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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 2, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, May 2, 2011

At the hospital, Madison talked about her tour of the labor and delivery wing of the hospital. Scott was curious if Madison were ready for the birth of her daughter. "Almost," Madison quietly admitted before she revealed that she had been asked if she wanted someone with her during the delivery. Scott realized that Madison's hesitation meant that she intended for Ryan to be present for the birth of the baby. "For support," Madison clarified.

Scott assured her that she hadn't hurt his feelings by wanting the father of the baby to be with her when her daughter was born. Madison relaxed as Scott promised her that he wanted to make everything as easy as possible for her. Madison thanked Scott and then left. Moments later, JR called to ask Scott to meet him at the mansion. According to JR, there had been an accident.

At ConFusion, JR approached Marissa's table after he spotted her talking to a stranger. Marissa introduced Agent Trumbull to JR and then revealed that the immigration agent had been questioning her about whether or not Tad and Cara's marriage was a sham. Marissa acknowledged that she lived with the newlyweds, but she made it clear that she refused to discuss anything with the agent. Marissa started to get up, but Agent Trumbull informed her that she wasn't free to leave until he said so. JR objected to the agent's attitude. Marissa announced that she was an attorney, so she knew her rights.

Agent Trumbull threatened to subpoena Marissa, but she insisted that she didn't have any reason to believe that Tad and Cara's marriage was fraudulent. Agent Trumbull warned Marissa that he wasn't through with her and then left. Afterwards, Marissa confessed that she hated lying. JR offered a solution: he invited Marissa to move in with him. JR argued that she wouldn't have to jeopardize her career by lying to the agent, and it would make AJ happy. Marissa accused JR of being shameless, but she agreed to think about it.

After Marissa left, JR's cell phone rang. Shortly after JR arrived home, May a told JR that sorry she was for what had happened. Seconds later, Scott barged into the parlor demanding to know what had happened to the gatehouse. JR explained that heavy winds had uprooted a tree, which had toppled on the gatehouse. Scott was stunned when JR invited Scott to sift through the debris for valuables before the bulldozers arrived to complete the demolition. Scott refused to let JR destroy Stuart's home, but JR explained that the gatehouse was beyond repair.

Maya entered the parlor, holding AJ's hand, shortly after Scott left. She quietly hinted that AJ was upset. JR immediately wondered what troubling AJ, so AJ asked about the gatehouse. JR explained that gatehouse had been damaged by a tree; however, he assured AJ that the mansion was safe. AJ perked up when Marissa entered the parlor moments later. Marissa revealed that she wanted to take advantage of the winds by flying kites.

AJ dashed to his room to get ready, so Marissa took the opportunity to announce her decision to take JR up on his offer to move in. However, she made it clear that it would only be temporary until she found a permanent residence. JR immediately shared the news with AJ when AJ returned to the parlor. Later, JR revealed that her favorite room in the private wing was ready. Marissa was curious how he had known that she would agree to move in, so JR admitted that he had kept the room ready in the hopes that she would return.

At Krystal's restaurant, Greenlee told Ryan that Emma had made it clear that Greenlee wasn't invited to parents' night at school. Greenlee explained that Emma wanted Ryan and Annie to attend the school function. Ryan promised to explain to Emma that Annie couldn't go to parents' night, but he encouraged Greenlee not to give up hope because he was confident that his daughter would remember how much Greenlee loved Emma. Greenlee smiled as she jokingly admitted that she was loveable. Ryan confessed that it was one of the reasons that he had married her. Greenlee sobered as she reminded him that their marriage might not be legal, but Ryan promised that he was working on it.

Greenlee shifted gears to find out how they could help Kendall to wipe Ricky off of the map. Ryan cautioned her that they had to do it the right way. Greenlee acknowledged that Kendall was playing a dangerous game with Ricky, but a part of Greenlee was jealous. Ryan couldn't fathom why, so Greenlee explained that Ricky had talked about love and understanding during their wedding ceremony, despite killing Zach. Ryan vowed that Ricky would pay for their friend's murder, but Greenlee wanted the pleasure of kicking Ricky where it counted.

Ryan assured Greenlee that he would do his best to accommodate her. Moments later, Ryan received a call from his private investigator advising Ryan that Ricky was at ConFusion with Opal. Ryan ended the call and then explained that he had to leave. Greenlee kissed her husband goodbye and then reached into her purse for her wallet. However, she was surprised to discover that her wallet was missing. Greenlee didn't have time to ponder the missing wallet because Emma's school called to report that Emma was missing.

At Fusion, Emma was disappointed that Madison had called Greenlee, but Madison argued that Greenlee had been worried. Emma confessed that she had missed her mother, and that she wanted Annie to attend parents' night at school. Madison sensed Emma's sadness, so she offered Emma a chocolate muffin and a hug. Greenlee was out of breath when she entered Fusion a few moments later. Emma quickly admitted that she had taken Greenlee's wallet and then had tried to take a cab to Oak Haven. Madison revealed that the cab driver had been suspicious, so he had managed to get Madison's number from Emma.

Greenlee asked to speak to Madison alone, so she sent Emma to the lounge to wait. As soon as Emma walked away, Greenlee blasted Madison for sending Emma the wrong message. Greenlee was furious that Madison had rewarded Emma with a hug and a chocolate muffin after Emma had stolen a wallet, left school, and then tried to take a cab to see Emma's "crazy mother." Greenlee snidely suggested that Madison would make "one hell of a mother." Madison insisted that she had given Emma the muffin and a hug because Emma had been upset about not seeing Annie; however, Madison had scolded Emma for going about things the wrong way. Greenlee argued that Madison wasn't Emma's mother or stepmother, so it wasn't Madison's job to try to correct Emma's behavior.

Madison didn't think that Emma could have too many people, who loved and cared about her, in her life. Greenlee explained that it wasn't about that. Madison accused Greenlee of trying to make it about Greenlee, but Greenlee argued that Greenlee was just trying to make things work with Emma. Madison insisted that Greenlee had failed because Emma had given the cab driver Madison's phone number, not Greenlee's. Greenlee was furious as she suggested that Madison used Emma and the baby as a way to stay in Ryan's life. Greenlee ordered Madison to stay out of their lives, and to stop parading her belly around Ryan.

Madison pointed out that Greenlee had known about the baby's paternity long before Ryan had, so Madison could have easily used the information to drive a wedge between Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee warned Madison that "the little thing" inside Madison couldn't protect Madison from Greenlee's wrath if Madison tried to go after Ryan or Greenlee's life. Madison opted to walk away, rather than continue the argument. A short time later, Madison tracked Scott down at the hospital to tell him about her heated argument with Greenlee. Scott confessed that it sounded as if Madison's morning had been as bad as Scott's. Madison confessed that she'd had it with Greenlee.

Scott told Madison about his argument with JR about the gatehouse. Madison urged Scott not to let JR "bulldoze" him. Scott thought about it for a moment and then revealed that he would rebuild the gatehouse. Later, Scott returned to the mansion to inform JR about his decision. Scott was surprised to learn that Marissa had temporarily moved into the mansion. Marissa quickly offered to help Scott obtain the necessary permits to rebuild the gatehouse, much to JR's dismay.

