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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, May 1, 2000

Sami bursts into the dining room where breakfast is still going on. She yells at Lucas again, and says that if he's staying there then she is too. Lucas says no way, and Victor agrees. Sami says she doesn't care about Victor. Sami is upset because she just finished explaining to Will how everyone was moving, and now that Lucas isn't moving she thinks that Will will think that she abandoned him. Victor says that won't happen, and that he'll talk to Will and explain it to him. Lucas tells Sami that she could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if she had just agreed to joint custody. But no she didn't and that it's all or nothing with her. She starts in again about how he framed her for murder and that's the only reason why he got sole custody. Austin walks in and is listening. Lucas tells Sami she's crazy, and she sarcastically responds by saying, 'oh, that's a great defense'. Victor gets up and says any declarations made in my house are made only by me. He yells at ! Sami and tells her that he's decided that she's out of there as of today! Sami looks at Victor shocked and upset. Kate watches and seems a bit tense but happy of course. Nicole wanders in.

Hope goes to visit John. John is surprised. He thinks she's there to see Marlena. She tells him that there's something they need to talk about. He gets a bit tense, thinking maybe she remembered something.

Replay of Abe being introduced to Larry Morris. Lexie doesn't quite know what to say or do for Abe out on the terrace at the hospital. While Brandon is helping Larry back into his wheel chair, he thinks to himself, this is only the beginning Commander. Brandon asks Larry if he's okay, and Larry says just get me outta here. Meanwhile, out on the terrace, Abe is totally speechless. He hears a gunshot and he jumps which scares Lexie. He looks into the lobby and sees Larry. Abe breaks down in tears. Lexie looks on concerned.

John tensely asks Hope what she wants to talk about. She says she wanted to thank him for everything he did to help find her, and help save all her family and friends. He's relieved that it wasn't anything more. He says all the thanks he needs is that Hope is back safe. She keeps praising him, and he tells her that he's just like everyone else. She goes on to say that there isn't any man she admires more than John. Except for her dad and Bo. She wants to name her baby after John if it's a boy, but he emphatically says not to do that. Hope is surprised.

Sami is still upset about Lucas staying at the Kiriakis mansion, and says that she's "bent over backwards" to do everything she can for Will. Sami tells Lucas that he's still nothing but a liar and a cheat. Victor tells her that's enough, but she doesn't stop. She says to Victor that he comes off as a paragon---honorable, even-handed---so let's see you do something. Let's see you put this selfish little brat in his place. Victor tells Sami that the only selfish brat I'd like to see in their place is YOU, and that place is out on the street! Sami yells at Lucas again and says he's not going to get away with it and that he won't get away with betraying her. Nicole pipes in and says she's not the only one being betrayed by Lucas. All the while Kate and Austin are silently watching. Nicole complains about not having a house of their own and they have to move NOW! Lucas says FINE! If you want to move, we'll move now, far, far away. Nicole asks what he means. Luca! s angrily says we're moving to Europe. Victor gets a disgusted look on his face and Sami lunges at Lucas and tries to strangle him. Lucas yells get off me you psycho!

Brandon is trying to calm Larry down. Larry wants to quit working at the hospital, but Brandon is trying to talk him out of it. He says let's just take a break. Lexie and Abe go to her office to talk. Abe is really upset and distraught. Lexie asks him to talk to her. Brandon knocks on the door, and asks if there's anything he can do to help. Lexie is trying to figure out what's going on. Why Larry and Abe reacted to each other the way they did.

Hope asks John why he wouldn't want them to name the baby after him. He thinks that they should name the baby after a Brady or a Horton, and if they want to make him happy, that is what he'd like. Hope tells John she had the ultrasound and that everything was A OK! He's glad, but asks about the amnio. She tells him her amnio was stolen, and tells John that Lexie was mugged but okay. He seems a bit suspicious, but doesn't let on to Hope. Hope says she may not have another amnio done.

Austin rushes to pull Sami off of Lucas. Sami yells at Lucas saying she won't let him leave Salem with HER son. Victor says enough! Lucas says she can't stop him, because he has full custody, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop him. Sami is visibly shaken and rushes out of the room. Kate chuckles to herself. Nicole then lays into Lucas and is upset because Lucas didn't consult her first, and SHE rushes out of the room in tears. Victor and Kate nonchalantly sit back down to their breakfast, while Austin and Lucas go at it. Kate and Victor continue to carry on a conversation as if nothing has happened.

