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Monday, August 3, 2009

David was curious when he witnessed Jake comforting Amanda in one of the examination rooms at the hospital. David plucked Amanda's file out of the nurse's hand when she left the room. He was stunned by what he read. David waited until Jake was alone before he offered his condolences to Jake. Jake's confusion turned to annoyance when David admitted that he had read Amanda's chart. David understood the pain of learning a spouse was infertile.

Taylor was reviewing her checklist, to determine why Trevor was crying, when Tad arrived. Tad quickly determined that Trevor needed to be burped. Taylor was embarrassed that she hadn't thought of it sooner. Tad demonstrated the finer points of burping a baby, for which he received a shoulder drenched in spit-up. Taylor broke out in giggles at Tad's expression of disgust.

After Trevor settled down, Tad and Taylor talked about their relationship. They agreed that they would remain platonic friends. Moments later, Amanda walked in. Taylor immediately sensed that Amanda was troubled. Amanda insisted that she just needed to spend some time alone with her son. She offered to watch the baby while Taylor and Tad went out.

Amanda's spirits lifted when Jake called to tell her that David had bought their latest lie. After Amanda ended the call with Jake, she revealed their plan to "adopt" a baby. According to Amanda, they had convinced David that Amanda couldn't have children in order to pave the way for Jake and Amanda to pretend to adopt a child. It was Jake and Amanda's hope to pass Trevor off as their adopted son.

Amanda was oblivious to Taylor's disappointment. After Taylor quickly excused herself and left, Tad joined Amanda on the sofa. He confessed that all of Jake and Amanda's lies had given him a headache. Amanda realized that they had put Tad in a difficult position; she thanked him for all of his help. Tad admitted that he was concerned about Taylor. He explained that Taylor had grown attached to Trevor.

Amanda reminded Tad that the arrangement with Taylor had always been intended to be temporary. She suggested that perhaps what Taylor needed was the distraction of a romance. When Tad realized that Amanda was hinting at a relationship between Tad and Taylor, he insisted that he and Taylor were just friends. Amanda didn't believe him, prompting Tad to remind Amanda that Taylor had just ended an engagement while Tad had recently been through a messy divorce.

Marissa met her mother at ConFusion to cancel their lunch date. Marissa explained that she was expected at court. Krystal assured Marissa that she understood, and wished her daughter luck. After Marissa left, Krystal gathered her things. On her way out, Krystal bumped into Taylor. They awkwardly greeted each other before Taylor made her way to the bar.

As Taylor ordered a glass of iced tea, Krystal joined her. Krystal confessed that Tad had told her that he was dating Taylor. Taylor clarified that she and Tad were just friends. Krystal smiled as she forged ahead. She cautioned Taylor that Tad no longer viewed relationships casually. For that reason, and because Krystal and Tad shared a child and lived together, she thought it might be a good idea for Taylor and Krystal to get to know each other.

A short time later, David found Krystal and Taylor bonding over cheesy fries and amusing tidbits about Tad. David and Krystal quickly realized that Marissa had arranged to have lunch with both of them. David decided to talk to Marissa about her efforts to play matchmaker. Krystal wished David luck; she had attempted to do the same, to no avail.

After David left, Krystal asked Taylor to be good to Tad. Krystal explained that Tad had his fair share of heartbreak, in part because of Krystal's affair with David. Taylor wondered if Krystal was in love with Tad. Krystal confided that she wanted what was best for Tad. After Krystal went to the bathroom, Tad approached Taylor at the bar. They chatted for a few minutes before Tad suggested that they return to the baby. Krystal had overheard the exchange, which prompted her to ask, "What baby?"

Kendall dreamed that she was on trial for Stuart's murder. As Kendall faced the jury, Stuart stood up and accused Kendall of causing his death. Natalia woke Kendall from the nightmare to tell her that it was time for Kendall to go to court.

Before Kendall was transferred to the courthouse, she was taken to Jesse's office. When Jesse sensed that Kendall was resigned to her fate, he urged her not to give up hope. Jesse reminded Kendall that she had many people on her side. Kendall appreciated Jesse's support, but she remained downcast.

When Natalia arrived to notify Jesse that the security detail had arrived for Kendall, she asked Jesse if she could join the transport to the courthouse. Jesse reluctantly agreed, however, he made it clear that Natalia was only to observe.

Liza was concerned when she spotted Ryan and Zach outside of the courtroom. She explained that Ryan couldn't be present for the jury selection because he was scheduled to testify during the trial. A.D.A. Willis approached a few minutes later. He informed Ryan that he had obtained a subpoena for Emma's testimony. After Willis entered the courtroom, Liza accused Ryan and Zach of plotting something. She warned them not to jeopardize Kendall's case. Liza feared that it would make matters worse for Kendall, not better.

Ryan took Ian to the hospital for a check-up. Jake was surprised that Ryan, not Zach, had taken Ian in. Ryan explained that he was helping Zach out. When the nurse informed Ryan that Ian's appointment was scheduled for the following week, Ryan persuaded Jake to do the examination. After Jake gave Ian a clean bill of health, he asked Ryan what name he wanted Ian's prescriptions under.

