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Monday, May 9, 2011

At home, Brooke, who'd spent the day with R.J., bid him an emotional goodbye when he left for a play date. Ridge hugged her and said that their living room was filling up with guests for the welcome home party. Hope entered to hug her mother, too.

Downstairs, Taylor told Thomas that she was there for him whenever he wanted to talk about his traumatic experience. Thomas was glad Ridge and Taylor had united for the rescue, and a tearful Taylor expressed pride that the steadfast Ridge Forrester was Thomas' father.

Thomas went upstairs to Brooke's room and asked for a moment alone with Brooke. Hope and Ridge left, and Thomas said that, before joining the party, he needed to know what Brooke would tell Ridge about the island. Brooke sobbed that she had to be honest with Ridge. She cherished the honesty in her marriage, and she couldn't live with herself if she didn't tell Ridge about the truth about the island.

Thomas reminded Brooke that they'd been under the influence of a powerful hallucinogenic on that island. Brooke said she could only remember bits and pieces of the events. Ridge briefly entered to let them know it was time to go downstairs, and after he left, Thomas insisted that Brooke tell no one what had happened, especially not Ridge.

Downstairs, Bill arrived, and Katie embraced him. She sobbed that she'd missed him terribly. Steffy entered and halted in her tracks when she saw the couple holding each other. Aside with Bill, Justin guessed that the rescue had ended Bill's marital troubles. Justin teased Bill about his time alone with Steffy, and Bill politely told Justin to beat it.

Liam arrived, and Hope clung to him the moment he walked in. She again expressed her gratitude for Bill's help, and Liam kissed her. Afterward, Liam congratulated Bill on a job well done, because the rescue had meant a lot to Hope. Bill said he was glad to hear it.

Nearby, Thorne, Eric, and Stephanie told Ridge that Kristen and Felicia planned to visit. Stephanie asked where Brooke and Thomas were, and Ridge said the pair had asked for a moment alone before joining the party.

After a while, Brooke and Thomas descended the stairs, arm-in-arm, to the applause of their loved ones. Their families hugged them, and neither Dayzee nor Taylor seemed to want to let Thomas go. Brooke gave Nick a hug and a special thanks. Thomas thanked everyone and said it was surreal to be there. He asked if Brooke were ready to tell everyone how they'd survived. Brooke's gaze cut sharply to him, and he said she didn't have to if she wasn't ready.

Brooke was quiet, so Thomas improvised, asking for a moment of silence for the pilots lost at sea. Afterward, Brooke told everyone that Thomas had saved her from drowning. In her mind, she recalled slipping beneath the waves. Thomas explained that they'd washed up on an island with scarce resources. He said they'd done what they could to survive.

Thomas revealed that Dayzee's spirit had kept him going. He then thanked Bill, Steffy, Nick, and Taylor for their tireless search. Thomas thanked Brooke for her strength and support. Thomas grew tearful upon stating that Ridge had saved his life, and he felt blessed to have Ridge as a father. The two men hugged, and Thomas hoped nothing would diminish Ridge's faith in him. Ridge said that nothing would.

Brooke stated that she and Thomas were glad to be with their families and to be alive. She said a lot had happened on the island, and it was hard to forget. She then said she needed to tell Ridge something. "What, Logan? What do you want to tell me?" he asked.

At the Malibu house, Amber brooded because Liam was with Hope at Brooke's homecoming party. Amber told Tawny that Liam was a lot like the heroic Bill, and she hoped her child would be just like its father and grandfather. Though the baby was technically Oliver's, in her heart, Amber felt that it was Liam's. Tawny guessed Amber had fallen hard for Liam. Tawny said that if everything went according to plan, Amber would marry him.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

by Pam

At home, with the entire Forrester, Marone, and Logan families around them, Brooke and Thomas thanked Ridge for finding them. Brooke told Ridge that Thomas loved him, and she did too. She stuttered that she had to tell him something. Thomas tried to interrupt Brooke, but she said that she'd had trouble making sense of everything that had happened to them. She said that nothing had seemed real on the island. She had been convinced that they were going to die until she'd heard Ridge calling their names.

