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Vanessa learned that she had caused Paolo's death, but she kept the information to herself. Marian tried to deal with Stuart's death. Esther told Stuart that they were married. Janet confessed to Sophie's murder. Dimitri was revealed to be living at Bryn Wydd.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, May 1, 2000

A stunned Leo stood frozen in place as Derek read him his rights. When Leo's reaction broke free, it came as quite a surprise to bystanders. Leo laughed loudly and asked Derek if his arrest was "a ploy" to see how the others around reacted. He figured that Derek would note everyone's response to his arrest and then use that to find the real killer. That, of course, was not going to be the case. Vanessa threw her hands into the air and insisted that her son could never have killed "that creature." Derek pointed out that Leo had been found at the murder scene with bloody hands. Leo conceded that he might look guilty, but he stated that nearly half of Pine Valley had a reason for wanting Paolo dead. In attempt to shift the blame, Leo pointed at his stepfather and insisted that Palmer was the one who'd killed Paolo. Vanessa pleaded with Palmer to help Leo. Palmer shrugged indifferently and said that he wasn't about to plead guilty to save Leo. Palmer flashed a wry smile and muttered that he doesn't think that Leo will fare well in prison. Derek grew tired of the delay and told Leo that it was time to head to the police station.

Adam stood before the smoldering ruins of the cabin in a state of disbelief. "I was supposed to take care of Stuart," he sniffled. Adam burst past the police line, saying that he needed to see his brother. One fireman tried to restrain the grieving millionaire, but Adam wrestled free. "Aren't you supposed to be in a hospital?" the fireman asked Adam in a tone somewhere between concern and ridicule. Adam dropped to his knees and pleaded with God to take him instead. A cough escaped Adam's body and he suddenly collapsed to the ground. Liza called out to the paramedics, worrying that Adam was suffering a heart attack. "I couldn't bear to lose you both," Liza cried. Several firefighters gathered around Adam, but Adam wasn't having a heart attack. He angrily batted the men away. Tad urged Adam to remain optimistic. It was, after all, possible that Stuart wasn't the one who'd perished in the blaze. Citing the wedding ring and jacket that had been found around the cabin, Adam argued that it was foolish to pretend that Stuart was still alive. Adam rose to his feet and turned angrily towards Tad. He accused Tad of being responsible for his brother's death. Tad swallowed hard, no doubt already feeling as though he was a contributing factor in the tragedy. Tad pointed to Stuart's jacket and suggested that a DNA test be done to prove that the blood was Stuart's. Adam looked ready to throttle Tad, but Liza stepped between them. She told Adam that it might not be a bad idea to have the blood analyzed. Adam calmed down and returned his attention to the cabin. He stared off into the distance, refusing to budge. Liza begged her husband to go home with her. "I have to be here," Adam sobbed. Teary-eyed, Liza turned and headed home to break the news of Stuart's death to her mother. Adam stood in front of the cabin for what seemed like hours, crying over his loss.

Jackson is a threat that needs to be disposed of. Those are the words Mirror Janet used to try to incite Janet into bashing in the former District Attorney's skull. Janet quipped that she could "stack up the bodies like firewood." The reflection sensed Janet's sarcasm and warned her that if she didn't act fast she'd be on Death Row in the blink of an eye. "I am not Janet Green," Janet snapped. "I am Janet Dillon." The name change was lost on Mirror Janet. "I am gonna send you back to whatever hell you came from," Janet hollered. She picked up her crowbar and slammed it towards the mirror. "No," Mirror Janet screamed. "Don't do it." It was too late. The metal tool came in contact with the mirror and shards of glass flew everywhere. The noise prompted Jack to enter the room. He stood in the doorway and watched in horror as Janet continued to take out her aggression on the seemingly harmless mirror. "It was you! It was always you!" Janet growled. "How did I let you twist my life into knots?" As Janet's anger subsided, Jack quietly called out her name. Janet turned around slowly, a tear meandering down her cheek. Janet softly told Jack that she's wanted to do the right thing her whole life. "She wanted me to hurt you," Janet sniffled. Jack looked around before asking who Janet meant by "she." Janet bowed her head and replied, "That awful woman who lived in the mirror." By now Jack was more than a little concerned for his friend. "Is she gone now?" Jack asked delicately. Janet nodded her head. Jack offered his ear to Janet, who nervously confessed that she'd never told anyone about the woman in the mirror. Janet didn't mention how long she'd been seeing Mirror Janet nor did she ever state that the reflection had a name. She did, however, reveal that she'd seen the woman in the past --- and that she'd gone away for a period of time. She stayed away until Sophie returned to town. Janet told Jack how Sophie had demanded money from her and threatened to harm Trevor and Amanda. Jack nodded understandingly, realizing that the woman in the mirror was sort of a defense mechanism conjured up by Janet's mind. Strangely, Janet never once mentioned that the reflection had told her to kill Sophie. Janet felt badly for having pushed all of her friends out of her life. Jack assured her that her friends were still going to be there for her. Janet knew that the time had come to "do the right thing" and own up to killing Sophie. There was still a level of concern in Janet's mind that she might be sent to jail. Jack promised to do everything in his power to help her out. He mentioned that Janet's confession would allow Trevor to return home. Janet nodded her head and asked Jack if he would be able to take care of Amanda while she was "away" getting the help she needed. Jack nodded his head and assured Janet that there would be a lot of people lining up to make sure that Amanda was okay. Janet gathered her things and she and Jack headed off to the police station.