Ryan pretended not to understand the question. Jake pointed out that Ryan's unscheduled visit with Ian suggested that Zach intended to flee with Kendall and the children. Jake didn't think it would be wise to write the prescriptions in Ian's name if the Slaters wanted to remain undetected. Jake surprised Ryan with an offer to help.

Shortly after Kendall's arrival at the courthouse, the jury selection began. Zach assured Kendall that everything would be okay, but Kendall remained troubled. When the proceedings wrapped up for the day, Zach whispered to Kendall to go to the bathroom. A guard ordered Zach to back away from Kendall, precluding her from responding to Zach.

In the hallway, Kendall asked to use the bathroom. Initially the guards denied her request. Outraged, Kendall threatened to file a complaint against the officers. They eventually capitulated, but warned Kendall that she would only have a few minutes. Alone in the bathroom, Kendall was startled when Ryan opened the window and poked his head inside. He implored Kendall to climb through the window before the guards fetched her.

In the hallway, Aidan approached Zach. Aidan was hopeful there would be at least one juror sympathetic to Kendall. Zach was leery of Aidan's support. Aidan insisted that he wanted to help. While Zach and Aidan talked, Natalia approached Kendall's guards. When she announced her intention to go to the bathroom to check on Kendall, Zach asked Aidan, "Do you still want to help?" Before Aidan could respond, Zach punched him.

As expected, the attack drew the attention of the guards. It took several minutes for the security detail to give chase after Natalia returned from the bathroom with news of Kendall's disappearance. Liza was livid as she realized that Zach had orchestrated Kendall's escape. She begged Zach to tell her where Kendall was before it was too late. Zach remained silent.

In the courtroom, Jesse confronted Liza. He suspected that Liza was behind Kendall's flight from custody. Liza denied any knowledge of the escape, but Jesse didn't believe her. He reminded her that she didn't have any credibility because she had disappeared years earlier with Colby. After Jesse walked out, Liza's gave in to her frustration. She pounded on the table and was in the process of throwing her briefcase across the courtroom when she accidentally struck David in the head.

Jake, Spike, and Ian were waiting when Ryan and Kendall arrived at a warehouse. After Kendall was reunited with her sons, Jake left. Ryan explained that Kendall had to hurry; Erica was waiting with a boat to sneak Kendall and the boys out of town. Kendall was stunned to realize that her mother was involved in the plot.

Kendall was moved by Ryan's emotional farewell with Spike. As she watched Ryan and Spike, she recalled special moments over the years with Spike. She realized that she couldn't separate her children from their fathers. To Ryan's surprise, Kendall refused to leave. Moments later, Zach arrived. He was shocked to see Kendall in the warehouse.

Zach explained that he had barely managed to slip away from the police. As sirens wailed in the background, Zach begged Kendall to leave, but she refused to budge.

Jake went to Taylor's to see Trevor. Amanda apologized when Jake walked in; she explained that she couldn't stay away from the baby. Jake didn't hold it against Amanda because he couldn't stay away from Trevor, either. As Jake and Amanda settled on the sofa, Amanda thanked Jake for everything he had done for her. She looked forward to being able to openly spend time with her son.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At the courthouse, Jesse asked Liza if she had any part in Kendall's escape. Liza swore that she was not involved. Liza stated that she told Kendall she would have her day in court and she would win. Jesse replied that Kendall would still have her day in court, but her odds of winning were very slim.

After Jesse left the court, Liza took her frustration out on her briefcase. She smashed the briefcase against a desk. Then she hurled it into the air; however, she did not realize that David was behind her and accidentally hit him in the face. He looked surprised by the assault. She apologized profusely when she saw he had a bloody nose. He told her not to worry.

Liza told David that Kendall escaped. He was pleased and commented that Adam should be on trial, not Kendall. Liza said that Adam knew how to control the law and use it to his advantage. She admitted that part of the reason she became a lawyer was to take the control away from Adam. She noted that Kendall's case made her feel powerless, and she did not like it.

Kendall told Zach and Ryan that she did not want to flee the country. Zach affirmed that she needed to go. She noted that Zach's life was devoted to their sons and she did not want to take them away from Zach. Meanwhile, the police were closing in, so Zach ordered Kendall to run and promised to get their sons to her. She kissed her sons goodbye, and left.

Jesse and two officers entered the warehouse and found Ryan, Zach, Spike, and Ian. Jesse demanded to know where Kendall was. Ryan and Zach played dumb and claimed that they had not seen Kendall. Jesse informed Zach that Kendall had made things worse by running away. Zach urged Jesse to let Kendall run, but Jesse refused. Jesse stated that Kendall would be caught, regardless of whether or not he personally looked for her.

Jesse told the two officers to watch Ryan and Zach while he searched for Kendall at the marina. Ryan and Zach exchanged nervous glances. Ryan asked the officers to get Spike's diaper bag. When the officers turned to get the bag, Zach secretly called Rich, the captain of Kendall's getaway boat. Rich informed Zach that Kendall had not yet reached the boat. He further noted that cops were swarming the marina.

