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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on GH
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Monday, May 1, 2000

Chloe dreamt she was walking on the Port Charles docks and saw the music box floating in the water. She tried to reach it, but it floated out of reach and she woke crying out "No, come back!." Jax was there, and after Chloe told him about her dream he tried some amateur psychology to help her figure out the meaning. He wanted to start on a new travel adventure, but she decided returning to PC would be the best bet, since, in her dreams, that is where the music box is always located. Jax vowed to help her understand what the dream is trying to tell her.

Nikolas demanded that Helena tell him Lucky's whereabouts, but she denied knowing or having any current involvement with him whatsoever. Nikolas asked if she'd killed his brother, and she laughingly denied that also, but did say that she'd rescued Lucky from Faison. She suggested that Lucky simply needed time to adjust from his captivity with Faison, away from family interference, and said that she's sure Lucky will contact Nikolas when he is ready to do so. She tried to tell Nikolas that she'd brought Lucky back for Nikolas, because she loves him, but Nikolas refused to listen and demanded that Helena stay away from him. After Nikolas stormed out, Helena softly remarked that he would soon change his mind.

The van transporting Roy to another prison crashed, and although the driver was knocked unconscious, Roy emerged unscathed. Johnny appeared from the bushes, admitted he'd stopped the van by parking a 4x4 in the middle of the road, then hustled Roy off in a waiting car. Johnny took him to a safe house, and Roy asked to speak to Sonny.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Carly's tender kisses turned passionate, and after inquiring about the health of the "no name" and being reassured by Carly, Sonny led her to his bedroom. It was a little awkward at first, and Carly was scared and hesitant, but eventually they did make love. Afterward, the phone rang and Sonny explained that he had to leave. After he'd gone, Carly got up and went to the dresser where she toyed thoughtfully with her rings and his. Later, Leticia brought Michael in for his bedtime story (very cute, the two of them on the bed with Michael chortling over the "lions" in the dinosaur book).

On the docks, Liz and Lucky gazed at one another for a few seconds, then Lucky ran away, leaving Liz devastated. Nikolas came by to find Liz huddled on the steps, and she cried as she told him how Lucky had recognized her and then run away from her. She anguished over Lucky, worrying that perhaps he doesn't love her anymore, perhaps he's angry, insisting that she knew all along that he wasn't dead, and trying to make sense of his actions. Throughout the hysterics, Nikolas was the voice of reason and reassurance. He reported Helena's explanation of saving Lucky from Faison, and he and Liz hugged one another for comfort. Lucky came around the corner just in time to see, and obviously misinterpret, the hug, and he ducked back behind the wall as Liz remarked that Lucky feels so close she can almost hear him breathing. Nikolas convinced her to go to Kelly's, and they left as Lucky stepped out of the shadows to consider what he'd heard.

Sonny arrived at the safe house and offered Roy $500,000 and transportation out of the country, but Roy declined, explaining that he "had ties in Port Charles." Sonny warned that he can't protect Roy and that Larkin won't back off, and Roy suggested that they team up to go after Larkin. He explained his reasoning: if he can prove that Larkin is dirty, the FBI will have to retry all his cases, which is expensive, lets a lot of criminals out of prison, and makes the FBI look bad, so therefore the FBI might be willing to let Roy go for time served and back off Sonny in exchange for not having Larkin thrown in their faces. Roy admitted that he had no hard evidence against Larkin, and they agreed to go after him together. Sonny decided that the first step would be to set up Larkin to falsify evidence against Sonny, and then Johnny brought Bobbie in. Bobbie and Roy kissed, then she thanked Sonny and apologized for blowing up at him earlier. She admitted then that she'd confronted Larkin and told him she knew he was crooked, and tried to justify this by saying she'd thought he'd killed Roy. Roy and Sonny convinced her that by doing this she'd brought Larkin down on herself, and warned her not to do anything to attract any further attention whatsoever. Sonny left, and Bobbie and Roy kissed and pawed at one another for a bit before Johnny came knocking and Bobbie had to leave.

Helena and Andreas danced to the "Once Upon a Dream" music as the music box from Chloe's dream lay on the table.

