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Kevin and Chloe were suspects in Jana's death. Abby vandalized the decorations for Tucker and Ashley's wedding. Phyllis hired Leslie to seek full custody of Lucy. A drunken Abby ran over Tucker with her car.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 9, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, May 9, 2011

At the abandoned preschool building, the coroner zipped up a bag containing Jana's body as Kevin and Chloe explained to an unrelenting detective that no one had killed Jana. Kevin explained that Jana had kidnapped him, Delia, and Lucy after dreaming up a crazy idea that they'd all live happily ever after as a family. Kevin said he'd been the one who'd convinced Jana to leave the little girls at the church. Chloe insisted that Jana was the criminal.

The detective claimed that Chloe and Kevin were prime suspects in Jana's murder, and he explained that they'd be treated as such until evidence proved that a murder hadn't been committed. Chloe explained that Jana had summoned her to the preschool and had warned her not to alert police. The medical examiner stepped up and told the detective that she could not determine an obvious cause of death without an autopsy. Kevin told the examiner that Jana had suffered brain tumors and aneurysms in the past.

Chloe sighed with disgust when the detective ordered his officers to take Kevin to the station because he had an outstanding warrant for suspicion of kidnapping. Chloe protested, but the detective instructed another officer to drive Chloe to the station in another vehicle in order to keep her away from Kevin, who was formally arrested by the detective after Chloe was escorted away.

Gloria and Katherine wore T-shirts featuring a drawing of Kevin's face that read "Find Kevin." The worried women planned to offer a reward for Kevin's safe return before learning from Michael that Kevin had been found. Gloria, Katherine, and Michael rushed to the police station and nervously awaited Kevin's arrival.

At the police station, Michael, Gloria, and Katherine happily greeted Kevin when he was escorted through the door. Chloe arrived and explained that Jana was dead. Spencer appeared and told Michael that he intended to question Kevin and Chloe about Jana's death. Michael insisted on questioning his clients alone. Kevin noticed Katherine and Gloria's shirts and said, "T-shirts -- nice touch!" Michael told Chloe not to say one word as he accompanied Kevin into an interrogation room.

Inside the interrogation room, Kevin told Michael that he'd pretended to go along with Jana, so he could convince her to release Delia and Lucy. Michael was livid after Kevin admitted that Jana had locked him in a closet. Michael sat next to Kevin, rubbed the back of Kevin's neck, and said evenly, "She knew what you'd been through."

Kevin explained that Jana's aim had been to break him, so he'd fall in love with her again. Kevin said that he didn't snap this time because he'd distracted himself by playing with a ball he'd found and had repeatedly thrown it against the closet wall. He added that Jana had complained that the bouncing ball had given her a headache. Michael comforted Kevin and said, "It's over. You did good, brother."

Kevin said he was worried that the cops and the D.A. wouldn't believe him. Michael left and later returned with a list of evidence taken from the scene. Michael explained that police had found a "burner" phone, which would have Jana's fingerprints and a log of the call made to Chloe's cell phone. Also found, Michael said, were a gun and a set of handcuffs. Michael explained that Kevin's fingerprints and DNA found in the closet would corroborate his story.

Kevin seemed depressed and told Michael that he couldn't feel hopeful because Jana was dead. He said he regretted not realizing that something was wrong with Jana until it was too late. Kevin cried that perhaps he had known something was wrong and had ignored the signs because he didn't want to get involved with Jana again. Michael comforted his grieving brother.

Gloria and Katherine surrounded Chloe and asked her to tell them what had happened. Spencer listened from a doorway as Chloe explained that she'd gone to the preschool after Jana phoned. When she arrived, Chloe said that she'd fought Jana and prevented her from retrieving the gun after Kevin kicked the weapon out of Jana's hand. Spencer stepped closer to Chloe. He asked, "Is that why you killed her?"

Spencer badgered Chloe and asked if she'd slammed Jana's head against the floor because Chloe was jealous that her boyfriend was with Jana. Chloe defiantly folded her arms across her waist. Gloria announced that Chloe would talk only to her lawyer. Michael approached and reminded Spencer that he wasn't allowed to speak to the clients unless Michael was present. Michael added that unless Spencer was prepared to charge Michael's clients with a crime, Michael would take them home after each gave a statement.

Kevin and Chloe relaxed at Katherine's after leaving the police station. Chloe explained that Daniel had known that Lucy was his daughter before Jana kidnapped her. Chloe said Daniel had hoped that no one, especially Daisy, would ever learn the truth. Chloe explained that Daniel wanted to keep Daisy from tracing Lucy back to Billy and Victoria.

Chloe mentioned the horror that had unfolded at the preschool. Chloe said she was still reeling after seeing Jana holding the gun on Kevin and then later watching her die. Kevin comforted Chloe. Katherine kissed Kevin on the cheek and told him she loved him before she went upstairs. Kevin shared a tender moment with Chloe and Delia and said he was happy they were safe.

At Gloworm, Michael, Gloria, and Jeffrey celebrated Kevin's safe return. Michael explained that the Jana who'd held Kevin hostage wasn't the same Jana they all had loved. Michael proposed a toast to the end of the harrowing ordeal. Gloria, reclined in Jeffrey's arms, raised her glass and breathed a sigh of relief as she toasted Kevin's return.

At a nearby booth, Tucker assured Ashley that Billy and Victoria would be fine even if they weren't allowed to keep Lucy. Tucker reminded Ashley that she'd survived the loss of Faith. Ashley cited the people who'd given her their love and support during her personal tragedy. Ashley caressed Tucker's shoulder and told him that he'd made her happy again.

The peaceful atmosphere at the club was disturbed when Abby and her drunken friends barged in. Abby handed Jeffrey her credit card and ordered him to "get her party started." Tucker and Ashley seemed horrified. Abby, already inebriated, instructed Jeffrey to keep the libations coming. Abby's followers, about a half-dozen people dressed in cocktail attire, cheered when Jeffrey offered to serve liquor in pitchers.

