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Viki and Charlie, and Nora and Clint had their double wedding. A disappointed Bo looked on. After getting drunk, Blair and Dorian decided to crash the wedding. Blair and Téa caught the bridal bouquets. Gigi offered to finance an abortion for Stacy, but Stacy ended up having a miscarriage that she kept secret. Asher's boss, Serge, bugged Cole's apartment. Kyle confessed his love for Fish, and Cristian witnessed the couple kiss.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 3, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Téa For Two

At Rex's loft, Stacy returned home and was pleased to find Rex waiting for her. Stacy was surprised when Rex demanded that she move out of the loft immediately. Insisting that she had nowhere else to live, Stacy questioned how Rex could consider tossing her and their unborn child out on the street. Rex accused Stacy of having sexual relations with Fish, Kyle, and Schuyler. He stated that it was possible that any of Stacy's former flames might be the father of her child. In an attempt to make Rex feel guilty, Stacy cautioned Rex that his decision to abandon her might place their child in danger. Rex threw the keys to the loft on the floor and stormed out of the loft.

Schuyler paid Gigi a visit at the cottage. Schuyler listened as Gigi complained that Stacy had ruined Gigi's life once again. A curious Schuyler wondered if Gigi and Rex had ended their relationship due to Stacy's pregnancy. Gigi related to a disappointed Schuyler that she and Rex were still a couple. Gigi expressed her fear that Stacy would remain in their lives because of the baby.

As Gigi discussed her domestic problems with Schuyler, Rex entered the cottage and interrupted the conversation. Gigi was furious when she learned that Rex had agreed to allow Stacy to continue to reside at his loft. Gigi argued that Stacy was using her pregnancy to trap him, but Rex appeared conflicted. Frustrated, Gigi announced that she would attend Viki's wedding alone, and left the cottage. Rex informed Schuyler that he wanted to have a word with him. Schuyler was shocked when Rex ordered him to stay away from Gigi. Rex made it clear that he and Gigi were a couple, and suggested that Schuyler refrain from interfering in their relationship. Refusing to end his friendship with Gigi, Schuyler cautioned Rex to consider Gigi's feelings concerning Stacy's pregnancy. Before leaving, Schuyler warned Rex that Gigi was miserable.

Back at the loft, Stacy rubbed her stomach and spoke to her unborn child. Stacy promised her baby that Rex would end his relationship with Gigi and they would be a family. Moments later, Gigi arrived at the loft and announced that she had the solution to their problem. Gigi offered Stacy three hundred dollars and suggested that she terminate the pregnancy.

OLTL Recap Photo 090803 At St. James Church, the guests gathered for Viki and Charlie, and Nora and Clint's double wedding ceremony. Standing at the altar with Clint, Bo informed his brother that he needed to discuss a situation that had occurred between Bo and Nora. Refusing to hear any bad news on his wedding day, Clint stated that he loved Nora and intended to marry her.

At the Buchanan Mansion, while preparing for the ceremony, Viki told Nora that she wanted to discuss the strange occurrences that had taken place at the lodge. After citing the mistake that the printer had made on the banner, Viki told Nora about the wedding gift from Asa that Viki and Clint had discovered. Reminding Nora that Asa had always believed that Viki belonged with Clint and that Nora belonged with Bo, Viki was convinced that Asa was behind the mischief at the lodge. Nora wondered if Viki was having second thoughts about the wedding. Proclaiming her love for Charlie, Viki told Nora that memories belonged in the past. A nervous Nora listened as Viki exclaimed, "Charlie is my future and Clint is yours!"

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Jessica mentioned to Natalie that she planned to light a candle for Nash. Realizing that Natalie was still consumed with guilt, Jessica told Natalie that she didn't blame her for Nash's death. Jessica was adamant that Nash's death was an accident and that no one was responsible.

Meanwhile, at Nash's gravesite, someone approached Nash's grave. The unknown person bent down and touched Nash's headstone.

OLTL Recap Photo 090803 At the church, Brody observed Jessica lighting a candle for both Nash and Chloe. Certain that her claims of "seeing" Nash had frightened Brody, Jessica apologized for her behavior. Brody told Jessica that he believed that she saw someone who reminded her of Nash. Insisting that he understood how her mother's wedding and the anniversary of her own wedding could remind her of Nash, Brody promised to help her through the difficult time. Thanking Brody for his support, Jessica acknowledged how fortunate she was to have him in her life. As Brody walked away, Jessica stared at the lit candles and mumbled to herself, "Why am I seeing you Nash? I know you're at peace."