Sonny returned to the penthouse, and after some small talk he told Carly that Roy is all right and admitted that he'd told Bobbie. Carly thanked him, and said that if he hadn't changed his mind, maybe marrying wouldn't be the worst idea they'd ever had. Sonny clarified: "For the baby, right?" and Carly agreed, "Yeah, for the baby." She left the room, and Sonny smiled.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Liz was devastated that Lucky had turned and run when he saw her. She and Nikolas debated all the reasons why he could have done that and Nikolas tried to encourage her. Stefan phoned Nikolas, demanding that he come to Wyndemere at once, that it was urgent. Nikolas excused himself and said he would see her later.

Bobbie dressed up is a ridiculous pizza delivery boy outfit to visit Roy in his basement lair. He told her his and Sonny's plan to set up Larkin and phone Larkin while she was there. He told Larkin he was alive and well and coming after him. He and Bobbie then made out for a while. Benny came downstairs to tell Bobbie she should leave. Bobbie said, "Can't you see we're busy?" and they made out some more. Zzzz

Larkin laid in wait for Hannah, then angrily insisted that Hannah tell him where Roy was hiding. When he finally registered that Hannah was in shock that Roy had escaped and also did not know about the beating, he filled her in. He demanded that she inform him the second he had info on Roy...or she'd end up in jail just like her old man!

Nikolas arrived at Wyndemere and angrily asked Stefan what was so important. Stefan told him that as heir, there were papers for him to sign. Nikolas was astounded. "THAT is what was so important?" Stefan pooh poohed him and Nikolas informed him that he had left Liz at a bad time to hurry here, at his request. Stefan told him that the papers would help stop Helena. They began to argue about Stefan's involvement in Lucky's kidnapping and Stefan marveled that Nikolas and Laura could not believe him. Nikolas reminded him that was because of all the lied he'd told to them. He said that they were all in agreement of one thing...Helena must be stopped and he angrily signed the papers and left.

Laura stopped into Kelly's to look for Liz. While she was there, she ran into Mac, who she joined for a brief chat. He asked her how she felt about the fact that when Luke returns, he and Felicia will be without hindrance to be the couple of Port Charles. After he told her what had happened, she encouraged him to never underestimate the power of the family and remarked that this must be tearing Felicia apart. She told him how many times Felicia had commented while they were together about how much the girls and Mac meant to her. Mac was unshaken and maintained that if they'd meant that much, Felicia would not have gone. Laura wished him well and said that if he ever needed to talk, she was available.

Lucky paid LuLu another visit as she sat on the Spencers' front porch, evidently unattended. He talked to her for quite a while, making sure she had kept their secret, talking to her about how the fish in heaven fly instead of swimming and how much he loves her. When they heard Laura's car in the driveway, Lucky told LuLu he had to go and reminded her that she must keep their secret. She smiled and agreed. When Laura came up to give her a hug, she noticed LuLu staring into the bushes and asked her what was there. Seeing her doll there, she presumed that was what LuLu saw.

Felicia went to the ranch in Texas and determinedly waited for the girls to arrive. Mariah told her how much her last visit had upset them, but Felicia insisted that they had to get used to her being there. Georgie arrived home first and sadly told her mom that she had forgotten she loved them and left them. Felicia teared up as she told her daughter that it wasn't true, that she still loved them very much. Georgie looked like she was going to cry. Maxie arrived and demanded to know what Felicia was doing there. She told her that they lived there now and she was not welcome. Felicia insisted that the girls were coming home with her and they were going to be a family again, but Maxie was adamant. Mariah had said they could stay there and that's where they were staying.

Bobbie and Hannah ran into one another at Kelly's and Hannah excitedly told Bobbie that Roy was a fugitive. Bobbie told her that she knew and that Roy was safe. She filled Hannah in on everything except Roy's location and said that Roy would contact her if he needed her help. Hannah says she's going to Larkin for help and Bobbie frantically told her not to, that Larkin was crooked!