Esther shook her head and told a slumbering Stuart that everyone thought he was dead. Stuart suddenly sat up on the sofa and gasped. He asked Esther where he was and, perhaps more importantly, who she was. Esther tried to explain that she'd found Stuart. Stuart, though, had an overwhelming feeling that someone, somewhere needed his help. Esther pointedly noted that Stuart had no idea who it was that needed help or where he'd find that person. Stuart tried to stand up, but he was hit by a dizzy spell. Esther sat Stuart back down and urged him to get some rest. While Stuart slept, Esther continued her vigilant watch over him. She fondly recalled the first time she and Stuart had met and how he'd offered her a candy bar to ease her jangled nerves before an appearance on The Cutting Edge. Esther grabbed her coat and headed off to get some of Stuart's favorite foods. She returned some time later and found Stuart wandering about the trailer. Stuart insisted that he had to find out who needed his help. Maybe along the way he'd find something that would jog his memory. Esther tried to block his way, but Stuart powered past her. "No, Stuart! Don't go," Esther cried out. This was the first time since the accident that Stuart had heard his name uttered. "Stuart. Is that my name?" he asked her. Esther nodded and told Stuart that he couldn't leave because the trailer was here he belongs. Stuart cocked his head and asked Esther to explain why he belonged there. "Because I'm your wife," Esther replied.

At the Pine Valley Police Department headquarters, Derek led Leo through the booking process. Walter Hines, Palmer's attorney, showed up at the station and Vanessa pleaded with him to find a way to keep her son out of jail. Walter explained that since Leo was being charged with murder, jail time was inevitable. Vanessa headed off to speak to her son. Walter, meanwhile, walked over to Palmer to ask him what he knew about the case. After some delicate prodding, Palmer told Walter that he was almost certain that Vanessa had been having an affair with Paolo. He also added that the deceased was blackmailing Leo and that Erica had threatened to kill Paolo just before his death. Walter nodded his head. What he wanted to know, however, was whether or not Palmer had killed Paolo. "You're my attorney, not my confessor," Palmer snapped. Palmer asked Walter to defend Leo against the charges, but he instructed him not to "dig too deeply" into his bag of tricks to help Leo. Becca stood by Leo's side and told him that she was confident that he hadn't killed Paolo. As the two talked tenderly, Vanessa cut between them and ordered Becca to hit the road. Walter appeared with them and told Leo that he felt his best course of action was to "cut a deal." Leo's eyes bulged and he hollered that he hadn't even touched Paolo. As true as that may be, Walter said that the medical examiner's report showed that the murdered never had to touch Paolo. Paolo had been killed by a lethal combination of cocaine and a strong sedative. Since Leo had been found at the scene holding a vial containing traces of that sedative, he would almost certainly be found guilty of Paolo's death. Vanessa gasped upon hearing the cause of her lover's death. She thought back to how she'd laced Paolo's champagne with the sedative. She gasped and all eyes sudden fell upon her. Vanessa was forced to explain her reaction, but by the time she found the words Derek returned to escort Leo to his holding cell. A very panicked Vanessa panted that before Leo was taken away, there was something that they needed to know.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

"You're my wife?" Stuart asked in amazement. Esther perpetrated surprise that Stuart didn't remember what should've been the happiest day of their life. Esther hugged him and promised to help him regain his lost memories. Knowing that his memory loss was probably the result of his bump on the head, Stuart suggested that he seek out medical advice. Esther loudly objected to the idea, saying that she could handle nursing Stuart back to health. Sitting back down on the sofa, Stuart asked Esther how long they'd been married, where they'd gone on their honeymoon, as well as where they had gotten married. Esther was stumped; she had no idea what to say. "A couple of years," she offered weakly. As for the location of their wedding, Esther said only that it was "far away." Stuart nodded slightly, buying into her story. Perhaps, he smiled, he could look over some of their wedding photos to help jog his memory. Esther looked nervously at the floor and muttered that there were no photos because they'd eloped. "How sad," frowned Stuart. Esther, however, argued that it wasn't sad. In fact, she asserted, it was very romantic. There was yet another unexplained event --- neither one of them was wearing a wedding ring. Quick on her feet, Esther had a response for that too. She claimed that Stuart had always thought of wedding rings as "jewelry" and that their true love was measured in their hearts. Esther told Stuart that he was an artist and could draw his own wedding portraits. Stuart was taken aback by the proclamation that he had artistic talents. Esther handed him a notepad and a pencil and Stuart busily worked on a sketch of Esther, but it came out horribly. Esther showed Stuart the painting he'd given her, but Stuart still doubted that was an artist. Moreover, he also questioned his marriage to Esther because he wasn't "in love" with her. Esther was crushed. Stuart realized that he'd hurt her with his words and quickly told her that he never meant to hurt her. Esther told Stuart that she had a way that they could get back those lost feelings: they could get re-married and have lots and lots of photos. That way they could spend the rest of their lives together.