Back at Nash's gravesite, the unknown person kneeled at the grave and held a news article that detailed his death at Jared's hands. In anger, the unknown person balled up the news clip.

Clint was concerned when he realized that Nora hadn't arrived at the church. As Bo attempted to tell Clint about the intimate moment that Bo had shared with Nora at the lodge, the minister interrupted his confession and asked to speak to Clint. Bo was frustrated as he watched his brother walk away.

Charlie and Clint were both thrilled when the ceremony finally began. Charlie beamed with delight as Viki marched down the aisle, while Clint wondered why Nora wasn't by her side. Certain that he knew the reason for Nora's absence, Bo attempted to speak up. Before Bo could utter a sound, Nora emerged. While Clint let out a sigh of relief, Bo appeared devastated.

After Charlie and Viki exchanged loving vows, Clint was emotional as he recited his pledge to Nora. Following Clint's heartfelt declaration of love, the minister suggested that Nora recite her own vows. Relating that she hadn't prepared her vows, a nervous Nora looked at Clint and said, "The only thing I know is that I love you! Well that's it, that's all I got!" As a skeptical Bo stared at her, Nora appeared concerned as she returned his stare.

At La Boulaie, while drowning their sorrows in alcohol, Dorian and Blair agreed that they didn't need men in their lives. As a drunken Dorian tended to an abandoned cat, Blair envisioned their future. In her daydream, Blair pictured her and Dorian as poor, lonely, old women living in squalor.

Dressed in rags, Dorian and Blair sang and danced to old show tunes. Blair's daydream turned into a nightmare when she envisioned Todd and Téa in her future. As Blair and Dorian enjoyed life in their dilapidated mansion, Todd and Téa paid them a visit. The happy couple was horrified to discover Blair and Dorian's living conditions. Enraged when Téa teased her about her wonderful life with Todd, Blair ordered Téa out of the house.

Alone with Todd, Blair flirted with Todd and urged him to leave Téa. Refusing to leave Téa, Todd told Blair that she gave up any opportunity that she ever had of rekindling their relationship. When Blair questioned what he was talking about, Todd stated that Blair gave up after they had sex in the cabana. Todd related that Blair had decided to bury herself at La Boulaie along with Dorian.

Startled by Todd's revelation, Blair awoke from her nightmare and regained her composure. As Dorian continued to play with the abandoned kitten, Blair grabbed her and escorted her upstairs. Dorian wondered what was going on. Instructing Dorian that they were going to get dressed, Blair declared that she wouldn't allow them to ruin their lives.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Deux

Dorian and Blair crashed Viki and Nora's double wedding. While Blair took a seat in a pew, Dorian addressed the brides and grooms. Clint accused Dorian of being drunk, while Viki was upset that Dorian had disrupted their wedding ceremonies. Dorian assured everyone that she wasn't going to point out that Viki belonged with Clint or that Bo was the love of Nora's life. Instead, she proposed a toast. Dorian hoped that Viki, Charlie, Nora, and Clint proved all of the naysayers wrong by having long and happy marriages.

OLTL Recap Photo 090804 After Dorian sat down next to Blair, the ceremonies resumed. Once the couples had exchanged wedding vows and rings, the grooms were invited to kiss the brides. Afterwards, the newlyweds left the church. Bo lagged behind; it was clear that he was not in a celebratory mood.

Todd followed Téa into the reception. Téa was annoyed because Todd had been with Blair. Todd explained that he'd only made certain that Blair wouldn't drive home in her inebriated condition. Téa accused Blair of trying to get Todd's attention. Todd pointed out that Blair had his attention because she was the mother of his children. Téa's irritation mounted until Todd managed to cajole her into dancing with him.

A very drunk Blair stumbled around the empty church as she ranted about Todd. Blair was furious because Todd had taken Téa to the wedding. As Blair rambled on, she noticed someone slumped over in one of the pews. Upon closer inspection, she realized it was her aunt. Dorian had passed out, with a scarf partially covering her face.

At the reception, Bo asked Nora to dance. As they swayed to the music, Nora confessed that Dorian's untimely interruption had worried her. Before Bo could reply, the brides were asked to prepare for the bouquet toss. Nora slipped out of Bo's arms to join Viki. When Viki tossed her bouquet, Téa caught it. To everyone's surprise, Blair caught the second bouquet.

OLTL Recap Photo 090804 Meanwhile, Bo stood apart from the crowd. As he lifted a drink to his lips, he spoke aloud to Lindsay. Bo decided that he and Nora were not meant to be, since no one had stopped Nora's wedding.