Brooke became very emotional. She said she hadn't thought she would ever see Ridge or her family again. He had rescued her, and she was grateful. She continued to cry, and everyone was in a stunned state of silence. Ridge embraced her and reminded her that she was safe.

Steffy called everyone's attention to the fact that Bill had made it all possible because he had arranged for the plane and the satellite imaging system. Ridge announced that he wanted to make a formal transfer of his Forrester shares to Thomas. He handed Thomas a paper, and everyone applauded. Whip and Oliver chimed in that media coverage had been very generous with headlines about Brooke and Thomas' return and the plans to announce Taboo for Women. Everyone remembered that the Taboo announcement had been delayed. It was the purpose for the trip that Brooke and Thomas had taken to Australia before the plane went down. Thomas announced that they had been lucky to survive, and their story had a happy ending.

Stephen privately thanked Bill and Ridge for their help in Brooke's return. He said that both Katie and Brooke were lucky to be married to men who would go to the ends of the earth for them. Katie hugged and kissed Bill, but Bill looked over Katie's shoulder at Steffy, who eyed Bill up and looked forlorn when he hugged Katie. Katie asked Bill to take her home.

At Bill's beach house on the cliff, Tawny wondered what Amber had done recently to get Liam to put a ring on her finger. Amber admitted that Liam had been distracted since Brooke had disappeared. She said that she knew he had visited Hope. She added that Liam's dad had moved heaven and earth to help Ridge and Taylor find Brooke and Thomas.

Amber knew that Liam was at the Forresters' for a party that celebrated the safe return of Brooke and Thomas. Tawny warned her daughter that she had better plan something that would get Liam away from Hope and back in Amber's arms. Amber called Liam at the party. Liam seemed irritated and wondered what Amber wanted. Amber said that she wanted him to visit so that they could discuss childbirth classes. Liam seemed uninterested, but Amber convinced him to visit her after the party.

Hope stepped outside to talk to Liam, and she heard the end of his phone call with Amber. Hope thanked him for all his support while her mother had been gone. She tearfully told him that he had to move on with Amber and his baby. They tearfully kissed and exchanged messages of how much they loved one another.

After everyone had left the party, Brooke and Thomas talked privately. Thomas begged her not to share anything with Ridge because the memories would be painful no matter what. Thomas said that he was determined to move forward. She confided in Thomas that she needed to tell Ridge what had happened. She flashed back to Thomas kissing her on the forehead, but she said she recalled nothing else.

She said that she couldn't keep another secret from Ridge, and she knew that he would forgive her because of the circumstances. Thomas wasn't so sure. He pointed out that they did not remember anything, so nothing might have happened while they were hallucinating on the berries.

Brooke went upstairs, where Ridge had been waiting in the bedroom. They lay on the bed, and Ridge comforted Brooke as she tearfully remembered that she never thought she would ever see her family again. Ridge reminded her that she was safe and that the trauma was over. Brooke apologized for her emotional outburst with the family. She told Ridge that she'd kept her thoughts of him alive. All she had wanted was to return and stay in his arms. She had fantasized about it on the island. Ridge said that he had feared he would never find her.

Katie and Bill returned home, and she kissed and hugged him. Bill poured a drink, and asked Katie if she wanted anything. Katie declined. Bill raised his glass to Katie, and oddly said, "Welcome home." Bill wondered why Katie had suddenly changed her mind about returning home. Katie apologized for her actions. She said that she knew her husband, and she knew what kind of man he was. He was the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She promised never to leave him again.

Bill seemed distant and cool. He asked if there were conditions attached to her return. She said that she had no conditions and no demands for therapy. She said that she loved him and wanted everything to return to the way it had been long before they'd had to deal with Amber. Katie embraced Bill and whispered that they had been apart for too long, and she wanted to make love to him.