At Fusion, Greenlee assured Emma that she understood that Emma missed Annie. Greenlee promised that Emma could see Annie as soon as Annie was well. However, Greenlee warned Emma that sneaking around and lying was not the way to handle things. Greenlee encouraged Emma to talk to her whenever Emma missed Annie, and to trust Greenlee to help. Emma insisted that Annie had warned her that Greenlee lied all of the time, and had done a lot of bad things. "Daddy should have never married you," Emma spat at Greenlee.

At ConFusion, Opal was excited to have been invited to have breakfast with Ricky. Ricky confessed that he needed to share something with Opal and then admitted that he knew that Opal and Erica were close friends. Opal acknowledged the friendship, but she denied that she had known about Erica's plans to skip out on the wedding. Ricky explained that he was concerned because Kendall was worried about Erica. Opal wasn't surprised because Kendall was close to Erica.

Opal admitted that she had noticed that something was going on between Kendall and Ricky. Ricky grinned as he claimed that he hadn't thought that it was that obvious. Opal assured Ricky that she had a knack for sensing those types of things and then peppered him with questions about his relationship with Kendall. Ricky claimed that it had started innocently when he had tried to help Kendall through her grief. According to Ricky, things turned romantic as he and Kendall had spent time together. However, he insisted that he and Kendall had agreed to take things slow.

Ricky explained that the right person made one feel as if they were whole and good. Opal was curious if Kendall had made him feel that way. "Yes," he confessed. Ricky vowed that there wasn't anything that he wouldn't do for Kendall. Later, Ryan bumped into Opal after her breakfast with Ricky. Ryan casually invited Opal to sit down for a chat and then proceeded to question her about Ricky. Ryan was intrigued when Opal revealed that Ricky had arrived in Pine Valley shortly after the church's reverend had unexpectedly died of a heart attack.

At Griffin's hideout, Griffin insisted that he and Kendall would have to work together if they hoped to "nail" that "son of a bitch" who had killed Zach. Griffin produced a wire, which he offered to put on Kendall. Kendall snatched it out of Griffin's hand as she argued that she could do it herself. Griffin stood back and watched as Kendall tried in vain to turn on the transmitter and then hide the wire under her clothes. Eventually, Kendall was forced to accept Griffin's help. Griffin insisted that he wasn't the enemy as he efficiently wired Kendall for her next encounter with Ricky.

Griffin conceded that they had both gotten out of control the previous day, so he apologized for yelling at her. He admitted that he had lost it when she had let Ricky get too close. Kendall confessed that she hated having Ricky touch and kiss her. Griffin acknowledged that it took a lot of courage for Kendall to do what she was doing, but Kendall argued that Griffin was the true role model for courage. Griffin jokingly wondered if she thought that he was courageous for putting up with her. Kendall chuckled as she replied, "That's a full time job."

Ryan arrived moments later to update Griffin and Kendall on what he had learned from Opal. Griffin was certain that Ricky had been responsible for the reverend's heart attack, so he urged Kendall to reconsider. Kendall insisted that she was safe because Ricky was in love with her, so she was determined to move ahead with her plans. Ryan and Griffin assured themselves that the wire worked properly and then instructed Kendall to replace the battery every four hours. Kendall promised them that she would and then left.

Ryan and Griffin talked about Kendall's stubbornness and determination to do things her way. Afterwards, Ryan thanked Griffin for watching over Kendall. Ryan admitted that Kendall was his best friend, outside of Greenlee, and the mother of one of his children, so they had a strong bond. However, Ryan confessed that he was having some trouble with Emma, so he was relieved that Griffin was able to help Kendall. Griffin thanked Ryan for believing in Griffin's innocence.

At Fusion, Greenlee was relieved to see Ryan because she had been worried about him. Ryan kissed Greenlee and then told her about Ricky's predecessor's death. Greenlee insisted that Ricky needed to be locked up. Ryan promised her that it would happen, but first Ryan wanted to make certain that he and Greenlee didn't have any concerns. Greenlee was startled when Ryan suddenly got down on bended knee, told her that she was the love of his life and his safe haven, and then proposed marriage. Greenlee recalled Madison's warning about keeping secrets from Ryan and Emma's insistence that Ryan should not have married Greenlee.

Kendall was surprised when she arrived home to find the boys playing in the living room. Spike explained that he had wanted to get one of his toys. Sandra quickly added that she didn't think that Kendall would mind if they had stopped by to fetch the toy. Kendall assured Sandra that it was okay, but Kendall didn't have time to spend with the boys because Kendall had a business meeting. Sandra gathered the boys and then headed to the door, but stopped short when they bumped into Ricky on the doorstep. Spike warmly greeted Ricky, who told the children that they would be seeing more of each other.

Spike was curious of Ricky would be their new daddy. Ricky smiled at Kendall as she quickly looked away to hide her reaction to Spike's question. A moment later, Kendall pasted on a smile as she explained that Ricky was a special good friend. Kendall then asked Sandra to take the boys to their bedroom to get ready. Ricky's smile appeared strained as he suggested that one day the children would have to know that he was more than just a friend to Kendall. Kendall admitted that Ricky was right, so Ricky wondered why she kept sending the boys away.

Kendall explained that she didn't want to rush her sons because they were still getting over losing Zach. Ricky argued that Spike sounded as if he were ready for a new "daddy." Kendall barked that no one could take Zach's place. Griffin, who had been listening to the exchange via the wire, warned Kendall to be careful. Kendall quickly adjusted her tone and then clarified that she wanted Ricky to have his own place in the boys' hearts. Ricky argued that Kendall wasn't making it easy, but Kendall insisted that her first responsibility was to her sons.

Kendall explained that she wanted to make certain that they were solid as a couple before she told Spike and Ian about the relationship. Ricky suggested that their relationship was strong, but Kendall claimed that she wanted it "really solid." Ricky promised to make certain that it was. Kendall brightened as she asked him where he planned to take her. Ricky insisted that it would be a surprise; however, he assured her that it would just be the two of them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ryan proposed to Greenlee, who flashed back to Madison and Emma condemning her for her lies. Ryan was stunned when Greenlee remained silent. She declared that she wanted to marry him more than anything, but that he needed to know something. Greenlee informed Ryan that Emma had stolen Greenlee's wallet and had left school to take a cab to Oak Haven, but the cab driver had called Madison. Greenlee pointed out that Madison hadn't dealt with the consequences of Emma's actions, but Ryan was thankful that Emma felt comfortable with Madison.

Greenlee admitted that she had called Madison out on indulging Emma's behavior. Ryan said that while he wanted Madison to be happy, Greenlee was his priority. He offered to speak to Madison, but Greenlee thought that would just make things worse. Ryan called out for Emma, and he asked Greenlee to meet him in an hour. Emma emerged from the lounge, and Ryan sternly told his daughter that they had to discuss telling the truth. As he led the girl away, Emma shot an angry look back at Greenlee.