Sami verbally attacks Nicole when she enters the room. Sami accuses Nicole of knowing about them moving to Europe all along. Nicole says NO WAY! Do I look like I knew about this? Maybe I should end this marriage now?! Sami says no you can't do that yet. You'll end any chance you have with Eric, and you can't abandon our plan now. She says "we" have to find a way to keep Lucas from moving to Europe. And by "we" she means Nicole. Austin is trying to tell his mom that you can't take a child away from his mother! Victor tells them to quit yelling and sit down. They obey. Victor asks for Kate to pass the bacon, which she does---through Austin, then Lucas, and finally to Victor. Austin is still upset trying to get Kate to listen. Victor talks about something in Chicago, and Kate agrees. Austin slams his hand on the table and yells at Victor. It dawns on Austin that Kate or Victor are not going to do anything about Lucas going to Europe. Lucas says its because their mom agrees with him. Kate tells Austin she knows how he cares for Sami and that she admires that, and Lucas says no you don't. She says I admire you for your compassion. But she tells him that she thinks that compassion has blinded him to the truth about Sami. He naturally disagrees. Lucas agrees and says yah she's the most destructible woman this side of the Mississippi, and Victor says, "hey, that's an idea, we could sail down to New Orleans". Austin is STILL defending Sami, and says she's the "victim" here. Victor interjects again, and says; can I say something from a purely dispassionate point of view? Austin asks how Victor can be dispassionate when he can't stand Sami? Victor says that Sami has given him good reason to dislike her so much. Victor coldly tells Austin that the way he sees it, is that Sami was given an opportunity by Lucas, and she refused that opportunity, case closed. Austin still tries to root and defend and support Sami. Which fell on deaf ears. While Austin is defending Sami, Victor asks for them to pass the toast. Quite funny. Lucas is yelling at Austin and telling him he's a fool, and that if he has his way Sami will never see Will again. Hope shows John pictures of her ultrasound. He's taken aback and surprisingly happy or acts like a happy father-to-be. John tries to get Hope to do the amnio again. She asks why he's so concerned about the health of her baby and getting the amnio again.

Brandon is still trying to reassure Larry, and get him to keep from quitting the hospital. Lexie tells Abe that she's there for him, and asks why he lost it when he saw Larry, and why Larry yelled at Abe to stay away from him? Abe, still shocked and devastated, begins to tell her the story of how he "accidentally" shot Larry. She patiently and with care listened to her husband retell his story, that he's kept to himself all these years. He doesn't use any names at first, but she puts it together that he shot Larry, and he says yes through his tears of guilt and remorse. Lexie says it was an accident, but Abe yells, and says no, I hesitated!

John is surprised that Hope would ask why it's important to him. He says because she's important to him, as well as Bo. He rhetorically asks, "why wouldn't your pregnancy be important to me?" Hope says she wants to take every precaution necessary, but still doesn't want to do the amnio test again.

Sami is still trying to convince Nicole not to give up on their plan as she heads to the Vodka bottle. Sami tells her that she needs to stay sober long enough to drive Lucas to drink again. Nicole angrily tells Sami to not start with her, and Sami comes back with telling her to not get all wishy-washy on her. They step up their plan to get Lucas to drink again.

Austin and Lucas are still going at each other. Victor has finally had enough, and yelled at them to be quiet! He says that Lucas, Will and Nicole ARE staying and that Austin and Sami are out of there. END of STORY!!! Austin gets up, thanks Victor for his hospitality and kisses his mom on the cheek and leaves. During which Nicole bursts in and yells at Lucas for what he's doing to her and storms out. Like a puppy, Lucas runs after her.

Brandon is still trying to convince Larry to not quit. Larry gets even more upset, because Brandon doesn't get it. The memory that came back. How he felt when he was shot; the bullet; what he thought when he was shot, and the memory of his mother screaming. Lexie is asking why Abe never told her? He doesn't know. He thought if he didn't talk about it, the pain and guilt would go away, but it never did. She tells him again that it was an accident, but he gets upset and says that he didn't follow procedure. She then asks him if it went up for review, and he says yes, and that he was cleared of any wrongdoing. Lexie says she doesn't understand why Larry reacted the way he did when he saw Abe. She continues with saying that knowing you, I'm sure you went to visit him in the hospital and see how he was doing. But Abe admits he never did. Not once! Lexie is surprised and disconcerted that Abe never checked on Larry after he was shot. She tries to convince Abe to go see Larry and set things straight. He reluctantly agrees.

Victor apologizes to Kate, but says he does believe they're doing what's best for everyone. She agrees, but still worries about Austin. She wishes he would see Sami for who she REALLY is. She believes that Austin is the 'true' innocent in all this. Victor feels for Kate, but says that Austin has to find that out for himself, she can't tell Austin or fix it for him herself. Austin tries to go console Sami, but she says he can't help her. He says that Lucas won't take Will away from her, and that he'll do everything he can to help her. Sami angrily says, "that won't happen"! Austin pointedly asks, how is she going to prevent that?! Nicole runs to her and Lucas' room. He apologizes for not talking to her. She starts to manipulate him and starts to lay a major guilt trip on him, by saying she thought he was different from other men, and that he only wants her for her body.

Brandon finally convinces Larry to stay working at the hospital. Larry says he does like working there and does like working with Sami. Abe is trying to explain to Lexie why he never went to see Larry after he was shot. Abe calls himself a coward. Brandon and Larry are in the elevator while Abe and Lexie are waiting for the elevator.