Marissa saw JR and Little Adam fishing at the marina. Marissa informed JR of Kendall's escape. JR was glad, and opined that Annie was the real killer. Marissa asked JR if he was bitter because he missed living with Adam. JR admitted that he missed his father. Nevertheless, he stated that they had a dysfunctional relationship. JR hoped that he would always have a good relationship with Little Adam. JR wanted his son to be proud of him. She affirmed that she had faith in him.

Kendall hid in the marina, but could not get to the boat because of the police presence. Then, Kendall saw Natalia and Marissa talking. Kendall emerged from hiding and surrendered to Natalia.

Jesse took Zach and Ryan to the police station. Liza met them there. Just then, Natalia entered the station with Kendall.

Jesse questioned Kendall. She pretended that she escaped on her own and that Ryan and Zach had no part in it. Jesse accepted Kendall's statement and saw no need to question Ryan and Zach. Then, Kendall asked to see Zach.

Kendall apologized to Zach for not escaping. She explained that she could not take their sons away from him. Nor did she want to leave her sons or Zach. He understood and vowed to get her out of prison. Before the police carted her off to a cell, she told Zach that she loved him.

Ryan visited Kendall at her cell. He encouraged her to fight, especially for her sons' sake. He grabbed her hand and urged her not to give up.

Kendall sat alone in her cell and recalled the night of Stuart's murder. She then cried and screamed that she could not fight any longer. An officer informed Jesse and Ryan that Kendall was "cracking up." When Jesse and Ryan reached her cell, she proclaimed, "I did it! I killed Stuart!"

AMC Recap Photo 090804 Zach told Liza that she had to get Kendall acquitted. Liza was fed up and wanted to quit the case. He begged her to stay on the case. He told her that, if she remained on the case, he would do anything she wished in return.

Adam apologized to Annie for doubting her. He declared that they should start from scratch. As they kissed, Scott arrived. Adam was happy to see his nephew and asked him to move into the mansion. Scott seemed surprised and unsure. Adam explained that he appreciated Scott's support of Annie. Adam felt that Scott's presence in the mansion would help protect Annie.

Adam told Annie to convince Scott and left the room. Annie stated that, if Scott moved in, they could watch movies together and give each other foot massages. He wondered if she was hitting on him. She laughed and affirmed that she loved Adam. She noted that Scott looked embarrassed. She asked if he was embarrassed because he found her attractive. He stated that he thought she was beautiful, but he had no romantic feelings for her. Adam returned and Scott said that he would consider the offer.

Adam told Annie that he had a surprise for her in the bedroom. She went to the room and put on a gown that Adam had laid out for her. When she returned to the parlor, she saw candles all over the room. He then handed her a rose and they danced.

Adam called Annie his angel. He stated that she was his life as he got down on bended knee. He revealed a huge diamond ring and proposed. She was elated and said yes. As they kissed, Scott entered the room.

AMC Recap Photo 090804 Jake and Amanda played with Trevor in Taylor's condo. Amanda dreamed of the day that she could be with Trevor in public. Jake was looking forward to it, as well. She called him the best husband in the world.

Amanda put Trevor down for a nap. Once the baby fell asleep, Amanda wondered why Tad and Taylor were gone for a long time. Jake assumed that they were fine, but Amanda had a bad feeling. Amanda begged Jake to find them.

JR and Marissa went to ConFusion. JR began bad-mouthing Annie as Scott approached them. Scott urged JR to give Annie a break. Scott then revealed that Adam had asked him to move into the mansion, so he could help protect Annie. JR was disgusted. JR assumed that Adam wished Scott were his son. JR then snidely warned Scott, "My father will kill all of the Stuart in you." Scott looked upset and walked away. Marissa scolded JR for being cold, and left the table. Meanwhile, David had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation.

David sat at JR's table. David rubbed it into JR's face that Adam asked Scott to move into the mansion. JR told David to take a hike. David asked JR if he needed a drink. JR told David to go to hell. David felt that JR should be pleased to have Adam out of his life. David stated that life without Adam was good for Little Adam.

Tad told Taylor that they should get back to the baby. Krystal overheard Tad's comment and inquired about the baby. Tad and Taylor looked nervous. Tad pretended that he was referring to a song, not a real baby. He noted that he and Taylor already had their own song. He said it was a new country song titled, "I Got to Get Back to My Baby." Krystal seemed confused, and commented that she did not know the song. Tad then asked Taylor to dance. As he dipped her, Jake arrived at ConFusion. Jake informed Tad that David was also at the club. Tad, Jake, and Taylor rushed off.

David asked Krystal how she felt about Tad and Taylor's relationship. Krystal claimed that she was fine with it. Nevertheless, she looked sad as she revealed that they already had a song. She told David the title of the song that Tad made up. David looked intrigued.

Tad and Taylor confessed that Krystal overheard them mention the baby. Amanda and Jake were worried. Taylor assured them that Tad covered it up brilliantly. Jake chided Tad for being careless. Jake was concerned that David would get suspicious. Tad apologized.