Liz dejectedly went to the boxcar and looked sadly at the mural furniture. She remembered the time that she had given Lucky his guitar and started to cry. She took a paper and pen from her purse and wrote him a note telling him that she loved him and was waiting, whenever he was ready to see her. She was startled to hear a sound and thought it was Lucky, but was disappointed that it was Nikolas. Together they left. Later, Lucky came to the boxcar and found the note. He read it carefully, then got the confused look on his face that NuLucky always seems to wear.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Edward and Monica argued about AJ and what a turncoat her son is for selling out to Jax. Later on Monica and Alan had their own discussion about Jax being the proud owner of all of AJ's ELQ stock. Monica felt that with this act they are losing AJ and he is becoming out of control. Monica wanted to force AJ into rehab. Alan said that this is not possible. First AJ has to hit rock bottom and want to change himself. Monica asked if AJ would have to be dead first. Both Alan and Monica agreed that they couldn't continue to fight about AJ so they began to think how they could best help him. So they came to the conclusion that seeing Michael will be the best medicine.

Mike encountered AJ again who pressed him about setting up a visit with Michael and in return he would pay his gambling debts. Mike tried to leave but AJ continued by saying he was sick of all the hypocrisy in life. For the second time Mike refused the offer and called AJ a drunk in denial.

Helena went to visit Nikolas at L&B, following his request. Nikolas informed Helena that Liz had seen Lucky. Then Helena proclaimed that as Liz saw, Lucky was unharmed. Nikolas disagreed and said no, Lucky is not well and not himself at all. Lucky ran away from Liz and the brother he knew would never do that. Stefan walked in and immediately questioned Helena about why she is at L&B with Nikolas. Helena responded by saying she was there at Nikolas' request. After which she excused herself. Nikolas and Stefan began to go at it again. Nikolas told him that he does not need his advice or warnings because he cannot trust him or Helena. In his eyes they are both equal. Stefan received a call and had to leave, but he promised Nikolas that he would earn back his trust.

Felicia showed up at home taking Mac by surprise. As she walked in the door she stated that she was coming back home. Mac responded by saying, our marriage is over Felicia and we cannot live together anymore. You chose Luke's needs over your own family's needs and at that instance you kissed what we had good-bye. I have accepted this fact, so don't be here when I get back. Felicia was shocked. She informed Mac that she did not deserve what he was doing and she certainly did not deserve to loose the girls over this. Mac said he has tried all that he can and to keep the girls out of their relationship problems, but it was no longer working and the girls had to have a mother. Felicia blasted Mac and said he has spun out of control. Mac said no, you are the one who had the affair with Luke Spencer. Felicia screamed back, I did not have an affair with Luke. Mac replied that you might as well had, so you should go off and be with him then. Mac reiterated that he asked Felicia before to deny that she loved Luke and she could not. What about now Felicia, can you deny loving Luke? No you cannot. Felicia looked at Mac and the big tears started to roll down her face. Then the doorbell rang (Felicia's one lucky girl, as the cliché goes - saved by the bell). It was Stefan at the door to see Mac.

Stefan insisted on coming in even though Mac asked him to go to his office. Stefan was his normal cocky self and demanded that Mac arrest Helena for the death of Dr. Gladstone. But Mac informed Stefan that he wanted his fingerprints and an affidavit because he is as much a suspect as Helena. Mac continued by saying he really wants to put both Stefan and Helena behind bars. Stefan counters by insulting Mac. Stefan told him that he was falling down on the job all because of his personal problems. Yes, ending a marriage is hard, but you need to concentrate on your work. Mac kicked Stefan out of his house. Felicia was shocked by Stefan's knowledge of their marital problems. Felicia continued to plead with Mac for reconciliation, but Mac says he will not lie anymore. He wants no part of her. He allows Felicia to stay at the house. Mac walked out saying he will find someplace else to live.

Alexis and Ned had a brief moment where Ned sang to Alexis prior to driving her to court. Juan came in at the end of the song and complemented Ned by saying his playing was awesome. Then Emily arrived at L&B just in time to reassure Juan in his career choice. Emily said that once they find the money to back Juan's career, then he will be a star.