Victor is telling Kate to hang in there. Kate says she just wishes Austin would just see Sami for who she really is. Victor says he will, meanwhile, we need to keep Lucas, Nicole and Will here, so we can get our five million dollars back. With some concern Kate asks Victor what will happen to Nicole after she loses her money? He says I told you not to worry about that, I'll take care of Nicole. Kate asks Victor what he means by that, and he says, "let's just say, Nicole will never use or abuse anyone ever again." Kate is a bit unnerved by that. She tells Victor that she must admit that she gets chills when he says things like that. He says, that Nicole won't continue to make our lives a living hell. Lucas is still trying to console Nicole, but she's not giving in. Lucas tells Nicole that he only brought up going to Europe to freak Sami out.

Hope and John are still talking when the baby kicks. She gets excited. She grabs John's hand and puts it on her belly so he can feel the baby kick. He's happy and smiles and even laughs a little, even though he's stressed thinking the baby might be his.

Nicole is still trying to get Lucas to move out of the Kiriakis mansion. He won't, because it's in the best interest of Will. She says that she doesn't care about Sami and Will. That she ONLY cares about her and Lucas, and that she's not sure of their marriage anymore. He's surprised, and asks what she means. She says she had HIGH expectations of their marriage and that one by one they're being SHOT down.

Austin is still trying to console Sami but she rushes off to work. He basically asked her point blank if Sami would be honest with him, but she was evasive and vague on her answer.

The elevator doors at the hospital open, and Abe and Lexie and Brandon and Larry just stare at each other for a few seconds. Abe finally walks off. Lexie looks at Brandon somewhat accusatorily.

John is still feeling Hope's baby kick, and he seems REALLY happy. Hope says this baby is strong, that's for sure. John funnily says, he'll kick for da Bears! Hope tells John how strange it is that Bo isn't as connected to this baby as he was to Shawn D. John says he thinks that Bo is just overwhelmed is all. Hope says yeah right, maybe, but she doesn't quite buy it. Hope looks at John suspiciously as she states that and says she thinks John knows why? John looks at Hope in disbelief.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

At Salem High, Belle and Chloe were discussing the fact that Chloe's grandfather was in the hospital because he had symptoms of a heart attack. Chloe said that was the reason she wasn't able to tell Nancy she planned to stay in Salem. Belle commented that Nancy must be very worried about her father. Chloe agreed saying Nancy was especially worried because she was probably the cause of the symptoms. Chloe explained how she'd been making sure her grandfather had taken his heart medication as scheduled but said if he and Nancy had gotten into one of their infamous fights she could see how he'd forget to take it. Belle said she could tell Chloe was "fond" of her grandfather. Chloe told her "I wouldn't call it fond" but went on to say that he's interesting. Belle brought up the subject of summer vacation and asked Chloe what she would like for them to do. When Chloe told Belle her popular friends wouldn't approve of the two of them hanging out Belle reminded her that not all of them were "immature babies." "Shawn likes you" Belle told Chloe. "Yeah. He's nice." Chloe responded. Belle said she was glad they had become friends. Chloe told Belle she wasn't used to looking forward to summer and said she hoped to be included in the summer plans. They smiled happily at each other.

In Craig's office at the hospital, Nancy's father was ranting about the fact that he hadn't been released yet. Nancy explained that Craig had been called into emergency surgery and when he was finished he'd surely release him as soon as possible. Her father suggested that perhaps Craig should have brain surgery himself as it would surely make him a better person. Nancy told her father Craig was perfect the way he is. She said she'd come to the conclusion that she must tell Craig she's Chloe's birth mother. Her father tried to discourage her saying if she did that she'd regret it for the rest of her days. Nancy explained that she must tell Craig the truth and although she's scared he'll lose faith in her she believes their marriage vows are strong enough to get them through this. Her father disagreed and said there's no way Craig would understand her betrayal. He told her Craig would never be able to get over the fact that not only did she cheat on him but she gave birth to a child she never mentioned. She said it would be very hard to tell Craig that she was with another man as he thought he was the only man she'd ever been with. She explained that after their fight all those years ago she thought they were over. She said when they made up she was so grateful to have Craig back in her life at the time she thought it best not to tell him what happened when they were apart. She told her father cheating on Craig was one of the 2 biggest mistakes she'd ever made. She said the other one was giving up Chloe. She told him she wouldn't give Chloe up again and that she'd do everything in her power to show Chloe how much she wanted and loved her. Her father said Craig would be devastated by the truth and told her the time would come when she would have to choose between her daughter and her husband. He asked her if she was willing to give Craig up. He promised her if she told Craig the truth her marriage would surely be over. She said no matter what she knew she owed Craig the truth. She told him although she doesn't have a magic wand to wave around to make "this mistake as you call it" go away she had to believe things would work out. She asked her father to go home to her mother and leave Chloe with her. He refused saying he wasn't leaving until after Nancy confessed as she would need his support once Craig showed her what he's really made of and filed for a divorce. She opened the office door and after looking out she immediately shut it saying "Oh My God! Here comes Craig now."

