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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 3, 2009 on GL
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Shayne called Dinah as Vanessa and Ashlee prepared Dinah for their wedding. Shayne asked her to meet him at the gazebo before the ceremony. Ashlee grabbed Dinah's hat, and Vanessa said she needn't worry about Dinah once Dinah married Shayne.

At the gazebo, Shayne presented Dinah with fresh flowers that he'd picked himself. Dinah loved them; however, she was allergic to most flowers, except lilac. Shayne asked her to walk to the wedding site with him, because it was a beautiful day.

They strolled to the bridge by the lake, and Dinah wondered if they'd still take walks and fly kites once they were married. Shayne said they'd do it with their children. He couldn't wait to have a child with her. Dinah had never imagined making plans for a future for herself. Shayne asked if they'd rushed the wedding. He offered to postpone it to give her a bigger wedding. "I want to get married to you now," Dinah said, and they strolled off the bridge together.

At the Cooper house, Mallet looked at the trust document, and wondered when the lies would stop. He hid the papers when Marina entered. She said she was glad that their family had survived the previous few weeks. Mallet reminded her that their fresh start included being honest for Henry's sake. Mallet stated that honesty meant more than money. Marina completely agreed, saying that Shayne and Dinah would start their life anew, and so would Marina and Mallet.

At Cross Creek, Reva looked at Jeffrey's photograph, and said that she was trying to put on a big show of happiness for her son. In truth, it was hard for her to get through a day without Jeffrey. Billy arrived to pick her up for the wedding, and asked if she were okay. Reva assured him that she was fine, and rearing to see her son get married.

Reva and Billy met Josh, Ashlee, and Vanessa outside the courthouse. Across the entrance, Mallet and Marina stood with Christina and Remy. Mallet ducked into the police station to check on something. Remy followed Mallet to ask what troubled him. Mallet said he used to trust Marina more than anything, but she was keeping "crazy secrets." He showed Remy the trust document. Remy advised Mallet to forget about it until after the wedding.

Dinah and Shayne arrived outside the courthouse, and heard their family's cheers. Inside later, Dinah worried that she had no one to walk her down the aisle. Ashlee said it was no big deal. Remy entered, and happily offered to walk Dinah. Dinah replied that Ross would be happy that she had good friends like Remy and Ashlee.

Bill and Lizzie rushed to load things into their house before Dinah's wedding. "If my wife is happy, then my life is happy," Bill said, kissing her. Later, Lizzie and Bill arrived late at the courthouse, and Lizzie worried about disrupting the ceremony. Lizzie said Dinah had turned her life around, proof that people could change for the better.

When the couple entered, they saw Dinah and Remy preparing to walk down the aisle. Bill wondered if Vanessa knew that he was late. Dinah replied that Bill was in their mother's doghouse. The couple entered the courtroom ahead of Dinah. Dinah told Remy that he was her best friend. She said she wanted happiness, even though she might not deserve it.

Remy walked Dinah down a short aisle to Shayne and Doris Wolfe. The ceremony began, and Doris asked the bride and groom to say their personalized vows. Shayne said that their relationship, based on trust and honesty, meant everything to him. He said that they'd both lost loves before, but Dinah had taught him that love never died; it lived with them. He promised that their love would always live within them.

Dinah said that Shayne always accepted her for who she was. From that day forward, she promised to be the best "me" that she could be for him. Doris guided them in the exchanging of the rings, and pronounced them husband and wife.

As they kissed, everyone cheered. Doris said she wanted that kind of happiness for Ashlee. Ashlee replied that she wanted the same for Doris. Shayne instructed everyone to head to Towers for the reception.

At the reception, Reva and Josh discussed how happy Shayne was, and Reva was glad to have found the same happiness with Jeffrey, even if for a short time. Bill toasted to the bride and groom. When Dinah said she'd gotten a Baked Alaska, Shayne joked that he needed to keep her from the combustibles. After a while, Shayne wondered to friends and family where his wife was.

Across the room, Mallet whispered to Remy that he'd given Marina one more chance to tell the truth. Remy asked if Mallet planned to turn in his own wife. Mallet said he, and probably any judge, could understand a mother protecting her child, but he needed to know that his wife was capable of telling the truth before the lies destroyed their lives.

Mallet approached Marina, pretending to ponder taking a second job to save money for Henry's future. "It's not like he has buried treasure out there, waiting for him," Mallet reasoned. Marina chuckled in agreement, and Mallet looked annoyed.

Mallet asked Marina outside, where he confronted her with the trust document. Marina stammered, saying that it had arrived with the box of things from Edmund. Mallet asked why she hadn't burned it like everything else, or shown it to him. Marina had planned to check with Jeffrey to see if it were even real. She asked why Mallet was so suspicious of her every move. Mallet worried that Marina was incapable of honesty, and he feared for their family.