"What is it?" Palmer groused as Vanessa made her outburst. Leo cast a scornful look at his mother and asked her what she was waiting for. Vanessa remained quiet and, one by one, everyone asked her to explain what she needed to tell them. "Alright!" Vanessa screamed. "I did it!" She babbled on and on about how Paolo had been blackmailing her son and how he'd "two-timed [her] with Erica Kane." She said that she'd given Paolo the sedative so that she could set him up for stealing her necklace. Derek released Leo and walked over to Vanessa. There, he read the woman her rights and placed handcuffs on her. Vanessa pleaded with Leo to help her, stating that she'd killed Paolo for him Leo laughed loudly. He argued that Vanessa had killed Paolo in "a jealous rage." He asked her how she could have stood by while he took the fall for the murder. "I finally see you for the selfish slut you are," Leo growled. Vanessa was devastated by her son's acidic remarks. Becca hugged Leo and told him that she was glad that he was going to go free. Vanessa turned to Palmer and swore to him that she never wanted to sleep with Paolo --- she was a victim. Palmer, she insisted, was the only man for her. "You saved me a bundle," Palmer laughed as he tore up the blueprints for their planned new home. "You always wanted to live in a big house," Palmer replied wittily. Erica wandered over and mused over Vanessa's "pathetic" affair with Paolo. She and David then erupted into hysterical laughter. "Stop laughing at me!" Vanessa shrieked. That's all it took for Vanessa to snap back into reality. She told Derek that her son was a good boy and that he shouldn't be arrested for Paolo's murder. Vanessa pointed to the toxicology report that showed levels of cocaine in Paolo's system. She claimed it was obvious that Paolo would do anything to get money for drugs. It seemed odd that Vanessa knew how Paolo --- a man she claimed was a stranger to her --- reacted in certain situations. Derek and Palmer both questioned her on it. Nervousness set in and Vanessa struggled to come up with a viable explanation. She reminded everyone that Paolo had stolen her necklace, presumably to buy drugs. Plus, he was blackmailing Leo. Derek admitted that Vanessa presented a feasible explanation. There was one hole in the argument that Paolo had overdosed: he'd also ingested a large amount of "the date rape drug." No one, Derek said confidently, would knowingly take that much of the drug. David and Erica arrived on the scene with David offering to pay Leo's bail. Derek informed him that his brother would not be arraigned until morning. The thought of having to spend the night in jail horrified Leo. Vanessa pleaded with Palmer to work his magic and get Leo out of jail, but Palmer lamely informed his wife that they were at "the mercy of the system." Vanessa was granted a few moments alone with Leo. During that time, she promised Leo that she'd find a way to get him out of trouble. Leo asked his mother to tell the police about knowing Paolo, but Vanessa explained that she couldn't do that. Leo nodded and sassily remarked that his mother couldn't upset her "meal ticket." Leo threatened to tell Derek about Palmer's bloodstained shirt. Vanessa begged him not to say anything about Palmer. Walter looked on from a short distance away as a panicked Vanessa told Leo that she was absolutely certain that neither he nor Palmer had killed Paolo. As Leo was led away to a holding cell, David told Vanessa that he finally found something on which he agreed with her --- Leo was innocent. Vanessa didn't say anything, instead walking away. Erica told David that she was now more certain than ever that the emerald she'd found was a link to the murderer. David nodded his head and said that he agreed with her. Because of that, he said, he'd locked the emerald in his safe. Vanessa overheard the conversation and again was hit by waves of panic. She clutched her head and nervously panted that she needed to go back to the hotel. Becca, who had been there for Leo through the ordeal, told her friend that she needed to leave. Leo became very angry and poked fun at her need to run home to Scott. Becca softly informed him that Stuart had been killed in a fire. Of course Leo felt like a fool. He thanked Becca for her help and sent her on her way. Derek arrived a few minutes later to take Leo to a cell. Derek offered to let Leo make his one allotted phone call, but Leo sadly replied that there was no one for him to call.

At the Gate House, Scott grabbed three plates and prepared to set the table for dinner. Marian, who'd been in a sedative-induced sleep, woke when she heard the clinking of the dinner plates. She immediately closed her eyes hard and wished for Stuart's return. Scott smiled slightly and told his stepmother that he and Becca had found signs that Stuart was staying at the cabin. Marian's face lit up. Marian realized that her hair was a mess from sleeping and quickly raced off to get ready for her husband's return. Scott continued making dinner up until the point that Liza arrived at the house. Scott looked around outside and asked Liza when his father would be returning home. "Stuart's not coming back," she replied emotionlessly. Scott crinkled his forehead and asked Liza what she meant. Liza said only that there was a fire at the cabin. Scott turned cold and pointed his finger defiantly at Liza. "No!" he hollered. "I don't believe you." Scott turned and quiet calmly walked out the front door. Marian returned to the room and told Liza that she was glad to see her. Marian continued adjusting herself so that she'd look just right when Stuart walked into the house. "Something's happened," Liza said softly. Marian's face turned pale; she feared that something had happened to Colby. Liza assured her mother that Colby was okay. Marian breathed a sigh of relief and invited Liza to join her, Scott and Stuart for dinner. Liza delicately tried to break the news of Stuart's death to her mother, but Marian refused to accept it. "How dare you say something like that!" she snapped. Liza tried to explain that she and Adam had been to the cabin, but as soon as Marian heard the mention of Adam's name she stopped her daughter. She accused Adam of somehow trying to make everyone believe that Stuart was dead as a way of getting back at them for institutionalizing him. Liza sadly reminded her mother that she'd actually seen the torched cabin, though she never mentioned that she'd seen a body pulled from the building. Marian continued to chatter nervously, trying to deny the truth. Liza reached into her purse and recovered the wedding band she'd gotten at the scene. She showed it to her mother and finally Marian's composure broke. "It... looks like wedding band," she sniffled. Liza instructed her mother to read the inscription. "To Stuart. Forever Love, Marian." Tears began to flow down her cheeks. She forced a laugh as she told Liza that she'd always warned Stuart that his ring would slip off one day. He wears it everywhere, Marian said as she continued to use the present tense when referring to her husband. Then came the horrific realization; Stuart had once said that he'd only take the ring off his finger under one circumstance --- his death. Marian burst into tears. Liza rushed to her mother's side and wrapped her arms around her. Outside, Becca arrived just as Scott was returning home. Becca gave Scott a hug and told him how sorry she was to have heard the news. Scott told Becca that he hadn't believed Liza when she'd broke the news to him, so he'd driven to Willow Lake and saw the cabin first-hand. Back inside, Marian placed Stuart's wedding band on one of her fingers and again sobbed openly.

