One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 2, 2011 on OLTL

Todd awoke from his coma and accused Tomás of being the shooter. Todd was disappointed to learn that Jack had been bullying Shane. Cutter helped Tess to receive an annulment from Ford so that she could marry Cutter. Charlie walked out on Echo after he learned that she had always known the truth about Rex's paternity. Destiny and Matthew headed to the bedroom. Natalie discovered that the tape was really Marty's therapy session, not Shane's.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 2, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, May 2, 2011

"Enough with the waterworks!," Todd said quietly as Téa cried over him in the hospital. Téa's sad tears turned to happy sobs, and she couldn't stop crying. "Stop crying," Todd said weakly. "Not a chance," Téa replied. She grabbed a glass of water with a straw and ordered Todd to take a drink. She wanted to run out and grab a doctor, but Todd had something to say first.

"I'd like to know what happened," Todd said. Téa babbled on about how she'd never thought she'd see him again, and she wanted to fetch Dani and call the rest of the family, because they'd all missed him. Again, Todd asked her what had happened. Téa explained that he'd been in surgery and then a coma, and the doctors hadn't been certain if he'd had a reaction to the anesthesia. Todd clarified, that he meant before the surgery. "You were shot, Todd," Téa disclosed.

Out in the hallway, Dani and Nate spent some time together, and Dani told Nate about the weird phone calls and harassment that Todd had apparently been receiving prior to being shot. It had all caused him to "snap," Dani advised Nate, and that was why Todd had been so mean to Nate. Her mom had no idea who had been behind the calls, but Dani was certain it couldn't be her Uncle Tomas. Nate agreed with his girlfriend, but he and Shaun exchanged looks over Dani's head. Dani wished her dad would wake up, so that he could tell them who had shot him. Dani vowed to make the shooter pay.

Téa ran out of Todd's room, calling for a doctor. Dani was frightened. "Your father's back," Téa shouted happily. The women rushed into Todd's room as Shaun went to get a doctor. Todd pretended to be unconscious when Téa and Dani walked in, but then he laughed. Dani admitted that she'd been both angry at him and loving to him while he'd been in a coma. She'd read to him and yelled at him, she explained. "How do you do that to people?" Dani asked. "It's your father's very special gift," Téa explained. Dani left as the doctor walked in and asked Todd his name.

Todd was reluctant to answer. "Humor him," Téa ordered her husband. The doctor asked Todd what date it was, but he understood that Todd really wasn't aware of it, having been in a coma for a month and a half. The doctor announced that Todd was stable, but tests would be needed as well as more rest. He left, and Todd asked Téa to tell him about the shooting. She advised him that he'd been shot in Rodi's parking lot. Todd looked thoughtful. "Todd, do you remember something?" Téa inquired.

Todd tried to recall the incident, and he did his best to see the events of the night of the shooting. He remembered that John had pulled him down after someone had shot at them. "Did they catch the guy?" Todd wondered. Téa explained that John had been working on it, but they didn't know the identity of the shooter yet. "Do you?" she asked her husband.

Dani found Nate waiting in the hallway outside of her father's room. She didn't know what she'd ever do without Nate, Dani stated. Nate felt the same way about Dani. She hoped that she would have a normal family life for a little while.

Tomas and Blair sat in a booth together in a candlelit Capricorn, and Tomas spoke about how he'd hoped to meet the woman in his painting. He'd waited years to meet her, and the more he learned about her, the more he wanted to know. Blair admitted that she felt the same, and the two shared a kiss. As the kissing grew more passionate, the couple found themselves lying down on the leather seat. They both wondered if they should stop, and Tomas finally pulled Blair up and onto the dance floor. They began to slow dance. "I don't hear any music," Blair declared. "You sure? I can hear it," Tomas uttered.

"I've decided to stay in Llanview," Deanna announced to James and Starr as they stood around in James's apartment. "Until?" Starr asked. "Until whenever. It feels like this could be my new home," Deanna declared. Deanna revealed that it had "just hit her," and she hoped to look for a job. There was nothing back in Dayton for her except for bad memories, Deanna added. She wanted money in order to hire the lawyer to look for her mother. Starr pointed out how difficult it was to find a job.

James reminded Deanna that he and Starr were together, and it wasn't going to change. Deanna confirmed that she didn't want to cause any trouble, but James was her only family. They'd always been friends, and she hoped to be friends with Starr as well. It wasn't like high school, Deanna pointed out, and she thought that they shouldn't hate each other. Starr began to agree, but her phone rang.

It was Nate, who advised her that Todd was awake. Starr was thrilled, and she had several calls to make, she said excitedly. James offered to drive Starr to the hospital, and he told Deanna that she could stay at his place temporarily. After the couple had gone, Deanna sat with one of James's shirts and thought back to her happy life with James in Ohio.

At Rex and Gigi's place, Natalie made herself comfortable in order to listen to Shane's therapy session tape. She turned it on and was taken aback. It definitely wasn't Shane's voice she heard, and she was certain that it was Marty. She'd recognize that voice anywhere, she said to baby Liam. Natalie checked the case, and it read Shane Morasco. She realized that it had probably been mislabeled, and she thought she'd better get in touch with Rex. Suddenly, Natalie stopped, thought about it, and made a decision: of course she should listen to it!

Natalie laughed nervously. She began to play the tape, and she heard Marty state that Marty deserved to be with John, after all she'd done to split up Natalie and John. Natalie stopped the tape. "What is she talking about?" Natalie wondered. She shouldn't be listening, she told herself, because it wasn't an emergency, except for the fact that Marty had a vendetta against Natalie and kept talking about her. "Then all bets are off," Natalie proclaimed. As she prepared to listen to more, Gigi and Rex ran into the house, announcing that they'd changed their minds, and they didn't want Natalie to listen.

Gigi had decided it was wrong to play the tape, and Rex noted that it violated Shane's privacy. Natalie informed them that it didn't, because the tape was labeled incorrectly, and it wasn't Shane's tape after all. She smiled broadly at Rex and Gigi and told them that it was really Marty's tape. She had just been "getting to the good part." Natalie disclosed what she'd heard so far, and she admitted that she was eager to hear the rest of the tape.

Rex asserted that he had to sneak the tape back to the doctor's desk, but Natalie begged him to allow her to listen to it. Rex reminded her that Marty was crazy, and Natalie shouldn't believe anything that she heard Marty say -- and nothing could be changed in her life, either, Rex told his sister. Natalie agreed that Rex and Gigi were right. She'd decided not to go to work, after all, she announced. As she packed up her things, she tried to slip the tape in along with them. "Nice try," Rex said as he stopped her. Natalie insisted that she would drop off the tape, because it would be easier for her to sneak into the office. Rex knew that she would listen to it first, and he told her no thanks.

Rex wondered if Natalie would feel bad about listening to Marty's tape, but Natalie assured him that she was fine with what she'd already heard. Rex insisted that John wasn't worth it. John had treated Natalie horribly, had taken advantage of a vulnerable Kelly, and had fired Gigi. John had three strikes, Rex clarified. "It's not baseball," Natalie shouted. "McBain doesn't deserve you," Rex told his sister. "What he said," Gigi added.

Rex thought that Natalie should forget about John. "Why didn't I think of that?" Natalie asked sarcastically. Gigi believed that the tape would only make things worse, and Natalie finally gave in. It wouldn't get John back to her.

