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Monday, May 2, 2011

by Mike

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami wondered why Rafe had packed up all of his clothes -- including his winter apparel. Fake Rafe claimed that he had decided to take all of his clothes with him because he had not known when -- or if -- Sami was going to return. Sami explained that she had been confused. Sami added that she had felt that Rafe had been confused, too.

Sami theorized that Rafe had tried to push her away so that he could protect her. Sami said that she didn't want Rafe to feel like he needed to do that. Fake Rafe wondered if that meant that Sami had decided to try to save their marriage; Sami confirmed that she was willing to try. Sami said that she had realized that she wanted to share her future with her husband.

Fake Rafe was anxious to rekindle their romance in the bedroom; he kissed Sami, but Sami abruptly pulled away. Sami excused herself so that she could call Caroline and find out how the kids had been doing. Later, Sami tried to resume her conversation with Rafe; fake Rafe tried to kiss Sami as he stated that they had done enough talking. Sami changed the subject and told Rafe that he should get unpacked. Before fake Rafe could protest, Sami rushed out of the apartment to retrieve Rafe's bags from his car.

Outside the apartment, Sami sighed and reminded herself that she had decided to give her marriage one last chance. Meanwhile, fake Rafe called Dario and asked Dario to meet him at the apartment. Later, Sami returned with Rafe's bags and carried them into the bedroom. Fake Rafe tried to stop her, but Sami insisted that she would be happy to unpack Rafe's bags for him. After Sami left, fake Rafe impatiently peered through the peephole and saw Dario approaching in the hallway.

Fake Rafe stepped into the hallway to talk to Dario; in his haste, fake Rafe left the apartment door partially opened. Dario wondered if Rafe had decided to stay in Salem. Fake Rafe nodded and announced that he was going to make things work with Sami. Fake Rafe admitted that he had made that decision after he had cheated on Sami. Fake Rafe explained that Dario was the only one who knew about the affair.

Dario assured Rafe that he had not told anyone; meanwhile, Sami walked into the kitchen and overheard their conversation through the open door. Sami listened as Dario said that he wasn't going to forget what Rafe had done; Dario added that he wasn't going to forget the way that Rafe had treated Dario when Dario had learned the truth. Fake Rafe apologized and begged Dario not to say anything. Dario continued to lecture his brother; Dario said that Rafe didn't deserve Sami's love. Fake Rafe impatiently insisted that he wanted Dario to promise that he wouldn't say anything.

"Okay, Rafe -- Scout's honor, I won't say a word about the woman you slept with last night, okay?" Dario stated as Sami sighed. As Sami continued to listen, Dario said that he didn't trust Rafe. Fake Rafe explained that he had not been in his right mind the previous night; he added that the woman had made the first move. "And she made you bring her back here, right? Did you change the sheets on Sami's bed before you left this morning?" Dario asked. Fake Rafe pointed out that he was never going to see the woman again because she didn't even live in Salem.

Sami shook her head in disbelief. Dario said that Sami loved Rafe and Rafe needed to earn that love. Dario excused himself and explained that he had gotten a job as a bartender at the Cheatin' Heart. Fake Rafe smirked and said that he was familiar with that place; Dario dryly stated that Rafe was probably a regular there. Dario vowed that he was going to be watching Rafe.

After Dario left, fake Rafe confidently waltzed back into the apartment. Fake Rafe offered to cook dinner for Sami. Sami told him not to bother, but fake Rafe insisted that it wasn't any trouble at all -- he wanted to try to be more like the old Rafe. "The old Rafe didn't bring sluts home and sleep with them in our bed," Sami coldly stated.

At the psychiatric hospital, Stefano was furious to learn that Rafe had escaped. Stefano wondered how he should handle the doctor's incompetence. The doctor suggested that Stefano should let it go; the doctor said that the hospital guards had chased Rafe over the side of a ravine. The doctor assured Stefano that Rafe was dead. Stefano pointed out that there was no proof that Rafe had died.

One of the guards insisted that the ravine had been too steep for anyone to have survived the fall. Stefano asked if Rafe's body had been found; the guard admitted that they had not found a body. "I rest my case," Stefano calmly stated. Stefano reminded the doctor that Rafe was a very clever man. The doctor laughed and pointed out that Rafe had not even known his own name.

"Ah, so you assumed that he was powerless? Intelligence and cunning are not affected by a loss of memory. I want that body found; I want to make sure that that son of a bitch is as dead as you say he was," Stefano said. The guard agreed to follow Stefano's orders. "Oh, one more thing...after you've done that, you make sure you never cross my path again," Stefano added.

In the woods, Rafe stumbled and fell; as he tried to stand up, the chain around his neck broke. Later, Rafe paused for a moment and realized that the necklace had broken. Rafe went back to look for the key; when he found it, he muttered that he had lost valuable time during the search. As Rafe tried to crawl away, he collapsed from exhaustion. Later, a shadow loomed over Rafe's unconscious body.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. announced that he had something that he wanted to discuss with Nicole. Taylor started to leave the room so that E.J. and Nicole could have some privacy, but Nicole stopped her. Nicole said that she knew what E.J. was going to say. Nicole said that it was obvious that E.J. had wanted to discuss new living arrangements for Taylor. E.J. was confused; he pointed out that Nicole had insisted that Taylor should live at the mansion.

Nicole said that she had decided that she needed to respect Taylor's wishes. Nicole added that she knew how E.J. and Taylor really felt about each other. Taylor started to apologize to Nicole, but Nicole interrupted her and insisted that E.J. deserved some of the blame. E.J. claimed that he didn't know what Nicole was talking about. "This nasty little feud between you two; from the moment you met, you've been like oil and water," Nicole said as she continued to toy with E.J. and Taylor.

Taylor claimed that she had not realized that it had been that obvious. Nicole shrugged and said that some people simply weren't meant to be friends. "But, E.J., I have to admit -- I thought you'd give her at least another day before you kicked her out of the house," Nicole added. E.J. tried to deny Nicole's allegations, but Nicole insisted that the tension between E.J. and Taylor had been obvious every time they had been forced to share a room together. Nicole told E.J. that she would not have been able to cope with Fay's death if it had not been for Taylor.