At The Valley Inn, Vanessa bribed a chambermaid to gain access to David's hotel room. Once inside, Vanessa quickly uncovered David's safe. On a hunch, she entered David's birthday as the combination --- and it opened. She scolded her son for being so predictable, but quickly retrieved the emerald she'd lost in Paolo's room. Before she could leave the room, David and Erica returned to the room. They had planned to spend the night at Erica's house, but she was having the house painted and the paint fumes made it impossible to spend the night there. Soon after they entered the room, Erica wanted to discuss who might have killed Paolo as well as a defense strategy for Leo. David kissed her neck and told her that Leo wasn't going anywhere --- at least until morning. As the kissed and shed clothing, a moderately disgusted Vanessa grimaced under the bed.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Many hours before the club was scheduled to open, Ryan dropped by Sounds of Salsa to talk business with Adrian. had gone live earlier in the morning and Ryan was anxious to discuss plans for the site with his partner. A short time later, Adrian showed up for work. As they sat down at a table to talk business, Tina tried to get their attention. Repeatedly, the two men shushed Tina. Finally, she blurted out that the site had gotten its first visitor. They all crowded around Ryan's laptop and read off the first dream request. The request came from a young girl in Pine Valley Hospital with a broken leg. Her request was somewhat simple and typical of a teenage girl --- she wanted to meet the male heartthrob of one of her favorite bands. Tina recalled that they'd just bought the band's CD for the club. She raced off to find the CD while Ryan mulled over the idea of visiting the girl in person. Tina returned with the CD, which had contact information for the group. Adrian was surprisingly cautious about moving forward with granting the first "incredible dream," but Ryan and Tina were ready to move. Ryan dashed off and Tina picked up the phone and placed a call to the young man's agent. She bluffed her way through the call, saying that she was calling for "Mr. Adrian Sword," who was returning a call from the young singer. Adrian looked on with a smile, shaking his head in disbelief at Tina's gumption.

Leo paced back and forth in his jail cell. A guard informed him that he had a visitor. Leo's first instinct was to believe that his mother had finally arrived. The guard smiled and said that unless his mother was a "young and gorgeous" woman, it was someone else. That led Leo to think that Becca was there to see him. Again he was wrong. Greenlee strolled into the cell, grousing about the "disgusting" conditions of the cellblock. In addition to her witty conversation, Greenlee also brought Leo some cappuccino and croissants. She was surprised to learn that Vanessa hadn't dropped by. Greenlee offered to phone Vanessa, but Leo told her not to bother. He said that he was sure that his mother was busy "working on the particulars" of his release. Leo wasn't impressed with his legal representative, Walter Hines. Truth be told, neither was Greenlee. Leo was facing a murder rap, not a corporate merger, Walter's usual domain. Leo also explained that he didn't trust the attorney's ties to Palmer --- especially since he believed that Palmer had killed Paolo. Greenlee was shocked to hear Leo's theory that Palmer had offered the gigolo, but there wasn't any time to talk about it. A guard appeared cell-side and announced that it was time for Leo's arraignment. To Leo's surprise, Greenlee said that she wanted to be with him at the arraignment. "I want to see how innocent you can look," she chuckled. Since he was innocent, Leo said that he shouldn't have a hard time looking innocent.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Gillian told Eugenia that she was reluctant to call Jake. Eugenia deduced that her granddaughter was scared by what Jake might say. That was partly true. Gillian said that she was also worried about what she might tell Jake. The duchess nodded understandingly, sensing that Gillian might tell Jake about her renewed feelings for Ryan. Gillian said that she's "never stopped" loving Ryan. Gillian was worried that her honestly would hurt Jake. Eugenia, however, asked Gillian if she'd ever considered that Jake might want a divorce. Gillian wandered off to find a phone. Soon after she was gone, Tad and Joe wandered into the sunroom. Eugenia told Joe, who wasn't sure if Gillian was working at the hospital or not at that time, that Gillian had gone off to call Jake. Joe was shocked that Gillian had waited so long to contact Jake. By now, Eugenia had gone on her way. Tad said that he could only pray that Gillian reached Jake "in time." Gillian returned and informed the two Martin men that she hadn't been able to reach Jake. Joe's face fell. Gillian didn't see why they were so upset, but she was about to learn. Joe informed Gillian that Jake had decided to travel with a group of his fellow doctors to war-torn Chechnya. Gillian was stunned. She questioned why Jake would risk his life in a war zone. Tad offered that Jake might be trying to escape his pain --- and inadvertently putting his life on the line. Tad was quite bitter, basically scolding Gillian for not having called Jake sooner. The entire Martin family, he snapped, had been counting on her to talk Jake out of going to Chechnya. Joe was much calmer, explaining that one his other children, Philip, had been a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. Joe was paged away, but Tad and Gillian sat down to discuss Jake's journey. Gillian said that she'd blame herself if anything bad happened to Jake, something that Tad could definitely relate to. He told Gillian that it's difficult to make a decision that you think is right only to find out later that it was the wrong decision. He never told Gillian why he felt the way she did. Tad was on his way out when Ryan wandered into the room. He looked at Ryan, then at Gillian, and then back at Ryan. Without uttering a word, Tad bowed his head and walked out of the room. Gillian broke into tears and buried her head in Ryan's chest. After Gillian's sobbing subsided, she told her former husband about Jake's decision to go to Chechnya. Though Ryan was concerned, he told her that he wasn't about to help her through her pangs of guilt. Gillian cocked her head to one side; she couldn't believe that Ryan was acting so coldly towards her --- especially since they'd almost made love the night before. Ryan told Gillian that he hadn't lied when he told her that he loves her, but that he can't start a relationship with her while she's still involved with "Jake and the entire Martin family." With that, Ryan turned and walked away.