John sat on the couch at Marty's house, which was filled with romantic burning candles. He advised Marty that he was happy to hear that Marty didn't want any secrets between them, just like him. Suddenly, Marty leaned over and began to kiss him. He pulled away, surprised. "Marty, what are you doing?" he asked. "What do you think?" she replied. John indicated that he preferred to hear what Marty had to say, because she'd told him that she wouldn't hold anything back. "After," Marty informed him, as she leaned over to kiss him again.

John stood up. "Is something wrong?" Marty asked. "No," John answered. "Well good," Marty said as she went after him again. John stopped her, and Marty was confused. She'd thought that John was interested in her. He admitted that he was, but it was too soon, and he really believed that they should get to know each other again. Marty imagined that John really wasn't interested in her, but John stressed that wasn't so. "Is this about Natalie?" Marty wondered. She asked if John were over Natalie.

John made it clear that he had wanted to take things slowly, but he'd never stated that he wasn't over Natalie. Marty suggested that maybe it was Kelly that John really wanted to be with, however John reminded Marty that he'd cancelled dinner plans with Kelly to be with Marty. He just wanted to start off with Marty as friends, as long as they were "straight with one another." He confessed that he'd been feeling "burned" after his entire life with Natalie had been a lie. He added that it wasn't like Marty had made it happen, but Marty would have done him a favor if she had. "I did make it happen, John," Marty said.

"You're the reason Natalie and I broke up?" John repeated. Marty claimed that she'd merely "contributed" to the breakup by being mean to Natalie. John clarified that it was Natalie's lying that had been the problem, but he wondered if there were something else. He thought that there might be, as he watched Marty's body language closely. "Why are you so focused on Natalie?" Marty inquired. John agreed that he had been talking about his ex-fiancée too much. "How about dinner?" he requested.

After dinner, which John announced that he'd enjoyed very much, he got ready to leave. Marty thanked him for slowing things down, because she hadn't wanted to ruin things between them. John stressed that he just wanted them to be honest with each other. "I can make you happy," Marty said. John assured Marty that she had always made him happy. She advised him that she could fix the hole in his heart and make up for the baby he'd lost. "Don't you mean the baby we lost?" John wondered. Marty stuttered and agreed with John, who wrapped his arms around her and said goodnight.

Tomas lifted Blair onto the piano, and the two decided to take the next step. Suddenly, Blair's phone began to ring, and she insisted on answering it. "Todd's out of his coma?" Blair asked Starr on the other end. Tomas appeared to be angry. Blair apologized, but she had to get to the hospital. Tomas offered to drive her, and he confessed that their interruption meant that he merely had something to look forward to.

Téa tried to press Todd for more memories of the shooting, but Starr ran into the room, and Téa had to drop the questioning. Starr leaned down to hug her father, and she welcomed him back. Todd vowed that he would return home shortly. Starr wondered if Todd recalled the trouble he'd given James and Nate, and the fact that he should have just allowed Starr and Dani to date whoever they wanted to date.

"You can't get rid of me," Blair called out as she strolled quickly into the room. She was thrilled to see Todd awake, and she promised to permit their sons to visit the following day. She and Starr agreed to give Téa and Todd some privacy. Téa wanted Todd to rest, but he wanted to continue with his memories of the night he had been shot. He thought back to that night again, and he quietly asked Téa about the window on the third floor. John had mentioned the shooter being there.

Téa was excited that he recalled that detail, and she asked if he had seen someone at that window. Todd said no, and Téa thought once again that they should stop for the day. "What if I forget?" Todd asked her worriedly. Téa walked him through the scene again.

"I wanted the keys," Todd remembered. Then he recalled "stupid Gigi" who had appeared on the scene in the midst of the shooting. He recalled moving away from his spot because he hadn't wanted to be a target. Téa kept plugging away, trying to jolt Todd's memory. He recalled moving and being out in the open, then getting shot but not feeling it.

In the hallway, James stopped to chat to Dani and Nate. Dani had noticed that James and Starr were dressed up, and she wondered if they'd been on a date. Sorrowfully, James explained that their entire evening had been "messed up," but it had happened prior to the news about Todd. Tomas waited with the young adults while Blair visited with Todd. Dani thought it was amazing that her dad was awake, but she was worried that the shooter would return. Blair returned and assured Dani that no one would let that happen.

Shaun kept his eye on Tomas as the group stood around talking quietly. They all wanted to get specifics from a doctor, and Tomas remained behind with Shaun and Nate. Tomas looked through the window at Todd, glared at him, and then walked away to make a phone call. "He's awake. I don't know yet. He just started talking, but I will find out," was what he said to someone on the other end of the phone. "Who do you think he called?" Nate asked Shaun. "Good question," Shaun replied.

"I saw him in the window," Todd said unexpectedly. "You saw the gunman?" Téa asked eagerly. "I don't remember," Todd replied. Tomas looked back into Todd's room, and Todd spied him there. Téa asked her husband if he'd seen the person who'd shot him. She wondered if Todd would be able to describe him. "It's your brother. Tomas," Todd announced.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the phone with Bo, John wondered why there was a classified CIA file on Tomas. A short while later, he walked into the Buenos Dias and surprised Kelly, who was working on a story entitled "Buchanan Newlyweds Bring Baby Home." Kelly immediately asked about Marty. John said that the encounter had been "weird." He also said that Marty's doctor had tried to get Marty to tell John something, but Marty had stayed quiet.

Kelly wondered what John was going to do, because Marty was clearly hiding something. John countered that Kelly also seemed to be hiding something, but Kelly was only offended that he had compared her to the "mentally ill." John asked what she was working on, and she told him all about the custody hearing. Kelly had always thought that Joey would make a perfect dad. John assured her that it was only temporary custody. Kelly apologized for always talking about Joey in front of John.

Todd told Téa that he had seen Tomas at the shooting. Téa thought that Todd was confused after being in a coma, but Todd wondered why John hadn't had Tomas arrested. Téa explained that John was working on the case, but had no suspects. She continued that John had looked at Tomas, but there hadn't been sufficient evidence. Todd informed her that he was an eyewitness.

Todd accused Téa of not believing him. Todd said that she was going to let her brother get away with murder. Todd reasoned that she knew when he was lying, and that he wasn't. Todd reminded Téa that she hadn't seen her brother in decades, so she no longer really knew Tomas, or what he was capable of.

Outside of Todd's hospital room, Blair expressed how happy she was that Todd had woken up. Shaun agreed, stating that not even bullets or poison could keep Todd down, "Right, Tomas?" he added. A confused Blair wondered what Shaun was talking about. Shaun informed Blair about the syringe, and that he suspected Tomas. Tomas reasoned that the nurse had probably left the syringe there, but Shaun reminded Tomas that the particular type of syringe that was found was no longer used in the hospital.

Starr entered and asked why Tomas would try to poison Todd. Blair was surprised to see Starr back at the hospital so soon, so Starr explained that she had left her phone in Todd's room. Shaun added that Tomas had been the only visitor in Todd's room before the syringe had been found. Tomas replied that the important thing was that Todd was alive and healthy. He didn't think that it made sense to accuse him of attempting to kill Todd. Téa exited Todd's room and informed her brother that Todd had accused Tomas of trying to kill him.