Taylor regretted talking about the baby in public. Tad swore that he would keep his lips sealed and never mention the baby again. She smiled and reminded him that he claimed to have a way of "unsealing lips." He offered to show her his method. He then grabbed her and kissed her.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

JR walked down an alley with a bottle of booze in his hand. He looked at the unopened bottle and grimaced. He threw the bottle against a wall and it broke into tiny pieces. Suddenly, he looked ill and fell to his knees.

Marissa saw JR on the ground and rushed to his side. He looked at Marissa, but he could not see her face because his vision was blurry. She asked if he was feeling well. He replied that he felt dizzy and hot. Finally, he was able to recover his strength and stood on his feet.

JR wondered why he felt sick. Marissa quipped that he was probably exhausted from ripping into Scott. JR showed no remorse and yelled out that Scott was annoying. She assumed that JR was taking his frustrations with Adam out on Scott. JR said that was true. He admitted that he was jealous and angry because Adam invited Scott to move in with him.

JR stated that Adam approved of Scott, not him. JR thought that Scott encompassed all of Stuart's good qualities. JR said that Scott genuinely wanted to make the world a better place; meanwhile, JR genuinely wanted to make the world a better place for himself. Marissa reminded JR that he loved Little Adam more than anything else.

Marissa asked JR if he was drunk. He admitted that he had purchased liquor, but did not drink it. He was proud that he stopped himself from relapsing. She was proud, too. She urged JR to make amends with Scott and Adam. She reminded him that he needed the support of his family to stay sober.

Scott entered the mansion and found Adam and Annie kissing amongst roses and hundreds of candles. Adam was glad to see Scott, and announced that Annie had accepted his marriage proposal. Scott congratulated the couple.

After Annie left to get champagne, Adam wondered if Scott thought he had lost his mind. Scott said that he was sincerely happy for Adam, but he did not think the other residents of Pine Valley would be as overjoyed. Adam affirmed that he did not care about the residents of Pine Valley, especially since many of them had tried to kill him.

Adam affirmed that he wanted to rebuild the Chandler family around Annie. Scott had reservations about moving into the mansion, because he did not want to be a third wheel. Adam assured Scott that he was welcome, so Scott decided to move in. Adam noted that he also wanted Scott to implement his altruistic mission statement for Chandler Industries. Scott was excited.

JR and Marissa entered the mansion as Scott, Adam, and Annie were drinking champagne. JR wondered what the special occasion was, so Adam announced his engagement. JR looked disturbed and snidely asked if he should call Annie his mother. Marissa discretely reminded JR that he needed his family. JR then refilled everyone's glasses and congratulated the couple.

Adam told JR that it meant a lot to him to have his son's approval. Adam stated that he wanted to rebuild the family. JR claimed that he was happy for his father.

JR announced that he had to go home to Little Adam. Annie told JR to hug the boy for her. JR quipped that Little Adam would be calling her "Grandma" soon. Annie shot JR a dirty look. Then, JR and Marissa left. JR exclaimed, "If my father marries that psycho, she'll destroy our family!"

Scott congratulated Annie on her engagement. She was very pleased that Scott was moving into the mansion. She stated that she was looking forward to seeing him a lot. He noted that JR was pleasant. She did not believe that JR was happy about the engagement.

Zach pleaded with Liza to stay on Kendall's case. He said that he would give her anything if she remained Kendall's lawyer. Liza felt that there was no way she could win the case, since Kendall tried to escape. He stated that Liza was capable of anything, including a fake pregnancy and birth. She affirmed that no lawyer would take Kendall's case, especially because Kendall was on the verge of confessing. He reminded Liza that Kendall was a mother and should not be separated from her sons. He begged Liza to empathize with Kendall. Liza agreed to stay on the case. He kissed her on the cheek.

Kendall declared to Jesse and Ryan that she had killed Stuart. Ryan told Jesse that he could handle Kendall, so Jesse left. Ryan urged Kendall to stop saying she was guilty. She was determined to confess. She explained that she saw Stuart's ghost and he helped her remember what she did.

Jesse told the officers at the station not to disturb him because he had to make an important call. Natalia asked one of the officers what was going on. The officer revealed that Kendall was "cracking up" in her cell. Jesse called Zach to let him know that Kendall was declaring her guilt to anyone that would listen.

Ryan urged Kendall to focus on her sons. He stated that Spike and Ian needed their mother, regardless of whether or not she was guilty. She said that her sons would never truly have their mother if she did not confess. She stated that she would be a shell of herself if she avoided a punishment. She felt that her personal guilt would eat her alive.

Kendall thought that Ryan should understand her need to confess. She felt that, if Ryan were in the same position, he would confess, as well. She commented that, if Zach were in her position, he would be able to drink a scotch and keep on living, without confessing. Kendall and Ryan did not know that Natalia was lurking near Kendall's cell. Natalia overheard Kendall's confession.