A dejected Leo returned from his arraignment, where his bail had been set at $750,000. Leo didn't have the cash to come up with the required 10% to get out of jail. He turned to thoughts of spending the rest of his natural life behind bars. Greenlee humored Leo by suggesting that he paint the walls of his cell to match the orange jumpsuit he'd be wearing. Leo was a bit irked because Greenlee claimed to understand how he felt being behind bars. Greenlee bowed her head and mentioned the birthday she'd celebrated a few months earlier. No one had remembered --- not even her parents. So, in a sense, she knew how it felt to be alone. Greenlee took a deep breath and told Leo that she had to run some errands. Time passed and a guard showed up outside the cell to tell Leo that he was going to be released. Leo sighed deeply and thanked his mother for bailing him out. Leo's savior, however, wasn't his mother --- it was Greenlee. Greenlee cracked a wry smile and asked Leo if he wanted to sit around and plan a cell redecoration or join her and the rest of society in the civilized world.

Under David's bed, Vanessa recalled Erica saying that the missing emerald was a link to Paolo's murder. She must have spent the entire night under the bed. She quietly crawled out from under the bed and scurried towards the door. When she opened the door, the sound from the turning doorknob stirred David from his sleep. He asked his mother what she was doing in his room. David put on his robe and followed his mother into the hallway. There, Vanessa insisted that she'd dropped by because she wanted to talk strategy with David. David told his mother that he'd drop by the jail to check on Leo. Vanessa thanked David and apologized for barging in on him. David returned to his room and found Erica sitting up in bed. She asked David if she'd been having a nightmare when she thought she'd seen Vanessa in the room. David informed her that she hadn't been dreaming. He went on to say that his mother had claimed to want to talk about getting Leo out of jail, but he was sure that that was a lie. If that was the case, Erica wondered what Vanessa could have wanted into David's room.

Vanessa returned to her hotel suite and breathed a sigh of relief when Palmer was nowhere to be found. As she gulped down some ice water, Palmer appeared behind her and asked her where she'd been all night. Vanessa apologized for not having called Palmer, but that wasn't an answer to Palmer's question. Vanessa never really said where she'd been, saying only that she'd dropped by the police station several times hoping to see her son. She said that she'd been denied every time. Palmer mused that he'd thought Vanessa had fled town out of "guilt or fear." Palmer went to finish getting himself ready for the day ahead. Vanessa, meanwhile, clutched her emerald tightly in her hand. She sat down at her dressing table and rummaged through her drawer for her earrings. She opened the jewelry box contained the earrings and screamed.

It took but an instant for Erica and David to wonder if Vanessa had been there to retrieve the emerald. David raced to the safe, but when the strongbox opened there was no emerald. Now all the pieces started falling into place: Vanessa must have been having an affair with Paolo. Erica, though, was the one to question whether or not Vanessa had killed Paolo. David warned Erica that it was a big jump from adultery to murder. Erica came up with several possible explanations as to why Vanessa may have offed Paolo, but David didn't agree with any of them. He then stopped cold. "If Vanessa managed to kill my father, how hard would it be to kill Paolo?" David asked rhetorically. David grabbed his coat and stormed towards the door. Erica asked David to stay with her until he calmed down, but David refused.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Palmer raced to Vanessa's side to see why she was screaming. Vanessa looked down in shock at her earrings. Palmer smiled proudly and told his wife that he'd had her missing stone replaced as a surprise. He said that he wanted her to wear the earrings at a party he was planning to throw for her. Vanessa nervously replied that she didn't think she'd have the strength to see a cake with so many candles on it. Plus, she said that she didn't have a dress to go with the earrings. Palmer chortled slightly and urged Vanessa to buy a dress. Unless, he stated, there was another reason why Vanessa didn't want to be seen in public with her emerald earrings.

Adrian and Tina danced away at SOS. As they did, things got a bit more romantic. Before they could kiss, the phone rang. A call came through from the young singer's agent, giving Adrian the information he needed to contact the young star. They started to celebrate just as Greenlee wandered into the club looking for Ryan.

At the police station, Leo was giving his belongings and told that he could go on his way. On his way out, David pulled his younger brother aside and told him that there was something he needed to tell him. Leo rolled his eyes and grumbled that he didn't have time to hear David complain about their mother. "You need to know something," David snapped. "She killed Paolo!"