In his room, Todd took Starr's phone out from under the covers and made a call. John answered the phone, wondering why Starr was calling him. "Get over here and do your job," Todd demanded on the other end. Todd told John that Tomas was "lurking" outside his room. He added that John would need his handcuffs at the hospital, because Todd remembered seeing Tomas at the scene.

Kelly was surprised to hear that Todd was awake. John related that Todd was picking fights, so he was back to his old self. Kelly wanted to know if Todd remembered anything, but John couldn't give her any details. Kelly wanted to go to the hospital for the story, but John asked her not to as a personal favor. He kissed her and left, as Kelly watched after him. He poked his head back in the diner to make sure she stayed put, and walked out.

Téa explained that Todd had insisted that he had seen Tomas in the third floor window of the building from which the shots had been fired. Tomas wondered if Todd had seen him with a gun, but Téa informed her brother that Todd's memory still put Tomas at the scene. Shaun observed that Tomas wasn't denying anything. Tomas reasoned that Todd wanted Tomas out of Téa's life, so he was finding a way to make it happen.

Shaun pulled out his gun and pointed it at Tomas. Téa said that the gun wasn't necessary because she was going to call the cops. "I already did," Todd said, as he stumbled out of his room. Everyone yelled at Todd for getting out of bed, and made him sit down. John walked in and told Shaun that he could put his gun away. John had Todd tell him what Todd remembered.

Tomas suggested that Todd was lying because of all the things he had been capable of in the past. John reminded Tomas that Todd was the victim in the situation. As Tomas said that Todd had hated Tomas since the two had met, John's phone rang. He walked away to answer it, and Todd and Tomas began to bicker. Téa stopped them and said that, if there was proof, she would be the first one to take Tomas in.

Tomas insisted that he was innocent. Shaun told Tomas that he wouldn't "get another crack at Todd." John returned and disclosed that what Shaun said was true. The fingerprints off of the syringe matched Tomas'. Blair was shocked as John read Tomas his rights, and put him in handcuffs.

Outside of Clint's hospital room, Cutter asked Dorian if she had returned to finish Clint off. Cutter warned Dorian to "play nice," or he would tell John that Dorian had left Clint to die. Not taking kindly to the threat, Dorian called Cutter and Aubrey amateur gold diggers. Joey and Aubrey arrived, and were surprised to see that Dorian had stayed. Joey and Aubrey recapped the eventful trial, and disclosed that they would have custody of Ryder, much to Cutter's astonishment.

Joey was proud of Aubrey for speaking up in the courtroom, and being so tender about it. Dorian thought it was lucky that the court had decided in Joey and Aubrey's favor. Cutter was shocked to learn that it had been Aubrey's idea, and sarcastically related that he'd never known that she could be so maternal. Joey hadn't known either, and was happy to report that Aubrey was the complete opposite of Tess.

Joey asked how Clint was doing. When Cutter told Joey that Clint had woken up, Joey was aggravated that Cutter hadn't told him earlier. Dorian and Joey went into Clint's room to visit. Aubrey was worried about Dorian, but Cutter assured her that he had gotten Dorian to keep quiet. Cutter demanded to know how a baby would fit into their plan of cleaning Joey out. He wondered if Tess would tell someone about Cutter and Aubrey as revenge.

Cutter was bitter that Aubrey seemed to be making a family with Joey. Aubrey claimed that she had just been saving the child from complete strangers because "I'm human." Cutter wondered if Aubrey would want to take Ryder with them when they left town. Thinking again, he wondered if Aubrey even planned to leave Joey.

Joey and Dorian exited Clint's room, saying that he was asleep. Joey said that he and Aubrey had to get Ryder anyway. Noticing something was wrong, Joey asked what was going on. Cutter claimed that he was only worried for his sister because a baby would be a big commitment. Joey urged him not to worry, because they could handle it, and he and Aubrey left.

Dorian taunted Cutter about Joey and Aubrey. She said that the look in Aubrey's eyes when she was talking about Ryder wouldn't mean good things for Cutter. Dorian continued that his "sister" would be too busy with the baby, so he would get even less quality time with her. She told him to prepare for a long wait, and to forget about stealing the money. When she said that Aubrey wasn't going to leave Joey, Cutter got up and walked away, and Dorian looked pleased with herself.

At Inez's, Ford held Ryder as Inez suggested what to do about the custody decision. There was a knock on the door, and Ford answered it to Tess. Ford yelled at Tess to leave, but Inez shushed him because Ryder was trying to sleep. He tried to shut the door on Tess, but she stopped it and said that she felt bad about the judge's ruling.

Inez left to give them time alone, and Ford wanted to hear what Tess had to say. Tess blamed the decision on Niki Smith. Ford only blamed himself for trusting Tess. He continued that everyone had warned him not to trust Tess, but he had anyway. She had taken stupid risks, and Ford had only put up with them because Tess had convinced him that they couldn't lose custody of Ryder.

Tess and Ford argued about Ryder, and about the trust fund. Finally, Ford threatened to commit Tess if she didn't tell Ford what she knew about Joey and Aubrey. Tess thought back to her encounter with Cutter and Aubrey in the steam room. When Tess decided to keep quiet, Ford grabbed her arm and led her toward the door. Ford pulled open the door to reveal Joey and Aubrey.

Even though Ford claimed that Joey was early, Joey said that it was time to get Ryder settled in his new home. Ford got a fussy Ryder and told him that he would be loved and taken care of. Ford wondered if Joey was enjoying the goodbye, as Ford's eyes filled with tears. Joey denied it, and Ford gave Ryder to Aubrey. As the two turned to leave with Ryder, Ford blurted out that he would commit Tess in exchange for custody of his son.

A shocked Tess told Joey and Aubrey that they couldn't trust Ford. Ford offered to call that minute. Joey told Ford to call, and then they would talk. Outside the apartment, an obviously uncomfortable Aubrey asked Joey if Jessica would remember everything that Tess had experienced once Jessica returned. Joey wasn't sure. The two left with Ryder.

Very angry with Tess, Ford yelled that Tess could have told Ford what she knew about Joey and Aubrey's marriage to help get Ryder back. As she told him that they needed to be smart in fighting them, Ford picked up the phone. Tess crept up behind him and hit him over the head with a vase. He fell on the floor, unconscious. "Look what you made me do," she told him.

A short while later, Inez returned. She was horrified to find Ford unconscious on the floor, and attempted to wake him up.

Kelly answered her ringing phone to Dorian. Dorian had called to tell Kelly about the custody hearing, but Kelly already knew about it. Dorian assured Kelly that it was only temporary custody. Kelly wondered why everyone kept telling her that. Kelly related that she should be happy for Joey, but Dorian disagreed.

Dorian tried to convince Kelly to tell Joey about Aubrey and Cutter's con. Kelly answered that Joey didn't want to know about it. Dorian told Kelly to meet her at home so they could have a good cry over ice cream and rum. Like Kelly had done for Dorian, Dorian gave Kelly two days to be upset, and then she had to "shake it off." Dorian instructed her niece to get over Joey and move on. "Easier said than done," Kelly replied.

Cutter started on a case of beer in his motel room. He thought back to all of the nice things that Aubrey had ever said about Joey. He became angry and threw his bottle against the wall, showering the room with broken glass. He got up to get another bottle of beer when there was a knock at his door. Cutter answered the door to Tess, who begged him to hide her. "I just killed my husband," she confessed.

