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Monday, May 9, 2011

by Mike

At the convent, Sister Barbara wondered if Rafe had found the apartment that he had been looking for. Fake Rafe was noticeably confused; Sister Barbara wondered if he was feeling disoriented again. Fake Rafe played along and claimed that he had forgotten where the apartment building was located. Sister Barbara started to answer Rafe, but she quickly realized that something wasn't right.

Sister Barbara noted that the man who had been at the convent earlier had been injured; she added that the other man had been wearing a different shirt. Fake Rafe reached for the gun in his back pocket as he explained that the other man was his twin brother. Fake Rafe claimed that his brother was extremely dangerous. As fake Rafe tightened his grip on the gun, he begged the nun to help him find his brother.

At the safe house, Sami continued to reminisce about happier times with Rafe. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Rafe heard a woman crying; Rafe followed the cries to a nearby door and tested his key in the lock. When Rafe opened the door, Sami angrily told him to leave. Rafe wondered who Sami was, and why she was shouting at him. Sami assumed that Rafe was joking; she insisted that Rafe knew exactly who she was.

"No. I don't even know who I am," Rafe admitted. Rafe asked Sami to give him some information about his past. "Just anything about my life -- what it was like, what I did...I'm sorry, but I'm kind of at a loss here, literally," Rafe said. Rafe added that he knew that he had been to the safe house before, but that was the only thing that he could remember. Rafe said that he knew that the safe house was an important place.

"This place is important to me...because it's where we met, it's where we fell in love," Sami said. Rafe innocently asked Sami who she had fallen in love with. Sami impatiently told Rafe that she had fallen in love with him; Sami showed Rafe her wedding ring and added that they were married. Rafe was shocked by Sami's announcement. Rafe wondered what Sami's name was.

Sami was still extremely skeptical, but Rafe insisted that he couldn't remember her name, so Sami played along. After Sami told Rafe what her name was, Rafe wondered what his name was. Before Sami could answer, Rafe bent down and picked up the credit card that had fallen out of Sami's purse earlier. Rafe glanced at the card and asked if his name was Javier Morales. Sami shook her head and admitted that she wasn't sure how the credit card had ended up in the safe house.

"Look, I would like nothing more than to believe you're having some sort of breakthrough here and that you're really going to go back to being the old Rafe, the Rafe that I fell in love with, but --" Sami started. Rafe interrupted Sami's sentence when he heard her say his name. Rafe wondered what his last name was. Sami sighed and started to respond, then she abruptly changed her mind. "Look, I would like nothing more than to believe that you've changed and that I can trust you again, but I can't, okay? I just can't after what you did, and I'm not gonna let you drive me insane," Sami said as she nervously stuffed her belongings back into her purse.

Rafe wondered if he had really driven Sami insane. Sami admitted that Rafe had been wonderful at first, but she quickly added that he had changed after the accident. Rafe said that he couldn't remember anything about the accident that Sami had mentioned. Rafe explained that the only thing that he remembered was that he had been locked up. "But I escaped...and then they were chasing me, and I got away. They were gonna shoot me, and I jumped down into this ravine, and I passed out, and I woke up, and a nun -- she was taking care of me, and she's the one who took me to the Convent of the Holy Cross," Rafe explained.

"Are you serious right now? Prisons and guns and ravines and nuns saving your life? You can't come up with something more believable than that?" Sami asked incredulously. Rafe offered to take Sami to the convent so that the nun could confirm his story. Sami refused to go anywhere with Rafe. Rafe insisted that he wasn't going to hurt Sami -- he just wanted to prove that he was telling the truth. "Are you serious? I mean, how am I supposed to believe that all this stuff happened to you in the last couple hours?" Sami asked.

Rafe was confused; he explained that he had been locked up for a few months, not hours. Sami insisted that she had just seen Rafe a few hours earlier. "That's impossible. Listen, I don't remember what happened before I got locked up, but I can remember everything that's happened since, and...I don't remember seeing you in the last couple of hours...or ever," Rafe explained. Rafe begged Sami to follow him to the convent so that he could prove that he was telling the truth.

Sami looked at Rafe and admitted that something had obviously happened to him. Sami noted that Rafe had been injured, and she realized that she didn't recognize the shirt that he was wearing. Rafe reiterated that he was telling the truth, but Sami still wasn't convinced. "I don't see how that's possible. I seem like you, and talking to you, you seem -- but it can't be, and I don't understand how you expect me to trust that two minutes from now you're not gonna be yelling at me and all angry --" Rafe interrupted Sami's tearful statement as he wondered what she could possibly do to make him angry.

"I mean, look at you -- you seem so sad. It's like something's breaking your heart; I feel like I want to help you and...somehow I feel like I'm making this worse. I'm sorry," Rafe gently stated. Sami confirmed that Rafe had made things worse. Sami wondered how Rafe had known that she would be at the safe house. Rafe explained that he had shown his key to the nun, and she had led him to the apartment complex. Sami quietly muttered that Rafe had told her that he had lost the key.

"Why would I say that? This key...meant everything to me. It's the only connection I had with my past; I risked my life for this damn thing. So, anyway, it led me here. I tried it in the door, and then I heard you," Rafe said. Rafe wondered if Sami had been crying because of him. Sami admitted that Rafe had been making her cry a lot. Sami turned to leave; Rafe gently grabbed her arms and stopped her. Rafe apologized and quietly assured Sami that he would never hurt her intentionally.

Sami pulled away from Rafe and insisted that he had hurt her. Sami wondered how Rafe could have cheated on her. "I want to...believe you. I want to trust you; I want to believe that you're being sincere right now, and I -- I can't. You have to know I just can't trust you. You killed that, and I don't think you're ever gonna get it back," Sami tearfully stated as she rushed to the door. Before Rafe could respond, Sami opened the door -- and was stunned to see Rafe standing on the other side. Sami stared at the two Rafes in disbelief.

At Daniel's apartment, Jennifer gasped for air as she tried to tell Daniel that she wasn't choking. Daniel quickly treated Jennifer for anaphylactic shock as he muttered that he should have asked Jennifer about food allergies before their date. Jennifer insisted that she had never had an allergic reaction before. Daniel noted that Jennifer had developed a rash; he told Jennifer that he was going to take her to the E.R. Jennifer stood up and tried to convince Daniel that she was fine; before Jennifer could finish her sentence, she fainted in Daniel's arms.

At the hospital, Carly pulled some pills out of her pocket; while Carly's back was turned, Melanie walked by and greeted her. Carly quickly hid the pills and warned Melanie not to sneak up on people. Melanie wondered if Carly was upset because Daniel and Jennifer were on a date. Carly insisted that she wasn't interested in having a romantic relationship with Daniel. Before Melanie could argue, Maxine interrupted and asked for Melanie's help with something.

Maxine introduced Melanie to Abigail; Maxine explained that Abigail was going to be a new intern at the hospital. Abigail thanked Melanie for her assistance with Jennifer's heart surgery. As Melanie and Abigail laughed about the fact that their parents were on a date together, Daniel exited the elevator and carried Jennifer to a nearby room. Abigail and Melanie watched in stunned silence.