An irate Marina realized that nothing had changed; Mallet still thought she was a liar and a murderer. She understood how the situation looked, but he'd been harder on her than any other suspect. Mallet claimed that he wanted to believe her more than anything in the world. "No you don't!" Marina sobbed, and accused him of ruining their family. "But I'm not the one who's lying," Mallet asserted as Marina ran off in tears.

Remy found Mallet outside. Dinah appeared on the steps above them, and listened in as Mallet told Remy what had happened with Marina. Mallet understood Marina's motive to protect Henry, but he couldn't understand why she'd let innocent people suffer. Mallet doubted that Marina would tell the truth until he hauled her in for questioning.

Mallet walked off, and Dinah followed him to say that she'd overheard his conversation with Remy. Mallet replied that she should forget it about it on her wedding day. Dinah said she'd tried to keep a secret, but she couldn't watch people suffer. "You can't turn in Marina. She didn't do anything. She did not kill that John Doe. I did. I did it," Dinah confessed.

Alan observed Phillip ending a phone call, and asked how the takeover was going. Phillip replied that he'd been talking to Ed, not scheming a takeover. Phillip offered to take Alan to a cafe with the best pancakes in Ohio. After a long drive, they arrived at the café, and ordered. Alan told Phillip to stop playing games and reveal the real reason for the trip.

Phillip admitted that he did have an ulterior motive for their road trip. He gestured to the restaurant owner and her son. Phillip identified them as Joanne and Charlie. Alan asked how Phillip knew them. Phillip replied that he didn't know them, but Alan did. Phillip said they were Gerald Pierce's family. "It's a chance for you to finally face something that's been haunting you all these years," Phillip said.

Upset, Alan left the table, and Phillip followed him outside. Phillip said that though Alan felt terrible about the Pierces' loss, he'd helped them by giving them the money, which they'd used to purchase the restaurant. "So now money can make up for the loss of a husband and father, is that it?" Alan asked. "You had no right to bring me here!"

Phillip replied that money didn't heal the wound, but Alan had done the best he could. Phillip stated that Alan no longer had to feel like a coward over what had happened to Gerald Pierce. Alan regretted sharing the story with Phillip, who always had to fix everything. Phillip replied that it was Alan's chance for forgiveness. "If you face it, you'll be free," Phillip said, and wondered what Alan really had to lose.

Sometime later, Alan arrived at their hotel room to find Phillip inside reading. Alan said he'd walked for a while, but he hadn't returned to the restaurant. Alan wished he could make Phillip proud of him for facing his past, but he was too afraid. "I want to, but I just can't," Alan added. He pondered, "If I faced my demons..." Phillip replied that there were no demons. There was only Joanne and Charlie.

Later, Alan nervously reentered the restaurant for coffee. He spotted a Silver Star metal in a frame. Joanne said it had belonged to her husband. She gestured to Charlie, saying he liked to display the star in the restaurant, because it was his only connection to his father. Joanne thought it was great that her son was proud of his father. Alan took a breath, and approached Charlie. Alan stuck out his hand, saying, "My name is Alan Spaulding, and I knew your father."

Back at the hotel, Phillip left Ed a message that the trip had gone well. Phillip said he was starting to feel a little bad. He asked Ed to call him back with his blood work results.

Alan returned to the hotel room to see that Ed was ringing Phillip's phone. Alan answered it, saying, "Hello?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At the hotel, Alan answered Ed's call to Phillip's phone. Ed said that they had a bad connection, but continued to render Phillip's dismal test results. Ed stated that it was too late to partake in the experimental treatment. With Phillip's worsening condition, Ed advised that Phillip cut his road trip short, and tell his family about his terminal condition.

Phillip sat in his car, daydreaming that his family held a memorial service for him at the mansion. He returned to the hotel room, where Alan stared grimly at the phone. Phillip said that he was proud of Alan for revisiting the Pierces at the restaurant. Alan replied that he'd done the best that he could. Alan said that Ed Bauer had called. "You're dying," Alan surmised.

Phillip asked why Alan had answered Phillip's phone. "That's not the question here. What is wrong with you, Phillip?" Alan asked. Phillip pretended that Ed had exaggerated. Alan explained that Ed had thought he'd been talking directly to Phillip. Phillip admitted that he'd contracted an incurable illness. Alan stated that there had to be a cure, but Phillip insisted that there wasn't. "How much time?" Alan asked. Phillip said he had less than two months to live.

"Do you know how selfish you've been?" Alan raged, reasoning that Phillip hadn't been sincere in his efforts with Alan and James. Alan felt that, instead, Phillip had been checking items off his list of things to do before he died. "The baseball game, Gerald's family-it's all lies. None of it was real," Alan asserted, and stormed out.