Aubrey and Joey took Ryder home and happily fawned over him.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At the hospital, Viki and Starr visited with Todd in his hospital room, congratulating him on making the front page of his own newspaper, due to his miraculous recovery. Todd cracked that Viki and the Banner could go back to enjoying a third of the Sun's circulation, and Viki said she was glad to see time in a coma hadn't mellowed him. He reminded her to be sure to name Tomas as the gunman in the pages of her paper, but Viki said she would wait on police evidence; she bid her brother goodbye.

Turning to Starr, Todd asked for an update on current events. Starr explained how the Manning clan had rallied around him, but Todd was more interested in what was going in her own life. With a bit of reluctance, Starr recapped the Deanna situation -- James's ex-girlfriend was in Llanview. "What's she want?" Todd asked. "Him, I think," Starr muttered. "What are you gonna do about it?" Todd replied.

Todd said there were ways to neutralize Deanna, and suggested the least "invasive" was to have her hire Téa as the attorney to help her find her birth mother. It would keep Deanna close, but end her reliance on James. Starr was touched by her father's magnanimous gesture on behalf of her new boyfriend, but Todd said he was feeling generous to the boy his daughter cared for, and told her not to get used to it. In the worst case, he promised to have some of "his associates" escort Deanna out of Llanview. Starr was glad to hear her old dad wasn't totally gone, and pecked his cheek.

Suddenly, Todd's cell phone rang. Noticing the caller ID, Todd promptly ignored it, and claimed he simply wanted to take a nap. Starr hugged him and left, but Todd remained mysteriously preoccupied with his phone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Echo was in the elevator, heading for Clint's room. Speaking to Charlie on her phone, she said she was busy "running errands." She claimed to have been kept up the night before by caffeine, and lied that nothing was troubling her. Flashing back to her confrontation with Niki over the recorder, she stepped off the elevator and quietly prayed that she wouldn't lose "Chuckles" over her incriminating secret.

In Clint's room, the Buchanan patriarch faced off with his doctor about his prognosis. The doctor wanted to discuss the ramifications of Clint's unnamed condition, but Clint said no discussion was necessary; he knew what he needed to do. Before they could talk further, Echo burst into the room, furious at Clint.

Dismissing his physician, Clint admitted to Echo that he had given Dorian his audio recording of their conversation. He explained that he had taken Echo's advice and attempted to be a "human being" to spare Charlie's feelings, but once Clint had suffered his stroke, Dorian had held his life in her hands, and he had been forced to give up the recorder. Echo was aghast at the thought that Dorian Lord, the most vindictive woman Echo knew, had been armed with evidence that could destroy Echo, and had handed it to Niki Smith. Echo blamed Clint for the potential ruination of her rekindled romance.

Clint mentioned that Viki hadn't seemed upset when he saw her earlier, and Echo saw a chance -- perhaps Viki had no recollection of the recording, and Niki had disposed of it. Echo still had time to find Viki and determine what, if anything, her rival knew; she still had a chance to be happy with Charlie, so long as Viki never heard the recording. When Clint told her that Viki had been in the hospital to see Todd, Echo fled the scene, desperate to find Viki before it was too late.

After leaving Todd's room, Viki ran into Dorian and her bodyguard in a nearby hospital corridor. Viki assured Dorian that she was herself again, and Dorian was relieved to not have another unfortunate run-in with Niki. Realizing that Viki didn't recall anything Dorian had discussed with Niki, Dorian explained that she had confessed to knowing about Charlie and Echo's affair for weeks. Viki was shocked, but Dorian insisted she had kept mum to spare her former rival's feelings.

Recovering from the shock, Viki admitted that she had known the moment Echo returned that her marriage was in deep trouble. Charlie had gravitated to Echo, thanked to Clint's deception, which had tricked both Charlie and Echo. Dorian quickly corrected her friend: "Clint did not trick them both." She explained that she had given Niki Smith a recording that proved her claim about Echo's role in Clint's cover-up, and asked if Viki still had it. Viki wasn't sure, so Dorian promptly upended Viki's handbag, spilling its contents onto a medical tray until she discovered the audio recorder among them.

Triumphant, Dorian played the recording back for Viki's stunned ears. She recalled how Charlie had been so sure Echo was innocent, and Dorian had told Viki to play the recording back for Charlie so he could dump the countess for good. "Show Echo what kind of woman you really are," Dorian urged Viki.

Armed with the recorder, Viki boarded the elevator as Echo ran down the corridor. She pleaded for Viki to wait, and said she needed to speak to her rival. "About this?" Viki asked, holding up the recorder as the elevator doors closed in Echo's face.

Deflated, Echo turned to Dorian and asked where Viki was going. "Take a wild guess," Dorian replied, smirking. Echo insisted she needed to talk to Viki, and said there had been a "mistake." Dorian told her that she and Viki could clear it up with Charlie, as that was where Viki was headed.

Blanca Morales entered the Buenos Dias Cafe and instantly spotted Destiny sitting alone in one of the booths. Hitting on an idea, she flipped open her phone and loudly pretended to be talking to her producer; she said that she was going to tell the world who had killed Eddie Ford, and since "Ms. Evans" hadn't called her back, she was going to have to go with her theory of Nora Buchanan being the culprit. Upon hearing the news, Destiny sprang from her seat and insisted that Nora was innocent.

Blanca reminded Destiny that she had promised to call, and suggested they work together and compare notes in order to find the real killer. Even if they didn't learn the truth, Blanca said they would at least get to know each other -- after all, she was impressed with Destiny's moxie. Charmed, Destiny sat down with the tabloid reporter and agreed to dish the dirt.

Blanca couldn't understand why Bo and Nora had dropped the Ford case entirely after Clint had been released, and said she could only conclude that meant they were protecting someone. She asked Destiny for the scoop; she knew the girl was tight with the Buchanans, especially Matthew, "who you locked lips with." Destiny insisted she and Matthew were just friends, and said their single kiss had only happened because he had been going through a rough time.

As Blanca pressed for details, Destiny slowly unspooled the entire story about Clint's frame-up of Bo and Nora, and what Matthew had been led to walk in on between Bo and Inez, followed by his driving through the night. As Destiny told what she knew of that night and Matthew's whereabouts, a picture began to form in Blanca's mind: Matthew Buchanan had killed Eddie Ford.

Blanca told Destiny she intended to go on the air with her theory about Matthew as Eddie's murderer. Horrified, Destiny said Matthew was no killer and begged her not to do it, but Blanca wouldn't be swayed. "You're a bigger gossip-mongerer than Phyllis Rose ever was!" Destiny cried, but to Blanca that was only a compliment. She smiled to herself as Destiny stormed out of the diner.

Over at the Buchanans' garret apartment, Nora and Matthew reacted to the Access Llanview report they had just seen about Clint's heart attack. They couldn't believe it was true, but Bo admitted it was, and said he had kept it from them because he didn't see how it was their problem anymore. His family was stunned as Bo explained that after everything Clint had done to them, he couldn't consider the man family. Despite everything, Matthew feared for Clint, and said that he knew what Clint had done, but his uncle had cared for him after the incident at the Minute Man Motel. Bo begged to differ -- Clint had set Matthew up to kill Eddie Ford. He couldn't forgive his brother for that, and he suggested Matthew shouldn't either.

Nora understood Bo's anger and said she shared much of it, but Matthew was still worried about his Uncle Clint. Clint had done wrong, but nonetheless he was family who could be facing death. Over Bo's objections, Matthew insisted on going to see Clint, and asked Bo if he was really capable of letting his brother die unforgiven.