Natalia confronted Jesse. Natalia could not understand why Jesse did not take Kendall's confession seriously. He felt that Kendall was innocent. Natalia disagreed, and noted that innocent people did not confess to murder. Natalia assumed that Jesse called Zach to warn him. Natalia wondered why Jesse was working with Zach. Jesse urged his daughter to trust him. Jesse stated that he was trying to protect his family. Natalia called him a liar.

Zach arrived at the police station and met with Kendall. Kendall hugged Zach and commented that it was good to feel his strength. He begged her not to confess, but she would not listen. She was certain that she needed to confess. She reminded Zach of the first time they married. She recalled him saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to understand her heart. She pleaded with him to try to understand why she had to confess.

Ryan told Liza and Jesse that he thought Kendall should be allowed to speak her mind. Zach returned from Kendall's cell. Ryan tried to give his opinion to Zach, but Zach refused to listen. Zach stated that he did not need Ryan's help with his wife. Zach swore that he would not let Kendall go to jail.

Jesse and Liza listened to Kendall as she officially confessed. Jesse taped Kendall as she recounted the night of Stuart's murder. Kendall affirmed that she pulled the trigger. She explained that she was grief-ridden and wanted to kill Adam. She noted that she did not wish to make excuses, but wished to clarify why she committed murder. Kendall then stated that she wanted to apologize to Stuart, Scott, and Marian. Kendall hoped that her confession would bring them peace.

Kendall sat alone in her cell. Suddenly, Stuart's ghost appeared. He gladly accepted Kendall's apology. He then thanked her for doing the right thing. He also assured her that he was fine. He was excited because he would finally go to heaven, since Kendall confessed. Kendall said that everyone was going to love him in heaven.

Randi had a nightmare about killing Henry and losing her baby. Frankie could tell that she was having a bad dream and woke her. He wondered if she was thinking about the baby. She admitted that she felt guilty over losing the baby. He assured her that it was not her fault.

Natalia visited Randi and Frankie. Natalia told Frankie about her confrontation with Jesse. Natalia revealed that Jesse had been acting strangely since Henry died. She suspected Jesse of being on the wrong side of the law. She explained that Jesse was protecting the Slater family, but she did not know why.

Frankie refused to believe that Jesse was corrupt. Frankie was certain that there was a good reason for Jesse's actions. Meanwhile, Randi looked nervous. Randi interjected that Jesse might be protecting someone close to him. Natalia then remembered Jesse saying that he was protecting his family.

Frankie suggested to Randi that they try to have another baby. She stated that she was not ready to have another baby because she was still grieving the child she lost.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marissa saw JR reading in the newspaper about Kendall confessing to Stuart's murder. JR told Marissa that despite Kendall's admittance, he still believed Annie killed Stuart. Even worse, Annie was about to become JR's stepmother. Marissa told JR not to let Adam's impending marriage to Annie get him down. JR told Marissa to stop acting like she knew what was best for him. Marissa told JR that Annie and Adam might really love each other. JR said Annie was only using Adam.

Marissa began to walk away from JR, but JR apologized. He said he was not like Scott, an idealist ready to save the world. Marissa said she did not want JR to be like Scott. JR asked what Marissa wanted from him. She said absolutely nothing and sulked off. Colby came into the pool area and asked JR what he did to upset Marissa. JR told Colby that he and Marissa were talking about Adam and Annie's engagement. Colby was shocked because Adam had not told her about the engagement. Of course, Colby was against the idea.

Adam was pleased when Annie entered, flashing her diamond engagement ring, and announced to Zach that she was marrying Adam. Adam ushered Annie and the security guard out of the room so he and Zach could speak. Zach said that Stuart would not want Kendall behind bars. Adam said Kendall needed to suffer. Zach said Kendall's daily guilt was enough suffering. Annie and the security guard returned to the room as Adam and Zach raised their voices.

Scott interjected into the conversation between Zach and Adam. He said that Stuart would not want Kendall to die for her crime. Annie even told Adam to consider how awful it would be for Ian and Spike to grow up without Kendall. After Zach left, Adam asked Annie if she really wanted him to help Kendall. Annie said that if Adam helped Kendall, Zach might leave them alone.

Liza checked on Kendall at the police station. Liza told Kendall she could have bought Kendall more time with her family, but Kendall said she was ready to stand trial.

Frankie saw the story in the newspaper about Kendall, too. He told Randi that it was hard to believe Kendall was a killer. Randi said that people sometimes did things by accident. Frankie figured Kendall's guilt led to her confession. Natalia stopped in and apologized to Frankie and Randi for burdening them with her suspicions that Jesse was covering something up. Angie emerged from a back room and asked Natalia what she thought Jesse was hiding.

Natalia said she told Jesse that Kendall confessed to the murder, but he ignored it. Randi said Jesse must have had his reasons. Natalia said she did not want Jesse upset with her. Angie said Jesse was nothing but proud of Natalia. Angie took Frankie to the hospital for a check up.

At the hospital, Angie asked Frankie if he noticed how quickly Randi jumped to Jesse's defense. Frankie said that Randi and Jesse had gotten close, especially after Randi's miscarriage. Angie said she confronted Jesse about Henry's death and believed Randi was involved. Angie said she asked Jesse if he was keeping something from her. Angie said Jesse did not deny it, but asked her to trust him.