Bill remained cool and did not return Katie's caresses. She told him that she would wait for him in bed. Bill finished his drink and looked in the mirror, where he saw a vision of Steffy. He recalled her saying that she loved him.

Steffy was in her bedroom at home, and she recalled her time on the plane with Bill when she leaped into his arms and told him that she loved him. She remembered that Bill had said that he also loved her. Steffy smiled, confident that she and Bill would be together.

Thomas was in his room, and he went through a bag of the items that he'd had on the plane. He pulled out a water bottle and his jeans. He searched the pockets, and found what appeared to be a leaf with smashed berries on it -- the same berries that he and Brooke had eaten before the hallucinations.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

by Pam

At Brooke's place, Ridge was feeding Brooke while they cuddled on the couch. Hope interrupted when she walked downstairs, and Ridge sensed that Hope wanted to talk to Brooke. He told Hope that he had to check on R.J. so that she could have time with her mother. Hope told her mother that she couldn't even imagine the horror of being lost on an island. Brooke changed the subject and said that she wanted to know about Hope, who shared that she was still in love with Liam.

Brooke warned that Hope's relationship with Liam promised to be complicated because Amber and their baby would always be a part of his life. Brooke worried that it might break Hope's heart. Hope said that she was unsure if she could cope with Liam's connection to Amber. Hope went outside and stared at the stars. She reminisced about happier times with Liam.

Upstairs, Brooke and Ridge discussed Hope's issues, and Ridge wondered how Brooke was doing. He added that he had to thank Thomas for taking care of Brooke on the island. Ridge said that he was glad Hope had listened to Brooke. He wished that Thomas had listened to him. Brooke wondered what he meant, and Ridge explained that Thomas had returned to the office at night to continue designing. Ridge worried that Thomas needed some rest. Brooke and Ridge kissed and cuddled on the bed.

At Forrester, Thomas had sketched gowns on his sketchpad until Jake interrupted and welcomed him back to Forrester. Thomas thanked Jake. Steffy entered and Jake left. Steffy wondered why Thomas seemed so glum. Thomas said that he was fine, but he reminded his sister that he still had to earn his place at Forrester because he didn't own 25 percent of the company. Steffy seemed to ignore his comment. She asked him about what had happened on the island. She admitted that Taylor had told her not to quiz him, but Steffy felt that Thomas needed to open up. Thomas disagreed. He offered little information about the trip and the time on the island.

At Amber's place on the beach, Liam arrived, and she cheerfully discussed the pamphlets on childbirth classes. Liam was clearly not interested, and he played with his phone. Amber sadly tried to get him to take an interest in the baby because the baby would arrive soon, she said. Liam said that he had been busy. He apologized and said that he'd had to take over at Spencer while his dad was gone.

Amber tried to be understanding and said that she realized Liam was still involved with Hope. Liam interrupted and reminded her that he loved Hope and wanted a future with her. Liam promised to look over the pamphlets, and he prepared to leave, but Amber stopped him.

Amber suggested that Liam consider moving into the beach house. Liam refused. Amber suggested that he would be close to her and the baby, and it included a no-strings-attached clause. She just wanted him to be close to the baby. Liam promised to be available to Amber and the baby, but not until the baby arrived. He left.

Tawny skulked around the corner and warned Amber that she was losing Liam. Amber cried that she didn't blame Liam at all. If he had known that she was trying to pass Oliver's baby off on him, he would have dumped her sooner. She told her mother that she didn't care what happened. Tawny discovered Liam had left his phone, and she started to read all of his text messages with Hope. Amber told her to leave Liam's phone alone. Amber planned to return it to him the following day. Tawny ignored Amber's wishes, and she played with Liam's phone after Amber left the room.