Taylor insisted that she didn't deserve Nicole's kindness. Before Taylor could continue, Nicole received a phone call; she excused herself and explained that Chloe needed her support. E.J. reiterated that he had something important to discuss with Nicole. "Chloe's important, too. Did you know that Philip just left Salem and took the baby with him? Victor just kicked her out today. She got her final divorce papers from Daniel, and when the man you love dumps you, you need to know that you can depend on your friends!" Nicole shouted as she stormed off.

After Nicole left, E.J. wondered if Nicole had learned the truth. E.J. said that he was certain that Nicole had been hiding something, but Taylor wasn't convinced. "She just went to be with Chloe because she was served divorce papers, and now you want to tell Nicole that you're about to do the same thing when she gets home. Come on, do you have to do this now?" Taylor asked. E.J. pointed out that there would never be a good time to tell Nicole. Before Taylor could respond, Stefano interrupted and announced that Theo and Ciara had been found.

Taylor excused herself so that she could be with Lexie. After Taylor left, E.J. admitted that he had not told Nicole about the divorce. "Well, do you think it's wise snuggling up with her sister while she's still in the house? She does know where all the butcher knives are, you know?" Stefano asked. E.J. tried to change the subject, so Stefano told E.J. that fake Rafe had found Theo. E.J. wondered why fake Rafe had not left town.

Stefano explained that fake Rafe had refused to help Roman with the search for the children. Stefano said that he had ordered fake Rafe to get the hell out of Salem; Stefano added that he had not seen fake Rafe since then. E.J. theorized that fake Rafe had probably stumbled across the kids accidentally on his way out of town. Stefano agreed and observed that fake Rafe had an unbelievable amount of dumb luck. E.J. sighed and realized that Sami would probably forgive her husband for his transgressions due to his newfound hero status.

Stefano told E.J. that the guards had not found Rafe's body. Stefano scowled and said that Bo Brady was an idiot. Stefano pointed out that the entire police force had been searching for Theo and Ciara, and fake Rafe had managed to stumble across them on his way out of town. Stefano joked that Abe would probably give fake Rafe the keys to the city. "We have to take control of this situation now. Ending Samantha's marriage to Rafael has to be our primary cause," Stefano said. Stefano asked E.J. to postpone his plans for divorce; E.J. firmly stated that he was not going to do that.

At the pier, Nicole met with the man that she had hired to investigate the DNA report that she had found. The man explained that he had matched the report against blood that Rafe had donated before Arianna's death. The man confirmed that the DNA in the blood sample had matched the DNA report that Nicole had given him. Nicole realized that Rafe was the prisoner who had been in the DiMera basement. Nicole wondered what to do with her newfound knowledge.

Taylor stepped onto the pier and interrupted Nicole's thoughts. Taylor explained that Theo had been found; she added that she was going over to Abe and Lexie's house to celebrate. Taylor wondered if Nicole was all right; Nicole angrily stated that she wanted to be left alone. Taylor followed Nicole to the Cheatin' Heart; Taylor pointed out that alcohol would not solve Nicole's problems. Nicole reiterated that she didn't want to talk to Taylor.

Taylor insisted that she was tough enough to handle whatever it was that Nicole had to say, but Nicole wasn't convinced. Nicole sighed and said that Taylor had always been good to Nicole. "I don't know what I would do without you; besides the fact that you are loyal and sweet, you are a genuinely decent person, and I think you're the only person in the world that I really, truly trust...and that is a good thing, because what I have to tell you is gonna freak you out," Nicole cryptically stated.

At the Brady Pub, T. tried to convince Will, Gabi, and Kinsey that they didn't need to study for their Calculus exam. Abigail walked into the pub and greeted the group of friends. T. tried to enlist Abigail's help with his argument; meanwhile, Abigail watched as Chad entered the pub. Gabi jokingly told T. that Abigail's attentions seemed to be focused on someone else. Will ignored Abigail's objections and invited Chad over to their table.

Chad noted that they were all studying; Will explained that T. had been trying to get them to agree to slack off on studies for the semester because they had already been accepted to colleges. Will said that they had asked Abigail for her opinion just before Chad had entered the pub. "Then you went to the right person; Abigail knows what's best for everyone, right?" Chad snapped. Chad excused himself so that he could get some coffee. After Chad left, T. wondered what Abigail had done to upset Chad.

Later, Abigail told Chad that he had embarrassed her; Chad half-heartedly apologized. Chad admitted that he didn't understand Abigail. Chad reminded Abigail that she had encouraged him to apply for the internship at the hospital. "And then I decide to do it, and now you're telling me I'll hate it -- like you know me better than I know myself," Chad added. Abigail explained that she had decided that the position would not have worked out for Chad, and she had wanted to warn him.

Chad smirked and said that he didn't like being played. Chad wondered why Abigail had really tried to talk him out of accepting the internship, and why she had declined his invitation to see a movie. "It's because you don't want to be seen with a DiMera, isn't it?" Chad asked. Abigail denied his claims; she insisted that she had been concerned about Chad's financial situation. Chad pointed out that he already had a job at the Cheatin' Heart.

Abigail said that a part-time job wasn't going to be enough for Chad to afford to pay his college tuition. Chad dryly noted that Abigail was just looking out for him. Chad said that he knew that Abigail had issues with the DiMera family. Abigail joked that she didn't know anyone who didn't have issues with the DiMera family. Abigail admitted that she didn't want to see Chad get hurt by the DiMeras.

Chad reminded Abigail that he was a big boy; Abigail apologized and admitted that her brother had always said that she was too bossy. Chad reminded Abigail that they weren't a couple. Abigail hesitantly agreed, but she quickly added that she was still Chad's friend -- or, at least, she hoped that she was. Chad insisted that the DiMeras were not going to hurt him, but Abigail wasn't convinced. Abigail claimed that Stefano could pull the rug out from under Chad at any time.

Chad smirked and said that he had learned about transference in his Psychology 101 course. Chad explained that Abigail's father had hurt her, and that had fueled her need to protect Chad from that same kind of pain. "I'm really sorry that that happened to you, okay? But that doesn't mean it's gonna happen to me. All I have with Stefano is a piece of paper that says he's my dad -- I mean, he can't hurt me," Chad insisted. Abigail said that she hoped that Chad was right about Stefano.

Meanwhile, T. and Will went to order more coffee. T. asked if Will was going to live on campus; Will confirmed that he had applied for housing. T. wondered if Sami and Rafe were still out of town; Will said that they were, and he admitted that he wasn't sure what was going to happen after Sami had returned to Salem. "But for right do have a very cool, empty apartment. I don't know...if I had a girlfriend as hot as Gabi, I would rather take her back there for a more 'private' study session," T. said.