Madison found Frankie at the hospital. She asked how Randi's baby was doing. Frankie's reaction immediately made Madison realize that Randi had lost the baby. Madison gave her condolences to Frankie, greeted Angie, and left. Angie told Frankie that she had a strange feeling about Madison, Jesse, and Randi.

Natalia told Randi she was not sure what to think of Jesse's odd behavior. Randi said everyone had secrets, including her. Randi said some secrets were better left unsaid. Natalia said that Jesse had an obligation to uphold the law. Randi said Jesse might be a cop, but that he was also a father and husband. Natalia said Jesse would need to learn to separate his work from his personal life. Randi said that Natalia just needed to trust Jesse's judgment.

Jesse told Ryan that Liza composed a list of family and friends that could speak on Kendall's behalf. Ryan was disappointed that he was not the list. Jesse said Ryan's past relationship with Kendall did not make him the best character witness. Erica rushed into the police station looking for Kendall. She went into the holding room, where Liza was speaking with Kendall, interrupted and told Kendall not to say another word.

Erica told Kendall she had a plane standing by, ready to whisk her and the children off to a safe place. Kendall said she was not able take her children away from their fathers. Erica said Kendall still had time to run away before the trial. Kendall refused to run off, and asked her mother not to go to the trial. Kendall said that Erica was no longer a character witness. Kendall begged her mother to spend time with her children instead of in the courtroom.

Erica hugged Kendall and went back outside to join Ryan and Jesse. Erica told them that Kendall wanted her with the children, not in the courtroom. Jesse said he agreed with Kendall. Ryan said he was also not allowed at the sentencing. Erica caught Zach as he arrived at the station. She asked Zach to make Kendall allow her in the courtroom. Zach ignored them and went straight in to see Kendall. Kendall asked Zach not to look at her in the courtroom. She wanted to remember the love and happiness in his eyes. Kendall told Zach she was lucky to be a part of his life. Zach said Kendall was the best part of his life. They shared a kiss and Zach left.

As Kendall requested, Erica watched Spike and Ian, but the babysitter had taken them to the park. Ryan stopped by to see how Erica was handling Kendall's legal woes. Ryan told Erica that they needed to accept that there was nothing more to do to help Kendall. He said Kendall was on her own. Erica admitted that, initially, she worried Zach would ruin Kendall's life, but she saw how committed he was to his family. Erica said she was worried the judge would sentence Kendall to death. Ryan was confident Kendall would not get a death sentence. Erica said Annie should be the one on trial.

Zach was first to take the witness stand at Kendall's trial. Zach said Kendall was an excellent mother who did not deserve to be taken from her children. He told the crowd that Kendall was grieving after almost losing her son, and not in the right state of mind when she went to the Chandler mansion.

Scott told the judge that Stuart was a man who saw the good in everyone. Adam agreed with Scott on the stand. Adam said that Stuart was dead because of his mistakes. Adam said he could not bring Stuart back, but would honor his memory by asking the judge for leniency. Marian walked in, looked at the judge, and said that although Stuart might have forgiven Kendall, she had not. On the stand, Marian said that no one knew what Stuart wanted, because Kendall killed him. As Marian got visibly upset, Liza got up to console her, but Marian pushed Liza away. Marian said Liza should be ashamed for defending Stuart's killer. Marian said she hoped Kendall suffered for the rest of her life and rotted in hell.

Annie rang a bell to get a maid's attention. The maid entered the living room, where Annie was lounging on the couch, reading a magazine and eating chocolate. Annie asked the maid about wedding dresses, but the maid was not very eager to help. The maid made a comment regarding Annie and Adam's age difference. Annie snapped at the maid to get back to work.

JR went to the Chandler mansion and found the maid annoyed with Annie's constant demands. JR told the maid to take a break and took Annie her coffee. Annie told JR that she was going to be the next Mrs. Chandler, whether he liked it or not. JR said, "I guess that's that," and helped himself to a cup of coffee. JR said he wanted Annie to admit that she was using Adam. JR found it hard to believe that Adam's older age turned Annie on. Annie said she was very attracted to Adam. JR leaned in and kissed Annie.

Everyone gathered outside of the courtroom after the testimonies. Marissa told Scott he did well on the stand. Marian told Adam she thought he would be more of a comfort to her during Stuart's death. Instead, Marian found nothing in Adam. Marian said she would be moving. Liza apologized to Zach for Marian's outburst. Zach said he understood that Marian was in pain.

Everyone returned to the courtroom to hear the judge's decision. The judge asked Kendall to rise so she could hear the verdict.

Madison passed Randi in the hallway. Madison said she ran into Frankie, and offered condolences for the loss of the baby. Randi told Madison to stay away from Frankie. Madison jokingly said she and Randi were supposed to be friends. Randi said friends didn't send each other twisted messages. Madison retorted that friends didn't kill each other's husbands, either. Randi was taken aback by Madison's accusation. Madison said Randi's secret was safe with her. Angie saw Madison and Randi tensely walk away from each other.

