The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on B&B

Rick decided that he wouldn't stand in the way of Brooke's relationship with Thorne; however, Kimberly was adamant that no one would break up her sister's marriage. C.J. reaffirmed her deep feelings for Becky, but later, he discovered that Becky's loved ones had gathered to tell him something.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Brooke and Rick are discussing her relationship with Thorne. She tells him that they were in love and that Thorne realized that he made a mistake in marrying Macy. Rick says that Macy will be crushed if Thorne ends the marriage. Brooke says that she didn't want Macy to be hurt and she didn't wish her any ill will. She tells him how Thorne was her best friend and then she realized that it was so much more. She said that she had found in Thorne what she had been searching for her whole life and all that time it had been right in front of her. She said that they had tried to deny their feelings for one another because they did not want to hurt anyone. She said that Thorne had proposed to her in Venice, but Ridge and Eric had ruined it , but that they had now found their way back to each other. Rick asked her if Ridge followed her to Venice. He said that if Ridge had done anything to hurt her again, he would answer to him. Brooke tells him that all had been forgotten and she didn't want to discuss what happened. Rick tells her that it might be best for them both to forget about each other and move on with their lives. She tells him that it didn't work for him and Kimberly and it wasn't going to work for her and Thorne. Rick said that he would support the relationship if it was really what they both wanted.

Sally and Stephanie are discussing the kids. Sally tells STephanie that she always respected her decision-making and wanted to know what they should do about C.J.. She said that she felt that C.J. and Becky both needed to know about Becky's illness so that they could decide what to do. Stephanie said that she would speak with Amber about telling C.J. and Becky because plans needed to be made for the baby.

Macy enters Thorne office, where he and Kimberly are discussing some things. Macy asks Thorne about what he needed to tell her. She lets him know that she knows about Venice. He tells her that they really needed to discuss things and lay everything out on the table. Macy seems a little hesitant at first, but Kimberly tells her that if she wanted Thorne to be honest with her, then she needed to be honest with him. Macy tells him that if he had something on his mind, then she wanted to know what it was. Kimberly tells him that Macy not only had to battle with her insecurities, but that she had had to battle with her alcoholism as well. She said that Macy had been so miserable that she had been tempted to take a drink. Thorne asks Macy if it was true. Macy said that she had not taken a drink, but she had been tempted. She said that she had been under so much pressure that she did have the urge to drink. Thorne doesn't understand why she didn't tell him. She told him that he was working all the time and missing dinners and other events, and that he was with Brooke. She said that she just became more lonely and insecure. She tells him that she thought that this time would be different and that she had tried to fight her insecurities and jealousies. She said that she knew why he proposed to brooke and why he had broken things off with her. She tells him that she had made a decision and that she had been pushed to the brink and that she had become someone that she didn't wish to be. She said that the insanity had to stop, because she couldn't live like that any longer. She said that she knew that he loved her and that she loved him, but her insecurities had eclipsed all of that. Macy said that she realized that she didn't have to worry about Brooke, and that it didn't matter that he had proposed to Brooke because he had married her. Thorne tries to tell her more about him and Brooke, but Macy interrupts him by saying that she knew that he still had feelings for Brooke. She even went on to say that she knew the effect that Brooke had on men, and how she appealed to men's lust and desires, and that she taunts them with her sexuality and flaunts it at them. She said that they were both going to wipe Brooke out of their lives once and for all, and that she was not going to let Brooke devastate them again. She said that they were going to forget about Brooke. Thorne looks like he is lost.

Brooke is sitting at her desk looking at a picture of her and Thorne, when Kimberly storms into her office. Brooke asks Kimberly what was she doing. Kimberly replies, " No, what are you doing. Planning another trip to the steam room?" Brooke says, "excuse me?' Kimberly tells her that she will not excuse her because there was not an excuse for what she had been doing. Kimberly tells her that she won't let her get away with it. Brooke comments that Kimberly is obviously upset, but Kimberly lets her know that she is more than upset.. She tells Brooke that she can't believe that she had ever looked up to her. She said that she never liked what Brooke did to Macy, but she thought that she would have the decency to stay out of her marriage. She called Brooke an immoral homewrecker. Brooke tells her to get out , but Kimberly won't leave and tells Brooke that she will speak to her any way that she wants to. She tells her that she may be her boss, but that Macy was her sister and that it was her job to protect her. She said that if Brooke made one more move towards Thorne, she would have to answer to her.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

In Brooke's office, Kimberly is having a face off with Brooke. Brooke tells her this is a place of business and closes the door. Kimberly reminded her that the steam room was a place of business. Kimberly tells her that she saw everything. She knows everything...Venice and so does Macy. She is downstairs talking to Thorne about it right now. Brooke tells Kimberly that she and Thorne are both adults and that what goes on between her and Thorne is no ones business. Kimberly tells her that there is nothing going on between them.

Brooke tells her that she does not appreciate her talking to her like that. Kimberly asks her what is she going to do? Throw her out. Kimberly tells her that she will go downstairs and tell Macy what happened in the steam room. Brooke ask her is that a threat. Kimberly says that she is the threat. Brooke says that she has nothing against Macy. Kimberly tells her that Macy has a problem with her...and after Macy gets finished talking to Thorne, he won't have anything to do with you.

In Thorne's office, he wants to talk to Macy, but she says there is nothing to talk about. Brooke Logan is history! Thorne brings up her drinking and ask if that was history too. Macy tells him that it is not important but what was important to her is the confidence in their marriage. She admits that it has been real difficult and that she has been tempted. She tells him that she cannot live with that kind of suspicion and that it is poison for her and their marriage. She is not going to allow Brooke to be part of their lives. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor may be able to live with the treachery but she can't. She says that she knows that he loves and supports her...if she did not have that she doesn't know what she would do. She hugs him.