As they were exiting the hospital elevator, Brandon and Larry ran into Lexie who asked to speak to Larry privately. When Larry agreed she told him Abe had told her about the accidental shooting and she apologized for all the pain it caused him and his family. She told him she'd do anything to make things better for him. He said that she nor anyone else could take away the bullet that paralyzed him therefore things would never be better. He left her standing alone and when the elevator reopened Marlena immediately asked Lexie what was wrong. They agreed to go into Lexie's office to talk. Lexie explained to Marlena that she had learned something about Abe that's been causing her to question who he is. She told Marlena she's beginning to feel she's married to a stranger and asked Marlena if she'd ever felt that way about John. Marlena didn't respond. Lexie told Marlena about the accidental shooting and how Abe's bullet paralyzed Larry for life. She said she understood it was an accident but couldn't understand how Abe didn't make any contact with Larry after the shooting. She said she felt Abe acted irresponsible and unfeeling and asked Marlena how she's supposed to deal with it. Lexie told Marlena she didn't want to sound like she wasn't supportive of Abe but said she had a lot of questions she wanted answered. She brought up another incident involving Abe that had bothered her. She said during the case of Brandon vs. Abe he'd been insistent on punishing Brandon severely and she hadn't understood his behavior then either. Marlena told Lexie she was hearing a lot of anger in her voice and wondered aloud if there was something else bothering Lexie. "Something personal?" Marlena asked. Lexie explained how she's upset because she hasn't conceived. Marlena mentioned the possibility of Lexie being angry because Abe was reluctant to see a fertility doctor. Lexie said Abe was also reluctant to consider adoption. Marlena said she didn't have the answers to Lexie's questions but promised to be a supportive friend who would be there for her no matter what. Lexie commented that she knew Marlena would understand because of what she'd been through with John. Marlena said what happened to John was different because he'd been brainwashed to become someone else. Lexie agreed and the women hugged as Lexie thanked Marlena for being such a good friend.

Meanwhile, Brandon made his way over to the Nurse's desk and asked Sami why she looked so upset. She told Brandon of a little boy that was just released to his mother. She said he reminded her of Will. She told him she missed being with Will and being separated from him was tearing her apart. He asked her if she wanted to talk about it. She agreed and they went out on the hospital terrace together. She told him Will was her life and vowed to do everything she could to keep him in her life. She told him of the plan she'd formulated with Nicole to get Lucas to drink again and he assured her Nikki would do her best to make that happen. Sami told him about Lucas threatening to take Will and move to Europe. She said she was confident Nicole would prevent that from happening as it would take her too far away from Eric. She told Brandon she was surprised Nicole wanted to leave Lucas who had scads of money to be with Eric who had no money. Brandon said it didn't matter because Nicole had enough money for the both of them. Sami asked him what he meant and he went on to say Nicole was making good money at Titan and had recently gotten a bonus. Sami reminded him she also had made "good" money at Titan but it certainly wasn't enough for her to live on. She told him he made it sound like Nicole was set for life. He said Nicole had saved enough money to support herself for "a while." Sami told Brandon she wished Austin was supportive of her the same way he'd been. Brandon told her Austin wasn't good enough for her and she told him she wouldn't discuss Austin with him. He said one day she would discover she wanted a man who thought more like she did. She asked him if he'd found a place to live. he told her he found an apartment that was in desperate need of being decorated. He asked her if she'd like to help him. "Sure. What are friends for?" she responded. She hugged him while thanking him for being such a good friend. Lexie watched the two of them through the window and she had a very confused look on her face.

At the Kiriakis mansion Nicole told Lucas she was unhappy with their marriage and if things didn't improve soon she wanted out. He told her this was the first he'd heard of her unhappiness. She told him he hadn't noticed she was unhappy because he hadn't been paying attention. She said EVERY aspect of their marriage was lacking. She told him she thought it was wrong of him to keep Will from his mother and suggested he once again offer Sami joint custody. He reminded her he'd tried once but Sami refused. He said Sami would never agree because she wanted Will all to herself. He told her he wouldn't let Sami win and said he was certain he could take care of Will the way he needed to be taken care of. Nicole told him she was tired of him always choosing Will over her. She reminded him the only reason he'd been awarded full custody in the first place was because Sami was convicted of a crime she didn't commit. He said nothing. At the penthouse Hope and John were discussing her baby. She told him Bo hadn't been acting as excited with this pregnancy as he had when she was pregnant with Shawn. John told her it must be because Bo's overwhelmed by the past years events. Hope said she hoped that was all it was but still felt certain everyone was hiding something from her. She said she came to him because due to his own experience he must know what she's going through regarding the missing year of her life. She asked that as one of her oldest and dearest friends he tell her what happened while she was Gina. He told her the past was best left in the past but she insisted she must know. "Damn it, Gina. Why are you always so stubborn?" John asked. Hope was stunned. When she asked him why he called her Gina he said it meant nothing. He told her something in his sub-conscientious must've caused him to call her that. He went out on the terrace and she immediately followed. She said Bo told her he'd married Princess Gina on New Years Eve and at one time Gina carried a torch for John. She begged him to tell her what happened. She asked him if he'd ever loved Gina and if the memory flashes he'd had of Gina were from years ago or of him with her. She told him she was uncomfortable about asking but needed to know..."Did I try to seduce you?" she asked. Marlena arrived unannounced and over heard Hope telling John "I need you..." with John telling Hope it wasn't going to happen. Because Marlena hadn't overheard Hope asking John to tell her what happened while she was Gina Marlena assumed Hope's personality had split again. "Oh God! This can't be happening again." she said.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Chloe thinks that her mom must be out shopping or too busy fighting with her father to answer the phone. Belle tells Chloe that anytime she ever needs anyone to talk to she is here. Chloe thanks Belle, but tells her that she doesn't want anyone else to know the truth about Nancy. Belle doesn't understand why Nancy wouldn't want anyone to know the truth? Chloe says the reason is Craig. Chloe tells Belle that Craig doesn't know she is Nancy's daughter, let alone that Nancy has a child. Chloe asks if they can change the subject, so Belle asks Chloe if she's ever been into any other type of music other than opera? Chloe says she only likes opera. Belle thinks she must have had years of lessons, but Chloe says she's never told anyone that she can sing, and she's only had some piano and flute lessons. Belle is amazed, and tells Chloe that she is amazing. However, she says she wouldn't have run out of the pub after singing like that, and she also says that the dock isn't the safest place to hang out after dark. Chloe asks how she knew about that? Belle tells her that she was spotted at the docks meeting with a guy. Chloe says she didn't go to the dock to meet a guy, they just ran into one another. Chloe agrees to tell Belle who it was, as long as she doesn't tell anyone. Belle agrees.