Friday, August 7, 2009

At the courthouse, the judge announced that although Kendall's motivation to kill Adam was tragic, it held no weight with regard to his final decision. Her attempt to flee, however, was considered. He sentenced her to the state penitentiary for the rest of her life, without the possibility of parole before a minimum of fifteen years had been served. After the judge banged his gavel and dismissed the court, Kendall simply stood motionless, her face blank.

Liza promised that there would be an appeal, but Kendall didn't react to Liza's words. She asked Jesse if she could be taken away immediately, and when the police chief took her aside to have her put into handcuffs, Liza asked why Zach hadn't said goodbye. Zach told her that his actions were in line with Kendall's request.

AMC Recap Photo 090807 Adam exited the courtroom to a throng of reporters and photographers, who alternately yelled questions at Adam and took his picture. Although he tried to avoid answering, Adam finally gave in and told them that he had no sense of vindication, as his brother was dead, and a family had lost their mother. He thanked the authorities for all of their hard work and then quickly exited the building.

Kendall was the next to be taken out of the courtroom and the reporters and photographers offered her equal treatment. Kendall remained silent, while Liza assuredly announced that they would appeal. Marian watched the exchange and then, much to everyone's horror, pulled out a gun, aimed it at Kendall, and fired. Marian was restrained and an ambulance was called before Jesse attempted to get a handle on the melee. Marian turned to see the results and was aghast when she realized she'd hit Marissa.

The ambulance arrived and, as they prepared Marissa for transport, the weight of what she'd done fell on Marian. Liza explained her relationship to the guards around her mother and was granted access. Marian apologized profusely, and Liza promised her that everything would work out. Their conversation was brief, as Jesse indicated that Marian was to be escorted downtown immediately. On the way out, Marian laid blame at Adam's feet as she told him that he should have sought vengeance sooner. After she was escorted out, Liza ripped into Adam for being ever-present in situations where lives were destroyed.

In an attempt to get Annie to come clean about her real motivations, JR kissed her deeply. Annie struggled against his grasp and berated JR for his tactics. She swore that the love she and Adam shared was real. Annie went on to extol Adam's virtues, and then said that she would never cheat with someone like JR. JR copped to all of the things that Annie accused him of, and then said that those things were better than what Annie was -- a whore. She slapped him across the face and, after recovering for a moment, JR chuckled.

JR continued to press Annie's buttons, and edged closer to calling her crazy. His sister's hasty entrance stopped him. Colby demanded that they stop their feud to see the news broadcast. JR and Annie found out about the incidents at the courthouse, and JR took off for the hospital. Annie tried to act instinctually and indicated that she wanted to comfort Colby. Colby backed away, and Annie asked the young woman if she was scared. Colby plainly told her that being alone in a house with an insane person was a scary situation, but Annie denied being anything but stable.

Taylor showed up unexpectedly at the Martin household and begged for Tad's help with baby Trevor. Tad pointed out that it had been a bad idea to take the baby over, but secretly enjoyed the surprise. Moments later, they heard a knock at the door and Taylor hid with the baby. Tad opened the door to a frantic Amanda, who had gone to Taylor's place but found that no one was home. Taylor made her presence known, much to Amanda's relief, and Amanda attempted to reconnect with her baby.

Just as Amanda alit on the thought that her baby didn't recognize her anymore, Krystal called from upstairs to find out what was happening. Tad stashed the baby behind the couch just as Krystal came downstairs. Before Krystal could question why everyone had stopped by, Tad saw live footage from the courthouse on the TV and turned up the volume in time for the room to find out that Marissa had been shot.

Krystal took off for the hospital while Tad, Amanda, and Taylor discussed their shock over the day's events. Then, Taylor apologized for taking the baby out of her house and said that she would take him back right away. Amanda thanked Taylor for all she'd done and promised to soon find a way to allow everyone to get back to a more normal life. Tad announced how glad he was that they'd been able to keep the baby under wraps, but moments later, Kathy bounced into the room, delighted at the sight of Trevor.

Tad tried to come up a way to explain the baby's presence so that Taylor could make her getaway, but was stymied when Opal showed up. Opal claimed to know that the baby was Taylor's niece and then sent Kathy on her way. Amanda tried to hasten Taylor's exit, but Opal stopped everyone in their tracks when she announced her theory that the baby was actually Amanda's son.

After an uncomfortable silence, Amanda admitted that the baby was indeed the one she'd given birth to. Opal was delighted at the news but was concerned at how things would work out. Opal asked if they'd reached a decision on how to handle the situation so that David would remain in the dark. They told Opal what they had in mind, and Opal said that they needed a better plan. Tad asked if Opal had any other ideas, and Opal surprised them when she answered in the affirmative.

As Jesse briefed Natalia on where he needed her to be, Zach sat with Kendall in the courtroom and cherished a few extra moments with his wife. The moments flew, and soon Jesse announced that it was time for Kendall to leave. Zach hugged her tightly once more, and then Kendall told him that she would close her eyes, and asked that he be gone when she opened them. Zach stole a few lingering touches, and then did as she asked.