Phillip pursued Alan outside, and asked why his dying made a difference in their plans. "You're really asking your father that question?" Alan replied. Phillip reasoned that everyone would die eventually. Phillip asked that Alan finish what they'd set out to do, and heal their past wounds. Phillip believed that they had a chance to break the cycle in the family.

"You don't get to fix your father, and then die on me!" Alan raged. He pronounced them finished, and said he'd get his own ride home. After Alan left, Phillip returned to the hotel room, and sorted his pills. Angry, he knocked them across the room.

Alan went to the Pierces' restaurant to speak to Charlie, who thanked Alan for talking about Gerald. Charlie had never known Gerald, but he couldn't have been prouder of him. Alan left the restaurant, and tearfully uttered, "Phillip..."

At the mini-mart, Beth stocked up on armloads of household items for Lizzie and Bill's new house. She bumped into Matt, who said the house had "good bones," but needed work. Beth dropped her bundle of items, and Matt offered to help her take the things to the newlyweds.

Bill and Lizzie wandered through their new house, making a list of repairs. Lizzie sighed when a handle broke off a door. Bill promised her that they'd fix the house up for their children, including Sarah, who he hoped would one day live with them.

Bill's first project was blowing up an air mattress; however, he blew a fuse in the process, and the house darkened. After checking the fuse box, Bill found Lizzie fanning herself in the bathroom. He warned her to avoid the basement. Lizzie said they needed to stay in a hotel, because she couldn't live without air conditioning. Bill turned on the bathtub facet, and dampened a cloth. He sponged Lizzie's neck, saying that he'd cool her off. They began kissing.

When Matt and Beth arrived at the house, they found the newlyweds exiting the bathroom in their robes. The couple scrambled to explain that they'd been cooling each other down. Beth announced that she had supplies. Matt wearily stared around, and added that he was there with his contracting skills. Aside, Matt advised Bill to move out while they renovated, but Bill said he'd promised Lizzie that they'd live there while making repairs.

Lizzie asked Beth if she'd heard from Phillip. Beth said that Phillip didn't check in with her. Lizzie joked that Beth was playing hard to get. Beth replied that Phillip didn't want to reunite with her, and she had her own life. Beth shared that, last she'd heard, Phillip and Alan had been at a ballpark, eating Cracker Jacks. "I know you're speaking English, but I don't understand your words," a stunned Lizzie said.

After Matt and Beth left, Lizzie wondered if Bill wanted to live in the house even if the project dragged out. Bill said it was a big adventure. The couple heard running water, and Bill checked on it. When he returned, he was soaking wet. Bill had discovered a "little leak" from the ceiling beneath the bathtub. He hurried to call Matt, and Lizzie chuckled wearily.

Outside the police station, Mallet disbelieved Dinah's story. Crying, Dinah explained that she'd seen Marina and Henry in the park. Marina had left her stroller at the entrance near the shopping center. Dinah recalled seeing someone who'd looked like Edmund. "He knew that Henry was his grandson, and he wanted him. And he said that he was going to go after Marina and that baby-your baby," Dinah told Mallet.

Dinah said she had to stop Edmund, and the stroller was right there. After she'd gotten the body into the river, she'd gone home to shower. Dinah cried, saying she'd tried to bury the truth, but then Mallet had gone after his own wife. Dinah told him that if he wanted to turn someone in, it should be her, not Marina.

Several feet away, Frank observed Mallet and Dinah. Upset, Mallet decided he'd just bury the case, as everyone had told him to. Mallet reasoned that his number one suspect, Jeffrey O'Neill, was dead, and the case was closed. Frank strode off unseen.

Dinah couldn't believe Mallet would arrest Marina, but let Dinah go. Mallet uttered that it was Dinah's wedding day, and she should be with her husband. Shayne approached, and Mallet wished them the best. Dinah thanked Mallet, and everyone departed.

At Shayne and Dinah's place, Shayne said that he couldn't walk when they'd met, but he'd since become a whole man, who could carry his bride over the threshold. Shayne carried her inside, where they had a few beers. Dinah admitted that she feared failing Shayne, who thought she was something other than she really was. Shayne said that she was his family, and they'd have an amazing life together.

While cleaning her kitchen, a teary Marina stared at a picture of her and Mallet. She threw it across the room, and sobbed. When Mallet got home later, he found the shattered picture on the floor. Marina asked if he had the warrant for her arrest, or if he planned to send her to Ravenwood. She joked that she could use the vacation.

Mallet apologized for not believing in Marina despite the evidence. He promised to make everything up to her. A tearful and disillusioned Marina said she'd like to work everything out, so that they could raise their son together. She assumed that seeing Dinah and Shayne wed had made Mallet think about his own marriage.