Later, Daniel finished Jennifer's examination and explained that the injection that he had given her had probably caused her to get dizzy. Maxine wondered what Jennifer had eaten; Daniel reluctantly admitted that his cooking had landed Jennifer in the hospital. Daniel explained that he had taken Jennifer to the hospital because he had been worried about the rash that she had developed on her face. Jennifer quickly asked Maxine for a mirror; Maxine warned Jennifer not to look, but Jennifer was adamant.

Jennifer was horrified when she looked in the mirror and saw the rash. Daniel insisted that Jennifer still looked beautiful. Meanwhile, Carly quietly walked into the room and watched Jennifer and Daniel's playful exchange. Daniel wondered if Jennifer would give him a chance to redeem himself with a second date; he suggested that they could go to Chez Rouge next time. Jennifer accepted Daniel's invitation as Carly silently exited the room.

Later, Melanie walked in to check on Daniel and Jennifer. Melanie explained that she had been with Abigail when Daniel and Jennifer had arrived at the hospital. Jennifer asked Melanie to tell Abigail that everything was going to be all right. After Melanie left, Daniel groaned and admitted that he had probably treated Jennifer to the worst date of her life. Jennifer assured Daniel that she had really enjoyed herself, aside from the life-threatening allergic reaction; Daniel laughed and said that he had enjoyed himself as well.

"In fact...well, I know you're not gonna let me ever cook for you again, but...could you find enough forgiveness to let me, um...I don't know, kiss you goodnight?" Daniel asked. Jennifer smiled and said that she was a really forgiving person. Daniel tentatively kissed Jennifer, then he respectfully pulled away. After a brief pause, Jennifer and Daniel embraced as they shared a passionate second kiss.

In the waiting area, Abigail asked Maxine if Jennifer was all right. Maxine explained that Jennifer had suffered an allergic reaction. "No, that was not an allergic reaction. It was her guilt...God, Dad, you'd be really thrilled, wouldn't you? To know that you ruined her date...just like you ruin everything," Abigail muttered as Melanie returned to the waiting area. Melanie started to tell Abigail that Jennifer was going to be fine, but Abigail wasn't convinced. Abigail said that Jack had always known how to control Jennifer, even when he wasn't around.

Abigail theorized that Daniel had tried to pressure Jennifer into doing something that Jennifer wasn't ready to do. Melanie assured Abigail that Daniel would never do something like that. "Oh, really? Are you sure about that? How well do you even know him? What, he's been in your life for, like, ten minutes?" Abigail said. Melanie warned Abigail to back off.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole informed E.J. that Taylor was gone. "Her suitcase is gone, her closet is empty...I'm no detective, but I'm pretty sure she's not coming back," Nicole said. E.J. wondered if Taylor had told Nicole where she was going. Nicole reminded E.J. that she hadn't seen Taylor. Nicole insisted that Taylor had left because of the way that E.J. had treated her.

E.J. denied Nicole's allegations. "Deny it all you want, E.J. -- Taylor must think it's true. Why else would she have left? My sister would be appalled if she found out you kept a man in the basement and brainwashed him, let alone what Sami would think," Nicole said. E.J. assured Nicole that she had made her point. Nicole excused herself so that she could try to find out what had happened to Taylor. After Nicole left, E.J. grabbed his phone and started to write a text message.

At the Brady Pub, Lexie greeted Taylor. Taylor said that she didn't have time to talk because she was on her way to the bus station, but Lexie was undeterred. Lexie explained that she had spoken to Nicole earlier. Lexie wondered why Nicole and E.J. had decided to go on a belated honeymoon instead of getting a divorce. Taylor admitted that she didn't know what had happened.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe's mystery man bought her a drink and introduced himself as Quinn. Chloe thanked Quinn for the drink, but she refused to tell him what her name was. A few drinks later, Chloe jokingly wondered if Quinn was trying to get her drunk. Quinn noted that Chloe seemed like the type of person who could hold her liquor. Chloe nodded and assured Quinn that she was a bad girl.

Quinn wondered how bad Chloe really was. Chloe hesitated for a moment, then she said that she would show Quinn after he had paid the bar tab. Quinn escorted Chloe back to his hotel room. Chloe wondered why Quinn had purchased a fancy room instead of getting something cheaper; Quinn reminded Chloe that he was in Salem on business, so he was staying at the hotel. Quinn added that he was leaving later that night.

Chloe said that she was happy that Quinn wasn't from Salem, because it meant that he didn't know who she was. Quinn said that he would like to get to know her. Chloe reiterated that she wasn't going to tell Quinn what her name was; Quinn said that he could live with that. Quinn kissed Chloe and told her that she was incredibly beautiful. Chloe sighed and admitted that being beautiful wasn't enough.

Quinn kissed Chloe as he led her to the bed. Later, Chloe emerged from the shower and realized that Quinn was gone. As Chloe angrily grabbed her purse, she spotted an envelope that had been left on the bed. "Mystery Woman -- had to catch my flight. Hotel bill paid. You were amazing -- best ever," Chloe muttered as she read Quinn's note. Chloe opened the envelope and found a large sum of cash inside.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At the Brady Pub, Nicole apologized to Taylor for the pain that she was going through. As Nicole hugged Taylor, Nicole's face betrayed the fact that she was not sorry for hurting Taylor. When Taylor asked Nicole why she was apologizing, Nicole explained that because she and E.J. "were more in love more than ever," they seemed to be driving Taylor away. Taylor noted that she was concerned about Nicole's change of heart after what she had said previously about E.J.'s inability to love anyone. Nicole admitted that she had doubts about her husband because of how he had treated Taylor. Shaking her head, Taylor told Nicole not to worry about what had happened with E.J.

"I can't live there anymore. It's not right," Taylor said. "I don't blame you for wanting to leave town," Nicole commented. "Actually, I changed my mind," Taylor said to Nicole's surprise. Taylor said that Lexie had convinced her to stay in Salem. Taylor added that she was worried that E.J. would hurt Nicole, but Nicole disagreed, noting that her marriage was solid.

In the DiMera living room, Stefano returned home, and E.J. informed his father that he was going to stay married to Nicole. E.J. explained, "I just realized that Nicole is the one for me." When Stefano asked about love, E.J. noted that love was distracting and "prevents you from getting what you want." E.J. stressed that he was fine, and there were no problems. E.J. thought about his conversation with Nicole about the DNA evidence she had showing that Rafe had been held captive in the mansion, but when E.J. snapped back to reality, he told Stefano that his children had changed his mind about the divorce.

Stefano asked E.J. about his love for Taylor. When E.J. said he did not love Taylor anymore, Stefano shrugged in disbelief but did not push the matter. Stefano recounted that Rafe was dead, the imposter gone, and that no one was in a position to take E.J.'s children away from him again.

At the hospital, Melanie and Abigail argued about whether Daniel had "come on to" Jennifer, causing her allergic reaction. Melanie stressed that Daniel would not have pushed himself on a woman. "He must have done something," Abigail said tersely. Defensive, Melanie asked Abigail why Abigail's absentee father was any better than Daniel. "You don't talk about my father!" Abigail cried out. "You just took the words out of my mouth," Melanie said with a smile.