Abby climbed atop the bar and danced lewdly to the music after Jeffrey increased the volume. A handsome man approached and helped Abby down from the bar. Abby flirted with the young man and kissed him on the lips. One member of Abby's entourage videotaped the goings-on with a pocket-sized camera. Tucker and Ashley approached. Tucker threatened to sue the camera operator if he didn't stop recording immediately. The man did not comply with Tucker's orders.

Ashley told Abby to get her purse and leave the club with them. Abby refused, so Ashley grabbed Abby by the hand and yanked her toward the exit. Abby sobered somewhat after Ashley and Tucker stopped to let Abby cool her heels in a corner of the club. Ashley reminded Abby that she was Lucy's godmother. Ashley explained that she didn't yet know what would happen to Lucy, who was in protective custody. Abby cried that she couldn't even call Daniel.

Abby said she needed another drink, but Tucker admonished her and explained that she should not be carrying on in such a fashion while her family was dealing with a crisis. Abby chided Tucker for correcting her behavior after she recalled having caught him cheating with Diane. Tucker replied, "You're the worst kind of brat I've ever seen. How dare you disrespect your mother?" Abby shot back, "We should hear you say that to Katherine. I am sure she'd just love it."

As Tucker continued to call Abby names and scold her for acting like a spoiled princess, Abby called Tucker's attention to the man videotaping the interaction and said, "Show the world what you're really made of." Tucker wrested the camera away, threw it onto the floor, and repeatedly stomped it with his foot. Abby glared menacingly at Tucker. Kent was angry about his destroyed camera. Tucker reimbursed Kent for the camera.

Abby's hangers-on suddenly decided that the evening had turned sour and said that perhaps it was time to leave. Tucker told Abby that he was tired of placating her and cared only about Ashley's feelings. Tucker told Abby that if she continued to act in a rude and obnoxious manner, then he didn't want her at his and Ashley's wedding. Ashley said she agreed with Tucker, and they left. Abby offered to buy drinks for everyone in the club as she headed back to the bar with her fickle friends.

Nick stopped by Sharon's house to pick up Faith's belongings. After he unlocked the door and entered, he fixed his gaze on Cassie's framed drawing of her family members. In a flashback, Nick remembered carrying Sharon, as a young bride, over the threshold into the home they'd once shared. Adam emerged from the kitchen, shoveling Chinese food into his mouth with chopsticks. Nick said, "You've got three seconds to get out before I throw you out!" Adam explained that Sharon had left him the house in her will.

Nick phoned Michael and learned that Adam had a right to stay in the house. Nick offered to pay Adam ten times more than the house was worth. Adam refused and claimed that Nick was acting like Victor by attempting to use money to buy and sell people. Adam delighted in telling Nick that Victor's blood pressure had likely risen to dangerous levels each time he reviewed security footage of Adam driving past the security camera.

Adam callously lifted chunks of rice with his chopsticks and chewed as he advised Nick to ensure that his father scheduled a check-up with a cardiologist because, Adam warned, elevated blood pressure could prove fatal to a heart-transplant patient. Nick angrily advised Adam to move because nobody wanted him there. Adam replied, "Sharon did. That's enough for me."

Adam mentioned that Tucker had purchased his Newman stock options. Nick attempted to gather Faith's things, but Adam said he'd collect the things and deliver them later, so he could visit with the child. Nick told Adam that he wouldn't be allowed to see Faith. Nick insisted that the issue regarding Sharon's will wasn't yet settled. Before Nick left, Adam demanded Nick's key to Sharon's house.

On Adam's laptop, Nick noticed an online newspaper headline that read, "Sharon Newman Death a Suicide?" Nick scoffed and said, "Spencer Walsh hounded Sharon to death, and now he won't even let her rest in peace." Adam stood beside Nick as they both read a portion of the online newspaper. The article claimed that the letters Sharon had written to members of her family just before her death might be suicide notes.

Nick told Adam that the statement the online newspaper published about Sharon's supposed suicide in was a lie. Adam urged Nick to get the matter cleared up because he didn't want Sharon's memory to be tainted. Nick, angry, retorted, "None of this would have happened in the first place if Sharon hadn't been tainted by you." Nick hurried out the door.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick interrupted Spencer's dinner and blasted him for grandstanding before the press. Spencer claimed that the press had requested a statement after Adam was released from jail and word leaked out about the letters. Nick assured Spencer that Sharon had not killed herself. Adam rushed in and told Spencer that the coroner's report cited no evidence of suicide.

Adam and Nick listened intently as Spencer announced, "The coroner in San Miguel County is amending his report. The consensus is that Ms. Newman was depressed and purposely drove her car into the ravine, and that will be the final word." Adam and Nick both tightened their jaws when Spencer added that the case was closed. Adam told Spencer that he and his colleagues were guessing.

Nick told Spencer that Sharon's notes had expressed her love for her children, who'd been hurt by the D.A.'s accusations. Spencer said that experts in two states had examined the letters and concluded that Sharon had committed suicide. Adam maintained that Sharon loved life too much to have committed suicide.

At the New Mexico ranch, Sam held Fanny, the baby lamb that Sharon had helped nurse back to health. Sam said he wished he had more time to devote to each of his animal patients, and he asked Sharon if she'd be willing to help out with his home-based veterinarian practice. Sharon claimed she wasn't yet ready to be around people.

A man arrived and called out to Sam. Before the man entered the barn, Sam told Sharon that the visitor was his friend, Marco, who worked for the state police in a nearby county. Sharon panicked when she recognized the man as the officer who'd pulled her over after discovering that her vehicle had a broken taillight. Sharon recalled that Marco had noted that she seemed nervous and was perhaps hiding something.