Brody found Jessica behind the church. When he noticed how tense Jessica was, he wondered if she had seen Nash again. Jessica assured him that she was fine; she explained that she had taken flowers to Nash's grave. Brody seemed to believe her. While Brody fetched the car, Jessica called out to Nash. She told him that she knew he was trying to tell her something, but she had no idea what the message was.

At the loft, Gigi offered Stacy money to have an abortion. Stacy was offended by the suggestion. She reminded Gigi that, under similar circumstances, Gigi hadn't had an abortion. Gigi insisted that her situation had been different because Shane had been conceived in love. Stacy shot back that her baby had also been the result of an act of love.

Gigi tried a different tactic. She asked Stacy how she intended to support her child. Stacy didn't have an answer, but it was clear that Stacy planned for Rex to be involved. Stacy taunted Gigi by predicting that Rex would be involved in every aspect of Stacy's pregnancy. Stacy was confident that the time they would spend preparing for their baby would bring Stacy and Rex closer together.

Gigi reminded Stacy that Rex already had a family and that he loved Gigi. Stacy didn't put much stock in Rex's bond with Gigi and Shane. Stacy pointed out that Rex had not been a part of Shane's life until recently. Stacy was certain that once she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby, Rex would forget about the "wheezing brat" that Gigi gave him.

Stacy's slur against Shane infuriated Gigi. She accused Stacy of being delusional and using her baby to trap Rex into a relationship that he didn't want. Stacy suggested that they call Rex to ask him what he thought about Gigi's idea of aborting the baby. Gigi ordered Stacy to put the phone down. Stacy realized that she had gained the upper hand. She threw the envelope of money to the ground as she ordered Gigi to, "take your abortion money and get the hell out of my house."

Stacy appeared rattled after Gigi had left. Moments later, she doubled over with severe abdominal cramps. When Stacy collapsed to the ground, she reached for the phone to call 9-1-1. Later, paramedics forced their way into the apartment while Stacy writhed on the floor in pain.

At the carriage house, Rex told Shane that Stacy would remain a part of their lives for the foreseeable future. Rex was reluctant to say anything else, despite Shane's numerous questions. Frustrated by Rex's refusal to explain the situation to him, Shane threatened to ask Stacy what was going on. Rex decided to reveal that Stacy was pregnant.

Shane was surprisingly upbeat by the announcement. Shane assumed that Stacy would marry the father of the baby and focus on her new family rather than trying to break up Rex and Gigi. Rex confessed that it was unlikely Stacy would marry the father of the baby. Unfortunately for Rex, that statement only raised more questions.

OLTL Recap Photo 090804 Eventually, Rex revealed that he was the father of Stacy's baby. Shane was stunned. He worried that Rex would lose interest in Gigi and Shane as he became more involved with Stacy and her child. Rex reminded his son that there had been a time when Shane had longed to have a relationship with his father. Rex imagined the baby would feel the same way if it grew up without a father.

Gigi arrived home a short time later. When she realized that Shane knew that Rex was the father of Stacy's child, she sent Shane to his room. Rex explained that he had intended wait until they could talk to Shane together, but Shane had pushed for answers. Gigi understood why Rex had felt compelled to answer their son's questions.

Rex was frustrated when his phone kept vibrating with repeated calls from Stacy. Rex decided to turn off the phone, so that he could focus on Gigi. When Rex asked Gigi about the wedding, she confessed that she had gone to the ATM instead. At Rex's look of confusion, Gigi revealed that she had withdrawn money, gone to the loft, and offered Stacy money to have an abortion. Rex was speechless.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Broken Flowers

At the double wedding reception in the Palace Hotel ballroom, the crowd was shocked when both Téa and Blair caught the brides' wedding bouquets. "Don't worry about it," Todd said cheerily. "There's plenty of me to go around!" The drunken Blair taunted Téa, suggesting she take the hint and marry Todd again for some quick cash. "She said it, not me," Todd added. Téa was infuriated by Blair's interfering in her night with Todd, and ordered him to stop treating her so cavalierly. Todd asked Blair to go home and leave them alone, but Blair refused.

The four guests of honor, Viki, Charlie, Clint, and Nora, took Todd's bizarre love triangle in stride. "Should we call someone?" Charlie asked. "The National Guard, Green Berets?" Nora said that the disruption was nothing compared to Asa's nuptials, and Clint suggested they ignore Todd and his lovers altogether. As Clint kissed Nora passionately, a glum Bo watched from the sidelines, then trudged off alone.