When Melanie reiterated that Daniel would not push himself on anyone, Abigail reminded Melanie of Daniel's affair with Chloe when Chloe was married to Lucas. Melanie blamed Chloe, but Abigail persisted and noted that Daniel had stolen Lucas' wife. As Melanie bristled, Daniel and Jennifer exited Jennifer's hospital room and intervened. Melanie informed Daniel that Abigail had accused Daniel of causing Jennifer's allergic reaction by putting the moves on Jennifer.

Concerned, Jennifer asked Abigail if she honestly believed that Daniel had caused the allergic reaction. Abigail admitted that she was worried about her mother. When Melanie continued to berate Abigail, Daniel took Melanie by the arm and led her down the hallway. Once alone with her daughter, Jennifer asked why Abigail was blaming Daniel for her allergic reaction. When Abigail explained that she was worried that Daniel had been too forward with Jennifer, Jennifer asked Abigail not to behave irrationally.

Chastised, Abigail asked Jennifer to see things from her perspective. Abigail apologized for embarrassing Jennifer, but explained that she was struggling with her separation from Jack and J.J. and worried about her mother. "I think it's really hard for you to think of me with someone else," Jennifer said. Jennifer theorized that there was a part of Abigail that was hoping Jack and Jennifer would reconcile. Abigail admitted that part of her was hoping for Jack to return. Jennifer asked Abigail to apologize to Daniel and talk to him.

Daniel pulled Melanie into a hospital room to talk, and Melanie argued that Abigail was being an idiot. Daniel asked Melanie to calm down and remember that Abigail was worried about her mother. Unfazed, Melanie continued to argue that Abigail did not have the right to accuse Daniel of forcing himself on Jennifer. When Melanie wondered aloud whether Jennifer had made a comment to Abigail about Daniel, Daniel disagreed and noted that Jennifer was not that kind of person.

"I think that Abigail is overprotective, and she probably doesn't like the idea of her mother dating anybody," Daniel said. When Daniel commented that he believed Abigail preferred to see her parents together, Melanie became quiet. "Maybe like you?" Daniel asked Melanie. Daniel questioned whether Melanie was angry at Abigail or whether her anger was about Daniel and Carly not being together.

Melanie denied the accusation at first, but under Daniel's gaze, Melanie buckled and admitted that a part of her wished Daniel would end up with Carly. Worried, Melanie asked if she had ruined Daniel's relationship with Jennifer.

Out in the hallway, Jennifer urged Abigail to remember that Melanie was having a rough patch and that she was protective of her dad. As Abigail nodded, Melanie and Daniel walked up behind her. Jenifer turned Abigail around, and Melanie met Abigail face-to-face. Abigail and Melanie apologized to one another as Jennifer and Daniel looked on. After noting that Abigail was working at the hospital over the summer, Melanie offered to take her on a tour. Abigail thanked Melanie for the offer, and they set off on a tour together.

Jennifer and Daniel chuckled about the argument once they were alone. With a grin, Daniel suggested that a week was a long time to wait for their second date. "I like the way you think, Dr. Jonas," Jennifer said with a smile.

At the Brady Pub, a flustered Chloe sat down at the bar and stared at the envelope of money she had received from her one-night stand, the traveling salesman. Brady walked up behind Chloe and startled her. As the envelope fell out of Chloe's hand, Brady picked it up and asked Chloe where she had gotten the money. "It's not mine," Chloe said. Brady advised Chloe to put the cash somewhere safe rather than carry it around.

Changing the subject, Brady asked Chloe how she was doing. Chloe informed Brady that she was moving out of Maggie's house and getting a new apartment. When Chloe admitted that she did not have a job, Brady suggested that Chloe should figure her life out before she moved. As Chloe talked about how she did not want to crowd Maggie, Brady asked Chloe if she was leaving because of Victor. Chloe nervously walked over to the coffee cart, but Brady pushed Chloe to talk to him.

Chloe noted that Maggie and Victor were not pushing her out of the house. "It really is time for me to stand on my own two feet," Chloe said. Chloe said that she wanted to build a home so that she would have a stronger case against Philip in court when she challenged him for custody of Parker. "Looks like someone is getting her mojo back," Brady said, smiling. Brady asked Chloe what had changed.

"Someone gave me a wake-up call. From now on, no more letting life run me. I'm in charge," Chloe said firmly. Brady offered to help Chloe with references or money, but Chloe politely declined, noting that she wanted a fresh start. "You deserve to have a man that's worthy of you," Brady said.

When Taylor returned to the DiMera mansion, she found an emotional E.J. sitting in the living room, staring at photos. Taken aback, E.J. softly called out to Taylor.

Down on the pier, Nicole wondered aloud whether she had done the right thing by blackmailing E.J. with the DNA test results. "All her life, everything has gone her way. Not this time. You hear me, Taylor? Not this time," Nicole muttered to herself. When Nicole stared out over the water, she thanked Rafe for helping her. Stefano walked onto the pier and overheard Nicole talking. "Thanking Rafael? What the hell for?" Stefano asked.

At the safe house, Rafe gently put his hands on Sami's shoulders and assured her that he would never hurt her. Unsure, Sami pulled away and said, "You did. You cheated on me. You brought some woman into our bed. How could you do that to me?" Confused, Rafe said that the person Sami was describing did not sound like him. Sami asked Rafe why he had apologized if he had not hurt her, and Rafe explained that he felt bad if he was the reason Sami was sad.

Upset, Sami told Rafe that she could not trust him. As Sami opened the front door to leave, she was startled to find faux Rafe standing in the hallway. Confused, Sami looked back at Rafe in disbelief that there were two Rafes. "What is going on? How is that even possible? I mean, there are two of you. This is crazy," Sami stammered.

Faux Rafe pulled a gun out and leveled it at Rafe. Sami pleaded with faux Rafe to put down the gun, but he refused, noting that he was going to get rid of his imposter. Faux Rafe asked Sami if Rafe had hurt her, but Sami defended Rafe, noting that they were talking. "This man is Rafe? I thought you said that I was," Rafe asked Sami. Frustrated, faux Rafe ordered Rafe to shut up. Sami asked faux Rafe why he had said that his imposter was making trouble.

Sami asked faux Rafe whether he had expected to see Rafe at the safe house. "Yeah, well, I kind of figured he might be," faux Rafe admitted. Faux Rafe explained that Rafe was attempting to pretend to be Sami's husband with help from the DiMeras. When Sami asked faux Rafe what he meant, faux Rafe explained that the DiMeras had built a clone of him after the car accident. "I've been investigating it for months," faux Rafe explained. Faux Rafe added that the DiMera had dosed him with drugs every week so that his behavior would be erratic.

"The goal was to make me so awful to you that you would leave me," faux Rafe said as he managed to squeeze out a couple of tears. Appearing to believe faux Rafe, Sami cursed the DiMeras. Rafe argued that he had been locked up for months before escaping and that he had no intention of replacing anyone. "You were a prisoner, and now it's time for your execution," faux Rafe declared. Terrified, Sami begged faux Rafe not to fire the gun.