In Becky and Amber's Apartment, Amber is holding the baby thinking about Becky. Stephanie and Sally arrive, Stephanie says the she and Sally have been talking and they believe that Amber has to tell C.J. and Becky what is going on. It has to be done tonight. She appears reluctant. She tells them how Becky has been there with her for everything. How close they were while growing up. She goes and gets Becky's album and shows the pictures to Sally and Stephanie.

"She didn't have much to smile about growing up. That's why the book is so thin. I know the girl growing up in every picture, because I was there... but it ends here. There will be no wedding picture. She won't have any more birthday parties. She won't see Little Eric growing up. The rest will be empty because Becky won't be here to fill it," Amber laments. Stephanie holds her as she cries.

In Santa Barbara, Becky is on the patio, enjoying the view. C.J. presents her with a rose and tells her she looks beautiful. Becky tells him how wonderful he has been when she gets a look of pain on her face. He asks if she is all right and she tells him that she has never felt better. She has not been hungry because she has been so happy, she explains. C.J. asks her not to hide anything, but she says she is fine and is even better with him. C.J. says she must miss Little Eric and wonders if she feels guilty for leaving him. Becky says a few months ago she would have, but she is different. She is not afraid to be happy any more, because everything is perfect. No one has ever made her feel like this. C.J. says she can get used to it, because there will be more times like this. They kiss.

Brooke has her back to the door in her office. She hears it open and fears it is Kimberly, but it is Thorne, who looks worried. She explains about Kimberly's visit and asks what happened with Macy. Thorne explains that Macy knows he has feelings for her (Brooke) and has suspected it for a while. He tells her how she almost took a drink due to the suspicions that she has had about the two of them. Thorne says that he did not want to believe that Macy could not handle this. He was too busy not to see it because he was hanging out with Brooke. Brooke reiterates that they did not do anything wrong. She insists that he must tell Macy everything. She must know the truth before it goes on any further about their true feelings for one another. He must do it now! She holds Thorne while he looks bewildered.

Sally and Stephanie are helping Amber in the apartment when the phone rings. Thinking it is Becky, Stephanie asks Amber to put the call on the speakerphone. Amber does, and it turns out to be C.J., who says that Becky has not been feeling well. They are coming home, and he wants Becky to see a doctor when they get back. Amber ask C.J. did that effect their trip. He tells her no and shares his feelings about how he can't imagine life without Becky. She tells C.J. that she has to go and he admits that he sounds pretty sappy. They hang up. Sally then tells Amber that this is why she must tell the truth. They must be told tonight! Stephanie assures Amber that it will be all right, but Amber says, "No, it's not! When they both know that Becky is dying, nothing will ever be OK again!"

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Thorne tells Brooke that he is the only one who can help Macy and he can't just abandon her. Macy is enraged when Kimberly tells her about the steam room incident. She sees it as typical of Brooke, doing whatever she has to in order to get her husband. Macy goes to Brooke and tells her that she's looking at the only woman in the world who can bring her down. When Macy accuses Brooke of being a walking, talking piece of pornography, Brooke fires back that she doesn't want Thorne without a wedding ring...and she'd be wearing one if it wasn't for Macy's drinking problem.

C.J. and Becky make one last wish in the wishing well before they depart. After C.J. heads to the car, Becky doubles over in pain. Eric wants to help Becky and C.J. and asks Clarke what he can do. They comment on how Becky has managed to bring enemies together and how she has touched their lives.

Stephanie joins hands with Sally and Amber. She wants them to pledge that tonight they'll forget their differences and be strong together for Becky and C.J. Amber wonders how God could take away a wonderful person like Becky and Stephanie tells her that Becky is going to leave the world a better place than it was before. They hear a knock on the door...

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Kimberly doesn't believe Rick when he tells her that Brooke is really in love with Thorne. She also thinks he's wrong if he believes that Thorne loves Brooke. Kimberly tells Rick emphatically that if Brooke doesn't stay away from Thorne, then she'll do something about it herself.

Rick thinks his mother deserves to be happy just as much as Kimberly's sister does and that they shouldn't get involved since it's not up to them to work this out. Kimberly disagrees, certain that Macy will need her help against Brooke. She leaves angrily. Macy tells Brooke to stay away from her husband.

After Brooke has had enough of Macy's contempt, she replies that Thorne's heart is still committed to Brooke. He's only staying with Macy to protect her because he's afraid that if he leaves, she will start drinking again. Brooke points out that Macy was strong enough to stay clean without Thorne and tells her to give him up. Macy tells Brooke to stay away from Thorne or Macy will destroy her.

Becky pretends to be asleep so C.J. doesn't see her in pain. He knows that she's not feeling well and tells Becky that he's taking her to a doctor when they get home. Eric joins Stephanie, Sally and Amber as they wait to break the news to Becky and C.J. C.J. comes in, explaining that Becky went to the drugstore to get something for her stomach. They decide to tell C.J. first, before Becky returns.

Friday, May 12, 2000

When Amber breaks it to C.J. that Becky has cancer, C.J. is completely stunned and does not believe her. C.J. asks if there is any hope in treatment, but Sally explains that Becky only has a few months to live, which Stephanie confirms. C.J. is devastated and starts to sob. When they realize Becky is on her way, Sally tells C.J. that it's time for Becky to know, but C.J. wants to break it to Becky himself...alone.

In the chapel, Becky prays, expressing her thanks for her baby and C.J. Before she leaves, she asks for a way for the Forresters and Spectras to set aside their differences, offering herself as an instrument of peace for the two families. Clarke tells Darla about Becky's condition. When Becky returns, she sees C.J.'s emotion and asks him what's wrong.

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