Zach ran into Adam in the courtroom hall. As they watched a custodian mop up Marissa's blood from the floor, Adam noted that Zach probably blamed Adam, as well. Unexpectedly, Zach pointed out all the people that had been lost that day, said he was out of blame, and walked away.

At the hospital, Jake jumped into action at Marissa's arrival, but was soon pushed out of the way by David. David swore to his daughter that he would take care of her and then commanded everyone to get Marissa to an operating room. Jake and Krystal watched him go, while Scott asked about the rules that disallowed David to operate on a family member. Jake said that as chief of staff, David usually did whatever he wanted. Krystal urged Jake to scrub in anyway, and after Jake granted her request, Krystal explained to Scott that David had lost another daughter on the operating table and blamed himself.

Zach went back to his house and broke the news to Rachel that he would no longer need her services. Rachel wondered if she'd done something wrong, but Zach told her that Kendall would want him to stay at home with the boys full-time. He told her that he would pay her for the year, and make sure she got another job. As tears brimmed behind her eyes, Rachel told him that he could call her if he changed his mind, and then left. Zach closed the door behind her and then answered a call from Jesse.

At the police station, Liza had a few moments to talk to Natalia while a psychiatrist talked to her mother. She wondered after her mother's fate and was relieved when the district attorney, who'd overheard part of their conversation, said that Marian would be transported to the hospital. Liza asked to see her mother again, and the D.A. agreed to allow that, once the psychiatrist had wrapped up his session.

Liza went in to see her mother and barely held it together when she realized that Marian didn't remember what she'd done at the courthouse. Liza promised her mother that while Marian recuperated in the hospital, Liza would take care of all of the legal business. Marian seemed pleased and was ready when Natalia indicated that they needed to leave. Marian hugged her daughter and then expressed a desire for them to have lunch at the Yacht Club so that they could catch up. Liza started to unravel, so she quickly bid her mother farewell and only let the tears fall once her mother's back was turned.

JR ran in the hospital and found Krystal and Scott in the waiting room. They were unable to give him many details other than what happened at the courthouse and that Marissa had been taken into surgery. David arrived in the waiting room moments later and admitted that he had frozen in the operating room. The trio held their breath until JR found the courage to ask if Marissa was dead.

David denied that and said that he'd been unable to complete the operation. JR blasted David for his presence in the operating room in the first place, and, unable to object, David walked away. Krystal followed him, and David admitted that when Marissa's pressure started to drop, all he could see was Leora. Krystal felt David's pain, and comforted him with a hug.

Annie tried to act as though, with effort, a relationship could be possible between herself and Colby. Colby squashed that dream when she said that Annie's history of trashing relationships, as well as her history of violence, made that impossible. Just then, they heard the front door close and Adam entered the living room. Annie quickly ran to him and proclaimed her relief that Adam had survived the incident at the courthouse.

Colby tried to touch base briefly with her father, but when Annie decided to inject herself into the conversation, Colby stopped her in short order. Adam tried to defuse the situation and asked if Colby had heard about his engagement, but that only made things worse. Colby told him that it would have been nicer to hear about it directly from her father, but Adam noted that he didn't think Colby cared. Colby pointed out that her father's latest decision had made it clear that he didn't want his daughter back in the house, and she stalked out.

Adam tearfully recalled the look of revenge he saw in Marian's eyes and noted that it was much better to forgive. He then told Annie that when the shot rang out, he was taken back to the night of Stuart's murder. Annie quickly quieted him, and said that they needed to look toward their new life together, and never think of that horrible night again.

AMC Recap Photo 090807 Jake emerged from the operating room and delivered the news that Marissa had pulled through surgery. JR and Scott took off to see the patient in recovery, while Krystal stuck by David's side. David lamented his incessant pursuit of Amanda's baby, which seemed to take precedence over spending time with Marissa. At that moment, Liza showed up and was relieved to hear that Marissa had survived.

Her relief was short-lived, as David wasted no time lambasting her for the role she played in Marissa's injury. Liza had just enough time to tell Krystal of Marian's fate before David demanded that she leave. Once Liza was gone, David told Krystal that he was through with allowing the people of Pine Valley to hurt his daughters.

Liza made a beeline to the Slater house to check on Zach. He appeared to be holding up for the most part, but stopped Liza when she indicated a desire to talk about appeal strategies. She then asked if he would need extra help taking care of the boys, but Zach insisted that he would be fine on his own. At that moment, Spike's small voice pierced the silence as he asked after his mother's whereabouts.

Zach retrieved his other son and, while Liza listened in, he tried to explain why Kendall wouldn't be around as much. He told the boys that they would visit Kendall every week and that he would be around a lot more to take care of them. Zach assured them that things would work out fine in the end. He put the boys to bed, and Liza checked to see if there was anything she could do. Zach told her that he wanted to be alone with his sons, so Liza saw herself out. Zach poured himself a drink and sipped it slowly as he listened to the floors creak above his head.



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