Mimi and Philip show up at Dot.Com, and Philip wants Mimi to buy them some drinks. Mimi refuses and says she bought the last one, he owes her. Shawn walks in and asks what is going on? Philip says that Mimi has gone cheap on him and is acting like she is down to her last five bucks. Philip agrees to buy the drinks for them because he is dying of thirst. Mimi ends up putting her food in her purse, and Philip wonders what is going on. Mimi says she isn't hungry anymore and will save it for later. She changes the subject to Chloe's mystery man, and wonders that who would be down on the docks with her. Shawn defends Chloe, and Mimi tells him that if he hangs with geeks then it will rub off on him, and he won't be voted King of the Spring Dance. Shawn doesn't care and says that Philip would make a better king than he would.

Shawn approaches Belle and Chloe before Chloe can tell Belle who she was with at the docks. Shawn tells Chloe that there are some bad rumors going around about her, but she shouldn't worry. Chloe tells Shawn that she won't be hanging around the docks anymore, especially with the guy she was with because he turned out to be a jerk. After Shawn leaves, Belle asks Chloe who she was with at the docks? Chloe says it was no one important.

Nancy tells her father, who is now conscious, that she's taking him to the hospital. Nancy brings her father into the hospital, and he is screaming that he wants out of this wheelchair because he is not an invalid. Nancy asks Brenda for Craig, but Dr. Miller refuses to have Craig as his doctor because he will kill him. Nancy says Craig is a brilliant doctor, but Dr. Miller doesn't want him checking out his heart. Craig shows up and asks Dr. Miller if he's afraid he'll find out he has no heart? Craig asks what is going on, and Nancy explains what happened. She asks Craig to check her father out, so he agrees, but only for her. Dr. Miller refuses to allow Craig the quack to check him out. Brenda tells Dr. Miller that she's heard enough from him. She tells him that this is a hospital and they don't tolerate screaming unless they're in pain, and he is a pain in the ass! She also tells him that he is lucky to have Dr. Wesley examine him because he is the best doctor in all of Salem! Dr. Miller is impressed with Brenda, so she wheels him to an examine room. Craig asks Nancy what brought on her father's attack? She tells him they were talking about Chloe, and there is so much she needs to tell him. She says she doesn't have time to go into everything right now, and asks him to just go check on her dad for her. Craig doesn't know how she can be that man's daughter, and leaves. Nancy ponders what to do, if she doesn't tell Craig the truth she could lose Chloe, but if she does tell him the truth, she could lose Craig.

Maggie and Lucas pull Sami and Nicole off of one another. Lucas blames Sami for this, but Sami says that Nicole started it. Nicole, who thinks Sami really did pick a fight with her for real, says she is going to tell Lucas exactly what she is up to. Sami apologizes to Nicole and says she was out of line, but Lucas doesn't want to hear it. Sami tells Lucas that she has nothing to say to him, she apologizes to Nicole and to Maggie. Sami leaves to freshen up, and Lucas suspects that Sami is up to something because that is the only reason she'd have drinks with Nicole. Lucas realizes Maggie knows something, and asks her to tell him what is going on. Maggie says that Sami wanted to try to work things out with Nicole, but Lucas is still suspicious of Sami. Nicole follows Sami into the bathroom and tells Sami that she gets what happened, and tells Sami that was quick thinking. Sami says that with them working together, Lucas will take one quick drunken tumble down those steps big time, and then she can get Will back. Nicole asks Sami if she thinks Lucas overheard them? Sami says no, if he did she would be black and blue. Nicole says Lucas isn't a violent man, but Sami says Lucas did hit his son.