Tammy came out of Kelly's to find AJ sitting at a table. AJ began to badger Tammy. He complained about Sonny and Carly stealing his son. Since Tammy did not giving him enough attention, AJ started picking up glasses and dropping them on the ground one by one. Tammy threatened to call the police if he dropped another glass, so he did. When Tammy left to call the police Hannah arrived to save AJ. Hannah quickly took AJ up to her room to prevent his arrest. During her talk, Hannah was being quite philosophical with AJ. She shared some key words of advice with him: It would be tragic if you destroy yourself in the process of getting even with Sonny and Carly.

Downstairs Hannah found Tammy talking with Taggert. Hannah interrupted and stated that there is no need to continue because AJ promised to pay for the damages. Hannah had straightened AJ out and he is calm now. Tammy agreed for now and returned to work. Hannah asked Taggert what a top detective was doing on a small disturbance call? Taggert replied that he was hoping to run into her. Hannah was glad to see him too although they had previously agreed to keep their distance because of Roy's disappearance.

Chloe received a visit from Edward Quartermaine shortly after she returned from her trip. (Jax had not returned because he had to stop in New York to handle some business - more ELQ Stocks.) Edward began with friendly polite conversation about their trip, but soon he moved onto the big picture, ELQ. He was stunned that Chloe knew about Jax's plan to take over ELQ and did not tell him. Edward proceeded to emotionally blackmail Chloe and illustrate just how the family is in peril and needs her to intercede with Jax. (Chloe too is saved but, not by a bell) Jax walked in the penthouse. Edward immediately laid into Jax about him buying stock from both AJ and Tracy. Edward informed Jax that he can play dirty too and excused himself.

After Edward left Chloe did not put this issue to rest. She continued to try to convince Jax to give up this venture but to no avail. Jax said that Chloe needed to learn how to keep her personal and business life separate like he does. Chloe said she could not compartmentalize her life in this fashion. All of a sudden Chloe was struck by a tremendous headache. Jax led her to the sofa and told her to get some rest because he had calls to make. As Chloe slept, Jax contemplated his next move. Chloe had yet another nightmare, this one with more sinister overtones. As if through her vision, we saw a wall with many diplomas, a desk, a chair and then the dead body of Dr. Gladstone, the physician who examined Lucky!

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Felicia went to Kelly's looking for Bobbie, and asked Tammy if Mac still came in for lunch and if he'd said why he took the girls to Texas. AJ arrived, and Tammy reluctantly listened to his apology, then promised him that the next time he showed up drunk she would refuse to serve him. He made a crack about her loyalty to Sonny, then exited as Emily and Juan came in. They took a table and discussed Juan's "singing career". They tried to brainstorm potential backers, but he rejected Nikolas and Sonny and decided to make it on his own.

Bobbie arrived and sat next to Felicia, who told her all about the trip to Texas and lamented that the children rejected her. Felicia said she was trying to see it from their perspective, and understood that despite her words, her actions indicated that the search for Lucky was more important to her than they were. She said that she wanted to get Mac back, but Bobbie warned her that there may be too much anger and resentment in the way. Felicia tried to understand Mac's actions, and Bobbie suggested that the place to start would be to convince Mac that he's the husband she wants for herself, not just for the girls.

Sonny sneaked into the penthouse and hid something in the desk drawer as Carly came down the steps. She told him that Fr. Coates had called, and they talked about the decision to get married. She agreed to it as long as Sonny would promise to listen to her opinions and consider compromises. He agreed, as long as she stayed out of his business and understood that there would be no compromises where safety was concerned. They decided, after much discussion, on a July wedding date and Carly informed Sonny of her plan to take Michael to visit Lila. She left, and Emily showed up at the door. She apologized to Sonny for her behavior over Jason, then asked him for a favor - money for Juan. They talked about how Juan can't know, since he wants to prove himself to Sonny, and Sonny agreed to speak to Ned about it.