Kinsey received a phone call from her mother. After the phone call, Gabi wondered if everything was all right. Kinsey explained that her father's business had declared bankruptcy; Kinsey admitted that the investors were going to take everything, including their house. Kinsey sighed and stated that T. had been right -- it didn't matter if she studied, because she wasn't going to be able to go to college anyway. As Kinsey gathered her belongings, T. and Will returned to the table.

Kinsey stormed off, and T. rushed after her. Will wondered what had happened; Gabi explained that Kinsey had received some bad news. "So...uh, I was thinking know, since it's just the two of us, uh...maybe we could go back to the apartment," Will suggested. Will explained that Sami and Rafe had both left town. Will nervously added that they could stay at the pub if Gabi wanted to; Gabi smiled and said that she wanted to go back to the apartment.

Later, Will received a text message from Sami and realized that Sami and Rafe were back in Salem. Will apologized and told Gabi that he was going to have to spend the night at Caroline's house. Gabi realized that they wouldn't have any privacy at Caroline's house. Gabi assured Will that she understood; she asked if he was okay with the change of plan. "No, no, I'm glad. I mean...I'm, uh, glad that Mom and Rafe are talking," Will quickly added.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Down on the pier, Nicole told Taylor that she did not believe E.J. was capable of loving anyone. Taylor wondered aloud where Nicole's hope for her marriage had gone. "You remember that?" Nicole asked sarcastically. "E.J. says one thing and does another. I can't live with that," Nicole said before walking away.

Nicole went to the Brady Pub to get a drink but was pleasantly surprised to see Mary and Sydney there. Thrilled, Nicole gave Sydney a hug and welcomed her home. When Mary mentioned that she was about to head back to the DiMera mansion, Nicole asked Mary to wait for her while she ran an errand first.

In the DiMera living room, Stefano begged E.J. to postpone asking Nicole for a divorce. Stefano argued that a divorce would undermine E.J.'s advantage in a custody case once Sami and Rafe were divorced. E.J. refuted Stefano's hypothesis by noting that he would have a greater advantage in a custody hearing if he were married to Taylor. With a desperate look in his eyes, E.J. discussed how he could have the family he wanted with the woman he loved.

Stefano warned him that if E.J. divorced Nicole, E.J would "suffer for it for the rest of your life." Though E.J. said that he did not plan to tell Nicole about Taylor, Stefano reminded E.J. that Nicole was a smart woman and would realize that E.J. had gotten the divorce to be with her sister if E.J. married Taylor right away. Stefano got a call from an informant at the hospital, explaining that Troy was waking up. Worried, Stefano left for the hospital to ensure that Troy did not tell anyone about his connection to the DiMera family.

Taylor returned to the DiMera mansion and informed E.J. about her talk with Nicole. Pleased, E.J. noted that if Nicole was unhappy with the marriage then Nicole would be better off if he divorced her. Taylor stressed that until Nicole told E.J. that the marriage was over, Taylor would not be with E.J. Nicole returned home, and Taylor excused herself from the room to make a phone call. E.J. mentioned that Taylor had updated him on her conversation with Nicole. Noting that Nicole was unhappy in the marriage, E.J. suggested that he and Nicole should divorce.

Brady took Melanie to the Cheatin' Heart to have a drink. While Melanie went inside, Brady finished a business call outside. Melanie was surprised to see Dario working at the bar and became nervous when Brady walked in through the door. Melanie apologized to Dario and explained that she would not have gone to the bar with Brady if she had known that Dario was a bartender. With his pride still wounded from being shot down by Melanie previously, Dario said he did not care that Melanie had turned down his offer to take her out.

Hurt, Melanie went to the restroom, and Brady sidled up to the bar in her place. When Brady started to talk to Dario, a jealous Dario told Brady it would be best if they went their separate ways and did not talk to one another. As Brady continued to talk, Dario kept interrupting. Melanie returned to the counter and told Dario to shut up and listen to Brady, since Brady was offering his thanks. With a sigh, Dario apologized to Melanie and Brady for ruining their date. Melanie noted that she was fine and left with Brady to watch the sunset.

Dario went to wipe up a table and found Melanie's jacket. As Dario picked up the jacket, Melanie walked into the bar and kissed Dario. Startled, Dario realized that he was daydreaming and balled up Melanie's jacket to put in the lost and found. Meanwhile, down on the pier, Melanie and Brady sat on a bench and stared out at the water. Melanie admitted that she was thankful to Dario for saving her, but that the only person Melanie felt safe with was Brady.

At the loft, Sami asked faux Rafe whether he had slept with another woman in their apartment. Faux Rafe commented that Sami had probably heard him talking to Dario in the hallway. When Sami nodded, faux Rafe commented that Sami knew the answer to her own question. Devastated, Sami noted that the "real Rafe" would never have cheated on her "because he knew what it meant to me." "The man I love is gone," Sami exclaimed.

Sami lamented the loss her husband, the perfect man. With a disgusted look on her face, Sami said that Rafe's behavior was piggish. When faux Rafe argued that he thought Sami was not returning and might be having an affair, as well, Sami reminded Rafe that because she had been scarred by her mother's affair with John Black, she would never have cheated on Rafe. Horrified, Sami admitted that she felt dead inside. With a sly grin, faux Rafe suggested that he could make Sami feel alive again. As faux Rafe came on to Sami, she dismissed him, noting that she had "faked it" every time she'd slept with faux Rafe since the accident.

"Your memory wasn't the only thing you lost in the accident," Sami commented. Furious, faux Rafe ordered Sami to take back her remark. Undaunted, Sami reiterated that she had faked it with Rafe because he was no longer capable of "blowing her mind" in bed. Angry, faux Rafe called Sami a whore and reminded her that her twins had two different fathers. Faux Rafe accused Sami of using him to gain custody of Sydney, but Sami countered that her Rafe had always stood by her and believed in her.

"You are the same person you always have been and always will be: a bitch," faux Rafe growled. Surprised, Sami sat on the couch with her mouth agape. "If you stopped trying to have 100 percent of the attention, maybe everything you touch wouldn't turn to crap," faux Rafe added. Fed up, Sami told Rafe to get out because the marriage was over.