Rafe pleaded that he was in search of the truth and not out to hurt anyone. When faux Rafe insisted that he would have to shoot Rafe in order to protect Sami, she jumped in front of the gun and warned faux Rafe that he could not fire the gun. Sami argued that faux Rafe was angry because of the drugs and was not the kind of person that would "shoot someone in cold blood." When faux Rafe argued that he had no choice, Sami put herself between the gun and Rafe.

Sami pleaded with faux Rafe to think about the situation. Sami suggested that Rafe could be as much of a victim of the DiMeras as faux Rafe. "Or he could be a cold-blooded killer," faux Rafe countered. Rafe asked faux Rafe to give him a chance to prove his innocence. As Rafe sat on the couch, Sami crossed to faux Rafe and pushed faux Rafe's arm down, asking him to put the gun away. Desperate, faux Rafe yelled at Sami to get out of the way, then pushed her, knocking her head into the countertop.

As Sami fell limply to the floor unconscious, Rafe rushed at faux Rafe. After the two Rafes wrestled against the counter, faux Rafe overpowered Rafe and pushed him to the floor. "Stefano and E.J. thought you were dead. Let's make that a reality," faux Rafe growled as he pointed the gun at Rafe. Staring at the bleeding and unconscious Sami, Rafe said that Sami needed medical attention. "Like I care," faux Rafe retorted.

Sami moaned as she began to regain consciousness, and faux Rafe commented that Sami was scrappy. While Sami slowly woke up, faux Rafe asked how Rafe had escaped from the DiMeras. When Sami moaned again, faux Rafe looked at her, and Rafe charged faux Rafe, knocking the gun from his hand. As the two Rafes grappled with one another, Sami slowly sat up and saw the gun. Grabbing the gun, Sami pointed it at the two Rafes and screamed out that she would shoot them if they did not stop fighting.

Faux Rafe and Rafe parted and looked at Sami. When faux Rafe ordered Sami to give him the gun, Sami cocked the pistol. Sami warned the men that she would shoot them if they got near her. Both Rafe and faux Rafe pleaded their case with Sami and advanced toward her. When neither man stopped walking toward Sami, she panicked and fired the gun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

E.J. was surprised when Taylor arrived the DiMera mansion. Quickly realizing that it had been a mistake to return, she tried to leave, but E.J. grabbed her to stop her. "Get your hands off of me!" Taylor ordered, after reminding him that he had pushed her away. E.J. apologized earnestly, but insisted that he never would have hurt her if the situation hadn't been out of his control. Taylor noted that nothing made any sense, then added that it almost seemed as if he were being forced to be with Nicole.

E.J.'s silence made Taylor pause as a light dawned in her eyes. "Are you?" she asked. E.J. insisted that Taylor had to understand how he really felt about her, but she wasn't buying any of it. She shouted that the situation appeared to be exactly what it was: that he was playing games with her. E.J. got down on his knees in front of Taylor and proclaimed that he loved her and would do anything for her. Taylor replied that if that were true, he had to promise never to hurt Nicole and to always treat Nicole with respect. "I promise," E.J. whispered sincerely when he saw how deadly serious Taylor was. She then said goodbye, and walked out.

On the pier, Stefano demanded to know why Nicole had privately expressed gratitude to Rafael Hernandez. Nicole claimed that she was glad that Rafe had left Sami, because it meant that E.J. wouldn't have to worry about his kids spending time with Rafe. Stefano pointed out that Rafe could always return, but Nicole doubted it. She confided that after the accident, Rafe had put the moves on her -- but Nicole didn't care how Sami reacted if she found out, "As long as that bitch keeps her hands off my husband."

Stefano warned Nicole that while he didn't want Samantha back in E.J.'s life, it -- or another woman -- was always a possibility. Nicole was adamant that E.J. would be foolish to forget that he was married to her. Stefano wondered why Nicole was so confident, and she quickly covered that no one would ever care about E.J. or his children more than she did. Stefano urged his daughter-in-law not to become too complacent -- and to remember her place -- because if she ever hurt E.J., she would have to answer to Stefano. As Stefano left, Nicole wondered to herself why E.J. hadn't told Stefano that she was blackmailing E.J.

When Nicole returned home, she noted to E.J. that it was interesting that he hadn't told his father that she knew about what had happened to Rafe in the basement. E.J. pointed out that if Stefano did know, he would be very happy to make E.J. a widower. Nicole reminded her husband of the many reasons he couldn't let that happen -- and he should be glad, because they were meant to be together. E.J. shouted that Nicole had ruined any chance they had at happiness when she'd blackmailed him.

Suddenly, they heard Johnny yelling petulantly, "Stop fighting!" The boy ran into the room, and Nicole scooped him up into a hug. Nicole and E.J. tried to comfort Johnny as well as they could, and assured the tot that sometimes grownups argued, but they almost always kissed and made up. To demonstrate, Nicole gave E.J. a kiss, and that seemed to satisfy Johnny. Mary then rushed in, having just discovered that Johnny wasn't in bed like he was supposed to have been. E.J. promised that if Johnny went back upstairs with Mary, E.J. would be right up to tuck Johnny in.

After Johnny and Mary were gone, E.J. put his face right next to his wife's, and hissed, "I just want you to know how much I hate you for this -- for all of this." As E.J. headed upstairs, Nicole fought back angry tears. "Not as much as I hate you -- and double that for making me hate my sister!" she muttered miserably

E.J. went into Taylor's vacated bedroom. He clutched a scarf she'd left behind, as he sadly recalled the picnic in the woods they'd shared, when he'd assured her that they could be together despite all the obstacles in their way.

Later, E.J. answered the door for Lexie, who demanded to know why her brother had broken Taylor's heart. Lexie lit into E.J. for the promises he'd made, but he only wanted to know if Taylor were all right. Lexie assured him that she'd talked Taylor out of leaving town, and that Taylor would be staying with Lexie and Abe for a while -- but Taylor was devastated. E.J. swore that he'd never meant to hurt Taylor, because he loved her. Lexie demanded to know why, if E.J. loved Taylor so much, he hadn't just divorced Nicole.

E.J. declared that he had explained to Taylor that he didn't have a choice. Lexie finally realized that Nicole had dirt on E.J. -- and it was something big. She quickly decided that she didn't want to know what it was, and E.J. asked if Lexie really thought he would deliberately break Taylor's heart. Lexie replied adamantly, "I have a hard time picturing you love-struck! Because love means putting someone else's good before your own, and you just don't think that way, E.J.!" E.J. insisted that had been his intention, if Nicole hadn't intervened.

Lexie sarcastically pointed out how ridiculous it was to blame Nicole -- whom E.J. had married mostly just to aggravate Sami. Lexie asked if Nicole had found out about E.J. and Taylor. E.J. confessed, "No, it's much, much worse than that. What Nicole knows could put father and me behind bars for the rest of our lives." He explained that if he hadn't broken things off with Taylor, he and Stefano would have lost their freedom -- so he'd truly meant it when he said he didn't have a choice.