Later, Frank arrived, asking if he could have a word with Mallet. Marina left for a walk, and Frank said he'd overheard a conversation that he probably shouldn't have. Frank revealed that he knew that Dinah had confessed to killing the John Doe. Frank wondered if Mallet planned on arresting Dinah, or letting Jeffrey take the fall.

Mallet pretended that he'd intended to follow up on Dinah's story the next day. Frank wanted her arrested immediately, because she was a flight risk. Mallet said he'd planned to do it the following day, since Dinah had just gotten married. He assured Frank that he was on it, and walked away.

Meanwhile, Dinah's wedding bands slipped off her finger as she kissed Shayne. He pocketed them for resizing later. Before they made love, he trotted off for a moment. Dinah received a call from Mallet. "We got a problem," Mallet said, explaining that Frank had overheard them in the parking lot. Dinah groaned, and said she had to go. Even though she no longer appeared in the mood, she began making love to Shayne.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At Towers, Reva collected the wedding gifts, and insisted to Josh that she was actually having a good day. Josh gave Reva a ride home. After glancing at Jeffrey's picture on the mantel, Josh decided that he should leave. Reva replied that if Josh left, she'd just talk to Jeffrey's picture. She admitted that she wasn't doing as well as she'd hoped.

Reva and Josh sat on the hearth, discussing Shayne and the wedding. Reva said that marriage was one of the great joys of life; that was why she'd tried it so many times. Josh figured she'd just wanted to get it right. Reva said she'd finally gotten it right the last time. Josh decided it was time to go. Reva apologized for bringing down the mood, but Josh still wanted to leave.

Reva offered to accompany him wherever he was going. Josh didn't think she'd want to join him at the pool hall, but Reva said sitting in the house was driving her crazy. She felt that the wedding had given her some joy, and she didn't want it to end. Reva went to change clothes, but paused at Jeffrey's photo in the kitchen. "I'm hanging in there, babe," she said.

While Shayne attempted to make love with Dinah, she suggested that they go on a big adventure to Europe or South America. Shayne said that if his wife wanted a spontaneous honeymoon, she'd get one. As Shayne went to make reservations, Dinah confessed that she wanted to leave the country because the police were on their way to arrest her.

Shayne almost laughed, but then saw the seriousness on her face. "What did you do?" he hesitantly asked. Dinah sobbed that she'd killed the John Doe. She said she'd never meant to hurt Shayne that way. Just then, someone knocked on the door. It was room service, who dropped off a complimentary champagne bottle, and left.

Dinah explained that she'd killed the John Doe to protect Henry. Shayne couldn't believe that his wife was responsible for a crime that had caused his mother so much aggravation, pain, and grief. "Colin's not going to have a father over this! And you sat on it? You let this happen, and did nothing?" Shayne raged. "What kind of person are you?"

Dinah said she wished everyday that she'd died in Jeffrey's place. She felt that she ruined everything that she touched. Shayne didn't understand why she hadn't told him the truth. He reminded her that he'd even offered to protect her if she'd done it. Dinah uttered that she couldn't go back to prison. Shayne replied that he wouldn't have let that happen, but Dinah stated that he couldn't control the courts.

Shayne said he loved her, but he didn't know if he could live with the truth. Dinah didn't think she could live with it, either. She said that he'd loved her when everyone else thought she was a monster, and she'd never forget that. Dinah decided that she'd turn herself in, and face the consequences. Shayne tried to stop her, but she left, tearfully thanking him for all he'd given her.

Later, Remy entered Farley's, and saw Shayne drinking at the bar. Remy wondered if Shayne and Dinah had fought on their wedding day. "Something like that," Shayne replied. Remy encouraged him to hang in there, because marriage wasn't easy.

Shayne went to Cross Creek, where he found his parents. He proclaimed that his new wife was a murderer, who'd let Reva and Jeffrey suffer the consequences. Reva asked who'd told Shayne that kind of thing. "Dinah!" he roared. "Dinah told me."

Shayne felt betrayed and disillusioned, and he wondered how Dinah could do that to Reva. Reva said that, in her own time, she'd deal with what Dinah had done. Reva worried about Shayne. Josh suggested that Shayne spend the night at Cross Creek. Reva replied that Shayne was a married man; he needed to return home, and have a long talk with his wife.

After Shayne left, Reva said she was exhausted enough to sleep. She told Josh that he was officially off duty. "No more talking to pictures, okay?" Josh said. After he left, Reva looked at Jeffrey's picture, and said her plan didn't work. She felt that she'd be alone and sad forever.

When Mallet arrived at the police station, Frank was busily preparing paperwork for Dinah's arrest. He'd additionally ordered a squad car to pick Dinah up. Mallet murmured that it was probably self-defense. Frank agreed, but said that they had to follow protocol.

