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Monday, May 2, 2011

On the island, Brooke and Thomas played beneath the fantasy waterfall. The pair skipped off to frolic in the orange flowers, and the golden hue of attraction mesmerized them again. As they played with the golden light between them, the magnetic rays tickled them, and they quaked with laughter. Brooke giggled as Thomas kissed her forehead, and she felt a spark when he kissed her nose. They rested beside each other in the foliage.

Later, the pair lay on a flower-covered pallet as it floated on the water. They were naked, except for orange flower petals, which covered their private parts. More petals fell from the sky as Brooke and Thomas' laughter echoed through the air.

From the boat, Ridge conferred with Bill and Steffy about the search. After reassuring his daughter, Ridge called Nick, who explored the idea that Brooke and Thomas had washed up on a shoreline. Just then, the captain urged Ridge to follow him. Taylor took the walkie-talkie from Ridge until he returned to say they'd found some plane debris, but no bodies.

Ridge said Nick had been right about the crosscurrent, and they were close to finding Brooke and Thomas. The boat captain announced that conditions were too rough to continue searching. He said they'd begin again the next morning. Taylor whimpered that it'd be too late.

On the jet, Bill assured Steffy that they'd find Thomas alive. Steffy thanked him for his leadership and generosity. Laying her head on his shoulder, she said she felt safe in his arms.

Ridge and Taylor entered with the update about locating the wreckage. Bill programmed the satellite to search the coordinates of the wreckage, but at night, it was too dark to discern anything on the screen. Steffy suggested that he look for a blaze from a fire, and as Bill did so, the search coordinator boarded to announce that the search had been scaled back.

Taylor, Ridge, Bill, and Steffy objected, but the coordinator said the chances of Thomas and Brooke being alive were slim. He stated that the plane had been shredded, and the pilots' bodies had been found. Taylor asserted that they hadn't found Brooke or Thomas' bodies, but the coordinator doubted that the bodies would surface. He agreed to help the family continue the private search, but he warned that they had limited resources.

The coordinator left, and Ridge declared that they'd go out the next day and the next, until they found Thomas and Brooke. He sensed that Brooke and Thomas were waiting on them. Though Taylor believed that, too, she felt that Thomas was in deep, dark trouble. She pleaded with Ridge to go out again that night, but unable to comply, he just held her tightly.

At Jackie M, Whip rushed into Nick's office to say that Taylor had told him the search had ended for the night. Owen and Jackie were disturbed by the news, and Whip said he just wanted Taylor to return home. Jackie advised Whip to fly out to meet Taylor, but Whip expressed reservations about being there with Ridge. Jackie reassured everyone that the mission would be a success, and Brooke and Thomas would return home.

After a while, Jackie advised Nick, who was still poring over maps, to call it a night. Nick said he didn't want to overlook anything. She shooed Owen and Whip out of the room and then insisted that Nick would have a fresh view of things after some rest. She said he'd done all he could do. Nick replied that he'd believe that once Brooke was found.

At Ridge's house, Katie, Donna, and Stephen were worried about how to handle R.J. Stephen said the family had already lost Beth and Storm; they would not lose Brooke, as well. Donna sobbed that the plane had crashed into the ocean, and they'd never "know for sure." Stephen comforted his daughters by insisting that Bill and Ridge wouldn't rest until they returned Brooke home. Donna said Bill and Ridge were stubborn enough to remain out there for years, if necessary. Stephen hugged his daughters and urged them to keep believing.

As Katie was alone straightening up, she looked at a photo album and shed tears for Brooke. Nick arrived to say he wasn't giving up. The lack of news was driving Katie crazy. Nick consoled her, and she vowed to keep her faith in Bill and Ridge, even though she had a terrible knot in her stomach. Nick said Bill was doing everything he could. Katie nodded, but broke into sobs. Nick comforted her.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

by Pam

In the cave, everything had returned to normal, with hallucinations a thing of the past. Thomas and Brooke awakened on the cave floor in the same dirty, ripped clothes they'd had on when they found the berries. Brooke said that she felt sick. She opened her eyes and a blurred vision of Thomas appeared. Thomas groaned. They both had trouble moving, and were nauseous.

Brooke stared at Thomas and said that the berries had made them sick. She said she felt like she was dying. Brooke panicked. She remembered frolicking in the waterfall and hugging Thomas. She also recalled lying next to Thomas, covered in flower petals. She said aloud that she didn't remember what was real, and she asked Thomas if he remembered what they had done. Thomas said he did not. She was overwhelmed with sickness and worry about what had happened between them.

Brooke hobbled to the cave's entry and vomited. Then, she sobbed and ran outside. Thomas followed, and he forced Brooke to dig what appeared to be lines in the sand. Brooke stood up later and said that she needed water. She passed out. Thomas tried to carry her, but he also passed out, and they both ended up lying in the sand.