Before Sam had a chance to introduce Sharon to Marco, she retreated into another area of the barn. Sam repeatedly called out, "Sheri," but Sharon didn't respond. Sharon hid her hair beneath a ball cap and stayed in the shadows when Sam introduced her to Marco. Sharon quickly excused herself and said she needed to fetch blankets.

After Sharon walked away, Marco offered to run a background check on the woman who had just happened to show up at Sam's ranch. Sam turned down Marco's offer and assured him that the situation with Sheri was fine. After Marco left, Sam noticed that there were plenty of blankets in the barn. Sharon returned with more blankets. Before Sam headed back to his house, he said, "Someday, you're going to tell me what you're running from."

After Sam left, Sharon sat down at a laptop and perused messages posted on a memorial page set up in her honor. Several comments mentioned that Sharon had committed suicide. Sharon cried, "My God! They think I killed myself!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ashley and Tucker were in the park where they were going to meet the wedding planner. Tucker realized that Ashley was upset that Abby would not be at the wedding. Ashley said that things would be calmer without Abby at the event. Jenny, the wedding planner, arrived to go over the details. Ashley was on top of everything, and Tucker was impressed.

Ashley wondered why Tucker had cancelled the string quartet. Tucker explained that he'd booked the New York Philharmonic instead. Ashley was overwhelmed and wondered if Tucker had any other surprises in store for her. Jenny refused to reveal if Tucker was keeping secrets. Jenny urged Ashley and Tucker to rehearse their vows. Jenny had to rush off.

On their own, Ashley wondered if Tucker had written his vows. Tucker said he knew what he wanted to say. Ashley mentioned that her vows made note of her first impressions of Tucker, which included the fact that she had thought he was a jackass. Ashley promised not to call Tucker a jackass in front of their friends and family during the ceremony. Tucker told Ashley that he'd waited his whole life to get married, but that he felt he'd been waiting for her all along.

Abby met Jack at his home. Billy walked into the living room, revealing that he'd spent the night at the house. After Billy had left, Abby told Jack that she and Daniel had broken up. Jack sympathized, but he wanted to speak with Abby about Ashley's wedding. Abby explained that Ashley and Tucker had told Abby to stay away. Jack told Abby that her mother would be very upset if Abby wasn't at the wedding. Abby insisted that Ashley had backed up Tucker, and Abby considered herself uninvited.

Phyllis spoke with Daniel and wondered if Kevin would make a claim for Daisy's baby. Daniel said he hadn't seen Kevin since Jana's death. When Phyllis mentioned Lucy, Daniel said that he was concerned about his daughter. Daniel explained that Child Protective Services wouldn't provide any information about Lucy. Daniel was determined to get Lucy out of foster care.

Phyllis questioned if Daniel would be able to give Lucy up if he were awarded temporary custody. Daniel reiterated that he didn't want to be a parent. Phyllis felt bad about Victoria and Billy losing Lucy, but Phyllis felt that Lucy belonged with them. Daniel reminded Phyllis that strangers had raised him. Phyllis claimed that the universe had been conspiring to tell Daniel that he was meant to be a parent. Phyllis urged Daniel not to let the chance to be a father slip through his fingers.

Nikki called Victor to report that Victoria had slept through the night, but Nikki felt that Victoria needed her father's support. Victoria walked downstairs and told Nikki that she'd dreamt about Lucy. Victoria couldn't stop thinking about Lucy. Nikki understood the reason that Victoria had sent Billy away, but she urged Victoria not to shut him out because Billy would understand what Victoria was going through more than anybody else. Victoria blamed Billy for the predicament they were in. Victoria asked Nikki to leave her alone for a while, and Nikki left the house.

Victoria reminisced about how she and Billy had named Lucy. Victoria looked at her phone and considered calling Billy. Billy was at the Athletic Club, sitting alone and thinking of calling Victoria, too. A while later, Billy rang the bell to his house, and Victoria opened the door. Victoria reached out and hugged Billy. Billy walked into the house, and Victoria and Billy talked about how they'd both tossed and turned all night without Lucy being near.

Billy apologized to Victoria for having caused the pain they were feeling. Billy missed being with Victoria, and she agreed that he belonged home. Later, Billy and Victoria were holding each other. Victoria feared Phyllis might win in a custody suit because she had a blood connection to Lucy. Billy said that they had a strong link to Lucy, too, one that could not be denied. Billy said it had been fate that led Lucy into their lives. Billy said it had been destiny that Lucy became their daughter.

Having overheard Victor speaking with Nikki, Diane asked Victor how Victoria was doing. Diane wanted Victor to speak with her about Victoria, but Victor said it would be boring to Diane. Michael arrived to meet with Victor, prompting Diane to leave house. Victor sympathized with Michael about the Kevin situation. Victor asked Michael to bow out of the custody negotiations for Lucy because he'd been representing Phyllis.

Michael explained that everyone involved had been trying to avoid a court case. Victor felt that with CPS involved, a hearing was unavoidable. Victor said that Michael could not help Phyllis to take Lucy away from Victoria if Michael wanted to remain Victor's attorney. Michael understood and left the ranch. Later, Victor looked at a picture of Victoria and thought about his daughter.

Diane arrived at Jack's, and Abby was curious about what was going on between the Jack and Diane. Abby insinuated that Jack and Diane were too chummy. Diane reminded Abby that she was married to Victor. Abby was skeptical about Diane's fidelity. Abby walked out, leaving Jack alone with Diane.

Diane told Jack that she wanted Kyle to spend more nights with his father. Diane insisted that she was a good mother, but she was frustrated that her marriage to Victor was not going as planned. Diane felt out of control. Diane started to cry and wanted Jack to comfort her. Jack told Diane he couldn't fix what was wrong with her marriage.