After Sami left, faux Rafe received a call from Stefano. Faux Rafe informed Stefano that he had broken up Sami and Rafe. Meanwhile, a bereft Sami ran to the Brady Pub to see Caroline. Still in shock, Sami sat at the bar and told Caroline that her marriage was over. "Rafe is an idiot," Caroline spat out.

At a convent, a feverish Rafe slept restlessly in a bed and dreamed of escaping the mental hospital. When Rafe woke up, Sister Rose asked him how he was feeling. Suspicious, Rafe attempted to get out of bed and run away. When Rafe refused medical care, Sister Rose deduced that Rafe was in trouble. After Rafe talked to Sister Rose, he believed that she was attempting to help him. Rafe admitted that his first memory was being in a jail cell but that he had no idea who he was.

When Rafe asked for contrition, a pleased Sister Rose noted that Rafe must be a Catholic. Sister Rose promised Rafe that he would be safe, and she admitted that Rafe seemed like a good person. As Rafe was still suffering from a fever, Sister Rose urged Rafe to rest. Once Sister Rose was gone, Rafe looked at his key on the bedside table and held it in his hand.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At the convent, Sister Rose tenderly wiped the forehead of a sleeping Rafe. When he awoke, she informed him that his fever had finally broken -- and while he'd been asleep, he'd called out someone's name. "It sounded like 'Ted,'" she told the amnesiac, and asked, "Does that mean anything to you?" Rafe recalled waking up in the locked cell, with no memories of who he had been before, and explained to the nun that Ted had been one of his captors.

Sister Rose believed in her heart that her charge was a good man who'd done nothing to deserve imprisonment, and promised to take care of him. She asked if Rafe remembered what Ted looked like, and Rafe declared that he would never forget the face of Ted -- or Ted's boss. Sister Rose assured Rafe that they would figure out who he was. The nun began to pray aloud, and Rafe unconsciously joined in.

Sister Rose asserted that her new friend had to be a man of faith -- and that was also probably why the place felt so familiar to him. She reassured a skeptical Rafe that he would eventually remember his old life. Sister Rose then produced a rosary for her patient from a chest of drawers, so that he could pray by himself if he wanted. Rafe took it from her gratefully, but immediately noticed the tag on the rosary that read, "Convent of the Holy Cross." He declared, "I know that place!"

At the Brady Pub, Caroline poured tea for a miserable Sami, who divulged at last that Rafe had cheated on her -- in their bed. "My Rafe would never have done that," Sami confided, before continuing, "So I know what I have to do now. I know that it's over -- I know that my Rafe is gone for good." Caroline was both sympathetic and infuriated. Sami continued that she had tried to be patient after Rafe's accident, but admitted that she wasn't sure she wanted to go on without him, although he was packing his things at the loft. Caroline hotly declared that Rafe did not deserve Sami.

Sami confessed that while she had been in love before, she had really thought Rafe was "the one" -- and she didn't know if she could love anyone again. Caroline assured Sami that she would find love again, because she was young and beautiful and had her whole life ahead of her. Sami stated that it might have been easier if Rafe had died, because then she could mourn him -- and then heal and be able to say goodbye. Caroline suggested that Sami needed to figure out how to be all right without a man in her life -- and who the real Sami Brady was.

Sami scoffed that she was a train wreck who'd never learned how to be without a man. Caroline gently declared that Sami's broken heart would eventually heal. "I want him back," Sami sobbed. "My husband, my love -- where did he go, Grandma?" Sami's cell phone rang just then, and in fumbling for it, she spilled the contents of her purse -- including the bank card of Javier Morales -- onto the floor.

Without even looking at any of it, she shoved everything back into her purse. Caroline stated that Sami would be just fine, but she needed to make time for "closure." Caroline got up, hugged her granddaughter, kissed her tenderly on the cheek, and declared, "You are going to survive this, just as you have survived everything that has been handed to you. You know why? Because you are one tough cookie, my little cookie. So please, have faith in yourself." Sami promised to try with everything she had.

Sami then went to the pier, and contemplated the key to the safe house that Rafe had given her for Christmas. "Closure," she said to herself. "Grandma's right. At least I know what I have to do."

At the loft, faux Rafe packed the rest of his things into a giant duffel bag, and did a quick inventory. After making sure that he still had his plane ticket to Bimini and Fay Walker's necklace, he tossed Rafe's wedding ring into the sink. He checked to make sure that he had enough cash to get out of town, and discovered with alarm that he had lost the bank card for the account that the DiMeras had set up for him.

Upstairs in her room at the DiMera mansion, Taylor prayed that Nicole would be happy.

Downstairs, E.J. told Nicole that he wanted a divorce. Nicole began to flip out, but E.J. reminded her that their marriage had been a business arrangement -- and Brady was the man she really wanted to be with. Nicole maintained that she had wanted to be free when they'd first gotten married, but things had changed: she had fallen in love with E.J. again. E.J. asked why, then, she had told Taylor that they weren't working, and Nicole shouted that she had merely been venting.

E.J. apologized for having forced Nicole to choose between Brady and Sydney, and promised to let her visit Sydney and Johnny whenever she wanted. Nicole noted how passionate and romantic it had been the last time they had made love, and it sickened her to think that he had only been putting on some kind of performance in order to have sex with her. Furious, she shouted at him, accusing him of not caring about anyone but himself, and then slapped him. "You are a soulless son of a bitch!" Nicole spat.

As Taylor descended the stairs, she heard Nicole and E.J. arguing in the living room, and quickly made her exit.

Stefano found Lexie, Abe, and Theo in the waiting room at the hospital, and greeted his grandson with an enthusiastic hug. When Theo returned the hug with equal enthusiasm, Stefano quietly declared that family was the most important thing in life.

When Taylor arrived at the hospital, Theo and Lexie were alone in the waiting room. An elated Theo jumped up and hugged his friend Taylor, who was equally glad to see him. Theo's doctor then arrived to take Theo to therapy. Once they were alone, Taylor confided to Lexie that E.J. was asking Nicole for a divorce at that very moment. A stunned Lexie maintained that it was probably the best thing for everyone -- and she thought Taylor would be a good influence on E.J.

Lexie then cautioned Taylor to be sure she knew what she was getting herself into. Taylor pointed out that Lexie had survived being a DiMera with her sanity intact. Lexie declared that she loved her father and brother despite their faults, and she only wanted what was best for E.J. -- and she believed that was Taylor. Taylor admitted that she couldn't fight her feelings anymore, and she thought Nicole would be all right -- maybe even happy for Taylor.