On the jet, Ridge and Taylor prepared to return to the fishing boat to persuade the owner to return to the islands where Nick had suggested they search. When they reached the boat, Ridge and Taylor begged the captain to return to sea, but the captain lamented that they wanted to travel to dangerous waters where cross currents were unpredictable for small boats. He apologized, but he refused. Ridge and Taylor begged the captain to change his mind. Taylor cried that they were so close to finding Brooke and Thomas. Ridge offered the boat owner five times what he normally had been paid for charters.

The captain sorrowfully said that it was a risky voyage and there was no promise that they would find their family members because it had been so long since the plane had crashed into the ocean. Ridge would not back down. He asked to buy the boat. The captain was amazed. Ridge said that he would figure out how to operate the boat and travel to the islands himself if necessary. He refused to leave without looking for Brooke and Thomas. The captain relented. He promised to take Ridge and Taylor to the islands.

Later, on the deck on the fishing boat, Ridge and Taylor used binoculars to search the ocean and scan the nearby islands. Ridge was grateful that the water seemed relatively calm. He lamented that there seemed to be thousands of small islands. Taylor worried that Ridge and Thomas could have been hurt and unable to survive. Ridge refused to give up. He insisted that they were alive, and he would find them.

At the Forrester house, Eric, Stephanie, Hope, Oliver, Dayzee, Pam, Donna, and Katie worried about Thomas and Brooke because it had been days since they'd had food or water. Stephanie spoke to Felicia on the phone and promised that she would get word to Kristen and Felicia if they had any news. Nick arrived and said that he had just received word that the rescue team planned to reduce their efforts. He apologized for delivering such bad news. He admitted that it had been days since the plane had gone down, but he knew that Brooke and Thomas were still alive. He comforted Hope and promised that rescuers would find them.

Stephanie told Nick that she had worried about losing Thomas and Brooke. She admitted that she and Brooke had grown close, but Brooke had angered her so much that their relationship had fallen apart. Stephanie lamented that she had not made amends with Brooke. Stephanie told Stephen that she had grown close to Brooke. She admitted that she and Brooke, and she and Stephen had fought most of their lives, but she didn't want any harm to befall Brooke. Stephen and Stephanie embraced.

Donna cried and exited to the terrace. Pam followed her and acknowledged that there was nothing she could say to Donna that would make sense or make her feel better. Pam asked Donna to believe in miracles. Pam recalled that Donna had found Justin and Marcus after they had been apart for decades. Pam had also fallen in love when she found Stephen. She begged Donna not to give up.

Pam promised that things happened in threes, and finding Brooke and Thomas could be the third miracle in their families. Donna broke down and hugged Pam. Inside the house, Nick explained to Eric that he had thought the ocean current would have washed Thomas and Brooke up on islands, but there were countless islands in that part of the ocean. Nick said that he might have been wrong.

On the jet, Bill promised Steffy that he would continue to search with the aid of the satellite system. Steffy was exhausted, and Bill hugged her. They returned to the computer screens, but a government officer interrupted when he boarded the plane and informed Bill that he had orders from his general to shut down Bill's access. Bill refused to stop. He insisted that he needed a few more minutes. Bill scanned the island on his screen under the watchful eye of the government officer. He stopped when he saw "Help" written in the sand. Bill showed Steffy the video and told her to quickly call her father.

Steffy called Ridge and told him the news. Ridge asked the captain how far away they were from the island, and the captain said that they were very close. Ridge and Taylor rejoiced that the writing in the sand had to be a signal from Thomas and Brooke.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

by Pam

On the boat, the captain tried to get as close as he could to the island, and then Ridge departed with the dinghy to land on the island. Taylor called Steffy on the plane and reported that they had found the island, and Ridge had set out to find Thomas and Brooke.

After some time had passed, Steffy hadn't heard anything, and she was frightened. She told Bill that she feared they hadn't called because they had not found Thomas and Brooke alive. She worried that they had arrived too late.

At the Forrester home, Stephanie, Eric, Stephen, Donna, Katie, Pam, Oliver, and Hope awaited word from Ridge while Nick was outside, trying to get more information from the Coast Guard. Nick told Stephanie said that they had scaled back the search, and it was not good news.

Privately, Eric warned Stephanie that they had to prepare for the worst, but Stephanie refused. She started to cough, and Eric tried to calm her, but she refused to believe that Thomas and Brooke would not be found alive. Eric agreed, but added that he and Stephanie had to be ready to encounter bad news.

Stephen, Donna, and Katie discussed that Stephanie was not well and had been trying to remain strong for her family. They all worried that she had not been taking care of herself. Hope piped up that they all needed to have faith because Ridge was going to find Thomas and Brooke alive, and they would all return home safely.