At Brooke's, Hope re-entered the house after reminiscing about Liam, and Liam showed up. They kissed passionately, and confessed their love for one another. Liam blurted out that Amber had asked him to move in with her. Hope seemed surprised but accepted the idea. Liam told her that he had declined. He said that he wanted a future with Hope. Liam said that he wanted to find a way to make it work. Hope agreed.

Liam pointed out that they could find a way to make it work without taking time away from his child. Liam refused to give up. Hope agreed, but she said that they needed a plan. She told Liam that he needed to consider what he wanted. She said that she wouldn't call, text, or email him until she had heard from him. Liam promised to be in contact.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Ridge's office, Brooke conveyed that the island experience had been deeply disturbing, and she and Thomas didn't even remember half of it. Thomas said she needed to get it together for the press conference. She insisted upon not keeping things from Ridge again. Thomas said they'd been starving, and the berries had possibly saved them. Though Brooke conceded that things might have been innocent, she still felt Ridge needed to know about it.

Thomas implored Brooke to be silent for Ridge's sake, because he didn't see the point in upsetting Ridge without even having the whole story. Brooke was worried that reporters would ply her with questions, but Thomas advised her to just let him to take the lead.

Ridge entered to see if they were ready. Sensing tension in the room, he offered to call off the press conference. Thomas said they needed to just get it over with. Brooke agreed, adding that it was the best way to heal.

In Thomas' office, an emotional Taylor stared at a picture of Ridge and Thomas. She said she'd felt connected to Ridge during the search, and she wouldn't have survived it without him. Stephanie sensed that something had changed. Taylor agreed that it had. "I need to be with him," Taylor suddenly declared, and Stephanie seemed taken aback by the statement.

In the studio, Oliver noticed that Hope was preoccupied with her phone. She said she was hoping to hear from Liam, who was devising a way for them to be together. Though Oliver expressed disappointment, he said he was in it for the long haul, and he wanted her to be happy.

Everyone gathered in Ridge's office for the press conference. Whip told Ridge that Taylor appreciated the support Ridge had given her; however, Whip planned to take over from there on out. "Humph," Ridge grunted and asked Pam to send in the press.

Aside, Thomas reassured Brooke, who said that survival was all she cared about. She cited that they'd lived through a tragedy, and Thomas advised her not to create another one.

Ridge started the press conference by acknowledging the lost pilots and extending his condolences to their families. He discussed how he'd felt about finding his loved ones, and he said that generous souls, including Bill and Nick, had enabled Ridge and Taylor to get Thomas and Brooke home. Ridge felt blessed that they'd been saved.

Thomas and Brooke took the podium, and they thanked Ridge, to whom they owed their lives. Thomas asked Ridge never to doubt their love for him. Thomas then announced the kickoff of their new line, which they'd hoped to do in Australia before they'd gotten "waylaid." Summer entered and modeled a backless dress. She spun around and showed off a Taboo logo, which had been painted down her bare back.

The press loved the design, but expressed more interest in knowing how Brooke and Thomas had survived on the deserted island. As Brooke had flashes of her hallucinations, Ridge intervened to say they weren't going to discuss it. Brooke stammered, looking confused as she announced that partial profits from the new line would go to drug abuse treatment.

Brooke trembled as the memories plagued her, and she struggled to say that drugs robbed people of their decency and morality. She sobbed that everything was lost because of drugs. Brooke fell apart and sobbed, and Ridge held her. Taylor whispered to Stephanie that something had happened on that island, and Brooke hadn't come to terms with it.

At the Malibu house, Tawny studied the text messages on Liam's phone and wondered how to put a stop to him and Hope. Tawny pulled up the phone's contact list and edited Hope's contact listing to reflect Tawny's phone number. Amber entered and said she was too depressed about Liam and Hope to eat. Tawny, however, sensed that was about to change.

Liam arrived to retrieve his phone, and he told Amber that he was working things out with Hope. He said he wasn't trying to hurt Amber, but his future wasn't with her.