Lexie was shocked, and stunned when E.J. briefly outlined the rest of Nicole's deal. She spat that E.J. was an idiot, and inferred that he couldn't explain to Taylor the real reason he had to stay married to Nicole. "You have no idea, Lexie, how hard I was going to try to be the man I could see in her eyes," E.J. confided softly. He added that he had given Lexie an explanation because he knew how much she cared about Taylor, and begged her not to repeat any of it to Taylor.

Maggie was at home, baking cookies, when memories of more pleasant times with Victor invaded her thoughts. Meanwhile, Victor was at the Kiriakis mansion, having the same memories of Maggie. He grumbled to himself that he had to find a way to make things right. He wandered into the living room, where Henderson was watching a soap opera in which a couple was discussing how to overcome their differences.

While Maggie watched the same daytime drama, she noted to herself that she and Victor could never overcome their differences because he always had to be right -- or boss her around. She urged the woman on TV to stick to her guns -- just as Victor declared that the woman was just being silly.

Chloe entered Maggie's kitchen as the cookies were cooling, and declared proudly that she was moving out into her own place. Maggie blamed Victor, and worried that Chloe wasn't ready yet. Chloe admitted that the problems she'd created between Victor and Maggie were part of the reason, but she insisted that she felt like it was something she really needed to do. Maggie assured Chloe that she understood. Chloe expressed her sympathy for how devastating Mickey's death had to have been for Maggie, and she thanked Maggie for caring for her.

"Sometimes I think that you've been more family to me than my own," Chloe admitted a bit sadly, but very gratefully. The women agreed that they would miss each other a great deal, but promised to talk often. As Chloe left the room to begin packing, she declared, "I'm really glad that you found Victor. No one should be alone. But he doesn't begin to deserve you."

Later, Chloe sat at the Brady Pub, trying to figure out how she was going to afford a hotel. She found the envelope full of cash in her purse from Quinn. "If I just used this, I'd have more than enough," she noted with a bit of shame. "But I can't use this -- it's not like I earned it." She looked through the classified ads in the newspaper, but found nothing that she might be qualified for except underpaying jobs as a voice coach. Discouraged, Chloe again contemplated using the cash from Quinn, and rationalized that it had just been a gift.

Victor was gazing out over the water on the pier when Brady appeared. Brady deduced that Maggie was on Victor's mind, and Victor admitted it was true. Knowing that Victor had probably demanded that Chloe move out of Maggie's "or else," Brady passed along the good news that Chloe was, indeed, moving out. Since he knew that Chloe was broke, Victor assumed that Brady was footing the bill, but Brady insisted that Chloe had declined his offer of money. As Brady stepped away to take a phone call, Victor deduced that Chloe had to be moving out because Maggie was giving her a push -- and he thought he knew why.

Taylor was sitting at the bar at the Cheatin' Heart when Brady entered. She declared happily that she had just been thinking about him, because she had considered leaving town, but she'd realized she didn't want to give up her great job working for him. Brady was thrilled, but asked what had caused her change of heart. Taylor got very emotional as she admitted that it had been the DiMeras, but then she declined to discuss it further. Brady could tell that something had obviously happened, and gently asked her to level with him.

Taylor claimed that it was just all the negativity in the mausoleum the DiMeras called home. Brady was just glad that she'd gotten out. Each expressed gratitude for the other's friendship, and as they shared an innocent, friendly hug, Nicole walked in. She glared at them for a moment, unseen, and then quickly stormed out again. Outside, Nicole hissed, "I don't believe it! First E.J.; now Brady? Oh, that little witch is gonna wish she'd never stepped foot in Salem."

Inside, Taylor pulled away from her extended embrace with Brady. "This is a bad idea," she cautioned. Brady assured her that he would be her ally against the DiMeras if she ever needed one. Taylor then said that she had to leave, but first asked, "Why couldn't you have ended up with Nicole?" Brady warned Taylor not to expect him to rescue Nicole from E.J., because the two of them had finally realized that they brought out the worst in each other. Taylor reiterated her thanks to Brady for being such a good friend, and then left. As Brady started to pay his bar tab, Nicole appeared, and urged him to have another drink -- because he was going to need it.

Taylor walked along the pier, remembering the promises E.J. had made to her. "Taylor, you're stupid, and you got what you deserve," she chided herself.

Victor visited Maggie on the pretense of begging for her forgiveness for trying to dictate whether Chloe could live with her. Victor maintained, "She can stay here forever as far as I'm concerned. I really shouldn't have tried to interfere. So -- now we can be together again, right?" Maggie immediately deduced that Brady had informed Victor that Chloe had moved out, and warned Victor that she didn't like being played. Victor admitted that Maggie had "busted" him, but asserted that since Maggie had kicked Chloe out, the two of them could move on with their lives.

Victor offered to take Maggie out to dinner -- anywhere on earth that she wanted. Before Victor could get his hopes up, Maggie plainly informed him that Chloe had moved out voluntarily, not because Maggie had thrown her out. Victor admitted that he'd just assumed Maggie had "seen the light." Maggie filled in the blanks, "'The light' being your way of doing things... I don't blame you, you know. I was just hoping that you'd changed for me, too." She added that they both had to accept that it was never going to happen. Victor asked what that meant for the two of them.

Maggie admitted that there were a lot of things about him that she wouldn't change for anything, such as how much he loved his family, without being "gushy or sentimental" about it. She continued that she loved how he'd anonymously endowed the new children's wing at the hospital -- and how he'd added some much-needed fun into her life. But she couldn't bear how cold and hard he could become when dealing with someone he thought of as his enemy -- especially someone like Chloe. "It's too hard, Victor, to be with you. I'm sorry," Maggie stated ruefully.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

by Mike

At the safe house, Sami shot fake Rafe in the shoulder. "You're a damn liar...and you're not Rafe," Sami said as she kept the gun pointed at fake Rafe. Fake Rafe lunged at Sami; Rafe shoved fake Rafe onto the floor and knocked him out. After fake Rafe lost consciousness, Sami and Rafe tied him to a chair. Rafe noted that Sami had terrible aim.

Sami claimed that she had purposely grazed fake Rafe's shoulder. Sami admitted that she couldn't kill fake Rafe, despite the fact that she really wanted to. Rafe wondered how Sami had known which person to shoot. "Because every day I would look him right in the face, and I would think, 'He's not Rafe anymore.' And then I looked at you and...and you were you. I just knew. God, I prayed every night that I would get you back, and now -- now you're back," Sami said as she beamed a smile at Rafe.

Rafe apologetically admitted that he still didn't remember who Sami was; in an effort to make Sami feel better, Rafe joked that she seemed very memorable. Sami told Rafe that he had been in a car accident. Sami speculated that the DiMeras had made the switch while Rafe had been hospitalized. Rafe was shocked that fake Rafe's crazy tale had been true. Sami explained that fake Rafe had known everything about Rafe's life.

"I mean, he knew how you like your eggs. He knew about us, he knew...everything. But Allie didn't like him; from the minute she saw him, she knew," Sami recalled. Rafe wondered who Allie was. Sami explained that she had four kids; Sami told Rafe that they weren't his biological children, but she assured him that they loved him. Rafe wondered why the DiMeras had made the switch. "I think E.J. -- my ex-husband -- and my ex-father-in-law, I think they did it to break us up. It's the only way they could, because they knew I would never leave you, not in a million years," Sami explained.