When Faux Rafe met Stefano on the pier, he assured his boss that the bank card would turn up, but imposter Rafe needed some cash to leave town. Disgusted, Stefano replied that he would cancel the old card and have a new one issued. He gave fake Rafe a check, which Stefano declared would be deducted from the balance -- with interest -- and ordered imposter Rafe to thoroughly search the loft for the card before leaving town. Phony Rafe pointed out that if anyone found the card, no one would know it was his, since it was in the name of Javier Morales, his new identity.

The Rafe impersonator returned to the loft, and looked everywhere for the bank card. When he didn't find it, he told himself with a chuckle that he was home free. As he headed for the door, he spotted his sunglasses on the floor, and remembered Sami hastily shoving things into her purse as she'd left. "Oh, hell no! Sami, she must have that card!" he shouted to no one, and then ran out the door with his duffel bag.

E.J. asked why Nicole did not want a divorce if that were how she truly felt. Nicole tearfully admitted that she didn't understand how he could ask for a divorce after having so lovingly helped her get through her mother's death. She demanded to know if he were cheating on her, and "deduced" that it was Sami. E.J. laughed at the very idea, and demanded to know why Nicole believed there was another woman. Nicole furiously declared that after E.J. had forced her to choose, Brady would hardly be waiting for her with open arms.

E.J. asserted that Nicole deserved to find love with someone who fully appreciated her -- but she wasn't going to find it with him. Nicole calculatedly replied, "I think you're scared that I might slip up, open my mouth, and not be the perfect Mafia wife." Although E.J. tried to menace her physically, she cautioned him that she had already found out something she wasn't supposed to know. She produced the DNA test from her purse, and showed it to E.J. "Do you by chance remember all that mysterious work that was going on down in the basement?" Nicole explained, and continued, "Well, I do! I remember. And now I know exactly what was going on down there -- or, more to the point, who you were holding there... It was Rafe Hernandez."

Nicole explained that after having overheard a revealing conversation, she'd done a little research, and she'd finally been able to make sense of her mother's last words. Feigning calmness, E.J. handed the paper back to his wife, and reminded her that it didn't prove anything. Nicole picked up her phone, and wondered what Sami would think about the DNA results. E.J. took the phone away from Nicole, who warned him that if he killed her, her lawyer had explicit instructions as to what to do, in the event of her death, with the many copies of the DNA tests she possessed. She vowed to tell everyone -- including his children -- that after the accident, E.J. had kidnapped Rafe from the hospital and "scrambled his brain."

With a sardonic giggle, Nicole promised, "You will go to jail, E.J., and then Sami and I will share custody of Johnny and Sydney. Wouldn't that be a hoot?" E.J. asserted that there was no way for Nicole to prove she'd obtained the DNA from that house, but Nicole pointed out that all she had to do was get someone to ask questions. E.J. demanded to know what exactly she wanted -- although he warned that she would never get it.

Taylor returned home just then, and Nicole spotted her walk past the open parlor doors. "Oh, Taylor!" Nicole called out. "Why don't you come join us?" When Taylor entered, Nicole declared that she and E.J. had an announcement to make.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

by Mike

At the convent, Rafe inspected the rosary that Sister Rose had given him and realized that it was from the Convent of the Holy Cross. Sister Rose told Rafe that the convent was on the outskirts of Salem. Rafe started to recall details about the safe house; he also heard bells tolling in the background. Rafe revealed his memories to Sister Rose; the nun suggested that he had lived near a church -- or a convent -- at one time.

Later, Rafe had a dream about the safe house. Rafe remembered that he had used his key to unlock the door to the safe house. After Rafe's nap, Sister Rose returned and asked if Rafe was all right. Rafe said that he was feeling better; he clutched the Convent of the Holy Cross rosary and added that he had finally realized where he needed to go.

At Maggie's house, Victor admitted that he hated being at odds with Maggie. As Victor tried to convince Maggie that Chloe was a train wreck waiting to happen, Chloe arrived at Maggie's house and overheard their conversation. Victor begged Maggie to kick Chloe out of the house. "You're dealing with Medusa here; she destroys anyone she comes in contact with," Victor said.

Victor reminded Maggie that Daniel, Philip, and Brady had all suffered because of Chloe. Victor added that Lucas had almost managed to drink himself to death because of Chloe, too. "No! Not because of her! People drink because they choose to. Lucas let his demons take control of him, yes; and yes, Chloe betrayed him, but he survived and he forgave her, because he understood something that you obviously don't -- Chloe is a human being, with a heart and a soul and feelings, just like the rest of us," Maggie said.

Victor joked that Maggie's statement was debatable. Victor insisted that Chloe was just looking for a place to regroup until she had decided whose life to destroy next. Maggie said that Victor was being unfair and cynical. Victor wondered how long Chloe would be staying with Maggie. Maggie said that Chloe was welcome to stay until she was back on her feet -- both financially and emotionally.

"Meaning she'll never leave," Victor dryly stated. Maggie warned Victor that she couldn't continue to be friends with him if he was unwilling to accept that Chloe was going to be staying at Maggie's house. As Maggie and Victor continued to argue, Chloe quietly walked away. Victor said that he didn't like ultimatums; he added that he liked to protect the people that he cared about. Maggie reminded Victor that Chloe's life was in pieces.

Victor pointed out that Chloe's life was in pieces because she was untrustworthy and promiscuous. Maggie admitted that Chloe had hurt a lot of people, but she added that Chloe had also hurt herself. Victor wondered why Maggie was so concerned about Chloe. "When I was drinking...things went south pretty quickly. My life got very complicated, to say the least. Sometimes, I felt that I was rushing toward oblivion, full speed ahead. I would have destroyed everything if someone hadn't stepped in to help me," Maggie said. Victor realized that Maggie was talking about Alice Horton.

"She showed me the way home. She led me there. She held me together...till I could make it on my own. So, you see, it's my turn. I can't stand by and watch Chloe be destroyed -- I can't, and I won't," Maggie tearfully stated. Victor sighed and admitted that he wasn't able to let go of the anger that easily. Maggie wondered if Victor would be willing to try to let go of the anger. Victor said that his anger was justified -- it was what kept him sane, and he would never forget or forgive the pain that Chloe had caused his family.

"Then I'm so sorry. I can't be with a man who can't have a little compassion in his heart for someone whose life is so broken," Maggie quietly stated. Victor agreed that he was sorry that they had reached an impasse. Victor quietly left the house as Maggie fought back her tears.