Nearby, Rachel and Matthew both noticed Bo's reaction. Matthew commented that his father was upset by Clint and Nora's marriage, and Rachel reminded Matthew that his blackmail attempt hadn't helped his family's disposition. Matthew argued his side regarding the surgery, but Rachel told her brother that he was faced with an adult responsibility, and asked him if he could live with it.

Hoping to get distance from her romantic foibles, Téa made small talk with Shaun and Destiny, and gave Destiny her bouquet. Todd and Blair pursued Téa, as Todd attempted to get back into Téa's good graces and Blair continued to torment her nemesis. Téa asked Shaun to take her home. Todd told Téa it wasn't his fault Blair had showed up, but Téa said she should've known she'd been fooling herself about a future with him, and refused to come in second. Todd insisted he wanted her and not Blair, and told Blair so to her face before taking Téa in his arms and kissing her. Nauseated, Blair staggered away to sulk.

Téa wasn't impressed with Todd's gesture, but as he continued to lay on the charm, Destiny ordered her to give him a chance. Reluctantly, Téa agreed as Todd ushered her out of the ballroom to give her a "surprise."

As the festivities continued, Jared and Natalie extended their congratulations to the happy couples, while at a nearby table, Jessica sat alone, musing silently. As Brody returned to her side, Jessica apologized to him for being hung up on thoughts of Nash and for returning to his gravesite. She couldn't shake the feeling that her husband wanted to tell her something. Brody told Jess he understood that her feelings were in turmoil near her wedding anniversary, and asked her if she thought they were moving too fast. Jessica said no, but admitted she was worried about fixating on the past, and not the future. Brody promised her he could handle her memories.

At the carriage house, Rex was stunned when Gigi confessed that she had tried to pay Stacy to abort his child. She assured him that Stacy had refused. Rex demanded to know why Gigi had made the offer. Gigi thought the answer was obvious: she couldn't stand Stacy bearing his child. She knew that through the child, Stacy would always be a part of their lives, slowly destroying their family. Without the baby, Gigi said, they might have a chance.

Rex refused to abandon his offspring the way he had Shane, Stacy or no Stacy. He said that Stacy was a menace, but her baby had done nothing. He promised Gigi that he could both protect their family and raise his child. Gigi admitted that she wished Stacy wasn't pregnant, then immediately apologized for her thoughts. She said she knew they couldn't take back what had happened before, or any of their mistakes. Rex embraced Gigi, and told her that all they needed to do was stick together.

At Rex's loft, Stacy screamed at the paramedics to save her baby as she writhed on the floor. She told them she'd collapsed after an argument with her sister. As the paramedics moved her to a gurney, Stacy began feverishly talking to herself, promising that she would be all right and her baby would be fine. The paramedics conferred among themselves, then decided to give Stacy the truth: she had miscarried; her baby was dead.

Stacy had an instant meltdown and became hysterical, screeching over and over that "this is Rex's baby!" As she babbled about how the baby was a testament to her and Rex's "true love," the paramedics suggested they take her to the hospital and call the baby's father. Thinking fast, Stacy vehemently refused. She promised to go to the hospital in the morning, and ordered the men to leave her alone. The paramedics assured Stacy that she and Rex could try again, but as they left, Stacy could only weep inconsolably.

Back at the Palace Hotel, Bo headed for the bar, where he ran into Greg, who was on the phone with a colleague discussing Matthew's surgery. As Greg turned to Bo, a tense conversation ensued. Bo needled Greg about the inherent risks in the procedure Greg wanted Bo and Nora to sign off on for Matthew, and reacted badly when Greg inadvertently referred to Nora as "your wife." Bo snapped that Nora was his ex-wife, and stormed off.

In the ballroom, the newlyweds cut their wedding cake. At their table, Destiny gleefully bossed Shaun around with her bouquet, and asked him where Rachel had disappeared to. Shaun admitted that he was wondering the same thing. As Destiny took a seat beside Matthew, he asked her if the bouquet meant she was going to marry soon. Destiny admitted that she wanted to marry someday.

At the bar, Rachel walked up just in time to see Bo leave, and asked Greg what their argument had had been about. Greg said they continued to disagree about Matthew's treatment, and mentioned how touchy Bo had gotten about Nora. Rachel allowed that Bo was going through a hard time. Greg quickly turned on the charm, commenting on how good Rachel looked for a bridesmaid. "I'm surprised Shaun let you out of his sight," he purred. "Some other guy might scoop you up."