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Thursday, May 4, 2000

At the cottage in the English countryside, Alex and Edmund celebrated their "unprecedented" access to her medical records. A short time later, Malcolm Berry, a noted expert in authentication, arrived at the cottage to look over the records. Perhaps wanting to preserve the records entirely, Malcolm out on a pair of latex gloves before touching the documents. Alex and Edmund hovered over the man as he scanned the documents. Edmund felt that something was amiss because the records were extremely neat. Malcolm nodded his head and told Edmund that he had reason to question the neatness of the documents: they were "frauds." His work done, Malcolm headed on his way. Before he left, however, he earned Alex that she might be up against some "formidable opponents," because of the time, effort and money involved in creating fake medical records. "Who the hell do they think they are?" Alex groused to Edmund. Alex wanted to storm the hospital and demand answers, but Edmund knew that that wouldn't accomplish anything. He tried to tell her --- in a very roundabout way --- that he'd found a lead who might be able to get him some answers. Alex, though, wasn't at all optimistic about his "friend of a friend of a friend" lead. Edmund asked Alex to accompany him, but Alex wanted to stick around and look over the forged records. Soon after Edmund left, Alex was hit by another flashback. She saw herself practicing martial arts. At a certain point, a man called out to her, "That's enough Anna!" Alex snapped back into reality and huffed angrily. She grabbed her coat and stormed out of the cottage. When she left, a strange message scrolled across her computer: Stay away from Bryn Wydd. Danger. Time passed and Edmund returned to the cottage, but there was no sign of Alex. Had it not been for the beeping of the computer, Edmund might not have seen the warning. One glimpse of the message and Edmund knew where Alex had gone.

Palmer dutifully pointed out that he had "spared no expense" to replace Vanessa's lost emerald. Vanessa assured Palmer that she appreciated his gesture and said that she'd lock up the earrings in their safe. Vanessa was out of the room for less than a minute when Erica arrived at the front door. Palmer opened the door and Erica allowed herself into the suite. "You're married to a murderer," Erica mumbled. Palmer asked Erica to explain, but Vanessa returned to the room and ended the conversation. "You're here?!" Erica gasped. Vanessa chuckled softly and reminded Erica that she lived there. Palmer coldly and sternly asked his wife to leave the room. Vanessa refused, but ultimately Palmer won out. Vanessa grudgingly filed out of the room and Erica was free to continue telling Palmer why she thought Vanessa killed Paolo. She never once cited any hard evidence, but said that she knew "for a fact" that Vanessa and Paolo had been sleeping together. After Erica concluded her presentation, Palmer told her that she was "deluded." Erica's eyes widened and she asked Palmer if he'd listened to anything that she'd said. "She was not cheating on me," Palmer added. There was, however, one overwhelming reason why Palmer didn't believe that Vanessa had killed Paolo. No mother, he explained, could let her child take the blame for something that she'd done. "Vanessa would," Erica snapped. Palmer ushered Erica to the door and asked her to keep quiet about what they'd discussed.

Elsewhere in the hotel, David took Leo back to his room David asked Leo if he was willing to go to jail for a crime that he had not committed. The answer, of course, was obvious, but Leo said that he wasn't about to claim that his "mommy" had done it. Leo felt that David's hatred was the reason for his belief that Vanessa had killed Paolo. That and the fact that David still believed that Vanessa had killed his father. David insisted that it had nothing to do with his father. He recounted everything that led him to the conclusion that Vanessa was the killer --- from her affair with Paolo to the missing emerald to her appearance in his room earlier in the day. The mention of the affair and the emerald caused Leo to become quite uneasy. He didn't let on that he knew about the emerald, but he admitted that he knew that Paolo and Vanessa were sleeping together. Surprisingly, Leo also said that he knew it was possible for his mother to have killed Paolo. He quickly followed it up with two disclaimers. First, he said that she would only have done it to stay in good graces with Palmer. Secondly, and most importantly, if she had killed Paolo she never would have allowed him to take the fall. David continued his assertion that Vanessa had done the deed and that she was allowing Leo to take the blame for her crime. Leo grabbed David's jacket and shook him. His voice cracking, he demanded that David stop trying to defile his mother's name. Leo insisted that Palmer was the one that should be watched because he was the one who'd killed Paolo. On his way out of the room, Leo bumped into Erica. They didn't exchange any words. From the look on Leo's face, Erica knew that the discussion hadn't gone well. David told Erica that Leo would not allow himself to even think that his mother may have betrayed him.

Leo went directly to see Vanessa. After getting a big hug from Vanessa, Leo told her that David had told him that he thinks that she killed Paolo. A nervous Vanessa walked across the room and turned her back to Leo. She gently pried for reasons why David might think that, but Leo said that he didn't want to talk about that. He again gave his mother a big hug and told her that he knew she loved him and would always do her best to protect him.