Dayzee told Pam that she had wished that there were something she could have done to help the Forresters. Dayzee sat with Stephanie and said that she wished she had been more open about her feelings for Thomas. Stephanie said that she knew Thomas had feelings for Dayzee and that he knew Dayzee was crazy about him. Dayzee promised to tell him how she felt as soon as he returned. She was convinced that Thomas was alive.

Stephanie gathered everyone together for a prayer. She asked God to open his heart to take care of Thomas and Brooke. She asked God to protect them, keep them safe, and return them to their home. Suddenly, Nick raced in and said that he had just received a call that Ridge and Taylor had found an island where a message for help had been written in the sand. Nick said that it had to be Thomas and Brooke. All the Forresters rejoiced and were convinced that Thomas and Brooke had to be alive.

On the island, Thomas and Brooke had passed out on the beach in the sun. Thomas awakened and tried to rouse Brooke, but she didn't awaken. He carried her into the cave, and she moaned, but she still didn't regain consciousness. Thomas tried again to awaken Brooke, but she was too weak to open her eyes. Brooke finally awakened and begged for water.

Thomas checked the shell, but there was nothing in it. Thomas struggled and tried to get Brooke to stay conscious, but she drifted off. Suddenly, Thomas heard his father calling them. He mustered the strength to lift Brooke up. He told her that Ridge had found them. They struggled to leave the cave and climbed over a rock formation to find Ridge. They limped to the shore, where Ridge ran along the beach toward them. Brooke collapsed into Ridge's arms followed by Thomas. They tearfully reunited.

Ridge hugged and kissed them both and gave them water. He told them to slowly drink it in tiny sips. He gave them both capfuls and they continued to beg for more water. Ridge called Taylor and announced that he had found them. He added that they were in pretty rough shape, but they were alive. Taylor, in turn, called Steffy and told her that Thomas and Brooke were alive, and Ridge was with them.

Steffy and Bill celebrated with an embrace. A few minutes later, the phone rang again, and Steffy was elated that it was Thomas. She cried, and Thomas teased that he had just been hanging out on the beach drinking mai tais. Steffy asked how he was, and he said that he and Brooke had survived. He looked forward to seeing his sister.

Steffy warned that he was never to let anything like this happen again, and she said that she would see him soon. After she had hung up, she cried and jumped into Bill's arms. She said that she loved Bill, who surprising responded that he loved her too.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

At Ridge's house, Nick took a call and yelled, "They're alive!" Family and loved ones rejoiced, but Katie wished she'd been on the plane with her heroic husband. Katie decided that, after all Bill had done, she'd work things out with him. She vowed that she wouldn't lose him.

During the fanfare, Liam slipped into the house, and Whip and Oliver scowled as Liam whisked Hope outside to kiss her. Liam said Bill had called him, and Hope expressed amazement at what Bill had done for her family. Liam said it was never too late for a happy ending. As they kissed again, Oliver interrupted and said he'd take it from there. Liam took off, and Hope began to worry that the shock Brooke had gone through might turn Brooke's life upside down.

Inside, giving a speech to the Forresters, Logans, and Marones, Stephanie gave a special thanks to Nick, because without him and Bill, the stranded pair wouldn't have been found. She asked Katie to thank Bill on behalf of the family. Stephanie noted that tragedy always had a way of making people really see each other as real human beings. She acknowledged that she and Stephen had shared many differences, but they each loved their families. She said they should thank God for returning her grandson and Hope's mother to them.

On the jet, Bill inventoried medical supplies, and Steffy asked if there was anything that he wasn't prepared for. She credited him for not hesitating to be there for her and her family. She said she felt safe and invincible when she was with him, and she wondered if he'd meant it when he'd said that he'd loved her. Bill replied that he'd only said those words to just one woman: his wife. Steffy quipped that it was the woman who'd left him.

Bill sighed, and Steffy said she'd literally followed him to the ends of the earth. She wanted him more than she'd wanted any man she'd ever met. She felt that she loved him, needed him, and had to have him. She kissed him, and as the passion ignited, he kissed her back.

In the ocean, Ridge helped Brooke onto the boat, and Thomas straggled onboard behind them. Taylor and Ridge attended to Brooke and Thomas and provided them with small sips of water. Ridge cradled his wife, and Taylor hugged her son. Ridge called Bill and Steffy to let them know that the boat was headed to the docks. Taylor suggested that they go to the hospital, but Brooke murmured that she just wanted to go home.

Taylor and Ridge fed Thomas and Brooke crackers, but the two could hardly swallow anything. Brooke thanked Ridge for saving them. He said there was nothing more precious than his wife and kids, and he reminded her that he'd vowed not return home without her.