Liza and David basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking. David said he'd miss their afternoon trysts once he was reinstated at the hospital. She wondered if something had happened, but he explained that karma would work in his favor because of his plan to help Angie. Liza suggested that she and David go out to lunch, and he scoffed at the idea. Liza started to get dressed and asked what the big deal was, but she realized that David didn't want to be seen in public with her. She coldly rescinded her offer, and she left.

Later, David spotted Liza at Krystal's and apologized if he'd hurt her feelings. She claimed she had just been irritated, not hurt, and she downplayed her lunch invitation. He inquired whether she was becoming emotionally involved, and she denied it. They agreed that they didn't want their relationship to get complicated.

David sat at Liza's table and said that he would be privy to Jesse's activities since he'd be working closely with Angie, and he offered to give Liza updates. David said that he planned to attend an important meeting that afternoon. At first Liza thought the meeting was with the hospital board, but she realized that he intended to see Greenlee. David hoped that Greenlee would cut him a break. He complained that Krystal was denying them service and suggested that they go somewhere they wouldn't be ignored.

At the hospital, a nurse commented that Lucy's lips resembled Jesse's, and an emotional Jesse made an excuse to leave the room. Brot urged Jesse to act normally. Jesse admitted that he was tormented by thoughts of his stillborn daughter every time he looked at Lucy. Brot suggested that Jesse look at Lucy as a way to honor Ellie's memory. Brot recalled that in Iraq, he had lost friends, but he had fought with everything he had for the ones who'd made it home. He counseled Jesse to fight for not only his own sake, but for Angie's.

Jesse felt like Lucy knew he wasn't her father. Angie called for Jesse to join them for a picture. While holding Lucy, Angie stood up and stumbled over a chair, and the baby fell out of her arms. Jesse dove to the floor to catch Lucy. Angie became hysterical, but everyone assured her the baby was fine. She lamented that she could have fallen on the baby and worried that if she had been alone, she wouldn't have been able to tend to her child.

As Jesse held Lucy, he took Angie's hand and placed it on the squirming baby to prove to Angie that Lucy was okay. Jesse pointed out that Lucy wasn't even crying, and Brot commented that the baby felt safe in her daddy's arms. Jesse told Lucy that her daddy would always be there for her. Angie credited Jesse with saving Lucy. Brot watched as Jesse and Angie bonded with the baby.

Madison greeted Frankie at the hospital, where she had arrived for a checkup. Frankie asked if she was relieved to have the truth out in the open. Madison admitted that she still had problems with Greenlee, but she was glad Ryan wanted to be involved in her pregnancy. Frankie inquired where Ryan was, and Madison said he had promised to be there.

Madison told Frankie that Greenlee had accused her of using her baby and Emma to hold on to Ryan. Frankie was surprised that Greenlee would confront Madison, since Madison could reveal that Greenlee had known about Madison's pregnancy for months. Madison said the issue was in the past. Frankie asked if Madison had been tempted to tell Ryan the truth, but Madison said that it wasn't her place and that she was grateful for Ryan's support. She left for her appointment.

At the nurses' station, May a asked for Frankie and forlornly gazed at a flyer for an infant CPR class. She flashed back to leaving her baby in Brot's car. Frankie greeted Maya and asked if she was all right. She said she was fine, but also annoyed because Frankie had called her home repeatedly, and her aunt had given her a hard time about it. Frankie explained that he had wanted to make sure she was okay. A skeptical Maya snapped that people didn't care about others they didn't know.

Frankie reiterated that he just wanted Maya to be healthy, and she started to say that she wasn't accustomed to such kind treatment from men, but she clammed up and started to leave. Frankie asked if she wanted some samples of postnatal vitamins. Jesse approached them and apologized for interrupting. Frankie left to get the vitamins, and Jesse and Maya exchanged pleasantries. Later, May a grasped the vitamins and touched her single earring. She recalled attaching the other earring to the baby's blanket.

Ryan rushed into the hospital and asked Frankie where Madison was. Frankie angrily confronted him for causing Madison unnecessary stress. Frankie testily asked why Ryan hadn't been concerned when Madison had collapsed in the park on Christmas Eve, but Ryan had no idea what Frankie was talking about. Frankie barked that the least Ryan could do was to show up on time.

Madison told her unborn baby that Ryan would be there soon. In the hallway, Ryan asked the doctor about Madison's hospital visit on Christmas Eve. The doctor said that Madison had been concerned about a miscarriage, but thanks to Ms. Smythe, they had been able to address the situation. Ryan was shocked to hear that Greenlee had been involved.

Kendall sorted clothing and was startled when Griffin suddenly entered. Griffin worried that she was moving too fast, but Kendall maintained that she needed to get close to Ricky to find out the truth. She asked which outfit Griffin preferred, and he announced that she wasn't going on her date with Ricky. Kendall insisted that she was going, and she relayed her intent to tell Ricky that his plans weren't as intimate as she'd hoped. Griffin thought she planned to invite Ricky home, but Kendall explained that she wanted Ricky to take her to his place.

Kendall thought the best way to learn about Ricky was to see where he lived, and she wanted to look for evidence. Griffin advised her to stay in public, because too many things could go wrong. She reminded him that she was wearing a wire, but Griffin ordered her to call and cancel. Kendall refused. Griffin told her to stop thinking of Ricky as a lovesick puppy, when he was really a cold-blooded killer. Griffin softly said he couldn't take risks with her, but he quickly added that he'd promised to keep her alive. She said she'd made a vow to honor Zach and wouldn't back down.

Griffin gave Kendall an earpiece so she could hear him. He helped her put on the earpiece and covered it with her hair. He instructed her to keep Ricky in public and not to take off the wire. She assured him that nothing would be taken off. She thanked him, and he exited out the back door. The doorbell rang, and Kendall answered it to Greenlee, who asked for Kendall's help with her marriage.

Greenlee revealed that Ryan had proposed again, but they couldn't make their union official until Ricky was caught. Greenlee wailed that it was killing her to keep the secret that she'd known about Madison's pregnancy for months. Kendall assured Greenlee that if Madison had intended to tell Ryan, she would have already. Greenlee admitted that she was contemplating telling Ryan the truth.

Greenlee told Kendall that Annie had told Emma that Greenlee was a liar, and she lamented that Annie had been right. Kendall asked what had stopped Greenlee from telling the truth, and Greenlee said something always seemed to get in the way. Greenlee felt like a hypocrite for scolding Emma for lying. Greenlee recounted that Ryan had stated that they could get through anything together, and she wondered if it was true. Kendall questioned whether it was a risk Greenlee was willing to take.

"Tonight is the night everything changes," Ricky mused as he prepared for his date. He pulled the ring box out of a drawer and slipped it into his pocket. He looked at his computer, which displayed a picture of Zach, Kendall, Spike, and Ian. Ricky used a computer program to cut Zach's face out of the photo, and he headed to the door.

Kendall told Greenlee that secrets were often revealed at unexpected times. The doorbell rang, and Kendall briefly explained her plan regarding Ricky. Kendall asserted that Ryan loved Greenlee and that he would understand. Kendall answered the door to Ricky, and Greenlee departed. He took her hand and observed that they had the place to themselves. Ricky kissed her hand. "Please don't," she said.