Hayley dropped by the police station to see if Derek had gotten the results from the analysis of the blood found on Stuart's jacket. She had hoped and prayed that the blood wasn't a match, but her prayers were not answered. Hayley turned around and saw Janet and Jackson entering the station. Hayley sensed that something bad was about to happen. Janet announced that she was there to talk about Trevor. Derek cocked his head to the side and asked Janet if she wanted to go on the record. As soon as Janet nodded her head, Hayley pulled her aside and asked her what she was doing. Janet calmly stated that she need to "take responsibility" for what she'd done so that Trevor could return home. Derek and Jack rejoined the two women. Jack announced that Dr. Jaffe, who they'd visited the night before, would testify that Janet had acted in self-defense. Janet swore that she was there under her own free will and not being forced into giving her statement. Hayley remained unhappy with what was happening. Janet looked at her and assured her that she was doing the right thing, "something that [she] can be proud of." Jack and Derek left the interrogation room shortly after the questioning began. Derek grumbled that Janet's statement canceled out Trevor's statement. So, in effect, nothing was gained. Plus, there was still the issue of the eyewitness who'd placed Trevor at the murder scene with a crowbar. Jack asked if it was possible that the witness, a man who Trevor had previously arrested, had lied about what he'd seen. Derek sent an officer to track down the eyewitness. Meanwhile, Arlene and Brooke arrived on the scene. Arlene immediately walked up to her daughter and told her how sorry she was about Stuart's death. Hayley lashed out at her mother, accusing her of not being at all concerned for her or for Stuart. Arlene asked Janet if there was anything that she could do to help her. Janet said nothing and walked away. Brooke scolded Arlene for causing grief. Billy Taylor, the man who'd fingered Trevor as Sophie's killer, was brought in for questioning, but the questioning went nowhere. Billy refused to talk about his testimony and stormed out before offering any new information. Afterwards, Janet offered to take the stand and swear under oath that she'd killed Sophie. Arlene tried to get everyone's attention, but no one would listen to her. Finally, she threw a chair across the room to make everyone listen. She said that she could tell that Billy was an alcoholic --- just like her. She added that she knew that she could get him to talk if given the chance. Jack asked Arlene why she wanted to get involved. Arlene simply replied that Janet had been nice to her and Trevor was her brother. Janet agreed to try anything that would bring Trevor home. Hayley, however, did not look as optimistic.

Alex stormed into Bryn Wydd and took Dr. Griffith by surprise. She immediately demanded to know what was going on and why her medical records had been forged. Inside the doctor's office, Guy listened quietly to the conversation. "Who is Anna?" Alex snapped. The doctor asked her to remain in the lobby area while he went to his office to get her the information she needed. In his office, a slightly panicked Dr. Griffith asked Guy what they were going to do. He said that Alex was starting to uncover the truth because her memory was returning. Guy held some sort of apparatus in his hand and told the doctor that they'd have to make Alex forget what she was remembering --- along with everything else she knew. "Go get her and let's end this," Guy said icily.

Thursday, May 5, 2000

At WRCW, Scott surprised everyone by showing up for work. He was surprisingly strong, perhaps too strong. Hayley gave him a big hug and urged him to take the day off and go back home. Scott, though, insisted that he was there because his father would have wanted him to be there. After his mother, Cindy's, death, Stuart had said that he'd gotten through the loss by "celebrating" her life... and that it was Scott was trying to do for his father. "I don't feel much like celebrating," Hayley replied softly. Another surprise came when Leo showed up for work at the station. Becca was glad to see him, but surprised that Leo was out of jail. Behind the scenes, the technical crew gawked and pointed at the murder suspect. Though they were not on the official guest list, Ryan and Adrian popped in at the station with the hopes of speaking to a noted fashion designer about a potential partnership in the Incredible Dreams web site. Gillian strolled in and froze upon seeing Ryan. Neither said a word. Greenlee and Tina were also both at the station as they were scheduled to be part of an on-air fashion show. Greenlee batted her eyes and told Ryan that she'd try to put in a good word with Toni Chan, the fashion designer, for him. Before the show started, Leo wandered over to Toni and introduced himself. Apparently, Toni and Vanessa went way back. Though they had never met, Toni felt that she'd seen Leo somewhere before --- perhaps he was an artist. "No," Leo replied matter-of-factly, "I'm a murder suspect." Becca tried to talk to Scott about his loss, but Scott didn't much feel like talking. In fact, he basically brushed her off. It came time for the live broadcast of "Wave." Greenlee, Gillian, Tina and Becca all modeled various wedding gowns. Hayley offered a twist to the program by encouraging her viewers to log on to the Internet and vote for the gown that she should wear at her wedding. Hayley managed to hold up pretty well during the show, but afterwards she confessed to Scott that it was extremely difficult to get through the show. Suddenly, her face fell. For the first time, she realized that she would not see Stuart's smiling face at her wedding. Scott took a sobbing Hayley in his arms and offered her some emotional support. Hayley warned Scott not to push Becca away during his mourning process. Ryan appeared by Greenlee's side and gushed endlessly about how beautiful she looked in her gown. Gillian approached Ryan and asked him for a moment of his time. Greenlee was not pleased in the least to see how quickly Ryan deserted her. Aside, Gillian asked Ryan why he'd walked out on her. Ryan explained that he wasn't even going to think about getting involved with her again while she was still married to Jake. Gillian told Ryan that she felt guilty for what she saw as forcing Jake into practicing medicine in a war zone. Ryan understood why she felt the way she did, but he refused to help her get through it. Time passed and the studio emptied out. Greenlee, however, remained behind --- still wearing her wedding gown. Tears in her eyes, Greenlee asked Leo why Ryan didn't look at her the way he looks at Gillian. Leo tried to convince her to give up on Ryan, but it did no good. Greenlee bolted out of the studio and Leo had no other choice but to take up the chase.