Michael met Phyllis at Gloworm. Phyllis believed that Daniel wanted to fight for custody of Lucy, but Michael knew that Phyllis was overemotional about the case. Phyllis said she had a strong feeling that Daniel would want to keep Lucy. Phyllis acknowledged that Michael might have reservations because of Lauren's concerns about Daisy.

Michael told Phyllis that he was not going to represent her in a custody suit. Phyllis was shocked, especially when she learned that Michael had chosen to be loyal to Victor and the Newmans over his friendship with Phyllis. Michael believed that Lucy belonged with Billy and Victoria. Michael told Phyllis that she was hurting Daniel by pushing parenthood onto him. Phyllis accused Michael of hurting her. As he was leaving the restaurant, Michael said hello to Nikki as she walked in.

Nikki asked Phyllis if Michael had been upset. Phyllis said that Michael had yielded to Victor's demands and would be taking Victoria and Billy's side in Lucy's custody battle. Later, Nikki arrived at the ranch and told Victor about Michael setting Phyllis straight about his allegiance in Lucy's case. Nikki realized that Victor had arranged for Michael to back away from Phyllis, and she was grateful to Victor. Nikki admired how strong the Newman family could be in tough times. Victor credited Nikki with bearing the burden of family responsibility of late. Nikki said she had to leave, but Victor stopped her with a kiss.

Michael went to see Billy and Victoria to say that he would not be representing Phyllis in the custody case. Michael hoped that Lucy would be back with Billy and Victoria very soon. After Michael left, Victoria told Billy that she suspected that Victor had a hand in getting Michael to rescind his services to Phyllis.

Jack walked into Gloworm and overheard Phyllis hiring Leslie to represent her in a custody suit for Lucy. Jack was surprised that Phyllis wanted to fight Billy and Victoria for Lucy. Phyllis was determined to get her grandchild into Daniel's life permanently. Jack told Phyllis that it was wrong to take Lucy away from Victoria and Billy. Phyllis thought that Jack should understand how Phyllis felt because he'd fought Diane for custody of Kyle. Phyllis said that Lucy belonged with family. Jack said that Phyllis would have to take on all the Abbotts and the Newmans, and she would not win.

Daniel ran into Abby at the Athletic Club bar. Abby invited him to take a seat. Abby said that Tucker and Ashley didn't want her at their wedding. Daniel accused Abby of letting Tucker manipulate her. Abby said that the wedding was imminent and she couldn't handle it. Abby said her life was going down the toilet.

Abby sympathized with Daniel about Lucy's custody situation. Daniel thought Abby was acting like a spoiled brat about her mother's choice of husbands. Abby said she'd been thinking of apologizing to Daniel, but she'd changed her mind because he'd insulted her. Abby declared that she and Daniel were over, and this time she was stone cold sober when she made the declaration.

Returning home, Diane opened the door to her bedroom and saw Victor and Nikki in bed, making love. Diane stepped back a moment, then reentered and used her cell phone to take a photograph. Diane did not let Nikki and Victor know that she'd been there.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tucker took Ashley to the park, covering her eyes with his hand before revealing how he'd had the park decorated for their wedding. The lights, flowers, and water feature dazzled Ashley. Ashley kissed Tucker and thanked him. Ashley then rushed home to meet Traci, who'd flown in for the wedding festivities. Tucker made a phone call to arrange a meeting.

A short time later, Tucker met Kay at the Athletic Club. Tucker asked his mother to be his guest at the rehearsal dinner. Tucker brought up John Abbott's memory and asked Kay to be there for John and Ashley's sake. Tucker added that it would mean a lot to him. Kay said that she'd attend. Kay brought up business, but Tucker said he hadn't planned on talking about Chancellor.

Kay urged him to explain his business plans. Tucker said he'd intended to use Chancellor funds to purchase Newman stock when the IPO was announced. Tucker pointed out that Chancellor would get a tax write-off and McCall would wind up with a big chunk of Newman stock. Tucker called it a win-win for both companies, but Kay rejected the idea. Tucker said that the Chancellor board of directors would approve of the move even if Katherine objected to it. Kay called Tucker a bastard. Tucker commented that if he was a bastard, it was her fault.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki were in bed together. Having made love, Victor told Nikki he didn't want her to leave. Nikki realized that Victor had been concerned about Victoria losing Lucy. Victor appreciated that Nikki knew him so well. Victor said he was relieved to be back in synch with Nikki.

When Nikki noticed the framed photo of Kyle on the nightstand, Nikki said that their lovemaking had been a mistake. Later, Victor and Nikki were dressed. Nikki was ready to leave. Victor told Nikki that she could stay for a while. Victor warmly told Nikki that she belonged at the ranch with him. Nikki pointed out that Victor was married and the ranch was Diane's home. After Nikki left, Victor thought about what she'd said.

Nick complained to Victoria about the newspaper story claiming that Sharon's death had been a suicide. Victoria was upset about the newspaper coverage of Jana's death. Billy was happy that Michael had decided not to represent Phyllis in a custody suit. Victoria mentioned that Victor might have coerced Michael to walk away from Phyllis. Jack arrived with the news that Phyllis had decided to fight for full custody of Lucy. Nick asked Jack to use his influence on Phyllis, but Jack told Nick that he and Phyllis were not a couple anymore.

Jack warned Victoria and Billy that Phyllis would be a formidable opponent. Nick tried to offer Victoria encouragement, but Victoria was upset about Phyllis. Billy explained to Jack that he wasn't in the mood for the Abbott family festivities for Ashley's wedding. Jack gave Billy a pass to miss the rehearsal dinner. Before Jack walked out, Nick apologized to Jack for bringing up his relationship with Phyllis. Jack mentioned St. Barts, letting Nick know that he was aware of Phyllis and Nick's indiscretion. Nick apologized again, but Jack said it didn't matter anymore.