Kendall apologized, but reminded him that they had agreed to take things slowly. He said that his feelings overwhelmed him whenever he was around her, because he'd never felt that way before. He said he needed to touch her to believe she was real. She excused herself to change for their date.

Griffin encountered a trespasser in the cabin. After he chased off the intruder, he returned to the surveillance equipment and heard Kendall ask where Ricky was taking her. Ricky said it was a surprise, and Griffin urged Kendall to remember his advice. She suggested that she and Ricky go to the Yacht Club. Ricky hesitated, but she explained that she wanted to be around a lot of people because she'd felt cooped up. Ricky said there was plenty of time for that later, and he announced that he was going to whisk her away to somewhere far from Pine Valley.

Griffin implored Kendall to end the date, and Kendall told Ricky that she couldn't leave her boys. Kendall said she was taking things slowly for Spike and Ian, because she had left town once since Zach's death and they had been scared that she wasn't going to return. She hoped Ricky understood, and he said he'd never do anything to hurt her sons. He offered to call the Yacht Club, and she said she'd rather go back to his place, where there wouldn't be any distractions. Griffin panicked.

Griffin told Kendall that Zach would want her to escape the situation. Ricky claimed that his place was a mess. Kendall answered her cell phone to Griffin, but she claimed it was her nanny calling. She lied that Ian was upset and wouldn't eat without her. Ricky offered to reschedule their date, and he kissed her. After Ricky left, Kendall chided Griffin for mentioning Zach. Griffin said he had been desperate to keep her safe, but she informed him that from Ricky's expression, she had judged that Ricky was hiding something in his room.

Liza and David arrived at ConFusion, where they were surprised to find a sign for a private party. Greenlee arrived and informed them that Ryan had rented it out for a special evening. David wanted to speak further with Greenlee. Liza pointedly said that it was a good thing they had taken separate cars, and she left. Greenlee demanded to know what David wanted, and he smirked as he surmised that the Laverys were experiencing trouble in paradise.

David informed Greenlee that he had been helping Angie to find a cure for her blindness. Greenlee spewed that he hated Angie, but he claimed that he was trying to turn over a new leaf. Greenlee didn't believe him. He realized she was on edge and wondered if there were problems in her marriage. She asserted that her relationship with Ryan was solid and that she liked herself better with Ryan. David countered that Ryan would never love her for who she was and that what Ryan saw as flaws, David saw as perfection.

David returned to Krystal's, where Liza saw David's crestfallen expression and assumed his meeting with Greenlee hadn't gone well. He vowed not to give up, and Liza wondered if he was referring to his career or to Greenlee. Meanwhile, at ConFusion, Greenlee stood in a candlelit room and recalled Kendall's encouraging words, and then David's taunting ones about Ryan not accepting her for who she was. She prayed that Ryan would understand.

Madison's doctor received a page, and she left to respond to it. Ryan entered Madison's room, and Madison grew concerned about Emma when she saw the look on his face. Ryan declared that he knew that Greenlee had accompanied Madison to the hospital on Christmas Eve. He realized that Greenlee had known for months that Madison had been pregnant and that Greenlee had never said a word.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the hidden room, Erica made a deal to eat if her captor would let her see a video that Jackson had made for her. The captor only played the footage in which Jackson said he wanted a future with her, but he wouldn't wait forever. The captor quipped that Jackson would wait, because no man had ever given up on Erica.

Sensing a hint of jealousy, Erica guessed her captor was Brooke, who'd always gone after Erica's men. Erica next theorized that it was Annie, but the captor denied being Annie, Krystal, or Brooke. The captor claimed to be an original, and refused reveal an identity until it was time.

Erica complained that the room was stuffy. She seemed disoriented, and her captor said she'd promised to eat. Concern registered in her captor's voice, but Erica refused to be blackmailed into eating. Fainting, she slipped off the bed and onto the floor, out of the view of the surveillance camera. As her captor called to her, Erica secretly opened her eyes and smiled. The captor doused the lights and entered the room, wearing a black, hooded robe.

At Erica's house, Krystal arrived with paperwork. As Jackson checked his laptop, Krystal answered the door for Opal, who said, "This is wrong with a capital 'what the hell do you think you're doing?'" Krystal claimed that she was working. Opal said Krystal could file her heart out, but she needed to keep her hands and cleavage to herself.

Krystal claimed she wasn't a vulture picking over Erica's road kill. Though Krystal insisted that she was just Jackson's friend, she cited that Erica had gutted yet another good man. Krystal wanted Jackson's happiness, wherever and with whomever he found it. Jackson returned to the room to say that Erica had received his video, but she hadn't seen fit to respond.

At her restaurant later, Krystal found Jackson staring at his laptop. She asked if he'd heard anything from Erica. He said he'd started to believe there was more to it than Erica just running away from him.

At home, Angie was relieved that Jesse had caught Lucy; however, Angie sensed that Jesse was distant from Lucy, because he blamed Lucy for the blindness. He admitted to being distracted; however, he insisted that there was nothing more important to him than her and Lucy.

The couple kissed, and Amanda and Jake arrived for a visit. Amanda offered to put Lucy down for a nap, and while Amanda was gone, Angela noted that Amanda had "baby fever." Jake said there wouldn't be a baby anytime soon because he had too much going on at the hospital.

Later, Jesse and Jake left the house. In the living room with Angie, an excited Amanda cooed that she could be pregnant with another little Trevor soon. Angela was frank with Amanda and said that Jake had been clear about not wanting another baby at that time. Amanda, however, was sure that once she got pregnant, Jake would be just as happy as Jesse had become about the unplanned Lucy. Angie warned Amanda that secrets were poison to a marriage.

In the park, Tad and Cara watched Tad's daughters play, and Tad reassured Cara about Griffin. She joined the girls on the playground, and Tad received a call from Jake, who said that cancer patient, Mackenzie Wilson, was insistent upon seeing Cara. Tad recognized the problem, because Cara wasn't allowed to return to the hospital. Tad said he'd deal with Cara.

Cara overheard Tad ending his call, and she got upset that Jake and Tad were trying to handle her. She asserted that she'd visit her patient, because she understood what the child was going through. She told Tad not to stop her, but he said he wouldn't even try.

Cara went to the hospital and put on scrubs and a mask. Jake caught her trying to sneak in to see her patient. He implored her to remember all the trouble she could get into if she got caught and deported; however, Cara insisted upon seeing the patient for five minutes. Jake said he'd help, but only if there was zero risk. Cara hugged him, and as they walked off, Tad arrived.

At Krystal's restaurant, David and Liza discussed who ought to be more embarrassed to be seen with whom, and David decided that they were made for each other. Liza wondered what had become of her life and her dream of having a "white picket fence." After she'd spent her whole life looking for love, she'd become worried that it might not show up.

David said he'd never known that Liza was a closet romantic, and Liza mentioned his lingering feelings for Greenlee. David admitted that he and Greenlee were a lot alike; however, Greenlee was with Ryan, and she'd never live up to Ryan's ideals.

Jesse arrived, and Liza pressed him about Griffin's case. Jesse claimed he was on it, but she noted that he'd been distracted by family matters. Jesse quipped that it was called "a life," something she didn't have.