Sami tells that Lucas showing up here will work to their advantage, but Nicole says he almost caught them. Sami says she can make anything work to her advantage, and Lucas almost catching them is definitely a cloud with a silver lining. Nicole and Sami leave the bathroom acting like best buds, and Lucas continues be suspicious. He says that Sami never apologizes unless she is after something. Sami says she is after something, and she's not ashamed to admit it. Sami says she is trying to be civil with him and Nicole for Will's sake. Lucas asks for his barf bag and says she only wants visitation rights with Will. Sami tells Lucas that he is right, and she has realized she has spent far to long fighting with him instead of trying to get along. She thanks Lucas for allowing her to live at the mansion and spend time with Will, and she promises from now on that she will be so nice to him and Nicole that he'll never recognize her. Lucas asks why now, why not months ago? Maggie tells Lucas that he knows that it is when someone is at their lowest that they realize they must change, and she says she is proud of Sami. Sami tells Lucas that she has put him through hell, and she is sorry, but she has suffered to. She asks Lucas, for Will's sake, can they try to work things out? Lucas tells her that he doesn't know what to say, and he'll think about it. Maggie tells Sami that she is proud of her, but Sami informs Maggie that she still doesn't trust Lucas, but will do whatever it takes to keep Will in her life forever.

Stefano comforts Lexie after she tells him that she was mugged. Lexie thanks her father for his concern, and she likes him worrying about her. She then sees that the table is wet, and asks why? Stefano says he's not concerned with that, he's concerned about her, and he asks her to tell her what happened. She explains everything to him. Lexie thanks her father for being here for her, and she really needed her dad tonight. Lexie looks forward to the day her children can come to her with their problems, but she tells her dad that she is not pregnant yet.

Stefano brings up adoption and says that perhaps Abe will come around to the idea when he sees how deeply she wants a baby. Lexie gets up to call the station and talk to Abe, but is suddenly hit with a pain. Stefano asks Lexie if the man who mugged her hurt her in any way? Did he punch her in the face? Lexie says he did, and Stefano says that the man will pay for this. Lexie thanks him, but says nobody will probably find him. Stefano has one of his drivers see Lexie to her car, and then goes to deal with Rolf. Rolf is working in the lab to learn who the father of Hope's baby is when Stefano comes in and decks Rolf. The second vial of fluid falls to the floor with Rolf, and it breaks.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