Diane looked at the photo she'd taken of Nikki and Victor in bed together. Diane phoned Nick, but he ignored the call. Later at Gloworm, Nick left a message for Phyllis that he wanted to see her. Diane approached Nick and asked how he'd been doing since Sharon's funeral. Diane offered to listen if Nick wanted to talk. Diane started to complain about her life with Victor, but Nick's phone rang. Nick said he had to leave, and Diane was left standing there by herself.

Daniel met Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Daniel was distracted about his breakup with Abby, but Phyllis had a one-track mind about Lucy. Phyllis was determined that she and Daniel win custody of Lucy. Phyllis wanted Daniel to focus on getting Lucy out of foster care. A short time later, Leslie met with Daniel and Phyllis to discuss the legalities of the case. Phyllis thought their claim would be stronger than Billy and Victoria's because Daniel was the biological father.

Leslie said that Daisy retained primary claim as the mother because Daisy had never signed away her rights. After Leslie left, Phyllis tried to minimize what Leslie had said, but Daniel was afraid that Daisy would screw up Lucy's life. Daniel wondered how he had wound up in this predicament when he had never wanted to be a father. Phyllis asked Daniel to tell her about Daisy's demeanor in Saskatoon. Daniel explained that Daisy had not changed; she was still selfish and disinterested in the baby.

Abby arrived at the Abbott house and called for Ashley and Jack, but neither answered. Abby was thrilled to see Traci had arrived from New York. Abby told Traci that she felt that Ashley's marriage to Tucker was going to be a disaster. Traci was aware that Abby objected to Ashley and Tucker's marriage. Abby tried to convince Traci that Tucker was a horrible person. Ashley walked into the house and overheard Abby speaking with Traci.

Abby told her aunt that Tucker was no better than Adam. Ashley walked into the living room and told Abby to shut up. Ashley was stunned that Abby was vilifying Tucker. Abby reached for a decanter of whiskey, but Ashley stopped her and said that Abby had been drinking too much. Ashley was confused by her daughter's behavior. Ashley begged Abby to say why she'd been punishing her mother.

Abby ignored Ashley's question and told Traci that Ashley had told her not to attend the wedding. Abby said that Tucker had exposed Ashley as a weak, pitiful woman. Abby pointed out that she wasn't the only one who despised Tucker; Katherine had rejected him, too. Ashley insisted that Tucker had done everything he could to befriend Abby, even offering to buy her Newman stock. When Abby learned that Jack had sold her Newman shares to Tucker, she felt betrayed. Traci interjected that Brad had left those Newman shares to Colleen, who'd then left them to Abby. Traci was dismayed that Abby would sell Colleen's inheritance.

Tucker returned to the park and saw that Jack was sitting on one of the chairs. Jack was impressed with the decorations and said he'd be attending the rehearsal dinner. Tucker suggested that he and Jack should be comrades instead of rivals. Jack said that if Tucker felt that way, he should reconsider Jack's suggestion of a partnership. Later, Tucker arrived at the Abbott house. He'd heard about Abby's tantrum, but he hadn't seen her. Ashley was convinced that despite Abby's childish antics, the wedding would be beautiful.

Nikki was sitting alone at Gloworm when Kay approached. Kay wondered if Nikki was looking at the liquor and thinking of taking a drink. Nikki said that booze wasn't on her mind. Nikki confessed that she still loved and wanted Victor. Kay wasn't surprised to hear Nikki say that because she'd heard those words before. Nikki listened as Kay mentioned that she'd decided to attend the rehearsal dinner despite her displeasure with Tucker. Kay said that at times like those, the booze was tempting. Nikki said that she was going to meetings and would not slip up. Kay warned Nikki to keep away from the liquor.

Diane returned to the ranch and said hello to Victor. Victor declared that they needed to talk. Diane suggested a romantic dinner, but Victor told Diane that she was too insightful not to know what he was going to say. Victor declared that their marriage had been a mistake. Victor reminded Diane that they had agreed to remain together as long as it was mutually beneficial. Diane tried to change the subject.

Victor said that Diane would be taken care of, as would Kyle. Victor would make sure that Michael worked out the details. Diane brought up Nikki because she believed that Nikki and Victor were still in love. Diane offered to sleep in the guest room and give Victor time to think. Victor said that he wanted to go for a ride on his own. Diane looked at the photo of Victor and Nikki on her phone. Diane angrily smashed an expensive plate and, with tears in her eyes, she wondered what to do next.

Nick ran into Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Nick was upset that Jack knew about St. Barts. Nick was also shocked that Phyllis had decided to try to take Lucy away from Billy and Victoria. Phyllis told Nick that her relationship with Jack and plans for Lucy were none of his business. Nick stopped Phyllis from walking out on him. Daniel listened to their conversation from the other room. Nick told Phyllis that Lucy already had a family. Nick asked Phyllis not to challenge the Newmans. Phyllis equated her desire to get Lucy to Nick and Sharon taking Faith away from Ashley. Nick said that situation had been entirely different.

Phyllis reminded Nick that she'd always wanted Daisy and Daniel's baby. Phyllis had gone to court to keep Lucy from being born in prison. Nick said that Billy and Victoria would love and care for Lucy all of her life. Phyllis believed that Nick had to agree with her that Lucy belonged with her blood relations, but Nick told Phyllis that she was wrong. After Nick walked away, Daniel sat at Phyllis' table. Phyllis told Daniel that they had to find Daisy before Daisy learned about Lucy.

At the park, Abby drank from a bottle of liquor and looked around at the wedding decorations. Abby mocked the wedding by humming the wedding march as she knocked over chairs and turned over the altar. Abby trashed the scene before she fell into the fountain. At the rehearsal dinner, Tucker told Jack, Traci, Billy, and Victoria how impressed he was with their family. Tucker admired how they hung together, and he was glad to be marrying into the clan. Tucker considered himself lucky. Jack made a toast to Tucker. Ashley and Tucker kissed while the family drank to their good fortune.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tucker ran into Diane at Crimson Lights and said hello. Diane gave him a dirty look, but Tucker was in a pleasant mood because of his impending wedding to Ashley. Tucker told Diane that he regretted the way he'd treated her when she first arrived in Genoa City. Diane appreciated the apology, even though she thought it was delivered too late to matter. When Diane left, Ashley arrived and handed Tucker another cup of coffee. Ashley mentioned that they both still had many things to do before the wedding.