At the Quartermaines', Carly and Michael arrived to see Lila. Carly told her about how Sonny wants to be a family, and revealed the plan to marry just as AJ came in. He was horrified and began to argue with Carly, who called for Johnny to remove Michael. Carly apologized to Lila and suggested that from now on Lila visit Michael at the penthouse. AJ demanded to see Michael and he and Carly began to argue again, until Lila broke it up just as Monica entered. Monica thanked Carly for bringing Michael, and Carly fled the scene. Lila chastised AJ and insisted that in the future he be polite to her guests, then Monica scolded him for ruining Carly's visit. Monica encouraged him to quit drinking, but he explained that he didn't want to stop, that it allows him not to care so much. He and Monica exchanged "I love you"'s as he remembered it was her birthday, and she invited him to the celebration.

At L&B, Chloe and Alexis chatted about the trip to Russia and discussed Alexis' misgivings about Eddie Maine. Alexis finally agreed to remember that it is a temporary situation, and that Eddie isn't real. Chloe exited to do some work in her studio as Ned came in, and he and Alexis discussed his case of cold feet, ultimately deciding to go through with the concert.

At the Police Department, Taggert, Dara and Larkin were assembled as Mac demanded to know why Roy was missing for over 48 hours before the PD was notified. Taggert explained that it was a federal case and the FBI didn't inform them. Mac wanted to ask Hannah about it but Dara stepped in and informed him that Hannah shouldn't be involved, as Roy is her father. Mac admitted he'd known this for weeks, and Mac was very annoyed that he hadn't been told. He sent for Garcia to bring Hannah in for questioning, then sent Taggert and Dara away so he could talk to Larkin about the Bureau's involvement. Larkin wanted the PD to stay out of the investigation, but Mac refused.

Later, Larkin met with a man and informed him that Mac had officially called off the search but that the police still have orders to watch out for Roy. Larkin mused that there was no sign of Roy whatsoever, and decided that he must have had help with his disappearance, and decided to pressure Roy's associates. Taggert and Dara went to Kelly's, where he expressed his displeasure at her revelation of Hannah's relationship to Roy.

Laura went to her office at the hospital to use the computer resources to search for Lucky. She encountered Bobbie, and told her how she'd gone to Mac and he'd told her that Helena was sticking to her "rescue Lucky from Faison" story. They debated Lucky's motives for his odd behavior.

Mac was on the phone in his office, ordering photos of Roy for all the patrol cars, when Felicia came in. She tried once again to get him to forgive her, but Mac explained, without anger, that she always follows her heart and that eventually it will lead her to back to Luke. Felicia tried to touch Mac and she began to cry as he gently pushed her hands away. The phone rang, and when he went to answer it, she ran out of the office, then stood outside the closed door, sobbing.

At L&B, Ned was on the phone arguing about practice dates when Sonny arrived with Emily. Ned said that Juan had potential, but that that was no guarantee of success, and Sonny said that he would like to provide the resources to give Juan his chance. Ned at first refused because he didn't want to get involved with Sonny, but he eventually agreed providing Sonny promised to stay completely uninvolved. Sonny got a phone call and agreed to meet someone, then left after agreeing to Ned's terms. Ned sat Emily down for a talk about following her own dreams, not just Juan's dreams. Juan arrived, and Ned told him about the new "distribution deal" that would provide development money, then offered Juan a contract with L&B. Juan agreed enthusiastically, and after Ned left to make some calls, he and Emily celebrated and Juan exclaimed how happy he was to have been able to "do it on his own".

Back at the Quartermaines', Alan gave Monica her birthday gift - a triple framed photo of each of her children. AJ entered from the terrace, bearing a big bunch of roses, then Edward and Lila came in from the next room. Edward immediately started in on AJ, causing Lila to exclaim, "Oh, shut up, Edward!" before Monica interrupted and explained that what she really wanted for her birthday was for Edward to be pleasant to everyone. AJ proposed a toast, then toasted Monica with a glass of sparkling water.

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny arrived to find Benny with Larkin and two other men. Benny informed Sonny that Larkin wanted to search the warehouse, and Larkin produced a warrant. Sonny directed Benny to take the other agents to the office to start searching, then Larkin pretended to find a package of heroin in one of the coffee bags. Larkin said that Sonny must start cooperating, but Sonny appeared unfazed until Carly showed up with Johnny and Michael. Carly sized up the situation, demanding, "What's Fred the Fed doing here"?