Rafe said that he had been locked in a cell in someone's basement. Sami groaned as she realized where Rafe had been held. Rafe described an older guy, with a strong accent and a beard; Sami identified the man as Stefano DiMera. Rafe said that Stefano had really seemed to enjoy having Rafe locked up. Sami nodded and guessed that Stefano had given Rafe a drug to erase his long-term memory.

Rafe noted that Sami didn't seem surprised by what Stefano had done. Sami admitted that Stefano had done the same thing to her stepfather. Rafe suggested that they should call the police, but Sami quickly insisted that they couldn't do that. Sami said that she understood why Rafe wanted to call the police -- it was instinctual because he was a cop. Sami explained that Rafe had been in the FBI before he had started working for the police force.

Sami told Rafe that her father and her uncle were also cops. Sami explained that E.J. was the father of two of her children -- Johnny and Sydney. Rafe apologetically admitted that he didn't recognize those names. "It's okay...I mean, it's not, but it will be. It's just that Johnny, he really looks up to you, and Sydney -- they love you, and I think that E.J. can't stand that, and I think that's why he did this to you," Sami said. Rafe jokingly wondered how Sami had ended up with such a great guy like E.J.

Sami laughed and admitted that it was a long story. Sami said that her father and her uncle would want to throw E.J. and Stefano in prison for the rest of their lives if she told them what had happened. Sami explained that E.J. had the means to disappear forever; she added that E.J. would take her kids with him, and she would never see them again. Sami told Rafe that E.J. had tried to do that before, but Rafe had stopped E.J. from succeeding.

Sami explained that her kids were with E.J., and she had to be certain that he wasn't suspicious before she did anything. Rafe wondered what Sami was going to do about the situation. Sami said that she was going to do the hardest thing that she had ever had to do in her entire life. Later, Rafe dragged fake Rafe into the bathroom and gagged him. Meanwhile, Sami grabbed her phone and hesitantly started to make a phone call.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Lexie that he had been willing to put forth the effort to be a decent person for Taylor's sake. E.J. said that he had told Lexie the truth about Nicole's blackmail scheme because Lexie cared about Taylor. E.J. asked Lexie to promise that she wouldn't tell Taylor about their conversation; Lexie reluctantly agreed. A short time later, E.J. received a phone call from Sami.

Sami told E.J. that she had something important that she needed to discuss with him. Sami wondered how Johnny and Sydney were doing. E.J. assured Sami that they were all right; he added that they were already asleep. Sami quietly stated that she would talk to them later. E.J. could tell that something was wrong because of the tone of Sami's voice. Sami admitted that things weren't going well with Rafe.

Sami said that she was certain that her relationship with Rafe was beyond repair. Sami wondered if E.J. would be willing to watch the kids for a day or two. E.J. assured her that he would be happy to watch Johnny and Sydney for a few more days. Sami explained that she needed to get away for a few days to prepare herself for the divorce. E.J. wondered if Rafe was at the apartment with Sami; Sami claimed that she didn't know -- or care -- where Rafe was.

Sami admitted that Rafe had probably left town; Sami said that she didn't expect him to ever return to Salem. E.J. said that he wasn't surprised; he added that Sami had been right -- Rafe had changed after the accident. Sami told E.J. that she wanted to be the one to tell Johnny and Sydney about the divorce. E.J. agreed, then stated that he was sorry that Sami's relationship with Rafe had ended.

After the phone call, Sami was furious. "He's sorry. He's sorry; that son of a bitch is sorry?! Oh, my God, I hate him! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I -- God, I hate him so much!" Sami exclaimed as she threw the phone across the room. Rafe comforted Sami and assured her that everything was going to be all right. Later, Sami stared at her phone and told Rafe that she was waiting for Will to reply to her text message. Sami explained that Will was her eldest son.

Rafe was shocked that Sami had a son who was in high school. Sami jokingly admitted that she had gotten started early. Sami stated that Will was in love with Rafe's sister; Rafe sighed as Sami told him about Gabi. Sami assured Rafe that she was going to find a way to get his memory back. Sami theorized that Rafe had kept his key to the safe house because he had instinctively known that it was important -- that it was the place where they had fallen in love.

At Maggie's house, Maggie admitted that Victor had made her feel appreciated. "'Treasured' was the word that I used...and loved. Could a man with a block of ice for a heart make you feel all that?" Victor asked. Maggie reminded Victor that he had threatened her when he had learned that Chloe would be staying at Maggie's house. Victor claimed that he had said those things because he had wanted to win. Victor insisted that they had not meant anything.

Maggie said that his comments had meant something to her. "It told me that unless I live my life the way you want me to, that you'd play dirty. Victor, I am not gonna live my life the way you want me to, and I'm not gonna laugh when you turn that hard and cold side of yours on me just so that you can win. Victor, you and I...we just weren't meant to be," Maggie quietly stated. Victor said that he was sorry that they wouldn't be able to make their relationship work.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole told Brady that she had seen him hugging Taylor earlier. Brady noted that Nicole seemed jealous, but Nicole denied Brady's allegations. Nicole pointed out that she knew Taylor better than Brady did. "She is a cliché. She pulls this poor little match girl act because she knows that men are suckers for it. Her eyes fill up with tears; her jaw quivers, and then she comes up with these stories about how she's mistreated," Nicole said. Brady pointedly stated that he didn't need Mrs. DiMera to protect him.

"Newsflash -- you and I are done, we're over. Move on," Brady added. Nicole laughed and warned Brady that he would end up in a psych ward if he tried to date Taylor. Brady pointed out that Taylor had a right to live her life the way that she wanted to live it. Nicole sighed and wondered why everyone was convinced that Taylor was perfect. Nicole insisted that Taylor was more like Nicole than Brady realized; before Brady could respond, Nicole turned and exited the bar.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Lexie laughed at the fact that Sami and Rafe had been married for less than a year, and they were already getting a divorce. Lexie grinned and sarcastically joked that E.J. seemed devastated by the news. "Well, let's just say it's one silver lining in an otherwise wretched evening," E.J. said. Lexie sighed and admitted that E.J. was truly the master of manipulation.

"You actually had me feeling sorry for you, in spite of the fact that you are entirely responsible for just about every bad thing that's happened to you," Lexie said. E.J. said that he wanted to take advantage of Lexie's sympathy. E.J. handed Lexie a letter and asked her to give it to Taylor. E.J. explained that he couldn't mail the letter to Taylor because Taylor would just throw it away. E.J. said that Taylor might read the letter if Lexie delivered it to her in person.

E.J. explained that the letter was his way of trying to assure Taylor that she had not been played for a fool by a complete bastard. Lexie reluctantly agreed to deliver the letter to Taylor. "Oh, seem to have this fantasy of a house with a picket fence, and the sweet wife waiting for you at the door when you come home each night, but that's not an option for you. You and Father have seen to that. Remember that the next time you meet a woman like Taylor, hmm?" Lexie said with a sigh.