As Matthew stormed off to his room, Nora told Bo he couldn't fool her; he could pretend not to "give a damn" about Clint, but she knew better. She remembered his complicated relationship with Asa, and how Bo and Asa had loved each other despite everything his father had done to Bo. Like it or not, Clint was a part of him, just like Asa. Bo reminded Nora of everything Clint had done to her, to Matthew, and to their marriage, and insisted Clint wasn't his brother anymore.

Nora recalled how Clint had visited Bo after his shooting the year before. Clint had given up his anger and resentment against Bo and begged for his brother's life out of love. Nora asked Bo if he could do any less with the tables turned. Struggling with his anger, Bo accompanied Nora to the hospital to see Clint. She urged him on and told him he didn't have to punish Clint for what had happened with Matthew; they would find a way to protect their son.

As Bo entered Clint's room alone, Clint greeted his brother with surprise, wondering if Bo was a drug-induced hallucination. Bo admitted he was surprised to be there, as well, and asked what the doctors had to say about Clint's prognosis. "They say I'm dying," Clint replied matter-of-factly.

Back at the Buchanan garret, Matthew opened the front door to a hysterical Destiny and asked her what was wrong. Sobbing, Destiny told him she was sorry, that she had made a terrible mistake. "Blanca Morales thinks you killed Eddie Ford!" she cried.

Over at the Salingers' apartment, Ford awoke in Inez's arms. Inez wanted to call 9-1-1, but Ford refused to go to the hospital -- he had to find Tess before it was too late. He couldn't stop his mother from calling the police, however, and within minutes, Brody was on their doorstep. Brody was amused by Ford's pain and suffering and utterly unsurprised when Inez informed him that Tess had assaulted her new husband. Ford explained that he had planned to have Tess committed to St. Anne's. "Finally," Brody remarked.

Inez pleaded with Brody to convince Ford to go to the hospital and get checked out. After she retired for the night, Ford told Brody he had no idea where Tess had gone. Brody warned Ford that he had no one to blame but himself for Tess's rampage; he had caused her return by choosing to exploit Jessica's DID for everything it was worth. Ford had stolen Jessica's life from her and her children because of what he wanted. Ford defended himself and insisted all he had wanted was a chance to raise his son. He asked if Brody wouldn't go to any lengths to fight for Liam if John had attempted to lay claim to Brody's son.

Over at the Minute Man Motel, Tess burst in on Cutter. She told him she was in trouble and needed his help; she was sure she had killed Ford. She explained that her erstwhile husband had cut a deal with Joey and Aubrey to re-commit her in exchange for access to Ryder, and she had no choice but to stop him. "And all Aubrey cares about is what Joey cares about," Cutter growled. Tess wished she had nailed Aubrey and exposed the Wentworths' secret in open court when she had the chance. Cutter said Aubrey wasn't his problem anymore -- he was focused on Tess, and getting her out of her dangerous situation.

Tess was suddenly galvanized by guilt over what she had done to Ford, fearing for both him and Ryder despite herself. Before Cutter could stop her, she called Ford's phone and was stunned when her very put-out husband answered. Snarling and calling her a bitch, Ford demanded to know where Tess was. Upon hearing Brody's voice in the background, Tess hit the roof and immediately hung up on Ford.

Tess raged to Cutter that Ford had called the cops on her, and impulsively pulled her latest lover onto the bed. She told Cutter that everyone was in on it together to take them down -- Joey, Aubrey, and Ford. "We got screwed, Cutter," Tess purred, sliding into his arms, "so let's give 'em a taste of their own medicine." Cutter was tempted, but quickly cut their makeout session short. He told Tess he wasn't going to turn her in -- he had a better idea.

Back at the Salinger apartment, Ford was furious that Tess had hung up on him. He spouted off about how at risk she was, as Tess's drinking and carousing could inflame Jessica's hepatitis C. "Unbelievable," Brody said with a sigh, and added, "You're falling for her." Ford insisted he wasn't, and pleaded for more time on his decision to send Tess to St. Anne's. He couldn't trust Aubrey and Joey to give him Ryder with Tess gone, and promised to decide after they found his wife. Fed up, Brody said he was heading to Cutter Wentworth's motel to find the lovebirds, and Ford insisted on going along for the ride.

Speeding across Llanview, Brody and Ford soon arrived at the Minute Man Motel. Brody pounded on Cutter's door, and the men called out to Cutter and Tess, but got no answer. Brody kicked in the door, and he and Ford burst into Cutter's motel room.

Back at Llanview Hospital, Todd wasn't sleeping as he had promised Starr he would; instead, he was reading the Sun. Receiving another mysterious phone call, Todd answered it. He told the caller that he hadn't been able to speak before as his daughter had been in the room, and asked the voice on the other end of the line what it wanted.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starr walked up to James's apartment door to hear James and Deanna laughing at the blasting television. She knocked on the door, but decided to go in when no one answered. "Am I interrupting something?" she asked. Starr had thought that Deanna was staying at La Boulaie. Deanna explained that she felt like she was imposing because Starr was always at the hospital.

When Deanna said that she had been making calls about jobs, Starr was hopeful that Deanna would find her own place. However, Deanna needed money for the lawyer in Dayton first. Starr suggested that Deanna use Téa, because she would help Deanna for free. Deanna replied that the lawyer in Dayton was the only one who had the information that she needed. James added that Téa had her hands full with Todd's issues anyway.

Deanna's phone rang, and she left to answer it. James complimented Starr's good idea, but Starr wondered why he'd shot it down if it was such a good idea. Deanna returned and said that the people at the Italian restaurant were hiring, and wanted to see her right away. She excitedly ran out the door. "At least she's trying," James stated.

James promised that Deanna wouldn't be a problem. "She already is!" Starr cried. She continued that they never had any privacy. She was worried because their relationship was so new. They hadn't even been on a real date, and their entire relationship had revolved around helping others. Their only real night together had been the night they'd spent with Nate and Dani. Starr wondered how they would be able to spend time together while Deanna was there. "She's not here now," James said, and kissed her.

Bo asked Clint how he was doing. Clint replied that he was dying, but the doctors hadn't given him a timeframe. Clint wondered why Bo wouldn't say that it served Clint right. Bo was surprised that Clint would think the news would make Bo happy. Clint said that, with him gone, no one would ever know that Matthew had killed Eddie.

Bo wondered how Clint could ever live with himself after all he'd done, including setting Matthew up to kill Eddie. As the two began to argue, Clint started coughing. Bo got his brother water, and said that they would never have to talk about Eddie again. Bo informed Clint that, when Bo had found out that Clint was in the hospital, he hadn't even told his family. Bo wondered if Clint even had a heart. He continued that he hadn't even wanted to visit Clint, but Nora had thought that Bo had to because Clint was his brother.

Bo hadn't wanted Clint in the hospital, or to even be fighting with Clint. He wanted a brother that he could trust and depend on. "I could say the same thing," Clint replied. As Bo turned to leave, Clint asked for a favor from Bo. Clint didn't want his family to know that he was dying, because they had enough going on. They couldn't do anything about it, and he had caused enough pain anyway. Bo related that it was the first he'd heard Clint worry about someone else in a long time. "Too bad it's too late," he added.