Pretending to be Hope, Tawny text-messaged Liam. Liam text-messaged back that he was with Amber, but he wanted Hope to call him. "Hope" refused and typed that she didn't want him to call her, either. "Hope" stated that Liam was with Amber, and "Hope" was with her boyfriend, Oliver. Liam grew frustrated that "Hope" had deemed Oliver her boyfriend. In the other room, Tawny grinned as "Hope" cut off all communication with Liam.

Friday, May 13, 2011

At Forrester, Ridge hugged Brooke, and the press buzzed in reaction to her breakdown. Thomas offered to help her, but she rushed out, insisting upon being alone. Ridge followed her, and after Eric dismissed the press, the Forresters, the Logans, and the Jones wondered what had set Brooke off. Thomas only gave noncommittal answers, so Taylor left to talk to Brooke.

Everyone but Stephanie and Thomas departed the office. Stephanie said she couldn't understand why Brooke hadn't wanted to talk to Thomas, because he knew what she'd gone through. "I guess," Thomas mumbled. Confused by his reluctance, she asked if family needed to know anything. He denied it, claiming it only mattered that he and Brooke were home safe. Stephanie backed off, but doubted the tenacious Taylor would.

At home, Brooke expressed embarrassment about her breakdown and about disappointing Ridge. He said she hadn't, but the incident had made him realize that they needed to focus on her recovery. Taylor entered and expressed her desire to help Brooke deal with her traumatic experience. Brooke tried to avoid Taylor by going upstairs, but Ridge encouraged Brooke to spend some time alone with Taylor and open up about the experience.

Ridge left, and Brooke decided that she would talk to a professional -- just a different one. Taylor offered to gather some recommendations, but she still wanted to talk with Brooke. Brooke said she'd talk to Ridge instead. "It's not like Thomas and I haven't told everything," Brooke uttered. She said she and Thomas had done what they could to survive.

Taylor asked Brooke to describe the experience to help her family understand. The hallucinations flashed through Brooke's mind. Taylor said that, just by looking at Brooke, she could tell that something was very wrong. She implored Brooke to reveal what had happened.

At the Malibu house, Liam was puzzled because "Hope's" text messages didn't sound like Hope. Tawny text-messaged that she was just too spoiled and self-centered to share Liam with the baby. Tawny then wrote that only a nincompoop would go steady with a man having a baby with Amber. " ‘Nincompoop?' ‘Going steady?' What?" Liam questioned as he read the messages. Tawny ended by telling Liam to be with Amber and the baby.

While Amber and Liam were talking in another room, Tawny opened the door for Carl, who was there to demand his money. Noting that Liam's car was out front, Carl threatened to have a chat with Liam about the baby. Tawny said she'd make good on the deal, but Carl just had to be a little more patient.

In the other room, a disappointed Liam said Hope had left him for Oliver, and she'd advised him to be with Amber and the baby. As he and Amber talked about it, the baby started moving, and Liam touched her stomach. He didn't feel anything, but she said he soon would. She felt that there was a lot to look forward to, even though she was no Hope.

Amber said she understood that Liam was heartbroken, but she believed that his heart would soon be overflowing with love for the baby. Scooting closer to him, Amber said that Hope was right; it was time to move on for everyone's sakes, especially the baby's. Liam figured that he had to accept what had happened. Amber kissed him and said she loved him. As they made out on the bed, Liam's phone vibrated with a text message from Hope.

In the Forrester studio, Hope was tempted to contact Liam, but Oliver said to let Liam call her, as he'd promised. Hope claimed that Liam got busy sometimes, but Oliver said being with Liam meant Hope would always be second to the child. Oliver didn't fault Liam for that, but said Liam's silence was a good reminder of why Hope shouldn't be with him. Against Oliver's advice, Hope text-messaged Liam and stood around, waiting for a response.

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