Later, Jesse strode through the woods to Ellie's gravesite beside his mother's headstone. He said that they'd made a family with Lucy, but he'd never forget Ellie. He placed a fresh flower on the grave and asked his mother to take care of the child. He left, and as he sat on a bench sobbing, Liza happened by and paused upon seeing him.

At the hospital, Madison tried not to implicate Greenlee, but Ryan insisted upon hearing the truth. He guessed his wife had orchestrated the New York job offer. Madison squirmed beneath his questioning gaze, and he realized he should be confronting his wife, not Madison.

At ConFusion, Greenlee prepared for the vows renewal ceremony with Ryan. Scott arrived to meet Madison, but Greenlee implored him to keep Madison out of the bar. He said Madison wasn't the enemy, and Greenlee stated that Madison would no longer have leverage over Greenlee, who'd decided to tell Ryan that she'd known about the baby before he had. Greenlee expressed confidence that she and Ryan would get past it, but she sensed that Scott was worried that Madison would learn that Greenlee had paid him to express an interest in Madison. Scott said that, no matter how it had begun, what he and Madison had was real.

Later, Ryan arrived, and Greenlee told him that she wanted to talk to him about something before their ceremony. A despondent Ryan stated that she'd known about Madison's baby on Christmas Eve, but hadn't told him. Greenlee swore that she'd been about to tell him that, but he sighed, saying she'd been lying for months. She claimed that Madison hadn't wanted him to know about it. Ryan replied that Greenlee had possessed her own motives, and she owed him the truth about everything.

Greenlee said that it had happened just when she'd thought she and Ryan had finally gotten through all the horrible situations in their lives. She'd kept quiet because she'd wanted just one day to be about them. Ryan stated that she'd never told him, and she'd acted surprised when he'd finally learned it for himself. He guessed that she'd kept quiet for fear of losing him to Madison. "You had that little faith in me?" he incredulously asked.

Greenlee explained that the baby hadn't fit into the picture, and she'd lied because she hadn't wanted anything to interfere with the life ahead of them. Ryan stated that it was a life that she'd chosen. She apologized and promised to spend the rest of their lives rebuilding their trust. She asked him to say that they could get past it, but Ryan replied, "No, Greenlee. We can't."

Back at the hospital, Scott arrived in Madison's exam room, and she told him that Ryan was questioning what Greenlee had known about the baby and when. Remarking that the Laverys were set to renew their vows that evening, Scott wondered what a rift between Greenlee and Ryan would mean for Madison. The doctor interrupted, and Scott turned to leave. Madison, however, said she wanted him to stay for the appointment.

At the end of her exam, Madison asked her doctor to authorize Scott to be in the delivery room, as well as Ryan. Scott expressed his surprise at Madison's decision to invite him to the baby's delivery. She said that Ryan would be in the delivery room for the baby, but Scott would be there for Madison.

Scott and Madison returned home, and Scott was still excited about being there for Madison when the baby was born. Madison recalled that, earlier, he'd been trying to ask if she'd want another chance with Ryan. She stated that she wouldn't, because she wanted Scott. He said he wanted her, too. Madison and Scott kissed and moved toward the bed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greenlee begged Ryan to go back to the way things once had been between them. He removed her hand from his knee and said they couldn't, because she'd lied to him about Madison's pregnancy for months. Greenlee acknowledged that she should have told him the truth. Ryan said that he had trusted Greenlee and wondered if he shouldn't have. He asked Greenlee if she was holding back anything else, and her eyes filled with tears.

Greenlee insisted that Madison had wanted to keep her pregnancy and her baby's paternity a secret. Ryan didn't believe that was the reason Greenlee had kept quiet, and he recalled that Greenlee had pressured Madison to take a job in New York. Ryan questioned Greenlee's actions, since Madison had made it clear that she hadn't intended to interfere with Ryan and Greenlee's relationship. Greenlee admitted that she'd pulled some strings to help Madison get the job so Madison could have a fresh start.

Ryan pointed out that Greenlee had been kept from her father, and he couldn't believe she would do the same thing to Ryan and his child. She asserted that she had planned to tell him everything that evening, but he felt he had learned the truth only because of "a fluke conversation." He commented that at least Madison had Scott's support, and Greenlee looked to the ground in guilt. Ryan realized that Greenlee had helped arrange Scott's prison release, so that Scott would keep Madison and the baby away from Ryan.

Ryan accused Greenlee of pushing Scott and Madison together. Greenlee tried to change the subject to the happy evening they had anticipated. He recalled that during their Valentine's Day wedding, she had proclaimed that she had nothing to be afraid of, and she countered that he had stated that things wouldn't be easy. He retorted that he didn't think they themselves would cause the difficulties. She explained that Scott was just an old college friend. Ryan asked point-blank if she had made a deal with Scott. She tearfully admitted that she had.

Ryan called Greenlee out on lying to him repeatedly. Greenlee argued that Madison had needed someone, and Greenlee had given her Scott. Ryan asked if Madison had known about Greenlee and Scott's collaboration, and Greenlee confessed that Madison hadn't. Ryan inquired whether it had been part of the plan for Scott to claim to be the baby's father, but Greenlee informed him that it had been Scott's idea.

A visibly shaken Ryan questioned whether he was somehow to blame for Greenlee's need to lie. She claimed that the truth was out and that she wanted to support him in his desire to be a father to his baby. She begged him to start over like they had promised one another. He pulled out an envelope containing his vows and set it on the table. He refused to make any more promises until they'd sorted out all the ones they'd already broken. Greenlee cried as Ryan walked out.

Scott and Madison kissed passionately on the bed, and he asked her if she was sure. She said she was sure about him and their relationship. They resumed kissing, and then tenderly made love. Afterward, Scott called Madison beautiful and said that it felt right to be together. She gushed that she had been a pregnant mess until he had entered her life and that she felt lucky to have him.

Madison mused that she had thought she'd be alone after her breakup with Ryan. She asked if she and Scott could stay in their apartment forever, but he said they had big plans because they were having a baby. He quickly corrected that she was having a baby with Ryan. Madison reminded Scott that he would be there for the baby's birth. He suggested that they celebrate by ordering in Chinese food and that they could wait to deal with reality until the next day. She didn't look forward to seeing Greenlee at Fusion. Madison wondered what the fallout would be from Ryan learning the truth, because she felt it wasn't right to start a life together with a lie.

Madison apologized for mentioning Greenlee. Scott marveled that a few months before, he had been in prison, but his life had changed since he had met her. She acknowledged that she had made her own big mistakes. He said he wanted to do right by her, and she remarked that he sounded serious. She asked if they could put their mistakes behind them, and they agreed to start with a clean slate. There was a knock at the door, and Madison was surprised to see Ryan, who glared at Scott.

Madison uncomfortably invited Ryan in. Ryan asked to speak to her in private, but Madison said Scott knew all about the situation, so whatever Ryan had to say, he could say in front of Scott. Madison informed Ryan that she wanted Scott in the delivery room when she gave birth. Ryan pointedly asked her if she was sure.