Once the boat docked, Ridge worried to Taylor about Thomas and Brooke's demeanor. Taylor felt that the two were quiet because of their traumatic ordeal. Taylor guessed they would suffer posttraumatic stress syndrome, but they'd recover. Ridge doled out more water to the pair. He offered them some berries, and Brooke violently reacted. She shoved the tray away, saying that it had been awful. She cried that she just wanted to go home.

As Brooke sobbed, Ridge held her and said it was over. Bill and Steffy entered, and Steffy rushed to hug her brother. Thomas asked what "he" was doing there, and Steffy credited Bill with finding the word "help" in the sand. Taylor and Ridge thanked Bill, who felt no thanks were needed. He said he'd do anything to keep someone from losing a son. Thomas expressed his gratefulness, and Bill said, "What do you say we get off this boat and head to L.A.?"

As everyone debarked, Brooke said she just wanted to go to her house, her bed, and R.J. She wanted things to be as they'd once been. Hugging her, Ridge said that she'd go home, and everything would still be the same. He assured her that nothing had changed, but a reticent Brooke shuddered as she remembered the golden hallucinations from the berries.

Friday, May 6, 2011

On the jet, Brooke lay in Ridge's arms, and Taylor tended to Thomas' wounds. Steffy guessed Thomas would be looking for some comfort from Summer or Madison later; however, Steffy rolled her eyes when Thomas used the satellite phone to call Dayzee. Dayzee squealed upon hearing his voice, and they said they couldn't wait to see each other.

Before takeoff, Ridge and Brooke thanked the search coordinators for their help. Ridge was sad about losing his pilots and vowed to take care of the grieving families. Bill's pilot said it was time for takeoff, and Thomas expressed that he and Brooke were ready to put their tragedy behind them forever. Brooke glanced warily at him.

Once in the air, Thomas sat with Brooke and recalled what had happened the last time they'd been on a plane. Taylor thanked Brooke, whose strength had seen Thomas through. Steffy said that though she always gave Thomas a hard time, she loved him. Ridge, who was astonished by the sibling harmony, took Brooke to lie down.

Later, Bill sat beside Taylor and asked if he still needed to be analyzed. She doubted it and said she'd always remember what he'd done for her. Taylor walked off, and Ridge entered, looking for her. Bill asked if something was wrong, but Ridge said he wasn't sure. As Thomas went to the bathroom, he saw his parents intently conferring with each other.

Aside with her parents later, Steffy noted that Thomas had barely said two words to Ridge. Ridge had noticed it, too, but Taylor said they couldn't possibly understand Thomas' ordeal. Taylor figured that Brooke and Thomas wouldn't return to normal for quite some time.

While sleeping, Brooke had a nightmare about the plane crash. She awakened with a gasp, and Thomas entered the bedroom. He wondered if they'd ever stop feeling that way. He expressed guilt because Ridge had looked for them for four days. Brooke blamed herself for making Thomas eat the berries; however, he said she couldn't have known they'd been hallucinogenic. Brooke stammered to speak, but Thomas insisted that it had been the berries.

Brooke wanted to tell Ridge, but Thomas said Ridge wouldn't understand what had happened between his wife and son in that cave. Neither Brooke nor Thomas even knew how far things had gone. She recalled that they'd awakened fully dressed and guessed that meant they'd only kissed. "It was only because of the berries," Thomas asserted.

Brooke said she'd promised Ridge no more secrets, but Thomas warned that, if she told Ridge anything, he'd never get the image out of his head, whether or not it was true. Brooke figured she and Thomas had done something terrible, but Thomas urged her to pretend that nothing had even happened.

Ridge entered and thanked Thomas for taking care of Brooke on the island. Ridge hugged his son, who then left. Thomas had flashes of the activities during the berry hallucinations. He seemed troubled, so Taylor reassured him that everyone was there for him, especially his father.

Back in the bedroom, Brooke said the thought of Ridge's waiting arms had gotten her through her ordeal. Ridge kissed her and said there would be no more overseas trips without him. Ridge decided that they didn't have to discuss her island ordeal yet, and as they hugged, Brooke thought of Thomas telling her that it had never happened.

Steffy pulled Bill into the kitchen and relished in having him all to herself. He warned that her family was nearby, but she seemed not to care. Steffy said she'd never forget the trip and that he'd said he loved her. Steffy felt it'd be hard to pretend nothing had changed. As they kissed, Steffy said she wanted to make love to him, and she wouldn't give up until he gave in.

At Ridge's house, Nick pigged out on lemon bars. Holding Jackie, Owen said his appetite had returned, too. He kissed Jackie, and Katie noted that Brooke and Ridge were probably doing a lot of kissing, too. The group discussed throwing a party, but Stephanie reminded them that Thomas and Brooke would be exhausted. Katie said the best gift for Brooke was time alone with her husband.

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