Abby woke up in the park after her drinking binge the night before. Abby was hung over and all around were signs of her drunken rampage. A cop picked Abby up from the ground and arrested her for public intoxication and destruction of public property.

At the Abbott house, Jack said good morning to Traci, but noticed that she seemed tense. Traci told Jack she'd had trouble sleeping because of Abby's actions. Traci said that Abby felt betrayed by her family. Jack downplayed Abby's antics as youthful rebellion. Traci reminded Jack that she'd warned Jack to treat Abby with sensitivity. Jack felt he'd been a very good uncle, but Traci disagreed. Traci thought Jack buying Abby's Newman shares had been exploitative.

Nikki ran into Kay while walking into an A.A. meeting. Kay had just sat through a meeting, but offered to stay if Nikki needed company. Nikki assured Kay that she was fine on her own. At the coffee station, Nikki bumped into Deacon. Nikki wasn't happy to see him.

During the meeting, Nikki stood at the podium and shared her testimony. Nikki said that she'd walked away from alcohol in the same way that she'd walked away from the bad decisions she'd made in her life. Deacon was in the group and recognized that Nikki had been speaking about him. After Nikki, Deacon spoke to the crowd and admitted that he'd failed to do step number four: making amends. Deacon said the woman he'd cared for had suffered because of him.

After the meeting, Deacon stopped Nikki and apologized to her. Nikki told Deacon that she resented every moment that she'd spent with him. Nikki said that she was close to getting her life back in order, and she had no place for Deacon in it. Nikki walked away.

Diane returned home and asked Victor if he would like to finish their discussion from the night before. Victor said there was nothing left to say. When Michael walked into the living room, Diane was surprised that he was there. Victor explained that Michael had the annulment papers for them to sign. Diane said that things were happening too fast, but Victor assured her that the terms of the annulment were more generous than the pre-nuptial agreement. Victor received a call and told Michael they had to leave. Michael urged Diane to sign the papers, then he left with Victor.

At the police station, Abby was hauled in by the police officer. Kent filmed Abby's arrest until Jack showed up and told Kent to leave. Jack told Abby that he was there to get Abby out of jail before Ashley discovered that Abby had been arrested. Jack warned Abby to be contrite with the cops because they were anxious to punish her as a repeat offender. Abby ignored Jack's advice and lashed out at him for selling her Newman stock to Tucker. Abby called Jack's actions a betrayal. Jack said it had been a smart business move, but Abby thought Jack had fallen under Tucker's influence just like Ashley had. Abby said that the entire family had contracted Tucker-itis.

Tucker was surprised when Kay walked into the coffeehouse. Kay told Tucker that she'd rejected his proposal to buy Newman stock with Chancellor funds. Tucker said that the deal had already been done. Tucker had gone to the Chancellor board of directors and they'd supported Tucker's plan. Tucker told Kay that her infatuation with Victor had clouded her business judgment. Kay was shocked that Ashley couldn't see that Tucker was a louse. Tucker believed that Kay resented him because he was younger and smarter at business.

Ashley walked into the park and saw that the wedding decorations had been destroyed. Ashley called the police to report the vandalism and learned that Abby had been arrested for the crime. Ashley called Tucker and asked him to meet her at the police station. Victor and Michael entered the police station and saw Abby and Jack fighting. When Ashley arrived, she heard Abby ripping Tucker to Jack.

Ashley stepped in front of Abby and slapped her face. Victor watched, approving of how Ashley was handling the situation. Tucker urged Ashley to calm down. Jack wanted to protect Abby by getting her home, but Victor thought Abby should pay for her disobedience. Jack recalled that Victor had left Victoria in jail on her wedding night. Michael pulled Abby aside and gave her some advice. Michael suggested that Abby cease her acting out and simply let Ashley live her own life.

Diane sat at the Athletic Club bar, reading the annulment papers. Nick walked over to apologize for blowing her off the day before. Diane accepted his apology and mentioned that she wasn't having a good day. Nick said he was on his way for a workout, and he left Diane alone. Later, Nick ran into Victor. His father told Nick that he was dissolving his marriage to Diane. Nick realized that was why Diane had seemed so depressed.

Victor explained that he hoped to reconnect with Nikki. Nick wasn't surprised that his parents were drawn back to one another. Diane went back to the ranch and looked at some sexy lingerie she'd purchased. She wondered whom she could entice with the lacy frills. When Diane saw a photo of Tucker in the newspaper, she had an idea. Diane sent a text message to Tucker.

In the park, Nikki sat on a bench and took her flask from her purse. She breathed in the scent of the liquor, then poured the contents onto the grass. Deacon watched and told Nikki that he approved of what she'd done. Nikki asked Deacon to leave her alone because she was moving on and had no place for Deacon in her future. Deacon was intent on staying near Nikki. Believing that Deacon wanted to make amends with her, Nikki urged Deacon to apologize to her.

Nick arrived at the park with Summer. When Summer saw Deacon and Nikki, she wanted to go over to see Nikki. Nick suggested that they let Nikki finish her talk. Nikki was frustrated with Deacon for refusing to leave her alone. Nikki said that Deacon was a loathsome human being. Deacon asked Nikki for a goodbye hug. Reluctantly, Nikki complied and let Deacon hug her. Nikki was unaware that Nick had watched her with Deacon.

Abby was led through intake by a police officer. Ashley and Tucker were still at the police station, in the hallway. When Tucker's phone rang, Abby noticed that he'd left it on the counter. Abby picked it up from the counter and saw that there was a message from Diane. Abby was disgusted with Tucker, assuming that he was cheating on Ashley with Diane.