Jesse sat on a park bench and remembered his visit to Ellie's gravesite. Liza happened upon a distraught Jesse and called out to him. A startled Jesse asked if she'd followed him. She admitted she had, and he demanded to know what she wanted. She apologized for berating him for putting his personal life ahead of his professional one. He started to leave, but she commented that he seemed upset and inquired whether he was okay.

Jesse snapped at Liza for following him and for being the mayor's lackey. Liza reiterated that she had wanted to apologize, but Jesse called her out on her bad choices, including her association with David. Liza scoffed at the idea that Jesse had never made a mistake, and she reminded him that he'd walked out on Angie and Frankie years before. Jesse bashed Liza's mothering skills. Liza advised him not to mess up his second chance with his new baby, and she walked away. Meanwhile, David found Liza in the park and kissed her passionately.

Liza was surprised by David's display of affection, and he explained that she'd given the impression that she was unsure she wanted to continue their affair, so he wanted to remind her what she'd be giving up. He wondered what was going on with her. She said Jesse had been there alone, and he had acted guilty. David said that everyone was guilty of something.

Liza asked David to share any dirt he had on Jesse, but David said he would have used any information as leverage already. Liza mentioned that Jesse had looked tired, but David pointed out that the Hubbards had a newborn baby. David wondered what Jesse could have been up to, and Liza speculated that Jesse had been taking bribes. David contemplated whether Jesse was preoccupied with a personal issue, like a lover. Liza was certain that Jesse adored Angie and that it was something even bigger.

David observed that it almost seemed like Liza cared about Jesse. Liza worried that the mayor would get rid of her if Liza didn't find a reason to fire Jesse. David asked whether Liza's concern was about Jesse or Colby. Liza wished that Colby would feel something other than shame toward Liza. David observed that for years, Jesse had thrown stones at Liza, so if Jesse chose to live in a glass house, Liza had a right to shatter it.

Later, David arrived at ConFusion and noticed that Greenlee was downing hard liquor. He said that Ryan had almost clipped him in the parking lot. Greenlee snapped that if Ryan had seen David, Ryan wouldn't have missed. David said that he wanted her to be happy and that he could tell that she was hurting. He reiterated that Ryan would never love her for who she really was. David wondered what she had done to anger Ryan. David said that Ryan would always find something wrong with Greenlee, but David would always love her and her evil impulses. She yelled at him to leave her alone.

At the police station, Liza complimented Brot on a report and asked if he had noticed anything odd about Jesse, but Brot made an excuse to rush off to work. Later, Liza and David met in the park again, and she informed him that Brot had the same guilty look as Jesse. David observed the beautiful sunset, and Liza commented that the only thing that put him in such a good mood was Greenlee. He happily revealed that Greenlee was unhappy with Ryan. Meanwhile, Greenlee blew out the candles at ConFusion.

Jesse arrived home to find Angie sleeping on the couch. He greeted Lucy and said he'd keep her and her mommy safe, even though it was hard sometimes. Angie awakened and asked her husband what was so difficult. Angie begged Jesse to tell her what was weighing him down, as she had heard him tossing and turning the night before. He blamed it on work, and Angie guessed he had continued to clash with the mayor. Jesse admitted that Liza had been giving him a hard time, as well. She lauded Jesse's integrity and swore that the mayor and Liza would have to go through Angie and the rest of the Hubbards to get to Jesse.

Jesse suggested that he and Angie try something new. He handed her a baby book, and she expected him to read the baby a story, but he asked her to read it. A thrilled Angie realized that the book was in Braille. After Angie finished reading the book, she realized that Jesse had fallen asleep next to her on the couch.

Bianca spotted Jackson at Krystal's restaurant. Jackson informed Bianca that Erica had sent him a reply, but he was afraid to read it because he had a feeling he wouldn't like it. Bianca implored Jackson to open it because she was certain the message contained good news. Jackson complied, and he read aloud an email that thanked him for the video and called him handsome, but stated that Erica was no closer to returning home than when she had left. The message further said that Erica had a lot to figure out about who she was and who she wanted to be. Jackson slammed the computer shut.

Bianca urged Jackson not to give up on Erica. Jackson said that all Erica had issued was a polite response after he had poured his heart out in the video, and he would have expected more from a stranger. Bianca grabbed a tabloid newspaper from the bar and called it a typical hatchet job on Erica. She spotted an article about her own "messy lesbian divorce" and lamented that no one had been spared.

Bianca angrily looked at the untruths in the tabloid. She saw a picture of Reese and forlornly noted that Reese had changed her hair. Jackson pulled the paper away, and Krystal assured Bianca that no one believed such trash. Bianca said the nastier the articles were, the better, because they were bound to entice Erica to rush back to town to make heads roll. Jackson said he had to stop by the penthouse to pick up some items for work. He revealed that he hadn't been staying there because it hadn't felt like home without Erica. Bianca offered to accompany him, and Krystal told him to call if he needed anything.

A hooded figure approached Erica, who lay motionless on the floor. As the person began to touch Erica's shoulder, Erica grabbed the person's hand. Erica found herself face-to-face with a male stranger. She demanded to know who the man was and what he wanted. The captor's voice boomed through the speaker, and Erica realized that her captor wasn't working alone. Erica threatened to attack the man in her room, but he used a syringe to inject her with a drug. Erica collapsed, unconscious.

As Erica began to wake up, the captor reprimanded Erica for threatening the captor's employee. Erica mentioned that she was a recovering addict and that the captor had broken Erica's sobriety without her consent by drugging her. The captor immediately expressed sincere regret and recalled Erica's stint at the Betty Ford Center. Erica declined to accept an apology, and she vowed to find her way out and to make everyone affiliated with the captor sorry. Meanwhile, the captor typed Erica's exact words on a computer screen.

The captor continued to apologize and begged Erica to talk, because the captor planned to hang on every word. The captor offered to make the drugging up to Erica, but still refused to let Erica go. The captor volunteered to fetch something that would make Erica feel better. Erica hesitantly asked if her captor would get her whatever she wanted. The captor said that Erica meant a lot to the captor, because the captor owed her.

The captor credited Erica with turning the captor's life around. Erica wondered if she'd provided the captor with career assistance or personal advice, but the captor said the specifics didn't matter. Erica said the captor had gone to so much trouble to recreate her bedroom, but she complained that her wardrobe was missing. The captor pointed out that Erica had changes of clothes, but Erica stated that she had put a lot of thought into her attire and that she wanted the outfits from her own closet. The captor consented and asked if Erica desired anything else. Erica asked for a stack of books from a shelf in her real bedroom so she'd feel more at home. The captor agreed to retrieve them.

Erica knocked on the mirror and asked if her captor was there. Erica flashed back to Jackson presenting her with a mystery novel that was really a book inside a book. When she had opened it, she had found a cell phone and a charger hidden inside. Jackson had declared that he had purchased it as a precaution, since Erica was famous and could fall prey to a stalker. He had beseeched Erica to hold on to the faux book for him, because he loved her more than life itself.