Brushing off his overtures, Rachel ordered a glass of wine. Greg said he thought she didn't drink; Rachel said she didn't, but was trying to test her control by having the glass and not drinking it. Greg realized Rachel was a recovering addict, and told her that explained why she kept all her fire and passion bottled up inside; she was afraid of letting go, and what might happen. He suggested that was why she was dating Shaun, a nice, safe guy who would never make her lose control. Ruffled by Greg's taunts, Rachel threw her drink in his face. As Shaun walked in with cake for Rachel, Greg played off his soggy condition, smirking at the seething Ms. Gannon.

Back in the ballroom, Viki took a seat beside a melancholy Blair, who apologized for crashing the wedding with Dorian. Viki asked Blair why she'd made a fool of herself over Todd, and Blair said she didn't know, but refused to consider the possibility that she wasn't over her ex. As Charlie arrived to take his bride away, Blair congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Banks, and assured them she'd find her own way home.

On an empty city rooftop, Todd led Téa up a staircase with her eyes closed. When she opened them, she found herself on the roof surrounded by candles, with a microphone stand nearby. Filled with trepidation, Téa asked Todd if he was going to sing. "I'm not singing, he is!" Todd said, cueing Latin musician Frankie Negron to walk in. Téa freaked out as one of her favorite singers greeted her. Todd said he'd given Frankie's favorite charity a donation and asked him to go there to sing for her. Frankie told Téa that Todd had explained the story of their complicated relationship, and wanted to apologize to her using music. With that, Frankie and his band tuned up and began to perform.

Viki and Charlie walked through the night and arrived at the darkened Buenos Dias Cafe for a private evening together. As they entered, Viki reminisced about her past in Paris, Texas, and how she'd met Charlie and her other friends from the Bon Jour. Viki discovered that Moe and Noelle had left them a fresh pie before their trip out of town. Embracing Charlie, Viki told him how glad she was she'd run away to become a waitress. "Me too," Charlie replied, and kissed her.

Frankie Negron performed "Holding On To Love" as Todd and Téa listened, hand in hand, and a montage of scenes played out across Llanview. At the Palace bar, Blair drowned her sorrows, while Rachel and Greg traded glares as Shaun led her away. At the loft, Stacy wept in her bed and clutched Rex's picture, while at the carriage house, Rex led Gigi upstairs. At the Buenos Dias, Charlie took "Mrs. Banks's" hand for a private candlelit dance, and in the Palace ballroom, a conflicted Nora stared at her wedding ring. Just then, Clint slid up behind her, asking "Mrs. Buchanan" she'd saved her last dance for him. As Clint and Nora danced alone in the empty ballroom, Nora spotted Bo over Clint's shoulder, standing in the darkness. They shared a silent, anguished moment before Bo walked away without a word. As Frankie Negron finished singing on the rooftop, Todd and Téa kissed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

At Rex's loft, Stacy slept soundly, dreaming about arriving home with Rex after the birth of their baby girl. She was thrilled beyond belief when he got down on bended knee and presented her with a diamond ring. When she suddenly awakened, she recalled the reality of her miscarriage and began to cry.

Newlyweds Viki and Charlie awakened and felt blessed that they were finally married after all of the drama that had been a part of their lives. Viki confessed that she had promised to take Bree to the zoo that day, though Charlie thought it was a good time to talk about a honeymoon. They agreed that since there was no crisis for the first time, they'd be able to take off for months if they wanted to. Charlie wished that they had been together all along. Reminiscing, he told Viki that his first wife had become pregnant on their honeymoon. Jokingly, she told him they didn't need to worry about that.

He continued to think back to what a terrible father he had been to Jared. Reassuringly, Viki reminded him that he and Jared were on good terms and that he would be an awesome grandfather. As if on cue, Bree knocked on the door, anxious for her zoo trip. She wanted Charlie to go with them. He and Viki decided that a honeymoon in the Galapagos Islands sounded enchanting.

In their apartment, Cristian stopped short when he overheard a conversation between Layla and Fish. She apologized for asking if Fish was gay, and was happy to hear that he wasn't angry with her. As soon as Fish left for work, Cristian couldn't wait to ask her about Fish, and if that was the reason they had been fighting. Layla was unable to hide her annoyance at Cristian for listening, and assured him that she and Fish had merely had a misunderstanding. Recalling the letter he had taken that had been written from Fish to Kyle, Cristian realized that the two men had been together as a couple.