Mallet reasoned that the murder case had been fraught with misleading evidence, and Dinah had a tendency to cover for other people. He wanted to check out her story before they went on another wild goose chase. Frank agreed to let Mallet sort out the facts before they arrested Dinah.

Marina entered as Frank left. Mallet apologized for his behavior toward her, and said he never should have suspected her in the first place. He promised to make it up to her. A reticent Marina left for Company, where she ran into Frank. He said he hated the toll that the murder investigation had taken on her family, but promised it'd be over soon. Marina went home, and prepared a romantic dinner setting for Mallet and her.

As Mallet exited the police station later, he saw Dinah approaching. She said she'd like him to cuff her, because she was ready to be put somewhere that she couldn't hurt people. Mallet grasped her shoulders, saying that they could fix it.

Dinah said there was no fixing it, and she'd already told Shayne. Mallet asked if Josh and Reva knew. Dinah claimed that the whole town deserved to know. "I'm a screwup. I don't want to be, but it just happens!" she said, insisting that she be locked away. Mallet implored her to think about her family and friends, who didn't want to see her locked up. "I can't live here anymore. I can't," Dinah said. Mallet replied that maybe she didn't have to.

Mallet took her to his car, and asked if she had enough money to make a fresh start. Dinah wondered where she'd go. Mallet said she'd flee to another country, but she wouldn't tell him which one. Mallet figured that he could get her to the border, which would buy her a few days. Dinah asked if he really wanted her to go. Mallet replied that he'd rather know that she was somewhere living her life, than rotting in a cell.

Dinah agreed to go, but she needed to say some goodbyes first. Mallet insisted that she didn't have time for that. "No goodbyes, no go," Dinah said, exiting the car. After she left, Mallet started making phone calls to get Dinah passage into Canada.

Walking down a pathway, Dinah encountered Remy. He said that Shayne was in a somber mood at Farley's. Dinah stated that Remy had always been her "best, best friend." She said she'd always love him. Remy grew quizzical when she hugged him tightly.

Dinah stopped by Bill's office, and he grinned, joking that Dinah and he were old, married fools. She said she was glad to have attended his wedding. Bill hugged her, and she commented that they shouldn't have wasted so much time fighting. She apologized for hurting Lizzie and him. Bill said it was past tense. He looked forward to the future, where they'd both be happy. He felt he was lucky to have his sister back in his life. They hugged again.

Dinah went to WSPR, where she told Vanessa that she had to flee town because she'd murdered the John Doe. "What did you say?" Vanessa asked. Dinah whimpered, and quickly explained what she'd done. Vanessa was glad that Dinah had chosen to leave town, because Vanessa couldn't stand it if Dinah were locked up again. Vanessa and Dinah cried together. Vanessa said she understood that Dinah had been protecting Henry. They hugged each other tightly, and Vanessa asked that Dinah call with her location when it was safe.

Upon returning to the Beacon, Dinah left her wedding band and a letter on top of Shayne's music box. With one last look around, she left to meet Mallet at the heliport. Mallet had a chopper waiting. He held Dinah for a long time, and then saluted her as she climbed aboard. Mallet watched the helicopter take off with Dinah inside.

On a rooftop, Shayne poised to throw his wedding band. He knelt down, anguished and unable to toss it. Shayne returned to the hotel to find the letter that Dinah had left him.

In the woods, an exhausted Jeffrey propped himself on a walking stick. He stared at Reva's picture, saying that she was one of the toughest people that he'd ever met. He said he'd try to be like Reva. Jeffrey staggered into a clearing, and collapsed.

Jeffrey's vision blurred, but he saw a little girl lean over him before he passed out. The little girl was Sarah. She went to get Jonathan. Jonathan knelt down, and flipped an unconscious Jeffrey over.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jonathan dragged an unconscious Jeffrey through the grass, and into a storage shed. Jonathan explained to Sarah that Jeffrey was a good guy, who knew her grandmother. Jonathan said that once Jeffrey awakened, he'd help them play games.

Once Jeffrey awakened, he was glad to see Jonathan. Jeffrey said that Edmund wanted to destroy everything that Reva loved. Jonathan, who had practice hiding from Alan's henchmen, replied that he'd already eluded Edmund in Eagleton. Jonathan helped Jeffrey bandage his wounds, and Jeffrey relayed the saga that had unfolded upon Edmund's return to Springfield.

While chasing Edmund, Jeffrey had realized that Edmund would go after Jonathan and Sarah. Jeffrey gave Jonathan a note from Edmund, which read, "Keep chasing me, O'Neill. I like the attention. But you'd better hurry and catch me, because if you don't, Reva and her family will suffer." Jeffrey presumed that Edmund had sabotaged his plane. "Yeah, everyone thinks you're dead," Jonathan responded.