At Daniel's apartment, Melanie watched apprehensively as Daniel tried to prepare a meal for Jennifer. Daniel assured Melanie that he had found a simple recipe for cioppino online; Melanie noted that it didn't sound like a simple dish, but she reluctantly added that she hoped that there would be leftovers so that she could try it. Melanie said that she wanted to hear all about Daniel's date after her shift at the hospital had ended.

At the hospital, Abigail was thrilled to learn that Daniel had asked Jennifer out on a date. Jennifer was worried about choosing the right pair of earrings for her date. Abigail told Jennifer to focus on having fun instead of worrying about her accessories. Jennifer explained that she was nervous because she had been thinking about what Carly had said earlier. "She just said that maybe I was feeling guilty because...part of me still feels married to your dad. It's hard, you know -- it's so hard, moving on. I mean, I want this to be light, and I want it to be really fun, but it's really hard," Jennifer admitted.

Later, Abigail and Jennifer went to the pier for some fresh air. Abigail said that she understood that Jennifer still cared about Jack. Abigail suggested that Jennifer was feeling disloyal because she had agreed to go on a date with Daniel. Jennifer admitted that Abigail was right. Abigail pointed out that Jennifer was still young and beautiful; Abigail added that she wanted Jennifer to find someone else who would make her happy.

Abigail loaned her earrings to Jennifer; as Abigail reiterated that she wanted Jennifer to have fun on her date with Daniel, Chloe stepped onto the pier and overheard their conversation. Chloe wondered why Jennifer had agreed to go on a date with Daniel. Chloe pointed out that everyone knew that Chloe was still in love with Daniel. Jennifer gently stated that if Chloe had really loved Daniel, she wouldn't have cheated on him. "Listen to me, bitch -- I love Daniel and my little boy more than anything in this world. All I ever wanted was a family, and now I'm all alone; Philip took Parker from me, and Daniel turned his back on me," Chloe said.

Abigail was shocked that Chloe had tried to make herself sound like the victim. Chloe said that she didn't have to explain herself to Abigail and Jennifer. "No, you don't. But whether or not you're the victim, or whether or not you're hurting, you cut Daniel to the bone. He lost a son that he thought was his because of you; he lost a perfect marriage because of you. So, really -- in your heart, if you really believe that you still love him -- let him move on, okay? That's all he wants," Jennifer said. Before Chloe could respond, Jennifer and Abigail walked away.

Back at Daniel's apartment, Daniel started to rummage through one of the drawers, looking for placemats; instead, he found a wedding photograph. Daniel took the photograph out of the frame, crumpled it up, and threw it into the trashcan as he muttered that he hated Chloe. Later, Jennifer finally arrived at the apartment; Daniel complimented Jennifer on her earrings, then he proposed a toast to a wonderful evening. As they ate dinner, Daniel described what was in the cioppino; meanwhile, Jennifer started frantically gasping for air.

At the hospital, Kate told Stefano that she had gone to see her oncologist earlier. "I am two years officially cancer-free," Kate happily announced. Stefano was overjoyed by the news and wondered why Kate had not told him about the appointment. Kate said that Stefano had been so busy that she had not had a chance to talk to him before the appointment. Stefano assured Kate that he was never too busy for her.

Kate wondered if the same was true for Chad. Kate pointed out that Stefano had practically disappeared after he had moved Chad into the mansion. "Do you know that he was dining all by himself at that big table last night? The night before, he had a sandwich in his room. Come on -- why would he not think that you're too busy for him? Why would he not wonder if you even care?" Kate asked.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Dario found Melanie's jacket; Dario recalled his earlier conversation with Melanie, then rushed off to find her. Meanwhile, Adrienne gave Chad his final paycheck. Adrienne wondered what was next for Chad. Chad revealed that he was going to be working at DiMera Enterprises. Adrienne wondered if Chad was certain about what he was getting himself into.

"My father offered me a job in the mailroom -- it's not like I'm gonna be a mobster in training," Chad joked. Adrienne said that she understood that Chad wanted to get to know his family. Adrienne admitted that she was hopeful that he would never have to see the side of the DiMera family that her family had seen. Adrienne said goodbye to Chad and assured him that he would always have a job at the Cheatin' Heart if things didn't work out at DiMera Enterprises. "A chance to know my father...right? Except he seems to have forgotten I exist," Chad muttered as he walked over to an empty table.

Later, Stefano and Kate walked into the bar and greeted Chad. Chad was surprised to see Stefano and Kate at the bar. Stefano explained that he had wanted to apologize for being so inattentive lately. Before Chad could respond, Stefano received a phone call; Stefano immediately excused himself to answer the call. Kate sighed as Chad watched his father walk away.

"Did he really just come in here and apologize for being inattentive, then disappear five seconds later?" Chad asked incredulously. Chad started to leave, but Kate begged him to stay. Chad assured Kate that he was all right, but Kate wasn't convinced. "Look, what you need to know about Stefano is that family always comes first with him, always. And it may seem like he's may seem like that, but he adores you, and he's loyal to you, and he's a devoted father," Kate said.

Chad admitted that it was difficult for him to wrap his head around that concept because he had grown up with a father who had avoided him as often as possible. Kate said that she knew that Chad was disappointed; she promised Chad that Stefano would never let him down. Stefano returned and overheard what Kate had said. "Katherine is right, you know. Even if you are not in my're in my heart, always. That -- that...will never change," Stefano vowed. Later, Kate went to the bar to get another round of drinks.

"I am not known to be apologetic, Chad. So I want you to please understand when I say to you that I am very sorry. I mean, I ask you to move into my house, and I am not a gracious host nor a very attentive father, but...that is going to change," Stefano stated sincerely. Chad shrugged and admitted that Stefano didn't owe him anything. Stefano said that he had not asked Chad to move into the mansion out of a sense of obligation. Stefano said that he had asked Chad to move in because he wanted to have a relationship with his son.

Stefano explained that he had been busy helping E.J. "He needed me, and I was there for him -- just like if you ever need me, I will always be there for you, 100%. Never forget that," Stefano added as Kate returned with their drinks.

At the Brady Pub, Fake Rafe greeted Caroline; when Caroline saw Rafe, she angrily slapped him. "Just be glad I didn't have a shillelagh," Caroline said. Fake Rafe claimed that he wanted to reconcile with Sami. Caroline sarcastically stated that sleeping with a whore probably wasn't the best way for Rafe to do that. Caroline told Rafe to get lost.