Layla refused to listen to anything that Cristian wanted to tell her, though he insisted that he was trying to keep her from getting hurt. She was annoyed at herself for thinking what she did about Fish, she told him. He had all of the qualities that she was looking for in a man.

At the café, Roxy found Kyle looking for a job in the newspaper, and assured him that he didn't have to pay her rent at the hotel until he was able to. She informed him that the Llanview Police Department was looking for a "few good men" but he muttered, "Don't ask, don't tell." Roxy understood what he meant and that Fish was "hiding in plain sight." Kyle explained that Fish always wanted to be a cop and that Fish's parents would not be happy to know the truth about their son.

At a nearby table, John attempted to ease Marty's uneasiness over Cole working undercover. He promised to watch over her son. Starr arrived with the baby as John was leaving. She and Marty talked about Cole and John working together in secret. Marty indicated that she was on her way to obtaining her professional license back. Fish also walked in and Roxy caught his attention. She told him to give Kyle a chance, because the man was crazy about him. As Fish ordered his old friend out to the alley for a private talk, he demanded to know what Kyle had told Roxy.

Kyle finished the sentence as Fish stumbled over his words, "...that we were lovers?" He added that Roxy wouldn't tell anyone and that he still loved Fish. An angry Fish reminded Kyle of the letter he had written, and insisted that he was never gay and their relationship had merely been a college experiment. He added that he was with Layla.

Brody handed Cole a stack of marked bills and accepted the bag of drugs from him in return. As Brody departed, he mentioned that John had pulled him from the police academy to help out with the undercover operation and that everyone would assume he was employed at Rodi's. As Cole opened his apartment door, they were surprised to see Asher standing on the other side with an older man. Brody played his role and demanded to know why the men were there. Cole told them that Brody was his best customer.

OLTL Recap Photo 090806 Brody hastily departed and when Cole asked for the identity of the older man, he was shoved back into the apartment and told not to ask questions. The man proceeded to rip Cole's shirt open, searching for a wire. He demanded to know whom Cole was working for. Cole insisted that John was Brody's boss and that John had pulled Brody from the academy because he was unreliable. Cole contended that he knew John through his mother, but John didn't care about him. He had a felony conviction and no job but had expenses, so he needed to sell drugs. The man opened a briefcase to reveal a gun. He told Cole that he was the boss.

Instead of grabbing the gun, he pulled out the instrument next to it and began to scan the apartment for bugs. Not finding any, the man handed Cole additional drugs to sell. Cole advised him that they would not last very long, and was pleased to hear the man say that Cole had made a good start. Cole was anxious to make his way to a higher position. As Asher and his boss left, the man snarled that he would catch Cole if he were lying about anything. "I sweep for bugs and then I plant one of my own," he told Asher. Cole received a call from Starr and he told her it would all be over soon.

Rex and Gigi talked about how wonderful their night had been together, until Gigi had remembered Stacy and the baby. She offered to head over to the loft to apologize to her sister for suggesting that Stacy have an abortion, but Rex wanted her to stay away. He insisted that he was trying to protect Gigi, and he knew that things wouldn't go well if the sisters confronted each other. He reassured her that while he would be able to make room in his life for the baby, Stacy would not be included. Gigi felt strongly that she and Shane would have to compete for Rex's time and she didn't want to share him, she explained. She pointed out that there were only so many hours in the day.

Rex promised that Stacy would not get in between them. Gigi made it clear that Stacy would use the baby for that purpose. Rex decided to head over to the loft to set some ground rules with Stacy. He thought it was better to go alone. As soon as he left, Schuyler appeared at the door. He had been waiting until he saw Rex leave, he admitted. Rex had ordered him to stop being friends with Gigi, he divulged. Rolling her eyes, Gigi admitted what she had done to Stacy and that she was stuck with her sister in their lives forever.

Schuyler felt certain that Rex would love the baby, not Stacy. Gigi was not certain of that, pointing out that Schuyler had loved Stacy once. He noted that he had been high at the time and he only missed what he thought she was really like. Still angry at Rex for sleeping with her sister, Gigi listened as Schuyler pointed out that Rex was a guy and he thought that he and Gigi were through, and that Gigi had pointed Rex in Stacy's direction. Gigi claimed that Rex had turned his back on her.

Schuyler insisted that any man would love to have Gigi, and that Rex knew that. Gigi thought that Schuyler was "sweet and kind," but he admitted that his thoughts were not pure ones. Finally, he leaned over and kissed her.