At the police station, Mallet called to check that Dinah's flight hadn't been interrupted. He encountered Frank, who was still intent upon arresting Dinah. Frank had checked Dinah's cell phone records and credit card purchases. He'd concluded that she'd been in the vicinity of the murder. Marina entered, wondering whom Mallet and Frank intended to arrest. Frank replied that Dinah Marler had confessed to the John Doe murder.

Frank left to gather more information, and Mallet relayed Dinah's story to Marina. Marina corroborated it, saying that she'd removed Henry from his stroller when he'd gotten fussy. Marina concluded that Dinah had saved Henry again. Marina claimed that she would have done the same thing, and she actually wanted to thank Dinah for her actions.

At Cross Creek, Reva said to Jeffrey's picture that no one comprehended how much she missed Jeffrey. Matt arrived to pick up tools for Bill and Lizzie's renovations. After he left, she said that everyone was trying, but she wasn't ready to be a part of the world yet.

Josh visited Shayne, who was still outraged about Dinah. He yelled that he'd done everything that he was supposed to do, but his life had still fallen apart. Shayne wanted to be alone to figure out what to do next.

Josh drove to Cross Creek to tell Reva that Shayne needed help staying focused. Josh suggested that they hire a lawyer to annul Shayne and Dinah's marriage. "Yeah, well, I'll ask Jeffrey..." Reva said. When Josh looked puzzled, Reva corrected that she'd look through Jeffrey's contact list for a lawyer to help Shayne.

Later, Reva consulted Jeffrey's picture about the best lawyer for Shayne. Mallet arrived, and Reva suspected that Mallet wanted to talk about Dinah's confession. Mallet told her that Jeffrey would be exonerated. When he said he was sorry, Reva asked if he were sorry for trying to pin the murder or her and her husband, instead of investigating his own ex-wife. "I'll be sure to tell Jeffrey the charges have been dropped," she said, slamming the door on Mallet.

Afterward, Marina arrived for a visit. Reva guessed that Marina wanted to say she was sorry that Mallet had terrorized her family. Marina didn't know what to say, but she reasoned that Dinah had tried to save them, not hurt them. Reva wished Dinah had clued someone in on it.

At the Beacon, Shayne stared at Dinah's engagement ring, and drank a few beers. Frank pounded on the door. Shayne ordered him go away, but Frank replied that he had a warrant. Shayne opened the door, and explained that Dinah had left. Shayne refused to let Frank and his two officers in, but they barged into the hotel room, calling for Dinah and bagging evidence.

Shayne became irate. Mallet entered, and Shayne raged, "I don't want Barney Fife in my house!" An officer picked up Shayne's music box, and Shayne tousled with him for it.

Later, Mallet called Reva to explain that Shayne had gotten arrested for being unruly with the police officers. "Does anyone in your department arrest anyone who deserves it?" Reva yelled. Mallet said he didn't want to tangle with Reva, and hung up on her. Marina went to buckle Colin into the car, and Reva looked at Jeffrey's picture, wishing that he were there.

At the courthouse, Mallet told Shayne that he'd be freed within the hour. Reva yelled at Mallet for arresting more Lewises, and threatened to shove a cop, just as Shayne had done. Mallet retorted that there were plenty of available jail cells if she wanted one. Reva demanded to know if Dinah had been arrested, and Mallet replied that Dinah hadn't been located.

Marina visited Shayne in the holding cells to say that his parents were posting his bail. Shayne said he'd had no idea about Dinah's role in the murder. Marina left to see Mallet. She asked if they'd really needed to arrest Shayne. Mallet explained that Frank had arrested Shayne for assaulting an officer. Marina asked why Mallet hadn't arrested Dinah the moment she'd confessed. Mallet replied that he'd wanted to verify the story.

Reva, Colin, and Josh visited Shayne in his cell. Josh joked that Reva wanted Colin to see the holding area, since the Lewises seemed to always end up there. Reva thought it was unbelievable that Shayne hadn't heard from Dinah. Once Shayne was released, he and his parents strode wordlessly past Marina and Mallet.

While having lemonade on their porch, Lizzie assured Bill that they'd have the house ready in time to host Thanksgiving dinner. Bill mentioned that Dinah had visited his office. Lizzie remarked that it was strange for Dinah to have done so on her wedding day.

Lizzie, Bill, and Matt met at the mini-mart. Lizzie warned Matt to watch Bill, who would get zoo print when she'd asked for clear shower curtains. "H.B. III doesn't need to be handled," Bill replied. Lizzie walked off with her portion of the list, persisting, "No, zoo animals, Bill!"

Lillian greeted Phillip when he arrived at the mansion. Phillip said that Alan had learned about the illness, and Alan was furious at Phillip for trying to "fix" him before Phillip died. Phillip decided that six weeks wasn't enough time for him to help his family.