At the Kiriakis guest house, Sami was discussing with Eric how upsetting it is to her that she will be separated from her son once she moves. He tried to convince her she and Lucas must come to a joint agreement for Will's sake. She told him that would never happen. The butler arrived with Will who had insisted on seeing his mother. Sami was ecstatic to see him but he left her speechless when he asked her to tell him what was going on. Sami told Henderson it was okay to leave Will with her. She promised to return her son to the main house before bedtime. Will happily greeted his uncle Eric who told him he wanted him to come visit often. When he asked Eric why Sami reminded Will she would be going to live with his uncle Eric so that would be her new home. She was devastated when he said "Please don't go, mommy." When Sami and Eric returned Will to the main house she told him she'd read him one more story. She said it was very important to her that he understand she wi! ll no longer be able to read him his bedtime story and tuck him in "but that doesn't mean..." She couldn't finish due to the tears. Eric handed Will to Henderson who took him upstairs. Eric held Sami in his arms while her tears spilled over. She held on tightly while she said "Oh Eric!" She was heartbroken. When Henderson returned with water for the two of them he heard Sami telling Eric the room they were in often brought back her memory of seeing Franco's dead body on the floor. Henderson recalled what a tragedy that was. Eric said it gave him chills to think about how close they had come to losing Sami and that he was thankful the real murderer had confessed. Henderson told them he was also relieved when someone came forward but was surprised when he saw the man's picture in the newspaper. Sami asked him why the picture surprised him. He explained that he was not working the night Franco was murdered and had been out running errands when he stopped at a ! club for a drink. He told them he was fascinated by a couple sitting close by that were speaking fluent Spanish. He said he'd always had an interest in the language and hoped to learn it someday. He explained he was certain the man in the picture was the same man he'd seen at the club but after reading he confessed he decided he must have been mistaken. He told Sami if it wasn't the same man it was surely his double. Sami asked Henderson what the name of the club was where he'd seen the man. He hesitantly told her it was the strip club in town and she immediately assured him whatever he did in his free time was no one's business but his own and Eric agreed. He thanked them for their discretion. Will returned with the book he wanted Sami to read to him. She promised him she'd be right up and would read to him for as long as he wanted her to. Henderson took him back upstairs. When they were alone Sami and Eric agreed something was going on. Sami said she'd always felt like Kate ! and Lucas were hiding something about that night. "We may be on to something here" Eric said. At .COM, Philip and Shawn were playing a computer game while Jan and Jason watched. Jason came up with the idea that the two of them should have a tournament to determine who the best player is. He said the loser would have to ask "ghoul girl to the Last Blast" Philip readily agreed while Shawn immediately declined. He told them he'd already made plans to go jet skiing with his dad that weekend therefore he wouldn't be going to the dance with anyone. Philip said if Shawn thought he'd win the tournament the jet skiing weekend would be a non-issue. Shawn told Philip he was way off base. "Prove it then." Philip said. He told Shawn to accept the challenge. "Your on." Shawn said as they shook hands. Jason asked if there were any questions about the rules. When they said they didn't have any questions Philip asked Shawn if he was ready to begin. He opted to go with Jason to get drinks for everyone. When they were alone Jan said if Shawn took "! ;ghoul girl" to the dance than Philip would certainly be crowned "king of the sophomore class...but if YOU end up taking her..." "Don't even say that" Philip responded. When Shawn and Jason returned the tournament began with Philip winning the first game. When finished they were interrupted by Shawn's ringing phone. When he hung up he explained he had to go as his parents would be there in 5 minutes to pick him up. Jan asked if anything was wrong and commented it may be time for the baby to come. Shawn said they would have told him if that's what it was about. He said they had assured him everything was fine. As he was leaving he said he'd find out in a few minutes what they wanted. At Faye's house, Brandon and Nicole arrived and she told him she never should have agreed to come. He said it was important to him that she be there. He said if she couldn't do it for herself or for their mother "then do it for me". She agreed. When Faye opened the door she greeted him happily and invited him in. He hugged her and said "Happy Birthday Mom!" She greeted Nicole who reluctantly hugged her and said "Yeah, Happy Birthday". She told them she was thrilled they came to see her. Brandon happily gave her a gift saying "Open it." When she pulled a dress out of the bag she was stunned. "It's beautiful!" she told him although she said she was unsure where she would wear it. He told her he wanted her to go put it on right now because he was taking her out to dinner. She explained she had already made dinner for them but he told her she could eat it tomorrow. He asked Nicole to take their mother into her room and help her get! dressed while he wrapped up dinner. Nicole informed her brother their mother could get herself dressed but when he shot her a stern look she relented. "Oh alright. C'mon. Let's see what we can do with you." she said. When they emerged Brandon told his mother she looked beautiful. and said "Let's go have dinner." His mother asked where they were going and he told her he'd made reservations for them at Tuscany. She insisted it was too expensive but he assured her she deserved nothing but the best. When they arrived Maggie greeted them warmly and said their table was almost ready. Brandon told his mother Taylor wanted to join them but couldn't because she had finals to study for. Faye said she understood. She thanked Nicole for joining them and commented she hoped to meet her husband sometime. Through gritted teeth she told her mother she was happy to be there with just her "family". At another table, Victor and Kate commented to Lucas how nice it w! as to spend time with him...without his wife. Kate said Nicole's shopping expedition was obviously more important to her than spending time with her husband. Lucas told his mother he wouldn't tolerate her bad-mouthing his wife and said if she continued to do so he'd have to separate himself from her. She assured him she only wanted happiness for him but was worried Nicole would only bring him misery. He told her he wanted Nicole in his life and had never been happier. He said his main concern right now was making sure Will was happy. Victor wondered aloud how Will had come about. He said he was interested in learning how Lucas had gotten involved with Sami in the first place. Lucas explained at one time he and Sami were best friends. He said they were both in love with other people but came together in a time of need. He said they had realized they couldn't be with the ones they loved so they turned to each other for comfort. He explained one kiss led to another... He said it ! was only one night but he doesn't regret a minute of it because Will was the result. Victor warned Lucas if he continued to keep Will from his mother he was asking for trouble. He said threatening Sami was like playing with fire and Lucas would surely be burned. He told Lucas if he didn't agree to shared custody with Sami it would definitely cause problems for him and his mother. Lucas asked his mother what her