At the police station, Brody handed the bag of drugs over to John. He also had pictures of the man at Cole's apartment, taken with his phone. After some Internet investigation, the men learned the identity of the man, Sergei Sherbacov. While he was Russian, he apparently had no allegiance to any one group and was with a different one after every arrest. John thought that a bug in Cole's apartment would be helpful.

He explained that there was a bug in the lobby and hallway. He praised Brody for his help in the operation. As Brody left, another officer arrived. He announced that Cole's apartment had been bugged and picked up on their scanner. Layla arrived at work and received a flower delivery from Fish.

Rex arrived at his loft as Stacy was doubled over with cramps. In response to his questioning, she assured him that she did not have the abortion that Gigi asked her to have. She asserted that their baby was fine and she was only suffering from morning sickness. Rex apologized for what Gigi had done and explained that they were all trying to adjust to the situation. He admitted that he did not want her to have an abortion. He promised that he wouldn't abandon his child or toss Stacy in the streets, pregnant. However, he continued, he loved Gigi and would marry her. Stacy and the baby would not come between them.

At the café, Cristian looked for his mother and thought she might be in the alley. Roxy advised him that Fish and Kyle were having a private conversation there. The two men argued, with Kyle accusing Fish of lying to everyone, including himself. Fish insisted that he liked where he was at. Kyle knew that Fish remembered how things were between them and that they had meant something. He grabbed Fish and kissed him. Fish did not pull away.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

At the Llanview Police Station, Layla smiled when she entered her office and discovered flowers from Fish on her desk.

In the alley of the Buenos Dias Café, Fish ordered Kyle to leave him alone, but Kyle continued to remind Fish that they had shared a special relationship during their college days. As Fish continued to deny his romantic feelings, Kyle grabbed Fish and gave him a passionate kiss. After a brief struggle, Fish responded to Kyle's kiss. As the old lovers shared a special moment, Cris approached them and ordered Fish to tell Layla the truth-Fish was gay.

Fish claimed that Kyle had accosted him, but Cris related that he was aware of Fish's true sexual orientation. Fish refused to admit that he was gay, and referred to Kyle as a "freak." Cris informed Fish that there wasn't anything wrong with being gay, but Cris was adamant that Layla deserved to know the truth. Cris suggested that Fish tell Layla the truth before Cris did. Before storming off, Fish ordered Kyle to stay away from him. Dejected, Kyle assured Fish that Kyle would never bother him again.

Feeling partially responsible for Kyle's misery, Cris apologized and suggested that Kyle and Fish might reconnect after Fish told Layla that he was gay. Relating the hurt he felt as a result of Fish's rejection, Kyle hoped that Fish would eventually acknowledge his true sexual identity. Kyle admitted that Fish had used Layla to convince himself that he wasn't gay. Kyle told Cris that Fish's fear would prevent him from ever telling Layla about his sexuality. When Cris stressed the need for Layla to learn the truth about Fish, he was stunned when Kyle remarked that Cris was guilty of the same offense that Fish had committed. Kyle stated that Cris was afraid of telling Layla that Cris had strong feelings for her. Cris was adamant that his only concern was to prevent Fish from hurting Layla.

Later, Layla was thrilled when Fish paid her a visit. A nervous smile crossed Fish's face when Layla proclaimed that she was proud to be his girl. After asking to speak privately with Layla, Fish quickly changed his mind and promised to discuss his issue with her at a later date. Commenting that Cris had to work late, Layla suggested that she and Fish spend a romantic evening alone at the apartment.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Todd phoned Téa to wish her good luck at Matthew's hearing. Todd told Téa that he was certain that she would win the case.

In the courtroom, Matthew and Destiny discussed the upcoming hearing. As Matthew admitted that he was conflicted over the idea of suing his parents, Téa entered the courtroom and wondered what information Matthew was keeping from her.

While sitting in a booth at the café with Hope, Starr phoned Cole. Noticing the panic in Cole's voice, Starr questioned if someone had learned of Cole's undercover work. Meanwhile, as Cole tried to convince Starr that everything was fine, a listening device sat unnoticed on the windowpane. Convinced that Cole was in trouble, Starr wondered if she should phone the police. At that moment, John entered Cole's apartment and prevented Cole from making a damaging statement. John presented Cole with a handwritten note that explained that Cole's apartment had been bugged. Cole assured Starr that there was no need for concern, and quickly ended the call. Approaching Starr, Todd overheard the conversation and wondered if Cole was using drugs again.