Bo didn't want to keep secrets from his family. Clint didn't want Bo to tell "the kids" or Viki, but Bo thought that they deserved to know. Bo said that Clint should tell them himself. Clint told Bo that Bo won, and Bo left the room.

Matthew opened his door to an upset, apologizing Destiny. Destiny explained how the reporter Blanca thought that Matthew could have killed Eddie. Destiny had tried to discourage the woman, but she wouldn't listen. Destiny suggested that Matthew could sue for slander. Matthew replied that no lawsuit was necessary if it was true. Matthew confessed to a confused Destiny that he'd been the one to kill Eddie.

Matthew didn't think much of himself because he'd been ready to let Nate take the fall for him. Destiny reasoned that, although Eddie hadn't threatened Matthew, he'd provoked Matthew. She rationalized that he'd just seen Bo with Inez, and Eddie had kidnapped Nora, so Matthew had snapped. Matthew thought he was a coward for not telling anyone, but Destiny assured him that he was just a kid, and a scared one at that.

Matthew said that his parents had just found out. He chided himself for being the son of the district attorney and the commissioner of police, and a murderer at the same time. He informed her that only Destiny, Bo, and Nora knew. Destiny said he should have told her, because she was his friend. She expressed her sorrow that he had been alone, and promised that she wouldn't tell anyone. She promised that she would never leave him, and the two shared a kiss.

Destiny pulled away and apologized. She picked up her bag and walked toward the door. Matthew reminded her that she had said she wouldn't leave. She promised to always be his friend. "Then why don't you stay?" he suggested. He held out his hand to her, and she took it. He led her to his bedroom.

Brody pounded on Cutter's motel room door. When no one answered, Brody kicked the door in. Brody and Ford entered the empty room and looked around, finding no one. Tess entered with Cutter, and said that they'd been expecting the two men. Tess wondered why there weren't orderlies to take her to St. Anne's, but Ford confessed that he hadn't called. He'd wanted to find Tess first.

Right in front of Tess however, Ford took out the commitment papers and signed them, promising to call immediately. As Brody called Dr. Levin, Tess was angry at Ford for wanting to have her committed. "You could have killed me!" he reminded her. Tess informed the men that they were wasting their time, because she had papers of her own. Tess showed Ford proof that she'd had their marriage annulled. Brody reminded her that Viki and Clint would have no power to have her committed. Tess informed Brody that she had gotten married to Cutter.

Brody angrily demanded to know what Cutter got out of the marriage. Cutter sarcastically claimed to love Tess. Tess informed Brody that Jessica was never going to return. She wanted to kick Brody and Ford out because she and Cutter had "celebrating to do." Brody said that, if he weren't a cop, he would punch Cutter out. "Allow me," Ford said, and knocked Cutter to the floor, to Brody's amusement.

Cutter got up and told Brody to arrest Ford for assault. "I didn't see anything," Brody claimed. The two men left, and Tess got Cutter some ice. They related that Tess got her freedom, and Cutter would get the Buchanan money. "Do you want to break the news to your sister, or should I?" Tess asked.

Outside the room, Ford told Brody that "I want in" on whatever Brody was planning to do to get Jessica back. Brody was confused as to why. Brody related that he loved Jessica. However, Ford had married Tess to use her, so they hadn't even had anything real.

Echo instructed Dorian to get out of her way, or she would run Dorian over. Dorian said that Echo wouldn't reach Charlie in time to stop Viki from playing the recording for him. Echo claimed not to know what recording Dorian meant, so Dorian elaborated. Echo wondered how it was any of Dorian's business.

Dorian said that Echo and Charlie would not live happily ever after. Echo warned Dorian not to mess with her, and wondered if Dorian had told Viki about Dorian blackmailing Clint in order to get the recording. Dorian reasoned that Clint was alive, so there had been no harm done. Dorian told Echo to go to Charlie, because Viki had probably already delivered the news.

Charlie was stunned to open Echo's motel room door to Viki. He invited Viki in, and said that he'd heard about the custody hearing. He asked if she was all right after having her alters wreak havoc. Charlie related that it must have been Niki who'd seen Echo earlier, and that Echo probably had no idea. Viki countered that she was sure Echo had known that it was Niki. Charlie defended Echo, and said that she wouldn't lie. "She must have shown Echo something she didn't want you to know about," Viki stated about Niki, and showed Charlie the recorder.

Viki wouldn't play the recording for Charlie. She didn't want to hurt him, even though she believed that he deserved to know the truth. She informed Charlie that it would show him "who Echo really is." Viki continued that she'd tried to warn Charlie, but he hadn't wanted to listen. It was no longer her job to protect him, so she left the recorder with Charlie, telling him to do with it what he wanted. Charlie hit the play button. Echo entered as she heard her voice on the recording. "How could you do this to me?" Echo screamed at Viki as Viki walked away. Charlie closed the door solemnly, and kept listening.

Echo tried to explain away what Charlie was listening to, but he knew that it was her voice. Echo claimed to have been tricked, because she hadn't known that Clint had been recording the conversation. Charlie was astonished that Echo had known about Rex not being his son. Echo promised that she could explain if Charlie would give her a chance to.

Echo swore on her life that she had never meant to lie to Charlie. She filled Charlie in about how she'd told Clint about Rex being his son, but he'd already known. She told how Clint had threatened to send Rex to jail if Echo told anyone about Rex's true paternity. She claimed to have no choice in the matter, and said that she wished Charlie had turned out to be Rex's father. She'd done anything she could for her son, and knew that Charlie would do the same. "I don't have a son!" he yelled at her.

Echo offered to go to counseling, or do anything that Charlie wanted her to do in exchange for forgiveness. Charlie screamed that she'd used him and his addiction to worm her way into his life. He regretted turning to Echo when he'd found out about Clint being Rex's father, because the whole thing was her fault in the first place.

Charlie remembered how Viki and Dorian had warned him about Echo. He'd trusted Echo because she'd convinced him that they understood each other. Charlie blamed Echo for destroying his home and his marriage. He accused the "lying, cheating, manipulative" woman of taking away his reason to stay sober. He called her "morally bankrupt," and called himself stupid for believing her.

Echo reminded Charlie that they loved each other, and begged him for forgiveness. Charlie told her that he wouldn't forgive her, and that they were over. He never wanted to see her again. A short while later, Charlie had his bags packed, and he was ready to walk out the door. Echo tried to stop him from leaving, but he told her that she was the worst mistake he'd ever made, and walked out the door.

Echo yelled and begged him to stay, hysterically crying. Wiping away tears, she blamed everything on Dorian and Viki. She vowed to make the two women pay.

Viki arrived at the hospital, and Dorian wanted to know what had happened. Viki admitted that Charlie had heard what he'd needed to, but Viki had gotten no pleasure out of it. However, she had enjoyed the look on Echo's face when Echo had entered the room. Viki confided that she'd left "before the fireworks." Dorian advised Viki that Charlie would want to return to Viki. Viki admitted that she hadn't even thought of anything that could happen past playing the recording for Charlie.

Dorian asked if Viki would want Charlie back. Viki loved him, but didn't know. Viki admitted that something had to have been wrong in the marriage in order for Charlie to turn to Echo, have an affair with her, and then lie about it. Dorian assured her that there was something wrong in every marriage, "even mine and David's."