Tucker and Ashley approached Abby. Tucker offered to get Abby off the hook with the police and suggested that they shelve their antipathy until after the wedding. Abby pretended to be cooperative in order to be released. Ashley gave Abby some money and ordered her to take a cab home. Tucker left to speak with the cops. Abby picked up Tucker's phone and answered Diane's text message, letting Diane believe that she intrigued Tucker.

Kay ran into Jack at Crimson Lights. Kay advised Jack to hold onto his Newman shares, even if Tucker made him a tempting offer. Jack said that he'd do whatever was necessary to get Jabot back. Kay accused Jack of having a sentimental attachment to Jabot. Kay believed that it would be dangerous to let Tucker get a controlling interest in Newman Enterprises. Jack accused Kay of being obsessed with protecting Victor and his company. Jack declared that he couldn't care less if Victor and Newman Enterprises fell off the face of the earth. Kay said that if Jack made a deal with Tucker, he'd be making a deal with the devil.

At Gloworm for the rehearsal dinner, Traci asked Jack if he really trusted Tucker. Traci agreed with Abby that there was something wrong about Tucker. Ashley and Tucker arrived at the restaurant, and he assured Ashley that Jenny would fix the decorations in the park in time for the wedding. Ashley was grateful that Tucker had taken care of the wedding for her. Tucker and Ashley kissed.

Traci and Jack watched Tucker and Ashley. Traci and Jack approached the bride and groom and suggested a champagne toast. Alone, Traci told Jack that Ashley deserved someone better than Tucker. Abby arrived for the party, dressed in a gown and seemingly contrite. Ashley hugged her daughter.

Kay and Victor met at the Athletic Club. Kay told him about Tucker's move to get Newman Enterprises stock by using Chancellor's liquid funds. Kay gave Victor all the details of the deal, including the fact that Tucker had gone around her to the board of directors. Kay wanted to stop the transaction. Victor appreciated Kay's feelings.

Kay said that Tucker had taken pleasure in hurting her, calling her an old woman who couldn't keep up with business. Victor said that Kay was sharp as a tack. Kay admitted that Tucker had moved faster than she'd imagined. Kay should have gone to the board before Tucker. Kay confessed that she had a taste for blood and wanted to crush Tucker. Kay felt that with Victor's help, they could annihilate Tucker. Kay and Victor shook on their deal.

Michael returned to the ranch to collect the annulment documents from Diane. Michael noticed that Diane had smashed one of the plates. Michael offered to be Diane's friend. Michael noticed the sexy lingerie and wondered whom Diane would model the outfits.

Michael told Diane that being in Genoa City was toxic for her. He urged Diane to leave town. Michael left the ranch. Diane noticed that she'd received a text message from Tucker. Diane didn't know that Abby had sent the text. The bogus text invited Diane to meet Tucker at the Abbott cabin.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kyle wondered why Diane couldn't attend the rehearsal dinner as his date. Diane said the party was for family only. Diane checked her phone and read the bogus text message that Abby had sent using Tucker's phone. Diane was excited about meeting Tucker at the Abbott cabin. At the rehearsal dinner in Gloworm, Abby pretended to be enjoying the party.

Victoria and Billy explained Billy's broken hand to Jack and Traci, saying that he'd smashed it the night Child Protective Services took Lucy away. Sofia and Malcolm arrived at the party. Sofia mentioned that she'd tried to call Tucker's cell phone to say they'd been running late. Tucker explained that Ashley had asked him to turn off the phone for the night.

Abby walked over and welcomed Tucker's friends. Sofia was surprised that Abby had nice things to say about the wedding. Ashley said that everything had been worked out between Tucker and Abby. Around the table during dinner, Billy and Malcolm commented on married life and had suggestions for Tucker. Tucker said that he was looking forward to being a married man. Ashley explained that Traci and Abby had agreed to stand up for her, and Sofia would be Tucker's best man.

Sofia said that she would not be alone at the altar. Tucker was confused until Sofia revealed that she was pregnant. Tucker was overjoyed and embraced Sofia. Jack congratulated Malcolm. Victoria and Billy looked pained, and Billy took a swig of champagne.

Tucker got emotional realizing that he'd become part of a family. Tucker promised that he'd make Ashley happy. Jack proposed a toast to the bride and the groom. Abby kept her true feelings to herself. Diane arrived to drop Kyle off and saw Tucker kissing Ashley.

Victoria and Abby had a heart-to-heart talk about Lucy. Victoria said that she was hanging in. Victoria asked if Abby needed to talk about Tucker and Ashley. Abby said no, but she took up Victoria on her offer for a cup of coffee. Ashley welcomed Kyle to the party. Diane told Jack that if he needed her for anything about Kyle, he should text her because her phone had been acting up.

Diane passed on Jack's suggestion to congratulate the groom. Traci asked why, and Diane said she'd believe Tucker had gone through with the wedding after it was a done deal. Diane gave Tucker a look before she left, but he had no idea what she meant by her smile. Abby saw the glance that passed from Diane to Tucker and assumed that her bogus text had worked. Malcolm apologized to Victoria and Billy if Sofia's pregnancy bothered them. Malcolm then asked Tucker if he wanted a bachelor party. Tucker said thanks, but no thanks.

Tucker confided to Sofia that he was afraid of the wedding and being a husband. Sofia told him that things had been changing for her, too, but they could both succeed. Sofia mentioned that she missed her dad, and Tucker agreed that he missed him, too. Sofia said that she was counting on Tucker to fill in for her father. Billy, Traci, and Jack wished Ashley well.