Fake Rafe wondered if Caroline had ever made a mistake that had almost ruined her marriage. Caroline admitted that she had made a terrible mistake in her own marriage, and Shawn had loved her enough to forgive her. Fake Rafe begged Caroline to tell him where Sami had gone so that he could save their marriage. Caroline said that she didn't know where Sami had gone. Caroline said that she would talk to Sami on Rafe's behalf the next time that she saw Sami.

Fake Rafe insisted that Caroline needed to call Sami and get her to return to the pub. Fake Rafe waited impatiently as Caroline tried to call Sami; after several attempts, Caroline told Rafe that Sami obviously didn't want to talk to anyone. Fake Rafe probed Caroline for information about what she and Sami had talked about earlier. Caroline said that Sami had talked about getting closure; Caroline added that Sami had mentioned a key. Caroline theorized that the key might have been symbolic.

Caroline excused herself so that she could take care of a crisis in the kitchen. Fake Rafe wondered what the key had meant. Later, fake Rafe remembered that Sami had asked him about a key after he had been released from the hospital. Fake Rafe realized that Sami had gone to the safe house.

Dario greeted Melanie at the hospital and handed her the jacket that she had left at the Cheatin' Heart earlier. Melanie invited Dario to join her for coffee at the Java Café; Dario happily agreed. Later, Melanie received a call from the hospital and had to cut their coffee break short. Dario suggested that they could grab coffee again sometime -- as friends. Melanie said that she would like that.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe brooded over Daniel and Jennifer's date. "Saccharine sweet little suck-up -- not his type at all," Chloe sighed. As Chloe continued to drown her sorrows, a man walked up to her and offered to buy her a drink. Chloe happily accepted the man's offer.

Friday, May 6, 2011

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole informed Taylor that she and E.J. had decided to leave immediately for the honeymoon they'd never had. Clearly uncomfortable and upset, Taylor mumbled some congratulations, and then tried to leave the room. Nicole insisted that Taylor had to stay and celebrate with them -- and give them some advice about where to go. Taylor insisted that she didn't really have any ideas, and quickly put down her champagne glass and fled from the room and up the stairs.

In her darkened bedroom, a devastated Taylor flung herself onto the bed and sobbed. She recalled how Nicole had maintained that E.J. could never truly love anyone, and how E.J. had declared that he had never felt about anyone the way he felt about Taylor. She wondered aloud what had happened to change E.J.'s mind about divorcing Nicole and spending the rest of his life with Taylor.

Downstairs, E.J. lit into his wife, and declared that he was no longer going to treat her with generosity or respect. Nicole smugly assert that E.J. was going to do exactly as she demanded -- and stay married to her for the rest of his life. E.J. asked why Nicole wanted to stay in a loveless, contentious marriage, when he would give her anything she wanted. As Nicole remembered having seen E.J. and Taylor kissing, she maintained that she simply wasn't ready to give him up yet. E.J. argued that Nicole's latest attempt at blackmail would fail, just like all the others.

Unconcerned, Nicole grabbed the phone and threatened to call Roman or Bo. E.J. wrested the phone away from her, and asked how she'd known that he'd planned to ask her for a divorce. "Woman's intuition," Nicole replied. E.J. asked her to think about what a marriage between them would be like. Nicole declared that it would be committed and monogamous -- and the two of them were going to grow old together. She added that she would not let him humiliate her by finding "alternative pleasures." E.J. didn't think Nicole was good enough to pull off her plan, but she countered that it didn't really look like he had a choice.

Scowling, E.J. put the DNA results in his jacket pocket, and agreed to concede to her "unfair and pathetic demands." Nicole practically gloated, "You bet your ass you will -- because we, E.J., are going to be inseparable." She grabbed him by the lapels and kissed him -- hard -- until he shoved her away. Then he suddenly grabbed her, and kissed her roughly. Grinning complacently, Nicole thanked him, and then announced that she was going to get Sydney from the kitchen, and they were all going to spend some quality time together before bedtime. After taking a moment to compose himself, E.J. headed upstairs to talk to Taylor.

When Nicole returned from the kitchen and found E.J. gone, she immediately guessed where he had gone. She picked up their wedding photo from a side table, and glared at it as she muttered furiously, "Till death do us part... you son of a bitch!"

Later, Lexie found Nicole sitting on a bench at the pier. Lexie asked if Nicole were all right, and Nicole declared that she was better than she'd been in a long time. Lexie gently noted that it had to be a hard time for Nicole, and alluded to problems between E.J. and Nicole. Nicole insisted that she had just been thinking about where to go on their honeymoon. Confused, Lexie asked, "Why would you go on a honeymoon? I thought you two were --" Nicole finished for Lexie, "What, splitsville? Now, Lexie, why on earth would you think that?"

Lexie wondered whether E.J. was aware that Nicole was planning their honeymoon. Nicole assured her that he was, then added with a sneer, "I don't know why you're acting so stunned, Lexie -- but whatever you think you know, you don't know." Nicole then turned and stomped up the stairs to the street.

Taylor was looking miserably at a picture from Nicole and E.J.'s wedding when E.J. knocked on the door. After reluctantly allowing him to enter, she demanded, "You wanna tell me what the hell's going on?" E.J. apologized, but Taylor demanded to know if what Nicole had said was true -- and if he were really staying with Nicole. E.J. quietly admitted that he was. Hurt and furious, Taylor railed at him for everything he had done to her. She asked what had happened since that afternoon to change things.

"Everything," E.J. replied softly, sadly Adding, "It's over. I'm sorry." Becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation, he shouted, "You know who my family is. You know about my past! I'm not a good person, Taylor. I've done some things, things that I can't undo, and that is why I can't be with you!" He assured her that although he wanted desperately to be with her, it simply could not work.

Taylor wanted to know what terrible things E.J. could have done that hadn't mattered to him three hours earlier, but his response was stony silence. "After everything that I have done, how I opened my heart to you, and everything that I put on the line to love you -- E.J., at the very least, you owe me an explanation," Taylor declared. E.J. agreed that he owed Taylor a great deal, but he couldn't tell her anything more.