Friday, May 5, 2000

Chloe met with Tony, who gave her the sad news that the second medication was not shrinking the tumor. They discussed her options, which included trying experimental drugs with varying and unknown side effects or beginning a light round of chemotherapy. Chloe asked about the possibility of surgery, but Tony informed her that surgery was too invasive a procedure for the area of the brain in which her tumor was located. He said that she did not have to make a decision then and there and suggested that she take the night to think about what she wanted to do and to meet with him in the morning to let him know. Devastated, she held her countenance until away from Tony, then on the docks, she broke down. Helena came upon her and asked why she was crying and Chloe warned her off. Helena said she simply wanted to inquire after her well being since she was obviously distressed and Chloe told her if she didn't leave, she would call the police. Jax arrived and bullied Helena away,! then asked Chloe why she was upset. She told him about the meeting with Tony and Jax was dismayed that she had not included him. She quietly said that she had wanted to hear the news herself this time.

Luke returned home and told an anxious Laura that he had not found any sign of a trail on Lucky. Dejected, the two of them decided that the best thing to do was to wait and see if he came to them.

Hannah caught up to Bobbie and gave her the heads up that she was being followed and pointed out the tail. Bobbie asked what she should do and Hannah told her she would distract the guy while she shook him off. She pleaded with Bobbie that if she saw Roy to tell him that she understood why they could not have contact and that she loved him. Bobbie promised that she would. Hannah then ran into the fed who was tailing Bobbie and acted as though he had accosted her, giving Bobbie just enough time to lose him. At the basement hideaway, Bobbie was all over Roy like a bad suit as soon as she saw him, but did manage to give him Hannah's message. They proceeded to make out like bandits and practically in mid-sex, Roy said that he would have to remember to thank Hannah. It was really disgusting and inappropriate to hear him talk about his daughter in that moment, I can tell you.

Liz went to visit LuLu and invited her to come to her art studio where she had pictures of flowers and animals and Lucky. LuLu shyly told her that Lucky had come back from heaven to visit her and that it was a secret. Liz was taken aback, but gave LuLu the subway token pendant to give to Lucky the next time she saw him, along with the message that she loved him. After Liz left, Lucky came to visit LuLu and she told him that she had a present for him and gave him the token. He asked her if Liz had given it to her and she said she had. When he asked her if she had said anything, Lulu told him that Liz had said she loved him. Lucky held the token and stared at it thoughtfully..

Liz went straight to Nikolas and told him what LuLu had said. She was upset because this meant that Lucky was not avoiding them because he was concerned for their safety as they had thought. He was avoiding them because he didn't want to see them. Visibly upset, she leaned into his arms as he comforted her. Lucky watched on angrily..

Carly was really upset to find Larkin hassling Sonny at the warehouse. Larkin taunted her about Sonny going to prison and Sonny told Carly to leave. Carly refused and Sonny told Johnny to get her and Michael out of there, which he did most efficiently. Larkin promised Sonny that the drugs he'd planted in the coffee were more than sufficient to get him to prison unless he produced Roy. Sonny called his bluff and told him that he didn't know where Roy was and that he doubted the federal agents in his office were willing to perjure themselves for Larkin. Larkin assured him that he would go to prison unless he delivered Roy. Sonny offered Larkin $500,000 to back off and Larkin blew him off, saying he had 24 hours to deliver Roy or it was prison.

At the penthouse, Carly was insisting that Johnny go out and find Sonny when the man himself appeared and told Carly to back off. He insisted that his business was none of hers, but she maintained that he is the father of her baby and what affects him, affects him. She pointed out that if anything happened to him, she, Michael and the baby would both be in the streets. She told him how AJ had threatened that if Sonny went to jail, he'd have Michael in a heartbeat. Sonny told her that would never happen and that when he asked her to marry him, he meant that he would take care of her and be a good father to Michael and the new baby, that they would be a real family. He told her, smiling sheepishly and looking deliciously boyish, that he had this - and the extracted a big, honkin', gorgeous diamond engagement ring - to give to her as a symbol of his promise to always keep her safe.

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