Later, E.J. walked into his bedroom and found Nicole lying in his bed. E.J. told Nicole that he wouldn't sleep with a blackmailer. Nicole laughed and told E.J. not to flatter himself. "You know how Johnny runs in here every morning yelling, 'Rise and shine!' And we act all grumpy, and he laughs his little head off? When he runs in here tomorrow morning and you're the only one rising and shining and acting all grumpy, do you really want that precocious, wonderfully boisterous little boy to go running home to Sami and report that his step-Mommy and Daddy aren't sleeping in the same room anymore?" Nicole asked.

Nicole playfully taunted E.J. as they climbed into bed. Nicole said that she needed to keep an eye on him so that he wouldn't sneak off in the middle of the night. E.J. grabbed Nicole and told her to go to hell. E.J. angrily turned away from Nicole in defeat; Nicole smiled as she quietly reveled in the fact that she had won.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady listened as Victor barked orders at someone that he was talking to on the phone. Brady wondered what Victor was doing; Victor said that he was making business calls. Brady wondered if Victor was suffering from dementia. Victor reminded Brady about their earlier conversation; Victor pointed out that they had discussed the importance of family, and that they had hugged. "That was a nice moment, yeah, but that didn't mean that I was going to lie down and play dead. Think again," Brady said.

"You know, maybe I do have dementia, for thinking you haven't turned into a sneaky, ungrateful, disloyal snake-in-the-grass," Victor snapped. Brady conceded that Victor was right. "I have no compassion, and people mean nothing to me. Now, who does that remind you of?" Brady asked as he walked out of the room. Victor realized that Brady was right.

Victor returned to Maggie's house; he explained that he wanted to talk to Maggie about the Chloe situation. Victor said that he believed that Philip had made the right decision when he had taken Parker away from Salem. Victor admitted that his desire to punish Chloe had been a reaction to the loss that he had suffered when Philip and Parker had left town. Victor explained that he had treated Maggie the same way. Victor insisted that he didn't want to do that.

Maggie wondered what Victor really wanted. Victor said that he wanted to make their relationship work. Victor admitted that he had realized that their relationship would never work unless he was willing to change. "Maggie, having you in my life is a gift. I mean, even though I've gotten on in years, when I'm with you, I feel young, hopeful...more than I ever have before. I think of you when I wake up in the morning; I wanna see you, I wanna see your smile...your beautiful, heartwarming smile. I'd be a fool to give that up," Victor said. Maggie tearfully embraced Victor.

Victor reluctantly pulled away from their embrace and started to leave; Maggie was noticeably confused. Victor explained that he wanted to be the kind of man who was worthy of Maggie's love, because she was the most important thing that had ever happened to him. "And yet...well, talk is cheap. Not that I wasn't being sincere in what I said before, it's just that I was perhaps...being overly confident. Our relationship is too important to me not to be totally honest, but the desire to change is not the same thing as the ability to change," Victor admitted.

Victor said that he was afraid that he would not be able to change. Maggie wondered when she would see Victor again. Victor pointed out that it was a small town, so they would probably run into each other eventually. Maggie bravely nodded, and Victor added that Maggie would never know just how sorry he was. After Victor left, Maggie leaned against the door and started to cry.

At the pier, Lexie met with Taylor and gave her E.J.'s letter. After Lexie left, Taylor cautiously opened the letter. "Dear Taylor -- I want you to know something. I will always love you," Taylor muttered as she read the letter.

Friday, May 13, 2011

At the hospital, Carly removed an empty pill container from her pocket. She was examining it with dismay -- but was firmly telling herself that it was over -- when Jennifer startled her. Jennifer teased that since Carly was capable of performing microsurgery, surely Carly had to have been taught how to have illegible handwriting in medical school. Jennifer then explained that Lexie had released a memo regarding new regulations about medication inventory, to ensure that not one more drug was stolen from the hospital. Carly asked if Lexie had any idea who had taken the missing meds.

Jennifer was determined to find out by using her skills as a journalist, and had promised Lexie that she would compare shift schedules to narrow down a potential list of suspects. Jennifer launched into a tirade about how her grandfather had put his heart and soul into that hospital-- and so many others since him had, as well -- and the hospital's reputation was on the line. Jennifer vehemently agreed with Carly's guilty statement that the thief was probably in a lot of trouble. Jennifer handed Carly a copy of the memo, and then left for the night. "Okay. Now what?" Carly wondered to herself.

Kate arrived home to the DiMera mansion, where she found Stefano enjoying a brandy in the living room. He informed her that Rafael had suddenly -- and permanently -- left town, so an upset Samantha had asked if Sydney and "Giovanni" could spend a couple of days with E.J. Kate noted that Stefano seemed so pleased that it was almost as if he'd planned the whole thing. Stefano indignantly asked how he could have had anything to do with Rafael's departure. Kate admitted that she didn't care -- as long as Sami was miserable because Rafe had left.

While Chad and Abigail were studying at the Brady Pub, he admitted that he hadn't memorized the equations the night before because he'd gone to the library to study, but then a historical book had distracted him. Abigail pointed out that he had been at the pub until after the library had closed, and Chad confessed that he was talking about Stefano's extensive library. Abigail was clearly annoyed that Chad had mentioned Stefano, and Chad made a sarcastic remark about the blog about "raindrops and roses" that Abigail's dad wrote.

Chad apologized, but insisted that his father had mellowed. Abigail was still irked, and Chad unwisely pointed out that at least he had a father who was taking care of him. Abigail irritably urged Chad to just stop talking, and get back to studying the chemical equations he needed to learn. The mood lightened a bit when the waitress delivered a complimentary basket of fries to the pair, and Abigail lightheartedly refused to indulge in the unnecessary calories. Just then, a phone call from Stefano broke the jovial mood. Stefano explained that he needed some advice, and asked if Chad could return home.

When Jennifer arrived at the pub later, she wondered why Abigail wasn't studying at home. Abigail admitted that she and Chad had argued about their fathers, and implied that she was right because Stefano DiMera was Chad's father. Jennifer gently pointed out that Abigail was using a double standard with Chad, and urged Abigail to admit that fathers were just a sensitive issue -- especially when Chad's father called all the time, but Abigail's never did.

Abigail began to rub her temples, and confessed that it was "that time of the month." Jennifer recommended a product to her daughter, and Abigail declared that she was heading straight to the pharmacy to pick some up. Jennifer promised to have some peanut-butter cookies waiting when Abigail got home, and Abigail hugged her mom gratefully.

Back in her hotel room, Carly dug through a box of papers, and found her passport, which was in her birth name, Katerina Von Leuschner. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and jerked around to see a vision of Lawrence taunting her. "Fraulein Von Leuschner? Ach, du lieben, Liebchen! Was ist los?" His apparition needled Carly about the number of pills she would need to make his ghost disappear, while she shouted at him to go away. "Lawrence" continued to bedevil Carly about all the people she couldn't call for help -- Bo, Daniel, Melanie, Nicholas -- until she began to heave anxious sobs.

Lawrence's ghost tormented Carly that she would lose her very last friend when Jennifer learned that Dr. Manning was the culprit behind the missing drugs. He finally decided that Carly was doing a great job of driving herself crazy without his help, and then vanished after warning her that he would be waiting for her "on the other side." Carly then phoned a pharmacy, introduced herself as Dr. Carly Manning, and gave them two prescriptions for her "patient," Katerina Von Leuschner.