A woman's perfectly manicured hand opened the door to Erica's real bedroom. The woman stuffed clothing and the books into a bag. She picked up a bottle of Erica's perfume and sprayed herself with it. Meanwhile, Erica fretted about why it was taking so long for the captor to return.

Friday, May 6, 2011

On her way up to the Fusion offices, Greenlee thought back to her confrontation with Ryan. By the time the elevator doors opened, Greenlee was furious. Randi, who had been standing in the foyer, started to question Greenlee's presence. Greenlee ignored the inquiry and demanded to know where Madison was.

Randi said that both she and Madison thought they had the night off. Randi added that she thought Madison was likely with Scott. Agitated, Greenlee noted that Madison needed to focus on what was important. Randi assured Greenlee that the Mother and Baby line was being received successfully, so Greenlee had nothing to worry about. Greenlee demanded that Randi leave the offices. Randi initially protested, but Greenlee soon made it clear that Randi was not welcome to stay.

Madison told Ryan that she didn't have any doubts about Scott being in the delivery room. Ryan said that he understood that Madison and Scott had gotten close. Ryan questioned whether Madison knew Scott well enough to trust him. Madison recognized that Ryan was upset over what he'd found out when he confronted Greenlee. Madison begged Ryan to get past it so that he could be as happy as she was with Scott.

Ryan asked if her relationship with Scott was really working. Madison said that Scott had seen her through a lot of things, and should not be punished for something he wasn't involved with. Ryan, knowing what role Scott had played in Greenlee's games, asked if Scott had anything he needed to add.

Before Scott could answer, Madison reiterated that Scott was not involved in Ryan's issues. Madison said that Greenlee loved Ryan, and despite his anger, Ryan still loved Greenlee. Madison said that Ryan needed to make things work for the sake of their daughter. Madison's words sunk in, and Ryan's expression softened a bit. Ryan turned to Scott and ordered Scott not to ever hurt Madison.

After Ryan left, Scott said that he needed to run to the hospital but would return soon. After Scott dashed out of the apartment, Madison told her unborn child how amazing Scott was. Madison realized that she needed to proceed slowly. Just as quickly, Madison ignored her own advice and admitted she was falling in love. Madison only had a few moments to revel before her phone rang. When she answered the call, Madison heard Greenlee curtly say that Madison needed to return to the office.

Greenlee's cell phone rang but she ignored the call as she continued to wait impatiently for Madison. As if beckoned, the elevator doors slid open and Madison emerged. Greenlee congratulated Madison on the success of the Mother and Baby line, but there was no joy in her tone. Madison tried to acknowledge Greenlee's part in the success, but Greenlee quickly made the conversation personal.

Greenlee mentioned the revelation that Greenlee knew about Madison's pregnancy. Madison clarified that the doctor had clued Ryan in, but Greenlee pointed out that Madison didn't need to continue sharing information. Madison was amazed that even though Greenlee had done wrong, she still managed to blame it on Madison. Madison said that she had been dishonest with Ryan because she was scared and didn't know what to do. Madison was sure that Greenlee had a master plan from the beginning. Madison was positive there were things about Greenlee's plan that Madison was still unaware of.

Greenlee still believed that Madison wanted to get back together with Ryan. Greenlee made it clear that her relationship with Ryan would survive the latest upheaval. Disgusted, Madison told Greenlee that she, too, had played games and manipulated people in the past. Madison said that when she stopped acting that way, she had been able to be truly happy. Madison said that she planned to stay with Scott and wished Greenlee luck with Ryan.

Scott went to talk to Ryan about Madison. Scott admitted that he had worked with Greenlee while he was still behind bars to keep Madison away from Ryan. Scott said he felt bad about deceiving Madison. Scott promised that he genuinely cared about Madison. Ryan and Scott agreed that they both wanted Madison to be happy. Scott asked if Ryan would be able to stop judging Scott long enough for them to work together.

Scott said that it would only hurt Madison if she found out that Scott had been working with Greenlee. Scott explained that watching Madison struggle with whether or not to have the baby and grow into a mother who was excited about having a child was amazing. Scott said that he wanted to stay in Madison's life. Ryan promised not to tell Madison, and then noted that both of their relationships were built on lies.

Greenlee arrived home and found Ryan sitting quietly on their couch. After Ryan told Greenlee that Emma was at a sleepover, Greenlee knew she could speak freely. Greenlee took full responsibility for what she'd done. She said that she had apologized, and would continue to do so if she thought it would help. Greenlee paused, and then said that she was done apologizing. She informed Ryan that going forward, she would only fight for their marriage.

Greenlee recognized that Ryan might want time alone to process what he'd recently found out. Greenlee suggested that for Emma, they pretend to be a solid family until they found their way back to a good place. Greenlee was certain that they would be able to make it through. While Ryan remained silent, Greenlee said that in her heart, she believed that she and Ryan belonged together.

When Ryan finally spoke, he told Greenlee that he still loved her. Ryan was quick to point out that he wasn't sure how to move on from what Greenlee had done. Ryan said that he wasn't able to forgive and forget yet. Greenlee forced herself to accept Ryan's words, and said that she would continue to fight for their marriage until he was ready.

Scott returned to the apartment and fed Madison a story about how things had gone at the hospital. Noting her clothing change, Scott asked where Madison had gone. Madison said that Greenlee had summoned her to the office and had tried to browbeat Madison. Madison proudly announced that she had been able to hold her ground with Greenlee. Madison wanted to put the experience behind her and started to talk about dinner. Scott interrupted and said that they needed to talk.

Madison begged Scott not to talk about the drama with Ryan and Greenlee any longer. Madison said that it had been a long time since she felt relaxed, and she wanted to savor that feeling. Madison added that she'd had so many questions for so long but that when she was with Scott, she felt like she had all of the answers. Scott couldn't resist the feeling that swept over him and granted Madison's request.

Madison apologized again for the way that Ryan had attacked Scott. Madison said that she really wanted Scott to be in the delivery room. Scott promised that he would be there. Scott said that the only thing he wanted was for everything to work out for Madison.

Kendall showed up at the cabin where Griffin was staying. He'd lured Kendall there under the guise that the wire Kendall had been wearing was malfunctioning. As Griffin went through the motions of checking the device, Kendall said that she planned to call Ricky and reschedule their date. Griffin admitted that the equipment was fine, and he actually wanted a promise from Kendall that she wouldn't be alone with Ricky.

Kendall said that when she'd suggested going to Ricky's room, Ricky had frozen in fear. Kendall took that to mean that Ricky was hiding something there. Kendall was determined to uncover anything that was connected to Zach's death. Griffin was still opposed because neither he nor Ryan would be able to help Kendall if she was alone with Ricky in his room. Kendall's phone rang and interrupted the conversation.

Kendall saw that Ricky was calling and answered pleasantly. Kendall confirmed that both of her sons were fine and tucked in bed. Kendall said that she wanted to reschedule their date, so Ricky asked if Kendall wanted to visit his room right away. Kendall agreed, and ended the call. Kendall told Griffin that she needed to be rewired. Griffin refused, so Kendall said that she would visit Ricky without it.