opinion was. "Although I hate to admit it. I think Victor is right" she said. Lucas was stunned. When Victor spotted Nicole and Brandon being seated Kate commented Nicole hadn't mentioned she'd be going to dinner after shopping. Kate wondered aloud who the other woman was with them. "I don't know. Could it be Sami?" Victor asked. Lucas immediately excused himself and went over to their table. Nicole was surprised to see her husband and took him aside to speak to him privately. "I thought you said you were going shopping?" he asked her. "Well, excuse me for getting hungry!" she responded. She said she didn't realize she had to check in with him to find out if it was okay for her to go out to dinner. He told her that isn't what he meant and she said he accused her of being a liar. She again told him she was unhappy with their marriage. "And with you." she said. He said he thought things between them were improving but she disagreed. She again said if things didn't change she wanted out. She left Lucas speechless while she went to the ! bar to get a drink. When Victor realized it was Faye Walker with Brandon and Nicole he told Kate they must go say hello. After greeting her, Victor told Faye she looked beautiful. She said Brandon bought her the dress because he wanted to take her out for a nice dinner on her birthday. Victor introduced her to Kate and Faye extended her hand saying "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Kiriakis." When Kate shook her hand Brandon explained to his mother Kate wasn't "Mrs Kiriakis" "They aren't married" he told her before excusing himself. She was flustered but Victor assured her their was no need for her to be embarrassed as most people assumed they were married. "And we soon will be" he said. He excused himself to go speak with a business associate. Faye invited Kate to sit down with her "Oh, alright." Kate said. Faye commented it seemed it seemed strange to be meeting for the first time considering their children were married to each other. ! "Yes, unfortunately" Kate said. "What?" replied Faye. Kate said if she'd had her way "that marriage never would have happened." In Craig's office at the hospital, he insisted Nancy tell him what was going on. He said he was sure she was hiding something from him. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Chloe and when Nancy told her she was about to tell Craig the truth Chloe begged her not to. Nancy asked Chloe why this was upsetting to her and told her daughter this is what she WANTED to do and thought Chloe wanted the same thing. "Unless your ashamed of me..." Nancy said. Craig demanded to know the truth and told Nancy he wanted to hear it from her. "Chloe is my daughter" she said. Craig began rambling on about how he could see Nancy had become very fond of Chloe and probably "wished" she really was her daughter. He admitted it had taken him a while but even he had begun to get used to having Chloe around. He reminded her they both knew Chloe wasn't their daughter. Chloe and her grandfather both interfered in the conversation and told Nancy they should just ! leave things the way they are. Nancy didn't allow it and told Craig she meant it when she said Chloe was her daughter. "I gave birth to her and with a little encouragement from my father I gave her up for adoption." she told Craig. He reminded her he'd known her all her life and would certainly have known if she was pregnant. "Remember that summer I went to Paris..." she said. He said he did saying "You went there to study..." When he realized that had been a lie he immediately attacked her father and said angrily "You forced her to do that!!" Nancy separated the two men telling Craig this was between the two of them not between him and her father. Nancy told her father and Chloe she needed to speak to her husband alone. Before Chloe left Nancy apologized for upsetting her by telling Craig the truth but wanted Chloe to understand she was doing it for all the right reasons. "When your a mother you'll understand." Nancy said. &qu! ot;Like I'd ever want to be a mother!" Chloe yelled before running away crying. Chloe and her grandfather went to the cafeteria to talk. He explained it may not look like it but he really does love his daughter very much. "But your always fighting" Chloe reminded him. "You always fight with the ones you love most." he said. He told her if there was one thing he knew about his daughter it was that she loved HER daughter very much. He explained since Nancy had been born the two of them had been very close. He said Nancy was the light of his life. Chloe commented Nancy was also lucky enough to have grown up with a mother who loved and wanted her. He said things weren't always as they appeared to be. "You mean they weren't close?" Chloe asked. He said Nancy and her mother were never close and his wife had always been jealous of their daughter because she was so important to him. He told Chloe his wife felt Nancy took his attention away from her a! nd the relationship they shared. He explained she was often cruel to Nancy. Chloe asked him what he meant and he told her his wife said and "did" things to Nancy she shouldn't have. "What things? Did she hit her?" Chloe asked. When he said she did Chloe asked him if he did anything to stop her. He explained he was a very busy doctor at the time who chose to stay out of their relationship. He said once Nancy's brother came along his wife devoted her life to him and left Nancy alone. He told Chloe this brought him and his daughter even closer. Chloe said she was sorry Nancy's mother hadn't treated her better but at least "she didn't give her away!" He said nothing. Meanwhile, back in Craig's office he berated Nancy for lying to him all these years. He reminded her they had been friends since childhood but said now he wasn't sure he'd ever really known her at all. She apologized for all the lies and told him he was her life. She begged him for his fo! rgiveness. He said he wasn't sure if just saying "I'm sorry" was enough to get them through this. He reminded her she had 15 years to deal with this while he'd only had 15 minutes to absorb it. She told him he had every right to be angry and to yell at her. She encouraged him to yell some more...let his anger out. He said he knew they had been very careful to prevent a pregnancy and couldn't understand how this could've happened. He told her she had betrayed his trust and he didn't know if they could get past this. He said the worst part was she hadn't even given him the opportunity to say what he wanted to happen with "their" child. "That's where your wrong." she said. He asked her what she meant. "You're wrong because she's my daughter, Craig. She's not yours." Craig was stunned.

Friday, May 5, 2000

Revealing to Belle that Nancy finally told Craig the truth about her, Chloe admits that it's very likely Craig might leave his wife and thinks that she would do so if she was in that situation. Shawn and Philip do battle at the video game, with each winning a game and dreading the prospect of taking Chloe to the dance. On their way to pick up Shawn, Hope pulls a surprise on Bo by having a dedication made on the local radio station. After they stop for a little romance, Hope and Bo take Shawn to their new home. Rolf meets with his pregnant niece and advises her that if she wants to make some money and sell her baby to Stefano, she's going to have to clean up her act. Marlo manages to make the change necessary but Stefano sees through her act and blasts Rolf for trying to pull a fast one on him. However, he realizes Marlo may be his only choice. At Tuscany Nicole tries to calm her husband down and offers him a drink but Lucas isn't interested. When Fayechastises Kate for the way she's talked about her children, Kate apologizes and suggests that they'll both have to learn to get along. When Abe and Lexie arrive, Fayespots the man from her past.



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