bennetts and the Russells arrive at the Russells' house commenting on how strange it was for Eve to be crowned "first mate" at the Lobster Shack with Julian Crane. T. C. smiles as he comments on Eve's facial expression when she won. Grace then realizes how tense Eve is and she asks about her upset mood. She denies that anything is bothering her. Grace then suggests that she is worrying about her 'patient's blackmailing problem. Grace, Sam, and T.C. try to persuade her to get her 'patient' to talk to Sam. He promises to keep the secret. She replies that her 'patient' is afraid of what her 'patient's family will think of what she did in her past. T.C. comments that if it were Eve, he would, he would forgive her for anything, then says that he is happy it is not her. They send Grace and Eve into the sitting room where Grace comments that she is lucky to have Eve as her friend. She knows she could trust her with her life. Eve cringes at the thought of what she said to Ivy, but covers up. Grace and Eve talk about the kids' upcoming Prom and how they'd need new dresses. She says Charity will go with Miguel, Kay with Reese and asks who Whitney and Simone will go with, suggesting Chad. Eve freaks out saying 'Over her dead body!" Grace apologizes. When Simone and T.C. return, Ethan becomes confident that her husband would understand what is in her past. She receives a call from Ivy 'her new best friend,' Eve states over the phone that they have to talk because things have changed!

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Friday, April 28, 2000

by Soap Central

At the Crane Mansion:
Eve holds a gun on Ivy threatening her life unless she gives up the pictures of her and Julian. Ivy, afraid but she tries to bluff off Eve's threats. She asks Eve again if her friendship with Grace is worth all of this, and says that the only way she'll give up the pictures is if Eve helps her get Sam back. Ivy tries to persuade Eve to think about her family, saying that she has to think about her girls.
Meanwhile, Sam and Grace are sitting on a bench in the park. Grace has a 'feeling' that something is wrong at the Crane house. She asks Sam if they could pass by the house to warn Ivy about the burglar present in the town. Sam agrees to please his wife.
Back at the Crane Mansion, Ivy tells Eve that if she goes through with this and is arrested for her murder, what would her family think? She continues telling Eve that with her as their mother, one of them must follow in Eve's footsteps. Eve denies this possibility (getting frustrated). She says that she was very careful with her girls. They have too much self-respect to let a man treat them the way she let Julian treat her. She gives Ivy an ultimatum as Sam and Grace approach the door.
Sam tells Grace they will only warn Ivy about the burglar that is around, then they will leave. They then hear a gun shot. Grace goes to call the police as Sam pounds on the door. Eve is afraid of what she has done. Ivy stares at the bullet in the cushion. She hears the pounding at the door and says that if Sam walks in everything will be out in the open.
Eve leaves and Ivy goes to answer the door. She smiles as Sam and with a somewhat shaky voice, invites both Sam and Grace in.
They walk into the living room where Sam anxiously looks around. He then asks Ivy what went on. Ivy then builds up a false story about what took place, saying that she was searching for something in Julian's desk. She found his gun and took it up to move it to a safer location, when it went off accidentally. She shows them the pillow. Grace buys the story and leaves the room to make a phone call. Sam then confronts Ivy, saying that he does not believe the story. She tries to change the subject stating the Sam is always thinking like a cop. She then tells him that she still has feelings for him. Sam says that he has no interest in her and that she should get any delusions of them getting back together out of her head. Grace returns to the room and Sam uses the opportunity to leave.
Later, Sam and Grace go to the Book Café. Grace notices that Sam's worried expression and asks if he is thinking about what happened at the Cranes'. He confesses that he doesn't believe Ivy's story. How could she know about the burglar? It wasn't on the news.

Whitney, Chad and Simone:
Whitney and Simone arrive home from the cabin and Whitney argues with Simone about her inviting Chad over. Chad comes in for a short time despite Whitney's protest. While talking, Chad mentions what happened at the cabin when he thought that Whitney was a burglar and he saw her naked. Beginning to feel awkward, Chad leaves to go to work at the book café. Simone then confronts Whitney again on what Chad said, accusing her of chasing after Chad. Whitney again explains what happened and reassures her sister that she has no interest in Chad.

Charity and Miguel:
Miguel and Charity have lunch at the Book café and he apparently convinces her that she is the only one for him -- her premonition was wrong. A love song plays in the background and Charity feeds Miguel cake.
Meanwhile, Kay who is dining with Tabitha and doll Timmy at the cafe is upset to see Charity and Miguel together. She questions Tabitha's statement about seeing she and Miguel together in the tea leaves. Tabitha tells her to have patience, if she wants to get a boy, she has to be determined. Kay leaves the table to refill her drink and change the music. Timmy comes to life and comments on how cute Charity and Miguel look together. He asks Tabitha if that is what love and marriage is all about. Tabitha says no, there is much more to it. Finally, fed up of watching Charity and Miguel, Tabitha takes Timmy to the park.
There, they sit on the bench where Tabitha tells Timmy that Chemistry is what brings two people together. It is chemistry and the urge to procreate. Timmy is confused by the word. Tabitha then explains that she means having babies. Timmy asks, 'what about love?' Tabitha denies the existence of love. She uses the birds and the bees metaphor to explain things to Timmy. He still does not understand. Then, Tabitha sees Eve talking to Father Lonigan and wonders what is going on.

Eve in the Park:
Eve is frightened by what happened at the Crane mansion. She sits on a bench in the park and cries, wondering what will happen. Father Lonigan arrives and sits to talk to Eve. She explains that she is being blackmailed and the person wants her to help get another woman's husband in bed with her. She tells Father Lonigan everything. He replies that she must not give in to blackmail. What matters, is who she is now and not who she used to be. Eve thanks the father and leaves to go home.

Sheridan is walking out of the airport thinking about Luis, when someone grabs her from behind knocking her unconscious. We then see Luis at the airline counter with an unconscious Sheridan hanging on his shoulder. He buys her a ticket, using the excuse to the attendant that she is afraid of flying so she took some pills.
Later on the plane, Sheridan wakes up thinking that Luis stayed in Paris with her. She realizes that she is on a plane and thinks that Luis saved her life again, until he spills the beans that he was the one to kidnap her. Sheridan becomes furious, accusing Luis of being the same as her father and brother, trying to control her life. They argue and she slaps him.
Back in the airport, Roger and Pierre are frustrated when they realize that Sheridan is headed back to Harmony. They decide to follow her and take care of everything there.

Back at the Russells:
Kay comes over and tells Simone about Charity's premonition. She tells her that she is determined to get Miguel and she needs Simone's help. Simone turns down Kay's request saying that for the first time she has a chance with Chad and she has to use it. Kay asks about Whitney and Simone says that they worked things out. She tells Kay that Whitney has no interest in Chad. Kay asks if she believes her, bringing up what they saw at the cabin. Simone asked (angrily) if it is wrong for her to believe her sister. Whitney walks in asking about her schoolbooks. Soon after, Eve walks in pleased to see her daughters. She asks about Whitney's leg, noticing her limping. Whitney tries to explain, but Kay buts in and spills the beans about her staying at the cabin with Chad, and seeing her naked with him. Eve is surprised and this probes her to remember what Ivy had said earlier. Just then, Ivy walks in the house.

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