Griffin sprung to his feet and told Kendall that he wouldn't let her go if she planned to be alone with Ricky. Kendall, unwilling to be controlled, quickly showed Griffin how she planned to defend herself. After she landed a few sharp blows, a stunned Griffin realized that Kendall was capable of defending herself.

Moments later, Kendall realized that she'd hit Griffin where he had been stabbed. Kendall apologized profusely, and Griffin assured her that he would be okay. Griffin was still unsure about Kendall being alone with Ricky. Kendall finally gave in and said that she would take Jack with her. Griffin was skeptical, but Kendall said that she would ask Ricky to counsel Jack through his feelings over Erica's disappearance.

Griffin urged Kendall to call Jack to make sure he was available, and said they would need a plan B if Jack couldn't go. Kendall called Jack's phone and, although she got his voicemail, she acted as though she was talking to the man himself. Kendall was able to convince Griffin that Jack would meet up with her before going to Ricky's place. Griffin handed over the wire, and gave Kendall some additional pointers about its use.

Ricky gazed at a picture of Zach on his computer. Ricky said that Zach had gotten his shot but had blown it. Ricky smugly noted that it was his turn to win Kendall's heart. A short time later, Kendall arrived outside Ricky's hotel room and checked to see if Griffin could hear her. When the connection was established, Griffin asked if Jack was with Kendall.

Kendall tried to lie, but when Griffin asked her to prove it, Kendall faltered. Griffin got upset and demanded that Kendall leave. Kendall took the earpiece out and put it in her purse moments before Ricky opened his door. While panic settled over Griffin, Kendall waltzed into Ricky's room, certain that she would be able to handle whatever happened.

Once in the room, Kendall was forced to admit that she'd forgotten the champagne at home. Ricky offered to order some, but Kendall said that she was particular about the kind she drank. Ricky said he would run to the liquor store. Kendall protested, upset that Ricky would have to go out of his way. Ricky said he would do anything to make Kendall happy, and said he would be back from the store in ten minutes.

Once Ricky left the room, Kendall looked through the things Ricky had in the hotel room desk. She then spotted his computer and decided to see if she could find anything that implicated Ricky in Zach's death. She opened Ricky's laptop and was shocked to see a picture of herself as his wallpaper. At the same moment across town Griffin, frantic that he'd lost contact with Kendall, grabbed his jacket and headed directly for the hotel.

Kendall needed to figure out Ricky's password, and found success when she entered her own name. Before she could attempt to find anything on the computer, Ricky returned with the champagne. Kendall managed to position herself so as to not look to suspicious. Kendall urged Ricky to open the champagne immediately, but Ricky was more interested in kissing Kendall. Griffin showed up outside of Ricky's room, and begged Kendall to let him know she was okay. On the other side of the door, Kendall tried to get Ricky to slow down. Ricky insisted that they'd waited long enough.

Erica thought back to when Jack had gifted her with a cell phone hidden inside of what looked like a novel. Erica was certain that her captor would deliver the phone to her without realizing it, and that Jack would be responsible for saving Erica. Erica continued to talk to herself in an effort to remain calm. She wanted to be certain that she didn't do anything to raise her captor's suspicions upon their return.

Erica thought about how she would need to charge the phone, and find a place to use it undetected. Erica walked into the bathroom, but her idea to use the phone in the bathroom was smashed when she spotted the camera in that room as well.

Erica's captor finished packing a bag with Erica's things and quickly used Erica's perfume before leaving. In the process, a yellow scarf fell to the floor, unnoticed. As the captor started to leave, Jack and Bianca's voices floated down the hall. The captor quickly changed course and hid in a nearby closet. Jack and Bianca entered the bedroom, and Jack's face was immediately taken over by a look of concern. Jack looked around and Bianca, slightly alarmed, asked what was wrong.

Jack asked Bianca if she could smell the perfume that lingered in the air. Bianca thought that it was Jack's imagination. Bianca suggested that it might be easier if she gathered Jack's things. Jack refused to succumb to the pain of Erica's disappearance and forced himself into action. Bianca wanted to help, and offered to get some things out of the closet. As she approached the doors, Erica's captor pulled a gun out.

Jack stopped Bianca before she could open the closet doors and said that none of his clothes fit in the closet. Bianca feigned surprise, and walked away from the closet. The captor re-sheathed the gun just as Jack noticed the scarf the captor had dropped. Jack forlornly threaded the scarf through his fingers and noted aloud that he'd thought he and Erica had worked through all of their problems.

Bianca tried to be supportive and said that things would work out. Bianca realized that the return to the house was starting to weigh on Jack. She grabbed Jack's bag and rushed him out of the room. Moments later, the captor exited the closet and picked up a tabloid that had fallen to the floor. After perusing the cover that questioned Erica's location, the captor tossed the periodical aside and picked up the scarf.

Jack and Bianca stopped by Krystal's restaurant. Krystal was surprised that the duo had returned so soon, but Jack said he didn't want to stay at the house any longer than necessary. Krystal asked what she could get for Bianca and Jack. Bianca piped up that she would like something sweet. However, when the attention shifted to Jack, the women realized that Jack's mind was elsewhere.

When Jack snapped out of his reverie, he reminded Bianca of the scarf they'd found on the floor. Jack said that he'd been to the house a few times since Erica had disappeared, and he was certain that the scarf hadn't been there. Jack was certain someone had been in the bedroom. Jack called Erica's housekeeper, who confirmed that she cleaned the house every week, and that nothing had been left out.

Jack relayed this information to Bianca and Krystal, and then told them that Erica's perfume smelled as though it had been recently used. Jack was sure that all the clues meant Erica was back in town. Bianca didn't believe it because Erica wasn't the type to sneak around. Jack, on the other hand, was determined to prove his suspicions were correct. He exited the restaurant quickly, and Bianca followed right behind.

Jack and Bianca returned to the house, and Jack immediately saw that the scarf had disappeared. Bianca was at a loss for words, so Jack filled in the blanks with what he believed -- that Erica was back in town. Bianca resisted Jack's claim, but Jack found all of the proof he needed when he went to look in the smaller of Erica's closets. Jack showed Bianca that a section of Erica's clothes had disappeared. Jack believed that Erica had returned to get what she needed and had left again without contacting Jack.

Erica tried to be complimentary when her captor returned with a nice selection of her things. Erica asked how things had seemed at her house. Her captor told her that things had been quiet until Jack and Bianca had arrived. Erica asked after their state of mind. Erica's captor said that both Jack and Bianca were worried about Erica's whereabouts. Erica was not surprised to hear it. She was angered, however, when her captor revealed that Erica's disappearance had been made public in a tabloid.

Erica ranted about the things that had been published in the paper. She claimed that everything that had been written was false. Erica stopped and thought that perhaps a lot had happened since she'd been abducted. Saddened, Erica stated that her family and friends needed her.

Erica's captor made it clear that Erica's loved ones couldn't have Erica back. Erica managed to internalize her negative reaction to that statement. Instead, she thanked her captor for retrieving the clothing and books she'd asked for. Erica put the clothes away and, in the process, moved some boxes so that they blocked the camera in the closet. Erica checked the books and was pleased to find the spare cell phone still hidden in the gift Jack had given to her.



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