Viki didn't think that her marriage could be fixed. Dorian asked if things were over, but Viki wished it were that simple. Dorian related that they had a big problem in Echo, because she would be a dangerous enemy. Dorian said that, if she was a betting woman, "and I am," she would put her money on herself and Viki against Echo. As the two women walked out of the hospital, Dorian said that they'd won the first round.

Friday, May 6, 2011

James and Nate returned to James's apartment, and James was grateful for having been allowed to spend the night on the sofa at Nate's place. James explained that he had promised Starr that he wouldn't stay in his apartment with Deanna any longer. Nate couldn't understand why Starr was so insistent about it, until the young men entered the apartment. They found a skimpily clad Deanna sitting in a chair, reading a magazine. "Okay, I get it," Nate announced.

Introductions were made, and Deanna, admitting that she had just woken up, ran off to put some clothes on. "She's hot," Nate stated. James maintained that he was only interested in Starr, even though he had been in love with Deanna at one time. James understood why Starr had been upset, but he no longer loved Deanna. "Are you sure?" Nate asked as Deanna listened from the other room. James emphasized that Starr was his future and the girl he wanted to be with.

Deanna returned and announced that she hadn't gotten the job she'd applied for at the restaurant. She had no money, and she didn't know what she would do. Nate offered to help her obtain a job at the country club for the warmer weather, but James was worried about where Deanna would stay.

Dani and Starr arrived at the hospital in order to visit with Todd. Dani revealed that she had fought with Nate about the innocence or guilt of her Uncle Tomas, and she'd trusted that her boyfriend would have been on her side. Dani firmly believed that Tomas was an artist and not a killer. The girls ran into Blair and Jack, and Blair announced that she wanted to take Jack to see Todd first, because they had lots to talk about. The girls agreed to wait, and they resumed their conversation about Tomas.

Starr declared that she only wanted the shooter to be caught, and she didn't want to see Dani get hurt. Starr had no idea whether Tomas was innocent or guilty, only that Todd had claimed to have seen Tomas at the scene. Dani was confused about believing someone close to her. She recalled how badly Eli had hurt them with his lying. Starr noted that speaking of liars, she was certain that Deanna was lying to James.

Starr explained the situation to Dani, and Starr admitted that she felt like a bitch, because Deanna had claimed she was staying in Llanview in order to earn money for an attorney. Starr was certain that Deanna was there to get James back too. Dani admitted that she'd be upset if a former girlfriend of Nate's showed up, and she understood why Starr was so concerned. Starr was worried about where Deanna would be staying, and she had offered Deanna some money. Starr had also offered to ask Téa to help Deanna out. Deanna had declined everything.

"This is my life we're talking about, and you owe me," Todd said to someone on the phone as Blair and Jack entered Todd's room. Todd quickly ended the call. He was pleased to see his son and noted that he hadn't seen Jack in some time. "I've been under house arrest," Jack advised his father. "Is that right? What'd he do?" Todd asked Blair. "Did you bribe a teacher or something?" Todd addressed his son. Blair acknowledged that Jack had done far worse.

Jack stated that Shane was only a geek, but Blair lost her temper. She wondered if her son had learned his lesson. Jack admitted that he'd only teased Shane on the Internet, but Blair added that it had been "vicious, awful stuff." Todd began to defend his son, but Blair prodded Jack to continue. As Jack haltingly confessed his deeds, Blair kept pushing him to tell all of it. Jack finally confessed that he'd taken a video of Shane without clothing, posted it on the Internet, and then Shane had tried to jump off of the school roof to kill himself. "It's not my fault the kid's a psycho, right dad?" Jack asked Todd.

Todd asked how Shane was doing. Jack replied that Shane was fine. Blair thought that was hardly correct, and Shane was lucky to be alive. Jack tried to defend himself and pointed out that he hadn't been the only one to give Shane a hard time. Blair named her son as the ringleader. "Is that true?" Todd asked. Jack announced that he'd been bullied as well. "Rex sent some thugs to beat me up. Mom's boyfriend took care of the guys," Jack explained to his father.

"Boyfriend? Oh you mean Tomas Delgado," Todd confirmed. Blair retorted that Tomas only happened to be on the scene, and he wasn't her boyfriend. She also wasn't certain if Rex were the one responsible, and she didn't blame him. Jack accused his mother of not caring about him. "Why don't you just hit me again," Jack challenged Blair. "I slapped him," Blair admitted. It hadn't been her best moment, but Jack had told her that Shane had "asked for it" just as Marty Saybrooke had.

Todd was perturbed. Jack claimed that he'd heard his father say the exact same thing, but Todd denied it. Jack announced that he wanted to be just like his father who was "rich, powerful, and successful." Todd confirmed that he'd always done what he wanted to, and he had been called a bully himself. Jack assumed the people who had said that were losers. Todd emphasized that they were people they loved, like Jack's sisters, his aunt, and his mother. Todd was aware that it was easy to take advantage of weaker people but those actions had harmful consequences. Todd didn't enjoy seeing Jack behave like Todd, and Todd confessed that it was the last thing he wanted.

Todd added that he was familiar with both sides of the coin. He knew what it was like to be a bully, as well as how it felt to have nothing to live for. He'd been on that roof, he confessed to his son. Blair nodded her head in agreement. Todd was sorry that he hadn't been there for his son, but he hoped he could help Jack turn out to be someone that everyone could be proud of.

Todd asked to speak to Blair alone, and Jack left the room. "Thank you for backing me up," Blair stated. "Do you think it's over?" Todd inquired. Blair wasn't sure, and she wondered if it would have been over for Todd. She noted, "Jack shows no signs of remorse," and Todd clarified that he had observed the same thing.

Blair added that she was sorry, that Tomas was not her boyfriend, and Jack had been trying to make trouble. She'd only gone out with Tomas to try to obtain information from him regarding the shooting. Blair wondered how they could make Jack understand what had happened. Blair felt somewhat responsible, as she'd always "indulged him."

Jack wandered out into the hallway and advised his sisters that they should consider leaving and returning later. "The bullet did something to his brain," Jack said, referring to his father. Todd was sounding like a "sitcom dad," Jack added. The girls were confused, but Starr received a call from James. He'd figured things out. Starr and Dani headed to James's place. Jack received a phone call also. It was Brad. Jack advised his friend that he hadn't seen Brad's latest maneuverings, but he wanted to tell Brad what should happen next.

Shane and Gigi arrived at the hospital for their scheduled appointment with Dr. Buhari. They were waiting for Rex to park the car. Rex spoke to Natalie on the phone as he walked to Dr. Buhari's office. He advised her that he would try to return the swiped tape, and Natalie agreed that it had been a sign of some kind that she hadn't been able to listen to Marty's tape. Rex felt relieved about not listening to Shane's tape, and he also saw it as some kind of sign.

Marty walked into John's office at the police station as she spoke to Rex on the phone. She left the office door open, and she advised Rex that she still wondered what was going on with Marty. "Did I hear my name?" Marty asked loudly, walking into the office. Abruptly, Natalie turned around to face her foe, and she proclaimed that she had been talking about a forensics test and a certain party. Marty wondered why Natalie was present, but Natalie ordered Marty to stop eavesdropping. Natalie reminded Marty that Natalie was there doing her job.