Lillian met Beth at Company, and announced that Phillip and Alan had returned from their trip separately. Beth decided to invite Phillip to Lizzie's house, because Lizzie needed to see her father. She said Bill and Lizzie wanted to host Thanksgiving as a surprise for Phillip. Lillian looked anguished.

Beth left, and Lizzie entered to pick up a couple of pizzas. Lizzie said she wanted Phillip's help with the renovations. Lillian thought that buying the house was enough. Lizzie said her father enjoyed doing projects, and she had enough of them to keep him busy for ten years.

Phillip rushed to see Ed at the hospital. He begged Ed to get him more time to help James and Alan. Phillip wanted to revisit the experimental treatment, but Ed said that the treatment wouldn't merely add months to Phillip's life. It would either cure or kill Phillip. "I can't get it all wrapped up in a few weeks!" Phillip yelled.

Ed advised Phillip to just be happy that he had time to say his goodbyes. Phillip said that it was unacceptable, and strode off. Phillip ran into Beth in the corridor. She invited him to Lizzie's house. Phillip sighed, and agreed to follow Beth over there.

Later, Lillian asked Ed if there were anything they could do for Phillip. Ed replied that the spores attacking Phillip's white blood cells had begun attacking his entire endocrine system. Ed explained that Phillip's only visible symptom would be tiredness. At some point, Phillip's body would give out, and shut down.

Beth, Bill, Lizzie, and Matt reviewed paint swatches on the front steps of the house when Phillip drove up. Lizzie greeted him with a hug, saying that the house would be perfect once they completed the renovations. Lizzie and Bill announced that they wanted the house finished in time to host Thanksgiving. Bill hoped that Phillip would carve the turkey.

Phillip returned to Ed's office to say that he had to find a way to attend Bill and Lizzie's Thanksgiving dinner. He said that if Ed couldn't help him, he'd find someone else. Ed thought it was smart of Phillip to get a second opinion, but warned him that his choices would be limited.

Lillian arrived at Lizzie's house, and asked Beth how Phillip had seemed. Beth wondered if something had occurred on Alan and Phillip's trip. Lillian said Phillip was just more sensitive than others. Beth called Lillian a worrywart.

Bill received a call from Frank, who was looking for Dinah. Frank said that Shayne was in lockup, and Dinah had disappeared after confessing to the John Doe murder. Bill said he'd call if he heard anything. Once the call ended, Bill relayed the baffling news to Lizzie. Bill asked if it could really be true, and wondered, "How many times can one person screw up their life?"

Friday, August 7, 2009

While Mallet made breakfast, Buzz listened to some audiotapes. Marina told Mallet that she thought that Buzz pretended to listen to oldies music, but was really listening to tapes of Jenna. After breakfast, Mallet assured Marina that once the Dinah part of the investigation died down, things would go back to normal. Mallet apologized for having suspected Marina and told her that he loved her.

At the police station, Remy was in shock over the news that Dinah killed the John Doe. Frank noted that it shouldn't have been a shock-it was classic Dinah. Frank said that Dinah always screwed up for a good cause.

Remy overheard Josh leave a message for a lawyer regarding an annulment for Shayne. Remy was a little surprised and asked how Shayne was holding up. Josh sarcastically noted that Shayne was not fine, and brought up the police calling Shayne in for questioning. Remy defended the action by noting that Shayne might have some information on where Dinah had gone.

Remy went to Company and complained to Marina that he wished he had been able to help Dinah and kept her from running away. Later, Marina complained to Frank that they were in danger of losing the restaurant because of the second mortgage that Buzz took out in order to pay Cyrus's bail.

Josh saw Mallet and asked him to drop the search for Dinah. Mallet said that the police wanted to close the case. Josh replied that he wanted his son to move on with his life. Mallet maintained that it was not really up to him. Before walking off, Josh said that Mallet had done enough damage.

Josh went to Reva's to discuss things they could do to make Shayne feel better. Josh said he thought Reva would have some ideas, because she was going through a loss herself. After a short while, Reva called the idea stupid and ordered Josh to leave. Reva said that she knew the discussion was about helping out the lonely widow. Reva railed that Shayne was sad and "movie night" was not going to change that. After telling Josh to help some other widow, Reva again ordered him to leave.

Shayne went to Cyrus and asked where Dinah was. Cyrus had no clue what Shayne was talking about, and Shayne filled him in on the news about Dinah killing the John Doe. Shayne wanted information on where Dinah would have gone. Cyrus had no idea, but stated that if Dinah wanted to disappear, she would never be found. Cyrus asked why Shayne was so eager to find Dinah. He wondered if Shayne wanted to turn her in. Shayne quickly said no and stated that he just wanted to understand why she did what she did.