After chastising her father for speaking critically about Cole, Starr quizzed Todd about his strange relationship with both Blair and Téa. Pleased to be in the presence of his granddaughter, Todd ignored Starr's remarks and focused his attention on Hope. Observing Todd's good mood, Starr remarked that Todd had demonstrated questionable behavior by sleeping with both Blair and Téa. Starr warned Todd that Blair wouldn't rest until Todd had ended his relationship with Téa. .

Aware that the listening device had been planted inside Cole's apartment, John pretended to engage in an argument with Cole. Warning Cole to refrain from using drugs, John reminded Cole of the consequences that would occur if Cole chose to do otherwise. After relocating to the hall of the apartment building, John questioned Cole about the conversation he had shared with Starr. Cole assured John that he hadn't revealed any damaging information to Starr. Once Cole related his encounter with Asher and the Russian supplier, John informed Cole that John was aware of the supplier's identity. Unwilling to place Cole in any further danger, John refused to divulge the supplier's identity to Cole.

Advising Cole that Starr and Hope's safety could be jeopardized if his cover was ever blown, John instructed Cole to cease all communication with Starr. John promised to explain the situation to Starr. Realizing that the altercation with Asher and the Russian supplier had left Cole on edge, John agreed to terminate the investigation if Cole had any doubts. Declining John's offer, Cole asked John to tell Starr that Cole loved her.

At the Buenos Dias Café, before heading off to the courtroom hearing, Nora and Clint examined their wedding photos. Nora thanked Clint for offering to escort her to Matthew's emancipation hearing. While Nora worried about the outcome of the case, Clint revealed that he had researched the lawyer that Nora had hired, and Clint was confident that Nora and Bo would prevail in court.

John interrupted Starr and Todd's conversation at the café. When John asked to speak to Starr in private, Todd was convinced that Starr was hiding information regarding Cole. Alone with Starr, John informed her that Cole would no longer be able to communicate with her. Starr appeared content when John related Cole's message to her.

Back in the courtroom, Téa informed Matthew that he might lose his case if he withheld any information from her. Stating that he had no desire to air his parent's dirty laundry, Matthew refused to give Téa any information. Matthew was concerned that Téa might use the information against his parents in court. Succumbing to pressure from Téa, Matthew finally admitted that he blackmailed his parents after observing them in a compromising situation on the eve of Nora's wedding to Clint. Téa was surprised to learn that Bo and Nora made no attempt to prevent Matthew from informing Clint of the indiscretion.

Inside Bo's office at the police station, Bo had a flashback of the kiss he had shared with Nora. Rex interrupted Bo's thoughts when he entered the office and informed Bo that Rex had impregnated Stacy. Bo was skeptical of Stacy's pregnancy claim, but wondered what Rex intended to do about it. Insisting that he couldn't abandon his child, Rex related Gigi's fear that Stacy would ruin their relationship. Rex sought advice from Bo, but Bo admitted that he wasn't in any position to give advice to anyone else.

After complaining about his own domestic troubles, Rex questioned whether Bo had stopped Nora and Clint from getting married. Rex was shocked to learn that Bo had kissed Nora at the lodge. Bo admitted that he had several chances to express his feelings to Nora and to tell Clint about the kiss. When Rex questioned why Bo had decided against speaking up, Bo insisted that he didn't want to hurt his brother. Rex wondered how Bo intended to handle the situation. Bo stated that he and Nora would live their own lives and pray that Clint never learned of the kiss. As Rex prepared to leave, Bo warned Rex not to allow Stacy to get between him and Gigi.

Upon arriving at the police station, Nora and Clint introduced Bo to Elijah Clark, the attorney that Nora had hired to represent her and Bo in the emancipation hearing. Assuring the Buchanans that he would win the case, Elijah remarked that he was familiar with Téa's tactics in court.

Later, Bo, Nora, and Clint arrived at the courthouse with Elijah. As the Buchanans entered the courtroom, Téa smirked at them.

At the cottage, Schuyler surprised Gigi with a kiss. Pulling away from Schuyler, a shocked Gigi cried out, "This is all wrong!" Insisting that he didn't want to risk losing her as a friend, Schuyler apologized for his behavior and pleaded with Gigi to forget what had taken place. Although uncertain that they could remain friends after the kiss, Gigi admitted that she had begun to depend on Schuyler and didn't want to lose his friendship, either.

After agreeing to forget the incident, Gigi escorted Schuyler to the door. As Schuyler and Gigi said goodbye, Rex arrived at the cottage. Disgusted by Schuyler's presence, Rex sneered at him. After Schuyler left, Gigi reminded Rex of their promise to be truthful with each other. Gigi told Rex that Schuyler had kissed her.

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