Marty announced that she was there to see John, because the two of them were back together. Natalie laughed. Sarcastically, Natalie added that Marty had given birth to Natalie's son too. Marty admitted that she had been delusional in the past, but she was clear. Natalie informed her that John was dating Kelly, but Marty called that relationship meaningless, and she advised Natalie that John had broken his date with Kelly to be with Marty. "This time you won't come between us," Marty declared. Natalie deemed Marty crazy.

In an interrogation room, John attempted to interview Tomas, although Téa, representing her brother, insisted that John had only circumstantial evidence in Todd's shooting. John noted that he had a syringe with Tomas' fingerprints, and Todd had seen Tomas in the window during the shooting. Téa maintained that her client didn't have to say anything. "But I will," Tomas announced.

Tomas wondered if Todd had actually stated that he had seen Tomas at the scene of the crime at the time that it had happened. Tomas also informed John that Todd had wanted Tomas deported, because Todd hated Tomas. John asked about the syringe, but Téa wondered if there were other fingerprints on it. John affirmed that there were, and they belonged to Dani. John tossed a file onto the desk. It was noted classified, and Téa flipped through it. "How'd you get that?" Tomas inquired.

Téa noted the encrypted file, and John wondered why the CIA was interested in Tomas. John noted that encrypted files were "high-level spook stuff." Tomas maintained that he'd traveled the world as an artist, and perhaps he was on some kind of "watch list." John was skeptical. Téa asked to speak to her brother alone, and John departed. "Who are you?" Téa asked Tomas. She demanded an explanation, and she wondered if he were some kind of international criminal.

Tomas confessed that he'd done some awful things, but he hadn't tried to kill Todd. Téa explained that she couldn't use the file, and she wanted the truth as Tomas' sister, not his attorney. Tomas confessed how happy he'd been to reconnect with his family, and he was afraid that he'd lose them if they were aware of what he'd done.

Still in John's office, Marty insisted that she and John were real. "Real nuts," Natalie muttered. She was sure that Marty and John were not together and never would be. Marty suggested that Natalie ask John about it. "Ask me what?" John wondered as he stood in the doorway. Natalie explained that she'd heard that he and Marty were "an item." "Go ahead, John, tell her," Marty urged. Annoyed, John stated that his personal life was none of Natalie's business. Marty suggested that Natalie leave, but both John and Natalie announced that they had work to do. It was Marty who had to go.

Before she left, Marty dropped off some dessert that John hadn't eaten the night they were together. "Are you serious?" Natalie asked after Marty had gone. She couldn't understand why John was seeing Marty, but she realized that he didn't trust Marty. John refused to discuss it. Natalie told him that it was okay to date or even marry Marty, but he might want to ask Marty why she believed she'd broken up Natalie and John first. John continued to ignore Natalie and turned the topic over to business. He wanted more information on the syringe.

Natalie confirmed that there had been nothing in the syringe, which meant one of two things. Either Tomas had not gotten around to filling it, or he had planned to inject plain air into Todd's veins. John was curt and thanked Natalie for the report. Natalie was finished with work and was heading to the hospital to visit her dad. She paused at the door. "Whatever it is that you're up to with Marty, be careful," Natalie warned John.

Rex got to Dr. Buhari's office, and the doctor announced that she wanted a private session with only Shane's parents. Shane was left behind in the waiting room in order to do homework on his laptop. The doctor wanted to know how Shane seemed to Rex and Gigi, and Gigi noted that her son appeared to be quiet, but less stressed out. Rex added that it was a help that Shane hadn't returned to school. The doctor announced that Shane's private session tape had seemed to be missing, but it had turned out that it had only been mislabeled. The doctor acknowledged that she had been worried about the session's confidentiality.

"Okay, she's onto us," Gigi pronounced. Gigi admitted that she'd taken the tape. She had realized that it was wrong and she hadn't listened to it. She had been worried about Shane's suicide attempt, and she'd felt she needed to hear what her son had talked about. The doctor explained that she would have addressed any such issues, especially if Shane had shown that he might be a danger to himself. The doctor firmly believed that "the process worked," and she didn't want Shane's parents to try to fix things themselves. Rex divulged that he had taken "extreme actions" himself. He'd gone crazy, but he was certain that he'd gotten his point across.

Sitting in the waiting room, Shane slowly opened up the site for MyFace. There were new comments on Shane's page that poked fun of him. There was mention of Shane's comic book heroes, and someone wondered if Shane could fly like one of them. Someone else wrote, "Drama Queen. Didn't get very far." Another wrote, "You couldn't even do that right." Shane slammed the laptop closed. The doctor summoned Shane into her office.

"I took the law into my own hands," Rex confessed, though he wouldn't go into detail. He apologized. Shane was angry that his father had stepped in once again. It was Gigi's turn, and she disclosed that she'd stolen Shane's tape, but she hadn't listened to it. Shane could hardly believe it. He showed them the MyFace page. "What's the point of expressing my feelings when nothing's changed?" Shane raged. Rex was livid at Jack, but Shane explained that kids changed their online names all of the time, so he couldn't be certain that Jack was behind it. "Therapy is not going to stop these idiots," Rex shouted.

Dr. Buhari explained that there would always be bullies, and Shane's therapy was helping them to work on strategies in dealing with it. Shane declared that he would never return to school. The doctor acknowledged that it wasn't the proper time, and that the entire bullying scenario had taken time to develop. It would take time to work through it. She wondered why Shane had checked his MyFace page, and Shane admitted that he had hoped that the bullying had stopped.

Dr. Buhari made it clear that whatever the bullies said about Shane did not define Shane. For his next session, the doctor wanted Shane to make a list of his strengths. She also wanted Rex and Gigi to make their own lists of their son's strengths and why they were proud of him. She wanted to hear from them if Shane showed signs of stress. The family left the office, and they ran into Jack, who was waiting in the hallway for his parents. Rex accused him of writing on Shane's MyFace page again, but Jack denied it. His mother hadn't allowed him to keep his account.

Just then Blair, and then Todd, emerged from Todd's room. Everyone stood there awkwardly. Todd revealed that he'd heard what had transpired between Jack and Shane, and he was sorry about it. Todd forced Jack to apologize, and Todd maintained that he would deal with his son. Blair hoped that it was all over. As Shane and his family walked away, Todd pulled Rex aside. "If you or anyone you know ever lays a hand on my son again, I'm going to give you a beating." Todd assured Blair that he had merely extended a personal apology to Rex. Gigi advised Rex that she didn't think it was over.

Dani and Starr arrived at James's apartment, and they found Deanna packing her things. Nate took the credit for finding Deanna a new place to stay. She would be staying at his place. "Isn't that great?" Nate exclaimed. "Yeah great," Dani replied.

John returned to the interrogation room. Tomas expressed his appreciation for his sister standing by him, but he'd understand if she changed her mind. Tomas was escorted back to his cell. John advised Téa that he was able to see how well Téa really knew her brother.

Natalie stopped by Dr. Buhari's office, but hid quickly when Marty went inside. Natalie heard the doctor state that Marty's tape had been found and placed in Marty's file. Marty was happy. "No one else can know what I did," Marty exclaimed. Marty and the doctor went to the doctor's inner office, and Natalie sneaked over to the filing cabinet. She found Marty's file, removed the tape and left.

Marty and the doctor continued to chat. Marty was ecstatic that John had told Natalie to mind her business regarding his relationship with Marty. There wasn't anything that Natalie could do about it, Marty gloated. The doctor pointed out that was because Natalie didn't know that John was Liam's father. "And she never will," Marty stressed.

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