Ashley asked her family to truly support her at the wedding. Traci said that if Tucker was whom Ashley wanted, they'd be there. Ashley was sure that Tucker would not hurt her. Abby reached for Malcolm's cell phone and sent a text message to Tucker about the bachelor party they would throw for Tucker at the Abbott cabin. Abby returned the phone without anybody having seen what she'd done.

Ashley thanked Victoria and Billy for joining them when they were still so upset about Lucy. Victoria said it had been nice to be distracted for a while. Tucker kissed Ashley after Billy and Victoria left, and Ashley suggested that they go home together. Tucker proposed they sleep apart so that he wouldn't see the bride until she walked down the aisle. Ashley was touched by his idea and said she'd have a good night of sleep by herself.

Tucker turned on his cell phone and saw a message that Malcolm and Billy wanted him to meet for a bachelor party at the Abbott cabin. Ashley encouraged Tucker to have fun. Later, Ashley mentioned to Abby that Tucker had gone to a bachelor party. Abby offered to throw Ashley a bachelorette party for just the two of them. Ashley agreed, and Abby promised Ashley that it would be an unforgettable night. Abby assured her mother that everything she'd done had been for Ashley's sake.

Deacon walked into the restaurant at the Athletic Club and saw Nikki. Deacon said that he had not been stalking her. Deacon asked Nikki to have dinner with him. Nikki waited at the bar, and when Victor entered, he sidled next to her and wondered it had been fate that they ran into each other. Victor asked Nikki to have dinner with him. Before Nikki could respond, Deacon stepped up and told Nikki he'd gotten a table for the two of them. Nikki tried to explain to Victor that she hadn't planned to have dinner with Deacon, but Victor wouldn't listen. Victor was incensed that Nikki still considered Deacon a friend when Victor blamed Deacon for causing Nikki to fall off the wagon.

Over dinner, Kay complained to Murphy about Tucker's business dealings with the Chancellor board of directors. Kay expected Murphy to support her efforts to stop Tucker, but Murphy had no interest in business talk. Murphy said that he thought it was sad that Kay was so angry with her son over unimportant things. Kay thought that Murphy should be as upset as she was. Murphy reminded Kay that Tucker was her flesh and blood. Murphy wished he had another chance with his late son, Francis. Since Kay was in A.A. and believed in second chances, Murphy urged Kay to give one to Tucker. Murphy asked Kay to remember that she was all the family Tucker had in the world.

In the bar, Kay saw Nikki and wondered why she seemed upset. Nikki explained that Victor had jumped to the wrong conclusion when he'd seen Nikki having dinner with Deacon. Kay chastised Nikki for seeing Deacon again. Nikki asserted that Deacon had only wanted to make amends. A short time later, Nikki knocked on Victor's door at the ranch. Victor asked what Nikki wanted, and Nikki said all she'd ever wanted was Victor.

Despite Nikki's words, Victor was unforgiving of Nikki choosing to associate with Deacon. Nikki said that as part of A.A., she'd chosen to forgive Deacon. Nikki believed that Deacon truly felt bad for his part in Meggie's scheme. Victor told Nikki that she was a fool. Nikki said that she loved Victor and wanted him back. Victor said that he was through with Nikki because she would inevitably return to the bottle. Nikki asked Victor why he was being "such a bastard."

Diane returned to the ranch. She looked at the sexy lingerie that she'd bought, then overheard Nikki and Victor talking in the living room. Diane didn't listen to their conversation. Diane admired the satin teddy and declared that Victor's loss would be Tucker's gain.

Nikki reminded Victor that his jealousy was misplaced because while she'd had dinner with Deacon, Victor had married Diane. Victor showed Nikki the annulment papers. Nikki was surprised. Victor said that he'd thought they might have a future together, but Victor said that he'd been mistaken again. Victor declared that Diane was the right woman for him, after all, because Diane couldn't hurt him.

Victor said that he'd never know what to expect from Nikki. As Nikki looked on, Victor tore up the annulment papers. Victor turned his back to Nikki and reached for a drink. Nikki stood there until Victor bellowed for Nikki to leave. Victor placed a call.

Kay and Murphy arrived at Gloworm. Deacon said that the McCall party had ended. Kay warned Deacon to stay away from Nikki. Deacon said that Nikki was a grown woman, and she could make up her own mind about being Deacon's friend. Murphy wanted Kay to find Tucker and settle their feud. Kay told Murphy that she'd speak with Tucker before the wedding.

Billy and Victoria went for a walk in the park after the party. Billy had doubts about Tucker making Ashley happy. Victoria was concerned about Abby and said that she'd speak with her sister after the wedding. A woman strolled by with a baby in a carriage. Victoria looked at the toddler and thought she was Lucy. At the Abbott house, Traci and Jack discussed how their father might feel about Ashley's wedding. Jack mistrusted Tucker because he'd taken Jabot from the Abbotts. Traci believed that Tucker might be responsible for their family getting the business back in the future.

Diane was driving to the cabin when she noticed a bad driver speeding on the road. Diane saw that Victor was calling, but she ignored the call. Abby drove Ashley to the bachelorette party. Ashley noticed that they were not heading to Abby's apartment. Abby said that they were going to the Abbott cabin so Ashley could see what kind of man Tucker really was.

Ashley was furious. Abby said that Diane would be at the cabin for a tryst with Tucker. Abby was driving wildly. Ashley saw a bottle of vodka in the car and realized that Abby had been drinking. Ashley screamed for Abby to pull off the road. Abby said she had to hurry to show Ashley that Tucker was a bastard.

Tucker was in the middle of the road, trying to get cell phone reception. A cop approached, and Tucker explained that he was supposed to meet some friends at the Abbott cabin, but nobody had arrived yet. The cop warned Tucker not to stand in the road. The police officer drove away.

Abby was driving wildly, and Ashley begged her to pull over. Abby kept driving. Ashley saw Tucker on the road and told Abby to watch out. Abby saw Tucker, too. She pressed her foot all the way down on the accelerator and steered the car at Tucker.

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