Suddenly, Cyrus got a call from Buzz asking to go over Jenna's notes. Cyrus did not think the project was a good idea but Buzz disagreed. Cyrus met Buzz at Marina's, where he found a box of Coop's research. Buzz told Cyrus that he broke everything down chronologically. Buzz brought up the audiotapes, and claimed that no one knew about them.

While reading through Jenna's journals, Buzz suggested that they actually break into something-not to steal anything, but just to get a sense of how it felt. The pair went to Towers and, after slipping past the manager, was able to sneak into his office. The pair was quickly caught by Remy, who let them go.

Back at the station, Remy got some information from a man who saw Dinah leave the heliport. The man gave a description of a man who dropped Dinah off. That description sounded a lot like Mallet. Remy confronted Mallet about letting Dinah go, and asked why he let her walk when he was so eager to have Marina arrested. Mallet stated that Marina never would have been convicted, because she was a mother trying to protect her child.

However, the situation was totally different with Dinah, who had a previous conviction, and Mallet did not want her to face jail time. Remy admitted that he would have done the same thing.

Reva ranted to Jeffrey's picture that the police were never going to find Dinah. Reva said that Dinah was never returning and noted that, if she did, Reva would string her up by her toes. Later, Reva got a visit from Shayne, and the pair discussed Dinah. Shayne told his mother that he had gone everywhere looking for her, but had no luck. Reva told Shayne her belief that Dinah had left town.

Shayne told Reva that, while he hated Dinah for what she did to Reva, he missed her, as well. Shayne said that every time he thought his world was going to end, Dinah gave him something to look forward to. Shayne's talk about Dinah reminded Reva of Jeffrey, and she told Shayne that once one had happiness, they should never let it go.

When Shayne was gone, Mallet arrived at Reva's and told her that the evidence they collected could be released. An upset Reva told Mallet to keep anything that belonged to her. Mallet informed her that some of the items were Jeffrey's, and suggested that she might want them for sentimental reasons. Reva agreed. Later, Reva sadly noted that Jeffrey's guitar was broken. She told Colin that she would get it fixed and put all of Jeffrey's things away where they'd be safe.

After making a baklava-delivery deal with Towers, Marina saw Shayne on the roof. Shayne told Marina that he sometimes went up there to think. Shayne said that he wanted to let Dinah go, but was afraid that if he did, he would hate her forever and he did not want all of that hate inside of him.

Marina understood that Shayne was angry, and suggested that he not be. Marina thought that Dinah should be applauded for introducing his son to him and for returning Shayne back to his family from Germany. Afterwards, Marina offered to play some catch with Shayne or go on a bike ride. Shayne declined and thanked her for talking with him. When Marina suggested that they could talk some more, Shayne decided that he was talked out.

Mallet saw Marina, and the pair discussed Shayne and Dinah. Mallet suggested they stop worrying about other people and begin concentrating on themselves. Mallet said that the case cost them too much and he wanted to start to fix it. Marina agreed.

Jonathan gave an injured Jeffrey something to eat. Jonathan asked how long Jeffrey had been out in the wilderness. Jeffrey responded that it had been a few weeks. Jonathan stated that once Jeffrey felt better, he would take him back home. Jeffrey said that he was not going back-he was going to stay dead.

Jeffrey pointed out to a surprised Jonathan that since Edmund thought Jeffrey was dead, Jeffrey had the element of surprise. He was going to get to Edmund before Edmund got to them. When Jonathan seemed skeptical about Jeffrey doing it alone, Jeffrey noted that Jonathan was going to help him.

Suddenly, Jonathan's phone, which was untraceable, rang. It was Edmund. Edmund warned Jonathan that he was going after Sarah. Jonathan said that Edmund would have to kill him first. Edmund said that was not a problem. Edmund said that he had taken care of Jeffrey and he could take care of Jonathan. Edmund noted that he had found Jonathon once, so he could find him again.

Once the call ended, Jeffrey assured Jonathan that they were gong to lay a trap for Edmund. Jonathan was skeptical because Jeffrey was injured, but Jeffrey declared that he was the brains and Jonathan would be the muscle.

Jeffrey stated that they were going to use Sarah to lure Edmund. Jonathan balked at the idea of using Sarah as bait. Jeffrey asked if Jonathan had anyone he could trust who could watch Sarah. After learning that he did, Jeffrey said that they were only going to use the idea of Sarah to lure Edmund out in the open. When Jeffrey warned Jonathan that someone could get hurt, Jonathan joked that he was fine with that as long as it was Jeffrey or Edmund.

Edmund spoke to Lara's picture, saying that he wanted to make Reva's family suffer as much as he did. Edmund said that he was going to take the children-all of the children.

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