The Young and the Restless alum Sofia Pernas joins husband Justin Hartley on Tracker

Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2024 4:07:59 PM
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Sofia Pernas and Justin Hartley met on The Young and the Restless and are now taking their working relationship to primetime.

It was 2015 when Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas first met while he played Adam Newman and she played Marisa Sierras on The Young and the Restless, but they didn't wed until 2021. After their initial meeting as members of Genoa City society, Hartley married Chrishell Stause (ex-Amanda Dillon, All My Children; ex-Jordan Ridgeway, Days of our Lives; ex-Bethany Bryant, Y&R), whom he divorced in 2019.

Now, Hartley and Pernas will once again be on-screen together in the hit CBS series Tracker, which premiered on Super Bowl Sunday, starring Hartley as Colter Shaw. It was so successful right out of the gate that it was renewed for a second season on March 4 after just a handful of episodes.

On March 24, Pernas will guest-star on Tracker as Billie, a woman from Colter's past who joins him in his quest to track down a missing racehorse.

Pernas previewed the episode for TV Insider and opened up about what it was like working with her husband again.

"It's a really cool meeting of the minds because we're sort of crossing paths at each moment in this horse search," Pernas said of the March 24 episode. "At first, obviously they're not teaming up, so they keep running into each other in these case points, and finally they're like, 'You know what?' I just kind of walk up to him like, 'Listen, why don't we just work together? We obviously don't really like each other, so let's work together. Let's get this squared away so we can just go our separate ways and say bye.' That's sort of her manipulative way of getting him to team up with her."

With nearly a decade since the last time Pernas and Hartley appeared together on Y&R, the actress relished the chance to do it again in brand-new roles.

"It's always cliché to say that your partner is your best friend, but he really is. So going to work with your best friend is about all it's chalked up to be," Pernas said. It's awesome. And he's so prepared as an actor, and he knows all of his lines, and he really, really, really takes all of this so seriously because he's so committed to it. So it's nice to work with someone who does that and it feels like you can play."

Tracker airs Sundays at 9 pm EST and can be streamed on Paramount+.

Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS

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