Flailing at him angrily, Taylor proclaimed that E.J. was a coward who had played her and misled her. E.J. tried again to apologize, but Taylor didn't want to hear it. "God, you are a liar, E.J. -- oh, my God, and I am a fool," Taylor declared. E.J. swore that everything he'd ever told her had been true -- and still was. With a steely glare, Taylor ordered E.J. to leave her alone. E.J. complied, but after the door closed behind him, Taylor broke down.

Taylor then began frantically, furiously throwing her belongings into a suitcase, slamming drawers and fighting back tears.

After leaving Taylor's room, E.J. ran down the stairs and headed out the front door -- but Nicole stopped him. "You going somewhere?" she asked sweetly. She noted that he seemed agitated, and trailed after him as he stormed into the living room. While E.J. threw ice cubes into a highball glass and made a drink, Nicole wondered if he were so grumpy because she refused to let him use his kids as pawns to get what he wanted.

Nicole accused E.J., "You are a liar. You lie to anyone and everyone as long as it suits you. You're lying to me right now -- just like you lied to Sami! You told her you wanted to make peace for the sake of the kids. Meanwhile, you're doing something disgusting -- God knows what -- to Rafe to ruin their marriage and to turn the kids against him. I am never going to let you do that to me." She vowed that if anything happened to her, the evidence that she had of what E.J. had done would end up in the hands of the police -- and Sami. "You lost, E.J. And your consolation prize is me," Nicole concluded.

Just then, Mary entered with Sydney, who wanted her daddy to read her a bedtime story. E.J.'s mood softened as he picked up his daughter and carried her to the sofa. Nicole sat next to them, and while E.J. managed to keep his voice gentle and soft while he read to his daughter, he still glared at his wife.

Taylor descended the stairs just then, and spied the seemingly happy family tableau in the living room. She watched for a moment, her eyes filled with tears of disappointment and desolation, and then she dragged her suitcase out the front door.

At the Brady Pub, faux Rafe deduced that Sami had gone to the safe house, but he had no clue where it was. He spotted Will and Gabi outside, and hoped that they could tell him the location, so he could retrieve his bank card. When the kids entered the pub, imposter Rafe insisted that what had happened between him and Sami had all just been a misunderstanding, and if he could just talk to his wife, they could work things out.

Faux Rafe continued that he was sure Sami had gone to the safe house -- but he hadn't been able to remember things like addresses since his accident. He asked if Sami had ever told Will where the safe house was. Will replied that although his mom had talked about the safe house, she'd never told him where it was. An annoyed fake Rafe asked Will to call Roman to see if he had more details, and then stomped outside to "get some air."

While Will was on the phone, Gabi went outside to check on her brother. Faux Rafe insisted that he was fine, and he didn't want to talk with Gabi about what was going on. Hurt and annoyed, she pressed the issue, but phony Rafe angrily shouted at her to stay the hell out of his business. Will exited the pub while Rafe was yelling at Gabi, and demanded to know what Rafe was doing.

As Will comforted Gabi, imposter Rafe asked if Will had gotten the address. Will pulled a slip of paper from his pocket and handed it to phony Rafe, who left without even bothering to say "thank you." Gabi didn't understand why Will had gotten the address for Rafe, when her brother had been acting like such a jerk. Will admitted that he just wanted to help, because his mom had been miserable without Rafe -- although Will knew that it was the old Rafe whom Sami missed. Gabi asserted that her brother had turned into a "sick creep" -- and she never wanted to see him again.

At the convent, Rafe explained to Sister Rose that he'd remembered something important in a dream, and he knew that the key would take him where he needed to go. He continued that after seeing the medal from the Convent of the Holy Cross, he had suddenly had snippets of memories of an apartment from which he could hear church bells, and his gut told him that it had to be near Holy Cross. Rafe asked Sister Rose to take him to the Convent of the Holy Cross, where hopefully he could find answers about who he was.

When Rafe and Sister Rose arrived at the Convent of the Holy Cross, Rafe heard the same church bells from his vague memories. Sister Barbara arrived, and Rafe asked if she recognized him. She replied that she did not, but she was also new there, and the nuns who had been there longer were on retreat. A frustrated Rafe asked if Sister Barbara perhaps recognized his key, and she replied that she did.

Sister Barbara explained that it looked like it might be a key to an apartment in a converted factory around the corner, where some of their parishioners lived. Rafe hugged the nun gratefully, and then embraced Sister Rose, as well. Sister Rose wanted to accompany Rafe to the apartment building, but he was worried that it could be dangerous for her if the people who were after him found him. Rafe then rushed out.

When imposter Rafe arrived at the convent a short time later, Sister Barbara greeted him with surprise. "Ah, you're back already," she said, adding, "Did you find what you're looking for?"

Sami unlocked the door to the safe house, and found that the furniture had all been covered with sheets. She looked around the place, wistfully recalling how perfect everything had been while she and Rafe had been stuck there together. Then with a chuckle, she remembered how, in the beginning, she and Rafe had not gotten along at all. "He was always able to save me from myself. Why couldn't I do the same for him?" she wondered aloud.

Sami remembered how supportive Rafe had been when she'd told him about how she had been at the DiMeras' house to tell E.J. that she was pregnant the day she'd witnessed the mayor's murder. "God, I want Rafe back," Sami cried. "How could he change so much?" She then recalled how she had somewhat messily stitched up his wound after he'd been stabbed, and how she'd cared for him when he'd developed an infection.

"I was able to save him them -- and now I can't," Sami noted with frustration and sadness. "I can't, because the man I love is gone." Giving up, Sami grabbed her purse and began to storm out of the apartment, but in the process she spilled her bag's contents on the floor -- and as she scooped everything up, she spotted faux Rafe's bank card. "What is that?" she wondered.

Before she could pick up the card, she heard a mother and baby as they entered their apartment across the hall. Thus distracted, Sami put her hand to her abdomen, and then closed the door to the hall. She remembered how excited Rafe had ben when he'd felt her baby kick for the first time -- and how happy they had both been then. Admitting to herself that nothing would ever be the same again, she began to cry -- hopeless, devastated sobs that echoed out into the hallway.

Just then, Rafe arrived in the hall outside, and unsuccessfully tried his key in the door across the hall. He then heard Sami crying, then crossed the hallway and listened outside the door for a moment. Meanwhile, Sami at last wiped away her tears, took a deep breath, and then turned again for the door -- just as Rafe entered the apartment. Sami's sorrow instantly turned to rage, which she turned on Rafe. "What the hell are you doing here?" she spat, and then shouted, "Get out!

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