A little later, Carly stopped by the drugstore to pick up the prescriptions. Since it was for a controlled substance, the pharmacist required her to show a photo ID, and Carly casually produced her passport. As the pharmacist was filling out the paperwork for "Katerina" to sign, Abigail walked in. "Hi, Doctor Manning!" Abigail greeted Carly. Carly signed for the prescriptions, urged Abigail to call if she needed help with her internship, then took the bag from the pharmacist and hurried out, leaving Abigail puzzled.

When Chad returned home, Stefano filled him in about how Rafael had left Samantha, who was leaving the children with the DiMeras for a while. Stefano continued that he was worried especially about "Giovanni," who was very fond of Rafael, and thought perhaps he should take a trip to an amusement park to distract the children. Chad asserted that the best thing would be to keep things as normal as possible for the kids -- although he also knew that Stefano wasn't above using the children as an excuse to get Chad to return home. Stefano seemed impressed with his son's insightfulness.

Chad was just leaving the room when Kate returned, dressed for bed. Chad politely wished Kate and Stefano a good night, and left. Stefano declared that his wife looked beautiful, and pulled her down to sit in his lap. Kate was pleased to hear that Chad and Stefano had spent some quality time together. Stefano remarked, "You know, sweetheart, this year we have faced a lot of challenges. But you know, I feel as if things have turned out a lot better than I ever expected."

At the police station, Hope entered Bo's office and found him going over paperwork. He distractedly asked her to let him just finish up the file he was working on, and then they could go to lunch. Hope pointed out that he was actually late for dinner. Rubbing his eyes tiredly and looking at his watch in surprise, Bo apologized, but Hope smiled and said that it seemed like old times. She picked up a file to help him out, and noted that the paperwork was incredibly sloppy for a former FBI agent like Rafe.

Bo guessed that Rafe had taken a leave of absence once he'd realized he was no longer up to the job. Hope wondered what had really happened the day Rafe had found Ciara and Theo. Bo replied that he'd been thinking about Theo's reaction to Rafe, and about what Ciara had said about Rafe only being nice to kids when no adults were around. Hope then showed Bo a file that indicated that Rafe had messed up the chain of evidence on a case. Bo thought that things could only get better since Rafe had left, but Hope was worried about Sami.

Melanie arrived at the Cheatin' Heart, and asked Adrienne for a double order of wings. Dario then asked Adrienne if he could leave early, because he'd just learned that Rafe had left town, and Dario didn't think it was a good idea to continue living at the loft. Adrienne was happy to let Dario clock out early. After Adrienne left to put in Melanie's order, Melanie wondered where Dario would go.

Adrienne returned from the kitchen, and offered to let Dario sublet her place, since she was moving into the Kiriakis mansion after remarrying Justin. A grateful Dario accepted. While Dario gathered his stuff to leave the bar, Adrienne informed Melanie that Dario would be her new neighbor. After a bit of bickering between Dario and Melanie, Melanie offered to help Dario move, since she had a car and he didn't. Melanie grabbed her order of wings, and Dario grumpily followed her out.

Just as Adrienne was leaving a message for Justin to call her, he appeared in the bar behind her. Giggling happily to see her husband, she explained that she had to stay until closing because she'd let her bartender leave early -- a bartender who she suspected was secretly thrilled to get to spend some time with Melanie.

Soon, Melanie and Dario were hauling his sofa into the hallway of their apartment building. He tried to direct her as to how to handle it to get it through his doorway, but she misunderstood, and accidentally dropped the couch on his foot. Dario expressed his pain in shouted Spanish. Melanie offered her nursing skills to make sure the foot wasn't broken, but Dario refused, calling her a "walking disaster area." Infuriated, Melanie left him with the couch stuck in the hallway between their apartments, and began to unlock her door. After she went inside, she and Dario both wondered what had just happened -- and what would happen next.

Bo and Hope arrived at the Cheatin' Heart, and greeted Justin and Adrienne with warm, congratulatory hugs. When Adrienne and Bo each had to deal with some business issues, Hope thanked Justin for his support and friendship while she and Bo had been apart. She added remorsefully that she felt she might have unfairly led him on. Justin reassured her that although they had both been a bit lost at that time, they had ended up with the people they were meant to be with -- and the two of them were still, and would always be, great friends.

At the safe house, Sami gently took Rafe's hands in hers, and declared, "You are the best thing that ever happened to me -- and you're back! And I am never letting you go again." Rafe clearly regretted that he couldn't remember Sami, but she assured him that he would -- and surely he felt the connection between them. Rafe became uncomfortable, and worried that he would hurt Sami. He reassured her that he did want to remember, because he could tell that he had lost some wonderful memories. "I want my life back," he declared quietly. They moved closer to each other, and it seemed for a moment that they might try to kiss -- but a thud and a moan from faux Rafe, their captive in the other room, interrupted them.

Rafe went in to "have a talk" with his impersonator, and then dragged a bound and gagged phony Rafe out to the living room, and threw him down on the couch. Although the imposter snarled at his captors around the gag, Rafe took a look at his doppelganger's bullet wound. He remarked to Sami that the wound looked infected, and without medical attention, the criminal might die. "Let him," Sami replied. Rafe maintained that they at least needed to clean out the wound. Sami replied that there had been a medical kit in the bathroom, and then she again recalled how she'd given Rafe a bottle of whiskey while she'd squeamishly stitched up his stab injury with a sewing kit.

After Rafe locked his look-alike back up, Sami declared that E.J. and Stefano -- and the ringer -- had made a huge mistake in thinking they could take advantage of Rafe. She vowed not to let them get away with it, and to figure out how to get Rafe's memory back. Suddenly, she noticed that he didn't seem to be feeling right, and she rushed over to check on him. She realized that he was burning up with fever, and tried to convince him to let her take him to the hospital. He insisted that it had happened before, and the fever had broken on its own; all he needed was some rest.

Rafe then asked Sami if she would show him some pictures of her kids, and she was happy and proud to produce them. As she described each of her children, Rafe commented sweetly of each of their pictures. She showed him Grace's picture last, and explained sadly how they had lost "their" little girl. Sami added that Rafe had been the only father Grace had ever known, and he had been the only reason Sami had gotten through the most difficult time in her life. As he looked at Grace's angelic little face, Rafe lamented not being able to remember her.

Sami wet a washcloth with cool water, and placed it on Rafe's forehead. Still gazing at Grace's picture, Rafe noted sadly, "It must have been hell for you." Sami admitted that it had been extremely difficult for both of them, adding, "We couldn't have loved her more if she'd been our biological daughter." She confessed that the only thing she'd ever been through that had neared the difficulty of Grace's death had been thinking she'd lost Rafe.

"I need you, you know. You always take care of me," she stated quietly, still pressing the cool cloth to Rafe's face and neck. "That's not true," he said, fuzzily remembering how he'd once been on that very couch with Sami, who had been dipping a sponge into a bowl of water, and using it on his bare chest and abdomen to try to bring his fever down. With a small smile, Rafe declared softly, "I remember."

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