Marian sat on the steps of the gallery reviewing some of the sketches Stuart had made of her. Tad and Liza put their heads together and discussed their concern for Marian. Marian, who was wearing one of Stuart's favorite sweaters, hadn't eaten or slept since she learned of Stuart's death. According to Joe, however, this was not a cause for concern; Marian would eat and sleep when she needed to eat and sleep. Liza walked over to her mother and told her that it might be time to make funeral arrangements. Marian shook her head defiantly from side to side and told her daughter that she wasn't ready to make those plans just yet. A somber Adam entered the gallery. Marian jumped to her feet and shouted praises to God. "I knew you'd come back to me!" she screamed as she raced across the gallery and wrapped her arms around Adam. Adam said nothing. Liza softly informed Marian that she was embracing Adam. Marian quickly pulled away. She lashed out at Adam as the reason for Stuart's death. In a moment of rage, she told Adam that she wishes he'd been the one who gotten killed in the fire. Tad took Marian to the other side of the gallery. Liza looked at Adam and asked him where he's been. It looked like he'd gotten even less sleep than Marian. A knock sounded on the door and Dr. Benton, of Oak Haven, and a hired guard entered the gallery. The doctor told Liza that he was there to take Adam back to Oak Haven. Adam coldly snapped that he was not in need of psychiatric help; his brother had died and his family needed him. Liza pleaded with Dr. Benton to allow Adam to remain on the outside. "He's in mourning - he's not crazy," she said softly. She confessed that she never should have committed Adam in the first place. The doctor, however, said that Adam could not be released until the next court-ordered hearing. Tad slowly walked over and said that he agrees that Adam should be released from the hospital --- and he was the last person anyone expected to say that. Adam promised that he'd show up for any hearings and Dr. Benton relented. Adam said nothing, not even a thank you to Tad and Liza for coming to his defense. Liza told Adam that she thought it was time to make plans for Stuart's funeral. Adam nodded his head and agreed to go to the minister. Marian, however, was still too pained to go. Perhaps by remaining behind, it would help distance Marian from the painful reality that her husband was dead. Tad offered to stay behind with Marian, but she stated that she wanted to be alone. "I won't be alone," she said correcting herself because Stuart's spirit was everywhere. After everyone had left, Marian broke into hysterical sobbing. She attempted to dry her eyes and headed towards the window. There, she told Stuart that he'd always be in her heart.

Stuart tried to draw a portrait of himself, but he had little success and was dissatisfied with the results. Esther returned home and immediately assured him that with some practice he'd be back to his usual self soon. "I don't remember anything," Stuart said sadly. Among the missing memories that most troubled him were not knowing is name and , not knowing that he was married. Esther offered a quick fix: they could get married again. She'd suggested the idea before, but this time she was a bit more vocal about the idea. Stuart asked Esther how they'd met. She responded by saying that they'd met in the woods while they were both tracking butterflies. Stuart nodded his head slightly. He demanded more from Esther on their courtship, but Esther became nervous and was unsure what to say. She instructed Stuart to lay down and take nap. Once he did, she left the trailer. Stuart, however, wasn't ready to sleep. He wandered out of bed and eventually ended up staring longingly at the painting he'd made of Willow Lake. For one reason or another, he turned the painting over. On the back was the name and address of the Chandler Gallery. Scratching his head, Stuart asked himself aloud of the gallery might help him learn more about his past. He said that he was sure that someone at the gallery could tell him where he'd been when he'd painted the picture and that he might be able to go there to get his memory back. With that, Stuart left the trailer for the first time since his accident.

At a nearby chapel, Esther met with a minister to talk about renewing her wedding vows. The minister told her that it always pleased him to see a couple that wants to renew their bond. However, he was tied up at the moment and the discussion would have to wait until later. On her way out of the chapel, Esther came across Liza and Adam who were there to make plans for a memorial service for Stuart. Esther took one look at Adam and gasped. "You!" she growled.

Alex demanded to know what had happened to her during her stay at Bryn Wydd. "I realize that you just want to get on with your life," Dr. Griffith replied coolly. Nothing happened. Alex immediately deduced that the line was some sort of trigger phrase and asked if she was brainwashed at the hospital. Before the doctor could get Alex into his office, Edmund arrived. The American instantly lashed out at Alex for going against his wishes and stopping by the hospital without him. Inside the office, Guy listened with a frown planted on his face. Edmund wanted Alex to leave, but she refused to budge until she got some answers. An orderly wandered by and Dr. Griffith informed him to leave his next scheduled patient in his room until further notice. Out of the corner of her eye, Alex saw the housekeeper who had called her "Anna" on her last visit to Bryn Wydd. Alex asked Edmund if he could divert Dr. Griffith's attention while she questioned the woman. Edmund grudgingly complied, asking the doctor to review Alex's medical records. Dr. Griffith was panicked when Edmund forced his way into his office because he had no way of knowing that Guy had slipped out the back door --- and covered that mysterious apparatus with a blue sheet. The doctor tried to deny Edmund's request by saying that only Alex's family could see her medical records. Edmund countered that he was family --- he was her brother-in-law. Outside, Alex crept over to the housekeeper and tenderly opened a line of communication. Anna asked the woman why she'd called her Anna. The woman shook violently. "This is not a hospital," she replied spookily. "[It] has nothing to do with medicine." Alex pressed for more information, but the woman was too afraid to say more. "Anna, I want to tell you more, but I can't," she said softly. Dr. Griffith exited his office and appeared on the scene. He laughed nervously and said that the housekeeper was also a patient and that she was totally "delusional." Alex and Edmund both turned to the woman and offered to take her with them, but it was too much for her to handle. She quickly scampered away. Dr. Griffith ordered the couple to leave the premises immediately. The doctor returned to his office and Edmund and Alex made plans to leave. Later, Dr. Griffith told the orderly that it was safe to bring the patient to his office. He nearly keeled over when Alex and Edmund wandered by again. Finally, Alex and Edmund got the hint and agreed to leave. There were gone for but a few seconds when the orderly wheeled a patient to Dr. Griffith's office. The patient, a man, sat quietly in his wheelchair. Then, ever so slightly, he turned his head to the side to reveal his face. It was Dimitri Marick.



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